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How do I Choose the Best Ginkgo Supplement?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

Ginkgo is an herbal medicine that is created by extracting liquid from the leaves of a ginkgo biloba tree. This supplement is known to help individuals with mood and memory. It can be ingested through powders, pills, or liquid extracts. When choosing a ginkgo supplement it is important to ensure it contains low amounts of ginkgolic acid. Because this is a toxic chemical that can cause serious side effects in humans, the accepted amounts of this acid is less then five parts per million (PPM) for each dose of ginkgo.

Choosing the best ginkgo supplement depends on the individual's taste and preference of taking medicine. This supplement is typically inexpensive and can be added to fruit drinks, teas, or energy drinks. The pill and extract version provide immediate ingestion but require the individual to take medicine in a standard method.

Ginkgo supplement pills.
Ginkgo supplement pills.

Today there are many herbal teas that contain dietary supplements. Ginkgo-based tea is an herbal tea that includes a small amount of ginkgo extract. Most teas do not include the same level of extract that is available in a straight ginkgo supplement. If an individual is looking for a good supplement he may be better off using a pure supplemental dosage than a tea-based extract.

Typically, a daily dose of ginko biloba should not exceed 240 milligrams.
Typically, a daily dose of ginko biloba should not exceed 240 milligrams.

The ginkgo supplement has a few documented side effects. These include stomach issues, headaches, mood swings, and thinning of blood. The most serious risk with ginkgo is an overdose of ginkgolic acid. This can cause nerve damage and DNA damage that may lead to cancer. Taking this product above recommend dosage levels leads to an increased risk of overdose and is strongly discouraged.

The typical daily ginkgo dosage should not exceed 240 milligrams. This will ensure the individual does not overstress his nervous system. This dosage can be split into two or three doses per day, but should not exceed the maximum recommend limit.

Ginkgo supplements are sold in powder form.
Ginkgo supplements are sold in powder form.

A ginkgo supplement is also available in a capsule form. This is a time released capsule that slowly releases the product into the system. This type of supplement can take up to 12 hours to digest. A capsule form is better suited for individuals that are sensitive to higher dosages of this supplement.

Energy drinks have become popular over the last few years. The ginkgo energy drink is a new method of consuming the ginkgo supplement. Most of these energy drinks include caffeine or other stimulants. This provides an added boost, with the known benefits of ginkgo.

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Anyone tried ginkgo biloba for curing cold hands and feet?


In addition to ginko supplements improving your memory, my mom always had us have fresh garlic when we were kids (I know - gross) because it was supposed to be good for you.

As it turns out fresh garlic is thought to improve your memory as well and one study with rats produced data to back up this idea.

Although gross at the time, I am now appreciative of my mom giving us garlic supplements! I have not yet gotten over the fact we were also not given sugar cereals, but I know that was for my health as well...


@saraq90 - Luckily you can buy ginkgo biloba online (very easily) and because it is so common online I would think that you could find it at a supplement store such as GNC or even your local pharmacy!

I think I am in the same boat with you and your memory! I need to get ahead on it, so I might just try the ginko biloba, as well as… well this sounds really too easy to be true, but rehab patients who have lost some of their memory due to a head injury or stroke of some sort also do memory practice, so I will be trying that as well.

Kind of the "if you use it, you gain it" idea.


I believe on some level that I am beyond memory help seeing that I am twenty nine years old and I forget things so often that I write things down as soon as I think about them because otherwise I am apt to forget it (even important things)!

Luckily my husband has ADHD so he has to do the same as well, and he does not take it personally when I forget something like our anniversary since he knows he is quite likely to do the same.

So since I am the optimum candidate for some memory supplements, where can I buy ginkgo bilboa?


I have a cup of ginkgo tea every morning. At my last eye doctor appointment, I was told I had the start of some early macular degeneration.

I have read about many ginkgo benefits, and helping with vision problems like this is one of the listed benefits.

Since I enjoy the taste, I figure I am not doing any harm by having a cup of ginkgo tea every day. I will be really excited if I see some improvement in my vision from this.

There are a long list of other possible benefits that I might notice as well, so I will continue to have my ginkgo tea every day and hope for the best.


Since ginkgo is an herb, there is always a chance that someone might have a reaction, but many people I have talked to have had good results from taking some ginkgo.

I bought a ginkgo biloba herbal supplement from the GNC store hoping to help with my memory and ringing in the ears.

After taking this for a few weeks, the ringing in my ears did go away and this was a nice surprise. I'm not sure if I notice much difference with my memory or not.

Since I haven't had any adverse reactions, I am planning on giving it a little longer to see if I have in improvement in my short term memory.


My mother was complaining of not being able to remember things as well as she used to. She read up on several different memory supplements and finally decided to try some ginkgo.

She read a lot of articles and testimonials from people who said they noticed an improvement in their memory after taking ginkgo for awhile.

I think it is hard to know if it really does work, or if it works because you think it's going to, but she claims she is not as forgetful. In addition to the improved memory, she says she doesn't have as many down days.

I am really glad she is getting the results she hoped to from taking this ginkgo supplement. Even if she noticed a slight improvement in one thing would have been good, but to see a difference in both memory and mood was a big plus for her.


I was thinking of buying some ginkgo supplements because I like the fact that it is supposed to stabilize my mood and improve my memory, but I am concerned about the potential side effects.

Many of these herbal supplements are not FDA approved so you are really taking them at your own risk. This is why I haven’t bought any of these supplements yet.

I might try the tea instead because it is not as potent, but you know a good workout also gives you the same mood stabilizing and memory improving benefits with no negative side effects.

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    • Ginkgo supplement pills.
      By: compuinfoto
      Ginkgo supplement pills.
    • Typically, a daily dose of ginko biloba should not exceed 240 milligrams.
      By: evgenyb
      Typically, a daily dose of ginko biloba should not exceed 240 milligrams.
    • Ginkgo supplements are sold in powder form.
      By: Orlando Bellini
      Ginkgo supplements are sold in powder form.