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What are the Health Benefits of Yogurt?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

There are many different health benefits of yogurt, but some are conditional on the type of yogurt being eaten. For example, there are many benefits to eating probiotic yogurt that are not true of pasteurized yogurt. Also, the vitamin content of yogurt differs by brand, and eating yogurt that has been highly processed may not be as beneficial as eating yogurt that has experienced minimal processing. The benefits of yogurt can include simple things like providing the body with calcium, but can also be as complex as reducing bloating and preventing high blood pressure.

Among the many health benefits of yogurt, some of the most popular qualities relate to the probiotic qualities of yogurt. This type of yogurt includes live cultures of beneficial bacteria that can help aid digestion and reduce bloating. The bacteria work by killing off undesirable bacteria in one's body. Probiotics are increasingly easy to find in yogurt made with raw milk, but there are also brands that offer yogurt that is pasteurized but still include bacteria.


Calcium is one of the most popular health benefits of yogurt, but the amount of calcium in yogurt varies among brands. This is partially due to the other things in the yogurt container, such as fruit, not the yogurt itself. Also, while vitamin D does not naturally occur in yogurt, it is typically added by manufacturers because it helps with calcium absorption. These features of yogurt can help prevent bone disorders and keep the body healthy.

Some evidence suggests that yogurt can help prevent halitosis.
Some evidence suggests that yogurt can help prevent halitosis.

The vitamin and protein content of yogurt means that most people think of it as a generally healthy food. There have been claims that eating yogurt can help aid recovery after a workout or may speed weight loss, particularly when targeting fat around one's abdomen. Yogurt also contains potassium, which is thought to help reduce blood pressure by getting rid of excess sodium in the body. Additionally, there is some evidence that yogurt can help keep teeth strong and free of halitosis-causing bacteria. Certainly, any food eaten in excess loses any health benefits it may have, but a reasonable amount of yogurt is usually considered a healthy and filling snack when compared to other quick options.

Eating yogurt can help prevent bone disease the keep the body healthy.
Eating yogurt can help prevent bone disease the keep the body healthy.

There are a number of less well-defined health benefits of yogurt as well. Many people claim that yogurt lengthens life, improves immune function, and makes the body feel energized. These claims are fairly subjective, which makes them difficult to verify. In the very least, it is reasonable to say that people who enjoy yogurt and believe in its powers feel much better when eating yogurt regularly.

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@anon161036-- Do you mean as part of your lunch? It's definitely great to include in your daily lunch, but I don't think that it should be the only thing you have for lunch.

I'd suggest to you the organic Greek yogurts that have come out recently. Those are fantastic because they are packed with protein. I think there 6-9 grams of protein in one serving. I have it as a snack between breakfast and lunch. It tastes really good and it gives me a boost of energy that lasts me until lunch time. You can make it breakfast or have it alongside a sandwich for lunch.

Some of them also have 0 grams fat, so it's a good choice if you are trying to loose weight like the article said. If you play sports, exercise or lift weights, definitely make this your post-workout snack. The protein and calcium will help your muscle strength and improve your metabolism! I think it will be really beneficial when you're studying too.


I've heard yogurt being suggested for moms, kids and women who are trying to conceive.

They say that yogurt makes the reproductive system healthier and I see it being added to healthy diet lists all the time. It is also recommended to expecting moms because it has a lot of calcium that the baby needs for strong bones and teeth. Probiotic yogurts are said to be fine during pregnancy as well.

As for kids, my nephew started having baby yogurt when he was six months old and is now having children's yogurt for toddlers. It's a really healthy and tasty snack for him.

Yogurt is really great for digestion too and that's why I think women and children should definitely have it as part of their diet.


My family loves yogurt and they started giving it to me as a snack from an early age. My mom taught me that yogurt is one of the few sources for vitamin B12 which is supposed to be really good for you.

But I completely agree that you won't get all the benefits of yogurt if you have it processed. My mom makes her own yogurt and it doesn't seem hard at all. She buys organic milk and boils it. When the milk has cooled down to a warm temperature, she adds a little bit of yogurt in it and mixes it. She keeps it warm (with blankets) for about four hours (three hours in the summer) and keeps it in the fridge thereafter.

This yogurt tastes much better than pre-made yogurts at the store and it is much more beneficial for you. It will be plain yogurt but you can add fruits to it after if you want. I think many dieticians these days recommend plain yogurt anyway because fruit yogurts have corn syrup and artificial sweeteners in it unless it's organic.


so is yogurt healthy for an adolescent's lunch like an every day lunch?

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    • Yogurt.
      By: NilsZ
    • Some evidence suggests that yogurt can help prevent halitosis.
      By: carla9
      Some evidence suggests that yogurt can help prevent halitosis.
    • Eating yogurt can help prevent bone disease the keep the body healthy.
      By: Anton Maltsev
      Eating yogurt can help prevent bone disease the keep the body healthy.
    • Many manufacturers add vitamin D to their yogurt to enhance its calcium benefits.
      By: Brent Hofacker
      Many manufacturers add vitamin D to their yogurt to enhance its calcium benefits.