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What Should I Know About IUD Removal?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Removal of an Intrauterine Device (IUD) is a routine procedure, and for those who are currently using IUDs, it may help to know that removal is usually faster and less painful than insertion. Some people develop anxiety about IUD removal because the insertion process was unpleasant or because they have heard that IUD removal is painful, but this is not generally the case. In the hands of a competent gynecologist, this procedure is fast and relatively uncomplicated.

IUDs are designed to prevent pregnancy. They are often recommended to women in long-term relationships who are at low risk for sexually transmitted infections, because they are easier to manage than many other forms of birth control, and because they tend to have minimal side effects. There are two types of IUDs: copper IUDs, which prevent pregnancy by slowly secreting copper, and hormonal IUDs, which release hormones. Copper IUDs last around 10 years, while hormonal IUDs last for five years.

A copper IUD.
A copper IUD.

There are several reasons for IUD removal. When an IUD expires, it needs to be removed, and a woman may request replacement at the same time. IUDs can also be removed from women who want to get pregnant, or women who are experiencing unpleasant side effects. IUDs are also typically removed after the first year of menopause.

The procedure starts with a routine gynecological examination, in which the doctor first ascertains the position of the uterus by inserting his or her fingers into the vagina and palpating the abdomen with the other hand. This examination also tests for tenderness or physiological changes, which can indicate a medical problem. At the same time, the doctor locates the IUD strings to confirm that the IUD is still present. Next, a speculum is inserted to make it easier for the doctor to see, followed by a tenaculum, a special medical device which stabilizes the uterus. At this point, the doctor grasps the IUD strings with forceps or clamps, and gently pulls the IUD out of the uterus. As the IUD emerges, the arms of the IUD retract, allowing it to slide out.

A competent gynecologist can perform IUR removal quickly and painlessly.
A competent gynecologist can perform IUR removal quickly and painlessly.

If the IUD does not appear to be moving, the doctor may ultrasound the area to see why the device is not coming out. The doctor may need to change the angle of the clamps, or the IUD may be embedded in the uterine wall, in which case the patient will be given an anesthetic so that the doctor can insert forceps into the uterus to grasp the IUD and remove it. Sometimes, a surgical procedure may be required to free an embedded IUD, and this is the most serious potential complication of IUD removal. An ultrasound may also be performed if the doctor cannot feel or see the strings, in case the IUD has accidentally come out. If the strings have retracted into the uterus, clamps will be used to grasp them, allowing the doctor to pull the IUD out.

Provided the pregnancy is not ectopic, a woman's gynecologist can advise her of various options, including removing the IUD.
Provided the pregnancy is not ectopic, a woman's gynecologist can advise her of various options, including removing the IUD.

Some cramping and bleeding can be expected during and after IUD removal. Some women like to take aspirin or another mild analgesic before the procedure to minimize pain. Some doctors also recommend abstaining from unprotected intercourse for a week before a scheduled IUD removal, as ovulation after a removal could result in pregnancy if sperm are present, and sperm can last up to five days.

A IUD removal will involve the insertion of a speculum.
A IUD removal will involve the insertion of a speculum.

As with going to the dentist, an IUD removal tends to seem more scary when one is scheduling it (and putting it off). Once in the office, the procedure is usually very quick, and a minimum of pain is involved. It's important to remove and replace IUDs after they expire, if one does not want to get pregnant, and for women pursuing pregnancy, IUD removal is obviously the first step. If you had an unpleasant insertion experience which is causing you to delay IUD removal, you may want to make an appointment with a different doctor; consider asking your friends if they have any recommendations.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a TheHealthBoard researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a TheHealthBoard researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Discussion Comments


Having the mirena coil was the best decision I made. I've had it in for 4.5 years. Most of that was period free, only the odd small break through and nothing compared to the heavy periods I used to have. Its allowed me to have the freedom I never thought I could -- a job with a lot of traveling etc.

However, when it was put in it was so much more painful than I was expecting, they should recommend you take pain killers before going in to the doctor in preparation! It took maybe several weeks for my body to sort itself out after getting IUD, but then I've had over four years of freedom, so it was definitely worth it!! I say try it but stick with it and in the long term its a great thing.

I just took it out myself last night, hurt and today have felt sick, but that's subsided now and hope it's all OK down there!

I sit next to a woman at work who had this coil, she was unlucky and it got lost inside, she had to have this taken out with keyhole but I think she is an unlucky case. She is fine now- subsequently had two kids so no long lasting problems from the whole thing.


The mirena made me gain a lot of weight even though I had it for only four months. I couldn't lose the weight no matter what. After a lot of research I stumbled upon a video on which helped me a lot with losing the weight and getting rid of my excessive bleeding, and finally made it clear to me that the mirena was the cause of all my problems.


I had my Mirena IUD removed after having it in for two years. I had no problems at all. My doctor prescribed two pills to be inserted into the vagina the night before to soften the cervix and make removal painless. The IUD was pulled out in seconds. I am very happy to report I had no issues in comparison to the other stories on this site that instill fear and anxiety. I have some bleeding now that it is out, but I will have to see how the next month goes with returning back to a normal menstrual cycle.


I have a copper IUD. The insertion process is different for everyone. Unfortunately in my case, it was painful because I forgot to take a painkiller beforehand. Like I said, everyone's body and reaction is different. My periods are pretty heavy and painful due to the blood clots. I would recommend exercising and eating a balance diet, yet if periods are very painful, take a painkiller a day before the period starts.

I do have nausea in the morning and I think I am having a reaction to the copper, so I am removing it, and hopefully getting pregnant. This is the last one.


I've had an IUD for 10 years, no problems and removal was a breeze.


I have the paragard t (no hormones). Well, I have part of one. It was originally inserted in September of 2003. My cycle went from three to four days to a full week. My bleeding was a little more heavy but within a normal range. My husband could feel the strings for a few months then the strings seemed to soften up a little and curve out of the way and intimacy was more comfortable for him again. I didn't have any complications or pregnancies.

After more than 10 years of use (almost 11). it was past due time to have it replaced. When the doc removed it, I looked at her and she had a very strange and horrified look on her face. The assistant asked what was wrong and she said she thinks it didn't all come out. An internal ultrasound showed that one of the arms had broken off and was still in there.

The biggest issue for me was/is the possibility of getting pregnant. I have seven children and I am expecting my first grandchild. I really would not like give birth again, so they had me fitted for a diaphragm ( I don't do hormones of any type) then scheduled me for a D&C a month and a half later.

I will go this Wednesday to have the piece removed and yes, have another paragard t inserted. It worked very well for over 10 years. I had no decrease in sex drive, no extra long periods, no in between spotting only slightly longer periods and normal PMS symptoms (I didn't have any PMS symptoms before). I hopefully will remember to come back and post how the procedure went.


I had my Mirena IUD for 2 1/2 years and didn't have any problems until the last six months. The doctor told me it had shifted and so I decided to have it removed due to my problems. Read up on IUD's before getting one. My experiences were very good with the IUD but I did my homework and knew what I was in for, side affects, problems, etc. I didn't have periods at all while on the Mirena, which was great!

Every few months I had a day of spotting, but that was it. Overall, it was a very good experience but I did my homework on it and suggest all women do that before getting one.


I have had the mirena for four months so far. I have no problems at all. Insertion was four seconds of pain, and cramping was not bad. I spotted for two weeks and stopped. The next month my cycle was only four days, but lighter than usual. The third month, I only spotted two days! I so love it! My doctor checked for my strings today and she didn't see them. She did give me an ultrasound and saw it was still in place.

So make sure ladies that you talk to your doctor. People throw shade on sites like this and lie and say they have it and don't.


I'm on my second Mirena IUD (the first one was removed after the standard five year period of use). I love it. I've had absolutely no problems, and no pregnancies! And I very rarely have a period and when I do it's very light and of short duration.

Yes, there was some minimal but tolerable pain during the insertion and removal process, but it literally lasted about 8 seconds. Always remember: on sites like this people tend to post only the bad stuff. Talk to your doctor to help you make a decision; don't get your medical advice from blogs!


I had an IUD put in and it was horrible. I am in Canada and I asked them to stop and they didn't and put it in anyway. Then I went back the next day and had it removed. Now I'm horribly sick

and the people at the clinic were cold.

Anyway, I think these things are horrible. It was so bad I screamed. I'm back on the pill temporarily, but need a non hormonal option.


I had my copper IUD inserted in June 2013 (2.5 months ago now) and I was told I would have spotting and some cramping afterwards. Well, 2.5 months down the line, I am still having spotting and painful cramping in between periods. Another gynecologist I saw said it would take three months to come right and for my body to adjust. Well, it's almost been three months. I have stuck it out this long and I have decided to have it removed. Sex is uncomfortable, and the increase in menstrual cramps is not slight. I was never someone who had bad cramps but now with the IUD it's very painful! It does not feel right for my body even though I have friends who swear by it. I am listening to me body and having it taken out!


Paragard stinks and I am getting it removed on Tuesday. The side effects are horrible. The damn thing makes me moody, I go six or seven weeks between periods and spot randomly and heavily. I hate it. It makes my back hurt and sex painful. My husband feels the strings all the time. I feel nauseated at night from it.

I am not pregnant. I have had to test almost every single month since getting it. I don't ever recommend an IUD. They are horrible, horrible, horrible. I would rather be pregnant than have this awful device!


It's like 99 percent negative feedback. I was trying to get some encouragement to have one inserted, but with all these side effects, hell no.


The mirena is horrible. I just got mine removed today after six months. I had heavy discharge and my genitalia smelled like rotten fish and I had to shower three times a day. Take it out! Don't get it. If you don't do it now, wait. One day you'll wake up with a stinky crotch and your man won't want you.


I had my Mirena inserted in 2008 and went to the clinic to have it removed in October, since they had not been able to locate it during two examinations.

I had another procedure and X-rays and it has perforated my uterus and is in my abdomen. I've been waiting since then to have a laproscopy to have it removed via keyhole surgery and hopefully am booked in for the end of the month.

It's taken so long for them to do it, and my abdomen aches all the time. I'm not sure if this is the IUD or just in my mind. They said to go to A&E if I had severe pains but I don't want to go if it's not the IUD causing it. I'm not sure if I should just wait for the surgery.


I had my copper IUD removed yesterday and it broke and one of the arms is in me, possibly imbedded in the uterus. I will have to have anesthesia to get it out. This is a horrible experience. I would have never gotten an IUD if I knew this was possible. I think it is a dangerous form of birth control. If you are considering getting an IUD, don't do it.

Also, I never knew that it could cause bad PMS, low sex drive, and thinning hair. I just thought all my symptoms over the past seven years were from a changing body/hormones after having my baby. Now I am thinking the copper was messing with my body.

This is a horrible form of birth control and I don't think they tell you of these possible side effects and just how common they are.


I've had my mirena for almost two years and love it. I've been one of the lucky ones and haven't gotten my period at all. I've had some light breakthrough bleeding every now and then but, that's it. The only negative I've noticed is that I'm more prone to BV and UTIs since I started Mirena. I'm just getting over a UTI now actually.

The only reason I want to have it removed now is because my fiance and I want to start trying to conceive our first child. He also said he can feel the strings and it's not pleasant. I got mine inserted through planned parenthood, so removal wouldn't cost me anything, but if I can remove it at home I wouldn't mind doing that either. I'm just afraid I'd mess up and tear something.


Ladies! Please do your research and read posts. I got the cooper IUD inserted three weeks ago, and am now bleeding heavily and passing blood clots the size of an apple! I will just pull it out today myself, because I will be anemic in three days, I believe, with this amount of bleeding. I got some iron supplements and Urticae Folia to stop the bleeding. It is not normal.


I am 22 years old and have had two successful pregnancies. I am not interested in having any more children but did not want to get my tubes tied which is why I chose the IUD with hormones. I have had it in for two months and since getting it inserted I've had painful migraines each week and I've bled nonstop!

After reading some posts on here earlier I went in the bathroom, ran a hot bath and took my IUD out. It probably took about 10 minutes to maneuver the right way and find the strings but it came out easily and was not painful! It wasn't painful getting it inserted either; it just wasn't right for my body!

I have two coworkers who have had theirs for years and no problems and no periods, but I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I recommend immediate removal if it isn't right for you! --Rachel, Ohio


I had my IUD out two days ago. I had it removed because it was causing severe hair loss. Not cool. I've know for a few months the strings had gone back into my uterus. My doc said she had a rake type tool she could try to get it out of my uterus with so I wouldn't have to have surgery. It worked, but it hurt really bad and took her three tries. Once it was over I was fine. But for the past two days I have had headaches, which I never get. I called the doc to see if it is normal and it is.

I think it just didn't agree with my body and caused the hair loss. I know women who love theirs. I do see it is very common for the strings to go into the uterus. I won't get another one but wouldn't condemn the IUD either. Just didn't work for me, unfortunately!


I just got my paraguard IUD removed after seven years and had no problems with it in. I was just ready to conceive again. I only had a little cramping and a little bleeding when the doctor removed it but nothing else so far.

My concern is me and my husband had sex last night and was wondering if there's a possibility that I could get pregnant by that? I have heard that sperm can live up to five days and I am ovulating now.


I got my IUD put in four days ago and am in so much pain and discomfort I want it out ASAP. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Do you think it's bad to have it inserted and removed in the same week? I'm just so scared it will hurt as bad as having it put in?


I had my first Mirena for a little over five years and absolutely loved it. No periods for five years and etc. I just had a new one put in the day they took my old one out about five weeks ago.

They went in to do a string check thursday (I have short arms and can't feel them) and realized that the strings are gone. I now have to go in for a transvaginal ultrasound next week to see where it is. I'm getting really worried because of the stories I've read here and what they've told me at the doctor's office. I think if I have to have surgery I'm going to just have my tubes tied at the same time since I'm going to be under anesthetic anyway.


I had my mirena IUD removed about a week ago and have had nothing but trouble: bad bleeding, clots, headache, night sweats, fatigue. Some of my friends say they felt the same way. I will never get another hormonal IUD again.


I had a Mirena IUD for three years. I had really sharp cramping and my doctor told me to go to the ER. After the ultrasound, I found out I had an ectopic pregnancy and my right tube was ruptured.

The doctor did my surgery right away to remove the tube because I was bleeding. After the surgery, the doctor recommended me to have the IUD removed right away, but my OB/GYN could not find it so she did an X-Ray and found the IUD in my stomach and now I have to get another surgery done tomorrow. It's only been 20 days since my last surgery and I'm still healing. I will never get another IUD again in my life, nor I would recommend it to anyone. I hate it.


If you want your IUD removed for free, reach up and grab the stings and pull. Not to sound gross, but its true. You don't feel a thing! I have had three IUDs and have taken two out by myself with no pain. It only takes seconds! Of course if you can't find the string, you'd have to go in. But I prefer it and it's easier just to be in the bath and do it. Actually I took my second one out just today. No need to be fearful.

It always hurt terribly for it to be put in, but being taken out doesn't even compare! Super simple! Good luck ladies!


I had my iud for two years. Tomorrow I'm going to get it removed and I'm scared. Since april of this year I have been trying to get it out. My doctor broke the cord back in april and she sent me for a ultrasound in august. I finally got the results back on monday so it looks like surgery for me because the iud is in my uterus wall. I have had three kids naturally and never had surgery. What should I expect? The pain now is worse than labor for me at this point, and my period is a week long with the iud. Can it get any worse?


You don't need to go to your doctor to have your IUD removed. Just reach up there and gently pull it out. If you are meeting resistance, stop, and then have it removed at your doctor's office. You could also have your husband remove it, as it can be quite a contortion to reach the strings yourself. Why pay for your doctor to remove it? You want to know how they take it out? They pull the string -- the exact same thing you can do yourself.


I had Mirena for only three months and it came out all by itself and oh boy, was that painful. It was so unbearably painful that I had went to several different hospitals and no straight answers for the cause or consistent amount of pain. I had given up on the answers for quite some time, and although I have healed in some areas I have developed a few small knots under my skin on the lower left side of my belly and they hurt quit often, similar to contractions. My period has been off as well and much more painful on the first days of it!

My main concerns are why are the knots there and why so much pain so darn often after seven or so months after it coming out? I want to be normal again and to find answers to stop the consistent pain.

Thank you if you can help me resolve these problems I have been having!


I had the copper IUD in for eight months and it hurt really bad ( this is after four children). It took over a month for the cramps to stop and then I had very bad cramps every month after, until one month I missed my period. I found out I was pregnant with the IUD still in!

I'm now 13 weeks pregnant with the copper T IUD still in since it was embedded and only way to get it out is after the baby is born. I now have a 50/50 chance I will have a miscarriage and have had issues from day one! This is the worst thing I have ever been through, and honestly, I have found out a lot of women get pregnant with the IUD – more than the 1 percent they say!


I had a Mirena IUD for only six months. Apparently that was enough time for it to become embedded! I have gained weight, felt moody and suffered the same agonizing periods.

My OB/GYN tried to remove the IUD today without any anesthesia in her office, and it was quite painful. I get to "look forward" to taking time off of work for an ultrasound and possibly surgery! Oh yeah, and more pain. Thanks Mirena for a lesson well taught. I will never mess with my body again!


I got my first IUD in early May and had bleeding and cramps for every single day for three weeks. I went to my doctor and it was starting to fall out so she removed it. I had another one put in about four weeks later and I am now on week three of cramping and bleeding. I have two other friends who got theirs the same week I got my first one and have had no problems! Guess it isn't right for my body. Bummer.


I've had my iud for five years. I just got it removed two weeks ago, and had a little cramping and bleeding for about four days, which was normal, but now my abdomen still hurts.

I went to the ER, and they did an ultrasound and CT scan, and found nothing abnormal, and told me just take tylenol or advil, which i did, but once i stopped, the pain comes back right away.

I know there is an infection, but they can't find the right antibiotics for it. My OB/GYN gave me Amoxil and Flagyl, but that didn't kill the infection, then another OB/GYN gave me Azithromycin because I'm allergic to Levaquin. i am so worried now, don't know which medicine is right, or is this symptom normal after iud removal?


I had an IUD for two years, and got it removed two weeks ago. I found I had had severe joint pains, IBS symptoms and pain in my rib cage.

Since I've had it removed, I have noticed a difference: most of my symptoms have subsided. There is one thing that I need to ask. I have noticed a light brown discharge since I have it removed, and the first day a small amount of bleeding, but for two weeks, just the discharge. Could someone tell me what this is?


I'm on my second Mirena IUD. I had the first one right after I had my twins and then had it removed three years later when we wanted to have another baby. We got pregnant about four months after getting it out.

After that baby, I got the Mirena IUD again and have had that one for four years now.

Both experiences have been great! It didn't really hurt going in -- just a little uncomfortable and didn't hurt at all coming out.

I really like the IUD because I don't have a period. I did bleed/spot for about four or five weeks straight after getting it put in (both times) but that wasn't too bad. Every now and then I'll get a day of spotting- maybe twice a year- but it's never much of a bother.

I've never had a problem with feeling it or with the strings. I do check the string often as advised to make sure the IUD has not shifted. Gotta say: Love my IUD!


I have had my mirena in now for eight years. I have never had any problems with it. The doctor said that my periods would lessen, then go away which they never did. I still have my periods only much much lighter but still for five days.

I am 53 years old and just touching the beginnings of menopause. My question is: do I need to have the mirena out, especially as there are no complications and I do not need the capsule that was initially on the mirena to be replaced. I would like to keep the IUD though, as it is such a convenient contraceptive.


I took the IUD out from two days ago. I put the IUD Mirena in February. However, since that time I've been bleeding a lot! also, in every intercourse with my husband i don't feel OK, i had so much pain and sometimes we can't continue!

A few days ago, I decided that I could not tolerate the pain any more and went to the emergency room and they took it out, and I experienced cramps when they moved it! Now it's been two days since the removal and I'm still bleeding. I hope it will end soon!


i had my copper iud in almost 2 and 1/2 years now. when i went to the doctor to have it removed she told me she couldn't find the strings. now i have an app next week to have it removed under anesthesia. I'm so scared.


Had my paraguard about a week ago out after eight years. Less pain than a usual period cramp and then one weird back spasm about an hour after. No other side effects and a lighter period after!


I had the Mirena IUD for almost exactly one year and I had it removed three days ago, and I'm so happy I did! There was no pain at all during the removal process, it took all of 10 seconds and all I felt was a little pinch that was it. I would never recommend getting the IUD to anyone I know. When I had it put in I gained 28 pounds, even though I work out five times a week and was constantly dieting.

I had severe cramps, mood swings, depression, swollen tender breasts, dizzy spells, and my sex life disappeared because sex was so incredibly painful. Which was horrible seeing as how my husband and I were newlyweds. I can honestly say I would rather deal with condoms again than go through that godawful experience.

The doctor told me I can expect some mild cramping, which I haven't, some small blood clots, and spotting. She said my period can come back as soon as one week after removal but it can also take up to six to seven weeks after removal for it to return.

My advice is if you're having bad side effects from your IUD get it removed. It really isn't that bad.


I just had mine out yesterday. I have had it for five years and had no problems whatsoever and no periods! I did experience a little cramping yesterday and light spotting. I would recommend the Mirena IUD to anyone, as it worked very well for me!


I just had mine taken out today after about two years due to my being able feeling it internally and being uncomfortable within the past few months. The OB/GYN gave one smooth tug and out it came. It was much easier than insertion which hurt substantially. Wish I could have kept it because it was nice to know I was protected from pregnancy. Breaking up is hard to do!


I just had to post that I had incredibly bad cramping and bleeding following my IUD insertion and was scared to have it removed. I had it removed this week and was floored by how quick and painless it was! I didn't feel it at all and it literally took the doctor less than two minutes from start to finish!


I have read all theses storys some are scary but you have to remember every woman's body and cycles are different. I have had the Mirena for five years. I have had it in almost three years now. I'm getting married in April of this year and my husband and I want to get pregnant right away.

I was told by my doctor because of medical reasons i need to have my first child before I'm 35 and I'm 32 now. And actually last May 23 i actually had a miscarriage which was a shock to both me and my fiance because i haven't been getting my period for over two years with having the i.u.d. I did have a vaginal ultrasound because i was having some severe cramping on my left side (it was a cyst) and found that i wasn't producing any eggs in my ovaries, that they were empty. So when i was rushed to the hospital and told i miscarried, my fiance yelled at the emergency room doctor and said that wasn't possible! But you can't deny medical proof especially when they show it to you.

My pc thinks my ovary was in the process of producing the egg when i got pregnant and once the egg dropped and the iud sensed it in my uterus the iud said "hell no, you're gone" (my doctor's words) and kicked it out! i was about five weeks. so be aware that can happen while having it also.

i also have had pain after sex, like really bad cramping, but my pc couldn't figure it out. but I've enjoyed having it because i don't have to worry about periods or being witchy. i just hope when i take it out i can get pregnant no problem. good luck to everyone else.


I had my iud surgically removed a month ago, and i started bleeding immediately for about 10 days. We had unprotected intercourse later on and several other times since. I still have not started my period and am not sure if I was to count the initial bleeding as a period?

If the initial bleeding was a period. i should have started several days ago. Anyone know anything that might help.

We do want to start trying for another baby but we also want to make sure we have waited the "recommended" length of time after removal.

Other info: I have not had a period in over a year and am having light white discharge right now which I think is ovulation. Is this correct?


I just had my IUD (Mirena)removed two days ago. I ended up in the hospital three days before it was removed because of sharp pain in my lower abdomen and they found out that I had gotten a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). I guess I was the 1/1,000,000 and I'm scared. They said it could have been from getting the IUD but I had it in for almost two years. Does that mean I've had PID the whole time it was in or just recently got it?

I'm scared that I'm not going to be able to have children anymore. I started bleeding last night and its heavy and has clots. I usually have lighter periods that last only three days.

My OB/GYN said not to have intercourse for two or three weeks. is it because of the PID or the antibiotics that I'm on because of it or both? I was wandering because I'm not too sure if I can use tampons or have to use pads for this period. Thanks.


I had mine removed last week after two years. I had to go under anesthesia because my doctor cut the strings too short.

All in all the procedure went well, and I was told I'd have spotting for up to two weeks after then a proper period in about four. I feel as thought I'm having a period now though, because it's much heavier.

I'm so glad to have it removed because i felt so out of control with it. Now its time to start trying for a baby!


I had the para-guard put inserted in December 2008 and near the spring of 2010 I started having heavy bleeding and heavy cramping. I would also get this blood that looked like old blood before I actually started. It was a mess anyway, to say the least. I wanted it removed and my OB could not find the strings. So I had to have a ultrasound to find it. It was there right in the place it was supposed to be. But, the strings were up in my uterus.

I again went back to my OB, who again failed at the removal. This was getting expensive for me so my OB asked me to contact Planned Parenthood. I did and they were unable to remove it. They made me an appointment for the next day to have it surgically removed. It was called a hysteroscopy. It was not bad, just some cramping after and three days later, I had a period that was very heavy and lasted about 12 days. So I was thinking I would have my period around that same time and I did.

I started in late January. Well, that lasted for 10 days and guess what? I am bleeding again. I just started today. Has anyone else done this? I am calling my doctor tomorrow.


i had my iud removed yesterday. it was painful and i am also cramping today. I am now on birth control pills and will never get the iud again.


I have had two Mirena IUD the first, for six months following a partial molar pregnancy, was inserted after the D&C was removed six months later when I was given the greenlight to get pregnant, some mild cramping at removal nothing serious. Got pregnant the very next month. No issue.

I had the second Mirena put in at my 6 week appointment after my daughter's birth, no issue, I just had it removed this week, after five years because it's due to 'expire.' I have recommended to a lot of people, I had no issues whatsoever, the hormone was just enough to stop cysts, and the convenience of no pills was just unbeatable. The past two years I had maybe four light periods, so it was very much 'win' for me, and I would absolutely have another.

IUDs, if trimmed too close, can be difficult to remove, and an ultrasound is usually done to locate the strings if they are up inside, local anesthesia is given and they are removed that way, if the IUD is embedded the same process.

They aren't for everyone, but they aren't the horror stories of the past.


Mandy: i believe they have to do a hysterectomy to remove embedded IUD. This has happened to my mother's friend.


Please read this website girls! after reading everyone's stories here, i looked up the effect of copper toxicity on the body.

Please research copper toxicity syndrome, and read what Dr. Wilson says.

This has brought a halting realization of the last 5 years (the length I've had my copper IUD in place) of serious drug addiction.

I don't experience the chronic pains like a lot of you have mentioned, but i have had major emotional depression, fatigue and other symptoms on a less physical level. It's like its been my underlying demon without putting the 2 and 2 together.

I am scared to get it removed though I wasn't given an option unfortunately, to get it put in. It was the only answer to my prayers at the time, as I had three unplanned pregnancies as i could not be on any largely known hormone altering drugs such as the pill or injection. They created much more emotional upheaval at the time. So just keep in mind, if you have experienced any of the symptoms of high copper levels, this could be the key?

If anyone has any similar experience, please share, I have booked in to get a fine mineral analysis done to see just how toxic i am.


Each woman is unique with her body and hormones and not all experiences are the same. I had both an effective and horrible experience with two different copper iuds. I had the C7 copper put in around 2001 and it was okay for almost 10 years.

I then had it replaced with the Paragard copper iud and had the worst nine months of my life. Insertion/removal was fine both times (just take a pain reliever before going to have it done if you want). I'm more interested in sharing the side effects I experienced with my Paragard. I had the most chronic back pain, massive amounts of hairs loss, fatigue, mental fog, dizzy spells, weird sugar cravings, odd sleep patterns, low libido, 21 days or less before the next week-long m-cycle would start, and then came the ovarian cysts. I was really scared.

My OB/GYN was just confused about my symptoms. To give you a background on me, I am a very healthy 30 year old personal trainer who works out and eats very healthy, doesn't use any drugs, nor really drinks alcohol (<- do to my ADHD medication). I feel like I am a very good example of health and my OB/GYN just didn't seem to believe me about my bleeding because my blood test didn't show I was anemic.

Yet I told her that I was tired and ate meat and veggies several times a day, took supplements and got about eight hours of sleep a night, and worked out at least five times a week. But she wasn't getting that I was keeping up nutritionally with what was happening to me. I also explained two other things to her besides all the bleeding yucky stuff which were: 1) the huge amount of hair loss and 2) all the mental fog and dizzy spells I was having. All my OB/GYN said was "That is weird." Needless to say she is not my OB/GYN anymore.

It took hours of me researching on line that copper iuds cause higher copper levels in the body. This, in turn leads to higher estrogen levels in the body as it throws off the mineral balance and a slew of side effects comes from estrogen dominance.

Please do the research yourself for higher copper levels and copper toxicity. For those that have AD/HD, please be careful with any forms of copper as this can exacerbate many of the problems that comes along with the disorder. Estrogen dominance leads to a variety of women's health issues: ovarian cysts, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and so much more.

I guess the bottom line is this: be proactive. Pay very close attention to your body and don't allow anyone to poo-poo on what you're experiencing while you are taking medication or putting objects in your body. Do the research for yourself. Doctors don't know everything and they spend, what, maybe two minutes with you at most during the examination. The worst is you don't get the refund if they've given sloppy, ill-advised service but they have already been paid.

So there isn't any incentive for them to dig deeper into your symptoms that they don't care about in the first place or they would have asked. Find a doctor who will listen.


I am so grateful for all of you on here, posting your experiences!

I had my IUD inserted in May 2010 and am scheduled to have it taken out this friday. It is not coincidental to me that my body has been off since the insertion (especially after reading all of this).

I have experienced cramping that has brought me to my knees all through my cycle, migraines, back aches, joint pain, extreme fatigue, countless yeast and BV infections, even when there is no infection present I swear the odor is off down there, pinching during sex and depression.

I planned on giving it the six months to adjust and it's been eight! time to take it out because my symptoms are only getting worse!

And beware ladies, the nurse at my Dr's office just poo-pooed my complaints and suggested I see another doctor first, that it is impossible the Mirena is causing this and to not be influenced by what these other women are saying. Well I firmly disagree! Good luck to everyone!


I had mine removed earlier this year. I was on my period, as he was talking to me and before I knew it, it was already out! My only question is how long am I supposed to bleed after?

I started heavy flowing that Sunday. It lightened up Wed. then started a week later. I've heard when one woman is around another woman their periods tend to be at the same time eventually, so hopefully that is what is going on with me. The only side affect I had was tightening in the chest, light period for two weeks and emotional roller coaster.


i have had my iud for coming up five years in February. i have tried to have it removed twice now and both doctors could not locate the strings.

I went for an ultrasound last monday which located the iud in place. I have just been to my GP who is now referring me back to another gynecologist to attempt removing it again. What i would like to ask is: if she cannot again locate the strings what's next? This whole process has cost me a few dollars and i have just about had enough of it. I just want it out of me now. Please share your experiences.


I had the iud in for about 3 1/2 years. Had no problems, had normal periods. Then towards the end i started having very bad cramps even when I wasn't on my period or during sex. I would be doubled over and crying because how bad they were. My sex life with my husband slowed down a lot because sex become uncomfortable.

I went for my yearly in August 2010 and the doctor couldn't find the string to the iud. He ended up saying that it was weirdly placed. After that the pain got worse. I hated the idea of sex because how much it hurt. Couldn't take the pain anymore, plus we wanted to try for another baby so I had it removed a couple of weeks ago. I was very anxious about getting it removed, really worried about the pain. It took a little while for him to find the string but one he did he had it out in less then a min. It hurt but nothing like I thought it would.

He showed me the iud and it looked awful. One of the strings was wrapped up the iud and to one side while the rest were pointed severally left which had pierced my skin. I am so glad to have it out. Feel so much better now. The pain wasn't that bad, and it was so worth it.


i had my iud in for five years and no bother with it, apart from making my periods heavier. i had it removed three months ago. my dr only pulled one string as she didn't realize it was a double string coil and boy did i yelp! The pain only lasted five seconds as she was removing it, but since removal my periods are weird. I bleed for two days, stop for two days then bleed for two days and the pain is unbearable.

I have four children so am definitely no stranger to pain. The area of my abdomen under my breasts is very tight and hard like a contraction constantly through my whole period every month. Is this normal? Has my doctor damaged something inside while removing it by one string?


It's fine. Mine did hurt going in as they had trouble placing my uterus but it was OK coming out, not nearly as uncomfortable as it going in. Also I think 10 seconds of discomfort is worth the effort of not having to take pills every day and bothering with contraception for five or 10 years.


I have had my IUD in for five years in feb 2011! I didn't have any problems like some of these other ladies.

My period is the same as it was before I had it put in. I want to have it replaced because it will expire! The insertion wasn't painful, to me it was a little discomforting. I just took some aspirin and went on with daily activities.

I love mine and enjoy the fact that I know I don't have to remember to take something every morning or visit the doctor for the shots! But I am a little worried about getting it removed and replaced!


I was considering getting my IUD removed. I've had it in for two years (it was so painful when I got it put in)and considering pregnancy with my husband, but now after reading your comments, I'm not so sure! It sounds so scary, and painful!


i had my mirena taken out last month but not yet seen my period and am not pregnant. is this normal?


I have had my IUD for three years, eight months and two days. I want to have it removed because it has been nothing but a problem since day one. When I first had it placed, I bled for five months straight.

I have a yeast infection every other month, not to mention bacterial vaginitis, like every three months. Before having this placed I had never had either infection. Now I see the doctor more than most people dream.

I do not know what to do because my doctor says that the infections are not from the IUD but since having it placed, nothing else in my life has changed at all. Some of the side effects that I have are back pain, dizziness, mood changes and pelvic pain non stop!

My sex life with my husband has come to a stop because I cannot stand the pain the I receive from it! Can someone please help on some advice on what to do?


After reading all these ladies stories it made me think I have the five year IUD and I have had it in three years. I had no problems up until about nine months ago. I begin having really bad pains in my stomach they felt like labor pains at their worst. I thought it was coming from fried greasy food so I stopped eating as much of it and I still and getting the pains now worse and a lot during intercourse where it's messing up my sex life.

I'm scared to go back to the doctor because afraid of what they may tell me. what if I need surgery? I'm terrified of needles, and I've never been under anesthetic before. Should I be worried or am I just freaking out for nothing?


I just had mine removed after three years of heavier bleeding and constant infection, but i am on my period presently and it's almost too sparse. I hope this is okay.


I am about to get my copper IUD out, and get the Mirena in. I am so scared that it will hurt. Just the thought of them pulling it out, and then shoving something back in scares me. Has anyone had this done? Is it bad?


i just got my iud removed about two weeks ago. I'm in so much pain, i feel like my bottom is falling out. i hurt so bad it feels like I'm about to have a baby. Does anyone else feel this way.


I had my Mirena IUD in for just about three years. I had it taken out 14 days ago. I have been on my period for 12 of those days now.

Last night I passed some serious clots that scared me as I have never done that before. And it was like the blood was just pouring out (TMI-sorry- just in case anyone else has these symptoms i guess it's normal). I have gone through a whole box of pads in the 12 days. Normally I would be on my period for 5 days. I have also been having a lot of stomach issues since the removal, but not sure that is related.

I got it removed because I was nauseated 24/7 it seemed like. I wanted it taken out so that I could rule it out as a culprit if it persisted.

And to anon42855- yes the no period is very normal- enjoy!


I had my IUD removed on a few days ago. I only had it for a little over a year. I was always in pain, having cramps. My doctor told me that I should still have my period just like normal and should stay on track. Haven't had it and I keep reading all these post about how women have it taken out and don't have there period for months. Is this normal?


I want to get my IUD removed. I had it put in 10 weeks after my son was born and I feel like I have been bleeding since he's been born. I think I've gone through 500 bags of pads and tampons.

Also, sex is painful sometimes and I get this really bad pain in my stomach afterward. Sex isn't enjoyable anymore.

On the days when I'm not bleeding, I'm spotting or getting a lot of discharge. I've been using a panty liner every day since my son was born. That can't be normal!

I'm tired of bleeding constantly. If I get it removed, how long will i bleed for afterward? I'm on my period right now too. Can i get it removed even if I'm on it? My son is seven months old!


I just had mine taken out after a little over a year of nothing but problems. I kept getting B.v about 10 times. Now it has been two days since it has been out and I'm having rushes of a bloody, watery liquid that soaks my underwear. Is that normal? My doc keep telling me that the B.V was not caused by the iud but I had never had problems like I have had.


I had my iud removed after 10 years the day my period was due July 27. I'm on my second month of not having a period yet. I have not missed a period since I conceived my son in 99. Has this happened to anyone else?


i just got my iud removed. I'm worried about my passing out blood clots.


I had a Mirena IUD removed two days ago. Yesterday I started to feel severe pain above my belly button that felt similar to a contraction, however it did not last nearly as long a labor contraction.

I am wondering if it is normal for the uterus to contract for a few days after this is taken out. I only had it in for 1 1/2 years. Other than this, I do not have any other symptoms.


I've had an iud for four 1/2 years and I'm due for it to be removed in april of 2011. I've had a lump above my belly button for just about four years. Sometimes it's visible, very visible or not visible at all, but i touch it and its always there. the pain ranges on a scale from 0-10. Zero some days and 10 others. Could this be a side effect from my copper iud?


I just had my iud removed and am suffering with contraction like pains and severe back ache (above my belly button right hand side). is this normal?


i had the copper coil removed yesterday and since having it removed i have been in complete agony with pain i can only describe as contraction pains in my stomach and in the same place in my back just above belly button area. is this normal ?


I had an IUD inserted about three years ago, now I want it taken out but the doctor cannot seem to find it. He did a scan and said it is deep inside the uterus and that he needs to perform a surgery. What surgery do you think this is, about how long will it last, and is there any other means of getting it out without the surgery and can i possibly still pursue pregnancy this month? I am likely to ovulate in a few days and the surgery will take place a couple of days before.

Thanks. Mandy


i got my iud removed two weeks ago. i was fine and i rarely spotted, but now i've felt very dizzy and weak and nauseous for a whole week. i hate the way i feel all this dizziness. is that normal? me eyesight is blurry! do you think it's my hormones that are mixed up? i just got my period but real light. is that normal? do you think all this is result of removing the i.u.d.?


I had my IUD removed back in may. I have not gotten a period since? I have taken a pregnacy test but its negative. is this normal?


I had my IUD removed almost a week now and of course I got my period but the thing I'm concerned with is the blood clots that I'm passing.They are the size of plums and it happens every time I use the bathroom.Is that normal?????


My Mirena strings were trimmed a short while after initial insertion as they were bothering my husband. When I went back to my new Dr to have the Mirena replaced 5 years later he failed to remove it in the Dr's office and I had to have it removed under anesthesia. I would like to know what is the incidence of IUD retention, and whether it was because the strings were cut too short, or is there some other reason why my Dr could not remove the IUD, ie, that it is usual for the Mirena to move around, or that my body has changed in some way?

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    • A copper IUD.
      By: Dominique VERNIER
      A copper IUD.
    • A competent gynecologist can perform IUR removal quickly and painlessly.
      By: dalaprod
      A competent gynecologist can perform IUR removal quickly and painlessly.
    • Provided the pregnancy is not ectopic, a woman's gynecologist can advise her of various options, including removing the IUD.
      By: JackF
      Provided the pregnancy is not ectopic, a woman's gynecologist can advise her of various options, including removing the IUD.
    • A IUD removal will involve the insertion of a speculum.
      By: Stefan Gräf
      A IUD removal will involve the insertion of a speculum.
    • If the IUD will not move, the doctor may need to use an ultrasound.
      By: poco_bw
      If the IUD will not move, the doctor may need to use an ultrasound.
    • Some women with IUDs may experience heavy bleeding.
      By: Dragos Iliescu
      Some women with IUDs may experience heavy bleeding.