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How to Find a Reliable ‘Do I Have ADHD’ Test

Discovering a trustworthy ADHD test can be a pivotal step in understanding your mental health. Seek tests developed by licensed professionals, often found on reputable medical or psychological websites. Ensure the test is comprehensive, reflecting current clinical standards. Remember, a proper diagnosis extends beyond a single test. Curious about the journey to an accurate ADHD diagnosis? Let's delve deeper.
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Editorial Team
do i have adhd test

Unlike in previous generations, when struggles with mental health were something to be hidden and open, honest conversation was all but impossible, the 21st century has witnessed something of a revolution around the subject. Nowadays, discussion of mental health and its challenges is not just accepted but celebrated.

This development has been nothing short of life-changing for people managing the effects of mental health disorders. One of the most common such disorders—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—now sits at the forefront of many conversations regarding mental health. People who once misattributed their daily struggles or challenges to other sources have begun to wonder if they may not be dealing with an undiagnosed case of adult ADHD, and searches for “Do I Have ADHD” tests have skyrocketed.

When confronting the prospect of a potential ADHD diagnosis, however, it’s crucial to find and utilize only the best, most reliable resources. Often, symptoms of adult ADHD can resemble those of various other mental health conditions, so accuracy is paramount for success. And, while the best online ADHD tests may provide short-term answers and perspective, they should always serve as the first step toward obtaining an official diagnosis from a licensed psychiatrist.

In the following article, we’ll break down the facts about ADHD, how to find a reliable online ADHD test, and what to do once you’ve gotten your results.

ADHD Testing for Adults: Why It Matters

Living with ADHD brings a unique set of challenges to anyone’s life. No matter how you present or how severe your symptoms may be, your quality of life will be adversely impacted unless measures are taken to address the disorder. Unstable personal relationships, difficulties performing at work, and many other situations may suffer due to untreated ADHD. Undiagnosed ADHD, then, provides an even more extreme set of issues. Until you obtain clarity and a proper diagnosis, you can’t begin finding the treatment that might work for you.

What Is ADHD?

According to the World Health Organization’s definition, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects almost 400,000,000 adults worldwide, making it one of the most prevalent mental health conditions. In both childhood and adult ADHD, symptoms may negatively affect schooling, social and romantic relationships, and career-building. While most cases of ADHD are diagnosed during childhood, a growing body of scientific research shows that some individuals develop ADHD during adulthood even without having shown symptoms as a child.

ADHD Symptoms

Although many symptoms may be shared across different cases of ADHD, the World Health Organization breaks the disorder down into three basic categories or presentations. These presentations are used by mental health professionals to inform an accurate diagnosis and begin creating a treatment plan.


The first ADHD symptom is classified as inattentive. Individuals with a predominantly inattentive presentation of ADHD may experience symptoms involving focus and sustained mental effort, including:

  • Constant swapping between tasks
  • Careless mistakes
  • Easily distracted
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Tendency to forget details


Hyperactive-impulsive presentations of ADHD may make an individual feel restless, have difficulty waiting for things, or frequently interrupt others while they are speaking. Other symptoms may include:

  • Inability to remain seated
  • Impatience during leisurely activities
  • Trouble following conversations
  • Decreased fine motor skills
  • Difficulty unwinding
  • Combined

Although the exact ratio or nature of this presentation may vary, a combined presentation of ADHD means that a person displays a combination of hyperactive and inattentive symptoms.

ADHD Treatments

Depending on your presentation and other factors, a mental health professional may determine that certain treatments or therapies might be more effective than others. The primary types of ADHD treatments are:

  • Stimulants: Counter to their effects on most individuals, some stimulants may benefit those with ADHD by providing a calming, focusing effect.
  • Non-Stimulants: In situations where a patient has certain previous conditions, does not want to use stimulants, or reacts poorly to them, a physician may prescribe non-stimulant medications.
  • Combination Therapy: If adverse reactions occur to either stimulants or non-stimulants, a precisely-dosed combination of the two may help.
  • Behavioral Therapy: Not everyone is willing or able to take certain medications. In these situations, a doctor might suggest various behavioral therapies to condition your responses toward various symptoms.

How an ADHD Quiz Can Help

It is important to note that even the best online ADHD test should not be considered a replacement for a clinical assessment administered by a licensed healthcare provider. Even so, adults hoping to be formally diagnosed or those simply looking for insight into their situations may find such a quiz enormously helpful.

Increased Perspective

Sometimes, one of the most challenging parts of struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness is doubt. Until you’ve obtained a formal diagnosis, it can seem as though you’re in limbo, not knowing if the difficulties you experience daily have a specific source or if there might be a treatment.

While we strongly suggest that you reach out to a qualified physician for a full assessment if you believe you have a mental illness, an online ADHD test can nonetheless provide clarity.

Determine Potential Symptoms

It’s likely that the presence of potential ADHD symptoms is what made you seek out a quiz in the first place. Even before you reach out to a doctor, examining your behaviors and establishing a clear, documented list of potential symptoms can help give you the information you need to move ahead with a formal diagnosis.

Improve Diagnoses

Once you make the decision to reach out to your doctor, having the results of an ADHD quiz on hand can often simplify and accelerate the process. Rather than starting from scratch, these results can point your doctor in the right direction and help them accurately diagnose ADHD.

How to Take an Online ADHD Test

Taking an ADHD test can be intimidating. Below, we’ve provided some tips and advice to remember as you go into the process.

Research the Test

While looking for a reputable ADHD test, make sure to check that it was built using information and metrics from quality sources such as the World Health Organization. Remember, even a free online ADHD test can be useful so long as it is designed by experts.

Read the Instructions

Depending on the type of test you choose and how it is administered, you may need to follow certain instructions or rules. Taking the time to read up on the testing process can maximize your chances of success.

Be Honest

Remember that ADHD is nothing to be embarrassed about, and answering questions dishonestly will only hurt your chances of receiving proper treatment. Be brave, answer honestly, and everything will be okay.

Consider Your Results

Regardless of whether they were what you expected, it’s best to take some time to sit and fully digest the results of your test. Consider doing something else and coming back to them, or even discussing your results with a trusted friend.

Plan Next Steps

Once you have your results in hand, it’s time to decide your next steps. If you’re ready, we suggest you speak with a healthcare professional to make an appointment and begin a formal diagnosis process. Also, think about researching some of the ADHD resources for adults available across the internet.

Final Thoughts

The process of understanding your own mental health and exploring options is intensely personal, and it may be that you aren't quite ready to speak to anyone–even a mental health professional–just yet. If that’s the case, a high-quality ADHD quiz can help you answer many of the questions you might have.

No matter how long it takes, however, eventually seeking guidance from a licensed therapist can offer profound advantages. Remember that even the best online test is only a first step—and that first steps are often the most valuable

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