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Do I Have OCD?

J. Beam
J. Beam

OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a form of anxiety that occurs in some people whose brain function is not capable of dealing with normal anxieties. As a result they become obsessed with or compulsive about certain things. A person with OCD generally exhibits mild to moderate signs that sometimes or frequently interfere with day-to-day activity. An individual with a severe condition may exhibit extreme signs that constantly interfere with normal day to day activity.

The type of anxiety that affects those with OCD relates to an inability to deal with common worries. Germs, illness, death, unfortunate events, injury and similar worries are normal to an extent. However, in a person with this condition, the brain cannot move past these worries or anxieties and often resorts to uncontrollable compulsions or behaviors that they perform as a way to prevent their anxiety. It becomes a vicious cycle for some people and can severely interfere with daily life.

Compulsive hand washing may be a sign of OCD.
Compulsive hand washing may be a sign of OCD.

A person with OCD generally exhibits compulsive behaviors such as obsessively washing their hands, refusing to touch public door handles or to use any item that is not their direct property. They might check and recheck the locks on their house several times each hour. Whatever compulsive behavior they demonstrate, the individual finds it impossible to stop and they don’t always know why.

Constantly checking to confirm that doors are locked may be a sign of OCD.
Constantly checking to confirm that doors are locked may be a sign of OCD.

A person with this condition tends to repeat their compulsive behaviors over and over as a result of their obsessive thoughts or irrational worries. Obsessive thoughts of contracting a serious disease may trigger compulsive hand washing or an irrational fear of falling may result in the tying and retying of shoes. A person may generally be driven to be compulsive by their thoughts and what might happen if they stopped. Perfection is often an achievement the individual cannot help but try to attain.

Regularly rechecking to confirm that an alarm clock is set may be a sign of OCD.
Regularly rechecking to confirm that an alarm clock is set may be a sign of OCD.

You might have OCD to some degree if you find yourself having recurring thoughts or worries playing over and over in your mind. If you find it difficult to complete everyday tasks because your obsessive thoughts are compelling you to perform compulsive behaviors, you might be exhibiting signs of the condition. Many people with a milder form don't see it for what it really is.

There are many different treatment options for overcoming obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).
There are many different treatment options for overcoming obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

OCD can occur in children and adults alike. The condition is treatable with both medication and behavior therapy. If you believe you or someone you know is exhibiting signs of the condition, seek professional help. A doctor can help you evaluate your abilities to cope with worry and anxiety and if you feel your levels are not normal or they are interfering with daily life, there is help. It’s possible to manage mild OCD with therapy and prevent it from becoming more intense.

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I think I have OCD. I'm always researching it and taking quizzes and I want to know if I do but all the quizzes say they aren't definite. On the quizzes it'll usually say 12 or higher you are likely and I have like 30. On another quiz, I had 92 percent. I have a lot of the signs of OCD. The only thing I've come across that I didn't have was germs and things like black cats or the number 13. I'm not afraid of germs and I don't watch my hands constantly.

The signs I do have that affect me a lot are order. I have a problem with everything being in order and organized. It shows the most when I’m going to sleep. I have to have noise in the room (A/C or radio on low volume), my blinds have to be closed completely (there is one part of my blinds that is broken and I had to put a sheet of material over it so I can sleep), the curtains to my closet have to be closed with no cracks where I could see the slightest bit inside of my closet.

I have a bunk bed in my room, so sometimes my mattress will come away from the wall and there will be a crack, and I have to push the mattress to the wall or I can’t sleep. I have two alarm clocks in my room and I have to be able to see both of them when I sleep. (I always have to know what time it is) My door has to be closed and my lamp has to be on.

When I’m in my bed, my whole body has to be covered, I have to have at least two pillows, and my hair has to cover my ear completely or I cannot sleep. I always have to have light when I’m doing anything (sleeping, eating, working, etc.) When I brush my teeth it takes me sometimes 10 minutes. When I’m doing something, everything has to be done right or I’ll start over.

I worry a lot about hurting someone on purpose and sometimes I’ll think of myself doing very violent or bad things and it drives me crazy. I can't figure out how to make it stop. I worry about saying things I don't mean or want to say. If something bad does happen I get really bad anxiety. Overall, I just worry a lot. I also have anxiety a lot, and I’ll worry over the slightest things. I get worried about having diseases and if I have one symptom, I’ll research the whole disease for hours. If people don't do things the way I want them done it upsets me a lot and I can't help it.

Sometimes I get really upset and ask myself constantly why I’m like this and why it had to be me. Sometimes I’ll get in trouble for doing my chores the way I do it because it's not the way they want it, but I can't help it, also if I go to bed late because I was fixing my room. If someone accuses me of being OCD I don't get mad, but I get really upset, or if they try to get me to do something the opposite way I normally do or just change things about my life I’ll break down and it’s very, very hard for me to control (moving my work area, changing my room setup, having to share a room, new schedules, etc.).

I can't stand noise when I’m working (why my brother and I don't get along). I'm also really emotional. When I do things, I have to check that they're done. I also can't stand typos. When I type something or write a letter, I have to read over it several times to make sure it's right. I like talking about it for a reason I don't know, but I don't.

I've had people in my family jokingly tell me I’m OCD, but I don't think they realize how stressful it really is for me or that I honestly think I have it. I think OCD is the reason I'm good with singing, dancing, band, and anything performance wise. My theory for this is that everything has to be perfect in those activities, so I can do them very well. When I do something wrong, I work and work at it to get it right and that's why I succeed so much in those areas. There are more things but I forgot at the moment. My mind just went blank. I really want to know if I have OCD though, and I'm not sure what to do about it other than take continuous quizzes that aren't definite. Any suggestions?


At Post number 88. None of us are worthy of God. That's why he sent his son Jesus to die for us. I pray for you and all those suffering from this mental illness. God bless and remember Jesus loves you.


I'm a 24 year old male and I'm sure I also have OCD whenever I see or hear something related to evil. Let me give you an example. If I see or hear the word hell, I have to put my hand towards the ground with my middle finger out and say obscenities to the devil and tell him to rot in hell.

Also when I pray, evil thoughts come into my mind without me wanting them in my mind. I then start my prayers over and over again until I can complete them without an evil thought interfering. Sometimes it takes me over an hour to get my prayers right because I do not want to offend God with evil thoughts that are not mine. Sometimes I even slap my own face to punish myself for thinking evil thoughts.

Anytime I drive or walk by a church, I say a prayer in my thoughts: “Lord I love you so very much. Forgive me for my sins.” I don't know what to do. I'm trying to keep it secret from my family. I don't want them to think I'm crazy. But I'm starting to feel more anxiety that I can no longer hide. At times I just feel like screaming and crying.


I don't know if I have it, but it’s so disturbing. I feel like something bad will happen to me if I don't say special numbers like 1.2.3. Go -- and reverse the opposite. It seems very real, like I can feel depressed if the ritual goes wrong or I ignore it I can actually feel bad or happy.

Sometimes I can’t step somewhere or I have to keep moving back. Otherwise I’ll be unhappy and I’ll turn back to the way things were before (in a bad way). I feel tense and I'm always worrying. It happens every day, every hour. I don't know if it’s true. I don't know how to change it. It affects me a lot.


To Post 119: I also have problems when praying where I feel like I have to do certain things and repeat certain prayers otherwise something will happen. Something that helped me with this is thinking that God would not want my prayers to be a hassle and being the loving God that he is, he would understand my problems with praying and allow me to pray however I want. I think that God also knows our hearts and knows what we need so we don't have t continually repeat the same prayers.

I also at times make myself think that I have conditions that I don't have but I would suggest that if you think you might have ADHD that you get yourself tested for it. Also I think that going back to therapy would also be a good idea, especially if OCD is affecting your school work. You can also talk to your therapist about your depression feelings. Good luck and God bless.


To post 128 and Tom from post 129: At 15 you could definitely have OCD and it sounds like you both do. I personally don't suffer from 'neatness' OCD, for lack of a better word, but I do suffer from the fear of getting terribly ill by coming in contact with people or objects. Hope this helps a bit, wishing you both success in the future.


@courtneyo: I have so many similar things to you. I also see repeated digits and think it's some sort of bad sign.

I also have a hyper responsibility trait where I feel that I need to help everyone. I'm also terrified of catching sicknesses from others/objects and as a result I compulsively wash and change my clothes.

I also have compulsions about how my prayers have to be said. I thought it might make you feel better to know that someone else is going through the same things.


Too many people who are control freaks hide behind the OCD definition. OCD is when you know what you are doing is irrational, but you just can't stop, like checking locked doors, items have to be in a particular order, cleaning, etc.

A control freak believes what they are telling someone to do is for their own good, and forces the other person to comply. Neat freaks, perfectionists, are a good example of this. (Just hope this person never becomes your boss.) This latter person does not meet the definition of OCD, but rather meets the definition of jerk.


I am 18, female, and I think I have OCD. There has to be a gap of a certain size between the bottom of the blind in my bedroom and the windowsill. I have to complete certain tasks before going to bed, or I can't sleep. Everything must be ready for the next day so I can get ready faster (I have a fear of being late for anything) and nothing that belongs to me can be left downstairs at night. It feels like I have invisible chains from me to everything I own so part of me is alone in the silent darkness somewhere.

I do not like the dark. I used to stay awake with all the lights on until it was light again outside, then get a few hours sleep. This drove me crazy and made me ill from stress. I now have permanent stomach problems from worrying about everything at the same time (I can't isolate one thought).

Everything has to be in a certain place, parallel to something with a straight line and I get uncomfortable if something isn't in a 'safe' place, or its 'only' place. I check my door is closed properly often. It makes me really angry when people don't close my door properly. I have to tidy my room in a certain way and I carry out things in a certain order. If ever I shake or have to hit something (I do a lot of baking and crafts to keep my mind busy) it has to be in units of four or eight.

This part is particularly weird. If there's one thing I hate most in the world, it is numbers. I also like to arrange piles of things so the largest is on the bottom and the smallest is on the top. I feel itchy if there is something in my room not arranged just so. My desk has to be cleaned and arranged in a certain way too.


I think I might have a mild case of OCD. I always have to have perfect grammar and punctuation. I mean, I'm always correcting my friends' and family's grammar when it is incorrect, and I am constantly washing my hands. I refuse to type in text talk and I always have to write in perfect sentences or otherwise it really annoys me. I always have to have the TV volume, or the volume of anything really, on an even number or a multiple of 5.


I think I may have OCD and my friends agree. They say this because:

1. I do everything in an exact order

2. I set my school desk out identically every lesson (six pencils, one pen, pencil case on top of notepad) all parallel to the desk.

3. If someone moves them, I often yell, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

4. If I do something wrong that is a small mistake, I start the whole sentence again.

5. I am "obsessed" with punctuality and knowing the time, as well as more.

Do I have OCD? I am 15 and I don't know if people my age can get it.



I think I may have OCD because I (at school, because I am 15) set my desk out the same way, and this can take the entire 100 minutes of a lesson to do. I hate going too near to people and I am scared of getting really ill. Does this relate to anyone with OCD?


I think I have cleansing OCD for the following reasons: I wash my hands many times a day during the bathroom, when using the shower, and I sometimes have these compulsions to wash my hands because I'd sometimes feel like they're dirty. Also, I keep on using too much toilet paper to clean myself. Sometimes I know I am clean, yet I still tend to use more toilet paper.


I don't know if I have OCD, because it only really occurs when I have to go to sleep. For example, certain things have to be done and certain things have to be in specific places for me to go to sleep. Like, I have to have a shower, I have to read five pages of a book, I have to put my bag in this certain place, my keys have to be in separate piles and so many more. It only happens at night before I go to sleep and if I don't do them I can't get to sleep. It takes me until 1 a.m. to do them sometimes, and I just want it to stop. It gets worse in the holidays (I'm 14, by the way) and I was just wondering will this ever stop?


In fact, when these things happen to me, e.g., OCD, is it a kind of mental problem or a kind of abnormality? I have the confidence that if I want to avoid it I can, but I'm somehow frightened.


I try my best to avoid rituals but can't keep my word. Help me to be stronger, please.


@anon157411, post 88: As a mental health professional, I feel your post has a lot of red flags in it that fit the profile of a sexual abuse victim. It's possible you don't even remember. Perhaps the potential offender had those initials or those letters represent someone who knew about it, but didn't help you and should have.


Do not mess with the way a person's brain works when it has nothing wrong with it. Don't medicate the obsessive. Exploit that which they cannot control for good, e.g., if they can't stop cleaning, don't try to stop. Have them clean other people's stuff for money. And don't stop there. See what else you can get them to do. It's only the right thing to do. You're welcome.


I was afraid to ask but I’m not sure anymore. I have been seeing like numbers all the time, like 111 or 222 or 333 or 555 in succession, every number mostly, in doubles or triples for a long time now, like everywhere I go, even in video games and on the clock daily and it’s starting to scare me. It’s almost like they show up for no reason and I’m not sure where I can go to make the numbers stop showing up.

I also find myself being to scared to sleep if I see them too much and if it is the bad ones, I get really afraid that I’ll look up at the clock and they will be there, and it’s driving me mostly nuts. I’m unsure if this is normal or not. I even have other things happening that I think or say or even do, like repeating I’m sorry or apologizing for things that I think I did wrong, even going as far as praying if I can’t talk to them in person.

And not just that, but I feel like I have to make people happy. Everyone who asks me anything, I have to help. If I don’t, I feel as if I am a racist or something bad like that. I have to constantly include everyone, regardless of whether or not they hate me.

The thing that does scare me is the fact I do have to do some religious things, mostly praying, but it has to be like, five prayers or seven or more, but not the number between five and seven and not the one between eight and ten and not the one between fourteen and twelve and it has to be like that, or I fear something will come and kill me. I can’t even touch door knobs if I know someone else has and I fear that if it’s people who aren’t white, I have to touch it because if I don’t I think they will hate me for it.

I can’t even have people touching me anymore. I fear that I could get sick and then if they do, I have to wash that area or even remove that clothing. The other thing is that I can’t stand the sight of bright lights to the point I’ll avoid it.


I've had OCD my whole life, and it stinks. I'm 13. Anyway, last year I went through therapy, and it really helped. No medication, just all these relaxing techniques. It was really helpful. Now, nearly a year later, my life has made a. weird turn, I guess I could say.

All right. Let me start off by talking about all the rituals I've done, and all that stuff. I've always had an obsession over 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, etc. Also (this is extremely hard to explain), picture a square or rectangle. Now picture a triangle inside that rectangle that connected to three of the sides. The top left corner is 1. The bottom right is 2. The bottom left is 4. I always had to incorporate that into all of my rituals and it's so annoying.

Next is the praying. I have to pray for the same thing all the time. Like, the same exact prayer. There's a lot of other things that most of us with OCD share in common, like doing things to make that feeling inside us even. Yeah, so most of the other things I did had to do with that. Later, I started thinking I was gay. I got over that pretty quickly, though.

Now, to my real problem. I don't know what happened, if I just got too stressed or I don't know what. But I've been really afraid that I've started to develop some form of ADHD or ADD. I always fidget in my seat, like I tap my fingers or my feet, and sometimes I roll my pencil around. I always zone out. I don't know what that is. It's like me telling myself not to zone out, then because I'm thinking about it, I zone out, or space out, if that makes any sense. I'm not sure, but one of the possibilities is that I'm making myself think that I have ADHD or my OCD is. Ugh. I'm tired all the time and sometimes I just can't pay attention. I find myself acting not like myself around other people and even when I'm sad or something, I act super hyper and it's freaking annoying.

Then there's the mild depression that I feel like I have all the time. I pity myself too. It's really aggravating because I don't want to do it. Sometimes I have dreams or memories that stick around with me and whenever I think about them, they have this weird impact on me. I don't know if it's depression or not.

Also, when I see someone (like a little kid) alone but having fun, it makes me sad (or something) Sometimes I think it's just my OCD but ugh. I don't know. I'll probably have to talk to my therapist again if this doesn't go away. Please respond or something. I haven't felt so desperate for help in a long time.


I know I have OCD because I simply can't touch any public door handle, especially dirty toilet door handles! I have mastered every possible way of avoiding contact with them from waiting for others to use the door, using toilet paper, using my foot and also jamming the door open (so on exit I don't have to worry)!

Fortunately, my life is soon to change because I've seen there is a new hygienic door handle from a company called pure hold that dispenses alcoholic hand gel when you use it (simply brilliant and I can't wait for these to be everywhere!)


I don't really know if I have OCD, but I'm pretty sure I do. By the way, I'm 15 years old. I always have to have the TV volume on even numbers, like other people. I also get very obsessed easily with very small things. I always have to be twirling my hair and everything has to be spelled perfectly or else I get really aggravated.

For example, I've always been obsessed with things that seem really strange and when I tell my friends about things I get obsessed over, they tell me that I'm obsessive. It's really annoying, but I always have the impulse to remember things like that. Also, when people criticize me I get really emotional a few hours after. Do you think I have OCD?


I'm 12, and I think I might have OCD because: I have to make sure my room is spotless before I sleep.

I know it's silly, but when I'm in the dark, I think something is going to grab me.

When I'm lying in bed, I get tingly feelings in my foot and I always think it's a spider or something (even though I know it isn't).

My pens have to be at the front of my pencil case and pencils and erasers, etc., at the back.

When I'm watching tv, the volume has to be an even number, but not two numbers the same (22 44 66) and it has to be over 10.

My right foot has to step on concrete cracks and my left foot doesn't.

If somebody used incorrect grammar when speaking I would have to correct them. (e.g., "I will learn you.")

My percentage on a test has to be 75 percent or higher and if it isn't, I go nuts.

I can't wear coats with zips at one side.

Do I have OCD?


I also think I have OCD.

What do I do? It's not bad at all, but it's kind of serious.

Before I go to sleep every night, I go downstairs to make sure I have everything for the next day, at least two times, even if I already checked.

Like other people, I have to have the volume of the TV at a number with the multiple of five. My mom has noticed this when she watches TV.

The other thing I do is, when I'm walking, my right foot has to touch more cracks in the cement, and my left foot is not allowed to touch the cracks,and if it does, I have to even it out by making my right foot touch the cracks five times more.

Also, with my right hand, it has to touch the side of my body and my other fingers more than my left. And when I'm typing, I have to type with my left fingers more.

Another sleeping OCD issue with me is that whenever I'm at my house at a sleepover, and I'm sleeping in the loft, I feel like I have to go to the bathroom numerous times and get up because I remembered a certain object in my room wasn't facing or in the position I wanted. Even if I'm sleeping when I remember it, I'll wake up and sneak past my friend and do what I had to do quietly in the dark, which brings me to my next problem. I hate the dark and I feel like something is going to grab me in the dark. When I sleep, I have to have my blanket over my head and ears, even if it's 100 degrees in my room. I also can't let my foot hang over my bed or I'll wake up immediately.


I am 13 too, and I have read loads of posts and I feel kind of reassured. I have been anywhere and everywhere to get this sorted. It all started when I was about 10. I used to get what they call “tics" and I would have to tap something for a certain amount of time. They used to change from time to time to something different, or how many times I tap for. If I failed to do so, I thought that something bad might happen. I got checked out, as my mum was concerned, but they said wait till I grow and see if I grow out of it.

I have sort of grown out of my tics now, but I will go through random episodes, from time to time, but not as bad as I used to. I still think that if I don't walk over a drain or something, someone I know will die or fall really ill. I am always finding myself falling for my brain, and I have been trying to almost "train" myself to stop following the commands. I hate bringing up the subject because I feel embarrassed and my mum will talk to everyone about it, and even my school knows. Neuro doctors and surgeons linked this to OCD, because everything was obsessive.


So, reading these, I'm thinking I have OCD.

I'm 15, female, and I have a problem with people touching my shoes. A girl at school touched the inside of my shoes, I freaked out and went and bought new runners.

I also have a problem with being in public with no shoes on, as I go to a Catholic school, and when we enter the chapel to watch movies, we must take our shoes off, and I refuse to every time, and my teacher tells me I have OCD, but I'm not really sure if I do.


I don't know if I have OCD or not, but I have this feeling that whenever there are pens or pencils in front of me, then I have to put them all the same way round (facing away from me) and in a color order that doesn't make any sense to anyone around me.

Another thing is spelling and if something is spelled wrong it will drive me crazy if it doesn't get corrected. This is a problem as I sit next to someone who is dyslexia in english and science and even the teachers at my school have picked up on it. Also, if things are not in straight lines or in straight piles, I have to straighten them and if I have to clean something it has to be perfect, even though I hate cleaning.

Everyone at school including teachers think I have ocd but I'm not sure.


I'm 11 and I think I have OCD.

I pinch some skin on the side of my ribs when using computers or at school. I always feel like I didn’t do something and I have nightmares if I don’t check it, even at some ungodly hour of the morning, (4 a.m.). My hands constantly need to be in motion or something does and I go nuts if they don’t. It's making band really hard. if their not moving I get an itch. I think I may have ADHD but mom doesn’t believe me. I constantly feel like I'm being watched. I'm always looking around the room, for things that could hurt me and for no reasons at all.

I go nuts if I have an idea and can't write it or type it (this my be the reason I forget things easily). I'm constantly brushing my bangs. I'm trying to grow out back behind my ears or around there and I constantly run my hands through my hair. My mind has to be busy or else I go nuts.

I won't eat food if there is something that looks slightly like an ant (we have bug problems). This could be because there was a fly trapped in my ice in my drink at Sausalito’s.

I constantly check every post I've done when I get the chance. When I think of anything on this list, I get the urge to do them. I have to have some kind of noise around me. I almost constantly have music blasting. I feel this need to run outside and flip and so front handsprings on the trampoline and basically act like a fool, but I can't because I'm in a walking cast.

I have trust issues (you have to work very hard to gain it). Could be because I trusted many people to have them break it -- even one who earned it?

I am really jumpy. If someone walks in without me noticing and I notice, it scares me to death. I am really protective of my friends and get in trouble for it.

If I come across a disease or something I don’t know about, I have to look it up.

Stories have to be written just so, or else I go nuts. I can't stand other people reading my work or listening to a recording of me singing (I want to be a singer) with me in the room so I leave.

I think that’s all, and is OCD.


When I'm walking on tiles, colourful tiles especially, I had to step on different colours and if I stepped on the same color, I don't feel comfortable so I had to go back and repeat the same thing.

I used to suck at typing, but when I finally mastered it, I've become obsessed with typing. Sometimes I tend to type whatever people are saying, even without a keyboard. Sometimes my friends thought I was practising playing piano but I actually wasn't. Now this isn't normal because I did some research and I found out no one has ever had this kind of ocd.


First of all, do not feel that you're mentally challenged because of OCD. OCD also has it's good things, qualities about you that you're most likely not even aware of, but yes, OCD is a tendency, like any other tendency which the negative sides need to be worked on.

A good thing, for example is, that people with OCD are just less likely to get themselves into unnecessary issues, transmitting diseases etc., because they're more, or may I say “uber” careful! A great approach to slowly getting rid of OCD is to simply put all responsibility into God's or Jesus hands (or your specific God in your own religion ). This will get you distance from whatever your fears are. Just simply imagine God's hand reaching out to you whenever you have the compulsion urge, or even when you don't!

Another great book is "brain lock" by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, but try to get God into your life. I find this is the uber long lasting solution for all OCD problems! How great would it be, to thank OCD for a closer relationship with God? Reading the bible a few minutes on some days also does something special to your brain chemistry, that will have a great long term effect on diminishing OCD!


I am a 36 year old female, married and with three children. I really cannot put a day or year to when this started. I have a short temper but it became worse after marrying, I would find any excuse to fight with my husband, I knew this was not right and would constantly tell myself "you must be crazy for fighting over this" but alas I would end up provoking a fight and feeling like I was this little thing getting lost inside myself, I mean I would go in rage, it was horrible.

I went to get help, knowing that this would only destroy my marriage and life, and was told that I had OCD and was explained how it works and etc. Thank God and my therapist I was over the fighting in no time, but this OCD can be like trying to keep the vapor on a pot inside; it will inevitably find another way out. Now I have this thing with keeping my kids and my house, mostly my house floor clean. If anyone visits right after they leave I grab my vacuum and my mop and start cleaning! It is crazy! I was planning on going back to get help, but is it even worth it if it is just going to pop out in another form?

At the therapy I was asked about my family and the specialist said both my parents seemed to present Anxiety disorders and that this was most probably genetic. Now I worry that any of my children might get this. What to do?


I have OCD. I'm 18 years old and I have been having for almost two years now, but I repeat certain things, and when I get into bed at night, I have bad thoughts that make me want to repeat getting in and out of bed.

Also, I worry that people using the bathroom touch there body down below and don't wash, so then therefore if they touch me or something I own, it is going to be dirty.


Just reading most of the comments here I think I have OCD too! I admit I am lazy and never want to clean up around the house but whenever I go into my bedroom it has to be spotless! I can't sleep at night unless my bedroom is tidy and whenever friends call round I have to clean my bedroom before I go out. It's exactly the same before I go on a night out, when I'm getting ready and everyone is about to go I have to clean my bedroom!

Also, whenever I see one little bit of dust I go mad and have to sweep it up asap! My boyfriend keeps some of his things in my house (hair gel, deodorant, etc.), and whenever he uses them he leaves them lying anywhere and I can't stand this one bit! I just want to know if this sounds like OCD?


I'm 17 and I definitely have OCD. I have to pray multiple (probably at least 10-15 times a day) for a lot of things I do bad. For instance if I tell a lie, immediately after that when no one is looking i have to pray for what I have done. This is not just with lying but with cursing as well. Then before I pray i have to nod my head four times.

I completely try to avoid saying the number 6 because you know how 666 is supposedly satan's number ( I feel the urge to pray just by typing it ). So any time i see the number 6 the number 666 pops into my head and i immediately feel like i have to pray. Then when I pray, I have a certain phrase I say every time and if i mess up one word in it or it doesn't sound good enough ( especially the beginning for some reason ) I have to start the process over ( even the head nodding ) Then when the prayer is over, I have to say Amen in groups of four (three times) and then the last amen has to definitely sound good or I have to repeat the entire ritual over again.

I want to get over this because it is driving me insane. Just by saying that i feel like i am talking about god behind his back or something and he's upset with me. I don't want to stop praying. I just don't want to pray to the OCD god I want to pray to the real God!


I am 17 years old and am now wondering if i have a mild case of OCD? My "symptoms" if you could call them that are like this:

I get afraid to learn new things (like i want to go to university to study criminology) But I'm afraid i will start to understand to much of how criminals think and become someone who thinks like this. Another example is learning about anxiety disorders or lifestyles.

I've always had this weird thing where if one side of my body is touched (ex. my arm) i have to touch the other one. It's the difference in pressure that bothers me and i can't stop thinking about it. It started to go away, but friends always bug me about it so I've started thinking about it more.

If one hand or foot is wet, the other has to be wet.

When i was younger i would repeat words after i said them ( if i said i want to go to the park, i would mouth the words, "to the park" after.

It's easy for me to worry and obsess over certain situations like projects in school. (My projects are always late because they have to be perfect, and have only one or two sources. It can't be from a lot of different sources or i think it's wrong) .

Sometimes i think something bad is going to happen if i don't do certain things. (ex. If i was walking somewhere and something caught my attention i think if i don't go touch it or interact with it something bad will happen. Like if the light switch has only been half shut off, if i don't go shut it all off something will happen to me or my family members.)

If i have thoughts of something bad happening to my mom, dad, brother, sister, any family member it will happen, so i force myself to never think like this. I am obsessed with karma.

These are all pretty mild, and it doesn't dramatically affect my life and it sure isn't taking over my life, so my question is, do i have a mild case of OCD, or is this a normal thing lots of people do?


I am 12 almost 13 and I think that I have OCD.

I'll list my symptoms, but I'll probably forget some.

1. Randomly when I'm typing, I get the urge to press down one of the letters, but it has to be a letter on my left, and I have to hold it down. it really messes up my typing a lot, and it is annoying.

(I only do it when I use my laptop, not when I use a regular computer).

2. I get the urge to touch certain items, and if I don't I go insane (this used to be really bad, but now it's decreasing).

3. I push down on my cuticles on my fingers and toes so much that it hurts me (this is new).

4. When I do something to one side, like itch or something, I have to do it on the other side too. (I've always done this, and my mom says she did this too).

5. I pray to God every night before I go to bed that he will protect me and my family or else I can't sleep (this is kind of new).

6. I think something is inside something like my oven or microwave and have to look inside to see (I did this only a few times).

7. I push up or down on the light switch more than once even if I know it is off or on (I do this sometimes without even thinking).

8. I think things will get me when I'm alone or in the dark even though I know that is ridiculous (I do this a lot).

9. I think scary thoughts and when I think that they are scary they get worse and won't go away (I do this only at night).

10. I push on my skin between my pinkie toe and my fourth toe to the point where it is dry and hurts there now (this is new).

11. I get really sick when I'm at friends' houses because things aren't the way I want them (I don't think its really an order thing, but that I'm not used to it).

12. I have to put my nail under my laptop's and computer's keys and sometimes the keys fall out (this is new).

13. I slide my hand across the keyboard a lot because I think that there is a bunch of dog hair on it, even if there is only one strand (this is kind of a normal instinct with anyone, but whatever).

14. I get really frustrated if I can't accomplish something so I feel like screaming.

15. I freak out when someone accidentally touches something and they are supposed to touch something else, and I get mad and they don't understand why and get mad at me too.

That's all I can think of.

Some stories of things that happened because of this:

1. I was at my friend's grandma's house, and I kept feeling like I had to throw up because her bathroom tiles were all messed up and out of order.

2. I was at another friend's house, and she was strumming her guitar, and I felt like I had the urge to stick my fingers under the strings, but I couldn't so I freaked out.

3. My keys keep on breaking because I keep on pulling them out.


I'm 13 and i think i might have a mild case of OCD. It's not all of the time but i will get mild urges to have everything in order. But not my bedroom. My bedroom is a mess. I think it is more of a protective thing than anything else, and if anything is out of place or i can't find anything i become very anxious and stressed until i find it.

Whenever i walk and there are tiles on the floor, i have to walk every other tile but if they are far apart i either walk one step per tile or two.

I was lucky not to be blessed with the germaphobia that comes along with be OCD.

Unless it is something very important, i try not to talk to adults unless it is in school. I also don't like asking questions, even to my parents. I will also repeat things in my head several times before i say something. Also if i hear a strange noise i will stop everything and just listen to it for a while until it goes away or until i identify it. Do i have OCD?


I'm not sure If I have OCD or not. Like a few years ago, every time I itched on one side of my body, for example, if I itched one eye, i had to scratch the other, whether it felt itchy or not.

Now last year, I always blinked super hard and sometimes fast. Now this year, I keep doing this thing where, you know how you try looking like a chipmunk with your mouth and teeth? Well i keep doing that, but really quick so no one sees me doing it. A lot of people ask "why do you do that" and i make an excuse. It's really embarrassing! Please help! Do I have part, mild or severe OCD?


Do you think I have OCD?

Whenever I sleep, my pillows need to be fixed in a certain order. Whenever I wake up, I need to think 254x4.

Whenever I'm in class and a teacher asks me a question, I need a gulp of water.

Whenever I walk without my schoolbag, I have the urge to snap my fingers constantly.

And I can't stop thinking about airplanes and roller coasters. It's getting embarrassing as whenever I have free time at school, I constantly draw airplanes and roller coasters. I'm 13. Please reply.


I'm pretty sure I have OCD as well; there are a bunch of things to support it. I'm not going to list things, but I really do have more symptoms than a lot of people with the disorder. Except I'm not a germophobe. I consider myself lucky for getting out of that one.

You people obsessed with things being in 3s and 4s are so lucky. My number is 24. Do you know how hard it is to do things in 24s? I have to tap both legs 24 times before I do anything (like taking a test, asking an important question, etc.) and if I'm walking somewhere, I will use any possible way to have the number of steps I take be a multiple of 24.

Sometimes I have to cheat my brain and convince myself I took a number of steps that's a multiple of 24, because I get so anxious if it's not. It is so freaking annoying! Gym teachers got mad at me when I skipped a sit-up if they told us to do 25 of them, and how the heck can I explain why I need to just do 24 of them? OCD is so completely irrational! I'm going to start seeing a therapist this summer.


I’m 11 and I think I might have obsessive compulsive disorder. So I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

Things happened between my parents that I would rather not mention at this time (they both realize their mistakes and forgive each other now,) and my dad had to stay at my grandma’s house.

We went to visit him every night and one night I found that I had to say things an even number of times. Say if I said hi, then I’d have to say it once out loud, then three more times in my head to make it even. I also had to do many other things, such as counting, walking and multiplying things by four.

Now that my dad has come home, a lot of things like that have changed. Now, if I do something once, it’s fine. But if I do it twice, I feel something very terrible will happen to me, so I go back and fix it.

Also, say I was walking past a mat. I’d have to walk one step before too steps in the middle and one more step on the other side. On top of all this, something else I have where is I get incredibly dizzy for no immediate reason, and you get a very stressful life as the result. I have tried to tell my parents, and they have tried to be understanding, but they still don’t understand.

There are also a few other things that I don’t really remember that I do too, but judging from what’s here, do you think I have O.C.D? I’m going to see someone about this, but going to therapy makes me feel like I’m going crazy. It’s like your friends would make fun of those mentally challenged people and you feel like you’re one yourself. Please help me and thank you for taking the time to read this.


I'm 37 years old now and getting desperate. I am late always. Regardless of where I'm going or how important it is i will be late, even if it means me parking around the corner to ensure i am not on time.

I have, until now, been lucky with keeping the majority of jobs, although I have also been fired due to my lateness. This began when i was about 13 years old. I also count before I get out of my car. The numbers are 10 and 6 and the numbers have to be in straight lines (visually) or i have to start from the beginning.

This often takes me anything from two minutes to two hours. It is any vehicle: my car, taxi, bus, train, anything to the point where i will be physically sick or have an anxiety attack if i have to go any other route but my own car with me driving.

I really don't know what to do. I am due to start a permanent post this week and am worried about the apparent compulsion of counting and my punctuality habit.


I'm 11 I think I have OCD. Whenever my teacher makes a spelling mistake on the board or doesn't erase a bit of a letter I almost go insane. I try not to look but can't help it. Also when someone drops something and doesn't pick it up I run and pick it up.

I always feel like there is a huge hole in the front of my pants and my underwear is showing. If my shirt does not totally cover the "fly" on my pants (even if there isn't one on my pants) I ask to go to the washroom and stretch the shirt. Also I cover the arm of my sweater in hand sanitizer if I sneeze on it and wash my hands and put peach scented hand sanitizer on.

I take a drink every hour in class and get stressed if a class ends at least a minute later then when it should. Do i have OCD?


Well, whether I have ocd or not has been bothering me for many years.

Firstly, I have this thing where I count numbers repeatedly in my head and it's beyond me to stop it. Whenever it does stop, it has to be on an even number or else I feel my muscles tighten up and I go insane and keep counting all over again.

Secondly, whenever there's a knife or anything pointy pointing towards me or any or my family members in the house, I instantly turn it away because I feel like we're going to die, or something bad is going to happen to us.

Thirdly, I also have this thing where I have to count the letters in a word and the letters have to have an even number of letters. if not my muscles tighten up and I have to find another word that has an odd number of letters and I then add them up to where it gives me and even number. I also have to count the letters with my fingers, even though I can count without my fingers.

These are just some of the things that make me question whether I have ocd. This has been going on ever since I was a child and there had been a period time where it kind of went away or it wasn't as bad but it's slightly beginning to come back, I feel. Do I have OCD to some degree?


I'm 15 and a half, and i think i might have OCD. But I'm not sure.

Some of the things i do: Do things twice/even amount of times. (although this isn't as bad lately),

I wash my hands often for no reason, many times during the day. I generally don't touch door handles or places where many people may have touched it.

I have to keep my bedroom window open during the night, even in the middle of winter. If a plug socket is not being used, i have to turn the switch off.

Everything in my bedroom is usually in an organized mess. i can't move things from their places or else i get stressed. I can't place anything on the left side of my computer desk, and sometimes just in general.

Could this mean i have mild OCD?


I'm 11 and I think I have OCD. I find myself constantly pushing my fingers or fingernails on something. I have a laptop and when my friend taps the mouse mover instead of the button, it drives me crazy. I have to push the buttons down really hard or I will tighten my fists into a ball. Also I type very hard when I think of this.

Another thing is, when my teacher writes on the chalkboard I have the feeling to take the chalk and jam it into the board. At night, I have a feeling someone is staring at me so I run across the room to turn my light on or I will lie there with my heart racing. Do I have OCD?


I, for an unknown reason, have a dislike for the letters I and J and tend to avoid using them whenever I can. When I shower, I must do so repeatedly until I believe I'm clean, at which point after I try to avoid doing any form of work or activity I believe will even so much as get my hands dirty.

At times when I use the toilet (body secretions), I feel so filthy and dirty. I'd rather things be symmetrical than unsymmetrical because it looks neater that way. I do sometimes get involuntary thoughts of sexual activities with friends and strangers. I sometimes have involuntary thoughts about hurting people, which frightens me as I do not wish to do so.

Whenever I get a wild and imaginative thought, I often feel extremely excited as though I must 'live it out' in order for me to calm down an progress with everyday life and in order to please my mind. I feel as though I am not worthy of God and that he ignores me.

I detest myself and wish to become something more than I am. I feel uncomfortable in a house with open doors and if it were up to me I would close them all. I get so anxious at times and wish I could just die. I think I might have OCD.


I need someone to respond to this to see if i have OCD.

I get out of bed five times every hour to see if people are breaking into my house.

My tv volume or any volume has to by multiples of five.

In every class at school, i move the desk back.

I hold my breath when i get around big groups of people so I don't inhale their germs.

I don't like things open or closed when I'm sleeping.

Everything has to be in its place when i go to sleep or i will clean until it is.

I spend an hour cleaning every day.

Do I have OCD?


I'm not sure if I have OCD or not. I will lock the door to my house, and I know it's locked, but almost every commercial, I check it again. It has almost made me miss the bus twice this year. I also double check the faucet to make sure it is actually turned all the way off. When I get into bed, and am almost asleep, I think "Oh no, what if I didn't turn this off," or " Did i lock the door, I better go check again," then I get up and check again.

I also have to knock on wood every time a bad thought comes into my head. Like if we are driving down the road and I think "What if we get into a crash?" I have to knock on wood and pray that my family will stay safe. Even if it's just a pencil or something, I have to knock on it. I also straighten random things out. I don't do that as often as other things, but it can still make me have to run to catch up to my family if we are walking in a store and I see something out of place.

I also have these moments where I see something and think to myself "If I don't move this, my parents could trip on it and hurt themselves and it would be all my fault!" Do these symptoms mean I have OCD?


I think I have OCD for many reasons:

First, I have to have the correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc., or else it just drives me insane. For example, my teacher will write on the board: The cow said moo and he likes to play hide and seek. I will write it down as "The cow said moo, and he likes to play hide, and seek."

Next, I always walk back and forth four steps. For example, if I am walking, I will make sure I have four steps in each tile of cement.

Also, I am obsessed with the number four. I always have to have something on the number four, or else I am insane. If my mother turns the volume up to 30, or 43, I always change it, and turn it to 40, and 44.

These are just some things, but I am not sure if I have OCD, and I'm kind of afraid to ask my parents because I am afraid that they will think I am crazy. Please help.


do i have ocd? i want to know because my friends say i do.

well every time i see a picture that is not straight, even by a little bit, i have the urge to straighten it. if i don't i might go crazy.


I don't think i have OCD, but i have to wash my hands twice. i feel uncomfortable if i don't.

I continually feel as though people are staring at me or talking about me, and sometimes that feeling gets so bad i begin to convince myself that there is. I also can't go to sleep unless i make sure my blanket covers my head and ears. Could i have OCD?


I'm not sure if I have OCD. When it comes to time, everything I do has to be at a certain time. For example i have to do my french homework at 5 and finish at 5:30. If not start to panic. I also get anxiety if not at school by 7:48 (it starts at 8). My bed always has to be fixed. Even when I wake up I fix it right away.

It is nothing major, I'm sure, but can it be a minor form of OCD or is it something else?


I think I may have a slight case of OCD. I find myself pulling out my eyelashes, some head hair and eye brow hair on a daily basis. I have tried to combat it by cutting my nails, but I always find a way to continue.

Before a big event where I had to speak in front of people, I pulled out all of my eyebrow hair. They have since grown back, but i still pick at them.

I am worried that this case might lead my to be eyelash-less. I have yet to talk to a doctor, but I do not hide my case. I do pick my hair in public.


I'm 13 and I think I have OCD. Things like if i feel pain in one finger, i will have to have that pain in all of my fingers, and if i don't, it just feels wrong. Or if i click with one hand i have to do it with the other. I also have to have things straight. This is occasional but if I put a pencil down on a table I put it down straight.

Does this mean i have minor OCD?


I'm 13, and I'm sure I have O.C.D.

The reason why is that I always pray that my mom will be safe if she gos out and if I don't I get these really sick images in my head that she is dead or had a asthma attack (she has severe asthma), and I always think that her boyfriend will kill her!

Do I have O.C.D? Please help!


i think i have ocd. any advice, please.

First off, when i was a kid i had to eat my food a certain way, one section at a time, and if it touched i wouldn't eat it. My house has to be clean at all times. I have kids and if one toy is on the floor i have to pick it up. i have to have my kids toys a certain way: dolls with dolls, cars with cars, etc. If it's out of order, i go crazy, dump them all and fix them the right way. i have to feed everybody at the same time every day. If i don't it throws me off.

i have to write all my bills down even though i know when to pay them and if i don't write them a certain way on my calendar, it throws me off. If i get a thought in my had of what i want to do, i have to do it right then or my head spins.

i always have to have things planned or i can't handle that day. I'm up till like 4 a.m. because i can't sleep because i think of what's going to happen the next day and i have worries too, where my head spins. It's crazy.


i think i might have ocd - well, a very mild case of it.

1. whatever i do on one side, i have to do on the other side as well. if not, it feels uneven.

2. Food must be faced the right way. e.g. cookies have to be eaten face up. the tops of buns must face out when eaten.

3. Numbers must be divisible by 2 or 5.

4. Everything must be in order. if a painting is slightly slanted, i have to push it back to its correct position.

5. Everything must be symmetrical. if I'm eating chocolates in a box, the chocolates must follow a pattern so they're equally spaced. asymmetry kills me!

6a. I can't step on cracks in the sidewalk. if i do, i have to step on another crack with my other foot and the trough of the crack must make meet my foot in the same area as in the first foot.

6b. When i walk, my feet follow a four-step cycle. my feet must spend at least four steps (one cycle) in the same texture (of. grass, sidewalk, sand, etc). this is very annoying when there are shadows because i have to finish my cycle before i step in or out of the shadow. When there are a lot of changes in texture though, i will allow for two-step cycles.


I'm 16 and coming close to 17 now. I have the feeling that I'm a little OCD. The reason why is because when it comes to books, CDs, playing solitaire with a pack of cards, filing photos on the computer, what order the music is in, how I wear bracelets, how I file my drawings. They all need to be in a certain order or I get really stressed if they're not the way I like them to be.

Also, I don't like people entering my end of the bedroom without my permission (even if it's a little bit by accident). When lining up at my martial arts class, I need to be at the start of the first line. Are these the signs of slight OCD?

--Amy (Charlie)


I am 15 1/2 and think I might have OCD. I started thinking about this when my friend said, "you know people with ocd do that" when I was feeling and looking at her necklace.

I've been reading a lot of these comments and other sites about OCD and I do a lot of things these people do.

Whenever I see someone with a necklace or some type of jewelery, I always have to touch it. I have to feel the texture and study it. I do this even with jewelery I have had for years whenever I wear it. Also, if a bracelet is made and it has no pattern or the pattern is messed up in any way, I get really frustrated and just want to fix it, but I can't because I would break it.

Whenever I walk by a wall made of brick or something I run my finger along it and count how many bricks or lockers there are.

Whenever I am watching TV the volume has to be on a number that can be divided by 5 or else it drives me nuts. If my mom turns the volume to 24 I have to steal the remote from her to change it to 25.

I can't stand public bathrooms. I try not to touch the toilet and flush with my foot. afterwards I wash my hands but I do that every time I use the bathroom (I don't wash my hands compulsively though).

At night sometimes I think of scenarios that people are kidnapping me and they tie me up and I just can't stop thinking about it even though I try not to.

Whenever I am in my house, mostly at night, I always think someone is watching me. I get really creeped out and have to put my back against a wall or lie down or I'll flip out.

Also, if something is crooked like a picture or something I have to fix it. and if I have fuzzies on my clothes I will take too much time trying to get them off.

Also, if I do something on one side I have to do it the same amount on the other side or until it feels equal. Like, if I bend my neck to the left i have to bend it to the right. And if it doesn't feel even I have to do it on both sides until it feels even.

I know I am terrified of spiders and scared of bugs (except normal flies and gnats) but it's getting worse. even just seeing a picture of a spider or even writing this my heart starts racing and I start to breathe irregularly.

I am also terrified of mac-n-cheese because once someone made some and there were bugs in it. I also refuse to go anywhere in my grandma's house besides her kitchen or eat any food there because her house is so dirty and has tons of bugs.

Please tell me if I have OCD or whatever I have. I have been thinking about this so much lately and I just have to know!


I'm 12 years old and i have been reading about ocd. And i know for sure that i have an anxiety disorder. But i don't know if its actually ocd. I read that ocd is about people who have to have everything clean (and yes i do wash my hands about 100 times a day) but my bedroom is always messy. So I was just wondering. Do i have ocd?


I must associate almost everything with the number 3. I always strive to be perfect. I have to type with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

I have to keep my username on different websites and games neat or something associated with myself. If I type a comment and accidentally type a word incorrectly, I have to create a new account and use that account forever until I make another mistake.

On games, for example WoW, I have to keep my items neat in my inventory or I will get a little bit ticked for some reason.

On my phone, I always have to delete my message or call history and my YouTube history and internet history.

I am pretty sure I have a lot more problems but I just can't remember them all at the moment. I keep telling myself that I will stop performing these 'rituals' but I just can't stop and it is beginning to screw up my life.


I'm 14 and i think i have had OCD for a while now, because to begin with i thought it was just silly little habits but now, it's just getting really annoying.

i hum a lot and people in school take the mick out of it all the time, and whenever i put the chain on my front door i double check it constantly until my mind is at rest. i check almost everything after doing it and if i don't i feel very annoyed and my chest becomes tight.

i tense my muscles a lot for no reason as well, which i find weird, and i saw someone else say that when they clench one fist they do it to the other otherwise it irritates them, i get that too. also, everything has to be perfect and straight and stuff like that otherwise i get annoyed.

it really gets in the way and annoys me. so, does it sound as though i have OCD? and what can do to control it?


I fear that I may have moderate OCD. I started to fear it about a year ago and after reading about it an studying it I realize that I have a lot of the symptoms. Ever since I can remember I have always done the following things: Washed thoroughly, turned off empty switches on plug sockets, keep windows open in my room even in the middle of winter, spend a copious amount of time cleaning rooms on the occasion that I must, tap certain things in an order e.g. Tap items on a shelf in the supermarket.

Cleaning my hands very well three times in a row, counting the amount of vowels on page of text. (it takes up so much time because I have to go over it five times. Even essays).

Also, I like even numbers and multiples of five. The list just goes on and on.

It's only recently that I have noticed that I do these things repeatedly and that if I don't give in to my compulsion they cause me much anxiety and distress. When I can't control this I get headaches, it becomes harder to breathe and my stomach tightens and become unbearably uncomfortable. There is a girl in another class in school who has a problem with the switches being on like I do. So the teacher has started purposely switching them on.

Today in school (I'm very nearly 16 and in year 11) I kept seeing them on. And I know I can't switch them off because she's looking. I hate them being on because I fear that someone will electrocute themselves with a bracket or something.

I was so anxious and nervous that soon enough the head aches started again and I had to leave the room. And whenever I go to the toilet I have to sneak a pocket-sized dettol in so I can clean the toilet seat before using it. When I'm unable to wash my hands with water and antibacterial soap I use an exact amount of hand gel repeatedly. My friends do comment on this a lot which makes me feel bad because I can't help it!

I'm quite ashamed of this and in desperate need of help. Please.


I'm 12 years old. I was reading about OCD, and I suspect I've got it, but I'm not entirely sure. I have some things I do: Every time I touch something I immediately have to wash my hands. Or if somebody uses my earphones, I immediately have to wash them with wipes. I fear germs. I have very disturbing images in my head sometimes. Please help me.

Do I have OCD?


So I started noticing weird things about myself when I was younger. Like if i was playing with my hands or tapping them I'd have to make sure I tap them the same amount of times on each side or it wouldn't feel right and i have to keep doing it until it felt right.

Then I have all these weird things I do throughout the day. Before I go to bed I have to make sure that my closet door is shut and my bedroom door as well and i check it over and over to make sure it is and if i feel like it's not shut all the way, i can't sleep and i get anxious.

I have to check my alarm multiple times because I'm afraid it won't be set and i won't wake up so i keep checking it again and again. My dresser drawers have to be completely closed or i get anxious, my covers have to be just right, i have to make sure my bed is perfectly straight or i can't sleep in it, my pillow has to be in the right position, and if my tvs on it has to be at a perfect volume.

My fan has to be on even if it's freezing and i have to take certain things off, like my necklace and a few bracelets and they have to be put in a specific place. I can't lie on one side too long because i feel like that side's getting tired and i have to roll over to the other side so it's even.

I have to make sure my clothes are set out for the next day or it won't be right. I can't have mirrors, and if there is a mirror in a dark room i have to cover it up or i get really scared. When i put things like lotion or deodorant on i have to make sure i put the same amount of strokes on each side or the same amount on each part i put lotion on.

If i brush my teeth i have to make sure i do it evenly, and before i take a shower there has to be a towel over the window and the shower head has to be positioned a certain way.

I also have recurring thoughts and dreams, like I've had a tornado nightmare since i was a child, the same one. And i have this hallucination of spiders before i fall asleep in my bed. I imagine having terrible things done to me or me doing terrible things even though i have no desire to do them, like stabbing someone, someone killing me, even getting raped and killed.

When i think of something that happened i think about it all day. If i think about something painful or embarrassing, i can't get it out of my head and i replay the memory over and over and over. After i go to the bathroom, i have to make sure my pants or underwear are positioned the correct way and feel comfortable or i can't stop thinking about it. My bracelets have to be in a certain order and i will constantly fix them.

I don't think i have severe OCD but i do think i have mild OCD because the things i do affect me every single day and if i don't do them or don't do something right or check something i get anxious and can't sleep or continue what I'm doing until i fix it. I talked to my Mom about it she just said "everybody has weird things" which is true, but i feel like she thinks I'm stupid.

I'm afraid that the things i do are more then little habits and if i think about just not doing them i get really scared or uncomfortable. I remember doing these things since i was little, and i don't know what to do. I'm 16 too, by the way.


hello, I'm not the cleanest person, but if i pull a fist on my right hand i have to on my left so it feels right. If not i feel something bad is going to happen. Help please!


I know what you are all going through. I have been diagnosed with OCD and have had it from when I was young, but help is at hand! Through successful cognitive behavioural therapy I have managed to overcome much of what I did before.

Basically, people with OCD have to break the cycle of repetition. It is easier said than done, but when you feel the urge to do something or think something 'odd' there is probably a feeling to neutralize the thought/action, you must just 'let it go'. So what if your hands have some dirt on them, or if something is not clean? Leave it. Nothing will happen and you're not a bad person.

By not neutralizing you will find that the action/thought just simply goes away. The more you resist the less frequent your thoughts/actions. There is an obsession (thought/action) followed by a compulsion (neutralisation), so just try to stop the compulsion, and the obsession will stop by itself. As a motivation think of your loved ones. Good luck!


I need some help. I'm 16 and I think I might have OCD but I'm afraid to talk to my mom about it because she always jokes about me doing stuff in perfect order.

For the past two years or so, I have been noticing myself doing things in precisely the same order, or that things have to be even, and if I don't I always feel like something bad is going to happen.

For instance, whenever I get out of my car and lock it, I have to push the button and make sure the horn honks twice. If it doesn't, I have to unlock the car, and then do it over or the car will blow up the next time I try to start it.

And I noticed that someone else posted that they say the same prayers over and over again. Ever since I was little I have said the same prayer, and part of it included God bringing my mom a new husband (she and my father have been divorced since I was 3) and even after she married my step dad, I couldn't stop praying for a new husband for my mom, and that sounded awful because my step dad is awesome. So I finally just had to stop praying out loud.

And whenever I wear like jelly bracelets or silly bands, I have to have them in a certain color order on my arm or it drives me crazy. Like one time I was buying something in bath and body works and as I went to hand the cashier my money, I noticed my bracelets were out of order so I had to fix them, right then. She looked at me like I was crazy, and that made me feel awful because I can't help it.

I find myself washing my hands all the time, (or using germ-x) and I have to use the exact same amount of soap or germ-x every time, and then rub my hands together for exactly 22 seconds, or I'll get some kind of disease.

When I leave my room in the morning, I have to make sure my bed is made and my pillows are in the exact spot where they belong or something terrible will happen to me during the day.

I have to take the exact same amount of steps when walking through my house, or I have to start over.

when I straighten my hair I have to run the straightener over my hair two times, even if I get it straight the first time.

I'm starting to worry, but like I said, my mom has always joked about the way I do things, and I'm afraid she won't take me seriously.

do I need a doctor? or am I just overreacting?


i am wondering if i have ocd. As long as i can remember I've always checked to see if the stove was off at night, but in the last two years. I have become extremely bad.

I lived in an older house that i always felt was going to burn down, and one month after we moved out of it, it did burn to the ground. in my new house i am constantly checking the stove and unplugging everything when i leave the house and sometimes driving home when I'm pretty sure I've unplugged everything. I have to unplug everything when i even just leave to walk my dogs. when i leave my heart races, and when returning home my heart races.

Whenever i hear a siren when I'm at work, i run to the window to see if it's a fire truck going towards my house and if it is, i phone my house, even knowing that no one is home. my answering machine comes on and that means that the house isn't burning.

It is a constant battle in my life and the only time that i don't think about it is when my man is home taking care of everything and when i am at home.

This has caused me not to leave my home most days when i don't have to work. it is very aggravating, to say the least. Does anyone have any thoughts on my situation? Please help.


I am thirteen and I think that I have OCD. I always have to tap my taps, feet, anything, and if I do it once, I have to keep doing it until someone tells me to stop. Another thing is that if I do something wrong, I have to ruin it, and start all over.

I'm always afraid someone is watching me, and that if I make one wrong move they'll hate me. I always have to constantly keep turning around looking everywhere around me, because as I said before, I think someone is watching me. I don't want to tell my mom or my dad, or someone, because I am afraid that they will think that I am crazy, because no one in my family has OCD.

I always think about something that had already happened, and I always repeat what happened in my head, and think of different scenarios. I always have to have things on even numbers. Like, on the computer, I have to open like four internet pages.

If I hear footsteps, I can't have people looking over my shoulder, so I quickly either get out of it or turn to a different page. I am constantly moving. I can't sit in one spot. When I get anxious, my fingers get all tingly, it gets hard for me to breathe, and I just want to break down and cry. If I do something once, like scratch my arm I have to do it over, and over, and over again till I hurt myself. Help?


So my mom came home with psychology homework and it asked me one thing that i want to change about myself and i was thinking about my selective ocd. my mom and sister get really annoyed with it, like when me and mom and my brother play cards, i have to rearrange them and have them all facing up and in numerical order. If i don't, i can't read most of them right and they really all get annoyed with it.

And like my jelly bracelets: i have to have them in alphabetical order or else i freak out and i stop in the middle of even the most important conversations to fix them. I want to stop it and those are just some of my bad habits. I want to stop, like i said, but i don't know if i can because I'm very nervous about what will happen. what do i do?


I have read every single one of these comments and i seem to have found that most of the problems i am having are happening to lots of other people.

I'm 19 right now, and everything started when I played basketball in mid grade school. I would squint constantly and it would just be so annoying. so i went to the doctor and they told me i needed glasses, well i guess i did, but I'm still squinting a lot even after i got them.

So i went to the doctor a few more times and they just kept on telling me i do it because I'm nervous. but i don't understand that cause i don't feel nervous at all when i do it.

i later was told i had anxiety and had to take meds for it but then i noticed i was lactating from my breasts and the docs told me it could be that medicine they had me take. i stopped taking it and i wasn't lactating anymore but now I'm having problems again, so often i don't even want to live with it anymore.

Someone on here was talking about how at school using a calculator they had to press the clear button 10 or 20 times and that happens with me as well, and when i do it, it makes me feel like I'm so different than other people because i never see anyone else do it.

Also this has started happening about a week and a half ago and it's kind of hard to explain but if my toes move upwards even slightly, i have to do do that again to them on both sides seven times twice. and if they curl up at all i have to curl them on each foot like i would curl them both at the same time once then i would do each side separately once and i would do that seven times twice. And if i mess up i have to do it again or I'm afraid something bad will happen to me. I do it so often i feel like sometimes i can't do anything else.

And also when I'm watching tv and it's too quiet or too loud i adjust it to where the last number is seven. i tend to also have to sip or swallow seven times twice when I'm drinking something.

Oh, and I can't stand hearing someone chew their food even if their mouths are closed. It is so bad that every dinner i have to fix my food and eat upstairs because i can't eat or do anything hearing it. and i feel bad every night because i can't eat with my own family. Heavy breathing also bothers me the same way chewing does.

I used to have dandruff and always had to pick dry skin out of my hair and i don't have it anymore but i still pick at it and it's just nasty sometimes because my hair gets so oily from messing with it.

A lot of people mentioned when they hear people laugh or talk they think they are laughing at them or talking about them. Yeah, i have that too.

Last few things are when i write with a pen and mess up i have to go over it until i think it looks good. i feel like i often have to make things straight in line or next to each other in a line, i always need my blinds closed during the night and morning because i feel something is out there and also can't leave my door cracked open sometimes because it gives me a weird creepy feeling.

I would like to know what's going on with me.


when I brush my teeth I count to 60 for both sides and the front (three minutes on teeth). I clean the front, back, and top of my teeth, I brush my gums, and cheeks, I brush my tongue top and bottom, and then I clean the top of my mouth for a total of five minutes of cleaning my mouth.

When I floss I have to get every tooth till there is nothing on the floss string. I do it to the point that my gums will bleed. I feel that if I don’t get the food out, it's going to get fungus on it.

I always think something bad is going to happen to my kids, like I’m scared that I might wake up one day and my 2 year old will be standing on my six month old's head,(even though he knows better) because he climbs into his crib and plays with him.

I can't go to the bathroom. I have to hold my (number 2), brush my teeth, put on make up, straighten my hair, etc. until my husband gets home because I feel that if I’m not always with the kids, something will happen.

I keep myself from going pee by not drinking that much, and if I must go pee I hurry. I don't even wash my hands because I think I takes too long for me to get to my kids. So I use hand sanitizer when I get to the room,

I won't let my 2 year old drink out of a can because I think he’s going to cut his lip.

I don't like odd numbers except 5's. When I turn on the volume it either has to end with a 0 or a 5,

and when I put my six month old to sleep I hold him and pat his butt 500 times, then put him in his bed and do it again, and when I'm making sure he's asleep, I'll pop my finger, back, neck, and toes and I feel if I do that and doesn't wake up then he's asleep, but if I don't do it then I can't go back to sleep because I think that he’s going to wake up any minute.

I always think there are spiders everywhere. When I put a piece of clothing on I check it for spiders or shake it just in case, and when I put on shoes I tap them on the wall to get whatever out of it.

Ever since my son got an umbilical hernia I have a fear of him crying for too long because I think he will die,

I refuse to accept that my 2 year old is autistic because I don't think I would be able to take care of him, and that he will not grow up normal (have friends, have a girlfriend, get married, have children,) and I can't handle that.

I don't heat things up on a paper plate. I think that the paper gets into the food and it's toxic.

Whatever foot I started with putting on socks I start with the same foot with my shoe, or if I put shoes on my kids that way too, I think that if I go out of order something bad will happen.

I have to grocery shop at night. I can't go into crowded places because I get anxiety attacks, or if I get trapped somewhere I start freaking out.

I have to move the furniture around every couple of weeks, because it drives me crazy when things are the same for too long.

And so on, and so on -- many more.


I have a feeling that I have OCD.

Whenever I am taking a test and I have to fill in the circle, I have to fill it in perfectly. It can't have any empty space, and I can't go out of the lines. If I do, I am afraid I will get in trouble. I also have to write in the lines, and my writing has to have the same amount of pressure for each letter. If one is darker than the other, I feel anxiety.

Before I talk to people, I have to make sure my eyebrows look okay. I constantly have to apply chapstick, and make sure it is on evenly. If not, then I have to redo it until it feels right.

If I flex one muscle, I have to flex the opposite.

When I put my hair in a bun for dance, it has to be perfect. Otherwise, I scream, and start to cry. I feel so much tension in my hands.

When I read books, I have to stop at the end of a chapter, or the page number has to end in 0.

When I am waiting for something, I have to count in 8's.

If I am dirty, I feel like a terrible person. I have to shampoo my hair twice or I am afraid I won't be clean.

I am afraid that if I don't give all of my things attention, they will cry and think I hate them.

When answering written questions for school, I have to go in order, or I can't do it.

I feel like everything has feelings, and if I hurt it, it will hurt me.

And there are many more things I do.


I'm 13 and I think I possibly have mild ocd. Like one really weird thing I have to do is if there is four or two left of something, I have to say the number two or four in Spanish two or four times. If I don't, I have to somehow make it right, like getting more. If I can't make it right, I go crazy and think something horrible will happen.

I also always think someone is watching me and must constantly turn around. It's worse in the dark. Another thing is I can't sleep without at least starting out under the covers. I also think everything has feelings and silently apologize to random objects.

Another thing is I make patterns up and must follow them like law until I get over it, but at any time I can make myself think that I need to start doing it again. I also sometimes say things in my head that I need to do to survive as a joke and then I freak out and have to do whatever I told myself to do. The list goes on. Do I have ocd?


I'm 12 years old. Ever since i was nine, i always have to touch each and every step when i go up or down the stairs. If i want to skip steps, i have to drag my opposite foot so that it still touches the step. If i miss a step (which is rare) i have to re-go up or down the stairs.

I've lived in my grandparent's house for a year and a half. And i have this ritual. Every time i go up or down the stairs i have to tap the corner wall twice with my index fingernail. If i don't i feel like i will fall down the stairs. Also, the corner wall of the stairs has a small window that looks all the way down the hallway. When i am walking down the hall, i tap my thighs with the pad of my index fingers. If i don't i think that someone outside will shoot me through the window.

If i scratch my arm, i have to scratch my other arm in the exact same spot so that the feeling is even. I do the same thing if i bump my leg, arm, hip, etc., I have to hit the opposite so it matches.

I have the constant fear that someone in my family will die. And that it is my duty to prevent it. I never step on cracks. I feel that if i do, someone in my family will get hurt or sick, and if i step on a crack while someone is hurt, they will die.

When i see a mess or something dirty, i get anxious and my stomach burns like the feeling you get when you're nervous. To listen these feelings i have to tap my feel or hands.

When my hair isn't perfect, like when i put it in a ponytail and there is a strand hanging out, i get upset and rip hard at my hair. To calm myself down i tap my thighs.

Whenever i get upset or anxious i have to tap my feet, hands, fingers, something to calm down.

I'm obsessed with cleanliness. I wash my hands twice after i use the bathroom. I probably wash my hands 20 times a day. After i brush my teeth, if i feel any spot that isn't smooth (does that make sense?) I have to brush them two more times. I shampoo my hair twice. I take two showers a day, every single day.

Is it possible that i have OCD? I've told my mom about some things i do, but not all of them. She doesn't seem concerned.


Whenever I see those chain letters that say if you don't "send it on, you'll die", I always have to send it on because if I don't, I'll just imagine that I'm sleeping in my room and then a little girl comes along and smothers me. But, even if I do send it on, I'm still terrified that someone's going to come in and murder me. I tell my mum sometimes, but she just laughs at me. (I'm 13, by the way.)

Sometimes, I say to myself, "If you don't jump up and down three times, you're going to get killed," and at first I'm just messing with myself, but then I start to think, "Well, what if I did die?" so I have to jump up and down three times.

Am I making sense? Sorry if I'm confusing you.

Then, if I don't do something like spinning around four times and then clapping my hands, I'd be afraid that something bad is going to happen. Sometimes that happens, anyway.

When I go to bed, I have to organize all the pillows properly and I have to fix the blankets and I have to make sure the curtains are closed properly, and stuff like that.

And when I was younger, and when I slept with little toy animals, I had to put all of them in the bed because I was afraid they'd come to life and get mad/kill me for not putting them in the bed.

Sometimes I make up patterns that I feel like I have to stick to. For instance, sometimes when I go for walks with my mum, I would step two times on my right foot, then I'd have to step two times on my left foot. Then, after doing that, I'd get this idea that if I don't keep on doing that, I'd get like run over by a car or something.

I always am playing with my hands. To the point that my parents give out to me about it. But I still have to fiddle with something. If there's a pen nearby, I need to draw something with it.

Does that mean I have OCD? Because I've been reading some of these comments, and sometimes I do the same things. But I probably don't have OCD, maybe I just have an overactive imagination.


I'm not sure if i have OCD but i think i do. I think it has gotten progressively better through out the years though (if i do have it).

i am now 18 but as a child i would do things over and over again, like with the fridge. I remember i had a routine were i would close the fridge with my right hand then open it with my left hand and close it with my left hand and if it didn't feel right then i would have to keep doing that over and over and i wanted to cry because i felt like i had to or else something bad would happen and i would stand there forever thinking that like the devil would get me. i still do it sometimes, even though i feel crazy. lol.

Same with the microwave. It had to land on fives only anything, but five was just the worst thing, and if it did accidentally i would have to do it again five times and i would be so upset.

now i have a few numbers, like 2,7,4 and 8. Or with my cereal (esp, froot loops) i feel like it has to be eaten in order. I'm not sure what order -- i kind i make it up as i go along, it just has to feel right. otherwise i think maggots will come out.

I don't know -- maybe i just have a big imagination.

Oh-- also if i hit my leg on something for instance, i have to hit the other one and if it's still not even, i have to hit the first leg again and then the other one until it feels even, even when it hurts. Same with when i flex my arm or leg or turn my head. It really used to get to me but by sometimes ignoring these things even when i think I'm going to go to hell makes it stop bothering me as much but at the same time bothers me more.

And i was reading someone else's post where they said they had to pray and then say the same prayer over again, i do that too. like i say the same thing every night and i used to say it every dinner until i said i would stop and i try to get my boyfriend to say it with me at night "lord jesus please bless me and keep me safe and away from harm and death amen" + Sometimes I'll say it lots of times. i never even thought of that. lol

It's a bit weird but i feel like i should say it or else something bad's going to happen that i don't even want to talk about. but yes, i told my mom what happens to me and she's a nurse but she kind of blew it off so i don't know. i figure everyone feels like this, just not as much as i do.

What else? i put my feet up over every train track and i feel the need to tell others to as well, and it's more than just superstition. i feel like something bad will happen if i don't and i never step on cracks. otherwise i have to step on the next crack and then put only one foot on each piece of sidewalk so i basically have to jump and look like a fool. and it has to be even, left then right the same amount of times and if i mess up count i feel so disgusting, even talking about this bothers me. and kissing toy animals equally, wow. I'm pretty sure i have this thing.


I think i may have OCD.

I randomly have to shake my hands and scratch my small finger. If there is a door left a tiny bit open or there is a bit of marker left on the board in class it annoys me endlessly until i have to close my eyes.

I am in constant fear that a member of my family will die.

Sometimes i can't resist the urge to to pull things or play with my hands. Please, please help me.


Sometimes i feel i am going crazy. when i type and i misspell a word i get mad because i feel that is the way the word should be spelled and it feels right to me.

i read all these comments and feel anxious.

i sometimes move in weird, jerking movements because i feel i have been sitting still too long. if i am excited i shake my hands or rub them together and goosebumps form on my arms.

i will come home from school and feel an unexplainable rage. i will punch at my bed, but it doesn't satisfy me. i will bury my head in my covers and scream and cry silently until i feel better.

i am the perfect student and i never get in trouble. i am in all advanced classes and sometimes feel like crying when i get a bad grade.

i hate the feeling i get sometimes when my hair is weird and i tear at it. do i have ocd?


do I have OCD? when I'm at home bored I think about how my life will be and think horrible things that could happen.

When I look at old people it makes me sad because they look alone and sad and I feel like I'm going to be that way when i get older. I overreact when i see something scary on tv I panic and walk around the house thinking what is going on and it randomly starts getting cold and i shiver and I feel depressed and out of control!


I am wanting to know if i have OCD or not. I believe i do i just need it confirmed. I feel like I'm going mental and didn't realize it was a disorder until a friend mentioned some of things that happen to me which also happen to her. I'm 16 and i feel like a freak! Some of the things are:

If i stroke my dog, scratch my arm or have a drink, i have to do it three times. If i do it once or twice it annoys me, so i do it three times, then because i did it wrong i have to do it six times.

If i see something unusual I have to look at it three times, and blink three times as well.

If someone walks past me i have to turn round and look, then i would look again later to see if they have gone.

At night, I'm afraid of everything. I'll go downstairs and be paranoid. I'll be looking behind me to see if anything is following me. I will look out the window and stare at it to see if i can spot anything unusual.

I can't have my door open, i always see things fly past it.

I imagine horrific things that could happen to me. When I'm on a bus looking out the window, I'll see a fence with them spiky things on top, and i imagine myself standing on top of them and falling flat on my belly.

I always imagine myself in a car crash getting crushed by a tree.

I'm always curious of people walking behind me; it freaks me out.

I'm always thinking about if he doesn't love me, and expects him to end it.

If food gets put on my plate i have to take it off and scrub the plate to make sure it's clean.

I can't dry pots with a towel, it has to be kitchen roll. Germs on the towel? ew.

Say, for example, a shampoo bottle has fallen over. i have to pick it up and make it in line with the others, making sure all labels face the front.

If i got to bed and hear a a noise, or my dog barking i would think my house is on fire, or it's a gas leak.

Someone says don't touch, it's hot; I have to touch it.

If i don't do certain things, I'll die. Well it's what i think anyway.

I can't help thinking these things and doing them. I thought i was being silly but i can't stop and it's nagging me off. I don't know what to do, to be honest. No one believes me and they think it's a joke. Post back if you think i have it or something. Yeah, thanks.


I think I may have ocd.

I have strange obsessions. One time I was afraid to go into my own backyard. I was afraid of something that was going to get me. I initially thought the fear would go away but it stayed the whole summer. I couldn't go outside for a long time because of this. I tried to shake it off but I just couldn't. I felt so paranoid.

Another thing is that I see terrible images in my mind. some go away and some stay to haunt me. I try to make them go away by reciting prayers to myself many times. (I also do this when I feel as if something is of the devil). I also cannot go to any floor of my house unless people are there.

When listening to my ipod it must be on maximum volume or I feel uncomfortable. I could go on for a long time.

All I want to know if this is ocd.


I don't know if I have OCD, I'm 17 and if I do have it I've probably had it since I was eight.

I wash my hands with hot water and soap three times after going to the bathroom, and often if I hit against the tap, or if the towel is already wet I will do it again twice more, purposefully repeating a mistake the second time because two is a bad number so I have to do it thrice because three is a good number.

I either use small towels to dry my hands or arms, or kitchen roll to avoid using the normal towels. As a last resort I would let my hands air-dry but I often cannot do this for the fear that airborne particles or bathroom odors will stick to my skin.

I used to turn taps off with my feet, but have recently stopped, unless I am wearing shoes because the tap is dirtier than my feet. In public I do not touch door handles, stair-rail banisters, or poles on trains.

If my skin brushes against it, I will clench my hand into a fist so nothing else is contaminated. Outside when my friends sit on the grass or rocks I will stand or crouch because grass and rocks have insects crawling over them and I do not know where they have been.

I step into rooms with my right foot, inhaling then exit on my left, exhaling. If i mess this up, I repeat it thrice. I walk up and down stairs in a similar fashion.

I often remember conversations during the day, where I did something wrong, or ended up not saying anything unsure what I was meant to say. These thoughts flash into my mind and I respond immediately by saying "die, die, die" in an attempt to kill the memory.

I do not eat any poultry, seafood, or ham, because they are bad.

I don't know if this is obsessive compulsive, I look at the different Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scales each day getting moderate or mild, or "OCD likely", but I am not sure I have been using it correctly. Could this be OCD?

Thank you.


I've always been a worrier, but for the past year, it's been getting progressively worse. it's not too bad yet but i feel like it gets worse all the time.

first of all, i have started getting scared of things i used to love. I'm afraid of plane rides, sleeping on the wrong side of the pillow, the dark, being alone, death, injury and a lot more. I can't watch certain tv shows or read certain books because they remind me of fears that i have.

if my boyfriend doesn't text me back within an hour, i fear that he was in a car accident and is in the hospital dying even though in reality, he's taking a shower. when i do things, i have to do it right, otherwise i fear that there will be consequences.

like when I'm watching tv and I'm fast forwarding, i have to play it right when i stop or i think something bad is going to happen. i pray the exact same prayer every night because if i don't, I'm afraid that God will be mad at me. do i have ocd?


Okay, where do I start?

I'm almost positive I have OCD. As long as I can remember Ive been weird. Ever since I was a little kid when I would Sit in my room and wonder why I was there and if my family was really my family, and why?

I would play with toys and feel guilty for playing with one toy more than another or touching one object more than another.

I squint and blink a lot because I have to do it an even number of times and some days that's all I will do. If I touch something I will do it repeatedly. If I hold a pop can I have to touch it what I think is each four sides with the palm of my hand and the tip of my fingers.

I have to drink out of a cup on all four sides the same number of times.

If I'm walking and I walk on one side of the sidewalk I feel I have to do it to the other side also. If I touch the grass with one foot I do it with the other and if I feel I put my foot down harder I have to keep doing it with each foot until it feels even.

One thing that really gets to me is If I'm lying on a couch I have to have my back against it for a certain amount of time then each side and my stomach because it feels one side is getting more attention than another.

I always make sure my doors are locked. I even open them repeatedly to make sure. Even when I'm typing I feel as if I push one key harder than another and it's not fair to the others.

My biggest problem is I can flex one arm and then I have to do the other and I keep doing it until they feel even and I do it with my leg muscles as well.

I roll my eyes and look up, down, right and left to make sure it is even and I imagine four sets of two poles and count them in random orders.

When I see a group of windows I have to count them many times and in different order so each window is a different number each time. Until each window has been an even number.

There are so many little things like this that I do I feel as if things are never clean enough as well. I am constantly sanitizing myself, as well as my children and our home.

Can you help me?


Do i have OCD? I keep useless junk around. Like i know i don't need it, but i can't bring myself to throw it away. I stock up on things and save, like candy. It's now april 2010 and i still have halloween candy from 09


To all of you suffering from OCD, I wanted to let you know that you have a chance to get help and really change your life. The show "Obsessed" on A&E is casting for season 2 and they have really great therapists that offer amazing help for free.

You go through therapy for 12-16 weeks with a professional therapist who specializes in anxiety disorder and ocd therapy. They are looking for anyone from a young age to old. them if you have questions. I strongly recommend it if you want help and to be anxiety/ocd free


I'm not sure I'm i have ocd but it's sort of weird. If i see a pimple on myself family members or other people around me, i feel like i have to squeeze it. if i do it makes me feel relieved and if i don't i feel like i really need to squeeze it.

my face has been scarred and stuffed up because of this. i spend one to two hours in front of the mirror or in front of any mirrors. i really need to know if this is ocd.


Not sure if I do or not but, if I'm organizing something I always have to make it go from tallest to shortest, and when I clean (I'm not the cleanest person, believe me.) I make everything absolutely spotless and reorganize everything. If I don't I spend forever trying to make it how I want, (things have to be in certain places otherwise I'll feel uncomfortable).

I have to sleep facing the wall and if I don't I feel like someone is watching me in the room and I start hearing weird noises.

When I see something and it doesn't match I slightly get irritated (like if you cut something in half and the other side doesn't match.) I try to make everything perfect and nice.

I love the number 8 because if you cut it in half it's symmetrical. - Kira


O.K. I'm turning 15 in a couple of months and i think i might have OCD. i think I've had it since i was little; i just didn't realize it.

Like, i would trace things in my head(if that makes sense) if we were driving down the road i would trace the car in front of us and if i didn't finish i would spaz.

I don't like any odd numbers except 3. if i do anything i have to do it three times. I'm constantly aligning everything so it's straight and if it isn't i have to fix it. and if someone's hair or clothes are messed up i absolutely have to fix it and sometimes i can't, like in church. and it drives me crazy.

i set six alarms at night, four on the alarm on my cellphone and two on the calendar on my cellphone. the volume on my TV has to be on either 4 or 2. On my mp3 it has to be on 32, 27, 25,or 23. On my straightener it has to be on 20, 22, 27 or 30 and if I'm looking at something i have to blink three times while looking at it or i really want to cry (it's really weird and i don't like it).

i used to think these things were normal but obviously not. i try to tell my parents but they don't believe me, and that annoys me too. Do i have OCD?


I honestly don't know if I have OCD.

I'm far from being a clean and tidy person, but there are some things that do bother me.

If I am listening to my iPod or watching tv, I

need the volume to be on an even number. If

it's not, it annoys me.

I can't sleep without my feet being covered. It just freaks me out for some reason. The only time I can is when I sleep at someone else's house.

If I get up in the middle of the night I need to turn my light on. I walk into the hall and turn that light on and keep going in that way, until I've got all the lights on in a path.

When I go back to my room I always stand in

the middle of the hall for a minute, just staring into darkness, trying to figure out if someone is there or not.

A few years ago I'd have an obsession with counting my steps in my head. I'd always count then back to and on or and back to 2 again. I have

almost completely gotten over this ritual and only rarely do I start counting again.

When I walk around during school, I always feel like people are watching me and am constantly adjusting my shirt, pants, hair and bag.

If I hear someone talking or laughing I always feel like they are laughing at me. I can never have my back to an open door or glass door

(this partly because every time I'd sit in front of my glass door, my sister would stand there until I stood up and turned around, now every time

I sit at the door I feel as if she or someone else is watching me).

I always feel paranoid about people staring at me.

On my iPod, all the song/artist/album names, for every new word, it has to start with a capital. if a word on it starts with a lower case

letter it annoys me. ~Erin~


I believe that I may have OCD. I shut my blinds a lot during the day, and at night because I feel someone is watching me. When I walk into my bathroom, or anyone's bathroom I think that someone or a ghost is behind the shower curtains, so I pull them open.

When I'm turned around on the computer, I'm constantly turning back around to make sure no one or no ghost is behind me. It's very bad that I check up under my beds to make sure no dead body is under it. I know it's extremely weird.

Not only that, I have weird thoughts about my future and very well organized thoughts about how I want my kids to dress, and wear their hair, almost like I want them to be nothing but perfect in their appearance.

I want my house to be very organized and if something's not perfect, even the smallest object, I have decided to just throw it away. Everything has to be clean.

Also, when I am at school using a calculator, I press the clear button 10 or 20 times. If I know that I've forgotten something and left it at home or school, I will panic and stress for days or hours.

I have thoughts about my funeral, someone else's funeral, or my wedding. I have thoughts that are perfectly organized, sometimes the thoughts are so deep, that I actually start looking things up on the computer about what I want when I'm older, baby clothes. Which is weird because I'm not having any problems at all with my life now. I'm very happy now.

I think it must be OCD, and of course a little excited but it shouldn't be this much.

Another thing is when I'm writing on a card or letter, if the pen messes up or if I mess up, I ball it up and trash it. I throw a lot a away, special pictures that I don't want, and it's getting annoying because absolutely nothing is supposed to be perfect in life.


This is anon64638 again. recently I've also been having sudden urges to type things like the alphabet and i am wondering if this is also an OCD sign.i also forgot to mention i am 12, 13 in march. please help!


I'm 14. I think I may have minor OCD if that's possible. We have these plates that come in one set and they're solid black and solid white and they're octagon shaped. And when I put them away they have to be in black and white pattern and if there's two of the same color I leave one out and eat in it just so I can put it back in the dirty pile.

Also my brother and sister have specific cups (three each) and they all have to be separated by kid and my brother's goes in the back middle, my sister's goes on the right front and mine go on the left front in the cabinet. The dishes have to be in the right spots in the dishwasher and if there's no room then someone else has to do the rest of the dishes if it means putting them in the wrong place.

And when I put out of place dishes away I rearrange them first so they are kind of in order. I set multiple alarms to wake me up because I feel that I'm never going to wake up if I only set one. I set one cell phone alarm, three iPod alarms, and sometimes my radio alarm. The alarms have to be set on a number that ends in 2, 7, 4, 8 or 3 except when it's like 22, 33, 44 and never on a number ending in 0 or 1 or 9.

When someone points something out I have to do the opposite. Like, "I always put my left leg In my pants first" so I go and figure out which leg I use and try to put the opposite leg in instead.

When someone has been replying to text right away and then starts taking a while I keep checking over the last few messages periodically to make sure I didn't offend them and I do this until they reply. When I text to a crush I always have to think ahead of him so that I can start thinking of what to say and if they say something different then I push the idea of what to say towards the back and I use it late in the conversation every time.

Cabinets and closets have to be closed before I go to bed because I feel someone's looking at me. And the bath tub curtain has to be open completely all the way or else ideas someone's going to jump out when I'm on the potty and kill me. (weird I know).

When I'm going to my room from the living room I have to turn on all the lights along the path and then go back to the beginning and turn off one light at a time. When I reach the light in the hall across from my room I go straight at my room and quickly turn off the hall light and close my door of fear the ghost/spirits will run from the darkness to the light of my room.

When I turn off my room light I have to get my hand on the switch and then lunge for my bed and then turn the light off and get in the bed.

I never can have big things stacked on top of something smaller. If I organize something it has to be completely organized or not organized at all.

I hate smacking or scooping food and it gets on the table and I have to clean it. I don't know if this is one but I subconsciously turn off unnecessary lights and when I'm reading and people say I need the light in, I turn it off when they leave the room.

When I pick at my nails or crack my knuckles I have to give every one of then a fair chance. Even if I've already cracked my knuckles I crack them two more tines or I pick at my nails even if nothing is wrong with the rest, and I do this until then all "feel" like they've been equally treated.

That's all I can think of right now. But what do you think? Selective OCD of some sort?


I think i might have a small touch of o.c.d. I have to keep my room spotless and the smallest thing as to be in place. For example,i put all of my nephew's toys in a certain container. And also as i'm typing this, a person is smacking while they eat and it is driving me crazy! Is any of this a sign of o.c.d.? Please help me! ~Zach~


I'm not sure at all if I do have OCD, but I'm pretty sure I do. Every time I write with pen or pencil, and the pen's ink doesn't come out right/dark and half my letter is missing, I have to rewrite over it and over and over until I do it so much that the letter ends up too dark or unreadable.

I do the same with a pencil. If I made a line too thin, I redo it and redo it. Also, I do this thing where, if I mess with the radio volume, it has to be something even like 8. And also if the radio station is like, 93.2 or something, it's uneven to me, so I add or sub, multi or div until its even and I'm not even good at math.

But for example I'll do something like, 9-3=6 6+2= 8 and then Ill be satisfied. Also, sometimes when I place something down for example, tv remotes, I try to place them straight, and when I don't and I notice I didn't, I can't just leave it and walk away. I try, but I can't. I have to fix it and I'll stay there till it is. Is this OCD? I'm 20 btw.

My friends and family think I'm making things up when I say I think I have OCD. I have the same amount of bracelets on each wrist. I know I've left a few things out but I could go on for a while.


I'm not sure i have OCD but it's really bugging me and i need an answer. I told a couple of close friends about how i feel and i don't think that they believe me. I can't tell my mum or family member and don't know what to do.

Anyway, these actions are what i have to do. If someone is doing something, for example tapping to a song or something, and then stop, i feel the urge to either wait until it continues but if it doesn't i have to finish it off.

Also i have to cough when i wake up even if it's really early and can't get up unless its on the hour or half hour. I also have to slam a door or hit myself if i can hear someone eat aloud.

The final thing that is easy to explain is if i start writing in black and the pen runs out, i have to stop or find another black pen. it drives me crazy to write in another color.

I hope someone can help as i am really confused and am glad to be able to express my feelings to people who understand. please help as i don't know if its OCD or me being fussy. thanks


When I wash the dishes I have to put them in certain order. Utensils, plates (stacked biggest to smallest), bowls, then cups. Then I have to wash them in the exact opposite order. If someone fills the sink with dishes in the wrong order, I get agitated and have to take all the dishes out and put them back in, in that certain order. Is this a form of OCD?


Anon57949, I also experience much of what you said, especially the part about walking on terrain and going up the stairs.

Also, when I scratch one side of my body, I must scratch the other and I like doing things in patterns, ie. 'scratch right leg' 'scratch left leg' 'left' 'right' 'left' 'right' 'right' 'left'.

I'm only 13 and I've never told anyone about my problems yet my friends kind of find it odd when I never step on the spaces between tiles on floors and how I walk in strange patterns.


I'm not really sure if I have OCD. I always have the tendency to make sure everything is even. For example, when I'm doing my makeup it has to be even, or if my door is open it drives me crazy, or when I'm walking on certain terrains everything I step on has to be even, or when I'm typing it all has to be perfect.

I always feel bad for something that's special and I have to get rid of it, and I also keep a lot of clutter in my room for "memories". I always think about stuff at night that I really don't want to be thinking of, like something going wrong with my friends or family.

I always walk up stairs two at a time, and when my steps are uneven I feel slightly uncomfortable. I have this tendency to pick at my lips all the time so they're all scarred up, and I've had this habit for as long as I can remember.

I'm just saying this because I think I need help and it's really bugging me. Do I have OCD?


I'm 17 years old and for a couple years now I've felt something was up and not normal.

I could never explain how i felt and get people to understand. i constantly have to replay moments of my day back to make sure i didn't offend someone or i replay conversations back in my head trying to figure out what someone meant by the things they said. i constantly have to like, speak to myself to calm my mind at times so i can concentrate. If it doesn't work i just forget the activity and try later.

i don't have many compulsive behaviors but i do have to hear approvals more than once to believe it. i want to be sure that they approve. i feel as though i suffer from obsessive thoughts definitely and it is annoying, because it is not as visible as having a more compulsive side.

i don't think my parents would go for it. they don't like the whole diagnosis thing. but friends do tell me in a jokingly and same time serious manner something's wrong. i feel I've accepted it but it is beyond annoying and controlling. but would you think does this could possibly fit ocd?


I don't know, I am feeling a little more normal while I read this. I don't talk about this but I will today. I am a mother of six, and since I was about 11 or so I started having weird reactions, for example, having to close the door six times over and over, counting to six frontward and backward. It was not all the time, but enough. As I got older I started throwing myself on my knees six to seven times at time and praying. As time passed, more and more things started happening. For example I would pray for a long time and would have to count to seven before picking certain thing at the store. It kept on getting worse. Now I don't know I pray in the morning thinking all kinds of things have to stop myself still thinking bad thoughts, then I try to make breakfast as these thoughts are still there so I stop in the middle of the kitchen and start praying again as the food burns and I know I have to stop. I can't I keep on. I’m praying even as the kids call me or the baby cries. I keep on praying. I know I need to stop but these thoughts are strong. Finally I get up see what I can salvage from breakfast but before I feed the kids we pray again. By this time we’re running late for school and get in the car I count to seven like always. We have to clap our hands and I start praying again as the kids tell me mom come on. We are going to be late for school. if I keep on explaining everything I will write a book. I can't even believe I am writing about this. story short. there are 24 hours in the day. I burn things all the time because I am praying or washing my hands seven to eight times. I pray over 15 times a day and they are not short. If I am grocery shopping it takes me two to three and a half hours because I can't pick certain things that I want or I have to pick up the same item seven to eight times. for example I want a box of cheerios so I pick up one box then I put it back, then get another box of cheerios, then put it back then the next and next until I get to the seventh or eighth because I believe something very bad will happen. and that is how I do my groceries. And when I pray, normally each prayer is longer than 20 to 25 minutes. sometimes about 45 minutes at a time. if I pray in the car a lot of times I have to turn off the car and take the key of the ignition, take my seatbelt of and open the door. about ten hours of my day goes on this. The time I have left I am the one that cooks for my children and even sometimes I have to make another meal because one burns. I help them with their homework, I cut their hair, say I love you like a hundred times a day, hug them kiss them. I want to be somewhat as I was to them. It seems that even this started when I was little and it keeps on getting worse. Because I was a better mom to them. I could not write down every (ritual) that I have but it seems to me that every time I hear about something bad happening it gets worse. I just sing and play with our children all the time. I am always worried now.


i'm only fourteen but i really think i have ocd. i constantly have reoccuring thoughts in my head and they will not go away. and i don't know if this might be considered ocd, but i'm really superstitious and every time i see a thirteen i draw sevens on my left wrist with my fingers or it feels like i'll have bad luck for the rest of the day. and every time i look at the clock, for some reason unknown i have to add the numbers up until i get a seven. and every time i step on a new terrain it absolutely has to be with my left foot. every time i turn around i absolutely cannot ever turn to the right. please, i really need to know because this has been going on for about a year now.


I know I don't have OCD because barely any of my symptoms match, yet the symptoms I do have can only really be linked to OCD. The issue I have is more to do with thinking of things and never actually physically doing them. I don't check, lock, watch or perform any rituals but instead I sometimes think too much and become paranoid about thinking too much, that is really the only way of describing it.


I have been doing some research to see if I have OCD. I constantly think about things I shouldn`t and worry about things I shouldn`t. I have no sense of concentration. my mind and brain are constantly racing with thoughts. The most recent is that my husband doesn`t want to be with me or he is mad at me or what he thinks of me. I have a perfect family and husband, he would do anything for me. What is going on? I also have a lot of unwanted thoughts and constantly fear something bad happening and that something is wrong with me. Does anyone else feel this way? And has anyone taken any medicine to relieve the thoughts?


I believe that I have OCD. I have weird dark thoughts, some are sexual (about family members) and some about death, funerals, thinking of myself dying and watching people come to my funeral. It's very disturbing to me, because I am a pretty normal person with good family and people around me. Also I found myself doing some compulsive things like picking on my head, and also feel that when I am in public people are constantly talking or laughing at me. actually now it feels much better to understand why I have all those crazy thoughts and behaviors.


Please help me, I'm not sure if I have OCD. I've noticed I've had strange behaviors since I was really little. I'm 16 now but when I was little I would constantly take baths and change my clothes because I felt dirty, like over four times a day. And in elementary school when we had to clean out our desks, my teacher said I didn't need to because mine was already perfect. But I would still take everything out and clean out my desk again. Soap and all.

Now, I have a huge compulsive thing about books and paper in general. When I turn pages I have to do it slowly and I can't let it get bent the slightest. I feel like crying when my friends come in to my room and start touching my stuff, especially the books.

I have to have everything in my room just so. I am constantly rearranging the stuff on my desk. When I'm doing homework it takes me hours to complete because I reread everything constantly. My writing must be perfect. I can't have a smudge on the paper. I even rewrite all of my notes every single day if they're not neat.

Me and my mom get really angry at each other because when she touches my papers, I'm always telling her she's ruining it.

I'm constantly paranoid about everything. I think everyone is talking about me.

And sometimes I think some pretty disturbing stuff. I try not to think about it but it just happens. I feel disgusting when it happens.

What's wrong with me? Do I have OCD? Or am I just weird?


i just turned 16 and i'm pretty sure I've got ocd. i can't touch toilets or anything that might have germs on it.

every time my sister coughs i have to go into my room and block the door so no one can open the door and let the air in. i have to wait for 10 minutes (i actually chose to take a 3- hour train journey on my own to go on holiday instead of going in the car with her, when i saw her take chewing gum out of her mouth, play with it, then chew again. i flipped out because she got her spit on her hands and a couple of days later i heard my family griping about it)

i have to tread an even number of times with each foot on different types of terrain.

i always close my curtains in case someone is watching me.

when i hear people laugh i always think it's about me.

i wash my hands three times; twice with a bar of soap and once with fairy liquid. this was originally because i had a pet rat but now i don't fear his germs anymore.

my mum told me to read this science fiction book. one of the characters has similar things. i think she's dropping a hint but i also think i'm paranoid.

i can't use other people's head phones.

i always use different cups, plates, etc. from my family and/or wash them myself before each meal (this has become so bad i eat only one meal a day).

i have intense feelings of hatred and disgust toward my sister to the point where i can't even look at her, but i think this is because i'm convinced she is the favorite (that doesn't make it true).

i am distressed by these irrational actions to the point of self harm.

What the hell is my problem?


well i'm not really sure if i have OCD..

i always have the urge to repeat anything i do, and if i don't then it just doesn't feel right, like i start to feel guilty i guess. Then like when i'm at home, i have to check every door in my home to make sure they're closed and/or locked. i check to see if my front and back main house doors are locked almost every time i walk past them. And i also have constant thoughts of death or like something's watching me or near me. And like before i eat my food or go to bed at night when i say my prayers and end them with an "amen", i feel the tendency to constantly say amen over and over again, like the one before wasn't good enough or something. i don't know. then when i finally get done saying my prayers before i go to bed i will sleep for like 5 or 7 minutes then wake right back up and i have a constant thought in my head telling me to re-pray, so basically i'm repeating the same thing over and over until it feels perfect and then i can sleep. clothes in my closet have to be color coordinated. i don't know why but it just doesn't feel right if they're not. all of my pants have to be folded a certain way and shirts hung a certain way. i don't feel right or comfortable when my clothes are hanging over/out of my dresser drawers. oh and like my boyfriend gets sort of agitated when i kiss him a counted number amount of times. and each time we kiss it has to be the same exact number amount of times we kissed the previous time. i'm convinced i have ocd, but i'm just not sure. Is there a slight chance I could have OCD?


anon14503 --- Yes you have OCD. From personal experience, and dealing with some of the exact obsessions as you, I know what you are dealing with. Pure OCD attacks everything you find important to you in your life. These are just thoughts that produce anxiety and they say nothing more about you than that you hate such notions so much that you develop an anxiety disorder around them. You are not your thoughts.


one day my friend was eating pringles in my bed and left a few crumbs so i started crying cause i'm just like that. last year i used to constantly itch/scratch my side of my knee and if i did one i had to do another and i couldn't stop!! it didn't even itch and at night i sleep with these 3 animals and i have to kiss them before i go to bed the same and it has to be fair so i can't give one 2 kisses, and all my hangers have to be facing out, do i have OCD?


Yeah okay so i have this thing that i have to do with the toilet roll and like i have to have the inside of one toilet roll sticking out of the new one, idk why but i have to. My mom is convinced i have OCD, but i went to counseling and the lady said i didn't have it. My mom still wants to get me Medicine for it. It's not threatening my health or life so idk why i need it. Oh yeah and the lady told me that it could make me have suicidal thoughts and that scared me badly so i need some advice.


My mama and my sister said that i have ocd...because i close everything after they get done..


I'm a 19 year old who just realized recently that I could have OCD, but I'm not sure..

it's been going on for years now, far as i can remember as a kid i would always check under my bed

(to see if there's someone or something hiding underneath my bed) sure every kid goes through that, so i ignored it. but then years went by and i still continue this but then i've added on my obsessive behaviors to the list, like before i leave the house, i check to see if i unplugged the kettle and switched off my hair straightener then just when im about to leave the house i go back and do the same thing, then before i go to sleep i go down stairs to the kitchen, check up on the stove, again the kettle then the doors then the lights!

and even though i know i've checked these things i still go back and check up on them again and again and maybe almost every time i walk pass the area. and its really starting to affect me..

cause i realized there's just more and more things getting added onto the list now i check up on loved ones too, to see if they're safe. I think i annoy my little brother cause i always yell out his name from the other room about 5 times to get a answer from him, and hear that his OK when his just in his room playing games. i also repeat religious stuff and im not sure why i do all these but i think its about time i stop cause its starting to affect me and the more i try avoiding the problem the worse it seems to get..


My friend is convinced I have OCD, I rearrange things constantly, including every one of his poker chips by color. When sitting at school, i set up my notebooks parallel to the desk, and before i go to sleep I need my door closed, or else it drives me crazy. I also have this thing i do with my hands where I repeatedly and rapidly clench and unclench my hands when stressed or nervous. Also when starting homework, i can go through up to 5 sheets of perfectly good paper because I don't like how my name looks at the top. I tell him i don't have it, but Im not really sure.


I am almost sure that I have OCD as well as Touretts. I also stutter. I am now 62. As a younger person I would make noises and exaggerate a cough. I still blink excessively. While driving I sometimes keep looking to the right side which is totally unnecessary. For over 40 years I chewed the inside of my cheek until last year when a dentist scared the crap out of me, asking for a biopsy trying to determine if it was cancer. Yep...the fear of cancer can cure some ocd symptoms. As you can see I am majorly messed up. But in spite of it all I am quite successful, have a beautiful family and I am certain that I am mentally ill.


anon4398 -- I went through my teen years...two straight years with one massive headache that was painful and surreal. I understand totally what you mean by the massive headache. I called mine "Funny Headaches" because they were painful but also "different" than other headaches..more surreal. Do you have a close friend you can confide in? I recommend printing off some research on OCD and finally telling a medical professional. I waited 20 years to tell a doctor! A good start is telling someone and stress that this is ruining your life and no laughing manner. I would try your mom again...and if she doesn't listen don't worry you are not will find someone who will listen! We all are.


Hi all my life i have had excessive worries like i used to worry i had cancer, then i worried i was gay, then i used to freak out because i thought i was going blind and everyone knew but me, then i worried i was pregnant, then i thought i had aids and used to have thoughts that i was like really skinny and i used to feel like that then, then I was worried i was a man trapped in a woman's body, that seemed soo real at the time i was convinced i actually wanted to be a man..then i was worried i was going insane and would get intrusive thoughts about awful stuff such as worms coming out of my eyes (as i heard someone who had psychosis used to think this) i actually believed i thought there was worms under my eyes eventually, and worried i would have the urge to pull my eyes out, i would then get an anxiety attack, i knew deep down i really didn't believe that, but something was making me believe it was true. I also suffered from anorexia, the last condition i had was i believed i wanted to be a man, then i developed what may be HOCD which seemed really real, then the wanting to be a man thing disappeared and i developed a different more disturbing fear (which began as an awful, horrible dream) then when i woke i thought omg, do i actually think that? then i began thinking that, and would have horrible thoughts which made me feel even worse, it seems so real, this worry, that i'm worried it is real, and if it is i'd rather die. Do you think i have OCD or do i have OCD and the last worry be the only one that's true..even though my other worries seemed as real at the time too.HELP


I am adding onto my previous one. at night, i have to have every single door closed. Often, i will check it many times before finally believing it is really shut. It is the same thing with windows or drapes. If it isn't shut, I automatically think that someone will come out and kill me. I then obsess with that idea, and refuse to look at that open window, drape, or door. I also have to have it perfectly dark. even if it is pitch black, i will think that somewhere, a light is still on, and look around several times to find it. once again, do i have OCD?


i am a teen, and i have this one annoying weird habit. if i'm holding something, my empty hand feels funny, because its not holding anything. i feel guilty, and switch the item. then my other hand does the same thing, and it keeps going until someone makes me stop (then both hands feel funny) or I'm forced to put the object down somewhere (where both my hands still feel funny). i do it with almost everything, except writing. I do it with tapping my feet. i do it with eating. i do it with everything. i can't stop, because i feel guilty if i don't do it. i've tried, but gave up. do i have OCD?


like i don't know if i have it or not but like if i do something and it's not right i have to do it again. like until it's fixed or right and it's not a bad case. but like it's really weird because my sisters won't take me or just tell me it's in my head i have something i just don't know what it is!!!!

-Natasha Castello


Everyday I always have the same thoughts over and over and sometimes I can't sleep. I sometimes think of disturbing things that I know are wrong. It often involves things I know everyone around me would gasp if they knew. I also do some weird things. Like for example if I tap my right foot three times,I have to tap my left foot three times, then the right again, over and over until eventually I think they are even. I used to think it was what everyone did. But I learned differently by searching it up on the Internet. I think I might have OCD! All the little things i do adds up and drive me crazy,i get massive headaches and to the point where these compulsions sometimes make me cry because I can't not do them. I got up enough courage to tell my mom about it and she practically laughed in my face,and said she's seen worse. I wish she could know how i really feel, it's killing me.I am a teen and I don't know what to do.


dear Anonymous, I most likely have OCD. If you have OCD, the thoughts occur every day for at least an hour every day. I'm pretty sure you don't have it, but I'm not a doctor, so you could still ask a doctor :D. I'm thinking the reason you have those thoughts is, you know how sometimes you tell your brain "do not think about this" and your brain disobeys you? So, I would suggest when you feel those thoughts coming, just ignore them, don't tell your brain to stop, and that might work. Sometimes my brain does the same thing as yours does. By the way I'm being tested soon to see if I have OCD..I probably do. I hope I helped! ~H.D.Y


i'm not exactly sure if i have OCD... but i always have these thoughts that are the opposite of what i really think/believe and i can't get them out of my head. for example, someone i love and know i love, or someone who i don't have any problem with at all, these thoughts come into my head saying i hate them even though i know i don't. things like these don't occur every day, but they do every now and then. could i have obsessive compulsive disorder?


Ive been going through a divorce and my ex wants to take custody of our son. When I read all his demands I couldn't stop thinking about it. I found myself the days after thinking about what he wanted and pacing all around the house. It's like I get so into what im thinking that Im not paying attention to anything else. But Ive noticed that Ive done it before with different situations. sometimes I feel like I drag things on and on. Could this mean that I have an obssesive-copulsive disorder(ocd).

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    • Compulsive hand washing may be a sign of OCD.
      By: ia_64
      Compulsive hand washing may be a sign of OCD.
    • Constantly checking to confirm that doors are locked may be a sign of OCD.
      By: Aleksan Ghojoyan
      Constantly checking to confirm that doors are locked may be a sign of OCD.
    • Regularly rechecking to confirm that an alarm clock is set may be a sign of OCD.
      By: Dan Race
      Regularly rechecking to confirm that an alarm clock is set may be a sign of OCD.
    • There are many different treatment options for overcoming obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).
      By: Phase4Photography
      There are many different treatment options for overcoming obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).
    • People who obsessively clean may have OCD.
      By: Tatty
      People who obsessively clean may have OCD.
    • People with OCD may have issues with organizing clutter.
      By: Gang
      People with OCD may have issues with organizing clutter.