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How can I Remove Warts?

Wart removal can be achieved through various methods, from over-the-counter treatments like salicylic acid to professional procedures like cryotherapy. Each method has its own set of steps and precautions, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Home remedies also offer natural alternatives. Ready to uncover the best approach for smooth, wart-free skin? Let's explore your options together. What method will work best for you?
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

Warts are small, hard, round skin growths caused primarily by a virus. The preferred way to remove warts is to visit a dermatologist for professional treatments, but many people cannot afford that level of treatment. There are several different methods to remove warts yourself, but be aware that proper removal can take several years and the warts could return at any time. If the warts are not particularly painful or disfiguring, then leaving them alone might be the safest course of action for some.

Since warts are caused by a virus, there is no way that many over-the-counter topical medications can remove them safely. Hydrogen peroxide, mecurochrome, Bactine, alcohol, or hydrocortisone may make the area around the warts less itchy or inflamed, but none of these products will remove warts. The best over-the-counter medications are specifically marketed for that purpose. One common active ingredient is concentrated salicylic acid, applied by drops to the affected area. This medication removes the warts gradually, with minimal skin damage. The main drawback is the length of treatment time - several applications of salicylic acid must be made over days or even weeks.

Warts on a hand.
Warts on a hand.

In recent years, a second over-the-counter treatment has become popular. Dermatologists often remove warts by using cryogenics, meaning the wart and surrounding area are frozen chemically. After one or two treatments, the warts should simply fall off as dead skin tissue. Now consumers can remove their warts themselves with non-prescription versions of the freezing agents.

Brush-on medicines that remove warts are available.
Brush-on medicines that remove warts are available.

To remove warts at home, the patient uses an aerosol can to deliver the freezing chemicals directly to the raised area. The chemicals cause the warts to freeze solid and eventually fall off. The main drawback of this method is the initial expense. One application can cost 20 US dollars (USD) or more, depending on the brand and quality of ingredients.

Freezing chemicals can be applied to warts through an aerosol spray.
Freezing chemicals can be applied to warts through an aerosol spray.

Many folk remedies have not been proven to be effective, but one homemade method has actually shown promise in some informal tests. Apparently, patients who filed off the layers of dead skin and covered the exposed areas with duct tape showed significant improvement. The effect is gradual, taking a few weeks on average, but a duct tape bandage seems to reduce the time needed to remove warts naturally.

Liquid nitrogen is one remedy to remove warts.
Liquid nitrogen is one remedy to remove warts.

If none of these over-the-counter medications seem to work, an appointment with a dermatologist may become necessary. Dermatologists remove warts by the use of prescription-level acids, cryogenic freezing, cauterization - burning with heat - or lasers. By no means should anyone use potentially dangerous methods such as razor blades, hot needles or commercial acids to remove their warts at home.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular TheHealthBoard contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular TheHealthBoard contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Discussion Comments


I had a large wart on the top of my big toe when I was a kid. After using Compound W, it tripled in size. My mom heard about rubbing castor oil on it to "suffocate it". Well after about a month or two, my wart was gone. Now I'm 50 and had a small wart on my finger. I had it burned off at the doctor and it came back. Then tried the castor oil again, and it worked again! My daughter had one on the bottom of her foot and used the castor oil again with a perfect result. My other daughter has one on her ankle, and the castor oil didn't work. Now we're back to Compound W, but can't tell if anything is happening after 10 days. Are you supposed to scrape off the white medicine on a daily basis? How long should we use the meds? The package says one week and it may be repeated two times.


To everyone out there who has the wart problem. I had one on my had for three years, and tried lots of things but it never went. They began to spread to other fingers until I told myself I just have to live with it.

That was until I finally found a solution: Vitamin A capsules. Yes, it works. Trust me. I pricked the capsule and put just one drop on the wart every day and they all dried up. The thing is I just applied it on one wart and they all dried up, until I just scraped it off. I was so relieved to have a normal hand again. I just say let me share this because I know what you all are going through.


I used one of those over the counter wart removal systems (cryogenics) put apparently I used too much and now I have this huge burn. It seems like the wart is gone but there is like an open sore where the wart was and this terrible burn all around that. I guess I froze too much skin? How long will this take to heal? I will never use that again.


I have warts on my lower leg and on my palm. They appeared when I was 17 and now I'm 19, so it's been almost two years. It's so embarrassing that I can't shake hands with my classmates. Please help me. How can I remove these bleeping warts? I did try piercing it with a hot pin, but it doesn't seem to be working.


After the failure of both liquid wart remover and Dr. Scholl's freeze away (which really, really doesn't work), I moved on to home remedies. I tried taping a cut clove of garlic to the wart for several hours at a time. This worked a little bit; more than the OTC crap, less than making them go away.

The only remedy that actually worked was 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide.

I trimmed off the top of the wart, applied the peroxide and flipped my finger wart-side down so that a droplet of peroxide formed around the wart. I would hold my hand that way for at least a minute, let it dry, then cover with a bandage. In two weeks, my stubborn wart was gone.

Bonus: The peroxide felt like I was boiling my wart away.


Just sharing what stuff worked for my facial wart that was half inch away from my eye. Hubby told me to go to a doctor since I have my medical insurance and that may be covered but I simply didn't listen to him.

I was told by my mom to try the "go away wart" while rubbing the affected skin. However, according to her source, it should be done during a thunder and lightning. To me this sounds very silly but a person close to me tried it and it worked! Still I didn't buy it and instead, I used cane vinegar (the only vinegar available in my kitchen that time). It was simple. Using a cotton swab, I soaked my facial wart with a drop of vinegar for 15 minutes twice a day. After two weeks it turned into a hard crusty surface and gradually peeled. This happened two months ago and it didn't recur. I can't believe it's gone just with a few drops of vinegar and a few q-tips. Maybe it would have worked faster if I had soaked it for at least 30 minutes.

I believe vinegar is a disinfectant/anti-bacterial liquid and that's why it worked.


I realize that my suggestion is really really crazy. I am surprised, however, that no one has mentioned it.

For years, I have heard various people talk about meeting people who could "talk away warts". Often in various rural communities in the south, there will be a person who can do this.

A friend of mine, whose father is a physician in a city and had done various treatments to remove her warts, met a lady in a little country store who offered to 'talk away" the wart she had. The woman just held her hand and talked for a few minutes about the wart, telling her not to think about it, etc. Within a day or so, it was gone. This was the same wart she had for years but could never get rid of.

I have heard this same story from quite a few people, who tell their stories with embarrassment because they know it sounds too weird to be true.


Red sharpie -- seriously! I had two warts on my hand and one on my knee. Someone said they heard on a radio show to use a red sharpie and just color the wart red every day and wait. I thought is was crap, but it worked. It seems counter-productive to put a big red target on your warts, but it is easy and it works. One red sharpie and one week of red spots on my hand and knee -- no more warts.


I had a wart on my ring finger for over two years, and I tried everything from store bought crap, home remedies and doctors care, but nothing got rid of it. My nephew came to visit from out of state and stated he too, had the same problem and he got rid of it by soaking the end of a q-tip in part cleaner fluid, cutting the tip off and setting it on the wart, applying a band aid over it and re-secured with medical tape.

So I also did the same and within five days, the wart was gone and has not returned for the last three months. Kudos! Use this process at your own risk and no guarantees apply.


I use raw apple cider vinegar to remove my son's plantar wart as well as a big one on my finger. Prior to using apple cider vinegar, we had tried every over the counter treatment and other suggestions people post online but none of them worked for us.

When my son's plantar wart began to affect his walking ability, I had to do something. That was when I decided to use raw apple cider vinegar. I cleaned his skin, used a fingernail filer to remove the dead skin cells, soaked a bit of cotton (from a Q-tip) with just enough apple cider vinegar to cover the wart, placed a Band-Aid over it and left it for 24 hours. Repeated the treatment for about five days. The wart was gone forever!

Then, just last week, my pinky grew a very large wart. Not only did the wart hurt, but also the surrounding tissues suffered from so much inflammation that the whole digit was swollen and very painful. I did what I did with my son's plantar wart and it took only two nights and three days to get rid of it. When the wart was removed there was a huge "hole" on my finger. Looked pretty gross but the next morning the skin began to heal very nicely. The best part of this treatment was that it completely removed the wart and it doesn't come back.


I recently tried Dr. Scholls freeze away. I told my parents to get the Compound W, but the place they went to only had Dr. Scholls. And to tell you the truth, that does not work at all. It just freezes them. Not freeze freeze. But just puts a cube inside of it. That's all it does.

But just today i found out that using the Compound W fast acting liquid remover. It will really do the trick. It's recommended for use for up to 12 weeks. But some have worked on others in as little as one week. Not joking! One week, to tell you the truth.

I know i have been embarrassed with all the talks in front of my parents while eating and doing my regular schedule. But I'm ready to get it off. As the past six years of having one big wart on my right hand and now the past year and a half. Or just having smaller one grow on my left hand. I'm sick of them. Really am! And to tell you something, it's only been, well back when i very first applied the liquid to all of them. When making a sandwich one of them fell off. (not the wart, but the liquid). And it had only been about three hours or so, and that stuff is already inside my thumb's wart. That fast. So i know it will work.


Another problem about 40 percent of men face is Pearly Penile Pepules. They are not a symptom of an STD.

I've had these tiny bump things near the head of my penis for a while now (4-6 months) and it hasn't gone away.

I thought it was warts so I went to my doc but he didn't think so. He said I have Pearly Penile Papules. Many men mistakenly think they have acquired a sexually transmitted disease or developed genital warts when they first notice the pearly penile papules. They look very similar to warts and they are in no way related to sexual activity or bad hygiene. Is it possible that doc was wrong? Is there vaccine for this?


I never had any warts until I hit 28. I contracted it in the men's locker room walking barefoot. I thought they were calluses at first, because I started running upwards of 30 miles a week at the time I contracted them. I was able to remove mine in about a months time by doing the following.

Use Compound W freeze off and acid remover. This is the dual action box for 17.99. I would freeze the wart and then put some acid on each wart. After the acid dried a little I would then put waterproof athletic tape on them so it wouldn't allow that area of skin to breathe. After the initial freeze I would put on acid twice a day by removing the tape each time and adding acid and then applying new tape. After each week I would then repeat the freeze/acid treatment.

Using the acid/tape method worked the best because it would kill the wart and then not let it breathe, also killing the wart. I had about five plantar warts on each foot, each one very large. It took a while as they were big. One was almost the size of a dime. I also had to take tweezers every four days or so and remove the dead tissue. I made sure I would wear rubber gloves, and disinfect the tweezers in bleach so I did not spread the virus. This is by far the best method, in my opinion, to eliminate them quickly.


I just tried a bunch of crap to deal with a plantar wart, and the last thing I tried is the only thing that worked, and it's awesome. Apple cider vinegar. take a q tip, dip it in, tape it to your foot, and wait for the q tip to dry out. then cover the wart in clear nail polish to seal it, then repeat for like four days. when you're done, it will be gone!


I’ve recently searched the internet and found like literally 15 home remedies. But wait: now today I have found 50 home remedies, from food and produce to water soaking and chemicals, plus natural earth plants. I’m doing the dandelion juice. There is what its called (white sap) inside yellow small round dandelions. And its located on the top of the dandelion. This is so simple, plus I know this works. Plants over the years have been used for medicine, have they not? Yes! I asked my mom to look up the medicine cases for dandelion juice and it’s actually effective, no lie. She said, or I heard from her, that the sap from it kills off the virus which keeps you from getting it back. It is a milky sap inside the dandelion. You might want to grab a lot, as one only holds like a very, very small amount, but it’s strong and effective. Here’s what you do, and by the way, I’ve tried burning them from the dermatologist and freezing from the exact same place, also applying duct tape on it and cutting it off personally. It never worked, so I assure you this is going to work. Get yourself the wart paper that some dermatologists have near the back of the room where you go in and they have looked at it, and look for hyperthermia. Plan B: Applying a heating pad on for about 30 minutes to one hour. They recommend 30-45 minutes (make sure the heating pad is on high) for approximately two weeks with the dandelion sap. I tried this method out myself because I too, have them on me! Boy are they nasty! When you’re doing this alternative method, it’s important that you wash thoroughly with almost hot water and rinse both the infected area or wart good and your hands, both before and after. Never touch or do anything that might spread it throughout your body. That’s what I don’t want!

Here’s the procedure for the dandelions. First, find a huge group of dandelion and get them while it is daytime -- key word right there. Rip off the big round yellow head of the dandelion, flip it over and squeeze that sucker out! Oh yeah, put power into it. You will notice the white sap coming out. Do this for at least two or three times a day for about two weeks. I know I have seen improvement, just believe me. It has also worked for other people and not just me. Make sure you get plenty of sap, depending on how big your wart is. For my right hand one, (well, I have two on this hand, however, there is one large one which I really want off) and then cover it with a bandage or band aid. If you do this correctly and keep doing it, I think you will see I am telling the truth. Many have came out of this shocked and amazed. Some cry at their wart-free body. It should work for any type of wart.

Now for the heating. When your body heats up it will get a fever, which than reacts towards the fever as if there were a virus or bacteria inside. While your body is heated, it will fight off the wart, so that’s why I recommend using the heating pad. So the longer you use it, the faster it will fight off the virus and so the more you do this, dandelion and heating technique the better your chances are of killing it off.


I have one at the end of my thumb, closest to my palm. It's tiny and no one notices it but i hate it!

I've had my fair share of warts from primary school and now I'm year 9, it's just crap. Even though everyone else has them on their knees and more visible places, why should I have them?

I'm trying apple cider/vinegar with a band aid on top throughout the day, but tonight I'm trying Wartner or Wart-off something along those lines.

Oh, and I've also got some kissing disease at the moment so I'm really not feeling this bloody wart.

I'm going to the doctor today to see if I've got the bad case of glandular fever or not. And I'm going to ask him to remove my wart, I think. I know this isn't a blog but I'm sick and I felt like typing this.


i am thirteen and i am always getting teased at school for my hands. i have 11 warts on my left hand and 14 on my right. also both my feet and toes are covered in them. I have tried everything on them, duct tape and home freezing etc but nothing worked.

i went to the doctor today and got the biggest ones on my hands frozen with liquid nitrogen, seven in total. some of them have gone a weird purpley-black kind of color and they really hurt! Does anybody know if this is a good thing or not?


i am 13 and i have six warts. I'm trying do deal with them now, ill post back when I've done and what solutions work the most.


The ignorance of these comments astounds me.

First of all warts are not an entity you can starve of oxygen. they are a virus that infects your own skin cells (they are inside the cells).

Second, the three black dots are not "roots" of the wart. They are blood vessels that provide the wart with the blood (since it's a new growth and therefore needs additional blood supply).

Thirdly, just a general lesson about anecdotal evidence. Warts go away on their own eventually, and if you keep trying to get rid of it with various methods one of them will "work". It is inevitable since the wart will go away on its own eventually anyway. This does not mean that the treatment did anything, though.


I had one on my face, just below my eye. I'm 30 years old and had never had a wart before. It grew quite big in a matter of weeks.

I tried an old Irish folk cure and it worked.

Heat a pin over a naked flame and prick the wart with pin. It is painless and goes in easily. Then apply a paste made from baking soda and warm water, with a cotton bud (Q-tip). Apply the paste every night for a week before going to bed.

Within ten days my wart had dried, turned white then flaked off. This method has the advantage of not damaging the skin near the wart and doesn't leave scarring, which is important for the face.

It is a quick and discreet method and i recommend it. Good luck.


put duct tape on it every day until you can peel it completely off. It really works. i did it on both my kids because that's what the doctor said, and bam! in a week or so it was gone.


i had a wart right on my palm for about a year and i tried everything to get it off. if you have a very high pain tolerance like me you could try cutting and ripping the damn thing off. it seems to work.


I had a wart on my hand years ago. I tried everything to remove it but it didn't go. So I thought of applying lime over it. I did it for about two weeks regularly and the was gone. Try it. It works.


Well I'm 12 years and I have a wart on my leg. I've had it for two years, and it's very embarrassing! What should i put on it?


The medicine that was prescribed that is painless, colorless and worked after applying every day for about a month or two is called Aldara. It worked after trying all the other methods. It does take a while so don't give up.


i have warts on my fingers, and i simply pulled them off and could see all the roots. It was horrible. i used salatac. It worked like a treat.


Brewers yeast. I had a few warts on my hands for years. I tried freezing them off but that didn't work, I tried the duct tape with apple cider vinegar, they would go away but then come back. Then I heard about brewers yeast from a neighbor.

I bought a bottle of brewers yeast from the drug store and took the maximum amount that the bottle had said. After about two weeks, one of the warts started to turn white and began to flake off. It is odd but it seemed to only work on one wart at a time so you have to be patient, but I have been wart free for three years, so I would give it a shot if you have already tried other home remedies.


i'm using something that is literally just called "Wart Stick" which i bought because it had the most salicylic acid of all the brands at my local pharmacy and my dermatologist said to use it at nights with a bandaid and then file off the dead skin until my next visit. this wart stick has 40% salicylic acid which was the most i saw on the shelves and it really is working well for me but i wish i had a file that was rougher and could dig deeper.


Everyone read this! I am 17 years old and have had warts for as long as i can remember -- on my hands, arms, knees, legs, feet, everywhere.

I have tried clear nail polish, tea tree oil, duct tape, freeze off, doctors visits, the little band-aids, banana peels, even the wart vanish that was over 100 bucks, everything! You name it, I've done it.

Three months ago i counted 24 warts on me, including my big toe, mainly my right knee, and my hand. i bought compound w wart remover -- the liquid that is in a small brown glass container that you can paint on sort of like nail polish --for about 10 bucks.

One try, and I'm not even joking -- every single one was gone. i left it on for like two days and then pulled off the white where it dried.

you may need a few treatments but i had huge warts and little warts and now i don't even have one! i suggest this to everyone!


For months i had two warts side by side on my right foot, and since i do not have insurance i wasn't going to go to a doctor to have them removed. i managed to do it on my own.

it is very painful and not recommended, but if you are willing to surgically remove these damn warts on your own like i am currently trying to do on my right thumb right now, the trick is to take a razor blade and make the skin flat, then you will see little black circles in the skin. Those are the roots. Now find some good tweezers that grab nicely, and try to yank the roots out carefully. If you do not get the roots out and just mess with the wart, the warts will drive deeper into your skin, thus making the wart bigger and more irritating. Hope this helps!


All right, my suggestion is to go to a dermatologist and get them all frozen off. I had six on one hand and one on my foot. When I got them all frozen off it didn't even hurt at all.


I get warts more frequently than I'd like to admit. But what kicks 'em for me every time is a combo of keeping them really clean and dry and then using apple cider vinegar obsessively. LOL! But it dries warts up in like a week or two, for me anyway.


i have one of those not so small buggers on my face, right next to my nose. i know you're supposed to be careful when dealing with your face and all of this stuff, but what should i do?

it's a common one. i tried cutting it off a few years back but it just came back. I've had it since i was about seven, i think. I'm turning 20 now and looking into doing a whole make-over thingy (mostly getting rid of freckles and stuff) but what should i do about the pest on my face?


Years ago when my son was only five (in 2000) he had developed several warts on each hand (six to 10). He also, literally, had a row of warts on his left hand that extended from his pinky finger to his wrist.

I couldn't use any of the over-the-counter products because he was too young and one doctor suggested they be "burnt off with liquid nitrogen". As an adult I have had warts "burnt off" with liquid nitrogen and it hurt, so for a five year old to tolerate this was unimaginable.

We changed pediatricians and this doctor told me that warts are a virus and that sometimes just the 'power of suggestion' can help.

His suggestion was, when my son was asleep to go in and 'gently rub' each wart and suggest they were going away. So what could I lose?

At night after Charlie would go to sleep, I would go into his room and rub (each one individually) the warts (just one hand at first, the one with the 'row of warts') and say, "Charlie your warts are going away." I would say this quietly, so as not to awaken him, about 10 to 20 times. I was faithful with this, every night, no matter what. (I was desperate, the kids at school didn't want to hold his hands anymore).

No lie, after about two weeks I could see the warts fading, and four weeks later the warts were gone on that hand, even the 'row of warts'. My mom thought I was crazy until she saw his hand.

I then started on the other hand, and this only took two to three weeks. He would have flare-ups and sometimes it took only a week for them to disappear with my 'rubbing' the warts off. I even do it to myself. No lie. It does work and what do you have to lose?

Good luck. I would love to hear about it working for you. Just believe it will work.


There are three little warts on my right hand and two little ones on my right foot. I tried the dermatologist and she recommends cauterization. It costs a lot so I'm going to try the salicylic acid. thanks.


"This is a wonderful program for anyone who wants to get rid of skin anomalies. The wonderful thing is that you have access to all of this from the comfort of your home; you don’t have to waste time by going to the doctor. This is must-have for everyone who wishes to remove his moles, warts or skin tags."


Honestly, I'm not trying to yank anyone's leg here but, my grandfather told me to put snail goo on it. At first we laughed, then he said he was serious. We're hispanic so these crazy remedies are a bit believable.

I actually had one on my finger about two years ago. i picked a snail off from the side of my house and rubbed the bottom of the snail on the wart. I did it twice in a span of a week, and i noticed the depletion in size.

I have one now two years later on my toe, for some odd reason, the thing is now i can't find a snail!

and yes, i did try the wart freezer and duct tape for weeks before i tried the snail goo, or snail slime.


Hopefully, a doctor might answer.

Many years ago, a doctor tried the salicylic method on my wart, and didn't work well.

Then, he tried something else: he dropped a couple of drops of a colorless, painless liquid. That was it. Went back home, and after some weeks, it started diminishing in size until it disappeared by a month or two.

Problem is, now I don't remember what he used. And I have another wish I want to remove. Anyone knows what he might have used?


I have had a wart on my finger for about a year now, and it won't go away! We have tried the wart removal acid, and pumice but those didn't work. It's so embarrassing to deal with them, and I've had a band aid on my hand for the longest time. It's almost like part of my outfits now.

Being 13 with a wart is horrible. Please help? What is the quickest solution?


Honestly, it stands to reason that castor oil would get rid of warts. As nasty as it tastes (people used to give it to children for all sorts of reasons), it should have some useful purpose, after all. LOL. Hadn't heard of that remedy. Interesting.


I had a wart on my finger that was annoying me, so did my research on natural ways to remove warts and came across a product called castor oil.

I just bought it from the local chemist, put a dab of it on the wart and covered it with a band aid. I continually applied it for several days, and covering with the band aid, and in about a week or so the wart was completely gone, no pain or anything.

Give it a go, because it definitely works, just be persistent. Hope this helps! :)


I agree with the banana skin approach I used that on my son, but we left it on 24 hours a day, changing the banana skin every day. After a few weeks, all gone. :-)


I tried everything including the "starve the wart of oxygen" approach with duct tape and glue etc. It did not work for me or my daughter. I later found out that the wart can survive on very little oxygen and it is almost impossible to create an oxygen free environment for the wart so the approach just does not work.

I finally found a machine online that destroyed our warts. It explodes the wart cells and just kills them. Now we cannot even see where our warts once were. Thank God for small miracles.


i have a wart on my hand and i tried freezing it, but that didn't work. i then tried some paste the doctor give me, and that didn't work. so now i am going to go and get it cut off privately.


i have had this wart on my elbow. i thought it was a pimple so i tried popping it. then it just got bigger and worse. for two years i left it alone. never fell off. so i tried Dr Scholls Freeze away. didn't work. today i took a razor blade to it and just cut it off. i tried cauterizing it but didn't have much of an effect. hopefully this sucker won't come back though.


I have warts all over my hands right now and am in treatment. I'm using Dr. Scholl's Clear Away. I would rather not have them professionally treated just because there are so many and it would be extremely painful. But I would like to know: when can you tell if the wart has been fully removed? Please respond soon because the treatment is quite painful. Thank you. -katherine


i had warts on *my face* for 2 years, i tried ducktape, banana, aldara, matches and liquid nitrogen (7 times with the liquid nitrogen)

when you have them on your face you try everything asap

liquid nitrogen actually spread my warts.

applying apple cider vinegar to the wart directly is the treatment i recommend, leave it on your wart for at least 1 hour a day for a few days. you will be impressed.

i wish i heard about it 2 years earlier.

+++++apple cider vinegar ++++++

+++++apple cider vinegar ++++++

+++++apple cider vinegar ++++++

it saved my life


*Duct tape!*

One week of consistently taping the wart with duct tape while you sleep usually does the job.

I was a skeptic at first, but now my hands are wart free, works great *promise!*


I'm trying the banana one and I really hope this works. I'll keep posting if it progresses.


An easy, low-cost way to buy a can of canned air (for cleaning computer keyboards, etc.). Mine cost $2.99. Tightly wrap a double layer of tissue around the tip of the straw and tightly secure it with a twist tie. Turn the can upside down (important), and spray the wart. In about 30 secs., the c02 with "freeze" the wart. Leave it alone. The wart will fall off within days. May take a couple of tries. I learned this from a video online, but can't find the video again.


I had a very small wart that had appeared. I basically sterilized some big nail clippers and cut it off. While the wound was still fresh I took 2 wooden matches lit and blew them out and cauterized it.


I am from Germany and I have used a good product to remove my warts. It is called Antiwarts-RX. It took almost 3 weeks to make my warts go away but in the end it helped, and I am still without the warts.


i have had a few warts on my hands, which i simply just pulled off of my skin (sounds worse than it was) but i have a new one on my pinky toe and i can't get the black stuff out and it keeps growing back. i tried salicytic acid but it won't work.


My daughter had warts on her fingers. We tried freezing them and that didn't work. I took her to a dermatologist and she said to soak the warts in warm water for about 10-15 minutes and then put salicylic acid on them and put a band aid on them. Within 12 hours you could see a difference. Within 24 hours they were almost gone.


When i first had warts, i was afraid so much that amputation crossed my mind. In vain i applied the salicylic acid several times during the day and not the initially recommended 1 time a day. Its gone now and hopefully it won't return!


You could also try a stick of salicyclic acid. I had a wart on my foot and my doctor recommended a wart stick. I used the stick twice a day a month and the wart slowly shrank away and within about six weeks it was gone completely. You might be able to buy a wart stick at your local pharmacy, but if not, I bought mine online.


i've more than a few on my hand and fingers and want to remove them myself.


One of my daughters had warts on her hands and fingers. Every evening she would eat a banana and we would cut a small piece of the banana peel and place it on the warts (inside peel to the skin)held down with tape. (we used masking tape) This took awhile, maybe 5-7 weeks but they disappeared and never came back. I cut a few pieces of banana peel and put in a plastic ziplock in the fridge for times we either didn't have banana's or she/we didn't feel like eating one to get the peel. They turn black by morning but she removed them and threw them away and only wore them at night. Perhaps anything that suffocates the wart would work? I've heard duct tape works also (by a dermatologist) but it seems that might be irritating and painful to the wart and the skin around it when replaced.

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