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How do I Choose the Best Pure Peppermint Oil?

Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks

Pure peppermint oil is a popular alternative medicine, often used as a digestive aid and an indigestion treatment as well as to soothe conditions such as irritable bowel disease. Some people find peppermint oil also works well to fight headaches, bad breath, and fevers. Pure peppermint oil is available in both oil and capsule forms and your reason for using the peppermint will help you decide which form would work best for you. Regardless of which form you choose, certain tips, such as choosing oils or capsules in light-resistant packaging, can help ensure the product is as potent as possible. Of course, you might even decide you’d rather make your own peppermint oil.

You can choose between pure peppermint oil and capsules. Depending on your reason for using peppermint oil, one form might work better than the other. For example, if you want to use peppermint oil for aromatherapy purposes, choose the oil. It’s easier to use pure peppermint oil than capsules when a recipe calls for burning or mixing the peppermint with other ingredients. On the other hand, if you plan to use the product as an herbal supplement, the capsules might be the more convenient choice.


There are a few tips you can follow when shopping for pure peppermint oil to help make sure you get the best product possible. As with all kinds of essential oils, make sure the peppermint essential oil you choose is enclosed in light-resistant packaging. For oil, this means opaque or nearly opaque brown or blue bottles that prevent light from reaching the oil and negatively affecting its potency. Also make sure to research the company reputation of the various manufacturers and retailers, as well as check out reviews from customers who’ve bought and have experience with the product. Before you make your final selection, ask about the company’s return policy just in case you’re not satisfied with the pure peppermint oil you choose.

Peppermint oil may be used to lower the possibility for indigestion.
Peppermint oil may be used to lower the possibility for indigestion.

If you prefer the do-it-yourself lifestyle, or want to save some money in the long run, you might consider making your own pure peppermint oil. Making your own oil also helps ensure you’re getting the purest form possible, as many essential oils are heavily diluted or adulterated. Various recipes for organic peppermint oil exist on the Internet and possibly within your local library, and you might even talk to someone who specializes in herbs and essential oils. It might take a few tries to perfect your DIY peppermint oil. If you’re using your homemade oil as an alternative medicine and notice any peppermint oil side effects such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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    • Peppermint.
      By: volff
    • Peppermint oil may be used to lower the possibility for indigestion.
      By: snaptitude
      Peppermint oil may be used to lower the possibility for indigestion.
    • Peppermint oil should be in light resistant packaging.
      By: margo555
      Peppermint oil should be in light resistant packaging.