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How Do I Choose the Best Sitz Bath?

Choosing the best sitz bath involves considering comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning. Look for one with contoured edges and a vent to prevent water spillage. Opt for materials that are both sturdy and gentle on the skin. Remember, a good sitz bath should fit your toilet seat seamlessly. Curious about the top picks? Let's explore the options together.
Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

To choose the best sitz bath, consumers should select a design that is made from a hard, durable plastic and provides overflow drainage. Other models are typically made from a flexible type of nylon or vinyl that can cause additional pain to users, and do not contain overflow drainage access. This type of device can be purchased through Internet ordering, or at a local drug store.

A sitz bath is a device used to soak the lower extremities of the body, including the hips, buttocks, and genitals. The solution used to soak these areas of the body is typically comprised of a salt water mixture that may also incorporate some herbs, natural extracts, and mild antiseptics. The purpose of this type of bath is to promote healing in the lower areas of the body where infection can occur due to hemorrhoids, vaginal tearing, and anal fissures.

A good sitz bath is typically made of durable plastic.
A good sitz bath is typically made of durable plastic.

Though it is not necessary to purchase a separate device to take this type of bath, purchasing a sitz bath designed specifically for this purpose can promote more frequent use. Most sitz baths are designed to fit over the rim of a toilet once the seat has been raised. The bath itself is the same circumference of the toilet bowl, and usually provides clamps to allow the device to become securely attached to the toilet.

Warm salt water is usually added to sitz baths.
Warm salt water is usually added to sitz baths.

The best type of sitz bath is one that has been made from a hard type of durable plastic. This bath design is both sturdy and supportive, capable of bearing most weight loads without bending toward the center. Individuals for whom this type of bath has been prescribed are typically experiencing a great deal of pain and some minor swelling in their lower genital regions. A hard, plastic bath is designed to remain in place while the user is sitting in it while avoiding hugging or touching those sensitive areas.

Some sitz bath materials use a hard vinyl that folds over the edge of the toilet, instead of snapping in place against it. These types of baths are less sturdy than their more durable counterparts regarding weight bearing capacity. They also force the user's body to be in full contact with the bath material at all times, which can be potentially irritating to some parts of the body.

Doctors usually recommend that this type of bath be used with warm water that is continuously refilled. Warm water, as opposed to cold or lukewarm, promotes stimulated circulation to any exposed regions of the body. This increased flow in blood can speed healing to infected or damaged areas, while the continuously changing water cleanses the area and removes any foreign contaminants. Many hard plastic sitz baths provide overflow holes in the back of the bath that allows old water to flow out of the bath and into the basin of the toilet. Consumers can check whether the bath contains this overflow feature by reading the product labeling, or removing the bath briefly from its packaging prior to purchase.

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The most important thing when purchasing a sitz bath is durability. If the bath cracks after the first use or after several uses, it's a waste of money. That's why it's a good idea to see the product in person and check the durability before purchasing. If purchasing online, I recommend reading customer reviews to make sure that the product is good quality.

I bought my first sitz bath online and the product that arrived was too flimsy and cracked after first use. I was able to get a refund but when it was time to buy another one, I bought it from a medical store so that I could see the bath first. I'm glad I did that. The one I have now is very sturdy and durable.


@ZipLine-- Yes, the bag is to fill the basin or you can use it to refill it as well. The end of the tube from the bag is in the basin so you can sit and squirt the warm water for a flow. Or you can fill the basin and use the bag to refill it with more warm water after ten minutes or so.

My sitz bath came with a bag and tube but I personally don't use it because it didn't work too well for me. I prepare my warm water with sitz salts and fill the sitz bath after placing it on the toilet and then I sit down. It never overflows because it has holes to prevent that. It works very well and has quickened my healing after giving birth.


Has anyone used a sitz bath with a bag attached? How do those work? Is the bag to refill the bath?

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    • A good sitz bath is typically made of durable plastic.
      By: fotoschab
      A good sitz bath is typically made of durable plastic.
    • Warm salt water is usually added to sitz baths.
      By: Elenathewise
      Warm salt water is usually added to sitz baths.