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How Effective Is Aloe Vera for Herpes?

Aloe vera is renowned for its soothing properties, and studies suggest it can help manage herpes symptoms by reducing inflammation and pain. Its antiviral components may also accelerate healing. However, effectiveness varies among individuals. Want to see the impact visually? Check out our gallery of before-and-after pictures and discover how aloe vera could potentially offer relief for herpes sufferers. What's your take on natural remedies?
Alex Tree
Alex Tree

The effectiveness of aloe vera for herpes is unknown and often described as “promising.” Some of the first studies performed concluded that aloe vera might be helpful for speeding up the healing process of genital herpes. To use it for genital herpes sores, it should be applied topically rather than taken orally. Other alternative treatments, like laser treatments and zinc, also have potential to treat herpes outbreaks. Overall, however, it is best to continue using prescription medications or outbreak reducing techniques recommended by a health professional.

In the first studies of the effectiveness of aloe vera for herpes, the participants were only men. Each man was given an aloe vera gel, aloe vera cream, or placebo. The gel and cream proved to be about five to ten times more effective than the placebo, which is a significant amount. Out of the two kinds of aloe vera substances given, the cream was most effective, with the gel being roughly half as effective. Some participants saw improvement in their herpes symptoms within one week.

A blister caused by herpes type 1.
A blister caused by herpes type 1.

Researchers used topical cream rather than aloe vera in juice or pill form. It is not known whether aloe vera also has potential to treat fever blisters on the mouth. In addition, the trials consisted of men rather than women, though experts assume the substance will work on both sexes. A doctor may be able to suggest a cream and how many times a day it should be applied.

Aloe vera cream.
Aloe vera cream.

There are dozens of home remedies for treating or even curing herpes. Herpes does not have a cure, but some of its proposed remedies might have as much potential as aloe vera. For example, one study shows that using a laser for three minute sessions can speed up the healing of sores. Like aloe vera for herpes, many potential treatments for herpes are relatively harmless and can be used to supplement standard treatment. It is generally advisable to talk with a doctor before attempting to treat herpes with an alternative medicine, though.

Aloe vera can be taken as a supplement in juice form.
Aloe vera can be taken as a supplement in juice form.

Since aloe vera for herpes is experimental at best, those affected by the virus should not stop their current treatments. Aloe vera can be used as a supplemental treatment, preferably with approval from a health professional. Antiviral medications have been proven effective at reducing both the frequency and duration of outbreaks. These medications are available in both pill and cream form, and can be bought without a prescription in some countries.

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Discussion Comments


I believe aloe helps when I have an outbreak. I rub the natural aloe on my itchy outbreak and the itching goes away.


I get this on my neck. I bought the actual aloe vera plant and apply it to my neck one to three times a day. I noticed right away the inflammation started going away. Shortly the blisters started to scab up. I can feel the area affected more on my neck that blisters that appear. So, I spread the aloe over all the area. It has worked on the areas that I could feel. I have lots of tiny red scabs all over those areas. So, the aloe from the plant is definitely working. I am also taking stress b complex in double doses. I read that olive leaf is great for herpes, but it makes me sick every time I take it.


DMSO with aloe vera - destroys the herpes. But for pharmaceutical purposes I'll say keep taking the pills they prescribe.


@fBoyle-- I tried aloe vera gel on my blisters too but it didn't help. It didn't shorten healing time either. I'm kind of disappointed but I'm going to try aloe vera cream as well.


I think drinking aloe vera juice everyday may be helpful. Aloe vera juice is rich in antioxidants and antioxidants are important for protecting against diseases and strengthening the immune system.

I don't think we should expect any single thing to cure herpes. But a combination of natural antioxidants and antivirals like aloe vera juice, honey, oregano oil, etc. can help keep symptoms under control.


I discovered that aloe is beneficial for herpes blisters by chance. I had a breakout and my skin was itchy and irritated. I had some aloe vera gel at home that I use to soothe my skin after sunburns. So I applied it on my blisters and they instantly felt better. I kept applying aloe vera everyday, several times a day and the blisters healed in no time.

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    • A blister caused by herpes type 1.
      By: uwimages
      A blister caused by herpes type 1.
    • Aloe vera cream.
      By: volff
      Aloe vera cream.
    • Aloe vera can be taken as a supplement in juice form.
      By: joanna wnuk
      Aloe vera can be taken as a supplement in juice form.
    • Aloe vera can help relieve the pain and itching associated with herpes simplex 1 outbreaks.
      By: Marco2811
      Aloe vera can help relieve the pain and itching associated with herpes simplex 1 outbreaks.