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Keto Cycle Review: An Insider's Look at the Popular Keto Diet App

Miles Almadrones
Updated Mar 03, 2024

The ketogenic diet might boast several health and weight loss benefits, but it can be a labyrinth of nutritional specifics and lifestyle adjustments, particularly for beginners. Among the dozens of keto diet apps, Keto Cycle claims to simplify the keto experience through personalized meal plans, insightful wellness tips, and daily progress tracking. But is Keto Cycle the right companion for you? 

To find out, our editorial team meticulously tested Keto Cycle, assessing its features, ease of use, and overall effectiveness. This comprehensive review showcases our candid experiences with the app, offering a clear perspective on whether Keto Cycle aligns with your personal health and wellness objectives. 

Keto Cycle app review

The Basics of the Keto Cycle Diet App

Keto Cycle is designed with beginners in mind, offering an all-encompassing solution to manage the ketogenic diet and lose weight successfully. The ketogenic diet app integrates calorie counting, ketosis monitoring, hydration levels, and keto-friendly recipes, which help users adhere to their nutrition plan when used daily. 

We found Keto Cycle's app quite user-friendly and intuitive. It simplifies meal planning with tailor-made grocery lists and snack options, ensuring dietary goals are within easy reach. Keto Cycle is also an excellent resource for nutrition knowledge and community support, with several helpful blogs and the option to consult a nutritionist virtually. 


  • Detailed nutrition intake quiz that captures individual food preferences
  • Affordable subscription plans; easy to pause or cancel
  • Nutrient-dense meal suggestions with clear recipe instructions
  • Built-in weight, calorie intake, water, and ketosis trackers
  • Automatically creates grocery shopping lists 


  • No upfront pricing information on the website
  • No included workout plan

Our Takeaway: Keto Cycle is an invaluable tool for any ketogenic diet newcomer. It simplifies macronutrient counting, introduces creative (and tasty) recipes, and ensures you know how to stay on track. While the add-on features can add to the price, the base subscription alone is a fair value that can help anyone successfully manage the keto diet.

Keto Cycle app

Navigating Keto Cycle: Features and Usability

At its core, Keto Cycle aims to help users adhere to the target macronutrient levels that allow the body to enter ketosis. Since everyone's body composition and weight goals differ, Keto Cycle has each new user take an online assessment to determine their personal metrics. The assessment also asks about avoidable foods or ingredients, health restrictions, activity levels, and other personal questions to better understand the user's situation. 

Altogether, from the first question of the assessment to receiving the meal plan, it takes roughly ten minutes max. Plus, you can take the assessment through the app or on Keto Cycle's website. After you finish and pay for a subscription, you can access your personalized keto meal plan in the app. 

Here's everything you can expect: 

Initial Setup and Customization

Initial Setup and Customization

The initial setup takes place during the intake assessment. In addition to answering questions about your body measurements, food preferences, and relevant health information, you can indicate your ideal weekly budget and how much time you have to prepare fresh meals. And since you can manually remove any ingredients or food types from your personalized meal plan in advance, you can ensure the meals align with your taste preferences.

Taste Preferrence

The personalized keto meal plan also considers how often you like to eat. While all programs must have at least three meals, you can specify if you prefer eating additional snacks throughout the day. Keto Cycle asks what you typically like to eat for each meal, such as a sandwich, soup, a meat dish, or something else. 

After finishing the assessment, you can review your meal plan and ensure you're happy with it. If something doesn't look right, you can contact customer support for assistance and potentially change the plan (although we haven't had to try this). 

Analyzing the Personalized Nutrition Plans

As stated before, each nutrition plan comes with three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and up to two snacks, depending on how often you eat in a typical day. They are designed to be consumed on the same day and contain the proper amount of carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and protein to reach your target nutrition goals.

Personal Nutrition Plans

These target figures adjust to reflect your body measurements and weight goals, so each user will have a different macronutrient range. Regardless of the person, Keto Cycle develops macronutrient recommendations to meet these levels:

  • Net carbs: 5 to 10% of daily caloric intake
  • Proteins: 15 to 30% of daily caloric intake
  • Fats: 70 to 80% of daily caloric intake

Our personalized nutrition plan included dozens of unique recipes that could last several weeks. The calorie and nutrient counts were accurate and didn't require adjustment, which is incredibly helpful for anyone new to macronutrient tracking. The meals themselves were delicious and creative, which goes a long way for the duration of the keto diet.

Sample Meal Plan

Tracking Your Progress

As you eat each meal, simply click "log" in the app. It automatically updates your daily nutrient levels and shows you the remaining amounts. If you decide to skip or change one of the meals, you can also update your nutrient consumption accordingly. Likewise, if you make your own meal or eat somewhere else, you can input what you made, scan a barcode, or search Keto Cycle's database to record the caloric information.

Tracking your progress

The same process applies to hydration tracking. After you finish drinking water, you can specify how many ounces you consumed and ensure you meet your daily target goal. Aside from daily calorie intake, nutrition, and hydration, you can also track your weight, ketone levels, and daily symptoms to get a more comprehensive picture of your overall progress.

Keto progress

Tracking your progress with Keto Cycle is intuitive and seamless. The app is quick to load and doesn't have pop-ups or distractions, making it easy to record your key metrics within a few taps. 

Workout Routines and Health Tips

In addition to nutrition tracking, you can input your daily step levels by connecting your step tracker. We tested Keto Cycle using an Apple iPhone and found it easy to connect with the Health/Fitness app, which automatically migrated daily step logs to Keto Cycle. While this is useful for understanding your everyday health and wellness metrics, it doesn't consider more intensive workouts or track nuanced metrics. In comparison, Keto Cycle's personalized workout regimen costs upwards of $59.99, though they offered us a 75% discount at the time of testing.

Workout Routines and Health Tips

Keto Cycle also provides a helpful beginner's guide for anyone trying the keto diet for the first time. It's a valuable resource to review before trying the diet and covers the basics, such as how to adapt as your body enters ketosis. Additionally, Keto Cycle also provides various health tips and explanations throughout the app, like how to use the different health and nutrition trackers.

Beginners Guide

What Does the Keto Cycle Membership Include?

When you sign up for Keto Cycle, it will ask which type of subscription you'd like to commit to. These plans range from $8.50 to $17 per month, but Keto Cycle doesn't display current pricing information until you take the assessment and enter your e-mail address. Additionally, seasonal discounts and promotions can lower the price. Nonetheless, here's what you can expect with the standard membership option: 

Standard Features:

  • Meal Planner: The personalized meal plan is Keto Cycle's core feature. It rotates between 10,000+ keto-friendly recipes and ensures you only receive tailored suggestions that align with your preferences. 

  • Data Tracking: Keto Cycle tracks nutrition, hydration, weight progress, ketone levels, daily symptoms, and steps all in the same app, providing a clear picture of your overall trajectory. 

  • Shopping List: After selecting which days you'd like to include (up to two weeks ahead), Keto Cycle automatically generates a shopping list. 

  • Keto Beginner's Guide: Also known as "Keto Academy," the beginner's guide is an excellent resource for understanding the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet. 


  • Custom Workout Routine: Keto Cycle's personalized workout routine doesn't require special equipment and reportedly helps users meet their goals 25% faster. 

  • 1-on-1 Nutritionist Coaching: Users who have specific questions related to the keto diet can reach out to Keto Cycle nutritionists via e-mail.

  • Keto Recipe e-Books: Although the meal plan provides written recipes, users can purchase a downloadable Keto Cycle recipe or dessert book.


The prices of the add-on features often fluctuate, but they're one-time purchases that include permanent access. However, an ongoing subscription is required to continue using the nutritionist coaching feature. 

Top Benefits of the Keto Cycle App 

In addition to the customized meal plan, Keto Cycle comes with several features that enhance the keto experience. From external support to helpful guides, here are our top app features: 

Simplified Nutrition Tracking

Thanks to the built-in health and nutrition trackers, Keto Cycle makes data entry an effortless part of your daily routine. It breaks down complex nutritional information into understandable metrics, offering real-time insights into your caloric intake and ketosis progress. This feature saves time and empowers users to make informed dietary choices that align with their weight loss goals and ideal macronutrient ranges. 

Tailored Keto Diet Plan

Keto Cycle excels in personalization, crafting unique diet plans that cater to your dietary preferences, goals, and lifestyle. By considering factors like current weight, target weight, food preferences, and activity level, it generates a comprehensive plan specific to each user. Additionally, once your meal plan expires, you can revisit your preferences and adjust the plan to incorporate or exclude specific ingredients. 

Access to Thousands of Keto Recipes

Half the battle throughout any diet is figuring out what to eat and avoiding recipe fatigue. Keto Cycle is a treasure trove of keto-friendly recipes, offering access to over 10,000 unique meals and snacks. They range in complexity and time investment, which helps on lazy weeknights and days when you don't feel like cooking. Whether you're craving savory dinners or sweet treats, Keto Cycle has a recipe for practically every occasion, ensuring your diet is nutritionally balanced and delicious. 

Community and Support

Although dieting is a personal experience, it's far more manageable when you have support and encouragement from others. Keto Cycle has a vibrant Facebook community with thousands of active users who share their experiences, tips, questions, and encouragement. This community provides a sense of motivation and helps you overcome any hurdles, especially the challenging parts of the diet, like the keto flu.

Seamless Navigation and Use

Based on our testing, it's clear that Keto Cycle prioritizes user experience and simplicity. The app is easy to navigate and use, from tracking your meals and monitoring progress to exploring recipes and planning your grocery trip. Likewise, the web version is just as user-friendly, although we prefer using the app on the go for daily tracking inputs. 

Keto Cycle vs. Senza vs. MyMacros+

While Keto Cycle is an excellent app for the ketogenic diet, it's worth comparing against similar apps to ensure it's the right one for you. Here's a snapshot of how Keto Cycle stacks up with Senza and MyMacros+, two popular dieting apps:

Keto Cycle



Custom Keto Meal Plans



Calorie and Nutrient Tracking




Water Intake Tracking



Food Database




Barcode Scanner




Exercise Integration



Separate app required

Fasting Timer


Nutritionist Consultations



Community Support




Educational Resources



Feature-by-Feature Comparison

All three dieting apps offer calorie and nutrient-tracking features, but Senza doesn't support hydration. On the other hand, MyMacros+ purely focuses on metric tracking and doesn't offer any customized keto meal plans. However, a custom meal plan with Senza costs $75, whereas Keto Cycle automatically includes it with a standard subscription. 

User Testimonials and Feedback

Keto Cycle, Senza, and MyMacros+ all have at least 4-star ratings on the App Store, with Senza leading at 4.8 stars across over 10,000 reviews. MyMacros+ users appreciate how they can log their metrics without any internet connection, but some say the database isn't always easy to use (especially on Android devices). 

Similarly, Senza users say the nutritional database isn't always accurate since anyone can update it, but the app itself is intuitive and user-friendly. Keto Cycle's largest drawback seems to be delayed customer response times, though we've never had to reach out to confirm this. 

Pricing and Value for the Money

Senza and Keto Cycle are free to download, but MyMacros+ costs $2.99. Senza's keto-friendly meal plans range from $25 for a universal, 14-day guide to $75 for a fully personalized one. Keto Cycle's custom meal plan is included with the subscription, which costs anywhere from $1.25/week for a 12-month subscription to $2.75/week for three months. 

All three dieting apps offer additional paid features, such as the option to consult with a nutritionist, though MyMacros+ only provides automated nutritional suggestions through Macro Coach. 

Understanding the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet, popularly known as "keto," is more than a current dietary trend; it's a metabolic reconfiguration that has significant effects on your body and health. Before signing up for a meal plan with Keto Cycle, we recommend reviewing the diet's mechanisms, types, and potential impacts, which we cover below:

How It Works

The keto diet triggers a state called ketosis, where the body burns fat for energy since it's deprived of glucose from carbohydrates. This metabolic shift leads to the production of ketones in the liver, which becomes the primary energy source. This process alters how energy is produced, influencing various metabolic pathways and hormonal balances in the body. As a result, the body burns fat more quickly, ideally leading to healthy weight loss. 

Keto Diet Types and Differences

While the basics of the ketogenic diet focus on reducing carbohydrate intake to promote ketosis, several varieties exist. For example, the standard ketogenic diet (SKD) is high in fat, moderate in protein, and very low in carbs. The cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) involves periods of higher carb intake, typically for athletes, and the targeted ketogenic diet (TKD) allows carbs around workouts. Lastly, the high-protein ketogenic diet is similar to the standard but includes more protein. 

Potential Side Effects and Considerations

Adopting a keto lifestyle may promote several health benefits, particularly for weight loss, but it can also lead to some side effects. The initial adjustment phase often leads to the "keto flu," including symptoms of fatigue, headaches, brain fog, and irritability, among other side effects. These typically resolve within a few days as the body acclimates to burning fat for energy. 

It's also important to be aware of the potential risk of nutrient deficiencies because of the restricted intake of certain food groups. Long-term adherence to a strict ketogenic diet may also cause liver or kidney complications, so ensure you plan accordingly to mitigate these risks and consider consulting your doctor. 

When to Choose or Avoid Keto

The decision to start a keto diet should be made considering individual health conditions and lifestyle needs. Many choose the keto diet for weight loss, blood sugar management, or to enhance mental clarity, but it's not suitable for everyone. If you have specific medical conditions, like pancreatitis, liver failure, or metabolism disorders, it's best to seek medical guidance before trying the keto diet. 

The Verdict: Should You Try Keto Cycle? 

After extensive testing and comparison, Keto Cycle is a compelling choice for anyone trying the keto diet. Its comprehensive features, from personalized meal plans to direct nutritionist support, make it an invaluable tool for beginners and seasoned keto followers, though the former will likely benefit the most based on our observations. 

While there are considerable alternatives, including meal planning and nutrition tracking by hand, we recommend Keto Cycle to make the keto journey more structured and enjoyable. To get started with your personalized meal plan, take the initial assessment on Keto Cycle and download the app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our Keto Cycle app review? Here are some common inquiries and our expert answers: 

Is the Keto Cycle plan good? 

Based on our experience, the Keto Cycle meal plan is suitable for anyone who wants to try the keto diet and lose weight. It accurately calculates your ideal macronutrient and caloric intake ranges according to your body measurements and health goals, but it still considers individual food preferences and aversions. 

How much does the Keto Cycle app cost? 

Keto Cycle requires a subscription for full access to its features. It offers various plans for three, six, and twelve months. The cost is affordable for most people, with the premium version costing around $65 per year. 

Is the Keto Cycle diet legit? 

Yes, the Keto Cycle diet is legitimate. It takes a nutrition science-backed approach to the ketogenic diet, incorporating valuable research and insights from real nutritionists. It's also tailored to each user and provides additional resources for support, ensuring they have all the necessary tools and information at their fingertips. 

Is Keto Cycle a free app?

While the Keto Cycle app itself is free to download, it operates on a paid subscription model, which grants access to all of its features. The subscription includes meal plans, recipes, nutrition tracking, and more, which varies in price based on the length of the subscription. 

What is the downside of keto? 

The keto diet can have a few downsides, the most common being the keto flu and its associated symptoms. It's also not the easiest diet to adhere to, primarily because of the lack of carbohydrates.

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