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What are Some Common Tattoo Aftercare Instructions?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Tattoo aftercare is an important part of the tattoo process, and every artist has a slightly different set of post-tattoo instructions. In general, the instructions given to you by your tattoo artist should be followed for the best results, and if there are problems with the tattoo, you should get in touch with the artist to talk about it. Different types of tattooing techniques and inks respond uniquely during the healing process, so rely on the artist's experience when it comes to healing your tattoo. If you have never had a tattoo before, this basic aftercare guide gives you an idea of what to expect.

A few basic principles will be adhered to in any tattoo aftercare process, starting with keeping the tattoo out of the sun and the water until it is healed. The healing process generally takes around two weeks, although it may be longer for some tattoos. Exposure to sunlight can permanently damage your tattoo when it is in the early healing stages, so keep it covered up! Even after the tattoo is healed, sunblock should be used on tattoos which may be exposed to sunlight to keep them looking crisp and bright. It is also important to stay out of the water for two or more weeks, as water can damage a new tattoo as well.

Woman with tattoos on her arm and back.
Woman with tattoos on her arm and back.

Tattoo aftercare starts as soon as you walk out of the shop: a tattoo should be kept covered for three to six hours after being finished. Your artist will have specific directions, so follow his or her advice. When you remove the bandage, it is best to do so under warm running water, so if the bandage is stuck, it can be gently removed without damaging the tattoo. Wash the tattoo using a gentle unscented soap such as that designed for infants, and pat it dry. Afterwards, apply a moisturizer to the tattoo. Throughout the healing process, plan on using gentle soaps and patting the tattoo dry or allowing it to air dry.

A tattoo machine.
A tattoo machine.

This is the point when the aftercare instructions tend to vary, depending on the artist, with some recommending washing and moisturizing more frequently than others. Most artists agree that tattoos heal best when they are kept moisturized so that the skin will not crack or tear, and recommend a variety of products for this purpose. In general, non-scented products that do not contain substances which will clog the pores are a good choice. Most artists also concur that tattoos do not heal well when frequently handled, so do not apply moisturizer too frequently.

Sunlight is the enemy of tattoos in the skin's early healing stages.
Sunlight is the enemy of tattoos in the skin's early healing stages.

Keep the tattoo covered up with loose, comfortable clothing. It is important that the tattoo not be suffocated during the healing process, because oxygen and your immune system will do most of the healing work. After a few days, the tattoo will begin to flake or peel. This is not a cause for concern, although you should avoid picking at the tattoo during this stage. Let the scab fall off naturally, leaving your fresh ink behind. After all of the scab has come off, expect another week of healing time before your tattoo is ready to show off to the world.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a TheHealthBoard researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a TheHealthBoard researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Discussion Comments


I got a tattoo going up my right side onto my back less than a week ago, and my tattoo artist said to use lotion that doesn't contain alcohol because it will dry out the tattoo, and not to use anything with fragrances, so now I'm using an all natural baby lotion, and it seems to be working much better now. I had previously used Vaseline lotion with cocoa butter, and that worked, but I ran out and couldn't find it when I was at the store.

I recommend something that is all natural when it comes to lotions because there won't be any chemicals to harm the tattoo, and more than likely it will have most, if not all, of the vitamins that you need in it as well.


I didn't want to prevent my 16 year old daughter from getting her first tattoo, but as a pharmacist, I wanted to make sure that she didn't damage her skin or risk unnecessary complications, like scarring or infections.

I did quite a bit of research and in the end I was very happy with finding the kind of product that's perfect for taking care of tattoos, new and old. It's a product by a German company, Pegasus Pro. Curiously, the creator of the product is a pharmacist, too. But anyway, I got it from a distributor in San Francisco and had my daughter try it out. As I expected, it was perfect. It kept the wound moist, there was no encrustation, no scarring, there were no infections, and the colors stayed fresh. Super nice.


My first tattoo was on my lower back, and I will be getting a large shoulder tattoo also. I have friends and family who have had tattoos also, so I will answer and advise as much as I can from personal experience, and aftercare recommended.

It is true that aftercare, can differ greatly, but there are usually a few key concepts. After the tattooing, one must keep it clean. It is very important to not poke it, scratch it or apply too much force, as it "may" move the ink, before it is fully healed.

Sterile gauzes, even kitchen paper towels over the area can keep it from infection. This is a must, as pointed out initially by post 28, for bedtime, as yes, bedsheets will be germy. Staph bacteria does live on skin, but applying warm non scented soap to clean it will help offset this problem in the initial few days. If you shower, e.g., power shower, try not to get it into the direct blast!

Savlon is a very good brand to use in conjunction with (in Britain) tattoo goo during the cleaning and healing processes. (it is a fairly "cheap", white, unscented, cleaning, baby approved, etc. creamy lotion.)

Air drying/pat drying is the best way to go for drying the tattoo, but again do keep out of sunlight for the initial healing phases. Lotions are important for using during the flaking stage. Just like after a burn, your skin does want a little bit of TLC, but it can be a bit unnerving (I feel you on this one!) when applying your lotion and a bit of flaking skin comes off into your fingers! But again, rub gently, lightly. I found it best not to rub in circular motions as it was more likely to pull the skin off. As recommended to me by my own artist prior, do not use vaseline!

Everyone's immune system and skin will react differently individually to a certain degree, but scabbing, flaking, peeling, is generally "normal" as it is a healing process. But as mentioned, do not pick it off! Offset the problem of it possibly being scraped off, by loose clothing.

To those who worry it may be problematic to wear tight clothing, I might suggest wearing tighter clothing after the initial healing process, so as to offset risk of damage. Loose clothing is definitely a better thing! Post 28 contains some very good, and important care information that may prove useful to you also.

Itching is also a very normal part of the process. It means it is healing. if you "miss" a cleaning part of your regime, like the first morning one, do it when you can, just do not overdo it. Continue on as normal, and if problems occur speak to the artist. If needed, seek medical advice.

Do not slather it in lotion. A microscopic layer will work better than one half an inch thick! Let the skin take in the healing of the recommended cream (please remember, petroleum based ones are more often than not, bad news for tattoos) and getting air to it helps. In some ways it's good to not keep it completely wet/away from air at the start, as a drier environment (but not drier generally than normal skin) does not lead to incubation of bacterial infections!

@post 5: I might imagine it would be advised not to run due to sweating and skin movement by running, and or rubbing excessively on clothing/shoes. Not sure as you did not state where the tattoo is.

Redness around the edges of tattoos during the healing is also O.K. you have just had a foreign inky substance put into your body and skin, so don't be surprised the skin has a hissy fit! If the redness continues, and seems to be linked to the healing of the tattoo, you are worried or it isn't healing properly (e.g., bits de-coloured, uncoloured, weepy, oozing) see your tattoo artist again. Seeing is treating! They have seen all kinds in their profession, and if something is up, they will tell you!

Do not be afraid to ask for extra tips/thoughts from your artist, regarding location, any health issues (e.g., suppressed immune system, history of skin problems) etc., etc.

@ post 30: Maybe speak to the artist with your concerns, and or a health professional for further advice on what might be the problem. Try and keep it clean and apply savlon/maybe e45 cream, healing antiseptic etc, and partially greasy to restore balance if you are still flaking after a year.

As a general note, I am 20 now, and I have had my back tattoo with no problems for two years, and I am thoroughly looking forward to my next in about two weeks. I am using the same artist again. Once you find a good artist, stick with them! A good tattoo artist is for life, just like your tattoos. Don't get tattooed by someone you don't trust completely.


I got one tattoo recolored it looks awesome great no problem and I got tattoo on my ankle with no problem. It's healing great.

I got another tattoo -- the symbol for thyroid cancer and lymphoma -- a ribbon put on my wrist. I don't know what is wrong with it, but it is horrible. The color is faded, it feels hard and looks like I have had it for 50 years and I just got it on Halloween.

I did everything I was told to do. How could the other two tattoos look great and this one be so horrible? The color is faded and it's hard. I just don't know what to do.

I tipped the guy great -- half of what it cost him to do all three. Should I go back to him and have him recolor it?


So I got a new tattoo about two weeks back. It scabbed in the first week and then it became all red and sore. My advice is to limit the amount of water on your tattoo and let it heal naturally. My tattoo is much better now.


I use aquaphor on my tattoos. It works the best in my opinion. One tattoo artist told me to use lubriderm, but it pulled a lot of the ink out. Never again will I use that.


I just got a tattoo on my arm and think you should avoid is water and should care for it properly.


I got a tattoo 10 days ago and there is a red/brown ring around it. I need to know if the ring around it will disappear or fade since I am pale in complexion.


I got a tattoo on my back about two years ago, and the instructions the artist gave me were amazing.

They gave me this antiseptic goo that I was to apply thinly three times a day to keep it moist. After showers I was to pay it dry, put cold water on it and then reapply the goo.

They told me that it isn't supposed to scab as it lifts color to the surface or something like that. Expose to air as much as possible.

It healed fully in about four days, and that was with me wearing ballet tights and leotards all week.


I got my first tat today and the instructions that the artist gave me are as follows.

1. Remove cling film dressing after one hour.

2. Wash tattoo with warm soapy water, rinse, pat dry and apply a very fine smear of healing cream.

3. Recover your tattoo area with cling film and repeat this four or five times a day for three days.

4. After three days, stop using the cling film dressing but carry on the washing and creaming of your tattoo. This will prevent the tattoo cracking.

5. A thin layer of skin will form and must not be picked, scratched or brought into contact with dirt and grease.

6. Do not swim or soak you tattoo during the healing process or let it get sun burned.

The only problem is this is the night that I have had my tattoo done and it is already starting to dry up and the black color has started to fade in one place.


My artist did not cover it at all. He said to wash when i got home with anti bacterial soap, and do this 1-4 times a day. Apply unscented lotion as needed when feels dry. Itching is normal, but don't scratch; slap it! Avoid any collective pools of water (pool, bath, ocean etc.) it's not rocket science people. Treat it like you would a cut!


I got my tattoo last year and it healed just fine, but all of a sudden it is starting to itch like crazy. It is on the back of my neck and part of the tattoo is raised. Is it normal that it itches like that?


I just got a tattoo to the left of my vagina. The best way to describe it is the bit that goes under the band of your undies. This article explains that loose clothing is important, does it matter that my underwear is constantly quite tight on it?


After five days since getting ink on my back, I've noticed that it's itchy a little, yet am pleased the black ink no longer runs.

From what friends say (because I can't actually see it even when turning in the mirror properly), it looks good. I let nature take it's course. However, be mindful: every tattooist has their own theories on how to heal a wound like this. The place I went to get the ink, told me moisturize every day, yet two days after I called them to inform them of a wet scab and ink oozing out. I was told not to worry and keep applying moisturizer. that same morning I saw another artist who looked at it, and said it was starting to crack and split so stop using moisturizer. So I did, and besides itching, it looks better but doesn't feel better. But I will give it two weeks then reassess.


i just got a new tattoo and it is starting to flake but not a lot. the ink is flaking off. what should i do and is it OK?


I just got my first tattoo about two Thursdays ago and it is almost completely healed. Some of the scabs were pulled off due to working. (Shirt rubbed against them) and everything about my tattoo is fine.

I don't get it wet and I apply Aquaphor once, daily, just like my tattoo artist instructed me to. But the color seems dull. The black looks gray and the other colors seem like they should be a little brighter and vibrant. Am I doing something wrong?


Don't use AD ointment, vaseline or other petroleum products. It pulls the color out! Duh!


I just got my fourth tattoo done and it's the fourth person also, He told me 10 different people will tell you 10 different things, so be careful.

He says to leave the bandage on anywhere from 30 minutes to five hours, and to wash with warm/hot water then apply anti bacterial soap and wash with warm/hot water then to "shock and close the pores," rinse with cold water then apply not too much, but enough non-scented lotion, any brand name, just non-scented. Continue the process for several weeks until healed and then the rest of the basic rules to it after getting a tattoo done!


My artist instructed me to leave the bandage on for about 20 minutes after i was tattooed, then wash it gently and apply A&D or bacitracin for about one week. Shower normally but use a separate washcloth and towel on the tatt, not the same one you would use on your body (genital area).

After a week apply a white, non-scented lotion until it it stops itching. once the itching has stopped completely, you're healed. Depending on where your tattoo is, apply sunscreen or sunblock for life!


i have a full sleeve detail work. the best thing to do is cover the first night and take the bandage off in the morning. take a shower and run warm, rather hot water over it for six to eight minutes and pat it dry very gently. do not add lotion or any sort of thing like that. It needs to be left alone until it starts to flake, then add A&D cream --just a little -- until it fells a little greasy. Then, leave it alone until the next day, then repeat until it has no flakes. That means its healing properly.


I got a tattoo on my left side and ribs and its been 8 days since I've gotten it. Ive washed it at least twice a day and put bacitracin on at least four times a day. It has already flaked all the dead skin off but now I'm starting to notice a little bit of hardening and cracking. is this normal? what should i do (if it isn't normal)?


I just got a tattoo on my left shoulder blade a day ago. This is my first tattoo and I was wondering if its supposed to already be flaking, because mine kind of is. It's not a lot of flaking but i notice it on pillow case. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Also when is it supposed to start itching? I'm probably worrying over nothing since this is my first but any and all advice would be much appreciated.


I got a tattoo one year ago and its still has not healed correctly. It's bumped up, flaky, and still hurts. can anyone please tell me what to do?


i just got a tattoo three days ago. my artist told me to take the bandage off after two hours and then have a shower. i then need to apply bepanthem 2x a day and so far it's all fine and has not gone red, flaky and sore at all, and is healing nicely!


I've got 42 tats. Firstly, if your tattoo artist knows his stuff, your new tattoo shouldn't leak but a little for the first day after your new tat. If the artist puts "plastic wrap" on it, take that crap off asap. Wash your new tattoo under cold water (helps with any swelling and feels much better than warm water, as the warm water will make it feel like a burn and it will hurt, trust me) with a good antibacterial soap ( i use dawn antibacterial dishwashing/hand soap, ) and pat dry.

if it feels like it still has vaseline on it, wash it again. do not use vaseline on a new tattoo! vaseline has a tendency to be over-applied big time, and it will leach the color right out of your new ink, leaving it cloudy and faded looking. let you new tat air dry and breathe! if it starts leaking, pat it dry with a new clean paper towel! never reuse a paper towel! you may have only dabbed it and then laid it down, but bacteria will grow quickly in the spot you got your bodily fluids on.

once it quits oozing (which should be pdq after washing and patting dry) keep it exposed to the air as much as possible the first day. after a few hours, was your hands completely and was your tat with antibacterial and cold water. rinse it well and let it dry again. once it's completely dry, apply a very very small amount of bacitracin zinc antibiotic ointment. you only want to apply just enough to make the tat feel greasy to the touch. don't slather it on! This is where the "more is better" saying is crap. i even go as far as patting mine lightly with a clean paper towel after applying. you only want a microscopic layer on it, just enough to retard any infection. never use neosporin! it will, just like vaseline, pull the ink out and bleed your tattoo!

the first night or two, cover your tattoo with clean sterile gauze pads and secure them where they won't come off at night. many people i know have either not covered their tat at night or have not covered it properly, and have woken up with a nice neat outline of their tattoo on their sheets, right along with skin, scab, ink, etc. that was pulled out when they either got up or turned over. Also, your sheets are not clean! even if you change them daily, you sweat, slobber, etc., in your sleep. they are full of germs!

if you wear sweats to bed ("oh, I'll cover it and then cover it with sweats) tape the cuff to your ankle so they don't work up over night (in case of a leg tattoo that is, same thing with arm tattoos and shirts). a doctor friend of mine gave me a great piece of advice one time (he has as many tats as me). if you get a tattoo on your arm or leg, wash it completely before bed, cover it with non-stick gauze pads and then lightly wrap it with an ace bandage. this not only keeps it clean and germ free, but also keeps any low grade swelling at bay, as well as keeps any surface ooze from forming. do that for several days (at night) and your tat will turn out primo. Do this until your tat starts to flake, then leave uncovered and apply an unscented lotion three to four times a day or when it feels tight and itchy. do not scratch it, do not pick it or peel it yourself! it will scar!

i use these instructions myself as they were related to me by a doctor, not a tattoo artist with no medical degree! remember (nothing personal guys) most artists recommend the aftercare that's been used for years, that they heard from their instructor, not a doctor. i don't know about you, but I'll trust the guy with the medical degree.

An example, how many of you have been told by an artist to just apply a non-scented lotion alone from day one? that's crap, unless you like pain, and it will hurt! remember, your new tattoo is an abrasion, an open wound. you're not going to slap lotion in an open wound! you're going to disinfect it and cover it! -- d


i have had a tattoo for four days and some parts of my skin are falling off, like when you have a sunburn your skin starts to peel off. is that normal for a tattoo?


I have mine on my foot going up my ankle. It's been two weeks and it looks dry and flaky. Can i still apply lotion or leave it alone?


Just wondering has anyone heard of/tried hot water compress tattoo after-care ?

I had to get a cover-up for a tattoo that was badly executed the first time. (Even if it was an experienced artist who was recommended by friends.) His after-care instructions were pretty much standard: bandage at first, vaseline four times a day for a week then unscented lotion.

The other artist who fixed it has been in the business for eighteen years and he really did a great job. I was a bit surprised by his aftercare instructions though. Immediately after the tat, he didn't cover it up. He kept me with him an extra thirty minutes and periodically removed seepage with antiseptic soap. When it stopped leaking, he sent me home, no bandage. He recommends no ointment at all! Just apply hot compresses four or five times a day for ten minutes.

The first time only, I was to follow this with an ice-cold compress. That is all.

He did a wonderful job and I trust him and I am following what he suggested, but I have never heard of anything like it. I was wondering if this is common practice?

What would make him choose this method with me instead of traditional ones (I have a friend who had two tarts from him, and he didn't use this method with her.)


I got my tattoo four days ago at my foot all the way to my lower leg, and now it's very itchy. I know this is normal. can i put some ointment or any lotion while itching? --hace_19


I got a cover up last eight days ago and I think it's overworked due to the way it looks and the pain. i've tried the bacitracin and A&D but it hurts a little more. washing several times daily with antibacterial soap and warm water.

some scabbing looks cloudy and think others look OK. after it's washed, it begins to seep clear liquid (water?) and after it's patted dry, that stops. the tattoo is surrounded by redness (more pink than red). what can I do to help promote the best possible outcome? Thanks.


I got my first tattoo exactly three days ago and so far everything is fine. It is starting to peel very lightly. A&D has helped a lot and now I will be switching to Lubriderm in the next couple of days.


I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo on my hipbone but does that mean I can't wear pants for two weeks? I always wear tight skinny jeans but I don't mind wearing skirts. Thing is, I don't own that many.


I just got my first tattoo, and despite all the advice from online sources, I decided to follow the directions of my artist, who has been a tattoo artist for over 31 years. Must be good advice, because after only five days, my tattoo is looking awesome, and has not scabbed at all.

She put vaseline and plastic wrap on it, and I left that on till the next morning. I washed it gently, patted it dry, and used Lubriderm lotion. I have used the lotion a maximum of five times a day. Four or five times is all she recommended.

It got flaky about day three and four, but now it's smooth as it was before the tattoo! It never hurt, other than a slight sunburned feel. Everyone that has tattoos and has seen mine thinks that it won't scab.

I'm convinced that my artist's recommendations are definitely the way to go.


My tat looks like a chunk has come out. What should I do?


I had my first tattoo yesterday. The artist instructed me to remove the bandage, wash with warm water and soap, gently pat dry and air dry, then reapply vaseline and bandage. do this twice more, morning and night, then leave the bandage off.

When the skin starts to flake, apply lotion.

What do I do between the time I remove the bandage and begin to apply lotion?


I got my tattoo a week and two days ago, and it is slightly red around the edge in parts. what should i do?


So I got a tattoo on the top of my foot two days short of two weeks ago. Today I put Lubriderm on it. Was I supposed to? Will I wreck it?


Tattoos are supposed to crack/scab/peel. It's *normal*. *Never* put lotion on a tattoo that hasn't started peeling yet. If you cut open your finger would you pour lotion in it? You have to put A&D or some other ointment on it ot prevent infection. After a few days 2-4 depending on if it's peeling yet, *then* you use an unscented lotion. It's supposed to itch and peel. It will look crappy for a few weeks but then you will see what you saw when it was first done!


Okay, I think I'm in trouble. Got my first tat over a week ago on my ankle. first of all from the beginning the bandage was taken off a couple of hours after. it was hard to come off. complete out line on bandage in blood. I didn't rub it off my ankle, just applied a&d ointment as instructed. have been cleaning and caring for it as instructed. Was pushed into a pool once but came out quickly, have covered with a towel when out in the sun. anyway it's not looking good. color has faded it has scabbed and I was told to soften it with a warm wash cloth and rub off the scab. well now it has a red ring around it, it's scabbing in spots but burns and is sore. What should I do, short of going back to the tattoo parlor? this was done while on vacation and I'm not able to go back there. Can anyone help advise? --g av v


My tattoo has cracked and is red around the edges of the outline and has that burning itchy feeling.What should I do to it? It is about a week old goes from just below the bend of the knee on the outside right calf....there is a yellow tint to the blue ink.


My opinion of cracking....

If your tattoo scabbed from the beginning, then a crack in that scab may be normal...(Also, your artist overworked your skin) *If* the crack formed more then 4 days after the tattoo was received, and this was *not* following a bout of improper care, you may have a minor *staph* infection.

Staph lives on many surfaces, everywhere. Some people contract staph in their tattoos. Some staph is really bad (MRSA which is actually more likely to appear with boils not cracks)and some staph is not so bad..relatively speaking. The cracks will be painful, some require medical attention, some will heal on their own in a month sometimes 2.

To avoid this, don't touch your tattoo with non-washed hands, or let anyone else for that matter. Don't let your tattoo touch things that aren't sterile. Don't use your buddy's tattoo goo, get your own...and always make sure you get your tattoo from a clean, licensed shop.


hello to all, i'm a tattoo artist and i would like to point out a few things. *never* put lotion on a tattoo during the healing process. afterward yes, but not while your premature fragile skin is still healing. this will cause loss of color and possible to infections during the healing process. after a fresh tattoo apply A&D ointment.

another *no no* is neosporin. it's a thinner ointment yes. it has healing properties, but it usually soaks into the skin faster than the petroleum based ointments which do more good than harm. this is because the thicker the ointment (with the added healing needs) the better it is to protect and keep out those harmful bacterias in which, may in most cases, cause staph infections!

so leave it wrapped for a few hours after your new ink, then put *small* and not too cakey coats of A&D ointment. its your best bet!

as for goes the healing process your tattoo will look crummy, but don't be discouraged. it's healing and the finished product that you seen after your new ink was applied is what it should look like after the ugly healing process is complete. given that the client does not pick or scratch at it during the itchy healing process (slight itching is a sign that your tattoo is in the right direction) this should only feel this way a week after your tattoo has been applied.

if you experience pink and red soreness around the outlines and details of your tattoo with an almost yellow tint be advised that this is not normal healing and your tattoo may be infected as well as a feeling of an itchy burning feeling. this is a red flag but take good care of your tattoo and care for it just as any wound give or take a few things we have discussed such as ointments!


got a tattoo about 3 weeks ago on the side of my foot and now im starting to see some cracking on some letters is it scabbing or should i be worried its messed up?


i got my fist tattoo last week but i think i made a mistake by not cleaning it the second day can it mess up my tat and i was also wondering how long would it take to heal fully and what should it feel like when it is...


"i have been using a herbal ointment with eucalyptus, camphor and tea tree oil in it"

-As the guide suggests - don\'t use moisturizers or creams with scent

"I'm a runner and have not run since then but am wondering when it would be OK to start running again."

-When it stops scabbing and feels like normal skin, probably 2-3 weeks?


I got a tattoo that wraps around my ankle three weeks ago and the artist told me not to walk or run too much for a while. I'm a runner and have not run since then but am wondering when it would be OK to start running again.


hey, i got ma second tattoo about 3 weeks ago on ma leg just above my ankle..i am bit worried because it hasn't healed 1st one is on ma shoulder and it only took two weeks to completely heal..only a few scabs have fallen off from the new one but i am seeing a thin kind of transparent layer on top of da tattoo..i don't know what that is..i really don't know what to expect because i never paid attention to how da 1st one looked when it was healing..i have been using a herbal ointment with eucalyptus, camphor and tea tree oil in it..i just hope dis hasn't affected in any way..any advice from ny 1..if this ends up looking like crap..i may have to wear pants for the rest of my life..somebody help!!!



I got my tattoo a few weeks back and I had the same problem. It was my first tattoo and so I didn't know what to expect. Basically, your tattoo is still healing, and the cracking, scabbing and dull color is all part of the experience. Your tattoo may like crap now, but give it 2 weeks, keep on putting lotion on their 3-4 times a day, and it will look brilliant once healed. if it still looks bad after a month, go and get it touched up, preferably at a different tattoo parlour, good luck!!!


Okay, so I got a tattoo on my foot last Saturday (1/12/08), of 2 daisies and now on one of my daisies in the middle part it is really cracked and looks like crap. I have not been wearing any shoes or socks over my tattoo. The artist told me to wash it with anti bacterial soap a few times a day, wait 5-10 minutes and apply Lubriderm. I have 2 other tattoos on my back side so I never watched them heal, and I always applied A&D afterwards, but I figured since this was on my foot just maybe it is different.

What should I do now, after having it for almost 2 weeks? I am so afraid that it is going to look like major crap after the healing process.

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    • Woman with tattoos on her arm and back.
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      Woman with tattoos on her arm and back.
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      A tattoo machine.
    • Sunlight is the enemy of tattoos in the skin's early healing stages.
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      Sunlight is the enemy of tattoos in the skin's early healing stages.
    • Tattoo aftercare begins right after walking out of the tattoo shop.
      By: BlueSkyImages
      Tattoo aftercare begins right after walking out of the tattoo shop.
    • Freshly applied tattoos must be kept away from water and sun until healed.
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      Freshly applied tattoos must be kept away from water and sun until healed.