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What are Super Foods?

Kris Roudebush
Kris Roudebush

Super foods are defined as those foods that are so nutrient-rich that they can help fight aging and illness. They have high amounts of flavonoids and micro and macro nutrients while being low in calories. These are the foods that will boost a person's immune system and help him or her fight everything from the flu to aging. Foods given this title are usually based on solid research and should be considered seriously for almost anyone’s diet.

One of the top super foods is spinach. It has more than 100% of vitamins K and A for starters, and it contains more than half the daily requirements for folate and manganese. Spinach has a special concoction of flavonoids, 13 to be exact, that all work together to help slow a number of cancers, including breast cancer. If that wasn’t enough to make it a super food, spinach does more. It’s been associated with improved brain function, eyesight, energy, and gastrointestinal function.

Salmon canapes.
Salmon canapes.

While being green and leafy is a good thing, it’s not the only food that’s good for people. Pumpkin is another super food. Even though this plump squash is associated with Halloween, it’s full of nutrients that the body needs every day. Technically, it’s a fruit, not a vegetable, and canned is as good for health as fresh. Pumpkin has lots of fiber, which helps to keep people feeling full, and beta carotene as well.

Many berries are super foods.
Many berries are super foods.

No one would ever leave turkey off any list talking about super foods. It's a good source of protein with less saturated fat than red meat, plus it has selenium, which is a trace mineral that gives people a cancer fighting boost. Turkey also has B vitamins that will give people who eat it energy and boost brain power.

These three super foods are just a sampling of the good things available. Other foods include blueberries (fresh or frozen), beans (dried helps lower cholesterol), tea (green or black), tomatoes (fresh and canned), walnuts, wild salmon, and oats, just to name a few. Combining foods will increase the absorption of the micronutrients and give diners more bang for their buck. People can try eating oatmeal with orange juice for a morning antioxidant boost. There are so many good foods out there, and they’re easy to incorporate into any diet.

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Kefir is also a super food.


Icecream17-Nuts and fish also have great health benefits and should be considered among super foods for nutrition.

Salmon for example has Omega 3 fatty acids which is important in promoting a healthy heart. Nuts also contain many of these healthy fats along with a high amount of protein which has a filling effect on the body.

Carrots are another raw super food that contains beta carotene and has a high amount of vitamin A which promotes healthy vision.

A tablespoon of olive oil daily is also recommended for a healthy heart and it is a staple among most Mediterranean diets.

In order to get the healthiest benefits from the olive oil, the oil can not be heated and has to be ingested in its natural state.

Eggs are also healthy foods that contain a high degree of protein. Some people that may have cholesterol problems might eat the egg white instead of the entire egg. Ordering egg white omeletes are healthier and you still get the protein benefits from the egg.


BrickBack-I know that on the super foods regarding antioxidants, blueberries are high on the list.

This foods offer cell renewal on your face making you glow and look and feel younger. Foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries also make your heart healthier and give you more energy.

These foods are also known as natural anti aging foods that really make you look younger. Another super food for nutrition is beans.

Beans not only stabilize your blood sugar but they also contain a high source of protein and fiber which is important in fighting colon cancer and promoting healthy weight loss.

Foods high in fiber like beans allow you to feel fuller longer making it easy to eat less and lose weight. They also contain a healthy amount of iron which is important for pregnant women who usually have iron deficiencies during pregnancy.


Dega2010-I agree that spinach is among one of the super foods for health. I know when I eat spinach I feel so energetic that I try to eat spinach daily because it makes me feel so good.

I usually combine spinach with some Laughing Cow cheese wedges and it tastes great. It is a light version of creamed spinach that is not so high in calories.

I also include spinach with chicken or meat and try to make it apart of my dinner. I sometimes include the spinach in an egg beater omelete.

I also include a little bit of cheese and it tastes great. I know that they are among the 10 super foods out there. They are also rich in iron and calcium among other nutrients.


There has been much debate with health experts on which foods earn the right to be called “super foods”. However, vividly colored vegetables and fruits are usually on the super food list of most of them.

Foods such as those and even nuts, seeds, spices, and herbs contain substances known as phyto-nutrients. Studies have shown that phyto-nutrients have a protective effect on our health.

There are many websites that contain lists of super foods that you can choose from.

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    • Salmon canapes.
      Salmon canapes.
    • Many berries are super foods.
      By: Elenathewise
      Many berries are super foods.
    • Spinach is considered one of the best super foods.
      By: margo555
      Spinach is considered one of the best super foods.
    • A bowl of oatmeal.
      A bowl of oatmeal.
    • Pumpkins.
      By: ulchik74
    • Walnuts are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and they are often considered super foods.
      By: dinostock
      Walnuts are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and they are often considered super foods.
    • Spinach can be used to make healthy, green smoothies.
      By: tashka2000
      Spinach can be used to make healthy, green smoothies.
    • Green tea typically has up to 10 times more antioxidant polyphenols than fruits and vegetables.
      By: Liv Friis-larsen
      Green tea typically has up to 10 times more antioxidant polyphenols than fruits and vegetables.