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What are the Different Types of Pilates for Men?

Pilates for men comes in various forms, tailored to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance. From the classic mat routines to the dynamic reformer sessions, each type offers unique benefits. Men can choose from Stott Pilates, which emphasizes postural alignment, to Power Pilates for a more intense workout. What type might suit your fitness goals best? Join us to find out.
Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks

Generally, there are not many differences between Pilates exercises for women and Pilates exercises for men. Pilates exercises are designed to help participants increase flexibility, improve balance, and develop core strength. These are fitness and wellness goals beneficial to both genders. Depending on a participant’s fitness level or goals, an instructor might make adjustments to certain Pilates moves to help that person achieve the most benefit possible from the exercise. Typically, such adjustments, as well as focusing more on certain exercises than on others, form the basis for classes and instructional materials geared toward Pilates for men.

Pilates moves focus on core building, flexibility, and balance, all while paying attention to and building efficient movement patterns and uniform development. These might seem like the kinds of features women more than men would focus on, yet these aspects are just as important to men as they are to women. Actually, for a man whose workouts focus mostly on weight training, these aspects are even more important. Thus, the differences that do exist typically consist of traditional Pilates moves that have been adjusted to meet a particular man’s fitness needs or wants. A Pilates instructor might make these adjustments based on each individual male student, or men might find classes or videos that teach a lump collection of Pilates exercises for men.

Some pilates workouts use an exercise ball to help build core strength.
Some pilates workouts use an exercise ball to help build core strength.

Adjustments aside, there are certain Pilates exercises men might benefit from more than others. For example, the body’s core is an important area when it comes to a man’s weight lifting and training workout, and certain Pilates moves can help. The Hundred, for example, is a basic Pilates exercise designed to strengthen the core, as is The Roll-Up. Pilates for men exercises can incorporate equipment, too. For example, certain moves with a Pilates ball, such as The Half Roll Back, The Saw, and The Pilates Mermaid, help to work and strengthen the obliques.

Any man interested in learning more about Pilates for men can start by contacting his area’s community fitness centers and asking about Pilates classes. He might talk with instructors about whether any existing classes focus on Pilates exercises and stretches for men. If no classes exist, he might talk with the instructors about the possibility of starting a class for men. Men who live in areas that do not have any nearby fitness centers or classes might check the Internet. Since Pilates is becoming more popular among males, it is easy to find Pilates for men resources include websites, articles, and instructional videos.

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    • Some pilates workouts use an exercise ball to help build core strength.
      By: michaeljung
      Some pilates workouts use an exercise ball to help build core strength.