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What Are the Different Types of Therapeutic Techniques?

Brandon May
Brandon May

There are different types of therapeutic techniques used in the treatment of physical, mental and emotional disorders that show promise in promoting overall health. Art, music and family therapy are three forms of psychological therapeutic tools and techniques designed to work on relieving emotional upset and helping a patient develop a deeper sense of understanding of oneself. Guided meditation and hypnosis are also accepted forms of therapy, helping the body find a state of relaxation, which has been shown to promote both mental and physical health. Other methods like massage, emotional freedom technique and acupuncture are also recognized forms of therapy used for mental, physical and emotional relaxation.

Psychological tools like talk therapy are very popular techniques widely accepted as a valuable tool for helping those uncover emotional and mental blocks in their lives. Family therapy is a form of talk therapy and is also one of the successful therapeutic techniques for bridging emotional and psychological understanding between family members. Other common therapeutic techniques, like art therapy or music therapy, also help release emotions and aid in developing a deeper understanding of the mind. Using these types of therapies are very common in eating disorders and depression treatment, among many others.

Massage therapy is often used to promote relaxation and healing.
Massage therapy is often used to promote relaxation and healing.

Many therapeutic techniques also focus on providing relaxation, which has been shown to improve immune function in patients fighting various types of illness. It has been shown that general stress can negatively impact the immune system, whereas relaxation through meditation or other forms of therapy can increase healthy immune system cells. Meditation and guided visualization are common therapeutic techniques used in psychology and complementary medicine. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are other forms of therapy used for relaxation, and are also used for dealing with emotional issues by psychiatrists, medical doctors or hypnotherapists.

Mental health issues are often addressed through talk therapy.
Mental health issues are often addressed through talk therapy.

Since relaxation is an important aspect of any therapy, individuals may often seek relaxing ventures such as cooking, walking or talking with friends as a therapeutic outlet. Massage is also a common therapeutic technique to help release tense muscles and to relieve stress and anxiety. Acupuncture is a therapeutic tool used in complementary approaches to relaxation, as well, and is often used alongside massage therapy and herbal medicine. Emotional freedom technique is a form of acupuncture that uses tapping of the fingers on various energy points of the body, combined with positive affirmations, and also acts as a therapeutic and relaxation tool.

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Does talk therapy really help? I have a therapist that I see once a week for talk therapy and frankly, I feel much worse after therapy than before. Talking about my issues actually makes things worse for me.


@serenesurface-- Have you ever looked into acupuncture? I've heard that it does wonders for tension and I think it's beneficial for the thyroid as well. It's a fairly ancient method that has been used for a very long time.

I personally like ancient therapeutic methods. Chinese medicine has many such remedies. Another one is the Chinese suction cups used on the back for upper respiratory infections. It helps remove toxins from the lungs and helps the removal of phlegm. My mother learned how to do it many years ago and she has always used it when I was ill. I've always felt better afterward.


I've experienced first hand what stress can do to the body. I developed several illnesses during a period where I was very stressed and worried due to financial difficulty. I developed diabetes, a spinal injury and a thyroid disorder. I'm convinced that stress brought these on or worsened them. Stress releases hormones that suppress the immune system.

Although people don't realize, relaxation techniques used regularly may have much greater benefit in the long term by preventing the ill effects of stress. Spending time in nature, meditation or prayer, exercise and the like are all stress reducing and therapeutic for the nerves.

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    • Massage therapy is often used to promote relaxation and healing.
      By: dgmata
      Massage therapy is often used to promote relaxation and healing.
    • Mental health issues are often addressed through talk therapy.
      By: emiliau
      Mental health issues are often addressed through talk therapy.