What Are the Symptoms of a Cucumber Allergy?

Meshell Powell
Meshell Powell
A sliced salad cucumber.
A sliced salad cucumber.

Symptoms of a cucumber allergy can range from mildly inconvenient to potentially life threatening. In most cases, those who are allergic have mild local symptoms, such as redness around the mouth, skin reactions, or itchy, watery eyes. Sometimes, gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea or stomach pain, may occur as a result of consuming this food. In the most severe cases, the face and throat may swell so much that breathing becomes difficult or even impossible. Any specific questions or concerns about a possible allergy should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.

Food allergies may manifest as skin rashes.
Food allergies may manifest as skin rashes.

A medical condition known as oral allergy syndrome is the most common presentation of a cucumber allergy. When the raw cucumber touches the face or is eaten, a red rash may surround the mouth or even develop inside it. This rash often causes itching or discomfort, and it may be accompanied by itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. As the cucumber is related to ragweed, those with an allergy to ragweed carry a higher risk of having a reaction to cucumbers.

People with cucumber allergies should read labels carefully to ensure there are no hidden allergens in the product.
People with cucumber allergies should read labels carefully to ensure there are no hidden allergens in the product.

It is also closely related to a latex allergy, so people who are allergic to latex may be advised to avoid eating cucumbers. Many people who exhibit an allergy to cucumbers may also be allergic to foods such as melons or bananas. When any of these foods are peeled or cooked, the risks of experiencing allergic symptoms are diminished.

Skin reactions are relatively common signs of a cucumber allergy. Some people may break out into an itchy rash when a product containing cucumber touches the skin. Many cosmetic products contain this vegetable as an ingredient, so those with this type of allergy should read labels carefully. When the cucumber is eaten, a rash may develop all over the body. This rash may present as hives or have more of an eczema-type appearance.

More severe symptoms of an allergy may include extreme nausea or stomach pain, and in some cases, blood pressure may drop to dangerous levels. If these symptoms are accompanied by black or bloody vomit or diarrhea, the sufferer should consult a healthcare professional immediately. Anaphylaxis is a medical term used to describe a severe and potentially fatal type of allergic reaction that may cause symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, or facial swelling. If this condition is not treated immediately, permanent brain damage or even death is possible within a matter of minutes.

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Please let me know. I'm really wondering about the cucumber allergy. My husband and I are lost for what to do.


Is it possible to be allergic to cucumbers all of a sudden? My husband and I are breaking out with hives all over and that's the only thing that we are both eating the same and it's getting bad.


Whoa! I have known I'm allergic to latex for many years, but they never mentioned any cucumber relation. Just recently I ended up in the ER with anaphylaxis and had been going all natural since it seemed to be processed foods with artificial ingredients.

I was still occasionally having issues so when I went for my testing, which was only 20 common ones since I had to pay out of pocket, I added some possible culprits - corn, cucumber, strawberries and grapes... corn was predominantly the worst reaction, but cucumber came in second with a mild strawberry and negative grape result.

I would never have connected cucumbers to latex. I am still sorting everything out as this test was just done this past Friday. I am seeking more connections on my own, that's for sure. You'd think the allergist (who knew I was allergic to latex) would have said something. Ugh.


I'm anaphylaxis to cucumber and allergic to latex. From what I've read it seems it's a rare condition, and most people haven't heard of it.


I eat cucumbers all the time, even with a latex allergy. I recently put on a new concealer with Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) as one of its ingredients and broke out with Impetigo on my face and had to go to urgent care to get it treated! I will definitely be more careful when it comes to reading the ingredients in cosmetics.


I had eaten cucumbers (garden varieties) all my life without reaction. I recently ate an English seedless. It was grown in mexico. I thought I was going to pass out. The cucumber was peeled, and I ate three thick slices. Acted just like a penicillin reaction.


@betterment - It is pretty interesting how much different a mild allergy is from a severe allergy. However, I would say you should be careful even if you have a mild food allergy.

From what I understand, allergy symptoms can get worse the more you expose yourself to an allergen. So what starts of a just a slight itchy around the mouth when you eat cucumber can evolve into a full body rash or even anaphylaxis.

So once you find you're allergic to a food, it's probably better to just avoid it.


I always find it amazing how much allergy symptoms can vary in severity. As the article said, a cucumber allergy can manifest itself as something as mild as itchy around the mouth. But it can also cause serious stomach issues or even anaphylaxis!


@SZapper - I find it interesting too that people with one allergy might be more likely to have another (seemingly) unrelated allergy. I can't for the life of me figure out how cucumbers are related to latex! I also don't think cucumbers and bananas are very similar either!

I imagine the symptoms of a ragweed allergy and a cucumber allergy would be a lot different though. I also have seasonal allergies, and I usually sneeze a lot and get itchy eyes. Whereas people with a cucumber allergy have the usual symptoms of a food allergy.


I had no idea cucumber was related to ragweed! I'm highly allergic to ragweed, but so far I've never shown any symptoms of a cucumber allergy. I guess I'm just lucky, because I really like cucumbers. Also, as the article said, cucumber is in a lot of different products!

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    • A sliced salad cucumber.
      By: Kenishirotie
      A sliced salad cucumber.
    • Food allergies may manifest as skin rashes.
      By: darkhriss
      Food allergies may manifest as skin rashes.
    • People with cucumber allergies should read labels carefully to ensure there are no hidden allergens in the product.
      By: Kadmy
      People with cucumber allergies should read labels carefully to ensure there are no hidden allergens in the product.