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What Is a Hologram Bracelet?

A hologram bracelet is a piece of jewelry that claims to harness holographic technology to improve balance, energy, and wellness. Often embedded with a holographic chip, these bracelets are a fusion of fashion and potential function. But do they truly work, or is it all just stylish science fiction? Uncover the reality behind the shimmering facade as we explore further.
Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud

A hologram bracelet, sometimes referred to as an energy, ionized, or balance bracelet, is basically a round article of jewelry worn around the wrist that contains a hologram. There are many names for such products, and their popularity has grown in recent years surrounding claims that wearing such bracelets is beneficial to one's health and physical performance. Prior to such claims, these bracelets were most commonly used for aesthetic and style purposes.

Holograms are unique pictures that seem to jump out at a person in a three-dimensional manner or change themselves depending on vantage points. They were first invented by a physicist named Dennis Gabor in 1947 and have since infiltrated commercial markets due to their unique effects. Although popular from the start, their use as bracelets and other gadgets came later.


After the first onslaught of popularity, the hologram bracelet began to pick up attention for a different reason. In order to understand the claims of the hologram bracelet, magnetic bracelet, and similar products, it's important to have a background of human physiology. The human body relies on electricity and magnetism. Electrical charges can do many things, ranging from regulation of the heart to causing disease. Magnetism has been thought to have a balancing effect against undesired charges like oxidants, which are thought to throw off the neutral homeostasis of the body.

The commercial success of many of these types of bracelets has therefore transitioned from aesthetic to practical, based on the claims that wearing these bracelets make people healthier, happier, and more productive. Many scientific studies have been conducted surrounding such claims with little more than subjective responses supporting these statements. The thought is that, as blood passes through the wrist, the magnetic action of the hologram bracelet or other products balances unwanted ionic activity in the blood, returning it eventually to the heart in a more desirable form.

Whether this bold physiological claim is actually true or not has not stopped people from jumping on the band wagon. The hologram bracelet and other forms are not cheap either, often costing a pretty penny. Although there is much controversy regarding the effects of such bracelets, there are many people who swear by them and claim improved overall performance in life due to wearing one. Other naysayers claim rubbish and think that only a fool would buy into a commercial scheme like this for reasons other than style.

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