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What is a Mini-Stepper?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A mini stepper is a piece of exercise equipment; it is a miniature version of a stair stepper, designed to be both less expensive and more portable than the full sized machine. These are the primary advantages of a mini stepper, though there are a number of potential disadvantages as well. One of these is that it is usually not possible to alter the resistance very much on this piece of equipment, which is one of the most important features on a stair stepper in order to make workouts more challenging.

Stair steppers are popular pieces of exercise equipment because they offer a challenging aerobic workout, often for both the legs and arms if they feature moving handlebars, yet are fairly low impact. A mini stepper typically features just foot plates mounted on a small surrounding frame for stability; pricier mini steppers may feature small extension handlebars, but this is not common. Some may also include the option to attach resistance bands to the sides of the foot plates, which can help to engage the arms as well, and make the workout slightly more challenging. It is important to be able to balance well if choosing to use a mini stepper.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

Mini steppers are popular pieces of exercise equipment because they are much less expensive than full sized stair steppers, even though they do not usually include any type of extended warranty. They are also easy to store and put away when not in use; or, if they are left out, they do not take up much space. These are some of the main advantages of this type of exercise equipment. One of the disadvantages, aside from not being able to increase the resistance, is that they typically do not hold up well to heavy use, and may be best suited for people who exercise on the stair stepper only occasionally.

For people who only want to use a mini stepper to supplement other workouts, however, it can be a good choice and a way to add variety an exercise routine. Mini steppers will frequently feature a digital display that displays information such as time spent exercising, distance traveled, or calories burned, among others. This type of display is typically powered with a battery, making the mini stepper an even better choice for traveling. It is best to do research first and read reviews on specific steppers before making a purchase.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising