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What is a Uterine Biopsy?

A uterine biopsy is a medical procedure where a small tissue sample is taken from the lining of the uterus for analysis. This test helps diagnose abnormalities, such as cancer or infections, providing crucial insights into a woman's reproductive health. Intrigued by how this process can unlock answers to complex health questions? Discover the significance of each step in our detailed guide.
J. Beam
J. Beam

A uterine biopsy, medically referred to as an endometrial biopsy, is a procedure performed by a doctor to collect tissue cell samples from the lining of the endometrium, or uterus. By collecting these tissue samples and then examining them under a microscope, a doctor can determine the source or cause of many uterine problems.

In most cases, the biopsy can be performed in a doctor’s office, or your doctor may schedule the procedure at a hospital or other medical facility. There are several ways a uterine biopsy can be attained, most of which will involve minimal discomfort and no anesthesia. One method, called a D&C, which stands for dilation and curettage, is done with general or local anesthesia. In all methods of tissue cell collection, an instrument is passed through the cervix and into the uterus for collection.

Uterine biopsies are collected from the uterus.
Uterine biopsies are collected from the uterus.

There are several reasons why a doctor may order a biopsy of the uterus. Common reasons are to diagnose heavy or uncontrollable uterine bleeding, uterine cancer or to further assess an abnormal pap test, and to determine causes of infertility. For example, a uterine biopsy can determine a condition known as endometrial hyperplasia, or overgrowth of the lining of the uterus, which is a common cause of infertility because the egg fails to attach to the uterine wall. The biopsy is sometimes performed in conjunction with a hysteroscopy, a procedure involving a lighted scope used to visually examine the lining of the uterus.

Prior to this procedure, your doctor will give you specific instructions to prepare for the test. A uterine biopsy is not performed on pregnant women, so you should tell your doctor if you are pregnant or think you could be.

The thickness of the endometrium changes along with the female's menstrual cycle.
The thickness of the endometrium changes along with the female's menstrual cycle.

The most common side effects reported during and after a uterine biopsy are mild to moderate cramping, discomfort, or pain, dizziness that goes away after the procedure is completed, and light bleeding. Side effects that should be reported to your doctor after this test include heavy or uncontrollable bleeding, fever, abdominal pain, and abnormal or a foul-smelling vaginal discharge. Your doctor will advise of you of any post-procedure instructions, such as avoiding the use of tampons or intercourse.

A woman who experiences uncontrollable bleeding following a uterine biopsy should inform her doctor.
A woman who experiences uncontrollable bleeding following a uterine biopsy should inform her doctor.

Once the tissue cells have been collected, they are sent to a lab for a pathologist to examine. Lab results can take anywhere from three to seven days. Your doctor will notify you of the results and will follow up with additional testing if necessary.

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Discussion Comments


I hope all the women who had this painful procedure without any pain relief called the hospital and complained! I was very angry. When I told the doctor how terrible this was she told me, "If all you women would call and write letters complaining they would change how this biopsy is done. Nobody complains, so nothing changes."

A man would never tolerate something like this without being knocked out!

Speak up please! We do not need to suffer. This is 2021 not 1821!


I had all three of my sons naturally without any drugs and giving birth was a lot less painful, in my opinion. I had a uterine biopsy done recently and it was very, very painful. I wasn't given any drugs prior to the procedure and I feel it was a horrible inhumane experience. To add insult to injury, they indicated that the sample may not have been big enough to test. If that ends up being the case, then I would have to be subject to a D&C. This wouldn't be necessary if I had been given a local and or put to sleep so I wouldn't feel it the first time. Patiently awaiting a phone call to see what the next step will be. Please ask to be put to sleep.


I had one done 2 days ago. Thank God the results were normal! I was not informed to take any painkillers. I was not numbed. I experienced horrible cramps along with a feeling of a poker or needle going through me. The searing poker feeling was the worst for me. I moaned and groaned the whole way. I also had a death grip on the examination table. The gynecologist said I did very well. So, I assume most women scream and yell. I will not let allow that procedure to be done again without really good drugs!


I had the colposcopy, cervix and endometrial biopsy done yesterday! I am a 65 year old widow; without having sex for 10 years. I have 3 kids. I do not take estrogen (hormones) of any kind; so my skin and tissues lacks the elasticity to be stretched. When I had my pap smear done, even the speculum hurt and I told the doctor too, so she knew my circumstances.

The staff and doctor made it sound the procedure sound like nothing. I also found it to be an barbaric experience, no pain meds, no nothing! It felt as though she was corkscrewing my insides out, especially during the endometrial biopsy. The pain was unbearable.

The doctor kept telling me to let my legs relax open and my butt down but the pain was so intense. I was crying and yelling OMG. It felt like torture. Never again unless I am knocked out. It was awful! The good thing, afterward, minor discomfort, and little bleeding or cramping, I am thankful for that.


Had the uterus biopsy yesterday. I was not prepared for it at all! sorry, but it was extremely painful. The third time my back was arched and I was moaning loudly. It was not successful so now O will go into the hospital and be put under for the D&C.

Yes, it is barbaric in this day and age!

Bottom Line: It's a cheaper procedure for Canadian healthcare.

Ladies: we need to take control of our health. Ask to be put under. We should not have to go through this kind of pain and procedure in this day and age. Age: 54, mother of three


I also got this done and had no clue for what I was in for until I read posts on some sites. I am glad I did because the doctors office told me nothing. I was able to take OTC medications to help with pain before the procedure. Thank God I did! I have a very high tolerance for pain and I have had three C-sections and this by far was the worst pain I have ever felt! I cried and was shaking while the doctor was doing this. After reading all the info I believe I have a tilted cervix so that is probably why it was so painful but never the less it was very painful!

Please ask for pain medication before you go into get this done and educate yourself so you know what you are in for. I may have been scared to do this but I was informed and that did help because I was aware that there was going to be lots of pain and sometimes it is easier to be mentally prepared for it.


I had this done yesterday. I am 56 and it was the worst pain I have ever felt. My doctor could not finish the procedure. She wants me to come back and try again or go under in the hospital to have it done. I have kidney cancer, and I'm not sure I can make myself go back again. I envy those who say is was just a little uncomfortable. I came off the table and screamed, and then sobbed for about five minutes until the pain subsided.


I just had this done in the summer of 2014. I read these posts beforehand and was pretty scared to get it done. Here is my experience. It's like a Pap smear at first, which is uncomfortable but not terrible. However for me, she had a hard time really getting a good opening far in, and that was painful feeling her adjust it a few times. She then stuck it in and it feels like a pap but then you feel this secondary phase where she pushes through the muscle opening to get to the upper internal uterus. It triggers this really bad core cramp right in that area that's basically the worst cramp times a hundred.

I feel, and other friends have said, it's such an intense cramp it's pretty shocking. So she's trying to work the tube and vacuum it out and I was crying because it hurt. It's the pain that makes you curse and sweat. It should only take two minutes but my ordeal was 20 minutes. I also had lots of Advil before going in as well.

Afterward, it just feels like a period and I'm a little sore but nothing major. I'm bleeding a bit. You'll be happy you got it done. I felt like a rock star surviving that. It's obviously not like burning your skin or having a gunshot wound, but in the world of gyno stuff it's probably a 6-7 on pain scale. 10 being labor. I've never had a kid so I can't totally compare.


I had a uterine biopsy a couple of weeks ago and it was no big deal at all. It just slightly more painful than a pap smear and I had spotting only for about an hour afterwards, followed by mild cramping for a day or two. So to anyone who has to get this done, do not worry!


I had it done, and yes, it hurt enough for me to curse out loud in the doctor's office, but no, it is not as horrific as some people are saying.

I mostly was feeling the need to pee and I did not want to pee all over my doctor. It does not last long enough for me to think that any type of anesthesia should be used, especially since anesthesia is very taxing on the body.

I had cramping, but over the counter pain reliever worked just fine.

You are not being violated. That is absurd to say when there are ladies who actually have been violated.


I just had a uterine biopsy, and took a prescribed pill vaginally two hours prior to the procedure to dilate my cervix (no births). I had a bad reaction from the pill including terrible cramps and nausea. The actual procedure was a little painful, but 30 minutes after the procedure I had the worst cramps I have ever had at age 44. They lasted for three excoriating hours and I am now just sore. We should be warned about the likelihood of having so much pain from this procedure! I was unprepared.


I had it done yesterday. Ouch! It was painful. I cried from the pain! I am still in pain today. This the worse thing a woman can have. I hope I will never need one of those again.


I just had this done two days ago. My doctor gave me some tylenol and told me I would feel cramping during the procedure, which would only last about 10 seconds. Yes, it hurt and was uncomfortable but not bad at all. I would never consider being put under anesthesia for such a simple procedure. Peace of mind for me makes this procedure a piece of cake.


Please, please, please don't panic. I had a uterine biopsy done today and I was nervous after reading all of the nightmare posts from other women. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and have been through two natural childbirths and kidney stones (twice) but couldn't believe this procedure could actually be as bad as some women posted.

I have to say I have a great, young woman doctor and maybe that made all the difference but it wasn't all that bad. My doctor went through every step so I understood it (and had she not, I would have asked). She told me the actual whole procedure would take 10-15 minutes, but the part with the pipette taking cells from my uterus would only be like 30 seconds. She gave me a shot in my cervix for pain then started immediately after.

It started out like just uncomfortable pressure like a pap smear but I got increasingly harder cramps as the "straw" was inserted. It was comparable to labor pains early on, but didn't last long. After the procedure was done she had me lie with my knees up for about 15 minutes to help with the cramping.

I have to say: the 30 seconds of bearable pain was worth getting an answer. I have two beautiful girls and a great husband to live for, so it was worth finding out if everything is OK. I am cramping a little bit still (five hours later) but would do it again if I had to. I'm bleeding lightly -- no big deal. I would just say to anyone who is about to have the test done for the first time, talk to your doctor beforehand, ask questions and ask for pain meds.


I had a uterine biopsy done today. Although it was painful, it was not nearly as painful or horrifying as being raped. Been there, done that. Please stop referring to this medical procedure as a sexual violation. As for the biopsy, it was painful, I did experience cramping and still have some cramping and a bit of bleeding, but I expect with a bit of rest and some Aleve, this too shall pass.


I am livid. I had one of these a couple of days ago and it was the most excruciating experience of my life. I was not told ahead of time that it would be painful or even to take OTC painkillers ahead of time. Yes, I understand that for some women this is not unbearably uncomfortable, but I started to research it and found a study that 50 percent to 75 percent of women experience moderate to severe pain. Dentists routinely offer novocaine for fillings (and not all people find those that uncomfortable), so why isn't some type of pain management routinely offered for this procedure?

I'm not having much residual pain now, but I feel psychologically scarred. I am furious.


I am 40 years old and have had one vaginal birth and four c-sections. I went to the doctor yesterday for abnormal bleeding and weight gain over the past year. He suggested doing this biopsy just to rule out any problems and to see if I was starting menopause. He did not tell me of any pain during or after the procedure, nor did he tell me not to use tampons or have sex. The procedure itself did not hurt.

About 30 minutes afterward, I started cramping severely and was near tears. I do not take conventional medicines so I didn't take anything for the pain. I did find that a warm bath alleviated the pain but about another 30 minutes after getting out of the tub the cramping returned and started going through my entire pelvis, hips, and lower back. That lasted most of the night.

This morning my lower back still hurts and I cannot stand for very long. The pain I went through yesterday I also related to being raped and the pain today feels like I am having back labor. I am appalled that I was not informed on what to expect. I am even more appalled that the doctor suggested that if the tests come back normal for me to allow him to "treat" my peri-menopause symptoms with birth control pills or surgery. Why would anyone in their right mind treat a natural process of the human female body with unnatural drugs or unnecessary surgery?


I went into my doctor's office just to discuss having an endometrial ablation and she said we would need to do a biopsy of my uterus first and since I was there that day, we might as well go ahead and do it. She gave me no medicine to prepare for what was about to happen! I was also appalled at the procedure in this day and time and couldn't believe that you would have to go through so much pain with all the advanced medicine we have nowadays!

Blood shot all over the place and I started having severe cramping and it's now 19 hours later and I'm still having minor cramping and light bleeding. I really think my doctor should have prepared me better for this procedure. It's so unfortunate that women have to go through procedures like this in this day and time!


I had this procedure done almost seven days ago, and I am still sore. I have a pretty good pain threshold, and have had one natural birth, but this is indescribable. After a couple of days, I felt feverish, and went back to the doctor; I was given antibiotic for a possible infection on top of the pain I was experiencing.

I still am challenged with sitting, sleeping and walking comfortably. I am absolutely appalled that this is the state of medicine for women in the 21st century. What sadists would not routinely recommend anesthesia and painkillers? I feel like I had surgery, and as long as it's taking me to recover, my doctor may as well have taking my uterus out while she was at it. Never again would I go through such a barbaric procedure.

I'm happy to know that not everyone suffers so horribly from the procedure, and that there are doctors out there who have enough dignity and human compassion to help their patients through this "procedure" that surely predates the Dark Ages.


I had this procedure done today and am surprised by all of the negative comments on here about how terrible it is. I barely felt a thing and did not think it was bad at all. I had a slight cramp and that was it.


I was scheduled to have this procedure done in my doctor's office and read the posts on here a few days beforehand. After reading all of the comments I was scared to death to have it done. I even called my doctor's nurse and talked to her about the comments on here and told her I was thinking about cancelling my appointment. She assured me that I would only feeling cramping. I decided to go ahead and have it done.

The night before the procedure I took Aleve. The morning of the procedure I took more Aleve and ate breakfast. Anyway, the procedure only took a few seconds and was not bad at all. I didn't think it hurt. I just felt a slight cramp. I do not have a high tolerance for pain and promise this procedure was not bad at all. It wasn't much worse than a pap smear.

I am glad I had it done and didn't cancel my appointment. The doctor who did my procedure has a lot of experience and said he has done it on at least 7,000 patients. Maybe some of the people on here who had a bad experience went to inexperienced doctors. Just a thought.


I do not feel alone reading the comments here. I underwent this procedure today, was told it would hurt a bit but was unprepared for the pain.

I am post menopausal, having had one child. I started to shake uncontrollably and the attendant nurse said, 'she's shaking, we'll have to stop.' What was that about? She looked anxious. It's now nine hours later and I feel weak and cramped in my stomach.

I identify with the procedure feeling like being raped. I told the nurse I was not good with pain but she just rammed the instrument in me. I have never felt pain like it.


I always considered myself to have a high pain tolerance. Not any more. This was the worst pain I have ever had in my life. It was equivalent to someone going through my uterus with a knife combined with electric shock. I literally came off the table twice. I cried, screamed, shook, sweated, turned pale and I thought I was going to pass out. I would never do this again without some drugs.

I do have a fibroid tumor and have never been through childbirth. Possibly those two reasons would cause this to be more painful to me.


I had this procedure done one day ago. Never again! What are we in, medieval times? I was not prepared for the extreme pain I felt. Seriously!

Afterward, all I could think of is the women in the 16th century who endured unthinkable procedures without any pain options. I have had one natural birth and one C-section and have never felt that kind of pain. I cried and cursed all the way home. Ladies, be sure to go over all options with your doctor.


I had the biopsy done last friday. My doctor prescribed ibuprofen 800 mg to take the night before and codeine 10 mg and valium 10 mg 45 minutes before the procedure.

When I got there the nurse gave me two injections -- one for pain and one for infection. I was OK until he reached my uterus and opened it. The pain was horrible. I felt like screaming and couldn't breathe for a minute. It was scary then, and during the night my cramping was bad.


I've just got home after having this procedure and was completely unprepared for the pain. I almost passed out after the procedure! I cannot believe that anesthetic is not routinely given.


I've read all the comments from the women. I'm not having this procedure done, but my partner is. I can't understand why we allow something so painful to be done in the doc's office.

If we were going to cut a piece of a man's penis off, would we do it by giving the guy a valium? Come on girls, take charge here and demand that this be done under a local anesthesia. Presenting a unified front on this will help protect our daughters as they come into these procedures. There is no reason to have to sit through something so painful!


I had the procedure and was expecting some pain. The pain i felt was like the contractions in childbirth. It even spread like a band around my lower back. I was dizzy, sweaty, and had a needles and pins sensation after the procedure, so I stayed on the table for a while. When I thought I was better, I drove home and found myself pulling over to the side of the road to lie down in the car. All this to find the biopsy results stated, "very little endometrium seen."


I had mine done last week. and was numbed for it. But hello! It didn't work well. And when the numbing agent wore off, it also hurt in a odd way. I bled for eight days heavy after the 12 hour mark and straight through. God, I hope that was an early period and not a one of two deal this month.

I had two c-sections in the past and was back to work the first time two days later, no joke and four days after the second one. (Mind you I don't sit at a desk for a living. No, it's physical.) I was up and walking with no problems. I was just a little sore after both and the hospital kicked me out two days after the sections both times when I was supposed to stay four days. No pain meds either. Didn't need them.

After this, I was searching for some. I'd rather do that than this anytime. They didn't tell me no tampons or intercourse at all. Oops! Well tampons are the way to go when I bleed.

Good luck girls. Not to frighten you, but I won't do it again. I just hope the results are good.


I had a Endometrial Biopsy today. I wasn't too afraid or worried abut the procedure after reading up on it and talking with the doctor and nurse. It was a quick procedure, he numbed me first and inserted a very narrow plastic looking rod inside me. I felt a slight discomfort and a slight pinch; it was all very quick though. I was told to take Tylenol if I wanted to, before the procedure. because some women feel pain which is similar to a contraction during labor. I didn't take anything and I didn't eat lunch before I went in. Make sure you eat! (Not eating made me have nausea and a bad feeling of wanting to pass out). No pain but I felt so weird. The passing out part was a horrible feeling and one I wouldn't want to have again. I'd rather have the pain than that feeling. It was a very intense and weird.

I've felt faint before, during labor, but it didn't feel as weird as this did. They didn't mention I might or could pass out or mention that I should eat before the procedure.I was shaking after too. Stayed lying down and then sat up slowly. Felt better after that. I had slight cramping and slight bleeding after it was all over. I still had the slight cramping when I got home and also now. I feel zapped, like the life has been sucked out of me. I feel horribly crappy after it. Wouldn't want to do it again, just feel lousy now. Glad it's over. Now I wait.


I have PTSD, a tilted uterus and a low tolerance for pain. Why can't I be sedated for a uterine biopsy? Those doctors are cruel. I don't trust them. There is not one good reason that a terrified patient cannot be sedated for this procedure. If patients can be sedated for an MRI which is totally painless and noninvasive why then not for this? I think they like you to suffer. Doctors who will not sedate you if you ask are evil.


@anon202422: It is just the policy of some doctors to go over biopsy results in person, regardless of their content. Some doctors do this as a matter of course. I had a fine needle aspiration biopsy on my thyroid that was negative, but had to see the doctor so he could tell me the results were negative. They wouldn't give me the results over the phone. This is just the way some doctors do it.

Your doc may want to discuss surgery options, like removing fibroids or something. I really feel he wouldn't have waited two weeks to get you an appointment if anything really serious was going on. Most doctors want to see you ASAP if they suspect a malignancy. Good luck.


I tried to have the biopsy done in the office without success. I had it done in the hospital (with a few other procedures) in mid-July. It was two weeks yesterday so I called for the biopsy results. The nurse said the doc was in surgery but would call me with the results today.

Today, the nurse call back and the doctor says he'd like to see me in the office in two weeks and will go over the results then. What? I'm now freaking out. I'm a breast cancer survivor who got those results over the phone. I can take it. Waiting? Not so much.

Did anyone else have a situation like this? What was your outcome? Sorry to sound like a baby. I'm not but I've been feeling great since the procedures and now I feel worried. Thanks.


I had this procedure done last year. All my children were born by c-section. Therefore, the opening of my cervix is very small. He used the smallest tube he had and when he was doing the biopsy the cramps were overwhelming. The sensation I felt was like I had a large blood clot that was trying to come through my cervix. That’s how it feels when I'm on my period when I have large clots. The bad cramping was over after he was finished with the biopsy and I had minor cramping for a while after. The nurse called with my results about a week later and said there were no cancer cells or pre-cancer cells present. but I did have cells that invade the muscle wall. Invasive cells. Whatever that may be, but apparently that is what causes my heavy periods and large blood clots. I bleed so quickly that the blood clots before it can leave the uterus by way of the cervix.

I am not sure what can be done about this except for a hysterectomy. I haven't decided to do this yet. I do not want any more children. I am 47 years old and I wear pads and tampons at the same time. I go through a box of tampons in three days. I bleed heavily with lots of blood clots. Some are so big they cover my whole tampon and I know it is a clot because I have severe cramping for a while before it comes through the cervix.

Have you ever gone to the toilet and the tampon came flying out like you gave birth to a baby? Well, that’s happened to me many times because the blood clot was so large that it came out with a lot of force. I need to have a hysterectomy but surgery, argh! I am not sure they can do it through the vagina because all my children were c-section. Does anyone know how they do a hysterectomy laparoscopically if a woman has never had children through the vagina, only by c-section?


Oh and the nurse said to take a valium before the procedure and that helped a lot, so if you have a prescription I would recommend it.


I had one done 22 days ago, and I was not too bad. I had some cramping, but it went away in minutes. The bad part is I started my period that night and it is now day 22 and it won't stop! Could that have anything to do with biopsy?

The doctor put me on the pill because of a heavy period the month before, and now he keeps telling me to take two a day, but the bleeding won't stop! Any advice? He is doing an ablation in two weeks, but said he wants me to not be bleeding! Duh, I don't want to keep bleeding either.


I had this procedure done yesterday and while it certainly was not comfortable, it wasn't the worst thing ever. I felt a pressure/slight pain to my cervix. Then I was able to watch the camera in my uterus. That was interesting. The biopsy was the worst part. The doctor took three samples and said right before, "you will feel some cramping" There was definitely cramping, and it didn't feel good. The doctor kept saying I was doing good and it was almost over, and then it was. I had to get some medication on my cervix to stop some bleeding. They said that when I stood up the water would start leaking out and that I would have some bleeding. I was told not to use a tampon for two days and no sex until the bleeding stopped.

Since this is the only way for a doctor to test for uterine cancer, we have to do it. Overall, certain parts were uncomfortable (entering the cervix and biopsy) but it wasn't the worst thing in the world. Take motrin before you go!


I'm 29 and i didn't know i was getting a biopsy until my legs were in the air. it was very painful, the doctor did not prepare me for it and when it was over i was in so much pain i was in tears. The doctor just got up said see you in two weeks for the results. He did not explain side effects or anything. is that normal?


I think everyone is built differently and perhaps it even depends on when during your cycle you have this done. However, I had this procedure this afternoon. After reading postings online I had gotten very worked up about it. Couldn’t sleep last night so took .25 xanax and that helped…today I took my usual meloxicam and Tramadol (have them for chronic back issues) about an hour beforehand, then took .5 xanax a half hour before.

I was still pretty worried but I have been fortunate enough to find a great gyn (had actually only seen him once before this, but liked him right away). It was very much like a pap until they had to go through the cervix to get to the uterus. He numbed me inside and I barely felt that. He constantly asked if he should continue since I had been so scared. He told me if I had to stop then they could just have me go next door (to the hospital) and they would give me a sedative if I felt I couldn’t handle it.

He is so wonderful! I said it was OK, I felt three small pinches as the machine sucked out the cells, and then it was over. no major cramping (more of an ache), no sharp pain. I felt very relieved and fortunate!


Had a uterine biopsy via pipette today. I have heard such conflicting information. I was told to take ibuprofen before the procedure. The procedure itself was not painful. It felt like light menstrual cramps.

I have been waiting for all the painful cramping described in this forum, but nothing. I have had a little spotting but feel quite normal. Even went grocery shopping and cleaned the kitchen in the hours following the procedure.


I had a uterine biopsy 48 hours ago. At the time of the procedure I was experiencing light spotting that had started three days previously. The procedure was not very painful but 24 hours later, the bleeding got heavier and the cramping is just as bad as when I was getting my period when I was a teenager. Has anyone else experienced this?


I had one done last week. Still cramping. She didn't get enough tissue for a sample so I have to go back in and redo the whole thing again.


I had a biopsy done yesterday around noon. I was not aware that it might be uncomfortable, as the doctor did not seem like it was a big deal.

A regular pap test is slightly uncomfortable to me. The biopsy was quite painful. She didn't warn me about cramping. Cramping is not what it felt like. Three rounds of intense pain followed. Finally she said that there would be a quick snip, but that part was not painful at all. On my way home, I got nauseated. Around midnight, I felt some sharp pains and then some strong cramps. Never again without anesthetic!


There are different ways this can be done. The least uncomfortable one is to use a pipette inserted through the cervix to pull some cells from the lining. I had that procedure done today in the office and while it was not fun, it was actually less painful than the histogram (ultrasound with saline injected into the uterus) that I had done just an hour before.

I felt some pressure and a pinching sensation but wasn't horrible. I have a crampy, dull achy sensation now (about three or four hours later) but not so bad that I feel I have to take anything for it.

Some of the other ways to do the biopsy are more invasive and painful, but if I had read some of these comments before I went in I would have been in a panic!

So, if you are having the pipette type of biopsy, don't worry too much!


i had the biopsy done a week ago. I will tell you that it was very painful to me. I was unaware that I could have been numbed. I went in thinking it would feel like a pinch.

i think what hurt the most was the cramping. It lasted about 24 hours. But if this is what i have to do to make sure i am in good health then i will, but i will ask to be knocked out next time.


I am currently 41 and as I get older each cycle is more painful and heavier as well. I have had ovarian cysts in the past and can feel them come and go. I scheduled an appointment to discuss an IUD and was scheduled for blood work and an ultrasound to make sure there were no underlying problems before going ahead with the IUD. The ultrasound tech decided to do an intravaginal US as well.

The doctor called and said it showed what looked like a blood clot in my uterus and has scheduled me for a biopsy. I have researched the web but the only thing I can find is blood clots in pregnant women or passing clots during menstruation? Does anyone have a clue?


Everyone woman who has this done is going to react differently. I have had this done to me so many times that I literally lost count. We're talking over a dozen times in just a year not including years after that.

I personally went through hell. It depends on your tissue your actual skin. In my case I have been dealing with Hyperplasia and hardening of skin, so yes, mine did hurt like hell! And yes that's with the numbing spray!

After finally telling them I would no longer to do this anymore I was finally given a choice of both a Laparoscopy and vaginal ultrasound. I took both. I am not trying to conceive and was told that my uterus is so far scarred there is no hope.


I just had this procedure performed today. It was unexpected and in no way did the doctor prepare me for the excruciating pain I would feel. I once passed seven kidney stones over the course of an evening, I've had gallstones and never have I felt pain like this.

I will never have this procedure done again without some sort of numbing agent or anesthesia. It infuriates me that the doctor could have numbed me and never recommended or asked if I would want it. The fact that I saw a female gyn especially distresses me and the fact that she made light of this procedure. You would think she would show some empathy.

As shown by this forum, everybody reacts differently and due to this fact, I would think doctors would err on the side of caution and provide numbing/pain relief as a standard of care. First do no harm, my foot!

I had the procedure done at 1:30 p.m. As of 9:30 I'm still having pain and cramping. The four advil I took just are not helping. During the procedure I became extremely nauseated and shaky. I had to lie on the table for several minutes afterward and still felt like my legs were made of rubber. I had driven myself to the doctor because I had no idea I was going to have this let alone any procedure. I sat in the parking lot at the doctor's office for several more minutes trying to regain my composure.

When I returned home, I immediately looked up this procedure and saw the recommendation from many sites of having a numbing type agent used as well as warning the patient to take some sort of pain relief table beforehand. Again, I'm furious I was not offered either.

Also, the doctor never told me that there should be no intercourse or use of tampons for 14 days. I read that on the different sites I researched. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this doctor. I feel she did not properly treat or inform me. I will be calling her office tomorrow with my grievances, but I fear they will fall on deaf ears.

Please doctors, inform your patients and provide numbing agents. --A very, very unhappy patient.

A note to other posters: I am in no way trying to scare people, but I think it is a disservice to tell people that it doesn't hurt at all. You lucky people who did not suffer are very fortunate.


I had the biopsy yesterday, in hospital under anesthetic, also a camera and mirena coil fitted for the treatment of fibroids. I am waiting for an appointment for results, etc., and where we go from here now. I feel sore, but it is bearable, light bleeding afterward. I'm just glad i was asleep for it, after reading others' experiences.


I had a uterine biopsy last week. I was also set up mentally for the worse scenario. I was more nervous then what it was worth. My Dr is a very caring and gentle man. He explained that it would be a bit uncomfortable and the pain would be a quick pinch. Basically, that's all that it was.

I felt pressure inside my tummy and then he told me he was going to turn the straw like tube quickly, then that was it. I did have slight bleeding for the rest of the evening. But that was it! I have missed my period this week so far. Not sure if it's normal, but will wait for my appt. next week. I think you should not read into the horror stories too much or you are setting yourself up. It wasn't that horrifying.


I'm reading these posts and I almost feel bad for the rap that this procedure is getting. I've had one done and am about to go for a second one today as they're checking to see if my fertility meds are working. Was the procedure my favorite thing to do? No. But I swear I didn't die, or pass out, or scream.

It was uncomfortable, but not excruciating. There was some cramping during the procedure and a little cramping after but that was it, and that was with my doctor having to clamp my cervix to get a better angle. I even went to run errands with my husband after going.

For people who are reading these boards to prepare themselves for one, I promise they aren't as horrific as some people say.


thank you so much for posting your experiences. the pain, the feeling like you have been raped, the cramping, the lack of preparation, everything is so true and in a weird way knowing that I'm not alone in this made me feel a bit better. Plus some of the comments made me laugh!

to make matters worse. I had a horrible 1950's style gynecologist who discussed the lunch order with his assistant as I was lying on the table in excruciating pain. I will not be going back to him needless to say.

I think the key is to ask your doctor to numb your cervix, which my doctor did not do.


I've had two done and have had only slight, slight cramping right afterward. You can feel the biopsy instrument inside the uterus, but I wouldn't say it is painful, rather like as if you dragged your fingernail lightly over the back of your hand. Slight bleeding afterward -- that's it. On a pain level of one to 10, I'd say it was a 1. Please try not to worry. Express you worries to your doctor before the procedure.


I really felt the need to make a post here. I needed a uterine biopsy done and I turned to many forums on the internet to see what I was in for. Let me tell you, what was posted were all these horrible scary stories. I was scared to death and ready to cancel my appointment.

I shared my fears with my doctor and she told me that in her 35 years of practice she never had a patient scream, or cry or ready to kill her. I had the procedure done and I didn't feel a thing. I could not believe it - no pain no discomfort - nothing. And not only did she do the biopsy, she also did some scraping of loose tissue was she was in there.

The secret is a doctor who cares. You have to be numbed up. My doctor used some numbing gel, waited 10 minutes and gave me a shot - which I didn't even feel. I felt nothing the entire time. I also did not have any cramping after, as she used a very, very thin kind of tube for the biopsy. Apparently, the thicker the tube the use the more cramping you will get. I was fine and feel really silly that I got so worked up and scared over absolutely nothing!!So if this post can save one person for have a crazy amount of anxiety, then that will make me very happy!


I was scheduled for a biopsy of my cervix; however, the doctor said "while I have you here I am also going to take a biopsy of your uterus."

I was familiar with the first procedure because I had one in the past, but he did not properly prepare me for what to expect with the uterine procedure. The pain was so excruciating that I screamed out loud several times and almost jumped off the table as I felt pressure, severe cramps, and pain so severe that I almost passed out!

The doctor had to stay with me for quite awhile to make sure that I was OK as I felt dizzy, weak, and was shaking. I did not bring anyone with me that day and was unable to drive myself home.

Post procedure(s), I experienced severe cramping, bleeding (like a light period), and severe pain and was told to take extra strength Tylenol, which was ineffective.

I wish my doctor, as well as others, would better prepare patients for this procedure as well as prescribe more efficient medications to help us through the pain, etc. I was told by someone after my procedure that they were given an option to have it outpatient which made it less painful and more tolerable.

I was never informed of my options and was ill-prepared due to lack of information from my doctor. If there are any M.D.'s reading this blog, please give your patients the respect and compassion that they deserve by properly preparing them with much needed information and options!



I had a uterine biopsy done today. I have fibroids that have become almost unbearable to live with, as well as a tipped uterus and revolving ovarian cysts. I was told today would be a consult for my options to take care of the fibroids since conventional treatments are no longer working. I was ill prepared. No pain meds, no local, nada. It was incredibly painful. It was three times before the sample needed was collected.

The procedure was done at 10:30 a.m. It is 2:30 a.m. now. I am unable to sleep due to the excessive cramping which isn't as bad as my periods, but different type and non the less painful. I am unable to have a bm since and lack the ability to use the muscles there now without incurring more pain, and I usually have had at least one by midday. So now add bloating to that, and that pain associated with not going.

We have an appointment scheduled for next week to get my results and schedule what I am hoping for, a myomectomy. Please ladies, I know everyone is different, but do your research. Ask questions before you go in. Would I do it again? Yes. I don't wish what I feel today on anyone, but it is worth the pain to get to the desired results. A life hopefully back to somewhat normal. Luck to you all in your healthy endeavors. ~Driftoffndream


I had this procedure done a few days ago. I was upset that the docs told me that it "might be a little uncomfortable," so when they passed the thing through my cervix I was completely unprepared for the level of pain I experienced. I should have known it would hurt when one of the docs jumped over and grabbed my hand as the other on inserted the probe. Then when they were about to take the biopsy they told me I would experience a slight cramp. Again, way understated. It felt like they were trying to suck my ovary through a straw!

Then, when they pulled the biopsy out, they realized it wasn't large enough so they went in again and twisted the thing around and in and out; it was very painful. They said since my uterus was tipped forward it was a little harder to maneuver around in there.

I really think they should prescribe something stronger than an NSAID to take before the exam! They also did not use any sort of numbing agent on my cervix before inserting the straw thing.

I think women who experience mild cramping or discomfort are the exception, not the rule. Women should be better prepared for this procedure in terms of pain. It is an issue of trust. I would rather be prepared for the worst and have it hurt less than the other way around.

I will never have this procedure done again without something stronger to take beforehand and I strongly suggest if you are going to have this procedure you ask your doctor for something more than Advil since you don't know whether you are one who experiences a little or a lot of pain.

I have had migraines since I was 14 and three natural births. I am not a wimp when it comes to pain and consider my pain threshold higher than average.


I had a uterine biopsy done in Nov 2010. I have missed two periods. It has just stopped. Why?


I had the biopsy done today and it was slightly painful. Mild in my book. After, I had a little cramping and took some Advil. I feel fine.


all i can say is wow. ridiculously painful. possibly the worst pain I've ever felt as the procedure was done. i had terrible cramps and instant excessive bleeding which ended up being cauterized.

i can honestly say that i would flat out attack anyone who tried to do that to me again. i strongly suggest going with the dnc. and yes, it can be done during menstruation.


I am glad I am not the only one who felt violated. I also cried all the way home. I was no prepared for what I was about to feel. The doctors should definitely prepare those who may have more pain then others.


i had it done yesterday. Ouch! it was painful. i cried in my car driving home. i could not believe the pain! I am still in pain today. i feel like someone raped me!


I had the uterine biopsy a few years and it was extremely painful. The doctor had told me it would be a little uncomfortable and would only last a few seconds so I was totally unprepared for the pain. Now I am having another one and told the doctor he will have to do a D&C because I am not going through that hell fully awake again!


I had a uterine biopsy performed on Monday and it was extremely painful. It was my first visit to the gynecologiost to look at the possibility of a hysterectomy for my Adenomyosis. It came as a surprise to me to have the biopsy performed with no fore warning and no one there with me. I felt dizzy right after the procedure and almost passed out.


I just had a biopsy yesterday, and it wasn't as bad as I expected. I have had a bladder sling, and two bladder sling revisions in the past eight months, so the area is tender (that may just be in my head, but I am very careful).

In fact, the intra-uterine sonogram was much more uncomfortable than the biopsy. That could be due to the other procedures I have had, but nevertheless, I was extremely afraid going into the biopsy. I took a Xanax and 2 Ponstel 30 minutes before the procedure.

The doctor numbed my cervix, and before I knew it, the whole thing was over. I have had very little cramping today and only a slight discharge. Now I am just waiting for good results!


@Littleman -- It appears to vary from person to person.

While some women say the uterine biopsy procedure itself is incredibly painful, others seem to shrug it off.

Many times the women who experience pain during a uterine biopsy are those with a tipped uterus or existing fibroid.

Some women also experience a lot of pain and cramping after the procedure too.

Many compare it to a very bad period.

However, like I said, the results are very varied. Some women say they didn't feel a thing, others say it's crazy painful.

If you are worried I would ask your doctor to prescribe you a painkiller to take before and after the event, and be sure to take it easy the next day.

Best of luck!


Is a uterine biopsy painful?

I've heard that both the procedure and the aftermath is not a fun thing.

I'm going in next week to get one and really want to know what I'm getting in for!


@anon89051 -- Although a uterine biopsy can be conducted during menstruation, it is most effective when performed after ovulation and before menstruation, and is usually scheduled just before menstruation.

If it is performed during menstruation, the results could be less accurate.

However, a uterine biopsy should never be conducted during pregnancy, since it can cause miscarriage.


Can a uterine biopsy be conducted during menstruation?

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    • Uterine biopsies are collected from the uterus.
      By: blueringmedia
      Uterine biopsies are collected from the uterus.
    • The thickness of the endometrium changes along with the female's menstrual cycle.
      By: joshya
      The thickness of the endometrium changes along with the female's menstrual cycle.
    • A woman who experiences uncontrollable bleeding following a uterine biopsy should inform her doctor.
      By: javiindy
      A woman who experiences uncontrollable bleeding following a uterine biopsy should inform her doctor.
    • During a uterine biopsy samples of tissue are extracted from the endometrium, or uterus, and later are examined under a microscope.
      By: luchschen_shutter
      During a uterine biopsy samples of tissue are extracted from the endometrium, or uterus, and later are examined under a microscope.
    • Unexplained pelvic pain may be cause for a uterine biopsy.
      By: Marin Conic
      Unexplained pelvic pain may be cause for a uterine biopsy.