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What is Biogeometry?

Ken Black
Ken Black

Biogeometry is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape in order to bring health and balance to a biological system. Biogeometry is a relatively new concept in the United States and may be considered an alternative form of medicine.

Pioneered in Egypt and in development since the late 1960s, Biogeometry is the trademarked term of a science developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim. Its central theory posits that a natural energy field surrounds all living things. Through the course of daily living, this normal energy may become interrupted or out of balance.

Cell phones are one application for Biogeometry.
Cell phones are one application for Biogeometry.

The single energy field is detected through three energy signatures known as energy qualities. These energy qualities are considered highly beneficial and there are certain steps that can be taken to make these energy qualities even more pronounced, helping biological organism's overall energy field come into better balance.

Biogeometry, according to its founder, has the ability to be used in a number of different applications. Given the history of Dr. Karim, who is an architect, it would seem only natural that many of the practical implications would be in building design. From structures, to boats and airplanes, the shapes and colors used in Biogeometry is all designed to channel energy fields into a balance. In addition, Biogeometry also has agricultural and personal applications.

Cell phones are another application for Biogeometry. Many theorize that cell phones can cause harmful effects because of the energy transmitted from them. Biogeometry even has applications for cell phones that seek to mitigate the harmful effects of these highly popular electronic devices.

Along with those applications, there are a number of products sold through the Biogeometry company that are promoted as channeling good energy and bringing the energy signature into balance. Everything, from carpet to pendants, is available for sale. Each item, or group of items, is supposed to offer a number of great benefits.

Biogeometry promises to be of great help to a number of medical problems, including cancer. It accomplishes these tasks by help removing the negatives from an environment and transforming it into a more positive environment. Though a brand new home built on the principles of Biogeometry may be yield the most benefits, the company claims that there are a number of smaller changes that can also provide some positive changes.

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    • Cell phones are one application for Biogeometry.
      By: sanjagrujic
      Cell phones are one application for Biogeometry.