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What is Coffea Cruda?

Coffea cruda is a homeopathic remedy derived from unroasted coffee beans. It's believed to soothe an overactive mind and help with sleeplessness, especially when you can't wind down from the day's excitement. Intrigued by the idea of coffee calming you down? Discover how this paradoxical treatment might just be the key to your restful nights. Ready to explore its potential?
Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

Also known by its botanical name, Coffea arabica, coffea cruda is simply unroasted coffee beans. Often used as a homeopathic remedy for tinnitus, headaches, toothaches, teething, insomnia, restlessness, racing thoughts, labor pains and menopause, the beans are thought to help calm the nervous system. When restlessness or insomnia are caused by too much coffee consumption, however, they do not perform as a sleep aid.

Coffea cruda is often sold alongside other homeopathic remedies in globule or pellet form. The claims for its use as a homeopathic remedy have not been rigorously tested, however. Therefore, it should not be used in lieu of treatment prescribed by a qualified medical professional.

Coffee cruda, or unroasted coffee beans.
Coffee cruda, or unroasted coffee beans.

It also is not a good idea for elderly people to regularly use this treatment. Just like roasted and brewed coffee, it might increase the production of uric acid. This type of acid is known to contribute to arthritis symptoms and to hurt the kidneys. Its use should be monitored carefully to decrease the likelihood of over-consumption.

Besides having possible curative properties, unroasted coffee beans also have been studied for their agricultural benefits. Some scientists believe that they might act as a natural insecticide for crops while also being safe for human consumption. This is because raw beans contain unique proteins known as globulins, which are believed to be fatal to certain insects; most of these proteins are destroyed when coffee beans are roasted, so only the raw beans contain sufficient amounts of them. It also is believed that, if the genes containing these proteins are somehow introduced into the biology of other food crops, other plants also can produce globulins that will act as insecticides. The proteins may repel or be fatal to pests such as cowpea weevil larva and other insects, but raw coffee beans also are known to be a food choice for certain species of butterflies and moths.

Coffea cruda can be used to treat insomnia.
Coffea cruda can be used to treat insomnia.

Coffea cruda is primarily used as a homeopathic remedy because it is believed to stimulate the organs while calming the nervous system. It might also have broader uses in protecting food crops. In whichever way the beans are used, they are highly regarded for their natural properties. Whether roasted or unroasted, however, the caffeine contained in the coffee bean might cause addiction in some people and should, therefore, be used sparingly.

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Discussion Comments


I knew someone who had headaches many times a week. They did a juice fast. Also watch the movie " fat, sick and nearly dead." They have someone on there that had headaches and it worked for her. Maybe the person I knew saw the movie. It is interesting what juicing can do for you, does not have to be to that extreme. Hope this helps, anyone.


Caffeine soothes hyperactivity. Simple.


How can I be sure that the manufacturers are not putting just regular sleep medicine in it? I have taken the medicine. It works for my sleep and the effect is not different than taking regular sleep medicine. That makes me concerned. Nobody is checking what is in the tube.


I've had trouble getting to sleep and remaining asleep through the night. I can be falling asleep watching a movie, and as soon as my head hits the pillow, my mind starts jumping to many troubling thoughts, and my body just isn't ready to go to sleep. My partner told me about Coffea Cruda this past Saturday. We bought it and I've taken it every night -- five pellets. It has definitely helped me. A lot. It's had a calming affect. If I get up during the night, I fall back to sleep. I also have tinnitus, and surprised to read that it also helps that condition. So far, so good.


Has anybody benefited taking coffea cruda to help with headaches?

I have a headache almost every day, and have found the pain relievers that contain caffeine give me the best relief.

There is something about how the caffeine works in the blood vessels to help relieve headache pain. I really notice how much more effective it is when I take something that doesn't contain caffeine.

So far I have not found a homeopathic remedy that helps. I have tried Feverfew which is an herb known to help with headaches, but it doesn't do anything for me.

This sounds like something that would be worth trying. It would have far less side effects than taking over-the-counter medication every day.


I have tried a lot of things for insomnia, but have never heard of coffea cruda. Between my insomnia and racing thoughts going around in my head, sleep can be hard to come by many nights.

I don't consume caffeine during the day, so I know this is not the reason I am having trouble sleeping.

For someone who has never tried this, what is the best coffea cruda dosage to start out with? I find it interesting how a product that contains caffeine can help calm the nervous system and help with insomnia.

It seems like the caffeine in the coffee beans would do just the opposite.


I have been using coffea cruda for years without any side effects. I use 30X and take 4-5 pellets. Sometimes I don't use it every night because I fall asleep before I usually take it.

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    • Coffee cruda, or unroasted coffee beans.
      By: Orlando Bellini
      Coffee cruda, or unroasted coffee beans.
    • Coffea cruda can be used to treat insomnia.
      By: Sandor Kacso
      Coffea cruda can be used to treat insomnia.
    • Coffea cruda might be suggested by a homeopath to treat toothache.
      By: Dessie
      Coffea cruda might be suggested by a homeopath to treat toothache.
    • Coffea cruda can be used as a homeopathic treatment for ringing in the ears.
      By: Von Schonertagen
      Coffea cruda can be used as a homeopathic treatment for ringing in the ears.
    • Elderly people should not use coffea cruda.
      By: olly
      Elderly people should not use coffea cruda.