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What Is Psyllium Husk?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Psyllium husk or isphagula is the covering of seeds grown on the plant, Plantago Psyllium, which flourishes in the Middle East. Psyllium husk has long been recognized as an excellent means of getting more dietary fiber into a person’s diet due to its high fiber count in comparison to other grains. Oat bran, also a good source of fiber, has about five grams of fiber per a third of a cup. Psyllium husk, on the other hand, offers approximately 71 grams of fiber for that same third of a cup.

This heavy dose of dietary fiber makes psyllium the choice of many who manufacture dietary fiber supplements and powders like Metamucil. For those suffering from constipation or diarrhea, appropriate daily dietary fiber intake can help improve these conditions. As psyllium husk travels through the human digestive tract, it absorbs water, but is not digested. This results in stool that is bulkier, but also softer, translating to fewer problems with passing stool.

Many people take psyllium husk to aid with digestion and to lower cholesterol.
Many people take psyllium husk to aid with digestion and to lower cholesterol.

Although most associate psyllium husk with improving digestion, clinical studies on isphagula have also shown that it is beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol. Of course, cholesterol is more likely to be lowered when combined with a low fat diet. Yet even with a higher fat diet, psyllium, when taken regularly, lowers low-density lipoproteins, known as “bad cholesterol” by about 7%.

Oat bran has about five grams of fiber per a third of a cup.
Oat bran has about five grams of fiber per a third of a cup.

Some studies have also suggested that regular use of psyllium supplements may help pass more fat in stools, translating to weight loss. Other studies suggest psyllium may also be helpful in lowering blood sugar counts. These studies are still in their infancy and have yet to truly prove that psyllium husk can be beneficial in these ways.

It is important to be careful with psyllium. Some complain of bloating or gas when first using the product. Most doctors suggest taking several weeks to work up to a full dose of this dietary fiber. Early reactions might include diarrhea and flatulence.

Powdered fiber supplements can be prepared from psyllium.
Powdered fiber supplements can be prepared from psyllium.

Some people are severely allergic to psyllium. This is especially true of those who handle large amounts of psyllium husk to prepare laxatives. Some have had anaphylactic shock reactions to taking psyllium. Intestinal obstruction may also be a risk for some, particularly those who have had surgery on the intestines or bowels.

The most important thing to remember when taking psyllium husk is to take it with lots of water. Drinking a full glass with the supplement, and six or seven more glasses a day is recommended. This may be easy to remember if you’re taking a supplement like Metamucil, but don’t forget that plenty of high fiber cereals like Bran Buds and Heartwise contain psyllium and should be consumed with a large glass of water on the side, and at least six more glasses of water during the day.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent TheHealthBoard contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent TheHealthBoard contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Discussion Comments


I've noticed on the pack of fybogel it says drink immediately, but that's when the husks scratch your throat, causing the sore throat some have mentioned. I have even found little pieces get stuck in the tonsil area meaning i have to cough to get them out.

I find if I wait a short while for it to thicken slightly, it goes down smoothly because the grains are coated I suppose.

I've also noticed my nose is blocked a lot more, but I do have a problem with my nose anyway, but it's certainly gotten worse since taking daily fybogel. On the plus side, my tummy is fine.

I like fybogel but I'd prefer it without the aspartame. Can you get this stuff without that?


Psyllium husk is great because I went vegan, and I make excuses to eat hash browns because it's vegan. So I haven't seen weight loss, but I know being vegan is right for me so I still continue (I have completely eliminated acid reflux since going vegan; that was my main reason, not to lose weight). But I really wanted to lose twenty pounds some way, somehow, and I already am eating leaves and sticks so there isn't much left to be done diet wise. My exercise is normal five miles on the treadmill at least twice a week, so I needed to break my plateau and this just moves the weight right out. I poop so big! I also eat prunes too.


I mix two heaping tablespoons with a glass of organic whole milk and let it thicken, then add a scoop of vanilla Designer whey protein drink and it tastes yummy, like cream of wheat.

I eat low carb, so it's a treat to feel like I'm having a bowl of sweetened cream of wheat, but it's actually super low carb, and makes it so I can go hours without craving food, and keeps me regular. It's a super 2 p.m. snack to hold me over until dinner and get my protein and fiber at the same time!


I woild like to use Psyllium seed powder for baking purposes (breads, pastries, etc.)

Is it advisable? Where can I purchase Psyllium seed powder in South Africa? Psyllium husk is too coarse (husky) for people suffering from Crohns, UC, etc.


I am from South Africa and I just started my husk powder this morning. After an hour, my bowel movement starts. I can't believe what I saw in the bathroom bowl, asking myself where was all this sitting all these years? I am so excited to not leave without it every time.


I took psyllium husk with a cup of hot chocolate. Very nice and I love it.


I tried this in a capsule made by Lipo slim and I had severe stomach gripes and nausea after three days. Is this normal? I also have celiac disease, so I wondered if this is safe to take?

Please help as I need to lose weight and stop being bloated.


Psyllium husk (according to my mum) is the best dietary fiber one can take! It works really well and apart from some slightly painful swelling, there are no adverse affects!


After few weeks taking the psyllium husk, I'm also having swelling in my legs and the pain is killing me, but I still continued to take it, and I began to see my stool was black in color. After a few days, my stool stopped looking like that and it's back to normal. Also after few days my leg is back to normal with no more swelling.


I've been prescribed psyllium husk for crohn's disease. I'm now really confused. I thought it was to bulk up bms to help gain weight, not a weight loss aid. Does anyone else use it for crohns?


I have been using Colon Cleanse, a Psyllium product. For months now, I've mixed it with juice. No issues. It's a great product and I feel great.


I bought some psyllium husk today and took two teaspoons because of high cholesterol.

1.Only anon35282 post 18 said: “has lowered cholesterol to 135”. How high was your cholesterol level and how long did it take to get down to 135? Do you still take P.H and does it still work for you?

2. Anon41725, post 19 said, ”puffy all over, especially legs and feet". And anon 89345,post 59 said:" feet and legs are swelling like crazy." How are you two now? Has the swelling gone down? What is the treatment? Did the PH cause the swelling and do you still take it?

My heart, liver, kidneys are normal. But my ankles and feet have been swollen for a few years. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Many thanks.


Please could anyone tell me if they've had a problem with a sore throat and/or feeling stuffy or blocked up in their nasal passages, possibly due to psyllium? I read of one person suffering so, and wondered if this is a side effect and if capsules would make any difference, (maybe it would make none). As a singer this is a big problem for me. I've been using the powder, as Fybogel, for four weeks and my throat is burning sometimes. Thank you.


I also have been taking the psyllium husk and I have noticed bloating, flatulence and even seeing orange jelly like things on toilet tissue (sorry to be gross). Has anyone has similar issues? Is that normal? or should a doctor's consultation is required? Please share friends.


I've started using an herbal cleanse by Nature's Sunshine with psyllium hull in it. By the second day, I had some respiratory distress, and each day thereafter the respiratory distress increased into full blown asthma, just like the seasonal allergy reaction I have to birch and cottonwood, and to the milk and almond allergies I have.

I recommend that anyone with sore throat or respiratory distress immediately discontinue psyllium products.


I used psyllium husk for 2 1/2 months even though I had bad reactions (flatulence, constipation, pain) because a doctor told me to stick with it. When I stopped taking it, it took another 2 1/2 months for my intestines to get back to normal. I understand that it's good for your intestines but I'm not a fan!


I mix my metamucil with applesauce, dried cherries, almonds and cinnamon and it's better than apple pie (in my opinion).


I am wondering if I had an allergic reaction. I took the capsules for a few days and the day before yesterday I had sudden difficulty breathing which was helped with benadryl. The ER gave me prednisone. I was exposed to the powder when my husband used to use it.


As of today, Trader Joe's has discontinued the psyllium husk capsules. This is extremely disappointing! Had I known, I would have purchased all they had on the shelf the last time I was there.


After one month of one tsp. whole psyllium husk with 8 ounces of water daily, it did wonders. The only draw back was a horrible sore throat. After a week off, the sore throat is cured. Now, I'm taking same dosage but with psyllium husk powder, hoping it will not cause a reaction. Well, after one dose, the throat became sore, as did the tongue.

Thanks to all of you who are using the gel capsules. I will get some tomorrow and that should do the trick. Thank you so much. I love this site. The recipes submitted sound delicious and can't wait to try the pancake/cream cheese first.


To those using it in smoothies: Are you all using the capsules and breaking them open? I can get these at GNC but want to make sure that is OK to do.


try mixing the husks in fruit juice. Delicious and healthy!


Just a word of caution: I was drinking the psyllium husk with water and got to the bottom where it was thick and decided to just force it down and literally saw my life pass before my eyes. I could not breathe! My throat was completely "clogged." I started just "throwing" water down my throat until it diluted it. Scary! Don't get me wrong. I love PH for phenomenal BMs but it took me a couple years to take it again as that scared the heck out of me! I know, I know. Read the directions right? Dumb,dumb dumb!

Ken Iverson

I just wanted to share something with all you guys here. Now you can have your daily doses of psyllium husk fiber in the form of capsules. They fit into your daily routine perfectly; something to make sure you get your daily fiber intake. I have been using these capsules for the past couple of months and the results have been amazing.


Regarding breastfeeding, this type of bulk forming laxative is not absorbed via the GI retract, so it does not get into breast milk. Since breastfeeding requires extra fluid intake by the mother, and psyllium husk does as well, I think the only concern is making sure you get plenty of water. I am breastfeeding my eight week old, and started using psyllium husk to help relieve hemorrhoids. I drink at least four or five liters of water a day. I am never far from a water bottle!


To stop gas and bad bowel odor, add activated charcoal to your psyllium drink or take it as a tablet or capsule. Start with a very small amount like a capsule amount as activated charcoal can also cause constipation.

Also, to help move the bowel add herbs that are known as laxatives. Activated charcoal is used in emergency rooms, by missionaries, and by me! I gave it to my kids in applesauce when they were little and had diarrhea, and it stopped the diarrhea immediately. It is wonderful and life saving and will absorb all those toxins in your gut so they do not re-enter your blood. Lots of good info online. Just search for activated charcoal.


How long should it take to start seeing the benefits of psyllium? I started Belly Fat Cure a week ago and have not quite figured out how to get the fiber I need. Thought I would see if psyllium would help but after a few days, no change. Just not sure what realistic expectations should be.


You may have a candida yeast overgrowth. using a protocol to do an internal cleanse will have great health benefits. However, it involves sweating (sauna)and avoiding a host of foods. Taking Psyllium husks is part of the protocol, with lots of water and fruits and veggies. keep in good health!


No oxalate in Metamucil (Psyllium husk). I emailed P&G and got that answer.


I'm a new mother and am still breastfeeding. is it safe for someone like me to take psyllium husk fiber? Please get back to me a.s.a.p.


Can you use psyllium husk while breastfeeding?


To the lady who asked why she was passing black stuff and wonders what it is. It is the toxins being removed from the walls of your intestines. It means that you are definitely doing the right thing. It may take some time before it clears up because it is years of abuse to your body.

Good luck and God bless and may it all work out well for you. --Mary Lou.


I tried powdered PH many years ago and had great difficulty mixing it. This time I read the directions (yes, I am male) and added the PH to the glass before adding the water. It worked great when I mixed it the right way!


Husk is awesome! It can be painful at first, but you'll feel better after getting rid of those cheetos from 5th grade.


I have had my capsules around for months, and have wonder about how much to use(even though its on bottle). Now that I have found this site and read everything, I am going to go one regular and see how it goes. I originally bought for weight loss, being full.


Mix two tbsp psyllium with some cinnamon and sweetener in a bowl. Add three tbsp water and stir. Flatten on a plate and microwave for two minutes. Makes a pretty tasty cookie.


I have a terrible problem with bloating and uncontrollable, very foul smelling gas. It happens all the time, but especially at night when I get in the bed. I am not married but I do have a boyfriend that I occasionally spend the night with and this is the most embarrassing problem.

I have been on the Belly Fat Cure diet for a week, thinking that maybe my problem was eating too much sugar and carbs. I just read in this book about the psyllium husk powder drink and I was wondering if this might help my problem.

I have been to a gastro doctor who told me to quit drinking sodas. I did that years ago and it has not helped my embarrassing problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am hesitant about this drink because I don't want to make the problem worse.


to anon81874: i have noticed these orange things too! don't know what it is but i think there is no need to worry. i think it is normal.


I am interested in this black stuff that is being passed after taking psyllium. Where does it come from and what is the cause of it? I am intrigued and hope to get such good results too.


Try this tip: You can get empty gel caps from a vitamin store or online. And fill them with the powder. Then you don't have to mess with dissolving them in liquid - and choke down the nastiness.

I have to have a high salt intake due to low blood pressure- I don't like too much salt so my cardiologist told me to get empty gel caps and fill them with salt myself. When I discovered psyllium husk by chance at a bulk foods store.

I figured I could do the same. As is recommended I started with a small amount (one capsule) and increased from there.

of course - since you're not mixing it in anything you have to make sure to drink lots of fluid (i have to anyway with my cardiac/low blood pressure issues so that's easy for me).

I wouldn't do any different. I had tried senna, took Miralax for a month - nothing worked as good as psyllium. And it's natural, and fiber (which is good for you in many ways) and it's cheap! Trust me - this is "the way to go" pun intended! - Kelli RN


77 poster back again. Two weeks, every day, of two tablespoons of psyllium with two glasses of water a half hour before breakfast. Bm's more consistent and I feel lighter, better, and more flexible. My morning walk is two miles. Now I feel stronger and walk three miles easily.

I drink four tall glasses of water daily along with the two used with the psyllium. A subtle but noticeable improvement in overall well-being when using psyllium.


77 poster again. After a week of two tablespoons with two glasses of water 1/2 hour before breakfast I have dropped a couple of pounds, and just feel better. Effective, and much easier bm's. I also have a few glasses of water after lunch and another dose mid-afternoon, sometimes.


I've just started it today and I'm glad to see that it works for some people and hopefully it will for me. I'll keep you posted.


Before Psyllium I'd gotten used to needing a couple of bm's each morning in order to clear myself. Yesterday I took a heaping tablespoon of pure husks with a couple of large glasses of water. This morning it only took one bm to clear myself. I'm going to try taking one or two tablespoons between meals with lots of water daily. I'll do this for a week.


I just tried it for three days - one teaspoon in a glass of water each morning, (living in Thailand I drink a lot of water anyway). i have never experienced abdominal pain like it, so won't be using it again, not until I'm sure it's nothing else. Chilies are much better. dee


Trader Joe's just came out with the psyllium husk in "capsule" form. Good for the people who have do not have time to make a shake in the morning. Be sure to drink the adequate amount of water. Good luck!


I started taking one teaspoon in the morning with eight ounces of water and I am feeling better than I ever have. Bowel movements twice a day. Hoping this helps with some weight loss as well. best thing.


I had a severe respiratory reaction this week to inhaling psyllium powder. I have worked with it for two years and never had a problem. I also found out that three other workers in the same home have had allergic reactions recently. I am still on steroids and may have to continue. Wondering if anyone else has had an recent reactions to it even though they have been exposed to it regularly before.


I have just bought some psyllium husk, purely because I know I do not have enough fiber in my diet. Although I didn't realize all the benefits until checking it out on here.

I am on a weight loss diet because there is so much diabetes in my family and my doctor has told me there's a high risk that I will develop it.

Does anyone use PH to control/prevent diabetes? If so, can you let me know how, and how successful it is?


just bough psyllium husks flakes from wholefoods today and took my first two tablespoons with cranberry juice and 12 ozs water. Hope it works. Will keep you posted.


Psyllium husk works well unless like me you have IBS-C and it makes you go #2 even less. Finally, I started taking acidophilus with bifidus at the suggestion of my gyn and about 30 days later my constipation went away as quickly as it came on three years ago.


If I am taking prescription medication, can I take psyllium? please help. I really need to know.


If you are having swelling of legs and feet it is probably not the psyllium at all. Swelling of ankles and feet is a possible sign of congestive heart failure. You should see a doctor.


Anon89345-#57 Make sure your psyllium is 100 percent pure, nothing added, so you are reacting only to that and not additives. Sometimes the psyllium can dislodge toxins in your intestine and your body reacts by bloating to decrease their saturation. Keep drinking lots of water to flush these out.

Depending on age, diet, health concerns and lifestyle we can accumulate years of toxins in our intestines. Getting rid of these can take some time. If this is the problem, keep in mind it took more than two weeks to accumulate the toxins, it might take several weeks to get them out. Colonics or an herbal colon cleanse might be faster. Stay with the psyllium to get it out and keep it clean.


Anon81874-#53 The bits you are seeing are probably the husk. It is not absorbed by your body.

Anon86822-#56 Psyllium capsules will help your constipation by pushing fecal matter through your system. You must drink lots of water with the psyllium. While constipated, you need to drink water (not soda, tea or other drinks) all day, probably more than you think you need. Psyllium absorbs water and turns into miniature sponges in your intestine that scrub their way down and out, pushing the clog out. For immediate relief of stubborn constipation, use an over the counter enema and continue the daily psyllium.


Anon77803-#Long term use of psyllium is fine but you may want to change up your fiber intake at least once a day, since you are taking this three times a day. Try eating the equivalent of one of your psyllium servings in vegetable/fruits/grains during the day.


Anon73452-#47 Having taken it for two weeks and continuing to experience bloating and flatulence, I would suggest either continuing the psyllium which will eventually clean you out and these side effects will stop or doing another type of colon cleanse such as colonics or an herbal program then resuming the psyllium for maintenance.

After cleaning out the majority of the toxins and matter, the psyllium will be able to do its job easier, without the bloating and gas.


The purity and texture of Psyllium husk has a lot to do with its benefits. The commercial grades have differing purities and some have added milling products.


I got the "Belly Fat Cure" Book by Jorge Cruise, and he says to take 2.5 tablepoons of psyllium husk powder with three probiotic pills in a glass of water or Sobe water. it has really worked for me.

I also read that if you take the powder and put it in the blender dry, it makes the husks smaller and more effective, so i put mine in my Magic Bullet and then back into the container.


I poured some of this stuff down the drain by accident and it's been stopped up for four days straight, even with using Drano Max Gel. I'm at my wits' end. Always throw this stuff in the garbage because even using the highest Drano, it's still not coming out of my pipes. Ugh.


I have been taking psylium husk for over a week and my feet and legs are swelling like crazy. am I taking too much? Deltom


I've been having problem with constipation. I bought some fiber therapy pills that are 100 percent natural psyllium husk fiber. will this help, or does anyone suggest taking something else?


I've found psyllium husks are easy to take with natural orange juice. I put one teaspoon of it in my mouth then take a swig of OJ to get it down, then repeat until I've had enough (usually six teaspoons). It's just like drinking freshly squeezed OJ with the pips in it and it seems to settle better in my stomach.


I have been using psyllium husk for 25 years. It has been a Godsend, but in the past couple of years, I have suddenly been experiencing constipation and extreme flatulence. Why has the product stopped working? And is the product the actual cause of the flatulence?


has anyone noticed orange things in their feces? I am concerned, but not sure if it is just the psyllium husk not being absorbed. Please help!


I would like to know if psyllium husks will got old or if they will still be usable.


I've been using the capsules for three years, three times a day, but I'm concerned about the nutritional absorption. Is it OK to use it this long or should I stop? I’m hypothyroid and have chronic constipation.


I was researching causes of kidney stones and oxalate content of certain foods, and was unable to determine if psyllium had a rating related to oxalates. Does anyone have any information?


The first day I took the Psyllium husks I had a huge bowel movement in the shape of a huge 'S' like my colon had been completely cleaned out. The taste is awful but mixed with strawberries and a banana makes a nice smoothie in the morning.


To answer anon73452: You're probably not drinking enough water. That's why you are not as regular as you want to be. Drink a glass in the morning and seven or eight more through out the day. Don't take any more Psyllium until you have had a large movement.

Another reason is that maybe you are taking too much cheese. Cheese hardens your movements, making them too hard to pass.


I have been taking psyllium for more than two weeks now and I definitely feel very bloated and full, so much so I don't feel hungry though i eat a lot less now. However, the bowel is still not very regular (which is the reason why I am taking psyllium) and the flatulence is really uncomfortable. Can someone tell me if this is a temporary effect or can I do anything about it?


I have been trying psyllium husk for 1 week and it definitely keeps me regular. I heard about the psyllium husk from Dr. Oz's tv show and much to my surprise it works. I will continue to use it.


All great advice and comments! Very helpful. Thanks. Just wanted to add to hydration comments: you should, for good health, be consuming 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day. i.e.- if you weigh 150 pounds, divide by two and you have 75, so 75 ounces of water per day for you.


i follow a fairly high protein low nothing diet and have managed to burn off most of my fat. even when i was not exercising this hard or dieting (i coasted for the better part of an year), i used psyllium husk regularly before meals and managed to stay decently lean. am i sold out on this supplement? yes. it seems to work stellar in sensible amounts.


They make psyllium that completely dissolves in water! Why don't you guys use that?


The stuff is great! I am only 30 and after two days my pipes are getting one hell of a cleaning. I've also noticed my stomach does not appear to be as puffy either. I advise anyone to give it a shot, not to mention the best BM's ever lol. Gross I know but still, awesome!


I have been taking the drugstore equivalent (sic) of metamucil for 20 years. The easiest and tastiest way I have found to take it is in a smoothie. I don't care what flavor or fruit -- it's the best way to get it down.


I just started taking this stuff a couple of weeks ago, and I have to agree with both anon32038 and anon22718 - this stuff is amazing!!! :) I used t be a bit of a ribbon-er myself, but after a week or so, I can tell that all kinds of pent-up impurities are being healthily eliminated from my system. The black stuff really tells the tale - it's kind of like old, burnt walnuts. I am a convert!!!


I put psyllium husk into everything like soup (as a thickening agent) juice, hot chocolate etc. If you put it in a hot drink, stir, and let it sit for a bit and it will become tiny little beads like tapioca that absorb the flavor. delicious!


Psyllium husk pancakes! half a cup of egg whites and 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk blended! put on frying pan and cook as you would with regular pancake mix! then get a tablespoon of cream cheese, 1 packet of stevia or splenda, a dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon, mix it together and spread it on the pancake. it tastes like you're eating a cheesecake dessert with only 1 gram of carbs and it keeps your bowels going! oh yes, be sure to drink one glass of water before the meal and after but not during! this is great for breakfast too! protein and fiber! You'll see your waist shrink!


If you mix pure psyllium husk with oatmeal you will never taste it and you are really full from eating them both.

I also make a shake using 1/2 cup of frozen berries, 1 cup of milk, two tablespoons of protein powder and 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk. You can't taste it at all. Also, drink water throughout the day so the psyllium husk does not get caught in your intestines.


a question: can i use the husks every day ongoing or should i stop taking it after a few days?


i work out and i want to keep my body mass. will i keep my body mass and just lose my body fat?


i have had a bowel problem for two years, and psyllium husk sorted it in less than a week.


I pour about half a cup apple cider into a shaker (like the ones used to mix drinks) and then add as much psyllium as I want. I've mixed as much as an entire cup once. Then I cap and shake briefly (3 to 4 seconds), open, and drink immediately.

This is a completely painless process-- all you can taste is the cider and the texture is very smooth.


i can't stand taking any powder so i decided to make my own capsules. i buy bulk fillable veggie capsules from the health food store and make my own. you can also buy a capsule filling gadget at the chemist.


I mix it with apple jelly and spread it on toast. I've been doing this for so long that seems "wrong" to have toast and jelly without the psyllium mixed in.


I have just tried psyllium for a week and the result is amazing! I only take one teaspoon with plenty of water two hours before dinner.

In the morning before I start breakfast I drink fresh a glass of vegetable/fruit juice (1 carrot, 1 tomatoes, 1 celery, 1 apple, and 1 orange), and I feel so good.

My system works perfectly and I have more energy during the day.


It is a great stuff, buy from south asian (Indian) stores and you will get the purest and a lot lower price than others because it is produced in India and Pakistan.

I started using it after my gallbladder removal and it helped me with high cholesterol and brought my waist really down in few weeks.

It is part of my diet now: 1 teaspoon, one hour before the lunch and dinner and one tablespoon before going to bed.


Try psyllium mixed with applesauce and a little cinnamon, and a glass of water on the side. Much more pleasant than trying to drink the stuff. Also be aware that you can buy 100 percent psyllium, but Metamucil and many others have added sugar.


I suffer a lot from constipation. I've also taken several things to "help" me but nothing has worked. A friend suggested that I take psyllium husk. I went to GNC and bought me a jar thinking. "yeah yeah whatever" and it's working for me. I've been taking it for only 1 1/2 weeks and now it's a part of my daily diet. Not to mention I've dropped four pounds. Tip: you can mix the psyllium husk with six ounces of unfiltered apple juice (trader joes) and one tablespoon of aloe vera and wow! Amazing!


I've just started taking Psyllium Husk. Can I take niacin also?


I bought this stuff at Costco, 1 pack comes with 2 tubs and each tubs weighs 2 lbs and 4oz. and costs only $20 it works like a champ and tastes like orange soda. all you have to do is put 1 rounded teaspoon mix with half a glass of cold water in the morning and another dose before dinner. I highly recommend this psyllium husk powder.


To anon45705 - You can drink it with plain water or you can but as you noticed, it's hard to get down. Two things: 1) I mix with water and cranberry juice and it's extremely easy to get down that way. 2) you have to drink it almost immediately after mixing. If you let it sit too long it absorbs all the water (which is what it is designed to do) and becomes thick and undrinkable. Good luck, I can't live without the stuff!


i bought my psyllium husks at Trader Joe's and mix in one or two tablespoons into a fruit blend as a thickener (fruit + ice + water + psyllium), into a tall glass of almond milk (this way it tastes a bit like central american cold oatmeal or other grain drinks, you can add cinnamon or other spices to the final product), or blend in a little less with greek yogurt, almonds and honey and make sure I drink a few tall glasses of liquid (i.e., coffee or water) with it. I've never felt fuller and more regular and in just two weeks i've dropped four pounds. i'm a convert!


I will try it soon and post results!


Does anyone have an idea on how to get the stuff down without gagging? I end up spitting it in the sink every time but, don't want to buy the capsules. Any suggestion?


Can Psyllium Husk make you swell? I feel and look puffy all over but especially my legs and feet. I'm a little concerned.


since using psyllium husk every night before bed I have gone from a 31 waist to a 29 and have lowered my chlorestol to 135. not saying this may be the cure but for me all my results have come down and my eating habits have not changed. I am a junk food junkie. candy is my weakness. thanks psyllium


Hi, I have read that phsylium husk will also adsorb lots of nutrients from vitamins, fish oil, cla or any other supplements which are in liquid/oil form etc. Is that true?


How long does it take for the initial Early reactions to subside? Including diarrhea and embarrassing flatulence...


A friend of mine spilled a bottle of Metamucil in a sink drain. It totally plugged the drain. Any suggestions??


There is a great digestive product which uses Psyllium Husk and other natural products including probiotics. I`m in the UK and it has helped me a great deal with general digestive problems due to my job.


Can I take psyllium husk with hot water?


My doctor's recommendation of a mixture (3 equal parts) of psyllium husk, wheat bran, and oat bran has been great over the past two years. I have never had a constipation or irregularity problem, but I did have an intestinal problem. Since my mid 40's my stools use to be so thin (like ribbons)and and it took repeated wipes to get clean. Thanks to my doctor, I feel better, cleaner and healthy at age 60. If I stop or miss my dosage (6-8 table spoons of every morning) The problem returns!! I feel better, cleaner and healthy at age 60.


I have been taking the capsules--two at night and two in the morning. I go to the bathroom at least every other day and feel great, lighter and have definitely lost some lbs. I will continue this dosage.


Hi. Just moved into a new place and my dear husband (not!) decided to throw my psyllium husk powder down the sink, as he didn't realize what it was. Ahhh! Now we seem to have a permanent block there (well overnight anyway). Does anyone know how to desolidify the husk once its touched water p-l-e-a-s-e??


How much psyllium husks is recommended daily?


I use psyllium husk in our morning smoothies along with ground flax seed. We do not even taste it in our smoothies and it keeps us very regular.



Hey, I just read this article on psyllium husks and i had to add to the discussion. This has been the best fiber that I have tried. I use the powder from health food stores. The normal powder has sweeteners added to it which i do not agree with but the powder from the health food stores do not contain sweeteners. It also also MUCH cheaper to buy the powder form than capsules. Results are amazing but the only negative is that your body gets used to the extra fiber so if you stop for a few days, major constipation may occur. At least it did with me! But i must say the bowel movements are terrific and i can see removal of unimaginable proportions. Stuff ending up in the bowl looks like it has been trapped inside for years! Just really gross black stuff. OK i don't want to gross yall too much! Bye!


I am breastfeeding. Is it recommendable to start using psyllium husk?


Have been using the psyllium supplement for about 5 months now and what a difference!! I take 3 capsules with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've never had any real problems, but using this extra form of fiber has my system very regular and feeling better than ever!!


I take psyllium husk each morning in my orange juice which makes it tasteful. I use to have trouble with constipation but since I found out about psyllium, I don't have that problem again. I love to go to the bathroom now.


I've been using psyllium husk for a month now and I notice a big difference. I am more regular. I lost weight and stopped gaining weight. It really helped to have fiber in your diet and psyllium husk is a great supplement for everyday use although the taste is not that good.


I have it with my wheat bix and hot soy milk with honey in the mornings. It works a treat. It mixes well with the wheat bix too so you don't get too overwhelmed by it.


I have found that psyllium husk works really well as an extra source of dietary fiber for those of us who should eat more fiber and don't. I don't like taking the powdered stuff that you have to mix with water because you have to drink so much of it and it doesn't taste good, but the chewable ones aren't too bad, as long as you take them with plenty of plain water.

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    • Many people take psyllium husk to aid with digestion and to lower cholesterol.
      By: Marek
      Many people take psyllium husk to aid with digestion and to lower cholesterol.
    • Oat bran has about five grams of fiber per a third of a cup.
      By: Okea
      Oat bran has about five grams of fiber per a third of a cup.
    • Powdered fiber supplements can be prepared from psyllium.
      By: Orlando Bellini
      Powdered fiber supplements can be prepared from psyllium.
    • Some individuals may experience gas and bloating as a side effect of psyllium husk.
      By: michaeljung
      Some individuals may experience gas and bloating as a side effect of psyllium husk.
    • Like other fiber sources, psyllium husks are often used to treat constipation.
      By: Ljupco Smokovski
      Like other fiber sources, psyllium husks are often used to treat constipation.