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What is Ultra 90™?

Ultra 90™ is a dietary supplement designed to support weight loss and promote lean muscle retention. It's formulated with collagen protein, aloe vera, and vitamins, aiming to help you achieve your fitness goals naturally. Intrigued by how Ultra 90™ could enhance your wellness journey? Discover the science behind its ingredients and real user experiences as we explore its potential benefits together.
Jennifer Fenn
Jennifer Fenn

Ultra 90™ is a dietary supplement designed to promote weight loss. The company that manufactures Ultra 90™ claims that it is a natural formula containing collagen protein, aloe vera, vitamin C and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Other components include green tea extract, lecithin, safflower oil, beeswax, water, gelatin, and lemon. According to the makers of this prodcut, Healthy Incentives, Inc., these ingredients may help the body burn fat and release toxins naturally. The weight loss pill also allegedly does not contain any caffeine or ephedrine, two substances that are proven to aid weight loss but cause averse affects in many. The makers of this dietary supplement claim that collagen, in particular, fights the aging process and results in more weight loss than exercise and diet alone.

The "PM" version of Ultra 90™ is meant to be taken before bed and digested overnight. Three of the long, brown caplets should be swallowed with a glass of water. Users of this formula are supposed to cease eating three hours before bedtime. The "AM" regimen requires taking 3 caplets with a glass of water, then not eating or drinking for another hour. An empty stomach supposedly renders the dietary supplement more effective and easier to digest.

Safflower oil, from the safflower plant, is an ingredient in Ultra 90™.
Safflower oil, from the safflower plant, is an ingredient in Ultra 90™.

Ultra 90™ can also be taken as a liquid. People looking to lose 40 pounds or more are advised to take both the AM and PM formulas. Ultra 90™ can also be taken prior to working out to assist performance and recovery. Health Incentives, Inc., also recommends that Ultra 90™ be taken for ninety days.

As with most over the counter diet pills or weight loss supplements, mixed information is available regarding the effectiveness of Ultra 90™. Some claim that the act of not eating three hours before going to bed for the night will cause weight loss, independent of any supplement and that therefore, the results of the PM formula are inconclusive. Another point of contention is that the exact amount of the ingredients each pill contains is not disclosed.

Ultra 90™ contains beeswax.
Ultra 90™ contains beeswax.

Though Health Incentives, Inc., states that there are not any documented side effects of Ultra 90™, anyone taking dietary supplements or weight loss pills of any kind should consult their doctor regarding their current weight, diet and overall health. Only a doctor can say if Ultra 90™ and products like it are safe to ingest.

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It worked very well. Definitely improved strength.


ultra 90 in the morning when i wake up i feel yucky almost like the feeling of taking a sleeping pill. is there any kind of sleep aid in this pill

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    • Safflower oil, from the safflower plant, is an ingredient in Ultra 90™.
      By: Tamara Kulikova
      Safflower oil, from the safflower plant, is an ingredient in Ultra 90™.
    • Ultra 90™ contains beeswax.
      By: matin
      Ultra 90™ contains beeswax.