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Why Does the Tetanus Vaccine Hurt So Much?

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

Few people can remember their very first tetanus vaccine shot, since it was most likely administered in a diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine cocktail during the toddler years. Parents, however, were often told to observe their children after receiving the shot, since extended bouts of crying and some localized pain were known side effects. It's highly likely that the first tetanus vaccine shot you received as a child was just as painful as the booster shots you received as a teen or young adult.

The medical profession does not make a habit of describing certain routine inoculations and vaccines as more or less painful than others. This information, although helpful, might prove to be counterproductive when dealing with sensitive patients. The truth is that the tetanus vaccine is often singled out as a particularly painful shot to receive, and the residual pain can last for days or even weeks. Some people report feelings of numbness in the receiving arm within minutes of getting a tetanus vaccine booster shot. Others claim to feel a sensation like a hard marble at the injection site itself, accompanied by radiating pain throughout their arms, neck and back.

A vaccination syringe like those used to administer tetanus vaccines.
A vaccination syringe like those used to administer tetanus vaccines.

Some also complain of general fatigue and muscle weakness after receiving a tetanus vaccine. The usual course of treatment involves taking OTC painkillers such as Motrin® or ibuprofen until the pain subsides, generally within a few days or a week. More serious reactions to a tetanus vaccine booster shot could be hives, rashes or pronounced muscular weakness.

OTC painkillers can help with pain from a tetanus vaccine.
OTC painkillers can help with pain from a tetanus vaccine.

Why is a tetanus vaccine booster shot so painful? There are a few theories, but no single definitive answer. The nature of the tetanus bacteria itself may have something to do with the amount of pain you experience. Tetanus bacteria live in anaerobic environments, which means places with little to no oxygen. If you were scratched with a rusty nail on the surface of your skin, the chances of developing tetanus would be minimal. The tetanus bacteria would not grow in such an oxygen-rich environment. The danger of developing tetanus increase exponentially if you suffer a deep puncture wound. The tetanus bacteria would thrive in the deep tissues of your body, since they don't ordinarily receive much oxygen.

A serious reaction to the tetanus vaccine may include developing hives.
A serious reaction to the tetanus vaccine may include developing hives.

If you suffer a deep puncture wound, especially one involving dirty or rusty objects, some of the dormant tetanus bacteria might enter your system before the wound can be cleaned out and disinfected. A tetanus vaccine shot does not kill the bacteria directly, but rather strengthens your own body's antibodies against an invasion of tetanus bacteria. It is believed that the injection of tetanus toxoid, the most common form of tetanus vaccine, can create a significant number of antibodies to form, which in turn might contribute to the painful side effects which some people experience.

Tetanus vaccines are usually first given to children when they are toddlers.
Tetanus vaccines are usually first given to children when they are toddlers.

It used to be a common practice for nurses to warm up the tetanus vaccine by rolling it between their hands before administering the shot. Recent studies, however, indicate that the temperature of the tetanus vaccine had little to no effect on the level of pain or the duration of side effects experienced by patients. Some injections of medication do hurt more than others, perhaps because of their relative acidity or concentration.

Most medical doctors believe that the benefits of common vaccines, such as the tetanus vaccine, outweigh potential risks.
Most medical doctors believe that the benefits of common vaccines, such as the tetanus vaccine, outweigh potential risks.

There are some experts who are now questioning the need for tetanus vaccine booster shots at all. At one point in history, the standard medical recommendation was annual tetanus vaccine booster shots. This span of time between boosters has been increased over the years, and currently the recommendation is ten years between boosters. This gap may continue to increase, and many adults have abandoned the practice altogether, with minimal consequences to their health.

The tetanus vaccine is intended to boost the body's resistance to tetanus bacteria.
The tetanus vaccine is intended to boost the body's resistance to tetanus bacteria.

Even the practice of administering a tetanus vaccine shot following a deep puncture wound has come under some questioning. Tetanus is a very serious disease, with a high mortality rate, but some medical professionals suggest that a very thorough cleansing process reduces the chances of developing tetanus significantly.

What is Tetanus?

Tetanus is a very harmful disease that attacks the nervous system. A bacterium that produces toxins attacks the body and causes muscles to contract, specifically your neck and jaw muscles. Because the disease attacks the neck and jaw muscles, it's often referred to as lockjaw.

Parents should observe their children closely following a tetanus shot to watch for side effects.
Parents should observe their children closely following a tetanus shot to watch for side effects.

While we have vaccines to prevent the disease from progressing, the side effects can be life-threatening if left untreated or you're not vaccinated. If you contract tetanus, treatments will focus on keeping you out of pain and managing the symptoms until the toxin wears off. 

Is Tetanus Common in the United States?

Tetanus vaccines are commonplace in the United States, so people rarely contract them in the country. Although it's rare, it's not impossible. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there's an average of only 30 tetanus cases reported annually. You're at a higher risk if you're not up to date with tetanus booster vaccines.

Where is Tetanus Common?

Tetanus is the most common in developing countries or wherever people aren't vaccinated or up to date on their vaccines. The majority of tetanus cases, 82% of the world's cases, come from Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

History of the Tetanus Vaccine

Tetanus has been around since 1500 B.C. There are writings documenting the symptoms of tetanus back in Ancient Egypt and throughout history. There were ancient remedies for treating the condition, but it wasn't until 1890 that humans saw a tailored treatment for tetanus. 

German scientists discovered the vaccine for passive immunity. The tetanus antiserum was the first official treatment for tetanus, but the effects would only last a few weeks at most. It wasn't until 1924 that the tetanus toxoid vaccine came about. 

With the invention of the tetanus toxoid vaccine, it wasn't commonplace for everyone to get the vaccine like it is nowadays in the United States. Fourteen years later, in 1938, a new vaccine that's more effective in preventing tetanus was invented. 

Because of how dangerous open wounds were in WWII, it was commonly used for soldiers and accounted for a considerable decrease in the number of tetanus cases. By 1992, two new vaccines combine tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis that everyone receives as a child.

How Often Do You Need a Tetanus Vaccine Booster?

After you receive your first round of tetanus vaccines as an infant, it's recommended that you receive a booster every ten years to protect yourself. If you happen to have a wound from something rusty and you're not up to date on your tetanus vaccines, you should seek medical care immediately. 

Even if you are up to date, it's still a good idea to seek medical care to clean the wound and receive any preventative care necessary properly. 

Reducing Pain From the Tetanus Vaccine

Besides taking over-the-counter pain medication like Advil or Ibuprofen, other methods can help reduce the pain associated with the tetanus vaccine injection site. Even though not everyone experiences pain with the vaccine, it's not pleasant for those who do. 

Most people recommend icing the injection site in cycles every few minutes. This can help alleviate the pain and swelling. The pain from the vaccine can last for a few hours to a few days to even weeks. 

If your painful symptoms from the tetanus vaccines last for more than a week, you should consult your doctor to ensure nothing more serious is going on.

Who Shouldn't Get the Tetanus Vaccine?

While it's recommended that everyone receive the tetanus vaccine and follow-up boosters every ten years, there are situations where people shouldn't get the vaccine. Unfortunately, experiencing pain after a booster isn't a reason to not continue to get the booster when necessary. 

Anyone who has had an allergic reaction to a previous tetanus vaccine should most likely not get a booster. You can consult your physician to assess the risks of a booster. Other people who shouldn't get a tetanus vaccine are people who have a history of seizures, epilepsy, nervous system issues, or have been in a coma before. 

Lastly, those who have Guillain-Barre syndrome, a moderate to severe acute illness, or chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. If you're at risk for tetanus, you can speak with your doctor to see your options.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular TheHealthBoard contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular TheHealthBoard contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Discussion Comments


I just got the tetanus/pertussis shot this morning during a physical I remember getting a Tetanus shot 11 years ago after getting bit by a mouse, and my shoulder burning like fire for a week afterward.

So when the doc told me during my physical, I should really get a booster shot, I was just like, ohhh no. not that again.

This morning's shot was absolutely painless. not even a sensation of prick, jab, or anything. I just looked away waiting for the shot, and next thing I know, she's putting a band aid on my arm. I was like, holy cow. felt nothing, and I am the biggest needle-phobic! LOL.

Two hours later, shoulder is burning a tiny bit, and I know I'm in for a painful few days coming up, but I'd rather get this than tetanus. The whooping cough/pertussis I thought was unnecessary, but she said, it was more to prevent me from spreading the cough germ around, than getting the cough myself.


I got my shot just about 72 hours ago. I felt great for the first day and then yesterday around 12:00 pain started shooting up my neck and down my back. I thought that I was getting a serious migraine, but then went to move my left arm up and felt pain and a stiff-like substance in my arm. I was worried until I started to read the comments on this site.

Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences. After a day of pain, feeling nauseous and achy all over, I was ready to go back to the doctor's. Now I will stick it out. I do have one questions - is all of this really worth it? I am relatively healthy person and I feel like I have taken my poor body somewhere that I didn't really need to go. I feel bad that I got the shot now.


i got my shot two days ago. For sure has some pain on the injection area, however made it to the gym and worked out as usual. Next day felt so weak and sore, and had a bad headache. Today, three days later, i still feel the muscle weakness, feel a bit tired but managed to get out of bed and work out. I hope the crappy feeling goes away soon, as I'm a very active person and usually full of energy.


experiencing muscle and joint fatigue and stiffness after a tetanus shot administered after a bite from a kitten.


Well, I'm sure i have tetanus because i have lock jaw and stiff muscles and pain everywhere. i also have some respiratory problems that goes with it.

i don't know if it's severe. i think i diagnosed myself because today my brother was like, "i think you have tetanus because it has something to do with your jaw" and i didn't really pay much attention to what he said until i saw a medical ad and then started looking into it.

I'm only 13 and for tetanus to be caused you had to have a infected cut or something but i didn't have that. i have a pilonidal cyst which is an abscess which is on the list to cause tetanus. When i had the cyst i drank my medicine they gave me but i didn't finish all of it. is there anything i can do to get rid of it? thanks -gen


Got pertussis and Tetanus vaccination 72 hours ago. I am unable to raise my left arm. It's swollen in the armpit and so painful. My left ear is throbbing, neck is stiff, ribs and back are very tender. If I had to do it all over again, I think I would have to pass. It's been 4.5 years since last Tetanus shot so I wanted to be cautious to avoid other problems. Today I couldn't even chew because of the shooting pain in my jaw that felt like ice touching a bad tooth.


You should not have a tetanus shot within nine months of your last one.

Simply put, a tetanus shot causes so much pain because tetanus affects the muscles and causes them to seize up (hence the symptom of lock jaw). Well, when the weakened tetanus bacteria (injection) is injected into the muscle of the arm, it causes a slight spasms and seizes the muscle for a period of time.

In essence, you are having minor effects of tetanus!


I got my shot on Monday and I felt okay all week, except I had pain in my arm and I couldn't use that arm to lift much. Then, on Friday, I came down with a stiff neck and bad headache that lasted until the following Monday, one week after I got the shot. Don't know if it's related but this was one of the worst headaches I've ever had.


I got my Tdap vaccination yesterday at 5:15 pm. Everything went fine, even though I am afraid of needles. Then suddenly today at noon, I felt a sharp pain shot through my back. I couldn't stand at all. I had to drag myself to bed and stayed there. I never took any pain killers in my life, but I have to take some now to kill the pain. Otherwise, I cannot move around at all. Before this, I never have back pain either.

Should have researched more before I took this injection.


My 11 year old daughter received the TDap on Wednesday. On Thursday, she complained of itching. By Friday am, it was swollen, hot to touch, redness about 3-4 inches in diameter around injection site. Treated her with Benadryl which helped with redness, but not the pain. She still had a hard rock feeling lump in her arm. Been treating her with ibuprofen for discomfort. She does not have full range of motion on her arm. She says it feels like a pulled muscle underneath. Tenderness in her armpit as well. Complains that it hurts all down her arm. On Sunday, complained of sore throat and woke up with a fever. She has had a miserable day. Monday am, complaining of terrible arm pain, sore throat, has a dry cough and complains that her it feels like there are bubbles in her throat. I will call md today, but I believe that they will just say to continue treating with benadryl and ibuprofen. I will try to post later on what happens.


Gratefully received a tetanus shot five days ago. Saw the doctor today. Injection site is hard, red, raised, and itchy. Lymph nodes in the arm pit are large, tender and swollen.

On day 3 I had a 101 degree fever. The doctor determined I have an infection from the injection and gave me antibiotics. Possibility of an allergic reaction but not so severe to not have the injection if I needed it again 10 years from now.

I also have an unrelated ear infection so the antibiotics were necessary for that anyway. It is possible I reacted strongly to the vaccine as I do flu shots and no infection. I guess I'll never really know. Still better than actually suffering with a tetanus infection.


I'm getting a tetanus injection in a few hours time. ouch!


I'm super afraid of needles, and the nurse had finished giving me the injection before I finished telling her how afraid of needles I am. The after-effects of the tetanus booster are pretty uncomfortable, but it's not the worst thing in the world.

Think about having the booster shot pain in much more severe form all over the body. I'd like to avoid that, so I'm perfectly happy to endure a sore arm once every ten years.


Why has the tetanus vaccine hurt me so much?

I went to urgent care following a tetanus vaccination with burning and tingling sensations all over my body. My heart rate was elevated. I had diarrhea and could not breathe. I told them I was having a reaction to the vaccination. They told me that vaccine reactions do not exist, but if they do, take some benadryl and to go away. I tried this and then scheduled a doctor's appointment. The problems persisted and continued for a long time with my family doctor telling me that vaccine reactions do not exist. I could not get any help.

The doctor tried medications and these only made things worse. In fact, one of them caused me to lose my gallbladder due to my doctor not doing the blood tests he was supposed to do for monitoring of the liver enzymes. I also developed demyelination of the brachial plexus/brachial neuritis. My right arm hurts and my right eye hurts. And, I hurt everywhere. This has persisted for many years. Then, I had gallbladder surgery and everything came back two times worse than the time before. I have tried several medications and they only cause more problems.

Now, a little more history: When I was younger after receiving the vaccination, I developed several infections: pneumonia, pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchitis, right testicle, right testicle. I also developed muscle wasting, lost all my strength, developed rage and anger problems, asthma, a constant smile due to muscle spasms in my jaw. This persisted for two years and then suddenly stopped after receiving B12 injections every week for many months.

The B12 injections may not have helped, but rather after a period of roughly two years, everything stopped. After a surgery in my senior year of high school, I shook the entire year. Then, I received another tetanus shot that summer and had to drop out of college for a semester due to feeling drunk, not being able to think, and due to severe panic attacks. After about four months, everything stopped.

Then, in my sophomore year of college, I received another tetanus shot and then developed a severe muscle spasm in my right leg which completely tore out my right medial meniscus and tore my ACL and PCL ligaments in my knee. I was an all A student. After that, my grades fell to all E's. I could not think clearly, I had no idea what was going on, I was in severe pain, I developed severe behavioral and mental problems. Because of my change in personality, a person who very dear to me no longer felt the same way about me. I don't blame them. I was completely out of my freaking mind because of this poison.

Once again, after a period of about two years, everything stopped. Then, after some other surgeries, everything surfaced again. I normally don't sick that often. Really, the only time I get sick is for a period of about two years following either a flu or tetanus vaccine. After getting the flu vaccine, I developed what felt like a six-month long flu. I also developed what my doctor called Fibromyalgia because I hurt everywhere. Which, for many, not all, is direct consequence of these vaccinations. These vaccinations contain metals like mercury and aluminum which are known for causing severe immunological harm in some individuals.

I now have severe pain in my neck and right shoulder as a result of the vaccinations. It is likely that something could have been done had my doctor's listened to me about the problems I have had with vaccinations. Instead, they want me to believe that vaccinations help all. Well, all is mighty powerful word. When the true fact is that they may help most, but for some they cause great harm.

Now, the doctors want to try and dodge the harm they caused me by trying to direct the consequence to possibly something else. Well, the fact of the matter is that I spoke with a few different nurses who are either more knowledgeable, or at least more truth bearing than the doctors.

Upon receiving the last tetanus vaccination, they said I developed what is known as anaphylactic shock and that I am lucky I didn't die. Now, I have to be careful about foods I eat, what deodorants I wear (rashes), have to take minocycline to relieve the allergic inflammation caused by the vaccination. I am tired of my doctor's telling me lies and I am tired of them trying to cover their own butts for not providing help. Again, the only time I get sick is for a period of about two years following these vaccinations. Enough is enough. Stop giving me things which have caused me such great harm and continue to do so. I don't want to be in pain anymore and that might no longer be an option now.

Also, I don't ever want to receive the vaccination again. In addition, I have now read several papers that indicate that in some people with severely inflated EBV antibodies that vaccinations are known for also inducing severe reactions in people. Well, I have both.

In addition, shortly after I received a vaccination, my wife became pregnant. She had a miscarriage. Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant again. Our daughter was born with a birth defect that currently has occurred in roughly 200 out 6,883,258,326 people in the world. There are way too many reactions that I have had and the statistical likelihood that is not these vaccinations occurring in direct proximity of all events, is obvious. They have caused me harm beyond what many can comprehend.


Injured myself on a nail sticking out from my computer desk at 3 a.m. (I'm a night owl) and had to drive myself to the hospital for a tetanus/pertussis shot. It's been about 72 hours and my arm still hurts at the injection site.

I wondered if such a reaction was normal, but I see that others have had similar experiences and that the medical community does regard tetanus as the one vaccine that will leave you cringing for a few days afterword. Here's to hoping the pain subsides!


If you need a tetanus shot you need a tetanus shot, and it is plain unethical to use the opportunity to inject people with anything else - mercury, diphtheria, whatever. You won't get whooping cough unless you already have sub-clinical scurvy - whooping cough is a symptom of vitamin C deficiency and never seen in kids who take high-dose vit C regularly or when they get a cough.


@dee - You probably haven't had a complete course (five shots) during your life so are at higher risk from tetanus, which could be why they've vaccinated you.

The problem with these comments is that they may put people off having the injection. After having read a large number of these comments, I can safely say none of the horror stories sound as bad as the horror of tetanus itself.

The vast majority of people who have this shot will have a sore arm for around one week, and that's it. Unfortunately Some people have a bad reaction (like all vaccinations, and I hope you people feel better soon) but this is rare. Tetanus is a horrific disease causing a huge amount of pain, disability and possibly death. Don't be put off from having the shot.


I am 51 and have been wearing a medic alert bracelet since I was 11, as I had a severe allergic reaction due to the booster in 1970. (this was in Toronto, Canada). I had the booster as a baby, and again at five years in England with no problem.

When I was 11, the school sent around the consent form for parents to sign to have the school nurse come on a certain date. However, the school nurse came two weeks early, and I was just getting over the flu. At 11, back in the day, when you are all called into the gymnasium, you are not going to say that you can't have the shot because it's the wrong day.

Apparently, just as the shot had been administered in my left arm, I went as white as a ghost and felt very faint. I went home for lunch and complained to my Mum that my arm was killing me, and she was furious that the nurse had come early. The puncture area was very red and was starting to get a bump on it.

I went back to school in the afternoon and stuck it out. In the evening, I had to go to bed. I had a raging fever, and my Mum was putting cold compresses on my arm all through the night. I went blind for a time.

The redness around the puncture got bigger and bigger, all the way down to my hand. It was burning hot to the touch. The swelling went from the size of an egg to the size of a loaf of bread. My Mum called the school next day to complain to the principal,and all he said was, don't worry, she's going in a taxi to the doctor's office. The doctor wasn't sure what caused the reaction: tetanus, diphtheria or polio. He suspected it was the tetanus.

I was given some kind of a drug to get rid of all antitoxins in my body. He says we caught it just in time, or my arm may have been paralyzed, it may have had to be amputated, or I could I have died. I can't even have my annual flu shot at the doctor's office due to my strange reactions to needles. If this happened today rather than in 1970, we would have sued big time.


Had an ADT shot in January (adult diphtheria and tetanus), upper left arm, injection stung a little, arm slightly itchy straight afterwards and for the next three days, able to do normal activity (including lifting and carrying), slight redness around injection site.


These shots always hurt really badly for me. (I tend to get 'mild reactions' for shots.)

I had one shot in each arm yesterday and managed four hours of sleep before my arms hurt too much to stay asleep. So I'm up at 2 a.m. having a soda.

Bright side: Whooping cough, tetanus, and flu would have kept me up awake more and with worse symptoms, guaranteed. One does not cause as much pain as the other.


Thank you all for your posts! I had a tetanus booster four days ago and my arm is sore and tender in the armpit area. I have been so incredibly tired too. I didn't know what was wrong with me. Remind me not to do that again!


I received my tetanus shot two weeks ago and I'm still in major pain! I've taken a lot of Advil these past two weeks and it still doesn't come close to taking the edge off of this horrible pain! People were correct in saying the pain radiates through your whole arm, neck, shoulders and back. Also, I have experienced the numbness! Going back to the doctor in a few days to see why this pain is not going away.

P.S. In the first four or five days, I had very mild pain but as the week progressed the pain intensified! So just because you may not feel anything in the first few days doesn't mean you're not going to experience the pain later on. Just make sure you get some strong medication because I sure wish I had!


Took a piece of rusty shrapnel to the eye yesterday. It stank, and then enter tetanus shot. So it made an already uncomfortable circumstance even more painful because now I am officially 'Blinkin McGee', the sore-armed sailor. Sweet. At ;east neither hurts as bad as that darn problematic piece of metal going into my eye in the first place. A sweet relief?


Can anyone tell me what happens if a DTap shot is given in the subcutaneous fat and not in the muscle? I am sure the nurse did this DTap shot wrong.


Got a tetanus shot seven days ago, didn't feel anything (thanks, nurse!). But yesterday my arm started feeling sore, as if I had bumped into the corner of a table or something. Not an excruciating pain, just an annoying, throbbing, "after-the-fact" pain, like when you work out too much after years of no exercise, that kind of pain. But give me that any time over cramps or a twisted ankle.


My sister is 15 and i am 13. she has got to have her tetanus shot on friday and she is worried about it. do you have to be weighed or not? please tell me asap.


I'm in pain. I got not only the ADT tetanus booster shot yesterday but the Hep B and typhoid vaccinations. Yep, one after another.

The injections didn't really hurt during. I did feel the needle go in and the vaccine felt like it was pushing my muscle as it entered my body but that was the easy part.

I had the ADT and Hep B in my left arm and the typhoid in my right.

I made dinner that night and just had a mild pain in each arm but nothing that stopped me from doing what i normally do on a Monday night.

Six hours after my injection, my typhoid arm was killing me. I iced it for around an hour then went to bed.

I woke up at 7 a.m. the next morning (14 hours after the injections) in the same position that I went to sleep in and now it was my left arm that was killing me -- so much so that I couldn't get back to sleep or move it. I iced it and took strong pain killers but nothing could make it go away.

I have kept still practically the whole day -- 29 hours and counting. Make it stop.


I got a tetanus shot yesterday. Hardly felt it at all except for a very minor pinch as the needle was going in.

Today (24 hours later) the area where the shot was administered is a little sore, but not bad at all. The nurse told me it would feel like somebody punched me in the arm, but in actuality, it just feels like a minor muscle ache when I move my arm and a minor bruise to the touch. Piece of cake!

I hope this helps those who are nervous about getting this shot. Not everyone has bad effects from it. Some people, like myself, have virtually no effects at all.


I got my shot yesterday. Woke up in the middle of the night with horrible arm pain that seemed to get worse through the night. Got up in the morning and have muscle aches, tired (which could be from not sleeping much last night), and I also feel lightheaded. I hope mine doesn't get any worse.

I've never had a reaction to a shot so I wasn't worried. The nurse even told me that the shots don't really hurt the next day if you move your arm. Not true. I moved my arm a lot yesterday.


I got mine yesterday and immediately after the injection there was no pain, but a few hours later the injection site was warm to the touch, sore, and red.

Today I felt tired, had headaches, and I've been crying on and off for the past five hours or so. I feel so irritable and when I start to cry it becomes a weep it's so intense.

I hope this goes away soon. Right now the injection site is swollen, hard, and very painful when I touch it. Damn you, tetanus shot!


I premedicate with an antihistamine and an anti-inflammatory one hour prior to a vaccination. With the tetanus shot I find that the more you work the muscle post-injection, the fewer problems you will have. If I baby the arm I end up with days of soreness. Hit the gym for an upper body workout after the shot for best results.


Tetanus shots are really easy. I just wear a racer back tank with really cool roomy armholes. The doctor usually asks if I’m right or left handed. I'm right handed, so he gives the tetanus in my left arm. I just sit bravely on the table in shorts and tank top and put my left hand on my hip so the doctor can easily see my deltoid muscle just under my skin up high by my shoulder.

The doctor dabs my left arm with alcohol up high by my shoulder. Then he points the tetanus needle straight down at my left arm up high by my shoulder. I feel a quick stick as the needle goes deep in my left deltoid muscle. Then I feel a hard push and a deep tight ache as the doctor puts the tetanus on my muscle. Then he pulls the needle out of my muscle, and it's all over.

I just feel a tight muscle ache in my left arm up by my shoulder for a day or so. But in a tank top with roomy arm holes I have a lot of free and easy arm movement so I move my left arm as much as I can to work the tetanus into my muscle.

It only takes the doctor about five seconds to give the injection. Tetanus is good for five years or so, which is really great because I hate getting tetanus shots! they hurt!


I got a tetanus shot three days ago in the arm as a 10 year booster. It didn't hurt at all the first 24 hrs. But now it's sore and tender under my armpit, and the injection site is red and hot to the touch also. I was just getting ready to call the doctor when I found this site. Thank you everybody for letting me know I'm not alone. I'll stop panicking now.


I received a tetanus shot eight days ago. My arm was a bit sore immediately following the shot for a day or so. Now my arm is sore again one week later, in fact very sore and swollen. I woke up in the night last night with it throbbing. Why would this happen like this?


well i commented last night and today i got the shot. it was not fun. it hurt pretty bad and now my arm is really sore. will my arm get worse in the next day or so? or will i get better from here?


i am getting the tetanus shot tomorrow and I'm really freaking out. I'm deathly afraid of needles and i hate pain! i also have the first day of school Wednesday where i will be carrying heavy books! does it hurt?


We need these vaccines. They put poisons in these vaccines, and I am sure this causes side effects.

We need to insist that they make safer vaccines.


Glad to hear i am not alone. i got mine monday afternoon, felt fine initially and had no pain until the next morning, then the rest of tuesday and wednesday i was miserable. I had a mild fever, body aches and weakness all over, felt irritable and also felt like crying for no good reason, not to mention the very bad arm pain. It's thursday now and I'm starting to feel better but still not 100 percent.


people i read such threads before getting my tetanus shot and rabies vaccine and got so scared because i have a phobia of needles as well.

Trust me: it's not so bad. Nothing a healthy person can't deal with.

Trust me. I'm not a brave person but i got through it just fine, especially the rabies vaccine. I didn't feel a thing! The tetanus was painful but not "severe" and nothing that one needs to whine about! take care and it's easy!


I have both autism and tryponophobia. (trypono being injections) They have never been able to get a needle in my arm since I was six. I think there is serious need for an alternative, for the non-communicative part of the autism spectrum.


I got my shot yesterday morning and felt fine all day. As the evening progressed felt like I had a terrible flu. Now it's Saturday evening, horrible nausea, tummy ache, fatigue, my arm hurts SO bad I can barely move it and I am freezing!

I'm so glad I got this on a Friday so hopefully the worst of the symptoms can work their way out before I head back to work on Monday!


I got my shot a few days ago. It didn't hurt but the arm feels slightly sore. I'm achy with a low grade fever. I figured this was the norm for such a shot as we had this when we were kids. I told my doctor to lighten my dose so I wouldn't be allergic (I think he did!)


I got a tetanus booster about four days ago in the ER after getting a very deep slice in my hand due to a heavy glass figurine falling (and breaking) on it.

I haven't had any problems from the shot at all outside the "marble" in my arm and soreness right around the injection site and said "marble".

I've felt fine, with my only complaints being the itchiness and aching in my hand where my stitches are! Don't let the horror stories make you panic about this vaccine. Remember people report things only if there's an event.


I think I did the smart thing. I got this injected into my buttock instead of the shoulder. Now my thigh is sore, but it's just a minor limp. I'm pretty sure my shoulder couldn't have taken this. My job is sedentary, and this helps. However I had a bad headache the morning after the shot and I think I'm going to have fever soon.


Don't know how I got out of bed today. Got my shot Friday at 5 p.m. No huge pain until this morning, Monday 7 a.m.

It is so bad I almost was going to leave work and go to the ER. Then I remembered the shot so I looked online and found this thread. At least I know what it is now.


I got a tetanus shot last monday. The shot didn't hurt and my arm was great for the first few days. Now a week later, it hurts more than it has in the past week. Also, I have been very tired all week. According to these posts that is normal! Just hope the tiredness goes away soon.


Received my tetanus shot last Thursday. Pain did not start until Friday at 3 a.m. I woke up in extreme pain, and cannot lie on my left side due to the vaccine. Here it is on Monday, and the pain persists. I thought I was the only one who felt very tired and sick. I'm glad to read I am not alone. Anyone else getting headaches?


Got a tdap shot on Saturday. It is now Wednesday evening and my arm is still red at the injection site. It feels like a hard golf ball is under the skin. The injection site is only painful if I touch or lie on it.


I got a tetanus shot yesterday. I woke up at 6 because of my alarm but couldn't stay awake and I had a severe pain in my arm where I got the shot. I went to sleep and woke up at 1:40PM with the pain and a bump on my arm.

Luckily i don't have a fever or anything but I play tennis every day and I'm thinking I won't get to play for a while because of this shot.


I got my shot 32 hours ago and this is awful. I came home yesterday after the shot and didn't feel a thing. I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. and it hurt so bad I couldn't move it. I then started running a fever and I ended up sleeping all day. Tonight, my stomach hurts and it feels like I have flu symptoms. Ugh.


I am a 40 year old veterinary nurse. I got bit by a huge dog a few days ago. I cleaned the wound thoroughly for about five minutes using Chlorhexidine surgical scrub. I went to the ER about 45 minutes later. I waited in the ER for 3+ hours before being seen.

I received a tetanus injection in the right upper arm intramuscular. The injection stung a little but I was so tired of waiting I did not care; I just wanted out of the ER.

I got home about 3 a.m. I was tired and sore from the dog bite and immediately went to bed. Woke up around 1 p.m. Slept like crazy. I woke up feeling like I had been shot with a 9MM in the upper arm. I had body aches, chills and a low grade fever. I ended up staying in bed for the whole day.

The next day, the symptoms were worse. I still have a bit of chills, low grade fever (better now), back, shoulder, and chest aches as well as a sore, stiff neck, sore throat, and the pain at injection site is pretty intense! It feels like flu symptoms.

I'm a big guy, 6 foot, 230 pounds and this injection put me down like a Tyson fight. I'd much rather have dealt with getting bit by two Rottweilers than getting this tetanus injection. Today I still feel tired, sore, with throat discomfort as well as pain at the injection site, but nothing like the previous days. I was told by the head RN at the ER that they are now doing tetanus every five years and not every 10. What fun. Aloha.


I got my shot today. I am was scared for a whole week thinking about the shot. Thanks to reading these comments about the shot not being painful I went in calmer. In fact I did not feel the needle at all! What has science done?


I am glad I am not alone here. I got my booster shot last Tuesday and it is now Monday. On the second day I felt crazy. I knew that some people experienced pain, but I was not aware of any other side effects. I was sitting down and felt as if I was going to faint. I lost my appetite and just felt like crying (I never cry). Plus my arm hurt very bad for about three days.

So, it has been six days and the pain is gone, but I am left with a knot in my muscle that is very uncomfortable. I am still not sure how to make it go away.

I feel like I should have been warned about the side effects. I will think twice before getting this shot again!


It seems I am that one in 100 people who have severe side-effects of the vaccine.

I got my shot Thursday and of course it was sore but no big deal. i thought it would go away quickly.

The next day, Friday, my arm was swollen right at the injection site like a hard marble under the skin. And my muscle was very sore, and it hurt to use my arm. I wasn't feeling so good, was very tired, had an upset stomach.

Today, Saturday, I have hardly been able to get off of the toilet because I am feeling extremely sick. I am feverish and it feels like a terrible flu. This is awful.

After puncturing my foot wading in a river out camping I felt I had to get the shot. Even though I tried my best to clean it properly I wanted to be on the safe side.

I don't regret getting it, I just wish I had known the possible side effects first. Then maybe I would have been better prepared to feel so terrible.

Hope I'm not sick too long. I have to go back to work on Monday.


I got my tetanus shot 30 hours ago and it kind of feels like someone punched me in the arm really hard. Other than that I feel fine except i went to bed last night at 11 p.m. and woke up this afternoon at 1:30 p.m.

I don't think I've ever slept that long in a row in my life!


I'm 19 and in the military. I had a tetanus shot when i first got in, a little over a year ago, and about five days ago i stepped on a rusty roofing nail, and i have not gotten a booster or anything since. i cleaned it and and bandaged it. And it hurt to walk on for the first few days but not it doesn't really hurt all that much now. should i still get a shot.


Three days ago I had the DT (diphtheria/tetanus)shot

because I caught my toe under a door and ripped off

my toenail. There was a metal plate under door. I do

think we need to be our own advocates. They wanted to give me the three in one (including whooping cough)

vaccine but I strongly said no. I remember I had

the tetanus shot 10 years ago and was tired, almost like a chronic fatigue, for a month.

Today is day three and I'm feeling exhausted again all day long. Fortunately, I'm a teacher so I don't have to work.

Thanks for the advice on lots of vitamins. Also, I was

advised to get phyto-complete by Metagenics for detoxing the liver and will start that tomorrow. I believe vitamin C will definitely help and I have started taking astragalus. I'll keep you posted.


i received a tetanus shot at 6 a.m. this morning, it is now 14hrs later. since then i have had no pains at all besides a minor feeling of soreness on the area that the shot was applied to.

Now i have an active lifestyle which includes heavy lifting of commercial grade construction materials when I'm on the job as a general contractor, weight training for about an hour/hour and a half and also light cardio, such as jogging outside. i have done all this today and still i have had no extreme pains. it could be a matter of genetics such as allergic reactions to the shot. or maybe too much of the antibiotic is being given and is causing a buildup, consider age and weight when a shot is given to a patient.

or maybe folks like myself, whose bodies are built up for constant physical strain have the ability to move the antibodies through the bloodstream with more ease since we have a constant and healthy blood flow. I'll keep this in consideration for a good month of doing what i normally do and hopefully the cure for these problems is a few push ups for folks right after the vaccination takes place.

-John W. Philadelphia, P.A.


I'm angry now. I'm 14 years old and i just got the Td shot during my physical for going into a new school (high school) but this sunday I'm going to camp for an overnight camp for a week where I'll be sweating in a tent with five other boys and kayaking and doing high ropes stuff. But since i got my vaccine about 10 hours ago it hurts to move my arm. i went to turn my desk light on and i actually winced in pain from moving my arm up to less than 90 degrees. and i can't do my push ups tonight (I'm up to 20 now) but my point is if i knew that it would hurt this badly i would have just said forget it (I'm pretty easy going too and have no fear of needles) and now I'm scared that i might get some of these worst side effects while at camp and ruin my experience.

I have now officially decided all medicine is evil and to always question a doctor opinion because they're usually wrong. Because, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you do by some chance get cut by rust you can just get the shot asap. You don't need to get one every 10 years (which correct me if I'm wrong, some may not even need that for they may not necessarily lose their immunity).


I just got my dbt booster yesterday and the shot was a piece of cake and i barley felt anything. now my shoulder hurts and when i move it up, down, or sideways i feel a shooting pain through my upper arm. don't worry though it passes after two to four days. (usually)


It was six years since my last T shot, and I was in an accident where a piece of flying metal hit my hand and made a small abrasion and broke one bone. At the ER, they talked me into a TDap shot.

That was one week ago. For the last couple of days, I've had hives on that hand and now getting them on the other hand if I scratch the left hand. Weird, but that tells me it is systemic and nerve related.

Didn't think of it being the tetanus shot at first, but thanks to you guys, I'm going to gripe at someone this week and see what my doctor says.


Got mine last week. It was fine. Arm felt sore for a few days but nothing too bad.


i had got a tetanus shot three days ago, and the shot itself didn't hurt at all. i had gotten it around 3 p.m. but then about five in the morning my arm looked a little swollen, and the pain in my arm was unbearable. i couldn't even move it. it still hurts, and not only that but I've got a fever, headache and cold chills, i couldn't eat, and my whole body was extremely achy. it's awful!


I just got my tetanus shot last night around 6 p.m. It's currently about 10 a.m. To be honest, this shot is nothing compared to the Gardasil shot I received about two years ago.

Yes my arm is very, very sore in the deltoid region (where they administer the shot) but other than that I'm not feeling too much. I will admit that my stomach is a little sore and I have a headache, but honestly that's likely because it's the beginning of "that time" of the month, unfortunately. Overall I wouldn't worry too much unless things are very severe. Good luck!


just had a tetanus shot on monday after i stepped on a nail. I got the shot at about 4 p.m. It didn't start hurting until 9:00 at night. the next day i felt like i was hit by a truck. I had a fever and flu like symptoms. i can't even move my arm. It's horrible -- never ever again! the doctor told me it will hurt later but this is painful! i thought this was only me, but when i looked it up on the comments, it seems like common side effects!


I got mine five days ago. I still have a knot in my arm and the site is all inflamed, hot to the touch and red.

At least I don't have muscle weakness or any other side effects.


141 here. It has been five months since the dpT booster. My right arm still has a bump. I think it is an abscess. I am still having intermittent shooting pain from the shoulder to the bump and back. I have a hard time lifting my arm above my head and I have extreme weakness in the entire arm with some pain even in the elbow area at times. I think I need an MRI. Will post again if I can get my MD to order one.


I'm glad I read most of these comments. I got a Td shot more than a month ago and still have severe arm pain, and cannot rotate my shoulder. I can hardly lift up anything.

My whole shoulder joint is aching and when I make a sudden move, severe pain shoots down my arm. I have weakness in my fingers, I cannot open a bottle now that I was able to open a month ago. The symptoms were so connected to the Td shot for me, but I don't dare to go to a doctor because I'm afraid that he will tell me that I probably have arthritis, that a Td shot cannot have these side effects. Now I know it can.


Choosing to never get another tetanus vaccination is your decision to make, of course. However, you probably should do some reading on the disease tetanus and what it involves, so that you know what you are risking.


Went for my physical on Thursday morning (it's Saturday evening right now as i post this comment). I have no issues with a needle being stuck in my arm so i had no pain when i received the shot. Come thursday evening, mild pain in my left shoulder. hmm. OK. seems logical.

Thursday night, i woke up with my shoulder hurting like crazy and had the chills.

Friday I had the chills, a fever of 102F, fatigue and a painful shoulder. Took painkillers at night.

Saturday, the fever seems to have disappeared with taking tylenol/panadol but my shoulder still hurts.

I didn't realize this could happen - so much for modern medicine.

Have read some of the posts here. Hopefully i don't have it as bad as some of the people here.

All the best to people who come on this website.


I am a 39 year old mom who cut herself with a rusty nail on Tuesday. Wednesday morning I got a tdap booster. I hadn't had a tetanus shot since I was 18 years old! Shot didn't hurt Wednesday at all. Today is Thursday night. I have a fever of 101 degrees, slight sore throat, incredible muscle aches all over my body and a very sore arm and neck. I am not nauseated (yet) but have no appetite.

I will never, ever get this vaccine again.


I got my tetanus shot on saturday. It didn't hurt at all but the following day my arm felt numb at the shoulder joint. I had to keep moving it around just to make sure it could still move.

Then on Monday, I couldn't keep anything down. I threw up everything I ate and drank that day. I spent the whole day in bed feeling slightly feverish. It's Tuesday now, and I still feel a bit nauseated and weak. I'm hoping the worst is over.


My tetanus shot was a nightmare. It damaged my immune system and almost cost me my marriage. I know my experience is rare but I want to share it with everyone. I had muscle pain, headaches, flu like symptom, and swollen lymph nodes. I honestly thought I was dying. Three weeks after my shot, I developed shingles near my genital area. I thought my husband cheated on me and gave me herpes. We lost our virginity to each other and I have been faithful.

Oh I questioned him, argued with him, and cried and cried. He denied ever cheating on me. Call it a woman's intuition, but I knew my husband would not lie to me when I was in so much pain. Strange thing was my pain and rash was only on the side I received tetanus shot. It never crossed to the other side. Both my viral culture and blood test were negative for herpes. The pain was so excruciating that my doctor decided I had shingles. It took three weeks for the pain to go away and I never had re-occurrence.

I had a blood test for herpes two months after I recovered and it was still negative. Since then I had persistently tested for herpes three times and they were all negative.

No vaccine is 100 percent safe and I might be one of the 1 percent population that develops horrible reactions.

I just learned from my boss that her son was paralyzed for a few months after receiving a load of vaccines. Anything is possible and you know your body better than your doctor. If you suspect anything is wrong with you, do not be afraid to question your doctor.


I just received my tetnus shot yesterday at 11:00. As everyone has mentioned the shot did not hurt at all.

I get a Depo injection every three months, and that needle is much bigger but causes less overall pain.

After three or four hours, my arm was extremely sore, I could hardly move it. When I woke up this morning it felt like I ripped a muscle in my shoulder, really bad. I can't believe such a small needle can be so painful!


It's Wednesday evening, and I got a tetanus shot on Monday afternoon at a routine physical exam. The shot itself was not painful at all.

By the time I got to the front to check out, my arm was throbbing with pain! About an hour later I started getting stomach pains and feeling nauseated. Diarrhea then kicked in and I felt extremely lethargic. I lay down and fell asleep for seven hours, woke up for four hours while feeling like I was hit by a truck, then fell back to sleep for another five hours! Still feeling very tired and achy all over and arm is still sore. Just want to get my energy back!


I had the shot on Thursday as part of a normal physical routine and experienced no pain when given the shot.

I've read on the medical websites that the third or fourth time for Tetanus can produce more side effects.

On Friday I felt little soreness, nausea, and run down and these side effects persisted through to Sunday. The fourth day, which was Monday, I had severe dizziness, body aches, and excessive sleepiness. Very much flu like symptoms and I'm hoping does not last too much longer.

I'm glad for the comments posted on this site so that I could have peace of mind to know that these effects are not too unusual. It seems that everyone reacts differently depending upon the individual.

I'm aware of the necessity of the vaccine and hope to get back to normal soon. Thanks for the comments.


I got a tetanus shot three days ago. The shot was fine and I barely felt the needle, and didn't feel the injection. There was no pain or side effects for about a day. Then a kid of fist-sized dull ache around the injection site. It feels like someone punched me in the arm and the muscle kind of cramped up from it. It sounds like I got lucky; it's pretty mild, but I'm looking forward to it going away.


They really should tell people the side effects thoroughly instead of handing them a piece of paper and saying "you need this". I was in for something unrelated, and they said I was out of date for my dtap by 15 years, and I know that tetanus(lock jaw) is a dangerous thing to mess with, and since I want kids soon I figured I should get it now.

Oh, my God. My entire arm killed for four days. I was sick with the "flu" for three days. And two weeks later I still have a darn knot in my shoulder.

Yay for modern medicine. psh.


So i was nervous about getting my tetanus shot because i heard it was painful. i just got it this morning and the shot itself doesn't hurt at all. It's only been a few hours but my arm isn't sore yet. Everybody is different though, so i can't guarantee you'll have the same experience.

Just wanted to ease the anxiety someone might be having about this vaccine.

From what I've experienced so far, it's not bad at all! No worries, and hey it's got to beat getting tetanus!


My wife and I got our tetanus shots on Thursday about 12 p.m. on the left shoulder. About 4 p.m. the same day, the area started to feel sore. The next day the pain has continued. My wife had a headache all day.


I cut my thumb really bad and six days later my arm feels weird and numb and still hurts due to the tetanus. I doubt I will ever take another one.


I got the DTAP shot over a month ago. The shot itself did not hurt, but since the day after my arm has hurt like the devil. I can't sleep on my left side (already couldn't sleep on right side because of a major pain that the docs can't figure out either from December).

I developed a two inch long brown line above the injection site two weeks after i got it and you can still see the puncture where the shot was given.

I showed my doctor and she was like it is nothing. If it is nothing, then why is there still massive pain in the muscle and the line?

If I had known this before i would never had gotten the shot in the first place!


I was bitten by a squirrel I rescued last month. No, squirrels are not a rabies risk. Wound bled quite a lot, I washed it under running water and with peroxide. Now completely healed except for the scar being numb, which is normal.

No, I did not go for a tetanus shot. I had one 19 years ago and contrary to what the medical wonks swear by, immunity can last 25 to 30 years. In Sweden, people are immunized every 30 years. In my case, my wound bled a lot which is self-cleaning and I washed it immediately. The protocol of administering a tetanus shot every 10 years is hokum, in my opinion.


No problems! Read: Got vaccinated yesterday. I'm totally squeamish about shots, but no problems. I feel fine.

Three tricks: 1) Totally relax your whole arm so the muscle is relaxed. Make your arm go limp - go wherever you have to in your mind to totally relax that arm. 2) Just before they give the shot, take a deep breath (still concentrating on going limp in that arm), then exhale slowly. This helps to continue that muscle relaxing and takes your mind off the shot (which by doing both above, I didn't even feel) 3) Rest of the day afterward, work that arm. Swing it. Do exercises with it, lift with it, pull with it, keep it moving and get that vaccine to spread so it doesn't stay concentrated -- get it circulating. Works for me. Good luck!

Tetanus vaccine can make you sore, but keep it moving. For most people, the less you move it, the more sore it will be the next day. Good luck!


It's not so bad for everyone. I cut my thumb with a knife really bad, and it was suggested that I get the shot. My arm was not sore until 12 hours later, but i can still move it. it just feels like i was socked in the arm -- completely bearable.


I just had a tetanus shot earlier this afternoon. I have a bad phobia of needles so needless to say, I was terrified.

The actual shot did not hurt one bit. I barely felt the needle go in and the medicine did not burn while being injected. My arm feels slightly sore, no more than if I had worked out and forgot to stretch.


Got a tetanus booster this morning at approx 8:45. It is now 3 p.m. My arm hurts a little, but my whole body aches as if I were hit by a truck. No fever, chills, nausea, diarrhea, headache, any of that stuff -- yet. Just feel like someone punched me in the arm, then dropped me about four stories.

This is at least my third booster, by the way, and I am 27 years old.


wonders of medicine, my foot! tetanus shot is given out any chance the doc can con someone into thinking they need it. i had possible staph and was tricked into thinking i needed a tetanus shot. the shot's after affects are worse than anything I've experienced in my life. I'll wait till i get tetanus to deal with it.


I got my shot on Wednesday, no big deal. But then the next day I had a body ache, and the arm where I got it was sore, so I took 2 Motrins and kept working.

The second day (Friday) after the shot, I decided that I wouldn't be able to work and stayed home. This has never happened to me in the past, (feeling so bad after a vaccine shot)!

Feeling much better four days after the shot, but still not back to normal. Will be careful before I take this shot again. KK


I got my tetanus shot yesterday morning (around 8:30am). Today, my arm hurts incredibly bad and I have chills! I know I'm not getting sick, but I feel weak all over and the chill are driving me nuts. The fact that I can't use my arm because of the pain is awful too. I play roller derby, and this is definitely messing with my action. Still, it's better than getting tetanus. Just got to deal with the aches and pains and hope it goes away soon.


I got my tetanus shot this morning at 8 a.m. My gynecologist said I was overdue and recommended that I get one. It is now 11 p.m. and my arm feels like it weighs 200 pounds (I am only 110lbs) and is very sore. It didn't hurt at all when she administered it. Hope it goes away. I have exams tomorrow!


I received a tetanus shot on Monday, it did not hurt at all but the Nurse did tell me that it would hurt the next day, well she failed to tell me how long it would hurt. I am still hurting today and the area is also itchy.


for someone who said shots are administered in the vein? umm, no. tetanus are Intramuscular. Anything into the actual vein would be via IV-(intravenous) If a nurse aspirates as taught (withdrawing the needle for blood before injecting) as to make sure you ARE NOT IN A VEIN. that would wreak havoc on your body if a nurse did that. thanks.


Got my shot back in January - it's now May. My arm still hurts and throbs. Funny, because I didn't feel a thing when the shot was administered. Sure hurts now. Would certainly NOT have gotten the shot had I known I'd still be in pain 4 months later.


I received a tetanus shot over a week ago after I received a second degree burn. The doctor thought she'd be nice by giving me the shot in the arm that didn't already hurt and now my burned arm is doing fine but I'm still suffering from pain, swelling, and a general ache from that side of the body.

All I'd really like to say is that if you have to get one, make sure it's not on the side you sleep on and make sure you ask your doctor about the side effects first. That way you don't freak out and think you're dying when it's actually pretty common.


I am a hair dresser and i cut my knuckle off yesterday and had to be taken to the emergency room. I was told i had to get a Tetanus shot and i was so scared because of all the horrible things i have heard, and rightfully so.

Today my arm is so sore, but i don't even think that is the word. I have the worst pain in my arm. I couldn't sleep last night because of the pain and today i cannot lift my arm any higher than than two inches from my side.

I hope the pain goes away soon because i can't take it anymore and it's only the first day.


well i'm supposed to get a DTaP or the school board will take me out of school. after reading all these comments I'm kind of nervous about getting it. like i am really scared of needles. and another comment was posted saying that you can ask for numbing spray so i think that i will ask for that.

just needed to get it all out of me! bye!


I received my TDAP on Thursday. On Friday the TDAP arm hurt at injection site. By Friday afternoon my right arm also started to hurt. Saturday morning, TDAP side feels better but it really hurts to lift my right arm. Going to give it a few more days before going back to the doc's.


I got the Tdap in my right deltoid on Thursday- 4 p.m. It made me jump compared to the hep B in my left which was noticeable, but no biggie.

Friday morning I woke to the total uselessness of my right arm. It just hung there and hurt. When I rose from bed I had such immediate vertigo and sudden nausea that I vomited right there on the carpet (diarrhea too). I am almost never sick.

It's now Saturday night and my arm is close to normal function. I'd do it again. Beats getting tetanus.


I made the mistake of reading all of the posts on this site before I went to get my tetanus shot. Needless to say I was convinced that I would be in utter agony for days and unable to move my arm.

It has now been 24 hours since my Td shot and I am happy to report that I have experienced absolutely zero side effects; my arm is just the tiniest bit sore.

I figured I should post since most of the stories on here are horror stories and people don't report unless there is an event. Mine was totally uneventful.


Got a tetanus shot at the doctor's yesterday because she said I was overdue. In the past I've had a sore arm for three days or so and that was it.

Today my arm feels fine but I have a sore throat! It's different than a sore throat from a cold or something - it hurts to swallow and hurts when I press on it. No one else thinks this is a side effect, but it is a symptom of the actual disease, so I'm guessing side effect. I just think it's weird. I hope I don't get anything else, this is bad enough!


i just got home from the hospital. I stepped on glass which cut me pretty deep so i had to get a tetanus shot in my arm. honestly i was relieved! it was nothing compared to the 15 anesthetic needles i had shoved in my foot!

although it hasn't been long enough for the symptoms to show but i think the pain I'll be feeling is in my foot not my arm. i wish i could have got just a tetanus shot on its own. lol


Just got my tetanus shot. It's a little sore but no biggie, better than getting tetanus I suppose!


Two days post-shot and my muscles are still sore. It feels like I was punched in the arm hard enough to bruise. Up until last night, there was a hard spot where the injection went in. Shot didn't hurt at all and this isn't too bad, just a little achy.


This is 180 again. It's been almost four weeks now and my shoulder is still killing me. No sign of infection (have has an ultrasound it's been so bad) but my entire arm is sore and the shoulder, in particular is aching from the center at a 10.

It also feels like my other arm is aching in the joints. No relief and as soon as I start using it it aggravates the pain. Has anyone continued to suffer this long or is it just me? Ow!


Just had my shot yesterday. There was no pain with the shot and very little afterward. I guess I'm just one of the fortunate ones.


I got the shot during a trip to the ER for a cat bite. I got the injection in my shoulder, and I haven't been able to life my arm for two days! The muscle hurt pretty badly, but I guess I'll take a few days of pain to the alternative.


I got a tetanus shot on Wednesday afternoon after seeing the doctor and her finding out I was overdue. I told her I didn't want it at this time but she pretty much forced me to get it.

My arm was hurting a bit when I was going to bed, but no biggie. I then woke up at 4 a.m. with chills, shakes, and feeling pretty dizzy.

I couldn't go to work because it definitely wasn't safe for me to drive. Around 7-8 Thursday night I began to feel better until I went to bed and was once again woken up at 4 a.m. with same symptoms. So here I am. Shaking like I am having a seizure and dizzy as all hell.

Never again will I get a tetanus shot.


I had a tetanus shot almost three weeks ago for a puncture wound (stupidly self inflicted accident) and the pain in my arm is excruciating.

Everything from my wrist, forearm, bicep and shoulder ache and burn. The pain is now into my neck and getting worse. I have been to the hospital and doctor as a follow-up but because they can't see any surface swelling or rash they have only prescribed antibiotics as a fail safe. Has anyone else had pain like this for that long? The aching is similar to what you get when you have the flu.


I received the shot in my right arm, because it was the dominant arm. However, I also sleep on my right side. This is a bad idea. Next time, I'll get it in my left.


This will be my last tetanus shot. I got a tetanus booster four months ago after I cut my hand deeply in a kitchen accident.

I've had these shots before with never any reaction at all. A week after this shot I noticed there was still a hard red bump at the site of the injection (like a mosquito bite). I had my husband lance it so it would drain.

A rash developed at the site, which took a week to clear up. Now, four months later I still have generalized swelling in my arm pit. When this will disappear is anyone's guess. I am an otherwise very healthy 63 year female.


Oh, my arm hurts. Oh,I feel fatigue. Get over it!

Thank your lucky stars that we have the medicine to be able to prevent this illness.

OK, so a tetanus shot hurts and you may feel a bit off afterward -- big deal. You don't have to have one but tetanus is a terrible way to die.


I got mine yesterday along with the chicken pox. My nurse was so good and put numbing spray on I didn't know she did it! Don't be scared ask for numbing spray.


Got my shot yesterday and my arm is so sore it hurts to lift anything. I feel out of my element and have flu-like symptoms and feel feverish. They re-did the vaccine about two years ago and apparently this strand of bacteria in the vaccine is stronger than in the past. It stinks! Only one every 10 years -- thankfully!


I got the shot yesterday around 4:30. My arm didn't begin to hurt until around 9 or 10 that night.

The nurse said that the more you use the muscle the faster the less pain you'll experience. They suggest doing it in the dominant arm.


for all those worried about getting a tetanus shot, don't be! I have a phobia of needles and suffer from anxiety.

I cut myself quite deep and worried I had tetanus but it all came down to the anxiety (hypochondria) I started having symptoms of tetanus which was linked with anxiety.

I got it done and I never felt a thing. I have a slight aching of the arm but nothing that a bit of exercise doesn't sort out in the morning.

Don't put yourself at risk. Just get it done and don't worry about what people say. Those of you experiencing severe pain are unlucky that the nurse hit a nerve and you are probably experiencing nerve pain. happened to me with a blood test.


I didn't feel the needle go in when they gave me the shot. It started aching the next day. I thought there might have been a small amount of fluid from the shot in my muscle, and the muscle would hurt from the pressure.

Many shots are administered in the vein i think, so it would spread around your body much faster. I was surprised to hear - "Why is a tetanus vaccine booster shot so painful? There are a few theories, but no single definitive answer."


I got it three days ago, and I was surprised that I didn't feel the shot at all. the girl was incredibly gentle and she pushed it very slowly. Just as I started thinking I've been given a sugar water, the day after, my arm felt very heavy. there is a little bit of pain, but a light stretching and very gentle massage did the trick.

I'm taking it slowly, since it doesn't make sense to me to overload your body with exercise when it should concentrate on making the antibodies. grab some propolis or vitamin C to help your body get the best protection it can from the shot.

cheers, Cat


I had a tetanus shot on Monday morning and it is Wednesday. There was a little soreness at the injection site, but nothing major. I decided to try and massage it, which made it extremely sore. I took some aspirin and the soreness has decreased drastically.

I should have started the anti-inflammatory immediately after the shot so that there would have been no pain.


I was attacked by a dog yesterday and had to get a tetanus shot. It hurts like crap!


Oh yeah, I got a tetanus shot last night for a accidental self inflicted stab wound from a food processor blade. It stinks. But my whole arm hurts and I can barely lift or move it. I hope this pain goes away soon. Feels like someone gave me a hundred charlie horses in my arm. I do feel weak and tired, but that is probably from the four hours in the ER.


I had a tetanus shot yesterday about 4:30 p.m. It stung like normal when getting the shot, but when the medicine goes through the muscle i thought it hurt pretty bad. I was worrying myself about it because i remembered when i got the shot when i was 11 my arm hurt for two weeks.

So, my arm didn't start hurting for like another 10-12 hour but when it started hurting it hurt like crap.

Today it hurts to lift my arm at all. I'm just glad the nurse asked if i was left or right handed so my dominant arm doesn't hurt. But my other arm is in so much pain. It feels weak and very sore. feels like someone has my arm in a vice. It stinks! just glad it's only once every 10 years!


I crushed my index finger at work between two metal shelves, crushing it and twisting it backward. I went to the hospital and they fixed my finger then gave me a tetanus shot and I went home.

I returned to work the next day and oh my God, I'm in so much pain where I had the shot. My crushed finger is nothing compared to the pain from the shot. I feel so weak, sore and sick. Never again! It's not worth the pain!


I guess I was a lucky one. I got the shot on Tuesday. It's now Friday, and I haven't had any of the symptoms except a tiny bit of pain. The shot stung a little bit when I got it, but that was about it.


So i got my tdap booster and my hep A shot yesterday morning. the hep a hurt so bad the minute she injected it, but i didn't have much pain in the other arm with the tdap.

my left hep A arm hurt all day. And then this morning, i woke up with a massive headache, horrible body aches and chills, and an extra sore right arm (where the tdap was injected). So I'm not sure which one causes the body aches and headaches, but it's terrible.

i feel completely useless. I'm really weak and can barely move my right arm. It stinks.


I had my tetanus vaccine on Monday late afternoon, I had flu like symptoms yesterday, and barely got through the day. Wednesday morning I wake up and I have a swollen neck, glands! I can't swallow very well. My tongue feels swollen as well. I'm going to the emergency room shortly. I would not recommend this vaccine.


I know that most people don't post on a place like this when they don't have a bad reaction, side effect, etc., so I wanted to be sure to post my experience for all the loony obsessive folks like myself.

Let me guess--you just got a tetanus booster shot today, and now you are reading these comments and freaking out, right? Relax, that was me eight days ago.

I'm 25, and last had a tetanus shot when I was 11. I had a physical last week, and the nurse convinced me to get a tetanus booster. I remembered that I developed an 'egg' bruise on my arm when I was young, that lasted for a solid 7-10 days. Later that day (last week), I came here to doublecheck for what my side effects could be, and I started to worry. Was I going to feel fatigued? Would I become feverish? How bad will the pain be?

I'm happy to report that I had almost no effects whatsoever. I'm talking like, the faint soreness was less than that of my H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines a few months ago. I had the shot at 11 a.m., and I felt a little tired that afternoon, but it wouldn't surprise me if that was totally due to the stress of worrying.

That night I took two tylenol before bed, and did about eight push-ups, as recommended by other folks. The next day, I had the slightest bit of tenderness in my neck/chest, but again. I think that was probably due to the push-ups and my own compulsive 'pushing' and 'checking' for pain at the injection site, lol.

Anyhow, I've rambled on enough, but I just wanted to come back here to let folks know that there are many people who (like myself) have no side effects or even pain from their tetanus shot, so don't expect the worst just because you read on the internet that 50 people did! :-)

All the best, Josh


I just got my shot a few hours ago. I specifically asked if this is the one that hurts, and the nurse said not really. What? Six hours later my darn left arm is so sore!

I'm a makeup artist and I am just glad I have no projects booked this week. I'm also left handed! They should ask before!

I'm also extremely sleepy and I feel if I close my eyes I'm going to pass out asleep. I wonder if that's also because of the shot or because I was woken up early today to an earthquake -- or a combination of both? --Jacki Jacki


I got the shot yesterday, on Monday, and today I can barely lift my arm. Feels like an intensely sore muscle. The doctor didn't mention anything about the soreness. I will take some Advil tonight, but I feel very groggy today. Glad to see this is common, cause it is painful!


Had my tetanus exactly one week ago. Shot does not hurt at all, just a pin prick. Doesn't really start bothering you until around the one day mark. Definite flu like symptoms.

Two day mark, my flu symptoms were gone for the most part, but my arm hurt so bad. I'm at the one week mark, and my arm still hurts, especially the first three or four hours after waking up. It's nice to see others having the same issues.

I was about to head back to the dr to see what he could do, but I'll wait a few weeks. Good luck all!


I got a tetanus shot on friday. I'm very tired and feel so much pain. My arm is killing me. It hurts too bad to cry.


i will let you all know that whole exercise thing is a crock. i got it two days ago. the day i got it my arm was just a little sore. i had soccer conditioning so we ran two mile plus lifted upper and lower body. plus i went to the gym after ward.

around 1 the next day i was bawling my eyes out, not able to move. the pain spread throughout my whole body into my muscle and my neck and back. I ended up taking 1600 mg of ibuprofen to remotely feel better. so I'm guessing the exercising screwed me over.


It burned as she pushed the medicine from the needle in my arm. This pain is serious. I got it done on monday. Here is it Friday and I am still in pain. I have flu like symptoms. I am feeling really sluggish. I'm really tired!

I'm having head and stomach aches. I am in a lot of pain all over. Neck, arm, back and everything is just sore. I feel like I have been beat.

I hope the pain goes away soon. I have been taken Ibu and motrin to ease the pain. Good luck to all who gets the shot.


I got my first shot 24 hours ago (42 years old). Two hours after the shot I felt like I had the flu. Joints aching, injection site felt like a prize fighter had punched me in the arm. The nurse suggested putting the shot in the arm that you use the most. The more you use it the less pain you have.

Today I am grumpy, slow, and sore. The soreness is primarily on my right side in my arm, neck and right leg.

I wish I had done some of the exercises I see mentioned here. That might have made a difference.


I decided to get the Tdap shot yesterday due to a cut from an old chandelier. I went to the Minute Clinic at CVS where I also had my regular flu shot and H1N1 spaced six weeks apart so as not to overload my system.

The nurses there are amazing- on a scale of pain afterward I would say a three but what I did before and after helped a lot. I massaged my right arm-neck and shoulder for 1/2 hour beforehand with a Homedics massager.

I also did 20 minutes of shoulder exercises and went for a brisk walk for 20 minutes. I took a lot of Vit C and then did wall push ups immediately after the shot (as we have to wait afterward to be safe for 1/2 hr) and kept moving my arms all day.

I had a small bruise and minimum pain the next day. I feel cranky and tired but good nutrition and vitamins help immensely. An allergy specialist who works for the army told me about the exercises; he was right!


I had my shot eight days ago. The shot wasn't bad at all. The nurse did mention to me that I need to move my arm and use it so that it didn't stiffen up on me.

I asked if there were any other side effects I should be worried about she said no. She didn't tell me that my arm could or would hurt like hell for more than a week.

From what I see here people react differently to the shot. But as for me it hurt and still hurts too much to life my arm.


I had a tetanus and hep a shot about 30 hours ago and now i feel like I've been hit by a truck. I'm very hot temp lots of muscle aches and pain and i have to go to the toilet about every 15 minutes. is this normal or am i having a possible reaction?


I was given a tetanus shot as a routine follow-up. It's good for 10 years. My symptoms were a little soreness at the injection site and some almost flu like symptoms. I was tired and had body aches for three days after the shot. It seems to be improving now, and i suspect within a week i will be back to normal.


I cut my finger off with a rusty knife and the ER doc just sutured it up and gave me a tetanus shot?


I just got the DTP booster shot yesterday, and I guess it's the tetanus part that is very painful. Just to clarify-it does not hurt at this injection site.

I have always been scared of needles but this shot made me feel better, it seriously was minimal/pain free. But the next day was another story.

I was fine until about 9:30 the next morning and I started feeling nauseous and very shaky. I only have a fever of 99, but I'm feeling very flu-ish. How long does the flu-ish feeling take to go away?


This is 141 checking in again. It has been five weeks of ibuprofen, tylenol, and heat. My arm still hurts and the employee health nurse has basically ignored my pleas. I am calling my regular physician tomorrow and hopefully will get someone to look at my arm, which still appears swollen and is very painful at the injection site.


the shot stinks! my arm is hurting worse and worse every day. i got the shot on wednesday and it's now friday and it just keeps getting worse. my girlfriend is a nurse and she said to wet a paper towel with warm water or get a heating pad and put it on there, and also to keep moving it so it doesn't get stiff.


I just got my Tetanus shot yesterday and it hurt extremely bad all throughout the day. the nurse said a lot of times people get a fever after receiving their shot, and I had to go home early from school today. not fun.


I got my tetanus shot on monday after cutting my finger pretty deep. i had 2 stitches. the needle didn't hurt at all and no one told me there would be any pain.

on tuesday there was some pain in the arm where the shot was administered but today i woke up feeling like I'd been bashed all over. the pain is so severe I can't lift my arm and i feel like my whole body is aching. I couldn't remember having so much pain but my last shot was over 10 years ago. i took some ibuprofen today.

I hope these symptoms don't go on for too much longer, and i hope to remember this next time i think of getting another tetanus shot.


Got my shot Saturday and now it's monday. since i've left the doctor the pain has increased and i can't lie on it or touch it. there's no swelling or redness but now i have flu-like symptoms and muscle stiffness and body weakness.


Took the DPT booster 11 days ago, as it had been 10 years since I had a tetanus booster and I go overseas on missions so I thought taking a pertussis/diphtheria booster couldn't hurt me.

I am a nurse, and I consider myself to be a tough woman, but my arm still hurts. I personally think that the health professional who administered the injection went a little low with the needle and perhaps injected my deltoid tendon and not the muscle. I am going to give it a few more days. If no better, I am going to the doc. I have taken a lot of vaccinations over the years, but never had this much pain.


Wow! I stepped on a rusty nail and went and got the tetanus shot just in case. I must be real lucky but My arm didn't hurt a bit. Now I wonder if I got a good dose but maybe my body just didn't react like others. It's been 10 days since the shot


For those asking about the "pain" of getting it. I just got the shot. I felt only the slightest prick and felt nothing as for the stuff going in. (Needles are much smaller than when I was a kid, that's for sure.) About an hour later I have a bit of an achy shoulder where I got the shot. Nothing too bad.


I was involved in a flash fire last night. It involved gasoline and I can hardly believe I came out alive. The explosion was heard at least a mile away. But I only ended up with first degree burns on my face and second degree on my hand.

I didn't know when my last tetanus shot was so they gave it to me in my right arm (the same one with the burned hand). It hurts worse than anything else I'm dealing right now and I have horrible muscle weakness. It takes every bit of concentration to lift my arm half way up.

I keep using the other arm to move it around so it doesn't get too stiff. Who would have thought that after catching on fire, it would be the tetanus shot that was the worst side effect?



I am about to receive my DTP shot tomorrow. I was wondering does it hurt going in or just later. Should I be thinking about the shot all day or blank it out.


It is Saturday and I had a tetanus shot on Thursday. I was worried that I would follow the pattern that most people here seem to have--that they're okay the first day after, but that they feel like they've been run over by a truck on the second day, but I actually feel OK.

The pain moved down to my armpits this morning and felt pretty bad, but then it went away. I have some mild pains in the neck and the jaw, but nothing like what some other people have described.

I've been feeling constipated, but whether or not that's related I don't know. I think it's just a coincidence. I'm hoping nothing gets worse but, so far, in comparison to the majority of people who have posted here, I'm feeling much better.

The last tetanus I had had was about five or six years ago, maybe more, so I think the longer it's been since you've had it, the fewer after effects you have.


I'm the same as from message 133, two days later it did still hurt and now the hurt is finally gone after five days. This can happen.

So don't worry about the pain, it's normal, but aww, it does hurt a lot.

Take ibuprofen, massage the area of the shot and keep moving your arm. Not moving it will give a bit more pain.

Good luck and get well!


Just got my shot four days ago. Arm was heavy and the area was really sore by the end of the day. I had disturbing dreams that night. Flu-like body ache the next day, more arm soreness, slightly pink area around the injection.

Day 3: no body aches or dreams, slightly less sore, pink area slowly swelling and increasing in diameter. Today: definitely less sore, swollen area has increased and now it's itchy.

My sister, who's a nurse (and someone I should've talked to before getting the shot) said to apply a warm compress and take Ibuprofen -- and call the doc tomorrow about the reaction. She doesn't think I should've had the shot to begin with. Go figure.


Thank you for all your advice. I had my shot yesterday and like a lot of people it does hurt a lot. Reading here that a lot of people have the same, makes it a bit better. It's good to know when things are "normal". Right now I can not move my left arm and it's very sore. I fell asleep a few times today and didn't know why. Now I know :)

I took one ibuprofen 400 this morning and then it was better, I took now my second one.

I hope tomorrow it will be better! Get well for everyone and don't be afraid, the pain is "normal".


Just got a tetanus shot yesterday. Arm hurts and i have a welt just as it did when i've been vaccinated before. Also have flu like symptoms such as chills and what feels like a fever although my temp is normal.

Just got over a cold and strep throat in the past month so I'd have to say these symptoms are a side effect of the vaccination since i should have enough antibodies to fight off a cold. All i can say is suck it up and deal with the pain. Just like everything it'll get better in time. lol


I got my shot on Wednesday and it has been 3.5 days of painful agony. Fever, chills, neck and back pain, swelling in the arm (throbbing painfully at times) and bouts of crying! I never cry, usually.

I had a major surgery when I was 16 where they had to stuff gauze into an open wound and it was horrible but I still did not cry as much as I cried in the past three days. It is pitiful!

My doctor stuck me with the shot because my husband and I are going on a cruise and he thought it would be helpful to take it since I have not taken it in more that 15 years. what a bad idea! I am worried now that I will not be able to enjoy my vacation in two week because of my sore arm. :( Will keep you posted!


I had my tetanus yesterday morning. I'm 15,and completely terrified of needles.i nearly walked out at the last minute!

i stayed and had it, and i can honestly say i didn't feel it. you may think I'm lying but I'm not! seriously nothing, but now my arm completely hurts.

I'm not one for complaining about pain, and after looking after all the animals, carrying loads of water, my arm kills me. I don't know how long this is going to last, but the slightest touch hurts! the actual needle doesn't hurt at all!


Had my tetanus shot a couple days ago. It sucks bad. Feels like there is a baseball under my skin. But hey, certainly wouldn't want tetanus. Got it because I was in a nasty car wreck. But dang, it hurts worse than my deep shoulder bruising caused by my seatbelt.


I got a tetanus shot yesterday morning. It hurt a

little bit going in. I had a slight ache (I mean

very very slight) at the injection sight. However,

I was extremely tired and slept most of the

afternoon. Today I feel fine with no soreness.

I guess I was lucky.


It is now 10 days later, The pain is intense. I am on meds for pain, swelling. Oh my gosh! The doctor said it will take a while to ease. On the scale from 1 to 10. The pain level is still a 10. All I can do is take the meds, just coping.

Thanks everyone thought I was nuts.


I am on day two after having my shot. For those scared of needles, I couldn't even really feel the needle go in. That said, day two has stunk -- bad. I woke up feeling weird and by the time I got to work, I was crying (for no reason).

I did read that like 1 in 1,000 kids can have crying bouts that last up to three hours, however, I was surprised since I'm 28.

Eventually the crying stopped after two ro three hours, followed by a fever, and now aches/pains/weakness/chills, etc. -- basically the flu.

I'm guessing that I'm having a more severe reaction than most, but the doctor isn't concerned yet. Hoping day three will be much better.


I received a tetanus shot on Monday and it didn't hurt at all that day. On Tuesday I developed three 1" diameter welts around where the shot was given and the pain was pretty bad. I took Advil every six hours for the pain.

Today is Wednesday and the welts have all merged into one huge 5" diameter welt, and it still hurts. It is red and looks like I'm having some weird reaction to the shot. I called the doctor and they told me to just keep taking ibuprofen. After reading some of the posts here, I'm hoping this will be gone soon, but I'm not too optimistic.

I've had tetanus vaccinations before and never had anything more than a painful arm for a day or two -- never these huge welts. Seems pretty weird. I wonder if they're using some crummy new vaccine?


I got a tetanus shot four days ago and the day after the shot my arm was very sore and I hard a hard painful marble-like bump at the injection site. But I could still use my arm, and though it hurt some to sleep on it, it didn't keep me awake. The soreness has gotten a little better each day. Today it is just a little sore but the bump is a little bigger and now it itches. But I remember getting a tetanus shot 30 years ago that left my arm so sore I couldn't move or lift it at all, and that lasted several days. It was extremely painful. But I didn't get the hard bump back then.

So from my experience you can have a different reaction each time you get it - don't know why.


Hi! I had the tetanus shot 3 days ago, I also had a typhoid shot in my other arm. At first both arm muscles felt achy and sore, then after a few hours the typhoid arm was OK.

My tetanus arm though had a large red painful lump and I couldn't move my arm. Instead of getting better the pain got worse. I can't lie on it or touch it.

Today I took pain killers and have been crying. Other family members have had no pain after a few hours and don't understand. I have given birth to two children and have a low pain threshold but that pain was on the same level as this. Unfortunately my tetanus jab was not even needed. I remembered after it that I had a jab four years ago after a dog bite. (The jab lasts 10 years).

I'm supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow but I don't want to do anything because the pain is so bad. It may sound whiny to those who haven't had it happen to them but I can sympathise with you lot.

It feels wrong. I almost feel like cutting my arm off as it may hurt less.


I am 49 years old and got the DPT shot nine days ago. My arm still hurts and I'm tired and feel like I have the flu. I will never do this again and I am a nurse! Wish I had known this could last for weeks. What a mistake.


Some of you might have picked up a virus while at the doctor's office that could attribute to your illness after your visit.


Well the shot obviously does not hurt any more then any other shot. It's when your body reacts to it that the pain comes. For some it seems minimal soreness and for others it seems rather extreme.

I am a metal worker and I am always around rusted parts, so I more than most probably should have this shot. After I had it there was only very minor discomfort but today it feels like someone hit my shoulder with a baseball bat.

So far the pain has not spread but that entire shoulder is as sensitive as if it were sprained, badly burned, or heavily bruised.

I really had no idea tetanus shots created such a reaction. Although I'm sure it's good to have it considering my occupation it is a pain to endure.

Good luck folks. You might want to try heating pads and ibuprofen if it starts getting overwhelming.


Ouch! I got my booster in June. It is December and it still hurts. My arm feels like someone punched it real hard.

I've been back to the doctor twice, once for x-rays. There was some evidence of something and he thought it was calcium deposits. It didn't look like any calcium deposits i saw online. It looked like strings, not like little rocks. Second time to go over results. He said there was nothing wrong with my bones and it probably was a reaction to the tetanus shot.


I've had tetanus boosters over the years and always bragged that I never felt a thing. Tiny needle, quick poke, minimal soreness, just kept doing what I usually do.

This time, it felt different from the second she injected. I don't know if it is the injection method (needle was a lot bigger than I remember), my age (37 now), or my physical condition (on medications for asthma now).

I actually had to take a day off work. The soreness has increased and radiates up my arm and up my neck along a nerve, and down my back. Overall I am cranky, worn out and feeling "malaise" :). Almost borderline fluish.


I just got mine yesterday and all I felt was a prick. My arm is a little sore right now but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.


A couple of days ago, I got pierced by a rusty BBQ fork. Thanks to my kid who played with it and turned it upside down. The fork got stuck to my thigh and left a punctured wound. Hubby encouraged me to go for the tetanus shot, so I did. The nurse administrating the shot told me it was going to be painful and I thought it was just like any jabs.

By the time I drove home, I was beginning to feel a little nauseated and headachy. I didn't think too much of it and took some tylenol and went to take a nap. By evening, I got worse and as I experienced a dull bodily ache, particularly along the back. I thought I was coming down with some kind of urinary tract infection.

The pain got worse the next day. Both sides of my abdominal muscles were stiff and painful. I wasn't able to sleep quite well. Today, it's the third day and I'm still feeling all the bodily aches as well as the swelling on the left arm where the shot was administered. I also felt thirsty all the time and have this feeling of general weakness, dizziness and somewhat breathlessness.

Even though I don't have to work today, I still cannot seem to settle down. I went to sleep a couple of times, but couldn't get to really rest. I wish I had known ahead of time what I was expecting because I was beginning to get worried that I might be coming down with some other kind of diseases because the muscles around my kidneys felt so sore.

I don't regret having the shot because when I was a kid, some kid in our neighborhood died of tetanus infection. Since it's going to last for 10 years, it's a relief to know that I won't have to go through it soon.

When I had it in the past, I didn't remember it was that bad. Perhaps age has something to do with the low tolerance to this vaccine. Whatever it is, I'm just glad it's all over and I'm hoping this pain will go away soon before it drives me nuts.

Thanks to all of you who shared your experiences. It helps to know what's going on and that I'm not the only one suffering from this nasty shot.


I had a tetanus shot last year and I take a seasonal flu shot every year. I don't remember any pain from them. Shots themselves don't hurt at all if you find gentle and clever hands. Your arm will be maybe a little sore for a couple of days, but it's something you can bear easily without any painkiller. I'm sure that the most important thing is to relax you muscle: the tenser you are the more it hurts.


I got my tetanus shot on Wednesday and today is Friday. The shot didn't hurt much at all and I just felt a little run down on Thursday.

However, when I got up this morning I thought at first I might be having a heart attack (not likely being 50, a female, and just having gotten a clean bill of health at my annual physical). I had pain going from my chest into both arms and up into my neck plus my upper teeth hurt. Plus diarrhea. And a headache. I'm glad I already have today off from work.


Fellow pain survivors and strong journeymen. I am writing not to share what we already know but to confirm it. Yes, it hurts! I got my shot at 7 p.m. and it was not even 8 p.m. before the pain attacked my now weak and depleted body. It is now 11:04 p.m. and my neck is numb and my shoulder is in pain. It is true the shot does not hurt when receiving it but it kicks your butt later on. Thanks for sharing your stories. I must go pray now that God takes some of this pain away. But I am thankful that I am protected. Great site. Thanks!


Similar to many of your posts, I went for whiplash from a car accident and suddenly I was also getting the DPT vaccine. I usually have no issues with shots - even deep intramuscular shots. Like others, the shot didn't hurt; however, that was Friday morning and by Saturday morning, my arm was very sore. In addition, I had developed a bruise around the site about 1 1/2" in diameter. I developed several hive-like welts and a very warm raised area.

By Monday morning I called my health plan. The doctor saw me and said I had cellulitis and prescribed an antibiotic to be taken for a full week, three times a day. Bottom line: if you develop any side effects, call your health care professional. Letting a bacterial infection go isn't good.


From reading these posts I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because I've only experienced mild soreness from the tetanus shot I received a week ago. The injection was totally painless. I have the typical "marble lump" under the skin accompanied by very mild discomfort at the injection site. I do water aerobics daily and I think the exercise has helped as well. Again, I am fortunate that I had such a favorable outcome because so many of you have had to endure a lot of pain due to this shot. I hope you all feel better soon.


I had the Tetanus booster in my left arm, and the H1N1 vaccination in my right arm (I am a health care provider). Both shots were absolutely pain free because the needle they use is so very small. However, the tetanus site does hurt a lot more than the flu side. From what I recall from my immunology courses the pain, swelling and redness are normal. It is your body responding to the vaccine. Millions of neutrophils and macorphages are multiplying and attacking the vaccine making antibodies against it. So, in a way, it 'hurts so good', you know your body is doing what it is supposed to be doing. ;p.


Just wondering, do any of you who have gotten the tetanus shot know exactly what kind of shot it was? I read my label. It was only dT(diphtheria-tetanus). It did not contain pertussis and it did *not* contain any preservatives so no formaldehyde or thimerosal or anything. So maybe that make a difference in the side effects and pain level. My daughter did wake up this morning with a sore shoulder but she thinks it was the way she slept. I gave her a homeopathic remedy called Arnica and it feels fine now.


I got my daughter a dT shot after a 3 inch splinter punctured her leg. Because I read this list of comments before the vaccination, after the shot I had her do push-ups throughout the day. She did *not* develop the traditional lump in her arm nor did she have any pain. Thanks for the advice on the push-ups. She is also on antibiotics so I don't know if that helped to reduce the reaction as well.


I had the shot yesterday. Today, my arm is *very* sore. I also have a headache, fatigue, and hot pain that radiates from my shoulder down my back, up my neck, and down my arm. The strangest side-effect was that my antiperspirant made my underarm burn. Apparently, all this is normal, so OK. A couple things, folks. Even the nurse administering the shot admitted she hates needles. Although fear levels differ, it's fairly universal. You're not alone. Second, gentle rubbing and movement helped with the arm becoming less painful with each stroke. Start slow. Third, what hurts worse than this shot: getting the diseases it prevents. Have courage ... it may be painful, but it is WORTH every bit.


I got the tetanus shot about 5 days ago on Monday morning. I had to as I could not remember the last time I had gotten this shot. The shot did not hurt. The next day my arm/shoulder was *very* sore and I could hardly move it. The doctor said it would last about 2 - 3 days, well now it's Saturday and the pain is worse than ever. Had to take pain meds, and my arm is still hurting so badly, not just sore but pain. I could hardly sleep. I'm glad I checked on here, because I expected 2 - 3 days of side effects, but looks like it's going to take a week or two. And after two or three days, the soreness did seem to go away, but now suddenly it's worse. Thanks to the reminder that it should save you - who told about his neighbor that got tetanus and died - that is so scary. These shots help, but wonder why before it was every single year, and now it's every ten years. You can bet I will remember this shot, this time and how long ago I had it.


i received a tetanus shot a few days ago and i never felt the injection itself. i know shots because i give myself injections once a week for RA. honestly the shot itself really doesn't hurt. shots are really all in the perception. go pinch yourself and if you can handle that, you can handle just about any shot on the planet. in any case, a few days now have passed and the shot area just feels bruised - otherwise, life as usual.


I received a Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis) shot during a routine medical visit, because I couldn't remember the last time I'd had one. Getting the shot didn't hurt at all, but by the next day, I had a large, red, swollen area on my arm, about the diameter my palm. It *itched* more than anything, with a dull ache underneath. The itching was driving me nuts, with ice packs, Advil, and Benadryl cream, only offering some relief. My doctor said to deeply massage the area, to help work it out. It took an entire week for the itching to go away, and another two weeks for the knot to completely disappear (though it was shrinking the entire time). I don't think I'll be forgetting when I received my last tetanus shot, ever again!


Guess I'll add to the list - as someone who used to have severe anxiety over shots I am happy to say that receiving the shot was undetectable -- absolutely painless. The side effects have been as previously described - sore arm at the injection site like someone punched me there, no bump but it's warm to the touch. Spent most of the day trying to figure out why I am tired and achy which is what led me to this website. And my strangest side effect is achy teeth in my lower jaw - weird eh? It's been 24 hours since I had the shot now. No problem going about daily tasks but looking forward to metabolizing this and getting back to normal.


Yesterday i was pumping air in my back bike tire. suddenly, the bike fell over on my lower right arm. I didn't even notice there was a nail protruding out of the outer rubber so i pulled away quickly. Next thing I know there's blood gushing all over the place. i applied pressure to the nail puncture in my flesh, got some gauze out of my survival kit and started to dress the area. I then called the paramedics, and when they arrived, one of the girls said it would be wise to go and get a tetanus shot. this happened monday. i received the booster shot the same morning. Now it is tuesday at 8:58 and my arm feels like it is ready to fall off. I have muscle fatigue, and i'm feverish. I had and 12 hours of sleep today. i feel lousy --David D


I just got a tetanus shot today at the doctor. I am 30 years old and I went in for my annual physical. The needle itself did not hurt, however, the soreness is getting worse and worse as the day progresses. It feels like you have a bad bruise.


Can the tetanus shot affect birth control pills or your menstrual cycle? I didn't get mine this month after receiving a shot a couple of weeks ago.


I had my finger mangled when my dad closed the tailgate of his truck on it. I had the tetanus shot on Saturday. Today is Monday and my arm is hurting so painfully that I cannot lift my arm up. Also, my body is very sore all over like I have the flu. Prior to getting hurt I felt great. Chris


I'm 46 and had a tetanus booster on Friday. I remember well how sore this vaccination makes my arm afterward because I've had it a few times (childhood, military, and moving overseas). Sure enough, my arm started feeling a little tender Friday night, and was so badly sore by Saturday night that I was miserable for a few hours! Now it's Sunday and the pain is greatly reduced. This is a small price to pay for the protection it affords. As the nurse said to me, you never know when a piece of metal is going to bite you.


I got a tetanus shot on Thursday in my right arm, and it is Saturday evening and my arm is still killing me. It hurt to get the shot, but it has hurt way worse since I got the shot. I have to take four ibuprofen to even take the edge off the pain. This is the worst shot I have ever gotten!


I got my shot on Thursday (today is Friday).

When the nurse was giving it to me, I looked away (I'm another needle-phobic) and was commenting, "I hope this doesn't hurt," and she laughed and said, "I'm already done." I literally didn't even feel it.

It hasn't been a full twenty-four hours yet and most people seem to experience more pain on the second day, but at the moment my arm feels a liitle bit achy and weak, but it hasn't hindered me from doing any of my usual daily activities.

The nurse also told me to work it if it gets too sore and that'll help it to clear up faster!


i got my shot of tetanus toxoid on monday and today is thursday. Let me tell that it was the most painful shot i have ever had, but the worst was the next day. i could not move my arm and i felt a burning pain in my upper arm. Now it doesn't hurt that much,but i have something like a little ball within the site of the injection. :(


I'm having my tetanus booster tomorrow. I got the letter through the post about it two weeks ago and have had a sick feeling in my stomach since. I am incredibly scared of vaccinations. I have been crying every day but thanks to those kind people who have reassured me that it doesn't hurt. I will tell people of my experience of the jab tomorrow - wish me luck!


I received my tetanus shot on Thursday (today is Tuesday). I am an incoming college freshman and am terrified of needles. When the nurse injected, I did not feel any pain. In fact, I left the clinic praising her, for this was the first time I had not experienced any pain from receiving a vaccine. However, later during the day, I felt as if my left arm were heavy but I could not pinpoint the exact source of pain. The next day when I woke up, my arm was sore and I could not move it. Yesterday and today, I thought I was losing my mind and imagining the pain. My muscles on my let arm are weak, almost as if I were beaten the previous night. I was afraid of telling anyone because I thought I was the only one experiencing this pain. This article has helped me realize that I am not alone


Last night, I raised up from getting some clothes out of the washer and hit my head on the metal door to the cabinet that hangs above the washer and dryer. I got a small cut. Well, I woke up with the back of my head (the exact opposite side from where I got the cut) hurting and a hard knot on it. I got a little worried since it has been a long time since I got the tetanus shot.

I will admit, I am crazy needle-phobic. After finally working up the nerve, I went to the doctor to get the shot. The doctor who gave it was wonderful - he gave it very quickly. For those who are afraid of shots, I will say to just not be worried a bit about it. I did not even feel when he put the needle in. I mean it. No pressure, no stick, no sting, absolutely nothing at all. It may possibly vary according to who gives the shot, but it just really is not a very painful shot to take. The needle is not bad for this one.

Now, as for the soreness after, I can't comment. I just got the shot about an hour ago and it's not sore yet. So we'll see as far as that goes. But I know I can handle soreness - it's just the needle I don't like.

As far as the knot on my head goes, the doctor said that is just a swollen lymph node reacting to the cut. Thank goodness!


i sliced my finger but good cooking the other night, and after the doctor glued the wound together she had the nurse give me a tetanus shot. now i know why my little boy was so cranky for days after. it really hurts, and here i thought i had a necrotic infection like that caused by mrsa. i am glad to see it is normal to have the painful bump and swelling, with some of the pain shooting down to my elbow. ouch.


I had the shot yesterday in the ER after slicing my leg open on a bed frame. I was asked which arm I write with, replied right arm and the shot was given in the left arm. The nurse stated it caused soreness to some. Well I am shocked that the site feels so tender, like a bad bruise! More shocking is the tender and painful feeling I have in my left breast? I am assuming this is caused by the shot. I passed a mammogram just last month. Has anyone experienced breast pain and tenderness from a tetanus shot?


I had to get my tetanus shot this summer for the start of school. It was nothing like what everyone else is describing. It isn't bad at all. If they try to put it in your arm, tell them you want it in your hip. I didn't feel it happen. It was the slightest bit sore after. Not "searing pain" or anything close to that. don't worry about this shot! You will be fine!


OK so in florida we have to get seventh grade shots, which includes the tetanus shot. everybody in my school says it hurts really badly -- not afterwards -- but when it is going in. but i also just got my cartilage pierced the other day and that hurt pretty bad. do you think it will feel like that? but you know i have to get it to enter seventh grade otherwise they will not let me start school. By the way, i'm getting it in a few hours.


I got a tetanus shot a couple of years ago and the doctor's office lost my records and now I have to get another one in order to go to college. It made my arm a little sore for the about 24 hours after I get the shot but I've never had any of the other side effects. In fact, the Gardasil shot that I got a few months ago hurt for *far* longer, giving me intermittent pain at the injection site for about two weeks afterwards.


I got the shot yesterday morning (it is now 9 PM). The shot itself didn't hurt at all, but when I woke up this morning, my arm was sore and I have a hard bump at the site of injection. My arm still hurts, but it's nothing unbearable and I don't need any painkillers like some have suggested. I guess we're all different, but this shot hasn't affected my day-to-day life at all. I'll see what it feels like tomorrow.


I just got the shot yesterday and it stung briefly going in and was fine the rest of the day. This morning, I woke up with a lump at the injection site and it is very sore to the touch locally around it. My last shot was this way too, only a little worse (felt like I had been hit with a baseball), but I did not have any other pains or problems due to the shot.


I'm 13 and getting my tetanus shot later today. I *hate* needles. I was okay about the whole tetanus shot thing until I read these posts. My 14th b-day is tomorrow, and I'm guessing that i'll be in pain the whole day. Honestly, i'm more scared about getting the shot with the needle than the symptoms. Yes, I know i'm a wimp about that. I have a very low pain tolerance. Any tips on living through the whole experience as painless as possible?


The shot hurts the night of and the next day or so, but this time when I got it (it had been 12 years), three weeks later I still have slight pain in my upper arm from the shot!


I got a tetanus shot in my left arm (i'm right handed) and the shot didn't hurt any more than a flu shot does. I went home later and I was fine. After i went to sleep that night I woke up around 2 or 3 a.m. with body aches, a fever, chills, and an extremely sore arm. I took an advil and tried to go back to sleep. I could not sleep on my left arm because it hurt way too much! It remained sore for a few days after that. I lost the chills, aches, and fever the next day. *This is the most painful shot I have ever gotten*!


This post is really for anon35933 or anyone else who can relate or comment - I'm from NYC and I recently received a tetanus shot after my cat gave me a deep scratch and I went to the ER for medical attention. Yesterday I noticed some red little bumps, blotchiness right below my neck at my collarbone. Today it didn't seem so prevalent and wasn't bothering me. Now I have a bunch of little red bumps in that same area as well as even more (about the size of my hand spread out) over my left shoulder area. I received the tetanus shot in the right arm. I am itching a bit everywhere, but don't have a rash anywhere else. I don't feel pain, the itching is not severe, but the rash over the shoulder is prevalent. I called the hospital and they informed me that it is unlikely an allergic reaction to the medication because it is not a full body rash.

Any input? What happened in your case anon35933?


I was at a restaurant and I walked around the corner and stepped on a shard of broken glass that went through my sandal and punctured my foot. Above the restaurant was a bar and people had dropped or thrown their beer bottles or glasses on the ground. My sandal filled with blood and my friends got napkins from the restaurant to stop the bleeding and apply pressure. The manager came out and apologized and swept up the remaining broken glass. I told him that this was a law suit waiting to happen. My friends took some alcohol prep pads from the first aid kit the restaurant gave us. I cleaned up the wound pretty good, closed it with butterfly bandages and saw my doctor. She said the wound was not infected and to keep it clean and covered, so that it will heal. She also said that I should get a tetanus shot. She administered the shot and it did not hurt. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. The following morning my arm felt like someone had punched it. It was sore and painful.


I had a physical last Thursday (07/16/09) and received a tetanus shot. I believed the last time I had one was 2004. But since this was a new doctor, he figured it was best to get it now and then in ten years.

The weird thing is I remembered "something" about the shot, but not "what". So, I asked the nurse who administered if it was going to burn during injection (yes... some shots do that) or be sore afterwards. She sort of shrugged off my question and acted like it was normal.

It's not normal. All the bloggers here can attest. It truly is better to be prepared to know about the side effects than not know. I have experienced the hard lump that everyone has described. The soreness has been gradually going away. The first two nights I could not sleep on the arm that was injected. The pain radiated somehow to my "funnybone" nerve, which in turn made my entire arm feel weak and sore.

When I mentioned this to my wife, she acted like I was a "punk" and probably tensed up during the injection. I told her that wasn't the case. The actual injection didn't hurt at all. In actuality, the nurse squeezed the side of my tricep just before injecting me.

Well, I am relieved that this all isn't an anomaly, or I am not slowly developing necrotic tissue. Now that I know it can take up to several days, or even more than a week to subside, I'm at ease.

The first or second night, the soreness was so unbearable I took a single Ibuprofen. It helped me get to sleep. On Saturday, I did some aerobic activity, swung the arm, and massaged the muscle. In fact, I massage it every day. It seems to help.

I hope this testimony helps others as everyone else's descriptions have helped me.


I took tetanus shot on tuesday and i started sharp severe pain in my upper right side of the chest. The injection spot is still hard like marble but when i asked my doctor about my chest pain he said yes it happens, take ibuprofen you'll be fine. I have muscle weakness also


I had a tetanus (with d&p cause that's how they do it now.) I got the shot July 7 because I hadn't had one in over ten years. The injection didn't hurt much, no real pain 'till that evening. It's been ten days now and I can't lift that arm without searing pain. If I roll over and sleep on it-yow. My overall muscle strength is weak, and I am clumsy, dropping things, bumping into things. I have six bruises from various bumps. And mu birthday is in two days...


I got my shot on yesterday in left arm. Today it is swollen and it hurts a little.I felt weak today but nothing serious. It is not that bad. I was told to get one because I could not remember when was the last time I had it. I was in for a physical when it was recommended. I read it hurts more if you have it less than 10 years after having it before.I think it might have been 7 years ago but just not sure. I take avil for the discomfort.I slept well last night as well.Be safe and take.


I have had 3 natural childbirths..they hurt less and for a shorter period of time afterwards than this tetanus shot did!! OK maybe not, but damn! It hurts!

I had it on Monday, its now Wednesday and I have pain and weakness in my muscles. I feel like I am carrying weights around my arm all day and I can barely lift my arm over my head. Ouch!


I received my tetanus shot Sunday at 6:00 p.m. It is now Tuesday 11:00 p.m. my arm, neck and back ache and my stomach aches too. I even made a few calls to God through the big white telephone in the bathroom if you know what I mean. I feel sick and the shot hurts more than the cut I got the stupid shot for. :-(


i had to get a tetanus shot at around 8 pm in one arm today and the other one is hurt and paining because i fell on the road riding a bike. it really hurts and i am feeling sick, symptoms of fever. its 2 am in the morning and i can't get any sleep....


I received the shot for Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis six days ago. I didn't feel the shot at all. If you look away and talk to someone else while it is happening, you hardly notice it. However, I can definitely attest to muscle weakness, joint pain, and a hard, hot marble of very sore tissue at the site of injection. I'm still feeling poorly after six days, and have no idea how long it will last. I'm sure that it's not as bad for some people and it may be worse for others. Just wanted to put in my two cents: the side effects are not unbearable, but my advice is don't plan on moving within a couple of weeks of getting the shot! I'm weak, so weak. Unpacking is very difficult.


I was given a tetanus shot two weeks ago when I burned by hand very badly on a hot pan. I'm not sure why they gave me a tetanus shot for that, as you can't get anything more sterile then a pan that is at 400 degrees. Anyway, I had the same type of symptoms as most of the folks on this forum have already discussed. Soreness and stiffness in my arm for 3 or 4 days. Made it a little difficult to sleep, but I wouldn't have been sleep well anyway because of the burns.

However, my concern now is that I seem to be experiencing odd symptoms. I'm only 32 years old, in good health, with a very healthy diet, so I'm getting concerned about the constant fatigue, aches in my joints, and shooting pains in my hands that I've had over the past few days. I'm not sure it's related to the shot, but I can't figure out what else it could be. I'm sure if I go to the doctor though he'll tell me it isn't. If I knew that I would have these enduring symptoms, I never would have agreed to the shot, particularly when I didn't have a flesh wound or dirty wound that required it.


So what if your arm is sore and you have a low-grade fever for a few days. Many years ago, our family had a friend who was a fire fighter. He was stuck by a rose thorn while gardening but had no sign of infection. He went to work and several days later began to feel badly. Within a short period of time, he passed away from tetanus. This guy was only about 29 years old at the time. These vaccines are there for a save lives. So just get over that baby stuff about symptoms and do what you need to do to stay alive and healthy.

Advice from a soldier mom.


I was advised to get a tetanus because it had been 10 years since I had one. Three days after the shot I noticed a chicken pox type rash with small blisters on the left side of my chest, under my arm pit and on my back and shoulder blade...all on the left side ....the tetanus shot was given in my left arm. I got the shot on 6/10/09, I went back to the Dr. on 6/16/09..he said it was shingles. I told him it was caused from the tetanus shot but he of course denied it.

I am still suffering with pain. At the onset I had deep pain in my chest, but did not have the symptoms that are described of shingles. In fact I didn't feel any of the symptoms of shingles....all of a sudden I discovered the rash and it was already at the blister stage.

I am still suffering with pain and discomfort to this day .. 7-8-09...and probably will for several weeks more, hopefully not more than that.

I read that Novartis (Chiron) made a vaccine with M-59 adjuvant. These vaccines, including tetanus and diphtheria are the same vaccines frequently associated with adverse reactions. I don't know if Novartis made the vaccine that was given to me, but am going to try and find out.

I know of another person locally that also contracted shingles after receiving the tetanus shot. I will never take the shot again.


I made a prior post on here about my shot. No one should panic or obsess about this shot. Just be prepared that you might not feel so great the day after (I was very tired and even had a very slight fever) and your arm will feel SORE not horrible pain, just sore like you bumped it. Now how many times in our lives have we had bruises and life went on just fine. Its *no big deal*!! Its just nice to know what to expect and arrange your schedule accordingly. A few people feel lethargic and sick for a day or a day and a half. That's it. Oh and the shot itself is absolutely no big deal. Just a tiny prick and a bit of burning that takes about 3 seconds in all to complete. All of this beats dying from lockjaw!!!!!


OMG!!! Iam getting the shot Thursday.I have to get it for school.The day after I have my birthday party with all of my crazy friends who are going to bump my arm and from reading what you guys wrote i think it is not going to be well!!

So I am hoping from the best and don't want to cancel the party and i don't know what to do. Maybe i will say stay away from the arm or some like that. LOL not.


so its painless till after? im getting in a baby needle (thank god) but i have a very low pain tolerance to anything peircing, but as bruises go, im fine but im getting them tomorrow (them as in my meningitis and tetanus) but the pain in both sound more like side effects


Got my shot 10 days ago and I still have a "hard marble" under my skin. It also itches. Slowly, the swelling is going down. Maybe one more week. Sheesh


I received my vaccine yesterday as a requirement for nursing school. The nurse asked me if I was right or left handed, which I thought was odd. When I told her I was right handed, she said she would give it to me in my left arm then. I know now why. It's the morning after, and I had problems sleeping last night. My arm is pretty sore, and I have problems lifting it as well. Although it is sore, it only feels like I have pulled a muscle. It is tight and sore, like after you work out too hard, or lift too many weights. Not that bad, but it is uncomfortable.


I am a healthy, if not somewhat inactive 15-year-old girl, and my mom scheduled a surprise tetanus shot for me. I've heard so many horror stories about how painful they are (I have a very low tolerance to pain, and and even lower one for needles. When I went in to get my finger pricked I cried like a baby, and my little brother, when his turn came, sat and *looked* at the mess running down like he was watching TV. God, I wanted to faint!). After throwing a hissy fit I decided to do a little research on the procedure, and I just wanted to thank you guys for submitting your posts. It won't be so bad now that I know what to expect, and I'm really glad to see that the actual injection shouldn't be too bad. I'm still a little nervous--yeah yeah its just a little thing I know I've heard it all before--but I saw it said repeatedly that its all in the individual's mind. I'll try to think positive!!

Thanks again, guys!


Got a tetanus shot a couple of days ago because I stepped on a rusty rake in the yard. It was no big deal when I received the shot, not even that night. Yesterday all through the day, my arm hurt worse and worse. It got to the point that I couldn't move my arm without pain. I applied ice packs and OTC pain medication. Today is a little better (but not much). I am hoping this will go away soon.


Last night while having a party/camp out

at my friend's party, walked all over the

dimly lit wilderness, it wasn't until there was an actual light shining on that pathway and i was

going at a slow jog, at that

moment just my luck with mother nature,

no not a thorn bush but a broken piece of

wood from out of no where, with a nail

sticking out punctured my foot in one side

out the other. None the less, it's been 6 years

since i was last vaccinated and am going in

at 4 to get my shot, i do not have much muscle mass. I have quite a high pain tolerance.

i hope this goes well!

i will keep this website updated


Today is Wednesday and I received my Tetanus shot last Friday. I consider myself to be a tough guy since I play a lot of physical contact sports. Anyway, before I was given the shot by the nurse, she said, "Since you have big muscles, it won't hurt as much. Just Kidding!" Before I could ask what she meant, she gave me a shot and I thought it was over. I told her goodbye and went on my way.

Saturday morning, my left arm had the worst pain. I went to the gym and could not run, nor could I lift weights. I told my sister how badly it hurts and she said I was being a "baby". Later I read that the more muscle mass a person has, the more a tetanus shot will hurt. I told more people and they think I am exaggerating my pain. I am glad to see that I am not the only who is experiencing this pain.


Stepped on a rusty nail on Sunday, the nail went into my heel. It wasn't too deep, but the fact that it happened right before we started playing paintball and running through nasty muddy water, swamps, etc kind of made me re-think the tetanus shot. So I made an appointment and went to the Dr yesterday (Tuesday). Dr told me he was more worried about infection in general than tetanus, but the tetanus shot was a good idea (I had already gotten the shot from the nurse when the Dr told me this). I had every intention of getting the shot and wanted to do it on a day where I didn't have a softball game because I knew it would make my arm sore.

The shot itself was painless, last night after the shot was relatively pain free, a little sore, but nothing like I remembered so I thought I may have avoided the arm ache I remember from 12 years ago... Woke up this morning and my arm was significantly sore, but I would not say it's a 10/10 on a scale of 1-10. I do have a softball game tonight and I feel like it's going to be a little hard to swing a bat full speed or catch a ball with my right hand (I throw lefty, shot was in right arm), but I don't feel like it's anything worse than I was expecting...

Everyone reacts differently to medicine, and like someone said above, comments you find on the internet are usually from people seeking out help with a problem or an issue so most of these comments are from people trying to find out of their terrible symptoms are common, whereas the people who don't have bad side effects will never seek out answers to their non-existent symptoms so they won't post comments here.


Just to keep things fair and share the other side of the story: I got a TDap a couple days ago... I literally couldn't feel the actual injection, not even a bit of pressure (I give blood regularly, so needles are nothing to me). Now it feels about as bad as if someone had punched me in the arm-- that is to say, a minor bruise that I barely notice unless I touch the injection site or flex the muscle oddly. No redness, no swelling. I don't know the statistics of the vaccine and its effects, but I do know that people rarely feel the need to post about mundane experiences on the internet, so the people like me, without pain, are obviously underrepresented. Don't worry about the shot-- that will only make it worse... psychosomatic symptoms and all that jazz.


I just got a tetanus shot today because I got saliva in a paper cut while rescuing baby skunks. I had to start the rabies series as well as get this one. The rabies deal was 1 regular rabies shot and 5 hemoglobin shots spread all over my body. While getting the shots, the hemoglobin ones were a *lot* worse than the others. But now 10 hours later the tetanus one is the worst. I now have to get another rabies shot in the arm that the tetanus was in today in three days. I was hoping to read it would not be sore by then, but now I am not so sure. I hope it is because I can not imagine getting a shot in that arm right now.


I received a shot as a form of treatment for Lupus several years ago. Within a few hours of getting it, my arm hurt so bad I couldn't even move it... Then a large potato shaped welt showed up at the injection site that was approx 5 x 3 and at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch raised up off my skin level. It was extremely red and sensitive to touch. I ran a fever and felt extremely tired. I went to my doctor and was told that I didn't need to get the shot anymore because my body was trying to push the tetanus right back out of my body through my muscle, tissue and skin, from the same direction it went in. It was my bodies way of fighting off the stuff on its own and that I more than likely had no fear of ever having tetanus.


Thanks for all of your stories! I got a tetnus shot yesterday. I typically have a very high tolerance for pain and persevere through most illnesses. I woke early this morning unable to sleep and spent the whole day laying on the couch. After much insistence from my family I took my temperature and called our family doctor. As I waited for a response I found this article and many comments. I suddenly have a great sense of relief....I am not having unheard of reactions. Thanks for all of the comments.


I got the tetanus shot Monday after having a fishhook stuck in my big toe. They had a hard time getting it out but they finally did (in the ER). After I got the tetanus shot right away felt like my arm was swollen and hurting. Now the next day was worse, I couldn't move it and it turned red and a big knot was there, even a little touch hurts it. Now it's thursday and hurts bad and now its stinging. I did run a temp with this but it was a low grade.

If you hurt yourself like i did then get one, If not then don't.


I am a nurse and I also have a high pain tolerance. I work with adult cardiac patients and therefore the only vaccines I give are for the flu and pneumonia. Last week I got bit by a patient and was given TDap in the ER. Today is day 8... I feel like I have the flu with a low grade fever, muscle aches and nausea. My right arm on a pain scale of 1-10 is a 10. The pain is radiating to my shoulder, neck and even head. Due to the intense pain I have not slept well in 8 days. Most people say it only lasts 2-3 days. I have felt debilitated for 8 and it is not getting any better yet. I know vaccines save lives but I will never get this one again.


Wow... this shot did a number on me! The injection itself was painless. 24 hours after the shot I felt like I'd been run over. One of the worst headaches I've ever had and a low grade fever - both lasted for 2 days. Today is day 5 and I'm still not feeling that great. The arm soreness is still present also. I wouldn't recommend this shot unless absolutely necessary.


Don't do it! I'm a healthy, fit and active 35 year old guy. I went to my annual physical and the Dr. asked me up to 3 times if i wanted the shot... I regret very, very few things i've done. This is one of them. 5 days of complete terror. Constant headaches. Fever. Pain on my arm, shoulder and arm pit. Lack of sleep. Neck and back stiffness and of course an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Had to cancel all my weekly vacation plans and of course ruined my friends and family's as well. This is my contribution to society. Don't do it.


I had a tetanus shot about 11 years ago. I was told to keep it moving, and while it did feel bruised for about a day, I moved furniture and had no problems.

I just got one again yesterday. It is sore (bruise-like pain) to touch or pressure. An area of about 1" in diameter where it's red, warm to touch and rock hard. In general, it's not really affecting my functioning.

I know it's bad for some people, but it's not so bad for everyone...sorry to the people it's terrible for, but everyone shouldn't let that scare them away thinking it's like that for 100% of the people who get it. That's why I decided to post.


I got my 10 year booster shot of tetanus a couple of days ago after not having one since I was 10 (so I'm about 20 years overdue!) The doctors office was giving them to anyone who hadn't had them in awhile - I'm thinking they probably get paid to do it since that's not what I was there for at all.

The day I got it, my arm felt extremely sore and the following day I had a temperature over 101 degrees and felt like I'd been mowed over by a truck. All I wanted to do was sleep. Today is much better but my neck is very stiff and sore. Not sure if that's a side effect or if I should be concerned. This shot is a real pain.


I'm a 25-year-old female, otherwise healthy. Two days ago I had a bad, bad, bad downhill fall onto some gravelly, dirty pavement and scraped my knees and elbows horribly. I was carrying some things and wearing impractical shoes--I wasn't paying attention and I just dived into the pavement. Ordinarily I wouldn't worry about these things, but there was so much blood and I was so very shaky and scared that my best friend took me to the ER.

In the ER, a very kind and attentive doctor cleaned me up, picked some little rocks out of my abrasion, packed me with neosporin, wound my knee generously with soft gauze and bandages, and talked me through the tetanus shot. The whole experience was very, very gentle, and all my fears were assuaged. Usually I'm not afraid of getting shots, but I was so shaky and worried after my fall. I'm glad I had the attention of a doctor with a good bedside manner.

Two days later I'm still feeling a little bruised and tired. My arm feels like it has a big bruise, and the rest of my body does too (probably from the fall and the scrapes.) I am feeling a bit under-the-weather, but I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days, and I'm taking it easy. I wish I wasn't tired and I wish my arm didn't hurt, but I don't want to take my chances. I do feel a little yucky, but it's much, much better than the alternative.

Vaccines save lives. Tetanus is a horrible, painful, debilitating disease that can cause excruciating suffering or even death. I'd much rather suffer through a sore arm and general malaise for a few days than worry about a deadly disease. In the industrialized world, we don't often see the truly horrible infectious diseases, like polio and pertussis and diphtheria and other vaccine-preventable disease. Please make sure your kids get their shots, and get a booster if a doctor recommends it.


I had a physical yesterday and my Doctor decided to give me the tetanus shot since it had been quite a while since i got the last one. From what i had heard i knew it would hurt, but never like this. Not only is my whole arm extremely sore, but my back and my neck are also sore. Last night i couldn't sleep. i had to keep my arm elevated and today i feel extremely tired and my body hurts like i got run over by a semi truck. I don't recommend you getting this shot unless absolutely necessary.


I'm a nurse and i haven't kept up with my tetanus booster. I had to get one yesterday along with a physical. Of course I got the whole schpeel about massaging it if it gets sore or stiff....

my arm is extremely sore and not just at the entrance site, and a deep down soreness. I've iced it all day at work. This is ridiculous...i'll *never* get another tetanus shot and I don't recommend it unless you've scratched yourself with something rusty already seriously, though I do recommend keeping your kids shots up to date, this one *hurts* and for days.


I did grin and bare it, however, After the High Temp, Hot-Sore-and Red Left Arm, It all went away and for the most part I'm better. But today 16 days after the shot, My arm is *very* sore and tender where the shot was administered, *deep* in the tissue, if you press it hurts! 1-10 a 10!

I have made another appointment to see the doctor, some suggested the nurse may have hit a nerve? Ill post back to let you all know.....


I received a tetanus shot yesterday after having an accident where my knee was bashed up and bleeding for extended periods of time on the ground. The doctor I saw on-site, was very helpful and said that tetanus comes from the soil around us and if you're on the ground with an open wound, it's probably a wise idea to get a shot since I hadn't had one in quite some time.

From my readings, only a hand-full of people suffer any ailments. I'm tired and not very hungry, my arm is in some pain, but nothing compared to my injury. The doctor who administered the dosage said I'd have muscle stiffness for 2 days easily and maybe more. My arm doesn't have any redness, it's just swollen with a little red dot where the needle went in. My neck also has a feeling of being tired, but again, it could have been from the accident.

One thing to keep aware of is; Most people in the world, don't surf the internet. Out of those who *do* surf, only a hand full would know how to search for a site to post like this. Out of those people, only a very small percentage, maybe .5% would actually post. So yes, on the internet, there are horror stories about people who get hurt from a tetanus shot, but in reality it's such a small percentage of the US let alone the world, it's just not worth getting in a hissy fit about.

I'll post later in the week if things are better. -tye


I'm a 43 year old man and just received a Tetanus shot on Wednesday after not having one for 13yrs. The nurse told me to massage the arm after the shot because it would get sore. She wasn't lying, not only that, but I've been itching like crazy and it's only been two days. I've also experienced lack of sleep, and generally not feeling up to par. Pretty wild.


My arm stayed sore for a couple of days and it seemed like I was a bit more tired than normal.

Otherwise smooth sailin, and all is now well. The shot itself is a breeze, but there are reported side effects so just be aware. Push-ups, cool idea, next shot I have I will remember this! Hum wonder if I can still *do* a push-up? lol.


I just got the shot on Monday and it is now Wednesday and my arm is still quite sore. I have had trouble sleeping the last two nights and I too have the red hot bump on my arm.

In regards to doing push-ups after the shot, I would have to agree. I had completely forgotten about that or I would have done so. I was in the military too and they did have us do push-ups after all our shots and it did help. Thanks to whoever that was that posted that post. I will have to remember that for my family for the future.

To those of you who are afraid of needles I did not feel the poke at all just the heat from the liquid going in it is all very quick.


Wow, how nice that your shots have all been so easy for you. I was not advised by my doctor on my yearly physicals to ever get a tetanus shot. In fact the online information leans more towards discontinuing the practice unless someone has a very deep puncture wound.

Glad to hear your shots and boosters have always been easy for you. For some others, that isn't the case. Everyone is different.


I don't understand all the fuss about tetanus shots. I got one when I was 7 after tripping and falling into a drain. It hurt about as much as a bruise, and I had a sore arm for about a day or two, but nothing much. Several years later at 13 I got a booster, which also felt like a bruise. Sore arm for a day or two. No other side effects. Personally I think it's all in the mind, and it's only as bad as you make it out to be.

Then again, my parents are doctors so I have received numerous vaccinations in the last 19 years of my life (shame on you 50-year old commenters!) so it's highly possible that I've just grown used to the typical side effects of jabs. They go away after about a week, after all.


I injured my foot quite badly yesterday at home; dropped a heavy object on it and by this morning could barely walk or put on shoes.

Went to ER (thank God for good insurance!) and along with X-rays was given a tetanus shot. I argued mildly at first and said I did not want or need a tetanus shot. It seemed however that I was going to *get* one, and I did.

The shot itself was no big deal at all. A bit of burning but very quick.

6 hours later my arm feels like I was punched *really* hard in the muscle.

Still again no real biggie, but I am PO'd after reading these posts because I asked three times if there were any side effects. I was told *no*.

Apparently there are!! I am a firm believer in folks having control of their own bodies. Had I been told about the possibility of being sick and missing yet more work, I would have adamantly refused the shot. The puncture wound to my foot is extremely small, little more than a scratch. The ER Dr. told me that a patient denied a tetanus shot and died within a week. Oh my goodness. Well what is done is done.

Just hoping I don't miss more work!!

Thanks for this informative venue.


I received a tetanus shot on Mon, it didn't hurt at all, I didn't need it other than my nurse recommended it since it had been over 10 years. I asked before the shot if I might get sick? She said No. Just a sore arm for a day or two. Well today is Friday and I've had a bad week, I had to go home early from work Tuesday, Arm sore, Fever 101.4, body *aches*!, Headache and very tired, but unable to sleep, Agghh! Wednesday was better, Arm sore, little red around area, Thursday, Red around grew much larger area, *hot, hard and sore!' Same Friday... I hope it goes away before next week, It a real pain to sleep on just my back or right side.


I had the shot last Thursday, it's now Monday morning and I can finally move my arm around. Still hurts, though.

I am 53 and can say with confidence that I will never get this shot again. It was not worth it to lose four days of my life. If I ever get a deep puncture wound and can't clean it properly, I'll rethink.


I got a shot two days ago and came here to see if I had an infection?? Or see if these were normal side effects. Fever on the couch all weekend, cold sweats. They didn't tell me any of this was possible.


I got a TDaP vaccine injection in my upper left arm Friday morning. It is now Monday morning, and I am taking the day off work as I spent the entire weekend on the couch.

Saturday was definitely the worst. My left arm hurt incredibly, and I had to keep it close to my body, as if in a sling, to avoid it hurting a lot. Throughout the day, I could feel the pain spread throughout the left side of my body: left arm, left armpit, neck, into head on left side, down left leg.

Sunday was a bit better, though I did have some very painful leg spasms in my left leg at various times that day. I still have a headache and my arm still hurts, but today is much better. I may have also been weak and feverish, but it's hard to say as I mostly lay as motionless as I could all weekend.

Planning to go back to work tomorrow, and hoping my pain is done by then.


I got my shot on Friday. It didn't hurt at all...until 4am the following morning. It feels like a charlie horse, but gets better as time goes on.

Everyone knows these shots make your arm hurt, but it's bearable. It is now Monday and I have a bruise where the needle went in and also swelling & redness. It feels like a bruise. It's not that bad. The shot makes you very uncomfortable, but it's not agonizing. I am a big baby when it comes to pain, but it's not as bad as the other comments say.


I took the first tetanus vaccine after I got hit on the head with a metal bar. They gave me the shot on my right and left arm in the ER and told me to get another after a month. No side effects. The one I took after a month was in the right arm only and I didn't expect anything to happen. I wasn't warned about any side effects.

My God!! It is a killer. A hard lump on the right arm where the injection was administered. Chills and joint aches. Muscles twitching. Throat inflammation. Neck muscles tight. A feeling of my chest being pressured downwards. Dizziness. Nausea. Loss of appetite. Weight loss. And the most weird feeling is the itching with the sensation of a worm moving up and down my skin! If only they had told me. I am so annoyed they didn't warn me. I thought I had a disease. I thought i was dying!!


I just got a tetanus shot two days ago, the shot did not hurt at all. That night I felt great pain where the needle was injected, now I have a huge red mark around the area and it is very warm and hard feeling. It hurts pretty bad. I also am feeling nauseous and can't sleep at night.


I got mine today and I thought it was going to hurt and when they gave it too me, it didn't hurt at all! And for some reason people say it really hurts afterward, but mine doesn't hurt at all..weird.


Hey guys, I had a tetanus shot exactly a month ago in the muscle of my left thigh, I had this in conjunction with other shots Hep A, typhoid, as I'm traveling to New Guinea. It is as painful a month later as the day it was administered. Doc thinks the nurse may have hit a nerve, have been prescribed steroids, but they've made no difference.


I had a tetanus shot in the ER on Monday and am having swelling, redness and *pain*. It was not given into a muscle. I called and talked to a nurse who told me they should have given it in the muscle and that it sounds like it's infected. She suggested that I return to the ER then told me I would be billed for another ER visit. Talk about upset! Shouldn't they have to see me again to correct their mistake?


I had a tetanus shot on Monday after a kitchen accident sent me to the ER. I was told it might be "sore for a day or two". The shot wasn't very painful, but by Monday night I had a lump at the site along with redness that is hot to the touch. Today it's even worse. Has anyone else had this reaction? Could it be an infection?


The same happened to me

Got a shot today and didn't hurt one bit

about... 5-6 hours later it's painful, feels like a bruise constantly being pressed on.


i got my tetanus shot a few days ago! at first i didn't feel anything, but later on i did and my arm started to feel really sore. what it felt like was... like someone keeps punching my arm. it's not that bad.


People should get tetanus shots once every 10 years. I got mine the other day, and yeah it hurts, but c'mon people, there are worse things in life. Get the shot, be safe, life goes on.


I'm 19, I was due in 2005 for my last shot.

After watching my classmates get *stabbed* for their hepatitus B shots, I am *extremely* Shot-a-Phobic. I can barely take the 'poke' of them taking blood. Let alone violently stabbing me for something I may possibly not even ever get.

I Will lose health care, in a month.

... Is it WORTH getting my shot?

Can't they administer a shot to me, in a suspected case? with the same results?

D= Anything but a damn shot. Oh, Please. Anything.


Thank you so much for this discussion and information. I received a tetanus shot five days ago and have been experiencing extreme pain up and down my arm, neck, upper back, armpit, bicep, etc.

The nurse had told me it might hurt for 4 days. I called her yesterday to inquire about the severity of my pain and she said it may last a few more days. She also asked if I lived near an emergency room. That was consoling. Anyway, each day the pain moves around and lessens ever so slightly.

The first few days I took pain killers just to get by, but I'm toughing it out now. Hope the pain subsides completely pretty soon. It is very debilitating.


Just got my TDap a few hours ago. I do recall the pain afterward with my last booster and expecting more of the same probably starting sometime tonight. What was new to me today was how I didn't feel the shot at all! I was expecting a slight sting at the very least, but actually I didn't even realize he gave me the shot. Either that guy was really really good or they're coming out with micro needles or something.


I got the shot yesterday morning and my arm is killing me. It didn't hurt immediately after but has gotten progressively worse. I feel like they left the needle in there. My friend who is in the military said they tell him to do push ups immediately after getting any shot and it is suppose to help you recover. I think it is too late for me. I don't think I could physically complete a push up at this point because I'm in so much pain. I am going to take some ibuprofen and hope it helps. This is seriously affecting my life. My arm kills even when I am holding still. And when I try to lift my son or reach for something in the cupboard or just move it at all the pain is ridiculous. My doctor told me I needed the pertussis in the shot because I plan on getting pregnant soon. But now I'm wondering if it really was necessary. This pain feels familiar and I think I've had this booster in the last ten years. This sucks.


I had the booster done yesterday and I had a moderate amount of discomfort in my upper right arm. It feels much better today (24 hours later). I read that the longer it has been since your last inoculation, the less it hurts, and since my last booster was at least 12 years ago, and maybe as many as 18 years ago, I tend to believe it. I got the booster b/c of a bad cut. I went to have it looked at to make sure I didn't need a stitch/that my cut was healing properly and requested the booster. B/c it had been so long, I got the shot that covers pertussis. I don't want the whooping cough, either. Better safe than sorry, at the end of the day, in my humble opinion.


I got a dpt booster 1 month ago. The pain is just no fun but the weakness in the arm is very frustrating. I will never get another booster again. I'm 42!


seriously, this pain is ridiculous. i just got the shot yesterday and could hardly even sleep last night; it is still virtuously useless today. They put it in my right arm, though, which may make it worse since I am right-handed. Honestly, if i had known it was going to hurt this much, I never would have agreed to get it!


I just got scraped on an old dusty metal bookshelf in an abandoned building. Minor surface scrape and I'm frantically trying to find sites/advice on what to do. After reading about the booster I don't know if I want to get it now. I don't think its very serious but then again, want to be safe and not sorry.... AHHH


i am getting my injection in a couple of days and now i feel like hell from all the things i have heard i hate this needle as it is and now i am scared to even go to school.


I had a tetanus shot yesterday. The injection itself did not hurt at all and I have not had any problems/ pain with it since..

Just thought I would deliver some positive news for those of you about to go and get a shot...!!


I got my shot 3 days ago and I feel like death. The doc said it should go away in 2 days. It seems to be getting worse. After reading all these posts... Im beginning to lose faith.

My arm is useless and I want to die. That's all.


I received a booster tetanus shot last week. The first few days i was sore at the site of injection. Now 1 week later my arm is in great pain, i can barely move it and cannot use it. I have to keep it close to my body for it not to hurt. Am applying cold packs and taking painkillers at night. I now regret having done the booster, especially after reading the info re the necessity of follow-up shots.


I just got my booster yesterday, left arm. I also have either a sprained wrist or tendinitis. I actually spent much of today with my arm in a sling. Yes, painful, but yes, bearable. Advil is a truly wonderful discovery.


it does not hurt that much. very bearable. but then again, I'm strong


I just got my tetanus shot for college. I also just started playing drums for my university's gospel choir. Its been a day since I got it and I tried to practice playing but my arms felt weak.

People at church have been welcoming me back from college (Im on break) and have giving me pats on the arm which has also made made the day hard on my arms. The moral of this story is that Tetanus shots and God don't mix.


For the first few days after the shot (in left arm), I could not lay on that side, due to pain. I'm now ten days after my booster shot, and I have an odd kind of pain that has slowly progressed from my arm, to my shoulder, chest, and now my neck, all on the left side. My right side is fine. The pain seems to be from inflammation of glands and muscles, some of which are very tender to touch. I hope this reaction goes away rather soon.


Ya, i got the Shot a month ago in my left arm and my arm hurt for a week, and then went away. But now the weird thing is exactly a month later, in the exact same spot, on my right arm is hurting bad, i don't know if they're related, but is is kind of funny.


I just got the tetanus shot today. The doctor told me that you're supposed to get it every 10 years, +/-. My arm is not sore yet but says it varies from person to person.


I got a tetanus shot 22 days ago after stepping on a piece of wood that went up inside my foot. The muscle in my arm where the shot was given is still so sore that the arm is pretty much useless. I've used it despite the pain in an effort to strengthen the muscle, but it causes the pain to become severe. I was taking prescription strength ibuprofen for pain, but it is making me sick to my stomach, so I stopped taking it. The pain itself is now making me sick to my stomach. The doctor is not concerned since there is no redness or swelling. I've been putting a moist heating pad on it during the night. I just insisted on seeing the doctor and have an appt in 2 days. On a scale from 1 to 10, the pain level is a 10. Am I expected to grin and bear it and consider this normal?


I have just be given a Tetanus TD injection and do not know exactly why? (do not remember last time)

I did not get hurt or cut. Is there another reason for giving this to a 63 year old woman?




how much difference in months must transcurr between the last shot of tetanus and the next one??? could it be just less than 20 months and which ones will be the collateral problems if exist?

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  • A vaccination syringe like those used to administer tetanus vaccines.
    By: RTimages
    A vaccination syringe like those used to administer tetanus vaccines.
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    OTC painkillers can help with pain from a tetanus vaccine.
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    A serious reaction to the tetanus vaccine may include developing hives.
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    Tetanus vaccines are usually first given to children when they are toddlers.
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    Most medical doctors believe that the benefits of common vaccines, such as the tetanus vaccine, outweigh potential risks.
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    The tetanus vaccine is intended to boost the body's resistance to tetanus bacteria.
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    Parents should observe their children closely following a tetanus shot to watch for side effects.