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How can I get a Stuck Ring off of my Finger?

Struggling with a stuck ring can be frustrating, but don't worry—there are safe and simple methods to remove it. From the slippery assistance of soaps and oils to the swelling reduction techniques of cold water, we'll guide you through step-by-step solutions, complete with helpful images. Wondering which method will work best for you? Keep reading to find out.
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Rings that are stuck are often painful, and can cause swelling to the affected finger and sometimes even hand. It is usually best to try to remove rings as soon as they become stuck, though this is often easier said than done. Usually, the first step is to try to bring down the swelling, as inflamed fingers can make removal all but impossible. Rubbing the finger with lotion or oil, spraying it with chemical glass cleaner, or wrapping it in dental floss or tape may also bring success.

It is always important to keep safety in mind, however. If your ring really will not budge, or if you suspect that your finger may be broken or seriously inflamed, it is usually best to consult a healthcare professional before trying any home remedies.

Bring the Swelling Down

Adding lubrication, drinking a lot of water to reduce swelling or cutting off the ring are some of the ways to remove a stuck ring.
Adding lubrication, drinking a lot of water to reduce swelling or cutting off the ring are some of the ways to remove a stuck ring.

The first step in removing a stuck ring is bringing the swelling down. Drink lots of water, and try to limit your intake of salt. Since hands are often more swollen in the morning, beginning removal efforts in the afternoon or evening is often best. Keep your hand elevated above your heart as much as possible to bring the swelling down, then soak your hand in cold water or an ice bath. This will help the muscles relax and will cause the blood vessels to constrict, which can temporarily “shrink” your finger.

Lubricate Your Finger

Petroleum jelly, which can help get a stuck ring off.
Petroleum jelly, which can help get a stuck ring off.

Rings that remain stuck after the initial swelling has gone down may need a bit of extra help. Applying a lubricant can soften the skin and help the ring glide off. Moisturizing cream, petroleum jelly, cooking oils, melted butter, and soap are all good choices. Some jewelers also recommend hemorrhoid cream, since it is intended to reduce inflammation.

Jeweler resizing a ring.
Jeweler resizing a ring.

Do not be afraid to thoroughly slather both your finger and the stuck ring. Gently twist the ring from side to side as you pull it along the length of your finger, but be careful not to tug. You may feel some pressure as the ring slides over the knuckle, but be patient and persistent.

The Glass Cleaner Trick

Many people swear by a ring removal method that involves spraying the finger and stuck ring with a commercial glass cleaner like Windex®. These types of products may reduce the swelling while lubricating the ring, and have the added benefit of not leaving any residue on either skin or jewelry.

The Dental Floss Trick

An application of hemorrhoid cream may help a person get a stuck ring off their finger.
An application of hemorrhoid cream may help a person get a stuck ring off their finger.

Wrapping the affected finger in dental floss may also work. This method requires both patience and precision. Try to slide one end of the floss through the ring towards your hand, and then start wrapping the other end around the finger, sliding the stuck ring up as you go and loosening the dental floss so that it is never wrapped around the finger for more than about a minute — any longer, and you could lose circulation. Once the ring slides over the knuckle, it should slip off on its own. Tape can be used in place of dental floss for similar results.


Dental floss might help remove a stuck ring.
Dental floss might help remove a stuck ring.

When you are trying to remove a stuck ring, remember not to force it. Forcing a ring can distort its shape, which will make it even more difficult to remove. Intense pain or pressure suggests that your finger may be too swollen to remove the ring, so take a break or have the ring removed professionally in these cases.

If you suspect that your finger is broken, you should not try to remove any stuck rings on your own as this can cause serious damage. Similarly, if your finger starts to turn numb or tingly during the removal process or if you feel like you are losing circulation, stop and get medical help. Most hospitals and health care clinics will cut off rings that are badly stuck, but all is not usually lost in these cases — jewelers are often able to repair and resize rings that have been cut or otherwise damaged.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a TheHealthBoard researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a TheHealthBoard researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Discussion Comments


For some unknown reason, I decided to try on my old engagement ring. Yup, I was a little upset with my new boyfriend at the time! Well, it got stuck, then my finger decided to swell. Nothing was taking it off!! I hid my hand from him for a day then had to tell him what I had done. He shook his head and laughed at me. He even agreed that it would have to be cut off. Yikes.

Well I read about this Windex trick and decided to try it. I ran my finger under cold water for a few minutes, sprayed chilled Windex on it and wow! What a miracle, it came off!! Truly magical! Maybe I'll get a new ring soon?


I woke up and my hand was numb. I thought I slept on it wrong then I noticed my three right hand fingers were swelling really, really bad. I couldn't budge them so I panicked and said let's go somewhere and get it cut off. It was bad. I put some dawn dishwashing liquid on them and I swear they came right off! My fingers are still numb seven hours later. I'm wondering should it still be? I don't think so.


So glad I found this page with all the feedback about Windex!

My engagement ring was absolutely stuck on my swollen finger, and I could not get it off! I tried lubricants like lotion and oil, soaking in ice cold water, elevating my hand, topical creams and Ibuprofen to reduce swelling, compressing the finger with dental floss and plastic wrap, but absolutely nothing was getting that ring to budge! I started getting really concerned that I would be forced to cut the ring off.

After giving my finger a break from the numerous prior attempts, I elected to try the Windex solution. I patiently just kept twisting and pulling the ring, and I could slowly feeling it move up my finger. Just kept spraying Windex on the finger, then twisting and pulling. It was off within 5 minutes! So relieved! Thanks for the advice, and all the posters' feedback!


No, guys. Seriously. I read this yesterday and because of all the comments of it working, I decided to do it as a last resort. I fully planned on calling a jeweler today to get my ring cut off and then repaired.

I have had this ring stuck on my finger for three years. It wasn't uncomfortable/cutting of my circulation so I just left it on. I tried oil, butter, soap, cold water, etc. I even tried the thread thing, but because my ring has a rectangle on top, the thread kept getting stuck and it just twisted it around in a circle.

I did the Windex last night and it came off in less than two minutes. I sprayed a generous amount on my finger and screwed it, not pulling and it came off. I'm still in disbelief this worked. Try it!


My wife was pregnant and we had our baby a week ago. She tried on her wedding ring and it went on easily but refused to come off. Her finger started turning blue because of how tight the ring was. We tried the above advice of having her hold her hand above her head while I sprayed windex on her finger and tried to "unscrew" the ring off.

We had her sit in a chair next to the kitchen sink. After about 15 minutes we had successfully gotten it off. For those going to try this, it will hurt immensely and her finger turned extremely purple in the last 5 minutes.


I need to let you all know out there that all is not lost. I made the cardinal mistake of trying on my deceased mother's ring, which I had always admired when she was alive. I knew it was going to be tight, but in my mind if I could get it on, I could get it off right? Well, after three days of trying everything under the sun and just aggravating my finger ten-fold so that it was permanently swollen, things were starting to get to me. I tried the soap, the ice, the elevation, the water drinking, the anti-swelling lotion, the dental floss, the elastic around the finger and my spirit was definitely broken. Lots of tears..

I saw the note about windex and these testaments, but I thought I was destined to have to sit in emergency and wait for a medical team to cut it off, meanwhile berating myself on what a bonehead move I made. I should also mention that the ring wasn't a simple band; it had a flower detailing on it so that the underside wasn't smooth like a typical wedding band and it came to a point towards my swollen knuckle, so it made the process more difficult.

Alone and with nothing else to lose, I thought I'd give the windex a try. I sprayed and twisted the ring like a jar as some mentioned here, sprayed some more -- and did a lot of deep breathing. Yes, if it's really stuck, it's going to hurt, but not hurt as much as having to cut a family heirloom off of your finger. Keep twisting then spray all around and twist some more. Be patient. Best to do it yourself because you can push your pain threshold better than someone else.

Spray, spray, spray, twist, twist, twist. Windex works! I used a no name brand and it worked fine. I had a transcendent experience getting that damn thing off. Solidarity. You can get it off with windex! Do not give up! Good luck.


I ran across this while searching for a way to get a ring off my finger. I tried a few things, but it hurt and the ring was not moving up my finger only in a circle. I put my hand in ice but decided to do the windex trick, so I ran upstairs and found out mine is the generic brand. I sprayed and twisted and sprayed and twisted. It hurt a bit but the ring was moving up my finger. I didn't want to cut it. It was my mom's and I lost hers last month, so it wasn't a option to ruin the ring.

I honestly have to say it worked! Not only did it take one ring off, but I took my wedding ring off too. I have kidney disease and I have swelling. My wedding band didn't hurt but my finger was seriously swollen like the other on my left hand. I'm happy my rings are safe, my fingers are safe and I'll pass this trick on to my friends. It works!


One should definitely check out the The Unluckiest Engagement Ring characteristics over here before the decision is made. Why doom your relationship with a jinxed ring anyway?


Dental floss works really well. Use ice for 15 minutes, take aspirin or ibruprofen and then wrap the finger as described above. But have scissors nearby to cut it off if it doesn't work. Have windex nearby as well!


The Windex worked! I could not get the ring off for the life of me and literally tried everything! With a little pain, a lot of perseverance and a couple of squirts it was off! Oh salvation!


I used wintergreen first aid antiseptic with 50 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol. I poured it all around my entire ring finger and twisted and pulled up on it then I poured a little more and off it came without damaging my wedding band, thank God.


Thanks a lot for all of the false hope guys. Any and every attempt to remove it just made it swell until it looked like a party balloon. I eventually went to the local fire station and they sawed it off. Grrr.


The perfect storm: salty soup for supper and Grandmother's diamond ring, snug when I put it on my middle finger when I always wear it on my ring finger and so cutting off not an option.

I researched over an hour online. I struggled to put saran wrap under ring (that tight!) and sprayed my finger with windex. I brought the saran wrap completely under the ring and sprayed again.

I pulled the saran wrap over the ring and down to the tip of my finger. It was hard to pull, but the results were speedy.

I continued to pull even though it was painful. However, it was more painful to leave it on. It came off in less than a minute. Wow! I still can't believe how easy that was! When you are pulling, you are only pulling the saran wrap. The ring is encased with one layer of saran wrap looped around the entire ring. The saran wrap is one thickness and flat looped around ring. Do not attempt this without overspraying your finger with windex.


I am over 60 years old. Arthritis had done a number on my fingers and knuckles. My engagement ring was starting to hurt, but not the wedding ring as it was purchased one size larger.

Thanks to you and the Lord, I painfully got it off. First I tried the windex. Then I took two aspirin, held my arm above my head and it still was not coming off, but there was progress.

Then I remembered my foot lotion for swollen feet. I applied the lotion and while praying, ta da! It came off. Thank you so much for your website! --Alaina Marie


So my ring had been stuck for a while now, but summer was sneaking up on me and I knew that it was either time to try like hell or to have it cut off. Needless to say, I, like many many other women, did not want to cut off something so special to me.

So, when my significant other got home from work, I had him help me with the Windex and we got a little further than I got by myself. But halfway through, my finger was so painful and I wasn't going to go backward so I quickly grabbed the dental floss and wrapped my whole finger and finally we were getting somewhere, and within minutes the ring came off! I am so excited that I didn't have to make the embarrassing trip to the jewelers to have it cut off. Now my finger is extremely swollen but I don't really care because my ring is intact! Thank you all for the Windex ideas!


The dental floss trick worked for me! I've gained quite a few pounds since my wedding 15 years ago and feared I'd never be able to take the ring off.

We did as suggested, threading the floss under the ring, toward my palm.

At first, we tried wrapping from the knuckle toward the ring, but that didn't work. Then tried from the ring to the knuckle, but the floss kept sliding down toward the ring.

Finally, we did a criss-cross movement of the floss across the space from the ring to the knuckle, and then kind of mummified the joint. I then pulled, as suggested previously, the floss through the ring and easing the ring toward my knuckle. I had to re-wrap the joint two more times as I kept pulling the floss through the ring as it worked toward my knuckle. And oh, did it hurt (mostly because of the flesh having to be squeezed so tightly)! But it worked!

We probably used about two yards of a thicker ribbon floss instead of regular thin floss. I am so glad I tried this tip!


I've usually had good luck using a generous amount of mayonnaise on a stuck ring. Some slippery substances start to dry up after a few minutes, but mayonnaise seems to stay slick for a long time.

There's also a trick similar to the dental floss suggestion that I read somewhere. Take sewing thread (dental floss would work, too) and wrap it around your ring finger several times *behind* the ring. The more loops, the better. Push the cut end of the thread through the ring and start pulling. As the thread unwinds over the swollen knuckle, it should take the ring along with it.


My rings are soldered together and it took like three minutes to get off. It hurt and tore my skin a little getting them off. I dunked my whole hand in ice water for like five minutes. I couldn't take it so I took it out then dunked it off and on for five minutes then sprayed a ton of windex (off brand) on my finger and turned and turned my rings and pulled, sprayed windex, turned and tugged, sprayed windex, on and on until they came off. The hardest part was getting it around my knuckle. My finger was turning purple/blue but I didn't give up. My finger is really sore and hurts but the rings are off!


Windex is the cure! Oh, my god, my finger swelled up so bad. I wear a size 9 but slid on a 7 1/2. Bad idea. My finger swelled up so badly it hurt to bend the finger. Soaking it, lotion, butter, oil, none of it worked, but then I found the suggestion about the Windex, and what a God-send!

My stepsister twisted the ring for about a minute, and it hurt so bad but it came off! Be patient and the Windex works!


Found out for myself today that the Windex works! Quickly too. After about one minute. and i was on my way to the jeweler, fire department or doctor's office, or gym within 30 minutes. Somebody was going to get that ring off. Windex, Windex! I guess it shrinks the finger? Can any scientist answer this question regarding how it works?


I tried for two days to get the ring off by using ice and soap. It would not budge, in fact, it made my finder swell even more. I could not sleep for fear of my circulation being cut off.

I got online to see if there were other solutions and I found the Windex advice. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the Windex and sprayed and kept twisting the ring.

I was getting frantic and thought I was imagining the ring was coming off when suddenly it slipped over the knuckle. My finger is super swollen from tugging but it is off! Thank you!


windex did not work, nor had anything else i tried, for days. So i used adult lubricant.


Windex was perfect! Head over head, lots of windex and gentle unscrewing, and a little ouch. My wedding band was stuck, I tried everything and it wouldn't come off -- it was my husband's grandmother's and had his grandfather's initials engraved in it, I did not want to have it cut off. Thank you!


I had gained weight plus I eat a lot of salt with my food, and it was very painful, but the windex did worked! I tried three times, and the last one I twisted my ring harder and harder and would not stop until it came off. My finger is super swollen but the ring is off. Thank you for the tip.


Is Windex available here in the Philippines? I'll try to get my stuck ring unstuck tomorrow. Thanks to this site. Hope it will work with me.


The ring slipped off with Windex after only about one minute of icing (couldn't take the cold!). Miracle solution! I am going to pass this info on to the ortho nurse who saw me last week for XRays of my jammed ring finger (not broken) as she wanted to cut the ring, but I declined. I am so happy the ring is off. Now my swollen finger can properly heal!


oh my god. I was just trying for an hour all the other methods, ice, floss, above the heart, tape etc., and then I found this post and read all the comments about windex and twisting the ring like opening a jar. My ring is off and I can go back to sleep!


My ring was really tight. I tried everything,soap, ice bath, lotions and then I saw this about Windex. It totally worked! Be patient. A back and forth rocking motion did not work, but pulling with my fingernails and keeping outward pressure and at the same time rotating my ring like I was removing a tight lid did work. I really did not think it would work, especially seeing the big swollen piece of flesh that it had to go over but it did. Try it first.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my God! I fell yesterday and jammed my finger catching myself and why I didn't take this ring off right away I will never know. (Can a jammed finger cause brain damage?) I woke up this morning and what had been just a tiny and not so worrisome swelling was now major.

I immediately checked online, mostly to refresh my memory on the whole string thing I sort of remembered hearing about and kept reading post after post about Windex. So I tried my store-brand of window cleaner and started twisting. Learned quickly to not twist back and forth but like screwing it off. And off it eventually did come.

It hurt like heck, and I was tempted more than once to give up (it took several painful minutes) but it always would tease me with just the tiniest bit of progress. So I just kept squirting and twisting and finally the ring came off.

Finger is raw and still swollen but naked! And ring is safely put away for now. Oh, one tip: do not stand over the sink because of all the dripping window cleaner. Just lay a towel over your table to catch the drips and ring safely. You may be really mad at it now but you do not want to lose it down the drain.


Tried everything for two days. soaking hand in cold water, elevating my hand above my head, used creams, oil, windex, even tried the dental floss trick -- nothing worked! By attempting to remove my rings, it made my finger swell that much more. Had to have my wedding bands cut by a jeweler. Glad it worked for others, did not work for me.


I used the wife's Avon Glycerine Hand Cream with Silicone (old and belonged to her mother). With her wiggling it down my finger and me pulling the skin back to the palm - it eventually came off and I was about to go to the local fire-station before I remembered to Google it.


For anyone in the UK - Windex is the same as Windolene spray. I used Mr Muscle glass spray, having already tried butter / lotion / soap, none of which worked, and the ring slipped off in about 10 seconds!


Windex 100 percent worked. i had tried soap, lotion, olive oil and vaseline, putting my finger in ice water. I was ready to go get the rings cut off and i said sure why not? let's try Windex. two squirts and it worked wonders. Thanks a million!


Windex did not work for me. Unfortunately I had to go to the jeweler to get my ring off. In 20 years I never took it off except to clean it and it's now cut off. Bummer. I must have waited too long and it was infected and really sore.

Just wanted to say that in my experience I should not have tried anything. I should have just got it cut off. I can get it repaired when I lose a little weight and it heals.


ice and windex, yup! And that ring was stuck!


Wow! i cannot believe the windex actually worked! it didn't slide off but only took about a minute to work it off my finger. Woo-hoo! thanks for the tip.


The Windex worked. Amazing!


My husband gave me a promise ring back when we were dating. It means so much to me. But due to my little weight gain it began to cut into my finger. Thank God I found this site. Windex took it off with a little pain. So glad I didn't have to cut it. Thanks you guys!


When I eventually pulled off my stuck ring, it left a round impression around my finger. will the round impression go away?


I have tried everything. It has been stuck on my finger since five days ago and all of that time I have been trying different tricks for how to get this ring off my finger. I think it's time to get it cut off.


Thank-you for this site! I have an MRI tomorrow and I couldn't get my wedding ring off. After Windex and dental floss I got it! Thank god I didn't have to cut it!


I am so glad I found this website! I woke up and my ring was stuck to my finger. I tried everything but windex worked Thank God!


My ring has been stuck on my finger since I was pregnant two 1/2 years ago. I had tried everything I could think of. Tried windex after reading this and it worked in less than a minute. Thank you so much!


windex, windex, windex! and twist the ring as you're moving it up. it worked for me, and my ring was so stuck!


My boyfriend gave me a promise ring six years ago and I have not taken it off since. Lately it has been feeling a little tight so I wanted tot take it off for a little bit. I tried everything. I soaked it in oil, soap, you name it and nothing worked. I was just about to have it cut off and i am glad I did not have to. I sprayed some windex on it and not even 10 seconds later I got it off. I am so happy. thanks for the tip.


Tried the Windex. Soaked it alternately between that and ice water. For 30 minutes this went on, while massaging the finger in between dunkings. Nothing. So, I got my husband's pliers and snipped it at the thinnest part of the ring. Finally! Except that I still had to widen the ring in order to get it off. That took some fancy footwork, if you know what I mean.

I had to hold the bent needle-nose pliers on the L side of the cut with my L hand, so the ring wouldn't rotate. Then I had to pull the straight needle-nose pliers with my R hand to stretch it enough to get it off.

My opinion: Maybe it works and maybe it doesn't. Maybe the 100 pounds I've packed on since our wedding 24 years ago was a factor. I would try the Windex again, if I found the need.


Just read many of the posts here and decided to try the windex after many other unsuccessful attempts. I am nine months pregnant and didn't realize how much my fingers had swelled! I can't even believe it myself, but Windex actually worked! I had to pull and wiggle at it, but at least it came off, unlike my attempts with oil, creams, cold water, etc. Thanks for the advice everyone!


I have had my ring on for 15 years. It's a size 5 ring and it was stuck on what has become a size 7.5 finger. For weeks I have been trying countless solutions. Today I found your site, saw the raves about Windex and thought to myself, 'what have I got to lose?' Windex took my ring off in seconds. Amazing!!


Thank you so much for the advice. Windex and ice water worked a treat. I needed my rings off for surgery.


Wow! I tried the floss, didn't work at first. I tried Windex and was pretty convinced it wouldn't work, either. My finger was so swollen from the heat and weight gain I was certain the ring would need to be cut off!

Finally, I took off the floss and dunked my finger in a bowl of Windex. I started twisting the ring and my finger turned blue, but the ring started to budge.

I did need to put the narrow part of the ring turned to the knuckle, and I did massage some of the skin back behind the ring, and put the ring back to the original place and started over.

Anyway, it worked! Yippee! Fairly painless, and it saved me the embarrassment of telling my dh that it was totally stuck.

Now to lose some weight and get it back on!


I went scuba diving and my ring was falling off. So I said my middle finger can do it. Well salt water+ I'm a dummy = stuck finger. Long story short: ice water and windex got it off. Don't know what windex did but it worked.


O my goodness, ladies, Windex is truly a miracle ring remover! After being woken up by my terrified sister (who had been trying to get the ring off for two hours) and after various tries myself with oil, vaseline, and soap, I found this site and we drenched her finger in windex.

After some time with her tears and shrieks we managed to wiggle the ring off! It definitely takes patience, a lot of resistance to pain, twisting, and windex to get a ring off and extremely swollen finger.


I tried everything: lotion, soap, oil, hands up before try to take it off, hands in bowl with ice, windex (last trick) and then I decided to go to a jeweler to cut if off.

The guy wasn't there, so I went to the ER. She looked at me and said, "Let's try lubricant." Two minutes after, the ring was off.

For me the trick was having another person try to pull it off. The finger was becoming red and I was saying to her, "Go ahead. I can take it, and I feel it's coming off."

When I tried at home, it was me doing it. So, I believe that it is easier when another person is doing it for you. Good luck!


I love Windex! I tried everything! Oil, soap, wrapping in tape, wrapping in dental floss, hot water, cold water, ice, hemorrhoid cream, conditioner, elevating it above my head.

I did not want to get it cut off because my husband had my ring engraved on our honeymoon. I was about to give up when I saw windex. I thought it was crazy, but it did not fail!

It did take a day for the swelling from the other remedies to go down. But it worked! A lot of patience and a little windex!


my ring was had stuck on my finger for six days. i tried everything but then my mom went on this website and then put cooking oil on my finger and she she twisted and pulled it very hard and then finally my ring came off. at that time i was so so happy. thanks to this website.


my daughter has crippling arthritis in her hands. She got her ring stuck on the wrong finger and it swelled up on her.

The windex trick really works. I had her hold her hand over her head while I sprayed the finger with the ring on it with windex and messaged the finger gently for about 15 minutes. I constantly pushed the blood down the finger - hand and arm to the elbow for the entire time. I thought I could feel the finger going down in size and the ring began to loosen so I could turn it easier. After gently turning it around the finger some more I let it sit for a few minutes.

I began working it again and slowly turned the ring off her finger. Thank you for this advise on this site. It worked! Thank the Lord! She could have lost her finger.


i had to cut it off. nothing worked but i'm getting it fixed. it's my grandmother's ring too.


i was trying on some of my mums rings, you know, just goofing off, until one of them became stuck!

i don't want to tell my mum, but my hand was starting to hurt, and it was so tight that it started to cut off my circulation and i started to panic.

i came on here and saw your advice about window cleaner, and the ring came off a treat!

Thank you so, so, so, so, so much!


windex (off brand) worked like a charm! got it off in less than a minute. a little pain but definitely worth it!


I can't believe the Windex worked! My husband died more than five years ago and although I loved him, I really am not a married woman anymore, so I wanted to remove my wedding ring. But no matter how hard I tried, even after trying to bring down the swelling with ice water, I could not get the ring past my knuckle.

After reading these posts, I tried elevating my hand for ten minutes, then spraying my finger with Windex, and with some twisting and just a little discomfort, the ring came off! It will remain something to remember my husband by, but not on my finger. Thanks for the help!


i jammed my finger in the door and it was swollen and my ring was on so tight. i tried for days to get it off with everything, and i was just about to get it cut off and i found this site and tried the windex. The ring slipped off. thanks for the great info.


Hooray! The Windex tricked worked! In just about two minutes I got my ring off!


I needed to get my wedding ring off for a CT Scan. I pulled and pulled and it wouldn't budge. It just made my finger swell and the ring became tighter.

Decided on a whim to check the internet which led me to this site. I soaked my hand in ice water for five minutes, elevated my hand for another five and then used the windex liberally. In less then a minute of turning while gently pulling the ring and the ring was off.

It was slightly uncomfortable but bearable and it saved me from having to cut it off.


Had severe dermatitis, and my rings were digging in and swollen. Tried vaseline, windex, hair smoother and it was getting worse. Finally got pliers and used my husband's strong hands to cut the ring. Hallelujah! My daughter prayed too in the midst of it all. God is good.


i used nail clippers to get mine off. just get it so it's cutting across the ring then it should cut with some pressure, then just pull it.


I tried everything that the internet said to get a ring off and nothing worked. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and had to go to a jeweler to remove it. If you go to the jewelry that you bought the ring from, chances are they will cut it off for free and they will also fix it. Mine did!

Stephanie, Collinsville, IL


I can't believe the Windex trick really worked! I thought I would never get my rings off. Sprayed a little on and they slid right off, in less than three seconds!


I soaked my hands in cold water and intermittently raised them over my head when the cold became overwhelming, then used the windex liberally, and with some pain and wiggling, got both of my stuck rings off! I have gained 40 pounds and they had been stuck for a while. feels so good to be free!


Thanks so much for the tip, I just tried it and to my amazement my rings came off. I have tried to remove them for months with no success and was getting scared they would be cut off. I will be recommending this site and especially this tip.


Ladies, don't use windex unless you enjoy toxic chemicals (ammonia) on your skin! Use Ringrelease. It works better than Windex and it won't damage your skin or jewelry.


All I can say is thank you! I'm so glad I found this site! Windex works! It still took some time, but it's off!


The lysol multi purpose cleaner also works. I tried it since we don't have windex.

My finger was super swollen and pulling the ring any closer to my knuckle made my finger turn purple in just a second. But I sprayed lysol on my finger and I would pull the ring a bit then spray some more and kept alternating. Once it got past my knuckle it was off. Thank God for this site! I would never have thought of using a cleaner like that.


Windex works great for me. I was about to cut it before I stumble on this site. If your ring has edge underneath, try to rotate the thinner portion to the top of the knuckle.


The windex worked awesome. It only took me 5 seconds and my ring was off.


I am eight months pregnant and I have tried everything to get my wedding ring off my swollen finger. The windex has not worked for me. I don't know what to do at this point. This ring is not coming off.


LOL. This might work for *some* but no everyone, because I have tried *everything,* even the plastic wrap and windex and no luck. I gently tried to screw it up my finger while adding more windex and still nothing. I have tried it more than once. Going to have the ring cut off tomorrow!


I put a ring on my finger yesterday morning and could not get it off last night. I tried everything: soap, lotion, petroleum but not until I sprayed my finger with windex did the ring come off. It took less than 10 seconds and the ring slid off like a charm. Thanks for this valuable information. I will tell my friends about this.


I only had the all natural window cleaner and it still worked! Thank you everyone for posting your success with Windex! It gave me the strength to try one more time! I also used a dishtowel to give me leverage. My finger is crazy swollen now but I am so happy to have it back!


my wife and I came home from golfing and her wedding ring was stuck. We tried soap,vaseline,lotion and nothing worked. My wife's finger was hurting and she was getting scared and then I saw the article about the windex and cling wrap. Thanks!!! it worked like a charm!!


My ring was stuck for more than 15 years. Then I realized a few hours before a 9:00 AM MRI that I was going to have to get it off and no jewelers open that early. I searched the Internet, found this site and tried the windex. It took less than 15 seconds. Thanks to all.


I tried icing & elevation to no avail... Windex and glad wrap did the trick right away.. So happy to have found this as I was heading into the jeweler tomorrow to have it cut off.


we just used the cling wrap and windex...a few tugs and twists and it slid right off!


Woke up with finger swollen and numb. Iced it for about 30 minutes, kept the hand raised above the head. Then, I wrapped the finger on cling wrap and used lots of Windex. Work up slowly, in about 3 minutes it was off.


I had a ring wedged on my finger and it just wasn't budging. We tried everything, cold water, windex, soap, butter, nothing worked. My finger became so swollen that it was turning purple and red. My husband took me to a local jewelry store and they cut the ring off. It was painless, quick and didn't damage the ring (besides the small slice through the back) The jeweler told us that it is a good thing we didn't go to the ER. Apparently they don't have the small slicing tool jewelers have and they use a bigger instrument that takes two hours to make the cut.

So, if it isn't budging, *don't panic* (like I did)...go calmly to a jeweler and have it cut for a nominal fee. Good luck!


We tried the dental floss.

We tried the lotion.

We tried the thread.

We tried the hand elevation.

We tried the soap.

We tried the cold compress.

But not until I Googled and found this site was I able to recommend the combination of hand elevation, a cold compress and Windex that she finally got that ring off her finger that I placed on it 7 years ago! Now she wants a divorce!

*Just kidding*!! *Thanks so much*!!


The windex trick is Awesome! I was having gallbladder surgery and needed to remove my wedding ring before the surgery. Needless to say my finger had swollen around the ring over the years and I couldn't even spin it. I tried the windex trick and WaLa off it came without any problems. I have told all my friends and family members about this trick. It was amazing.


I just spent 5 minutes soaking my fat finger in a bowl of cold water with ice. Then, I had my Windex multi-task and saturated my finger. I didn't think that it'll work, but, low and behold!!! After ten minutes (be very very patient) and some slow wiggling, my beautiful wedding ring finally slid right off. I am so happy but, sad that I can't wear my ring. I'll have to wear it on a chain. Windex does work.


Thank you for this it really worked, tried the lotion, too slippery, but windex!!! wow thanks


YES! this worked for my wife's finger, she is 8 months pregnant and her finger swelled up, we put masking tape on and her finger turned purple, we then put ice on after about five minutes for about 10-15 min didn't want to wait too long as her finger was discolored she kept her finger elevated above her head and rubbed it cause of the color she sprayed the windex and it came off with a bit of work, she said it hurt a bit but well worth it.


As a RN in the ER... we often had great success using windex as a ring removal "tool". But first we'd elevate the extremity for 10-15 minutes and put a cold compress on it...then spray windex liberally and wa-la... with a little gentle unscrewing (never pulling) off it would come.


thank you so very much for your post, I have tried all day to get this ring off of my finger, nothing worked until I tried the windex, it still took some work but my finger is finally free!!


To get a ring off that is too small just spray the finger with windex. I have no idea what is in this product that works so well but believe me, it works EVERY time !!!!

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    • Adding lubrication, drinking a lot of water to reduce swelling or cutting off the ring are some of the ways to remove a stuck ring.
      By: markcarper
      Adding lubrication, drinking a lot of water to reduce swelling or cutting off the ring are some of the ways to remove a stuck ring.
    • Petroleum jelly, which can help get a stuck ring off.
      By: blueee
      Petroleum jelly, which can help get a stuck ring off.
    • Jeweler resizing a ring.
      By: JackF
      Jeweler resizing a ring.
    • An application of hemorrhoid cream may help a person get a stuck ring off their finger.
      By: carroteater
      An application of hemorrhoid cream may help a person get a stuck ring off their finger.
    • Dental floss might help remove a stuck ring.
      By: Monkey Business
      Dental floss might help remove a stuck ring.
    • Melted butter can help ease rings on fingers.
      By: fkruger
      Melted butter can help ease rings on fingers.