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How Long do Broken Bones Take to Heal?

Broken bones typically heal within 6-8 weeks, but this can vary based on the bone, severity, and individual health factors. Proper care and nutrition are crucial for recovery. Healing also depends on age, with children's bones mending faster than adults'. Curious about the healing process and how you can support it? Discover the fascinating journey of bone regeneration with our visual guide. What role does diet play in healing?
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Broken bones take a varying amount of time to heal, mostly depending upon the type of bone broken, the age of the person, and the way in which the bone is broken. Additionally, diseases that degenerates bone tissue like osteoporosis, may cause one to have far longer healing times for broken bones. As well one may need more complicated treatment like surgery.

In general, small broken bones with simple fractures take about four weeks to heal in small children. In teenagers and adults, small bones — like a finger or wrist bone — with a simple fracture, will take about six weeks to heal. Larger broken bones, for example the bones in the thigh, would take a great deal longer to heal, usually six weeks to three months in the average healthy adult.

Leg in a cast.
Leg in a cast.

Compound fractures often require surgical realignment of the bones so that as they heal, they rejoin each other properly. Improper alignment can mean that healing causes deformity of the bone, and it may not be considered as ever completely healed. In some cases, this poor alignment may necessitate surgery at a later date, where the bone is re-broken, and then reset to heal appropriately.

Broken bones in children and healthy adults tend to heal well, with few complications. Provided the patient follows all guidelines and wears a cast for the appropriate amount of time, healing tends to occur in a relatively short time.

A person with a broken finger.
A person with a broken finger.

However, those with osteoporosis are at great risk when they break some of the major bones, like the pelvis or hipbones. Broken bones in those with osteoporosis can be great cause for concern since the disease impairs the bone’s abilities to mend, and bones may break again if they are gravely fragile. Surgery to repair broken bones in people with osteoporosis is often problematic because of the risk of harming other bones during the process.

Intramembranous ossification is the process through which bones heal.
Intramembranous ossification is the process through which bones heal.

Another disease that can cause problems with healing is osteo imperfecta or brittle bone syndrome. This condition tends to be most common in children during growth spurts, and they quite easily break bones with even the slightest of injuries. Though they have the ability to produce new bone tissue, reinjury to broken bones may occur because a child’s bones can break so easily. A child with brittle bone syndrome who has a broken bone must be carefully monitored and protected from activities that could cause another break.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent TheHealthBoard contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent TheHealthBoard contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Discussion Comments


I am 55 years old and fell 5 months ago. I broke the neck of my femur, then 3 days ago fell again and broke two bones in my arm. I'm fed up.


The secret to healing bones is to eat a lot (up to 6,000 Calories a day!) and sleep a lot at night. Also get plenty of sun for Vitamin D or supplement with Vitamin D3 4,000IU per day for a person who weighs 60 kilograms if you cannot get sun.

Some very light exercise which does not involve the broken bone is also good.


I've had a broken finger for 82 days now, and seemingly it is still crooked for this long. I'm wondering to see if my fractured/broken finger is already in place or is it healed? Because it still looks the same after I broke it four months ago.

My doctor had told me it's supposed to heal in 6 months. And I'm confused -- six months? I thought it was six weeks in order for it to heal.


Bone fractures- the oxidation and reduction reactions that occur-are they symptomatic and cause diseases to organs and tissue mass in the body. Are these factors that can be treated and healed daily to protect against deriments to the kidneys and are the a leading cause to diabetes.


I thought my fractured foot bones were not healing because I was still limping. It turns out they were healed and all I needed was to exercise my feet, like flexing them back and forth. So if the x-rays show the bones are healed but you are still limping, try exercises.


Tib-fib fractures tend to take 8-10 weeks to heal to the point of weight bearing. I broke both about 4 weeks ago, spiral tibia fracture and distal fibula shattered (2-inch shatter). Had surgery, nail in tibia with 4 screws and a plate with 8 screws in the fibula. Take your time healing, especially leg bones, they bear a lot weight each day. I was in a knee-high solid splint for two weeks, hard cast for two weeks, just got it off and now a boot for three to four weeks. Be careful, take your time and eat right. Thankfully, I have no more pain; it's just annoying. Good luck to all in healing.


I broke my arm and it took six weeks to heal.


My bone has been broken for the last nine weeks. Will it heal or will plates be required?


I am 29 years old, and broke my left femoral neck (hip) and left radial head (wrist) in a biking accident. I also have a garden level 2 (fracture with no displacement). I got one plate and three screws for internal fixation.

It's been six weeks since surgery and I have no pain at this point. I hope that I fully recover from this accident. I was reading that fruits, vegetables, legumes and white meats are best for healing. Drink lots of water and stay away from sugar, salt, smoking, alcohol, caffeine and red meats.


My son had pins put in his wrist he broke his ulna and displaced his radius. Within a week, one of his pins fell out. He had an X-ray and his bone is bent 5 degrees, but they said that was fine, so they sent him home with one pin in and a new cast. We went back over a week later and had his other pin removed. His new X-ray showed it's moved even more now. Is this going to affect him? Will he need another op? It's obviously not fixing it in a right position. Thanks.


My 7 years old son had a fractured humerus 23 days age. He had a backslab cast for 15 days, then the doctor advised only a sling and removed the backslab but the problem is that he still can't straighten his arm fully. Is this normal? What exercises would you suggest?


I had broken my little finger on my left hand. How long it will take to for the bones to knit? Sometimes it's painful and I have finished the medicine which the doctor provided me and also have plaster on my hand. Please let me know how many days more it will take. --Bhupendra


I broke my fibula 3.5 months ago, and was wrongly diagnosed by two doctors. I walked about on it for 10 weeks, then when I was diagnosed of a clear break, was put in plaster. I take Methotrexate, which apparently slows bone recovery.

I am medically permitted to walk on it due to no pain, however periodically, when sitting still, I get a stabbing sensation from the wound area and sometimes a type of throbbing. Is this usual?


Your bones will heal eventually, but it might take a long time.


I am 21 years old. A big stone fell on my foot and three metatarsal bones in my foot were fractured. I'm very tense. It's been one week since I was injured and there is still pain in my foot and I'm unable to work properly. How many days will it take for me to recover? Can anyone tell me?


I had displaced fractures of at least three ribs following a horse riding accident. I was hospitalized for three days. I'm a paramedic in the UK. I'm at week seven post accident and while I'm much improved, I am still experiencing pain around my left lower rib cage.

Up until a week ago, my body stopped me sneezing at the point of it happening which was a relief! I'm not driving yet as I find it too painful. I'm getting a little down as this pain doesn't appear to improve. Turning over in bed is a killer. My GP doesn't really seem too bothered and made me feel like I was wasting his time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no wimp. My friend calls me nails (hard as nails)! But I'm bored with this now and want to get back to work.


I broke my fibula really bad and fully dislocated my ankle. I'm 16 currently seven months into heating and won't be 100 percent until June.


I broke my collar bone while wrestling. I was really tired and went to twist and turn onto my belly, but I came down too fast and landed with my shoulder going backward and body forward, and it messed me up.


I broke my shoulder. There are pieces floating and pieces hanging. The doctor has me in a sling until it heals and then he said he would decide what to do. I'm 64. Does this sound right?


The little finger on my right hand has been broken. How long it will take to for the bones to knit? I am training for a 5km run for subinspector of the police in March.


I am 25 years old and I got a fracture on the fingers of my right hand -- second and third finger 50 days ago. But after plaster and complete rest, the bones are not joined. The initial X-rays and the most recent ones look the same. Please tell me the reason behind that. What should I do now?


When broken bones are joining, can they be re-broken due to walking? My right knee was fractured and I've had a cast on it for two months. Is my leg healing?


I'm 27. Five days ago, I fell off a stage, and I broke my upper arm just below my right shoulder. Despite the fracture, my bones are still aligned, so the doctor said I didn't need any surgery, and that I should give it time to heal.

I'm currently wearing a plaster cast to minimize the movements, but I am already planning to return to work next week due to financial concerns. I gotta put food on the table. My right arm is totally disabled, immovable due to the pain. I am a programmer, and I am already training myself to type using just five fingers. Wish me good luck.


I had a broken wrist and elbow in January 2012 and the wrist bone was never aligned properly. Therefore I don't have a lot of movement and was not progressing four months later. The surgeon wants to go in there and fix it. While he is in there, he will fix my frozen shoulder too.


I broke my left leg bone in a bike accident five months ago. My doctor did surgery on me and he put a plate in my broken leg. I still can't walk without stick, and there is a little pain in my fracture when I walk. My doctor says that I will be recovered in a few weeks. How long should I wait to recover?


I broke my radius and cracked my ulna bone (the bones from elbow to wrist) in a bike accident recently. I have a long arm fiberglass cast which is not waterproof.

In two weeks I go back to the doctor to get another cast for an additional three weeks. This is driving me crazy. It's summer and I am a sporty, active 13 year old girl. This cast is taking my whole summer; I can't even swim. Usually I go running three or four times a week, and practice basketball daily. This lack of activity I've been forced into makes me feel so fat and I feel like I'm gaining weight and losing my skills, but there's no way to exercise.

Is there any way to heal faster, or exercise without using or hurting my left arm?


For all who don't understand this, you're always growing no matter how old or young. Your bones are constantly growing and changing until the day you die.

Taking your cast off yourself not a good idea. I had a fracture in my ankle when I was a kid and left it on there. It took eight months to heal, but I was good to go after that. Don't ever take your cast off before you're supposed to. It just isn't right. Your body needs time and healthy eating to heal.


I broke my leg three years ago. I have a rod from knee to ankle and my bone is still broken. Will it ever heal?


I cannot push up anymore due to my deformed carpal bones. Can this hand get back to normal? I didn't go to the doctor because of my financial status. Please advise me how to get my hands back to normal.


I am a 22 year old male. I was recently involved in a drilling rig accident that has left me with a fractured right tibia. This happened in North Dakota and the nearest hospital was 100 miles away!

Anyway, it has been nearly six weeks and I am hoping that when I have my doctor's appointment this thursday that I will get my full leg cast replaced with a fracture brace so I can drive again.

I can walk in my full leg cast without any pain but it is just hard to do.


I don't know the bone's name, but it's the long bone between my elbow and wrist. It's been three months now and the doctor says I can't ride bikes for six more weeks. How does this really happen? Help me. Six more weeks means I'll not be using my left hand for nearly five months.


My left elbow was fractured 28 years ago. I had surgery immediately but the arm never straightened out properly. My range of motion was affected but otherwise I functioned OK. Now I'm 55 years old and I am in terrific pain in this arm all the time. Should I have this elbow reset? Would that help me?


I broke two ribs in May. Now it's mid Oct, and I'm still hurting. I'm 32.


I broke my fibula not too long ago. I fell and my lower fibula kind of dislocated, not really a clean break. Anyway, my doctor put me in a cast and told me he would see me in four weeks. I cut it off myself about two and a half weeks later. I can walk but not for long amounts of time and it hurts bad if I do. I am a server so I am always on my feet. Could it still heal if I only work two days out of the week and keep it in a splint the rest of the time?


I broke the two bones in my left arm during football two weeks ago. I had my operation with one plate installed. Today, I had a check-up in the hospital. The doctor just spent 15 seconds to see my wounds, and said that I can remove my cast and come back to have a X-ray next week, and now I have been given a removable sling to support my arm before I left the hospital.

I would like to ask is it normal to remove the cast two weeks after the surgery, as the doctor hasn't even touched and checked my arm; he just judged by seeing my wounds with some blood stain? Secondly when will I be recovered to do typing work? (I am 24 male, non-smoker and non-drinker) I look forward to hearing from you.


I had knee reconstruction done about three months ago after a car accident. both my knees were damaged but the right knee was more damaged than the left. Both my legs are still in casts. I have little to no pain and the swelling is insignificant. I do have a scar on my right knee. Will physiotherapy help reform my knee and how soon will I be able to walk?


I broke tib and fib straight through following a motorcycle accident. Had surgery the next day for the nail and three screws in the tibia. Released from hospital twi days later with no cast and told to be careful not to stand on it or bang it.

It's been five weeks of sitting on the couch watching tv, it feels fine apart from some minor swelling when I stand up(with crutches) and a sore knee (possibly from the surgery). Xrays next week to see if I can start weight bearing. I did the same thing to the other leg 10 years ago and I was walking/limping unaided after 10 weeks but I was going out drinking a few nights a week so hopefully this one heals faster.

I'm 30 now and need to get back to work soon so have been eating healthy to recover faster.


i had an operation two weeks ago on my left arm. I have one plate and six screws with a wound about 15cm long. I had the cast taken off yesterday. it feels pretty good. It's a bit weak and a little sore where the plate has been put in, but with slight stretches and calcium tablets i should be back playing rugby league in four weeks as long as i look after the arm until then and keep contact off it.


Been back to the hospital again. My first op did not work, so I have new pins and a metal plate in at some point so I have to have a second op not but worried about the outcome of walking by myself again. It has been five months now and looking at two or three more months now as I don't know how I would feel if I don't go back to normal. In my head I am still normal but the legs don't feel the same now as they did. No one can tell me if I will walk again. --rebecca


When I was 25, I shattered one bone in my ankle and broke the other (bad enough I was no weight allowed on that foot for four months). Now, 11 years later, still swelling, pain whenever the seasons change and if I run too much.


anon19353: there's no way to heal quicker and if you try to make it heal faster oh, it will just heal a lot slower, or you might make it worse.


i have broken my left arm and i have it in a long arm cast. i am sick of my mum doing my hair and i am sick of the cast. i need freedom. is there any way to get it healed quickly?


I have dyspraxia and I broke my left hip at the beginning of the the year. I have been house bound for three months. I know it still has not healed so I'm still on zimmer frame and stuff. I go back to the doctor in six weeks. I might have to have a hip treatment.

Would the outcome be that I am able to walk again? I am 27 years old and just want to know one way or another if will walk again. Friends and family are not offering advice, so if anyone has any advice, it would be brilliant.


@77: What does your doctor say? Maybe you need another doctor?


@58: Something just doesn't seem right about what you're going through. Have you seen more than one doctor? Good luck.


I have broken both big toes. It seems as if they will never heal.


i was three months old when i broke my clavicle and i am now 15. is it possible that pain can reemerge many years later?


when i was 10 years old i broke my leg just above my ankle. now I'm 19 and, nine years later, it still hurts sometimes. is this normal?


I broke my arm in January. I was doing a cheerleading tumble trick and it just broke. I broke both bones (ulna and radius). I get my cast off in a few days, which is soon. Everything is going good. I'm 11 years old!


I fractured five ribs, and broke my right collar bone about a month ago. i still get pains occasionally. My ribs are the ones I'm worried about, because I've been getting out of bed and walking doing normal activities. Nothing extremely heavy -- just reasonable moving. but my mom says if i continue and don't get enough rest my bones can grow deformed. is that true? I'm scared now.


I broke my ankle in december 2010 and refused the surgery. i am regretting it so much. What are the risks? I am in France for school and i don't even have my family with me. I feel so much pain when i am walking. How long would this take?


I'm 13 and I'm desperate for my arm to heal. i miss sports so much and all i can do is watch people in PE. it's been three weeks and the doctor said it'd take about four to six weeks, so yeah.


I had an accident last week, and my shoulder clavicle is fractured. I was admitted in hospital for three days. Now am in bed rest. Doctor advised me to take a four week rest. Can i know how much time it will take to recover from this?


my brother kicked me and my finger bent almost all the way back. I'm 13 and my finger only has a small fracture. in school we have started P.E. but we're starting with the basketball unit. Is it OK if i start playing after a week my finger was fractured? it doesn't hurt and it feels fine when i move it around. I don't like being on the sidelines but if you say it's bad if i don't then I'll keep my splint on for five more weeks.


I'm 20 years old and i met with an accident two years back and i broke my thigh bone. About 5 cm of my bone is out and i have come across a lot of complications like infection. i have gone through five surgeries. Presently an external fix is placed to my leg now. I want to know will i be fine, or how much more time will it take for me to recover and walk properly.


I've broken my left leg. Both the bones below knee joint are broken. i have been operated and a nail has been inserted to support the broken leg.

It's around two weeks now since I had surgery.

Can anyone tell me is this the right solution? And how much time will it take to heal up completely.


In september i broke both bones in my left arm and dislocated my hand with muscles squeezed between the side it was jammed into. i have had surgery to put a huge titanium plate in my wrist and arm that looks like a fork in the road along with about 10 screws.

It's been almost two months now and i still can't bend my arm or twist my wrist. i start physical therapy dec 30 but how long will this take to heal. and my arm hurts so bad when its cold outside. Is that normal?


I hit my knuckle on some steel, and my middle knuckle just sort of, broke into pieces, and now it healed in an awkward way. It's big, and there's pieces healed in the wrong places. it's been approximately nine months, and it feels fully healed, but anytime I hit anything, it swells, and half my hand turns purple. I haven't hit anything that made it swell like that in about four months.


I broke my distal radius in my wrist and had to have surgery where they put a plate, pins and screws in. It's been 10 days since my surgery and I still have severe pain. Is this normal? My doctor wants me to start therapy, but how is that possible when a bone does not even heal for six weeks?


I broke the top part of my foot and the bones came through the ankle. I had surgery to repair the bones and they had to fuse all the top bones into one, so now I have one bone and after three months it is still not healed. I can barely walk in a special boot and it hurts like heck.

Is there any other form of getting it to heal faster and or keep the pain down? Is there any cream that will help the foot? I sure could could use some help. My doctor just said to hang in and it takes a long time.


when i was born my leg was broken when a nurse pulled me out. but when i grow up my one left leg became short and is different. One leg is one inch shorter than other. please help me. what can I do.


No 59: I broke my pelvis in three places Sept 09. I am in my fifties. No operation required, 10 days in hospital, three months on crutches and six visits to osteopath, riding again after six months, never even think about it now. Good luck.


I'm 12 years old and i broke my wrist when i fell over onto my dad's tools and fell very hard. the next morning i went to the hospital and they put it in a cast. it hurts so much.


I'm 16 and i hit my right hand on the side of a bed post and clearly broke the bone right before the pinky finger in two. it healed in three days. i couldn't see a doctor because of where i was at. so now there is a lump at where the bone healed in a weird way. i have no idea how it healed so fast.


i broke the ulna bone and i had the cast for a month and when they took it off the specialist told me that it might hurt a little bit and to go get an xray done. When i saw it, i noticed that the bone was still not attached to the other bone and so i called the specialist and he told me that it was normal, and that with time it would heal. is that true?


I am eight years old. my boyfriend fell out of a tire swing and broke his back. how long will it before he can come back to school?


i am 26 yrs old and i have a minor elbow fracture and it's been four weeks and five days since the accident. i already had it treated, so how much longer will it take for it to fully heal because i still can't straighten my arm out and it's just a little swollen, but not like when i injured it.


I am 20 years old. i have broken my right ankle five or six times and my left three or four times. My left wrist once or twice, my right wrist two or three times. My left elbow twice, and I have recently fractured my spine in three spots. What's wrong with me? why do i keep breaking my bones like this?


I'm 19 young and i broke my pelvic bones in three places. The doctor says they can heal on their own. I've been in the hospital for a week and two days, so i want to know how long will it take to heal? My PT started me walking and said i did a very good job walking a long distance for only the second time trying to walk.


Last season of cheer I broke my ankle. I was out of cheer and p.e. for six months. I was in a boot for three weeks but could walk fine without the boot. It has been ten months since I broke my ankle and to this day it is still broken. The doctor says it will never heal.

There is no surgery to remove the bone floating around in there. So before you start complaining about it taking a long time to heal your bones, be thankful they are healing at all. I see these comments saying this sucks or it's taking too long. Well I am sick of that because I am going to be broken forever. Think about that before you post a comment.


i broke my tib and fib in a motorcycle accident. It was a clean break, right across both bones. It was in june. I was in a cast for five weeks and then they put me in a walking cast but once i could walk by myself, i did. I've been riding again for a little bit. i go back tomorrow to see if everything is good and to see if i have permission to ride again.


i broke my foot! the boot is better than a cast. i just want to wear my heels again, but my foot still hurts. is this normal after almost six weeks?


I am 16 years old and I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident on July 31. My fibula is broken in three places and fractured in two and my tibia is broken in 10 places and fractured in five. They say it will take up to 20 weeks to heal. It sucks


i have a broken wrist and I'm 11, how long will it take to heal? i broke it the last of July.


I fractured my heel bone six months ago, in March. I was in a hard cast for four weeks and then in a boot for six weeks. I started PT in April and ended in June. My physical therapist told me that my foot would swell for two months after I finished therapy. It is August. My foot is still swelling. Should I go back and see the doctor?


i am 28 years old. my collarbone was broken.The doctor suggested an operation. they joined my collar bone by wiring. is that OK for me? i don't have any type of disease. Tell me what is best for me.


i have a broken left leg. two bones are completely broken. Now i have a cast on but i am worried. After three months, do you guys think i still can walk without surgery?


I broke my femur just above the knee and moved the growth plate completely away from the knee. this was five months ago and i had an emergency op and had wires put in and now it has healed very nicely but i still can't fully bend my knee!


i broke my top thumb joint and removed the cast about four or five days before my actual appointment, too. How much do you think my bone has yet to heal? and what should i do in the meantime?


I broke my ribs (#5,6,7,8,9) on my left chest. it was 25 days ago. they told me it would be healed in four to six weeks. I'm still counting and hoping it would be healed in not more than six weeks. What a painful day in my life that i had!

Broken ribs -- guess that is the worst. i spent nine hours in the er. terrible behavior because they have no idea about broken ribs.

when somebody walks it feels like an earthquake because your entire body is sensitive. When they take you to the x ray or whatever, it's the time you get punishment as it's breaking again and again every time the wheels jumps. When the transporter takes you fast, when you are turning, when the transporter hits bumps your bed against the walls. I am hoping to get well. I am a 33 year old male.


I can't tell when this was initially posted, but I broke my tibia at 16. Following the break, I spent one month in a thigh-high cast, one month in a knee-high cast, and approx one month in a walking cast.

I narrowly avoided having a rod inserted in my leg since I only broke the tibia, not the fibula, and it was difficult to cast. Altogether, my leg was out of commission from early Oct - mid-Jan. Hope this helps someone.


I don't know if it's odd, but no matter what bone i break, if it breaks in several places or i shatter the bone completely, it takes me a week for it to be back to normal. i think it's weird because it will take a normal person four to six weeks to heal from like a broken hand yet it takes me normally 72 hours total or a week. Wither i heal fast or I'm beyond healthy.


I'm am 16 years old, and i just broke my collar bone a month ago. they couldn't put a cast on me. i had to wear a sling, i was in so much pain. i just took it off and i fell good, but now and then i get some pains. i hope it goes away soon.


I am 12 and i was 11 when i broke my bone (just under the elbow). I nearly had to have an operation. But luckily it healed by itself. But recently i have had tingling sensations and pain in the arm. it goes from the elbow to my fingers. It only happens now and again, but i am extremely worried. What should i do? Would anyone be able to help? Thank you very much if you can help.


how long does it takes to heal the tibia bone?


I'm writing a book and I'm wondering how long it takes for a broken rib to heal for an adolescent, and could an adolescent break another adolescent's arm?


Having issues with broken bone(s) or anything that requires time to heal stinks no matter who you are, young or old.


i dislocated my big toe and next day i went to the doctor and the x rays results showed that i broke my toe. Am i going to be okay or do i need surgery?


i was in a car crash slightly over five weeks ago and managed to fracture my sternum. the doctors say it will take four to six weeks for a recovery. is this actually the case? i still feel slight pain every now and then. but how long do i have to wait until I'm sure that my sternum has completely healed? thanks. Male, 19 years old.


Im 14. I have a broken leg at the moment with a full leg cast.

I jumped two feet at the beach and landed on a rock under the water and got a spiral fracture that radiates from half way down my leg to my ankle and i broke the tibia under my knee.

The doctor says in one week i can get a normal size cast because the knee should have healed. But hasn't told me how long till that cast comes off.

I've had my full cast on for eight weeks. They said it was a nasty break. and i read some of these comments and I'm saying, forget this! They've got broken backs and crap!

Can someone answer? Thanks. Good luck to anyone who's healing like me.


I am 14 years old. I had broken my wrist. I got both my bones fractured and one of them was dislocated, so i had a surgery to re-align the bones. The doctors had inserted some titanium wires to hold my bones. And now it has been six weeks since it has happened and still i have not got my cast removed. So how much time will it take to fully heal? Thank you.


i'm clint from phils. I'm 25 years old, I have my tibia fractured in a motorcycle accident. I'm just sitting here in our house for three months and so clueless when will the doctor will remove this cast in my left leg. Your answer will greatly appreciated. -clint


I fell 10ft, I broke my tibeau bone in my plateau. I am in a wheelchair and I never know when I will walk again. So any advice will be greatly appreciate. I need a new knee and I was wondering how long it will take the tibial bone to grow so I can get another knee and walk again.


I broke my hand about a year ago. I knew it still was hurting when I got my cast off, but I wanted off anyway so I didn't say anything. Now my hand is in so much pain. What could it be? When writing my hand gets stuck and feels like its falling asleep. Also, it just hurts all the time in general.


How long does it take for a broken rib to heal?


I fell 10 feet and landed on my left leg, breaking my tibia at the plateau and smashing my knee with pieces of shin bone. I am a diabetic and I have been in a wheelchair for three months. How long will it take the shin bone to heal so I can get a new knee and walk again?


my son is 17 years old and he fractured the fourth metacarpal in his right hand 10 days before the sectional wrestling championship.

the doctor told him the heal time takes four weeks, but he could wrestle if he could withstand the pain. with a lot of prayer, he wrestled and won the tournament. now he has state in one week. hope his hand holds out to win state. we give all the glory to god.


My son recently broke his femur, his pelvis, his hips tibia, ankle and toes. he had five surgeries with a rod, plates and screws to fix the breaks. How long will he be in pain and when will he be healed? He's 20 years old. How long will he need lovenox shots? Insurance companies stink.


my daughter broke her femur two weeks ago! we see the surgeon post op tomorrow. She is supposed to get a cast put on. anyone know when returning to school can happen?


it doesn't take four months. i broke my wrist in three places and broke my growth plate in half. i only have to have my cast on a month and a half.


It looked like an upside down u. i was about to get up and run again but i looked down and seen it and i screamed, then i went to the nurse and she squeezed it and made it hurt so i went to washington hospital and they didn't do anything so they transported me to pittsburgh children and i was lying there for 11 hours with morphine that doesn't work because i'm immune to it so they gave me fetnam and it worked for like 20 minutes.

finally they put me in twilight and i thought i was a red lego at Chuck E. Cheese and i was coming to it and i forgot how to breathe. i woke up and called my brother a bad name and i threatened to beat up a nurse.

i get my cast off right before Christmas and 10 days beore my birthday. i broke my wrist in 3 places and i chipped that ball in the wrist, a bone on the right side and i broke my growth plate in half which is very bad. i'm michael and i'm 13.


My uncle recently broke both arms, well fractured one and had surgery on the other. How long will it take to heal?

P.s anon23899: you think you life is crappy from breaking two fingers, but i've broken my cartilage and had surgery three times already and been at the hospital four times. I haven't been able to row for seven months. That's crappy my friend.


i have a broken cranium and have very great pain, so does the cranium join with medical treatment? or if not what is the best way in order to cure it?


im 14 years old and i broke my fibula and tibia in three places. i got three screws put in it and i'm getting a cast in three weeks after i got it. do you know how long it will take to heal?


I fell and have a head radius fracture (bone attaching the forearm bone to the elbow). The Emergency Room didn't splint it. They sent me to a surgeon and he said the break is not repairable. They said to just keep it in a sling and start range of movement motion in four to six weeks. He said it should heal enough to get about 80 percent of the movement back. I'ts been a week and a half and most of the pain is gone, but i still have so much swelling. How long till the swelling is gone? It's much better than before. As of today I can move my hand, but it is so puffy, I can't even remove my rings. I kept ice on the first three days. Should I still use ice, and will it help?


how long would it take for a broken arm to heal for a 90 year old woman?


i broke my wrist today and its the start of the season. how long before i can play? i'm 14 years old.


I am in postsurgical recovery from a spiral fracture of the humerus bone (upper arm). I am 73, female, and osteopenic (not quite having osteoporosis). Now that the bone has been "set" and stabilized by a surgically attached steel plate, how long should I expect complete healing to take before I can lift heavy objects and small children again?


my left humerus was broken right below the shoulder joint. its been 5 weeks. recently it has began throbbing again and when moved accidentally will pop at the break. Could i have refractured it or is it possibly not healing or?


i broke my leg by slipping and falling in mud. Two days later i got it checked out and i'm only 10. i have had two casts on it --one mid thigh to foot the other knee to foot and now i have an air cast on it and i was wondering if i could get my leg healed before i go back to school so i can walk on it.


my wrist really hurts sometimes more than others. it's been going on for about three weeks now and i can still move it. there is no bruising or swelling. will it be OK just to leave it alone insted of going to a and e because i am going on holiday this year and don't want to have to cancel. however my wrist is OK when i go horse riding. is it just a bad sprain? please answer asap


i have broken the bones in the back of my hand and wrist its been about one month now. I never got a full cast just 1/2 one. it feels good to bend back but to bend froward it hurts, i need to play ball will it rebreak if i catch a hard hit ball??


I shattered my pelvis in 5 places, ruptured my bladder and tore arterial veins in my lower extremities during my last stay in Iraq. That was 11 months. I consider myself lucky because I still have my legs and I can walk again now. It has taken me a year so far to heal and I am not finished yet. The doc said one more month I should be good.


My 4 year old granddaughter broke her wrist Friday out of town and will be "set" Tuesday here in Tucson..shouldn't the parents have insisted on setting this within 24 hours? they said the doctor said OK to wait until Tuesday.


I fractured my right hand on the lower outside. It got infected but now that the infection is gone how long will it take to move my hand?


I broke my fibula on Halloween of '08. Had the cast on it until some time before Christmas. Now its Feb and i still feel my leg hurting. Is this normal?


im 13 i broke my wrist nov. 17 2008. i still have my cast on. i do about every sport. i'm so tired of a cast. do you have any idea to make your bone heal faster?


I broke 2 fingers at 3am on new years day & it sucks!! I can't do shot with only one hand!! I hate my life and the people I was with that might. I can already tell this is going to b a CRAPPPPYYY year for me!!!!!!


I recently fractured my foot, how can I help it heal faster?


On may 27, 2007, I fell straight down from a height of about 5 feet. I locked my left leg and the femur totally smashed the tibia plateau. I spent 3 months with an external fiaxator; another four months walking on it with a cane where it separated even further and developed gout. Had surgery in March of 08 to insert a plate and 7 screws, yet there is still a fracture line at the tibia / fibia that will not heat. Blood work in November of 07 and March of 08 showed good calcium levels as well as everything else as far as I was told. The doctor group I go to has a fabulous reputation, but yet I am losing faith with them as yesterday, I was turned over to yet my third doc. Any thoughts, ideas? I have used a bone a stimulator and followed my diet.


i broke both bones in my wrist last week, after reading that it took 4 months to heal i am ready to hit the panic button! i am a dog groomer and want to get back to work asap! anyone out there that had the same breaks, help me! excuse the typing, its hard to type with one hand...thank you debbilee


I had a broken wrist - not any kind of complex fracture - and it took four months to heal. I did everything right and had no other conditions, it just took that long because I was a young adult and no longer growing.

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    • Leg in a cast.
      Leg in a cast.
    • A person with a broken finger.
      By: Rob Byron
      A person with a broken finger.
    • Intramembranous ossification is the process through which bones heal.
      By: Fotokon
      Intramembranous ossification is the process through which bones heal.
    • The way in which a bone is broken may effect the amount of time it takes to heal.
      By: praisaeng
      The way in which a bone is broken may effect the amount of time it takes to heal.
    • Wrist fractures take about six weeks to heal.
      By: sarapon
      Wrist fractures take about six weeks to heal.
    • The bones of a child tend to break more easily, and so it's important to be vigilant about a second injury to the broken bone.
      By: Gennadiy Poznyakov
      The bones of a child tend to break more easily, and so it's important to be vigilant about a second injury to the broken bone.