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VeryVery Diaper Review: Hypoallergenic Care for Sensitive Skin

VeryVery Diapers are designed with sensitive skin in mind, featuring hypoallergenic materials that reduce the risk of irritation. Their commitment to safety is evident in their rigorous testing for harmful substances. But what sets them apart in the realm of skin-friendly diapers? Dive deeper into their unique qualities and find out if they're the gentle choice your baby deserves.
Editorial Team
Editorial Team

VeryVery claims to combine the convenience of disposable diapers with the quality and eco-friendliness of cloth diapers. As a foster mom and registered dietitian, I agreed to take a few packs home and test the diapers for two weeks for The Health Board, evaluating their comfort for sensitive skin, absorbency, and, importantly, how they compare to other diaper brands on the market. 

Key Findings

  • Softness & Breathability: My baby felt comfortable throughout the day. The material didn’t cause any irritation, even when they were active. 
  • High Absorbency: During my trial, the 12-hour leak protection claim held up pretty well. Nighttime was particularly impressive, showing strong absorbency without any incidents. 
  • Eco-friendly Materials: The brand claims to use 70% plant-based materials, and the diapers themselves feel high-quality and gentle.
  • Blowout Protection: Aside from one major blowout, the diapers contained every mess. 
  • Hypoallergenic: My baby has sensitive skin, but these diapers caused no adverse reactions. 

Things I Looked for in My VeryVery Diaper Review

When evaluating VeryVery diapers, I considered two main factors. First (and most importantly), how healthy and effective were they for a baby's skin and comfort? With my background in perinatal and postpartum nutrition, I know how critical it is to make sure what we put in and on our baby’s bodies is safe.

Second, how well did these diapers hold up as an eco-friendly alternative to some of the best diapers available? Whether or not VeryVery got my approval depended on how well they balanced these two qualities.

With an industry fit to burst with so-called "premium" diapers, however, I didn't want to pull any punches when critiquing VeryVery. So, to get answers, I did a deep dive into the materials used, the design, and the overall functionality of the diapers. From the softness of the materials to the eco-friendliness of the production process, I assessed every inch of VeryVery to give the most comprehensive breakdown possible.

Material & Construction

Right out of the package, VeryVery diapers are notably softer than many competitors, even leading brands. From what I can tell, this is due to their use of ultra-soft cotton and pulp from FSC-certified forests. While they do contain the minimum amount of plastic required for 12-hour absorbency, VeryVery claims this plastic is nontoxic and sourced from recycled plastic bags.

Despite this dedication to sustainable sourcing and softness, VeryVery's diapers are surprisingly durable, with secure closures and elasticated leg and waist areas. This meant that even when my baby was especially active, the diapers stayed secure for as long as I needed them to.

Material & Construction

Absorbency & Leak Protection

I know a number of parents would never consider buying daytime diapers from a company if they couldn't also buy nighttime versions, too, and VeryVery lacks a dedicated "overnight" diaper. Still, VeryVery diapers performed well, regardless of when I used them.

From what I can tell, this is due to the company's more substantial, ultra-absorbent core that keeps moisture away, ensuring your baby remains drier for longer and making diaper rash less likely. Also, these features meant fewer diaper changes and a less full diaper pail throughout the day (and night), which saves a significant amount of time.

Comfort & Fit

Despite their slightly more substantial design, VeryVery diapers fit snugly for the size I tried, avoiding the gaps and sagging that are common with other disposable diapers. Even better, I believe my little one fidgeted less with these diapers than with others, which tells me that they're as comfortable as they look.

Sustainability & Environmental Impact

Beyond its diaper design and quality, VeryVery is committed to providing an eco-friendly product. Not only are these diapers made from sustainably sourced, non-GMO cotton and biodegradable pulp, but they're produced using renewable energy and contain significantly less plastic than big-name brands. Plus, VeryVery's packaging is primarily paper-based, further reducing their environmental impact.

Special Features

VeryVery diapers are free from fragrances, lotions, chlorine, and latex, making them an excellent hypoallergenic option for babies with more sensitive skin. This, plus the diapers' breathable design for better air circulation, makes them an especially great option during warmer months.

Price & Value

Like other premium diapers, VeryVery typically has a higher price per diaper than mass-produced options, such as Kirkland diapers. Still, in return for this higher price point, VeryVery offers better quality, comfort, and eco-friendliness than you'd find in a budget option.

Additionally, customers can buy directly from the manufacturer's website with guaranteed free shipping and convenient home-delivery options for single packs or larger orders.

Customer Feedback

Despite the fact that they're a relatively new company, the response to VeryVery diapers from parents and caregivers has been positive. Most commonly, reviews highlight the diapers' high-quality materials, excellent absorbency, and eco-friendly approach to disposable diapers. Many commented that VeryVery's products were the next best thing to cloth diapering when it came to environmental protection.

VeryVery vs. Other Brands

Choosing the right diaper brand can be overwhelming for parents, which is why our editorial team took the time to evaluate VeryVery and some of its competitors and then assign simple, numeric values in several important categories.



Honest Company



Absorbency and Leak Protection





Comfort and Fit










Appearance and Durability










Total Score






During The Health Board’s testing process, we compared VeryVery's product to Honest diapers (another premium option), Pampers Swaddlers, and Kirkland Signature diapers. Our results showed that VeryVery and Honest Company were pretty neck and neck, and both premium brands outperformed the store brand diapers in every category except price.


Why Trust The Health Board

At The Health Board, we're fully committed to providing fact-based research and real, reliable answers about baby products and services. By combining the skills and experience of our market experts, researchers, staff writers, and dedicated parents who understand the importance of making informed decisions for a child's well-being, we dive deep into everything we write about.

No matter what product we review, our recommendations are based on thorough research, expert opinions, and real-world testing. Finally, we understand how important it is to have sources you can trust when it comes to your and your baby's health, and we strive to uphold that trust by ensuring that our reviews are as transparent as they are thorough.

Our Methodology

Each product undergoes a rigorous testing process designed to get the real facts you need to make a decision. Here's a breakdown of how we approached the VeryVery diapers review:

  • Extensive Research: Before diving into a product, our team conducts extensive background research into the company, including its founders, values, and market reputation.
  • Hands-on Testing: We don't just rely on what's on paper. Our team tests the product in real-world scenarios to verify its performance, comfort, and reliability.
  • Expert Consultations: For more technical questions, we may consult pediatricians, dermatologists, and other relevant experts to understand the health and safety implications of the product.
  • Feedback from Real Parents: While technical expertise is important, we also gather feedback from parents who've used the product. This lets us better understand a product's pros, cons, and any issues we may have overlooked.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment: We evaluate the product's environmental footprint, understanding its sustainability and eco-friendliness. To broaden our understanding and provide a well-rounded view, we also took a look at other editorial VeryVery diaper reviews and mom perspectives. These reviews affirm many of our observations regarding the quality and environmental consciousness of VeryVery diapers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do VeryVery disposable diapers cost? 

A trial pack of VeryVery diapers is priced at $15.00 USD. The number of diapers in each pack varies by size. For instance, size 1 contains 36 diapers per pack, while size 5 contains 24 diapers per pack. They also offer pack options such as 1 pack (5-day supply), 3 packs (two-week supply), and 6 packs (one-month supply). 

What sizes are VeryVery diapers available in? 

VeryVery diapers come in five sizes, and these are slightly different from the industry standard:

  • Size 1: <11 lbs (36 per pack)
  • Size 2: 6-13 lbs (34 per pack)
  • Size 3: 13-22 lbs (30 per pack)
  • Size 4: 18-31 lbs (26 per pack)
  • Size 5: 24-37 lbs (24 per pack)

Where can I purchase VeryVery diapers? 

VeryVery diapers are available online through the company’s official website.

What makes VeryVery diapers skin-friendly? 

VeryVery hypoallergenic diapers are specifically designed for babies with sensitive skin, are gently bleached without chlorine, and don't include any perfume, lotion, dyes, or natural latex.

How do VeryVery diapers contribute to sustainability? 

VeryVery diapers are produced using renewable energies and are made from recycled plastic bags and 70% natural materials like FSC-certified pulp.

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