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What Are Home Remedies for Food Poisoning?

Combat food poisoning with gentle home remedies like staying hydrated, sipping on ginger tea, or nibbling on plain crackers. Rest is crucial, as is avoiding heavy, fatty foods. For a visual guide to soothing your system, our article offers vivid imagery. Wondering which remedies might work best for you? Continue exploring our insights for a path to recovery.
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

Hardly anyone ever anticipates a bout of food poisoning, since the meal itself may look, smell and taste perfectly fine at the time. It's only a few hours or days after ingesting a contaminated food that the worst of the symptoms may appear - vomiting, severe headache, diarrhea, fatigue, gastric distress and the like. In rare cases, serious food poisoning agents such as salmonella, E. coli or botulism can cause severe medical problems for the elderly, young children, or those with compromised immune systems. It is vitally important to treat symptoms of food poisoning as soon as they appear.

One home remedy for suspected food poisoning is complete bedrest. Many cases of food poisoning are caused by parasites or bacteria, which enter the body by the thousands or millions immediately after one ingests contaminated food. As a defense mechanism, your body should begin to send out antibodies to combat the invasion. All of this takes time, however, so victims of food poisoning need to minimize other activities in order to allow the body to heal itself. If you suspect food poisoning, consult a physician for prescription antibiotics and remain in bed for several days.

Crackers help settle the stomach.
Crackers help settle the stomach.

For many food poisoning sufferers, the symptoms can be harder to handle than the disease itself. Bouts of vomiting, for example, should be followed by rounds of fluid replenishment. The body's natural electrolytes need to be replaced, so victims may want to consume sports drinks or fortified bottled waters. Popsicles and frozen juice bars may also help food poisoning patients to remain hydrated between meals. The effects of vomiting can also be soothed with over-the-counter liquid medications designed to coat the throat and esophagus. Antacid tablets may provide some relief, but they can also slow down the stomach's natural recovery process.

Antacids may slow recovery from food poisoning.
Antacids may slow recovery from food poisoning.

Feelings of nausea can be treated by limiting the victim's diet to clear liquids and soups until the food poisoning event has passed. Some find that saltine crackers or slices of fresh bread can also calm waves of nausea. A room's temperature may also need to be adjusted for maximum comfort, since excessive heat or cold may trigger nausea. Stress can often make nausea worse, so victims may benefit from soothing music and pleasant conversations with visitors.

Powder for a sports drink, which can be used to replace electrolytes.
Powder for a sports drink, which can be used to replace electrolytes.

One of the hallmarks of many food poisoning incidents is chronic diarrhea and bloating. The ingested chemicals, parasites or bacteria often wreak havoc on a victim's entire digestive tract. Normal digestion becomes virtually impossible as the body's fluid levels and bloodstream change to attack the invading organisms. As the bacteria or parasites die off, they often leave acidic or gaseous wastes in their wake. In cases of moderate to severe food poisoning, victims may begin to wonder if they will ever recover their normal digestive function.

Bottled water can be used to rehydrate.
Bottled water can be used to rehydrate.

Home treatments for diarrhea and bloating should include over-the-counter medications specifically formulated for severe symptoms, meaning 'maximum strength' dosages. The organisms responsible for most food poisoning incidents tend to draw moisture from surrounding tissues into the intestines. This excess fluid prevents the normal formation of solid body wastes. Medications for diarrhea contain ingredients designed to restore the proper balance of fluids in the digestive tract. Until this balance is restored over time, victims should stay hydrated as much as possible.

A slice of fresh bread can help calm nausea.
A slice of fresh bread can help calm nausea.

Possibly the most effective home remedy for food poisoning is prevention. Always keep foods protected from insects and exposure to chemicals. Never use the same cutting board for raw and cooked foods. Keep foods wrapped and refrigerated when not being served immediately. Make sure meats are cooked thoroughly before serving.

Only hire licensed caterers to provide food on a large scale. Always discard spoiled foods, or foods which smell, taste or look noticeably different from other batches. Many incidents of food poisoning are not caused by contaminated foods, but through human mishandling or neglect.

What are the Main Causes of Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning can occur if actors within the food supply chain incorrectly complete any of the following steps:

  • Preparation, handling, and storage of food.
  • Handling of raw meat, poultry, and seafood.
  • Processing of dairy products, eggs, and other foods.
  • Transportation of food from source to the retailer.
  • How retailers handle food before it reaches the consumer.

There are many causes of food poisoning, including; viruses, bacteria, parasites, and chemicals. 


Bacteria are single-celled organisms that thrive in warm, moist environments. Some bacteria types cause food poisoning when growing in foods like meat and poultry, which are then eaten without proper cooking or stored at high temperatures. 

Some bacteria cause disease from person to person through contaminated food or water sources.


Parasites are tiny animals that live inside larger animals or humans and feed off their blood or other body fluids. 

Some parasites cause infection when entering the human body through the mouth and digestive system and growing inside the intestines or stomach lining

Other parasites may be carried into the human body by undercooked meat or seafood.


Feelings of nausea from food poisoning can be treated by limiting the individual's diet to clear liquids and soups.
Feelings of nausea from food poisoning can be treated by limiting the individual's diet to clear liquids and soups.

You can find viruses in almost any type of food and drink. They only cause illness in humans if they enter the body through eating or drinking contaminated food or water or by coming into contact with infected people or animals such as farm animals. Examples include Norovirus, Hepatitis A, and Rotavirus, which causes diarrhea.

How do Chemicals Cause Food Poisoning?

Some of the most common toxic chemicals that cause food poisoning are:

Chemicals used in food packaging can leach out of the packaging and onto the food.

Frozen juice bars can help people stay hydrated if they are overcoming food poisoning.
Frozen juice bars can help people stay hydrated if they are overcoming food poisoning.

Heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, can get into your food from the groundwater used to irrigate crops or from contaminated fish. Mercury is especially dangerous because it builds up in your body over time, causing health problems even if eaten in small amounts.

Pesticides that farmers protect their crops with can contaminate foods. 

Best Ways to Avoid Food Poisoning

The best way to avoid food poisoning is to follow these simple rules:

Always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food and after handling raw meat, poultry, seafood, or eggs. Use soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Dry hands thoroughly with a clean paper towel or air dryer.

Clean kitchen surfaces, utensils, and worktops regularly, especially after preparing raw meat or poultry.

Keep raw foods separate from cooked foods at all times.

Don't prepare food for others when you are ill.

Cook meats thoroughly, especially chicken and ground meats such as hamburger patties, sausage, and meatballs.

Don't cross-contaminate foods. For example, don't chop chicken on the same cutting board where you chop other foods like vegetables.

Don't drink pasteurized milk or eat soft cheeses made from unpasteurized milk. They're more likely to contain harmful bacteria than other dairy products.

Keep hot foods hot (60°C), keep cold foods cold (4°C), and refrigerate leftovers within two hours of cooking them. If you don't plan to eat them within two hours after cooking them, freeze them.

Food Poisoning Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Food Poisoning?

The elderly may experience severe headaches as well as other serious complications of food poisoning that should be attended to by a physician.
The elderly may experience severe headaches as well as other serious complications of food poisoning that should be attended to by a physician.

Recovery time varies depending on the type of bacteria causing the illness and how many people are affected. Most cases of people with mild food poisoning recover within 24 hours. However, some infections may last longer (up to two weeks), which, in rare cases, can cause serious complications requiring hospitalization.

What Are the Symptoms of Food Poisoning?

Symptoms of food poisoning include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and fever. You may also have headaches and muscle aches. You may feel weak or tired for several days after recovering, especially if you have been vomiting for a long time.

How Can I Tell Whether I Have Food Poisoning or a Stomach Virus? 

Food poisoning and a stomach virus are two different conditions. Symptoms of food poisoning are more severe and show up within 12 to 24 hours. Stomach viruses usually cause less severe symptoms, which may take up to two days to appear.


Dozens of different organisms can cause food poisoning. One of the best things to avoid food poisoning is to practice safe food handling techniques. Wash fruits and vegetables, cook foods thoroughly, and when in doubt, throw them out. 

When you experience food poisoning, these home remedies do not replace medical advice from a professional doctor. They will help ease some of the symptoms to make you more comfortable and give the body a chance to fight off infection.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular TheHealthBoard contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular TheHealthBoard contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Discussion Comments


I went to a community potluck and am feeling like crap. To complicate matters I have Crohn's disease and have an illestomy. I feel like crap. I live in a remote place and can only get in and out by small plane. Since it's Christmas Eve there are no nurses here and no plane service for three days. I'm going to try some apple cider vinegar and water. If that doesn't work, I will ask the old man to pick me some traditional medicines to try.


I stupidly went to a Jack-N-the-Box for a late breakfast Sunday morning/afternoon and less than six hours later, started having abdominal pains that felt like someone or something was lighting matches and scratching the inside of my stomach. About 20 minutes later, I took up residency in my bathroom for a full 24 hours releasing (vomiting) everything I had ingested that day, until the next morning when I began to discard my natural fluids then bile and some seaweed substance.

Having had food poisoning before, I begged my husband to take me to the hospital (I'm well aware of the wonders of the IV and phenagrin), but between his "country folk" mentality and my mother-in-law’s pseudo nursing skills, I remained hostage in my bed for two more days being forced fed Pepto Bismol, Alka Seltzer, saltine crackers and made to drink broths, water, 7up and Gatorade, all of which were thrown up each time.

I was so weak and out of it that I could barely walk the six or seven steps to the bathroom and every time one of them was with me. It truly felt like a lost scene from the "Skeleton Key" and I convinced myself they had it out for me. I even tried to call 911, but was too delirious to unlock my cell phone. How silly was I?

By Tuesday (day 3), my husband gave me the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar combo and after another day of rest, I started to feel a little close to normal again. Now at day number four, I am still a bit fatigued, nauseous and achy, but I'm back at work (partly because my boss doesn't understand the concept of being sick, but if it were a scene from the Skeleton Key, he'd be the guy that would come out to investigate and get hit over the head with a shovel). I really should thank them when I get home.


Drink green tea, take an Excedrin for stomach pain and rest in bed if you can cause you will feel pretty weak.


Two days ago, two friends and I ordered a grilled chicken and jalapeño sandwich from Hardee's. I went to sleep at 11 p.m. and woke up at 5 a.m. with a huge stomachache! It felt like my stomach was on fire and is going to explode in any minute. I changed my sleeping position and tried to sleep more but I couldn't.

I went to the bathroom and there started the worst nightmare of my life. I had a major diarrhea episode, and then the vomiting started. It got so bad that I even had diarrhea while vomiting, and food was coming both ways at the same time. Talk about gross! After I unloaded everything in my guts I went back to sleep, but in 30 minutes or so, I woke up again. I was so tired and weak that I had to go to the hospital.

We have really good health care where I live so the treatment with the IV and the needle in the butt cost almost nothing. In two hours or so I felt like it was time to go home. I stood up and got dressed up but as soon as I walked two inches, I rushed to the nearest trash can and threw the rest of my stomach acids up! I honestly had no clue what was coming out of me. But the worst part of it all was I started another explosive diarrhea episode in my pants and I couldn't stop it, so I took a handful of tissue and shoved it into my pants for it to absorb a little and keep it from leaking. I rushed to pay before leaving, but the problem is I had my money on my car, so I rushed to get it and went back to the reception and paid. And trust me guys: you never know how bad life can hit you until you walk back and forth in a crowded place with pants full of diarrhea! I never thought I would hit such a bottom!

The tragedy continues because I had a flight in two hours. I went home, took a shower and took a cab to the airport. I thought I was going to die the entire time, but thankfully I didn't. I did, however, spend the entire flight puking while sitting in the airplane bathroom toilet. Sigh. That was a true nightmare.

I'm on my third day now and all I have been eating are liquids and yogurt. I drank mostly 7up and green tea. Water tasted awful, honestly. Yogurt tastes good. I'm still recovering and on my way to have my first solid food item. Wish me luck.


Our dentist always prescribes Amoxicillin for toothaches before he sees us. After 24 hours, I take one capsule and then repeat every six hours. Knocks out the bug in two capsules.


My stomach was feeling very unsettled last night, and I was worried it was food poisoning. Couldn't get to sleep (very unusual for me), and felt the same as it did right before food poisoning hit me last time. This time I found this site, saw all of the apple cider vinegar remedies, and decided to try it before anything even started. I tried a half glass of boiling water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and it worked like a charm. Not only did I get right to sleep, but I woke up this morning feeling just fine. The water wasn't even too difficult to get down! Thanks for the tips.


I'm suffering from food poisoning right now from some lunch I had yesterday. I woke up feeling fine, but a couple of hours into my shift at work I had a sudden bout of diarrhea and nausea, followed by intense stomach cramps. I took some over the counter medicine and am now lying in bed.


Last week, I ate some cheese and got sick a couple of days later from it. I had violent throwing up and diarrhea, until there was nothing left of my insides. It subsided after drinking water compulsively but wow, was it painful.


"If you suspect food poisoning, consult a physician for prescription antibiotics and remain in bed for several days."

This seems a bit extreme. Most food poisoning cases are brief, mild and don't require antibiotics (which are overused enough as it is). If symptoms last much more than a day or are unusually severe, then I could definitely understand getting medical attention.


I think I’ve got food poisoning. I woke up today feeling normal. I walked to the bathroom and all of a sudden, felt like I needed to throw up. I ran and made it in time. I threw up a yellow acid-like phlegm, and then started throwing up all of the meat I had last night.

I drank some water and took an antibiotic and had a lie down. I woke up an hour later with tummy cramps and couldn't sleep. I started to shake then felt I needed to poo. I had diarrhea and my gas is really hot. At the same time, I threw up into the sink the same yellowy acid. I’ve been sweating and shaking the whole time.


I'm just getting over a bad case. I ate some clam chowder and about an hour later, started feeling bad. I thought I might be getting the flu.

I started getting really bloated and had a very low grade fever. I threw up everything and kept throwing up bile about every hour. I got some sports drink with no sugar with electrolytes. I had a hard time keeping it down, but small, frequent sips were O.K. Big gulps of liquid weren't so good. Then the cramps began. Bad deal there, as they were the most painful part (especially when combined with bad bloating).

My grandma found out about my condition through my mom and called me with this instruction: Add 1.5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a shot glass and fill it with pickle juice. Shoot it down and don't drink anything for 20 minutes. I was able to get the ACV down thanks to the pickle juice mix. It took about 45 minutes of waiting but I started having relief in my stomach, and no more throwing up. I had lots of pain in my intestinal tract still, but I could feel it ease as the solution made its way through. This home remedy really helped me so I wanted to share it. All in all, it took three days until I was really back on my feet. I did a lot of bed rest during that time and I believe it made a big difference.


Currently recovering from a bout of food poisoning myself. I found the only thing for me to do was wait it out and suck on ice cubes as is was the only way I could take in any fluid without it coming back up.

I'm living off of soup and cranberry juice now and I think it will be a long time before I will ever eat out again. Having suffered from dehydration before, I know how awful it is. I'm pretty sure the IV is the best invention ever!


Reading some of the stories on here makes me feel a little better. It was either some grilled chicken or tilapia that I baked in the oven. Maybe I just didn't bake it long enough or something, because I am pretty sure I have food poisoning. I have had it before and this time there was barely any vomiting with the illness but the diarrhea has been the worst. It seems like every time I take a drink of water, that it makes my stomach cramp up and come right out. Hot flashes and sweats made sleeping only possible about 45 minutes at a time. I took a few freezing cold showers and it helped for a little while, but a little while later. I was just lying in bed and sweating again.

I read a lot about the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. I got one piece of toast down this morning, two small kid size containers of applesauce and a banana. I am still drinking some water here and there and do feel a little better, but for a while I was unsure if I would ever feel right or eat any solid food again.

Is there anything a doctor can do? Do antibiotics even help? I have no insurance so I want to make sure it would actually be worth it to see a doctor.

Thanks so much for any replies and i hope everyone who gets this, gets over it quickly and with less pain than I am having right now.


Sympathies to all who ever have the misfortune to get food poisoning. After reading your accounts, I am sure I have it, too. Day two with rumblings, shaky, weak, and backaches. Don't want to eat, and can hardly drink water.

My husband gave me a teaspoon of sea salt with two shots of vodka, a remedy from an African pastor used to dealing with water-borne illness. It stopped the pain and I slept all day. Today the pain is bearable, but I am not up to doing anything.

When I can stomach it, I'm going to try apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Wish me luck!


I have had food poisoning several times, always when I was traveling and had no opportunity to stay in one place and rest. Once in Switzerland, in Costa Rica, in Fiji, in the Philippines, in Taiwan and once in the good old USA. And, never in Mexico although I travel there a lot. Each time it was with fish, mostly shrimp, but also eel and tuna salad.

No common off the shelf remedies had any effect. I was then prescribed Lomotil and it worked well, sometimes only postponing the problem until I got home, sometimes completely stopping it. Usually one or two pills were all I needed. Lomotil is obtained by prescription in the US but is available over the counter in most countries. I carry a small supply wherever I go now.

I seldom take any drugs but this is a life saver in my travel kit.


I am so glad I ran across this site! I contracted food poisoning four days ago and I'm still recovering. I've suffered all the symptoms here. I thought I would die and don't have medical insurance.

I tried the vinegar, but that made matters worse because of reflux disease. I had three year old antibiotics that I knew wouldn't work, but desperately took them anyway. They didn't work. In my muddled painful misery, I remembered that I'd taken the cat to clinic for gland infection. The cat doctor gave me a bottle of Amoxcil suspension and the remainder was in the fridge from last week. I drank kitty's meds and now I'm feeling much better. Also I'm only eating white rice in a lot of soup, and also drinking cranberry juice. I still have lower back ache pain and weakness walking. I took two oxycodone the second day in to take away my horrible stomach cramps. Terrible sickness!


I got food poisoning from a pizza joint's salad bar. It was the only thing I had eaten that day and I went to bed feeling headache and gassy. I figured the gas was from all the vegetables I had eaten and the headache I reasoned it was close to my PMS.

The next morning I made it to about 10:30 am before I literally had to collapse in bed. I was weak, feeling like I could pass out and then within the hour beginning to have diarrhea. Through the course of the day, I think I vomited 10 times, double the other stuff, had horrible belching, gas and eventually freaked myself out to the point of having a panic attack. Being dehydrated didn't help the overwhelming feeling of dying either. I went to the hospital ER and sat for two hours, throwing up into a blue emesis bag. My hubby said enough and wheeled me out and went to the closest CVS. He treated me with over the counter chewable nausea tablets, Immodom (ms) and tons of orange Powerade.

I think you have to rid your body of everything before it will get better. I was exhausted and sore. I think the stomach cramps were the worst; they hurt more than natural childbirth! I ended up going to the chiropractor three days later, my spine was so out of line from the muscle contractions. It's been six days and I am still sore as heck and eating very carefully. I find that my stomach isn't tolerating much of anything besides salty carbs, like noodle soup or chips. I'm still a bit foggy and going to bed about an hour earlier than usual, so I think it takes your body at least a week to recover after the episode. I hope to never have it again and feel for you all.


I am recovering from a case of the same. I had acute heartburn all night. I tried all antacids, but they didn't seem to help. Now I know too much antacid for food poisoning actually delays the cure.

By morning, I finally couldn't keep it all and vomited and that did relieve the burn a bit. But I had a fever, headache and nausea all day. Finally, my doc advised an anti-bacterial and paracetamol which finally has got me on a normal track after two days. Oddly, I didn't have diarrhea, but constipation.

This is my second time. The first one was when I had an omelet for the first time in a US restaurant. I am a born veggie and have rarely eaten eggs and the one experience has ensured I stayed that way. Again, I had awful chest pain until I got the eggs out. But fortunately it was a much shorter experience of four hours than this time.


In short, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are a cure for food poisoning.

I just started feeling sick with stomach pains and nausea early afternoon today after eating taco bell last night and vomited up bile once. I deduced that food poisoning was my ailment and googled food poisoning cure and stumbled across this forum. Someone's post mentioned lemon juice and apple cider vinegar as a highly effective cure, and sure enough, no more than two hours after ingesting about half a tablespoon of ACV and a decent amount of lime juice out of a shotglass, I was feeling 100 percent once again. Thank God and the Internet!


On Saturday evening my hubby and I went to a local mexican restaurant La Fiesta. We were leaving, and before we could even pull over he had to vomit everything out of his stomach but he was OK. I tried to go to bed around 1 a.m and I just started feeling nauseated, and yeah, every fluid every way came out of me.

He went to sleep and I stayed up all night. I didn't know what it was until he talked to me in morning and said it was food poisoning. This was two nights ago and I haven't kept anything down and I need my seizure meds and bipolar meds.

I'm shaking really bad. Maybe after reading the above I should go to the ER. I've got to puke again.


I have experienced it first time this week and hopefully never again. I've never had indigestion with a need to throw up more than once or twice or diarrhea for up to 48 hours. Some of the symptoms like the nausea, vomiting, liquid diarrhea, high fever 38.5+ made me dizzy and overall extremely physically weak.

I recommend plenty of rest and dry food. The first day I had only white rice and salty biscuits with lots of liquids, vitamin water, menthe or chamomile tea without sugar and cranberry juice. I tried applee cider vinegar with water and couldn't stomach it this time. I also took Imodium twice, but it didn't do much good, and after one lethargic day I decided to start antibiotics which put me on my feet.

I wish everybody going through this an easy recovery!


I am suffering through a bout of food poisoning myself.

I have felt like I'm going to die over the past couple of days, but all of these comments bring me comfort in knowing I'm not alone.

Some spoiled bloomin onion sauce in a contaminated serving cup is what did me in. I'm a competitive lifter and the jerks have un-done at least six months of progress.


Back when I was careless enough to eat Dixy Chicken, I ate a batch of bacteria contaminated chicken.

Within half an hour, I started to experience minor stomach cramps, but I thought nothing of it and went to bed.

Upon waking was when the nightmare began. I had extreme abdominal cramps and constant diarrhea, coupled with high fever and fatigue levels which only began to subside after eight days.

On days three and four, it got so bad that I was unable to sleep because of toilet visits and I began hallucinating.

My flat mates didn't care. At some points I thought I was going to die. I was too weak to even make a phone call.

Had I been able to identify the early symptoms(the stomach cramps) I may have been able to avoid this ordeal by evacuating the stomach or ingesting around 100ml of spirit alcohol. This would have gotten rid of any active bacteria in my stomach before it had the chance to progress in to my lower digestive system.


Last night, I went to bed as usual and felt good as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke at 1 a.m. with a bit of a stomach cramp. I went to the bathroom and threw up a large amount of clear liquid. I then sat on the toilet and explosive waste exploded into the toilet bowel. The bathroom was full of vomit and the smell of human waste. This made me vomit again because of the odor. I slipped in the vomit and hit my head on the bathtub. I came to hours later with my wife screaming at me because of the mess.

The best remedy for food poising is high gravity beer. I feel great after drinking two 24 ounce cans.


I found that plenty of rest and fluids works best. I am just about over a bout of food poisoning and it has taken six days in total from start to finish.


I had red lobster three nights ago. The next morning I almost suffocated from not being able to breathe in between each time I vomited.

I needed diapers because I had random diarrhea spurts that I had no control over. Eventually I was so dehydrated from not being able to keep down water, I had to go to the hospital. People were covering their mouths as I passed them because they were so fearful they would catch what I had.

Thankfully the IV (which took about 15 needle jabs to find a vein) made everything better.

Now I only have stomach cramps, and I haven't gone no. 2 in like a day and a half. Hmm.


A huge trend I've noticed in reading all of these stories (laughing at some of them. They made me feel better at the hilarity, especially the chef one who said that they could have heard the bacteria party in the food. That made my day) is fast food and restaurants causing this, particularly family chains (Rubio's Red Robin, buffets, Chinese/American style places) and fast food joints (Taco Bell, McD's, Burger King, Subway, Sonic etc) and also, it's usually from meat, very few of them were from veggies.

I've had food poisoning only once before. The worst part about it is that often you can't tell the food isn't good because it doesn't smell or taste bad in any kind of way. The first time was horrible. It was my fault though. I accidentally left out some shrimp Thai curry overnight and had it later the next night (it was covered and all, take out in a plastic bowl thing with a lid, never had any problems before that). I felt fine, had a peppermint mocha from Starbucks along with it and about 30 minutes to an hour later, suddenly felt really sick, so I decided to lie down and drink some juice.

I felt too sick to sleep and woke up and forced myself to vomit. This, however, was a bad idea for me, because even though I probably got rid of most of what was causing the issues from my stomach, it started a chain reaction of extreme muscle spasms and caved in aching in my stomach which made me throw up constantly (sometimes coming from both ends). I felt bad that my mom had to take care of me since I was too weak to do anything for myself and often didn't even make it to the toilet two feet away before just losing it completely.

Anyway, I tried to get through it for 18 hours on my own, but the dry heaving just wouldn't stop. I tried to drink water, but I'd never been so thirsty in my life and unfortunately, could not just take small sips, and of course lost all the water moments later. The dry heaving became so continuous that, eventually, I just threw up spit as there was nothing in my stomach anymore. I couldn't sleep because of the pain, but eventually I passed out from pure exhaustion and cold, but as soon as I woke up, hello dry heaves.

My mom asked if she should call the hospital and I refused the first few times, but after the symptoms and pain getting so bad, I cried and begged for it to go away (both embarrassing and depressing). To this day, I felt so bad that my mom was so worried and I'm sure she was exhausted herself after having to watch over me for 18-plus hours with little sleep for either of us. I said just call them. We don't have insurance, but if you're at a point where you could die from total dehydration (which I was, couldn't keep down any water at all to save my life) then you need to go get an IV as it's the only way to rehydrate when you body rejects even the tiniest bit of water. Pain of any kind made it worse too. The instant the lady in the ambulance was finished asking me the mandatory questions and put the IV in, I just lost it and threw up right there. An IV is not fun. That's a big needle, and I hate needles. Despite the pain though, getting direct hydration and the nausea solution they also put in the drip, really, really helped. Within a few hours of three IV's and the nausea medicine, I was discharged and feeling much better. I was weak, but at least the stomach cramping stopped and I wasn't spewing out of any end.

Saltines, pedialyte (not gatorade) and applesauce are your friend during the recovery stages. I was able to eat normally within a few days (man are you hungry after going through all that). It's funny how the mind is a blur too. I had those sticky pad things that go on your wrists and ankles and didn't even know I had them put on me and they were still on me a few days later when I went to a friend's house and he noticed them.

To this day, I cannot eat bell peppers (which were in the curry, which I think was what went bad) but I can eat shrimp and rice, both of which were also in said curry.

This time, I got from ground beef from Safeway that I ordered from online. I'm home alone right now, without a car and the store is a 42-minute walk, which means I'd have to take two or three trips just to get all the groceries I need so I get it online. Unfortunately, because of this, they generally choose the cheap stuff on the shelf that's about to expire (I once got some cheese that was half moldy the moment it arrived at my place. Honestly, how do they not notice that?) I generally have a cast iron stomach, but even the strongest of stomachs are no match for food poisoning; it's one of the worst things to experience.

Anyway, I've just spent the last day and half getting over it and now can never eat ground beef again (which really stinks because that's most of what I have in the fridge right now, due to being on a certain diet). I refused to throw up, for fear I'd end up in the hospital again because of the stomach clenching pain being so extreme to cause dry heaving, and as I said before, I don't have insurance. The last time, because my family is so broke, the hospital had a program poor people can sign up for to take care of emergency care costs, including the $1,000 ambulance ride, but I don't think they have that here at this hospital. So I'm getting through it by sleeping, moving very little, drinking chilled earl grey tea (the water here tastes horrid, so I made tons and tons of tea about for or five days ago) to keep up in fluids.

I've eaten very little, so that might be why I didn't have the runs and was able to resist vomiting, though I sure felt like it many times and did just a little in my mouth when I burped. Burping naturally (not forcing it) feels almost as good as when you vomit, but it's just temporary relief. I can't sleep anymore as I've probably slept a total of 14 hours by now. It's not as bad as it was, but I haven't worked up to eating yet (though food does sound good. I've never wanted saltine crackers and applesauce right now so much, but have no way to get them). I just tried the two tbsp apple cider vinegar and lemon juice combo, which is supposed to take about two hours to work according to what I read here. God, does it burn and made my eyes water, so I hope it works. I don't think I was able to down the whole thing. It burned too much. However, any amount should help at least somewhat.

I may try another half tbsp later if it doesn't help in the next few hours. I still have pretty bad cramps, dizziness, aches and burping. My kitty has been with me the last 21 hours or so. I think she knows something is wrong. She won't leave my side and even follows me into the bathroom when I get up to go change my tampon. I have my period too, so I feel even better with losing a bunch of blood as well; it's just awesome.

Once the stomach cramps go away, I know I'm about two-thirds of the way through this. No matter how mild this crap is, food poisoning is so awful. You ache all over, the stomach cramps make you feel like your gut is caving in, any smells set off a bout of vomiting, it's hard to keep anything down and oh, god, the back aches. Even without vomiting, you get so cold, dehydrated and achy. As many have said before, I don't think I'd wish this on my worst enemy. It's embarrassing, frustrating and makes you feel like crying no matter what age you are (depending on how bad the pain is).

I have never felt so helpless in my life than the first time I got food poisoning. You just wish it would go away and are willing to do almost anything you can to make that wish reality. I hope the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice works. That, or I'll just have to keep waiting it out and try not to throw up. Good luck to all and I wish you a speedy recovery.


What I have found that works very well is to boil water. Once hot, pour into a 8 to 10 oz cup. Add one table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and stir to cool down enough for you to drink. I know it will be hard to drink a hot cup of this while you're feeling terrible, but you will feel so much better in just a couple hours afterwards. You see, the Apple Cider Vinegar works its way down your digestive system and kills off the bacteria quite quickly. If you throw up while drinking this remedy, you will have to retake until you can get this whole cup down. Again, the A.C.V. needs just a couple hours to work.

And always remember to keep hydrated. I also drink Pedialyte or Gatorade to help keep your electrolytes up. There's nothing worse than beings dehydrated while in this condition.


I just realized I had food poising from a curry fish. It's not as bad as most of the posts here, so the reading of these much more nasty situations, made me feel better.


Research Hulda Clark's use of Lugol's iodine for food poisoning, salmonella and giardia. Believe me, it works every time.

My friend went to the hospital for four days, unknown to me, and I vomited once, drove home and took six drops in a half a glass of water and had no more problems. Same thing happened with coworkers and friends on various occasions.


These stories make me laugh. Just getting over food poisoning. On Tuesday at 1 p.m., I bought some lamb and rice from a halal street vendor outside my college and about three hours later felt some seriously painful cramps. Went home early from class and stopped by my job just to puke in the bathroom around 5 p.m. I had really, really severe stomach pain and puking until about 4 p.m. the next day. Thought I was fine after that, ate some macaroni and cheese (never do this!) and woke up at 2 a.m. to severe cramps and vomiting.

I fell asleep finally at 9:30 a.m., and didn't go to work or school. It's now Friday and the bloating is still there, as is the pain (albeit not as severe as before) and I'm wondering when it will go away.

I found that if I couldn't throw up, taking two tums and ginger ale helped to mix up the juices enough to vomit and make you feel better at least for a little while. Hope everyone who reads this feels better soon!


I am lying here in bed laughing at some of the graphic yet funny responses, which is not helping my cause. Today I watched a Brian Cox documentary on volcanoes and my stomach was rumbling in unison with the video footage. Then later while on the toilet, I heard what I could have sworn was whale song.

I had a subway on Thursday evening and had to duck out of evening class two hours later to get sick. Went home and took some Alka Seltzer and straight away got sick again, could hardly sleep all night, but sure enough, like a hero, I braved work. Thankfully I didn't get sick at work, but I must have went to the toilet with diarrhea about 10 times.

Then I went to the doctor who told me to take some over the counter electrolyte powders in water, some paracetamol for the brutal headache, go to bed and ride it out. Unfortunately, the diarrhea is the really watery kind, but I do feel nausea, so hopefully getting sick might make me feel a little better later.

If you're reading this, you're probably going through the same thing, so good luck and stay hydrated.


I'm a natural hygienist, and when symptoms of food poisoning occurred, I went into rest mode with as much sleep as I could do for two days. Excess gas would wake me up to vomit acidic yellow bile for at least two days and I had diarrhea.

I am finally well enough to go to the library. The excess gas is abating and I reasonably expect I won't suddenly barf on floor.

Natural hygienists don't take drugs. But lemon juice I'll try. I must have lost five pounds here. Lovely late summer day I missed.


I think it all started with a chicken. I will never eat it again. This all started Saturday lunch time. My whole body hurt and I thought I might be coming down with the flu, but boy was I wrong. That night I had never suffered chills and sweats quite like it.

By Sunday morning I was in the bathroom every hour, but the cramps would come first so luckily, I was never caught off guard. This went on all day: chills and sweats again Sunday night on the toilet every hour. I could not make it to work Monday, but I felt a little better during the day and ate some toast. At least I'm not being sick so it stayed down. It came out the other end though. Monday night exactly the same as the night before I had to change the bedding because the sweats were so bad.

It is now Wednesday night and the cramps are not as frequent -- about once an hour. The chills seem to have gone. I'm on the toilet after every bout of cramps and am breathless but it is probably because I have not eaten a meal for five days. I've got three kids, so sleeping during the day is a no go. I am hoping tonight will be easier. My sympathy goes out to all of you. I would not wish this on anyone.


@anon210186: In general, whatever will stay down is what you should eat. You probably shouldn't try to eat too much the first 24 hours. Instead, focus on staying hydrated with something like Pedialyte, since it has less sugar, or G2, which is the low-sugar version of Gatorade.

When you feel like you might want something to eat, start with something like clear broth or Jell-O. If that stays down, then move on to crackers or dry toast. Your first solid food might be something like chicken noodle soup or mashed potatoes with a little salt for seasoning. Personally, I'm a big believer in ginger ale, chicken soup and crackers for most stomach ailments.


what should you eat if you got food posioning.


First time I've ever had food poisoning! Last night had a good old piss-up with mates and a BBQ. Everything was fine, woke up the next morning at about 9 a.m. with a mild hangover, you know, the ones that make you think they are not so bad, but as the day progresses it gets worse! Went to the fridge as I was quite peckish and had a mouthful of potato salad. I felt a tickle in my throat and coughed. It was a wet cough and I felt I was going to vomit. I ran to the toilet and vomited so much I couldn't breathe, and Jimi Hendrix immediately sprang to mind. After that I still felt quite ill land then had some diarrhea.

I felt incredibly ill as I now had food poisoning, a hangover which wasn't getting any better, since I was dehydrating further with the vomiting and diarrhea and my IBS was going through the roof. I just wanted to die. I lay down for a few hours, but did not sleep though my stomach was going too berserk. My friends eventually told me the potato salad had been in the fridge for a week. Needless to say, I'll never raid anyone's fridge again.

I am feeling better. It's 9:30, but still feel like I've just come out of war. I reckon an early night tonight should just about cure the food poisoning and the hangover.


My little sister doesn't realize that there is such a thing as food poisoning. I've been poisoned numerous times. This time it's salmonella from raw chicken left in the fridge with our water filtering container that doesn't seal, vomiting, diarrhea, pain from straining cracked ribs. I took a shot of tequila and I'm feeling a little bit better, except for waves of nausea and I don't know from which one.


Ate Subway on Sunday night at around 7:30 pm as I needed food to get over a hangover suffered all of Sunday. Ham in the sub looked funny but I didn't think too much of it. Had two bites that night then put the rest in the fridge for the next day. Woke up the next day to my stomach feeling odd and making strange sounds so took the day off work and went to the doctor to explain what I thought was liver disease. Got prescribed with Imodgen (or something along those lines) went home, took two and ate the rest of the sub. Bad mistake! Had nasty runs for the rest of Monday. I thought sleep would fix it and I was starting to feel better so I had peas, corn, beans, curly fries and a fish finger for dinner but that obviously didn't help.

I woke up on Tuesday to horrible pains in my abdomen so I took another day off work and slept pretty much the whole day at one point I stood up to go to the toilet and almost fainted then once on the toilet felt a horrible fever come on plus nausea felt better after getting whatever was in my body out. Ate yogurt and downed a yakult which seemed to help then later had frozen berries a kiwi fruit and mango nectar.

Before bed on Tuesday night stayed on the toilet for an hour as stomach pains would not go. Woke up today (Wednesday) having to take another day off but I'm going back to the doctor to get antibiotics hopefully! Wish me luck.


Hmm, four eggs, with a can of tuna, cooked in a microwave?

You're lucky you didn't blow your colon out of your body with that concoction. No wonder you spent time on the toilet. Next time, stick to ramen noodles.


I am still feeling terrible! On Thursday, I scrambled four eggs in the microwave and mixed with a tin of tuna and a bit of mayo for lunch. By Thursday evening, I was feeling weak, feverish and had a horrid headache. I started having a few loose bowel movements and the symptoms continued into Friday. By Friday evening, I was hitting the white pan with some regularity (every one and a half hours), but no vomiting. The fevers eventually stopped on Saturday evening (just in time to 'enjoy' the Haye/Klitschko fight), but the cramps and loose movements are just as regular as I write this on a Sunday afternoon. The stool is mucous like with a light red tinge.

I have no real appetite, but am eating dry toast and drinking diaralyte supplemented with immodium pills. Really do want this to go soon as I only get the weekends with my family before I'm off away from home for the week. Anyone know of any do-it-yourself remedies?


I am recovering from food poisoning right now, after eating at rubio's their famous shrimp taco. Oh, my gosh. Within half an hour I was throwing up, and after two hours I was home cramping, throwing up and having diarrhea. What a horrible feeling.

I started drinking pedialyte which immediately kept me hydrated. I remained in bed, sleeping, for a whole day the day after.

I am back to work today eating white rice for breakfast and dry toast and of course, drinking pedialyte. I'm still feeling weak, but am slowly recovering. I hope you keep away from fast food, especially shrimp. I know I will.


I think I'm getting over my food poisoning. About 10 p.m. thursday night, me and a couple friends had gone to a Chinese restaurant. Everything seemed fine, but by 5 a.m. friday morning I woke up with terrible pain, it felt like every muscle in my body was sore. About an hour later I threw up just about everything in my stomach. I felt better for a few hours and tried to get some sleep, but couldn't, and eventually threw up the little water I had managed to down.

I spent the whole day in bed wishing this would go away and throwing up anything I attempted to drink. I fell asleep for a few hours friday night but was feeling much better saturday. So much better that come saturday night I even had a slice of pizza that seemed to be fine -- until morning.

I woke up today feeling like garbage and spent every 10-20 minutes on the toilet. Eventually I did start to feel better and had some soup that has stayed down. If I'm not feeling much better tomorrow I do plan on going to the hospital to see what they can do for me. I wish you all a speedy recovery! This stinks and I just hope it ends soon.


Thanks for all the posts. I am in Thailand suffering from what must be food poisoning after reading all the comments. Not the place to have the 'runs' with the squat toilets. I'm in agony with the stomach cramps. I have never had children but guess this must be as bad as labor pains. I will try flat coke and whiskey. At least it might knock me out if it doesn't kill the bacteria. Thanks for helping me raise a smile while feeling this awful.


I have never been this sick in my life! I would rather be in needless labor pains, than experience this again. Horrible! Here is a breakdown of my symptoms:

Day 1: Ate steak that was left out at a BBQ, and not reheated properly. Thirty minutes later I was nauseated. About two hours later, I threw up. Vomiting lasted all night. Diarrhea was mild.

Day 2: Vomiting and diarrhea stopped at 10 a.m. New symptoms of fever (101), chills, headache and extreme exhaustion. I was able to keep water down at this point, and nibbled on applesauce with saltine crackers. Slept majority of the day.

Day 3: I broke my fever (sweating all night long). Chills were gone. The only remaining symptoms were headache, and exhaustion. No vomiting or diarrhea. I ate more applesauce, and managed to eat a few bites of soup.

Day 4: Which is today. I still feel extremely tired. My stomach was a little queasy this morning, but I think it was from hunger. I got on the scale this morning which put me at three pounds lost. My stomach looks caved in, and my face is a sight for sore eyes. I hope this clears up in the next couple days because my 11 year old is tired of taking care of the younger siblings!


For anyone experiencing the symptoms of food poisoning, please use this treatment to get some much needed rest and to stop the diarrhea and cramps. Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar straight. You can also mix with juice to get it down or add lemon juice to take off the edge. It will very quickly kill the bacteria that are causing the stomach irritation. Hope this helps anyone with food poisoning problems.


I'm in the process of recovering from the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had. Got it from a salmon patty that I'd had in the freezer for at least a month before thawing it and eating it three nights ago at around 5:30 PM. By 10, I thought I was getting hungry again, so I made a snack; a half hour later, I started feeling really, really hungry again. Then it dawned on me: it wasn't hunger. Uh-oh.

The vomiting started at around 11:30, the diarrhea not long after. Between then and 7:30 AM the next morning, I vomited about six times. I barely slept, as every 20-40 minutes I would have to run to the toilet with an attack of the runs. After the first few attacks, it was all liquid, and I genuinely feared I was going to crap in my bed like Spud in Trainspotting multiple times that night.

After 7:30 a.m., the attacks slowed down, the cramping began to ease, and I was able to get some sleep, but when I finally dragged myself out of bed later that morning, my legs, hips and back ached, and I looked like an extra from Night of the Living Dead (probably stank like one, too). Cold water never tasted so good as it did that morning. That afternoon, after more sleep and a hot shower, I was able to sneak out long enough to get a bottle of ginger ale and some mini powered donuts at the corner store. The donuts went down without much complaint from my stomach, but the ginger ale actually made me bloated.

Since then (it's been exactly three days since it started), I've gotten well enough to get to work, but still feel bloated. Did manage to get a bowl of chili down tonight for dinner, but not without a little discomfort. Any advice on what to do to get rid of the extra bloat would be appreciated (and, yes, I've tried Gas-X). Speedy recovery, everyone!


A word of advice from someone who has been there. I once had severe food poisoning as a young girl. It was coming out both ends, almost at the same time!

My mom gave me a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with a bit of water and no sugar!

From the moment the lemon hit my stomach, I stopped vomiting and the abdominal cramps stopped! To this day, I keep lemons in the fridge all the time. It's a heaven sent life savor for stomach issues. Try it - I'm sure it'll help alleviate your pain, instead of sodas!


just last night i awoke with terrible abdominal pain. I tried to walk to the toilet because i thought i just had to go to the bathroom. I was so lightheaded that i couldn't even stand up. So right there i just lay down for a couple more hours. I finally made it back to bed where i put a heating pad on my stomach and fell back asleep. When i awoke it was worse. I could even get up. Then i threw up. But now i feel fine? will the symptoms start back up again?


I really thought that I had food poisoning before I read some of these entries. Though I don't feel good, I also don't have such severe symptoms as some other people wrote. So I probably just had something that didn't agree with me.

Listen to yourself: If you tell yourself "I probably shouldn't be eating this" or you notice it doesn't look right, then don't eat it. I ate some scrambled eggs today, that I knew I shouldn't have eaten, and ended up having to run to the bathroom a total of 3 times about 3 hours later. Luckily it wasn't worse.

I see that there are a lot of different remedies posted here, and different things will work for different people, so my best advice is to eat/drink whatever your body is telling you to eat. If you crave juice then have juice, if you crave yogurt, then eat yogurt. If you still can't keep anything down, drink water because that will help flush the bacteria and toxins out. Sleep is also important.

Hope that this helps.


I ate some olives from the grocery olive bar after work today. I have been puking since 5. I am lying in bed waiting to feel better. I am afraid to eat anything and I threw the olives and all other food away.


Ate McDonalds (McChicken with fries) 9 p.m. Friday night. By 6:30am woke up with several stomach pains which lead to vomiting. Went back to bed but woke up vomiting almost every 20 minutes or so, then severe diarrhea kicked in and both continued simultaneously until about 4pm - vomiting turned to dry heaving.

I woke up in the middle of the night with abdominal pains.

Got out of bed at around 9 a.m. Saturday; felt very weak - especially in lower back and joints, and light-headed. Tried to take in fluids went back to bed. Saturday. I vomiting and diarrhea gone, but still nausea. Body aches and can't keep down all foods. I'm sticking to toast and water.

I awoke with stomach pains throughout the night again.

Sunday-Tuesday were more bed rest and fluids but feel almost back to normal. Just feel weak.

Fluids, comfy bed with bucket and toilet nearby and a great anti-nausea medication are key to getting past this!


Two days ago I ate a chicken roll brought from a local bakery. At 2 a.m. the very next day, I started with the runs, and by 5 a.m., I was head down in the toilet vomiting. At 9 a.m., I had the worst pain that I ever have had in my life -- "cramps" with cold chills. Throughout the day, I vomited another five times with one finale toilet stop for the runs. By 6 p.m., I was fine, "Yeah I'm going to live," However the following day, I though I'd try macaroni and cheese. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Now I have just finished the runs. Remember everyone: wait until you are really over food poisoning before eating again.


I'm still suffering food poisoning symptoms. The culprit was a pre-packed sandwich bought from a chilled food cabinet. This is my sixth day and the vomiting stopped yesterday, yay, but the stomach cramps and the yellow poo liquid keeps coming.

Yesterday was my first day eating, porridge with applesauce, a very tiny amount. Today I managed to eat six pieces of dry bread spread throughout the day. Obviously my stomach was not impressed as the pain started up again and I feel like I'm back to dying. I've already lost 10 pounds, but I wouldn't recommend this as a diet.


Day 1-4: no throwing up at all, but nonstop diarrhea 56 times in the last three days of watery discharge from consuming tons of liquids. My stomach sounds as if it is in an epic battle to save my life, and lying certain ways almost makes me go the the bathroom in my pants.

i know if i go the hospital they will just give me an IV, but I'm really worried now that I'm approaching day 5 with no improvement.


A couple days ago, my boyfriend decided to take me to Ruby Tuesday. I ordered a medium rare steak (as usual) with mashed potatoes and a sprite. I ate everything on my plate, which is unusual because I've never finished my plate there in the past.

After dinner, my boyfriend and I went back to his house. I started to get that feeling of "Oh, great. I can't move because I ate way too much."

Around 10 p.m., I decided I wanted to go back to my house because I wanted to go to bed. When I got home, I took a shower, and went right to bed. Around 5 a.m., I was woken up by severe stomach pains and thought to myself "Oh, don't worry. I just ate too much." I went to the bathroom immediately after and had the worst runs of my life. I didn't think much of it, so I just went right back to bed.

Only 20 minutes after that, I was back in the bathroom vomiting. Thinking that I was all better, I went back to bed again. But I was up every couple of hours, with either the runs or vomiting, or both. I couldn't even keep a saltine cracker and water down until about 1:30pm. My stomach hurt from dry heaving, and my back hurt so bad that I started to cry.

My mom gave me some 7up, saying that the carbonation would help settle my stomach. Now, the day after my bout of vomiting and runs, my stomach still hurts, but I am keeping down food. I also haven't had a bowel movement since yesterday afternoon.

This has probably been the worst experience of my life. It feels like I've been to hell and back. I wish everyone with food poisoning a quick recovery!


I ate some (dubiously prepared) oysters the night before last, and within an hour later started vomiting and crapping out every scrap of food inside me. My key to getting through this is to drink lots and lots of water, especially just before you throw up because it makes the process less painful on both your stomach muscles and throat.

It let up early in the morning and I slept all next day. I had a solid meal (burrito) for dinner which was a bad idea. I had horrible abdominal pain all night. Make sure you stick to thin soups and crackers for a day or two afterward, even if you feel better - your digestive system might take awhile to kickstart itself again.


A friend and I cooked dinner in my dorm room last night which consisted of Khail, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and butternut squash soup (that was very difficult to think of, ahh.)

About 30 minutes to an hour after eating, i started feeling very nauseated. I hate throwing up, but about 30 min later it started. From 11 p.m.- 7 a.m., i was back and forth to the toilet about three times an hour vomiting at least five times each visit and having horrible diarrhea, worst I've had in my life.

I'm not throwing up anymore but still have diarrhea, my lower back is killing me and i feel very weak and achy. I'm attempting to sip on some coke right now and it's helping! I hope you all get better.


I'm 14. And I ate some bad onions last night. They were in a bag, and one of them had mold in it. I decided to eat one that looked good. But that night my stomach started to hurt. Then I woke up with the morning with really bad stomach pains. I hope it's not food poisoning, because I'm sure I would have puked by now. Should I drink gatorade, and what else should i do?


I ate Mcdonalds yesterday and about seven hours later, i started having diarrhea and severe stomach pains, i went to the bathroom about four times, then after i was done, i fainted for about 20 secs. I was rushed to the hospital,still having a bit of stomach pain. However, right after i puked around three times, i felt much better. I had no more pain in my stomach. They checked me and put fluids into my body, and i was able to go home about two hours later.

So today, I felt that i was feeling much better, i haven't had diarrhea or vomited. I'm still drinking a lot of fluids, and not eating much, but i feel that I'm recovering. I'm still not 100 percent better. I think it was food poisoning, but then again, it only lasted around 10 hours, so it could've been a small virus.


Sounds like I just got the lightest, easiest bout of food poisoning ever. I spent about 2 hours in excruciating pain from gassy cramps, but I could not manage to pass anything at all beyond a couple of meager burps.

Eventually I started burping, then I was improved enough that I could stand up and force myself to do some jumping jacks to stir things around. After that a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of orange juice emptied me out: severe diarrhea for an hour or so. Seems like I'm back to mostly normal now.

The cause (I guess): sweet-n-sour chicken and fried rice from an American-style Chinese food joint. It was supposed to be a rare treat for me, but boy did it backfire!


Food poison remedy = Fulvic acid. But there is a lot more to gain from its use. I recommend looking into omica organics, based on my personal experiences. -- superionic


It seems lower back pain is typical of symptoms with food poisoning. I had cheese and hard Italian bread in a restaurant with my friend and as I ate the cheese, there seemed to be no problem, but after having 5 bites of the bread, something tasted noticeably nasty as I was in the middle of a swallow, I felt funny spitting into a napkin while dining out in front of people. One half hour later only, I had the most severe stomach cramp ever! Later the runs for three days. It is the fourth day and I still have the stomach cramps a little.

I have been eating acidophilus yogurt every day and drinking hot honey lemon water. I do not even bother to add a herb tea, that's how much I do not want to eat. So, my advice is, if you are in a restaurant, spit it out. you do not want to go through this for four or five days.


Ate at my favorite sushi place and ordered the Alaska Salmon roll. I've never gotten sick from sushi, and especially from this place as they have always had top notch sushi in a clean environment. It was probably about five hours later that my stomach started growling like a summer thunderstorm which quickly lead to horrible diarrhea (at least three times an hour for the next 10 hours).

At 5:30 in the morning, my body reached the conclusion that it just wasn't getting rid of the bad fish fast enough, and I began vomiting (like the Exorcist) until it became wretched dry heaving.

For the love of God, I have never had food poisoning like this before in my life and, three days later, the nausea has subsided for the most part, though not entirely. My body still aches, particularly in my joints and muscles. I've just been eating pro-biotic yogurt because it's the only thing that doesn't make me nauseous from the smell and doesn't give me diarrhea.

Does the weakness ever go away? I'm still quite weak, as if I had the flu. I've also been drinking lots of water.


Just spent the most hellish night of my life dealing with food poisoning.

Ate two slices of pizza from a Price Chopper, and something set off alarms in my head when I saw the guy who served my pizza used the same gloved hand to take my money and break change.

Anyway, I slept fine that night but woke up in the morning to the smell of my coffee brewing and it sent me over. Spent from 10AM Tuesday morning till 7AM Wednesday spewing from both ends. I must weigh 20 lbs lighter now.

Just ventured out to get some pedialyte and Coca-Cola. The only saving moments were the ten minutes after getting off the toilet and crawling back into bed soaked and shaking. Only to wake up 15 to 30 minutes later and do it again. Worst part was around midnight to 5 a.m. I had the worst lower back pain of my life. I think it had to do with dry heaving so much and busting up the muscles.


On Day three, feeling better. Still nauseated and having diarrhea.

After eating the Wholefoods soup bar potato leek soup for lunch, I felt bloated and cramping that night.

Next morning (Day 1), the vomiting and the diarrhea started and continued throughout the day.

Day 2, the chills stopped but my stomach was still churning. I ate vegetable barley soup. It must have been too much for my digestive system because, a few hours later, my stomach went insane with cramping and gas.

Day 3, it's all about the Gatorade, Pepto Bismol and saltine crackers. Please end soon!


I went to an event with buffet style food with my husband. On the way home, about an hour after eating, I felt sick. I ran in and threw up. I threw up about every 20 minutes from 8pm to 5am. It started at the other end around 2am. I did not eat much, but the food was prepared by culinary students. I feel sure I am not the only person sick today.

I decided not to go to the ER and just wait it out. I did ask my husband to take me at one point, but he reminded me that they would just keep me and give me an IV. This has been the worst sickness I have ever had, I would not wish this on anyone! I found that even now, 12 hours later, I still feel sick but have not thrown up. The worst part was the lower back pain. One my stomach settled, I was so tired from not sleeping but my back hurt so bad that I can't sleep. Hope anyone suffering through this gets through it fast.


Gatorade took electrolytes out of their formula years ago, and is basically just sugar water. Their more expensive G2 has electrolytes, though. Pedialyte has electrolytes and is sold for kids, but it does wonders for rehydration. Just avoid the unflavored kind.


This is my second time dealing with food poisoning. The first time I think it was because I ate some soup from a plastic bowl that was in my sink for a day or so with water in it. I rinsed it out and used it to heat the soup. That was a bad idea! I'm still not 100 percent sure that was the cause, but it's my best guess.

About four hours later i had diarrhea nonstop for hours and awful pains in my stomach. I went to ER and i was asked if I had thrown up and as it happens after i reached the er i did throw up there. They admitted me and put me on a journey with an iv for about six hours. I began feeling better and was released but for at least a day after I had loose bowel movements.

The second time it was more subtle so I'm not sure what it was that caused it. but the symptoms are the same but milder. I am not able to induce vomiting but the diarrhea is nonstop! I will try some of the remedies I see here.


My husband has just returned from the U.K. from a business trip, and while there, went out for dinner with clients. (he had eaten steak tartar - raw mince) The next morning he was flat out with both vomiting and diarrhea and body chills and aches. (why am I not surprised?) Anyway, I made him go to the doctor and of course he received medication.

But still the symptoms seemed to persist, so I made him some toast with bovril and two cups of chamomile tea, and he is feeling much better. Nothing worse then a sick man in your house. best to get him better as soon as possible!


I went to a friend's birthday dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant last night.

I felt fine the whole evening, and it wasn't until this morning that the eggy burps and cramps made an appearance. I went to work anyway, but an hour and a half later I had to force myself to vomit and eventually decided to head home. Then the diarrhea started.

I've had campylobacter in the past (it lasted about a week), but this bets that experience hands down.

I've almost stopped dry retching very time I burp (they're still eggy), but the diarrhea is beyond horrible.

The pain is now an ache, and I've kept down two pieces of toast so far, however, I have decided to just stick to water and ice blocks for the rest of the evening.

I just want it to stop.


I had a fast food burger one evening and felt hungry a few hours later. Pigged out and went to sleep. The next day I felt fine until the evening when I felt bloated. Had a large soft bowel movement in the middle of the night followed by runny stool in morning. Extreme chills later in the morning with horrific lower back pain.

Stayed in bed most of next two days. Drank water with some Gatorade. Half and half. Too much sugar will not be kind to you with this problem. Eat plain white rice, chicken and bananas. Apple sauce is sugary. Avoid food odors if possible. Try Citrucel to guide your system back to norm. It has fiber which should not irritate.


Bad fries from a local restaurant for me. I ate them with a burger around 6 p.m. The following morning at 3:15 that feverish, "omigosh I'm sick feeling set in." I chose the wrong end to plant over the toilet, tossed the liner out of our plastic wastebasket and puked the fries.

The following day I felt horribly feverish (my lower back killed me) and nauseous. I was too ill to even get up and fix myself anything, so I stayed in bed all day. My hips hurt from lying on them all day. My mom suggested mint, chamomile tea with ginger. (I have powdered form). I drank it and I was able to go without rushing to the bathroom longer. I consumed only liquid foods.

At midnight that night I puked again and immediately felt every so much better. Nausea is gone along with fever and body aching. I'm on day four my stomach still gurgles and I continue with the diarrhea.

Doing what I can to stay hydrated and waiting it out. I didn't think of taking Gatorade or acidophilus (and I have both). I think I'm going to make a list and keep it handy. When you're so sick it's hard to even think at all much less logically about what to do. Speedy recovery!


My friend thought she had food poisoning after eating chinese food on three different occasions. She had severe stomach pain, chills and fatigue.

After her third visit to the emergency room, one of the doctors told her she has bad reactions to MSG-food preservative. She no longer eats at restaurants that use MSG. Hope this helps anyone that may have a negative reaction to MSG.


I've broken a wrist, and have had a nail in the foot in my lifetime but this by far takes the cake. I normally don't eat much fast food and most likely after this incident will avoid to do so like the plague.

I had worked a long day and had stopped for dinner at Burger King, about an hour after eating it, my stomach bloated up and I got awful cramps up in my ribs, then the chills happened. So I had decided to go to bed. The next morning I had such an awful taste in my mouth and no sooner vomited, about 10 minutes after the diarrhea started nonstop. My stomach bloated out and basically wouldn't shut up all day.

So I had heard lemon water can help the bowels, and I drank some lemon water and herbal tea (no sugar/honey), and the vomiting stopped, also it cut back on some of the bloating. Also, I drank Gatorade throughout the day, along with eating plain soup and saltine crackers, along with rest / no stress (this helped a lot). My body still was "flushing" out the toxins and the (water) diarrhea continued, but little remedies brought some relief, calmed down some of the bloating, and kept the weakness feeling away.

It takes time for the body to flush everything out, but for severe cases I'd advise seeing a doctor. I'm still very angry and only on day two. But it's an absolute shame nothing is "fresh" anymore or is tampered/neglected, considering it can cause serious illness/death. Best of luck to anyone who unfortunately meets this hidden misery.


Last night I arrived home already feeling sick to my stomach because of sad news that a friend shared about her health.

When the cramps and diarrhea started, I quickly realized something other than sympathy was at work. Luckily I immediately assumed that I had eaten something that did not agree with my digestion and knew that the culprit must have been the $2 Tuesday lunch special orange chicken Chinese bowl!

I felt lightheaded and like I would faint. I have low blood pressure anyway so I thought to force myself to vomit the bad food in my stomach. Thank God I did! From reading all of these comments, force yourself to vomit the food. It will help the symptoms subside faster. I threw up five times.

I've had the worst bout of diarrhea in my life and all through the night. I felt so weak this morning that I had to stay home from the office and sleep most of the day.

It is now exactly the same time as last night when it all started. I didn't feel like drinking anything but a friend suggested drinkable yogurt and it made me feel better. It was a large two quart bottle that I drank throughout last night and today. I should have drunk more water but I've probably had only two bottles of water since it started.

I have an iron-clad stomach, always have, but this has been the worst food poisoning I've ever experienced and I have committed to eat better food from this day forward. I am eating a sandwich now and drinking grapefruit juice and feel confident! good luck to all Choose what you eat carefully


I'm from Gurgaon, india. oh my god. Never want it back.

Had a celebration lunch at the office, along with my fiancee.

The same evening i was sick, irritated, burping and went to bed. At about 2 a.m., I woke up with bad stomach pain with bloating. I used the washroom six times from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. My god. I was literally in tears.

Went to the emergency room. I got three injections meant for nausea and acid in the stomach. I took pills and woke up 12:30 in the afternoon. I felt better, only to realize that my fiancee was stricken by the same thing. She had vomiting.

We went to a bigger hospital and the doc said that the line of treatment was same (as i showed him my prescription that i got last night).

Drink lots of fluids like coconut water, electrolytes. Hhappy recovery!


Has anyone ever had food poison from venison? The worse part is the awful taste in my mouth. It tastes like I just ate garbage. I tried gargling, brushing my teeth, mints. However the taste keeps coming back. It has been four days. No throwing up or the runs anymore but the taste is awful.


Okay so I went to a party/cookout Saturday night. I had a grilled pork chop that my brother made and some spanish rice that I made probably around 11 p.m.

I hardly ever drink alcohol but I had a babysitter for the entire night and a designated driver so I figured what the hell and indulged. Had a good time at the party and headed home around 1 a.m., got home around 2 a.m hit the shower and then the bed by 3 a.m. I was up at 3:30 a.m with a pain in my gut that would not subside no matter what.

Then I felt nauseous and the first thing I thought was oh, I must have drank too much. The diarrhea started followed by the vomiting and soon I too had it coming from both ends simultaneously. It was horrible and my fiancée was dumbfounded!

After showering four more times, I realized the best decision would to be to just stay seated on the toilette and hold a trashcan very near. This went on through the night. I hesitated when he asked me to go to the hospital because I felt embarrassed that drinking a bottle of wine and six shots could do this to me so I refused.

However, 14 hours later when I was running to the bathroom about 10 times a hour from diarrhea and still puking every once in a while, I gave in and packed paper towels, baby wipes, trash bags and a bucket in the car with me and allowed him to usher me to the E.R. It was like my stomach knew I was amongst specialists and let it rip! I could barely catch my breath in between throwing up.

After getting my info they started me on an I.V drip and gave me medicine for vomiting, diarrhea, and pain, but it just took the edge off of the pain, slowed the diarrhea and had hardly no affect on the vomiting. I soon felt as though I was going to die all because I decided to drink.

I stayed there in the hospital for about 26 hours. They told me then that it was food poisoning and not alcohol rejection which I was sure it was. So my question then for them was, okay so what medicine do I take for that? Well as you already know and I soon learned there is no medicine. I stayed there for another two bags of fluids and by time I was discharged, I was only running to the bathroom three or four times a hour and had only puked twice in the prior eight hours.

They sent me home with a prescription of three antibiotics for my stomach and a list of what not to do/eat until I was better. Today is Thursday, I still have diarrhea and feel very nauseous but have not thrown up in over 25 hours now.

I don't feel as tired anymore. I feel more angry and a little bored more than anything. I haven't been to work all week and still do not want to eat anything but have picked at saltine crackers and plain white toast. I have lost eight pounds and force myself to sip on ginger ale or bottled water. The thing that bothers me the most is all the bubbling and rumbling that is going on in my tummy! It is driving me crazy.

So last night my fiancée called his Mom who lives in Honduras and told her this horror story and she asked well is she drinking Chamomile tea and he said oh no. She said well she has to drink that to help her feel better, so he went out and bought a box and she said not to make it too sweet because sugar isn't good for such a sick body but to make it to my liking so that I can sip on it throughout the day.

So I drank some and it really works. I am sipping on some right now. My stomach is hardly rumbling and I swear the diarrhea is better too. Now I still feel like crap unfortunately but my stomach definitely feels better and hardly no more bubbly rumbling either.

Well I hope you all feel better! This is something I will never I mean ever forget! I hope that the chamomile tea works for you as it did for me if not better! Get well soon as I hope I too shall! Happy Holidays! Oh, and please be more cautious of what you are eating and drinking! --Julie of Maryland


My food poisoning incident was caused by Sonic's BLT. Within a few hours after eating that nasty, soggy food I began to feel really bloated and nauseous. Woke up the next morning with severe diarrhea. Had diarrhea nearly 30 times in one day.

There was really no point to get off the toilet because I had to go right back every time I left the bathroom. I had severe chills every five minutes like clockwork. So tired and weak.

It is day three now and I am still tired and nasty feeling. I felt good for two hours this morning and whatever this crap is fooled me. I started feeling really bad after the two hours ended. I can't even do laundry. How long can this stuff last?


I had mild KFC poisoning. i think it was due to underheated food. Thanks for that bit of advice and home remedies. i induced my vomiting the moment i suspected it, and fully emptied my stomach of undigested crap. I have tried burned toast, crushed pineapple, cider vinegar, garlic chives, coke (i live on it) all within an hour and all stayed down until five minutes ago. What came up was burned toast mash etc., which i induced and made sure i fully evacuated my gut.

It was not pleasant, but i am feeling very well now. i wonder if eating that toast did as was mentioned, trap the main toxins and brought them out faster than waiting for it to go through me.

My heart goes out to seriously ill folk because this was mild. But I'm old enough to know the symptoms of something nasty. Make yourself ill as soon as you are unsure. Rough, but it seems to have worked. Bless you. Hope this helps.


I am recovering from food poisoning.

It was either a bad breakfast burrito or shrimp for lunch. I'm guessing shrimp.

Began with pain in stomach and then a cold sweat. Unfortunately at this point I was in the middle of my day, working on a film set. I ran off the set, went outside, started puking violently and then crapped my pants. I slowly walked to the Meijers across the street in my soiled pants, bought a new pair of underwear and made the switch in the bathroom, just before the next wave of nausea hit.

30 miles from home my good friend drove me down the highway, pulling over every few moments so I could puke. Probably the most embarrassing day of my life.

I was sick for 24 hours straight. Feeling better now, but will continue taking it easy.

Toast and broth from chicken noodle soup were first foods to stay down. Pedialyte mixed with flat ginger ale was a life saver. (make ginger ale flat by stirring with spoon until bubbles are gone. my pediatrician recommended this for my one year old when she had severe diarrhea).

My heart goes out to anyone dealing with food poisoning. Stay strong. It will pass.


I had soup that was cooked four days ago. I ate the soup last night. Warmed it up from the fridge. Ate away, then I left it sitting out for 6 hours. Went back to eat it.

Woke up earlier in the day. Feeling weak, dizzy, and fever. A slight urge to throw up. No runs.

I got a strong stomach, managed to get through hockey practice. Drank lots of juice/water, gatorade. And boosted my liver with milk thistle. To help flush out all the bacteria.


I'm at the headache stage. Went through cramps, vomiting and runs. It was brutal! I wouldn't wish food poisoning on anyone!


Wow. the worst experience in my life was I went and got some ham and some other stuff to make a sandwich from the local albertersons.

I'm ill even thinking of it amd I want to be sick. That was around 12 noon on a sat and by 7 o'clock, all I wanted to do was sleep. I went to sleep and woke up feeling chilly and yucky and that when it started and man, from both ends.

I'm throwing up and crapping myself at the same time. this went on all night until I had to go to the store and buy some coke. my body wanted it. I drank the coke, threw up one last time but this one was better than the other ones.

I haven't thrown up again. I just slept all day Sunday until I felt hungry and tried to eat well. I had to eat a Big Mac and more coke.I haven't had to throw up anymore but still feel weak. I'm still sleeping all the time but need to find something to kill the pain i feel all over my body.


When i was about 19 years old, i was at a friends house, and i got hungry and got into his fridge. Lo and behold, there was a delicious looking crab salad sandwich. I asked if it was OK if i ate it, and he said yes so i did. about a half hour later i got the worst feeling in my stomach. it felt as if i was starving to death, like my stomach was empty and very hungry. I went home immediately and started throwing up and having severe diarrhea all night and part of the next day. It was hell.

Come to find out, my friend's mom and boyfriend had gone fishing the day before and brought lunch. The crab salad sandwich was one of the things they did not eat, so it had been sitting in the sun all day. I am 34 now and three days ago i ate some Oscar Meyer Salami that i thought was still good, same thing, that feeling of extreme hunger and actually it felt like i had eaten a pound of fried butter, real rich. about a half hour after that i threw up very bad and started having water diarrhea.

All through the night i would sleep a half hour, wake up, throw up or have diarrhea, or both at the same time. I am on the third day now and i feel better but still am sick. This sucks. To this day i have never eaten crab salad again, now i can add Oscar Mayer Salami to that list.


About two days ago, around lunch, me and some co-workers had Pizza Hut for lunch. I hit the buffet pretty hard considering I hadn't eaten breakfast, so I had quite a bit to eat.

That night, my girlfriend came over. A few hours after she got to my house, I started getting bad cramps in my stomach. I went to the bathroom once or twice and I had a little fever. I assumed I had caught a bug, so I apologized to my girlfriend, and I slept by myself, hoping it would pass over by the morning. I woke up, feeling rather run down still, so I popped some Advil, and rested the day away.

The next day (this morning), I was feeling rather better than I had been, so I figured I'd put it to good use, and I went to get some clothes with my girlfriend. I ate some fries at around 3, and started feeling uneasy a half an hour later. I got home, and went to the bathroom immediately. Between the time I went to the bathroom at 4, and now (8:50), I've been to the bathroom 24 times (Yeah, I counted). It's always yellow/green stool, and I get the most painful stomach cramps. I'm constantly running to the bathroom, and I feel like dying. Not as crazy as the other stories on here, but painful nonetheless.


I was at work yesterday, had noodles and some japanese seaweed chicken and a hot dog. it didn't taste bad, but it wasn't delicious either, but i was hungry and ate it all up anyway.

At 4.30 p.m., i felt a little pain in my stomach but didn't feel the need to go. So i just went to the toilet just in case. I was peeing then suddenly I puked. That was just the beginning. Initially, i thought i was just low on blood sugar that's all. God dang it, i was so wrong.

A few minutes later i started to feel giddy, so i went to the toilet again and this time i barfed like a fountain being placed in front of a toilet bowl. By this time i was really weak. Then came the round of barfing, and another and another after that. i got so weak that i laid myself down in the toilet.

then the diarrhea came again, and again. in total, i vomited 11 times and had watery stool about six times, not counting the four times i had to poo and barf simultaneously. it was horrible.

Right now, i am so weak i couldn't even stand up. My knees hurt and my stomach hurt as well. i had 20 tablets of activated carbon and it still didn't work. I feel like a zombie. I'm going to the doctor after this.


Last night I ate a chicken burrito that was out for a few hours. Reheated it in microwave. when i ate it the taste was not so great but i was starving so ate it anyway, also it was late around 10 p.m.

I went to bed at 1 a.m. as I usually do. I fell asleep at 1:30 and woke up at 2:30 a.m. from a phone call. i had diarrhea once and a little stomach pain but that went away within an hour.

I spent the rest of the morning away trying to sleep but could not sleep whatsoever. i finally managed to fall asleep at 6 in the morning, only to wake up three hours late.

it's morning now and i feel dead. I'm still a kid, by the way.


Got a bug before walking up mount snowdon. I had a swollen stomach, dizziness and general nausea. I was sick several times. My recovery was through sleep, very little food (dry toast) flat coke or charcoal. Old school remedies work. I slept for 18 hours with one small break in between and I'm feeling slightly better 36 hours later.


I felt so sick. I think it was lukewarm macaroni and cheese. I had severe vomiting for 15 hours. The doctor gave me an injection in the bum but it did help to stop the vomiting. it made me sleep all day and is better than taking tablets that you would throw up anyway.

I still can't eat but i am taking electrolytes. Food poisoning is so horrible. It's been 30 hours now and I'm still feeling yuck. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.


OK, so a home remedy for any sickness: try hand reflexology or foot reflexology. Every time I got sick when living at home as a child, my mom would get out the hand and foot chart and massage points on my feet. Yes, I do believe this helps.

For food poisoning, try the pressure points in the center of the palm of your hand, just rub and for head/sinus it's the fingertips. Check out the charts on the net for more info. If anything, it feels good and you relax faster.


Just been through a bout of food poisoning and my symptoms are pretty much as everyone has described. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, nausea, gas, terrible stomach cramps and fever. A friend of mine recommended pineapple as it has the enzyme Bromelain. I cannot tell you what a difference it made. As soon as it hit my stomach, which by the way was the only food my body wanted to eat, I felt it working.

I also had cramping in my intestines and in a few minutes to an hour I also felt it working there. Bromelain kills bacteria very quickly. My pains stopped right there and then. I cannot recommend it enough. Feel so much better today!


I just cooked a burger in the stove, but I'm worried that i didn't cook it properly. it's supposed to go in the microwave but its not working, but it tasted OK.


i just ate honey glazed chicken that sat out all night. will i get food poisoning?


Likewise to all these people. This really stinks big time!

I've had it for three days now, vomiting for one day and diarrhea for all (the only part that won't go away).

It seems meds don't really work at all imodium ha the bacteria said who you think i am? get this crap out of here and i threw up and even when i kept it down it came out the other end.

Anyway, just had to add my two cents to the comments, you know.

Oh, a good way to help is avoid all people that tick you off without being sick. my little sister likes to come into my room uninvited i so wished i would have vomited on her that's how bad i felt, and how much i hated her at the moment.


Once after eating taco bell i went home with a huge headache and i felt nausea. I lay on the bed for two hours and i got up to do homework. I drank a little lemonade and as soon as the sour lemonade touched my mouth i barfed like five times consecutively and i felt so good like 10 minutes after that. Food poisoning?


Last night two hours after eating dinner, which was a piece of frozen Tassal tasmanian salmon which came out of a box. Thought I'd try a different brand than what I usually have, wish I didn't.

My stomach had a churny feeling like it didn't like what it ate then it started feeling painful and crampy, got a massive headache and felt exhausted and it was only 8 p.m.

Went to bed because I felt really gross, had diarrhea every 10 to 20 minutes, couldn't sleep much at all as I was constantly going to the toilet. Felt nauseous and had quite a bit of vomiting. I felt frozen even though I had three thick blankets on, quilted jacket, beanie, gloves, woolly socks and track pants. I normally don't sleep with any clothes even in winter.

I kept drinking from a glass of water whenever I woke up and topped it up a few times. By 6 a.m. I had no more vomiting and only occasionally diarrhea.

Got up and thought I better have breakfast even though my stomach felt really sore still. Tried to eat plain wheat cereal but felt not hungry at all, tried to nibble on it but my body didn't want it at all, just had more fluids, lemon salvital and went back to bed as I felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

At lunch I had some hospital strength sustagen drink and felt a lot better. My body doesn't want food only seems to want fluids, so I'll listen to what it wants.

Just don't eat and try and get plenty of sustaining fluids. I feel a lot better -- nearly as good as new. --



Yes i have had food poisoning and it was horrible because i had these disgusting sulphuric burps that smelt like rotten eggs. I just had to eat nothing for 1-2 days and drink sprite or 7up, but before i had really bad tummy cramps and my mom suggested i eat a banana. i never got around to doing it, but my friend said that she tried it and it worked. Avoid fast foods and sugary foods as this will slow down your recovery time.

i ate a trifle and i got this. i am never eating trifle again. I'm sorry but this sucks! plenty of bed rest is good and lots of fluids! Hope this helps!


I got it from the first meal on a 26 hour flight from Australia to Canada. Not fun.


you are talking about home treatments as "go out and get some over -the-counter this" or "go to your doctor and get the him to prescribe you that." i can't go out of my house because I'll probably throw up on someone's foot! what can i take that might be in my house to make me better?


Got food poisoning from 5 dollar sushi at Vons. Three hours later my friend runs to the bathroom and pukes. I thought she just had it till a few minutes later I nearly collapsed from dizziness. After stumbling into the next stall, well you can figure out what happened.

Next thing I remember is being walked/carried out of the library (we always go there) by the friend who first started having it.

When we got into the parking lot we bumped into another good friend of ours who took us to his car to lie down. I got the chills and started shaking and freezing up. When I finally came to again I called my mom (I'm 16 okay?) to pick us up. By this time it was already after 9 and I was supposed to be home by 7.

When I got home my parents started yelling at me because they thought I had been drinking! I guess it was the smell of vomit that confused them or something because I'm notorious with my friends for being the straight-edge one of the group.


Had it two days ago after eating fish out, indeed it took about three hours to start the stomach cramps so I kept going to the bathroom thinking I needed to go. Was up from 1:30 a.m. Went to the pharmacist and she gave me flagyl 250mg. It worked like a charm, take two three times after meals. But after I came across this page, I couldn't help but laugh. Especially - anon84356.


After reading most comments here i have realized i don't have food poisoning as bad as i thought. I got food poisoning from eating fried chicken from you know who, and this is the second time this has happened. But i am done with chicken!

I started with vomiting for a few hours then fever and chills for a day, and lastly diarrhea. this is my second day with it. It seems i am getting better, very slowly though.


I did not get the vomiting but i did get the chills and shakes with too much diarrhea and cramping stomach. this has been going on for four days. i think i got it from fishing when eating shrimp that sat in the sun, got it in my fingers and was smoking.

The problem that i have is i do not have kidneys and hoping this is not going to hurt me worse then i am already. so far, i've been drinking sports drinks and water and running to the bathroom.

I hope this stops soon it burns like fire every time i go. Preparation H cooling cream seems to help a little, and I take acetaminophen, two every four hours takes away some of the cramps, headaches and pain from your muscles and nerves. Also for cramping, use a heating pad on your back and cover it up. It will warm the whole body, killing the pain. It works with the chills too, and hot showers work great.

I still have not worked out the dizziness and passing out yet -- one problem i am still having. -- Mike


My wife is in the washroom right now with food poisoning from a grocery store deli veggie goat cheese and salami panini sandwich.

It took her about two hours to feel any effects. Started with a yucky feeling in her stomach and progressed on to becoming a cramp like feeling. She felt the need to vomit but nothing would come up. then like 30 min after i got home she started with the vomiting. (guess my ugly mug induced it, lol) then it was coming out both ends. It's been three hours since she's started the double ended ralphing.

I gave her two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water per this remedy page. i hope this works.


Food poisoning-day five. I haven't seen such psychedelic colors coming out of my body since the 60's. Four exits, no waiting. The most toothsome thing I've bitten into has been an ice cube, and even that sent me vaulting to the bathroom like an olympian on steroids.

As a chef for 30 years, I should have been much more cautious when I picked up carry out chicken cacciatore from a restaurant I've patronized for 10 years. I was 40 minutes late due to electric trucks blocking the one exit from my street. Food still hot, but not carrying my thermometer with me, I did not check the temp. Food for sure was in danger zone, under 120 degrees. Maybe if I had held food to my ear I would have heard bacteria having a party that I would soon receive an invitation to.

Sunday a.m., I woke up nauseated, by afternoon the poison train had pulled into the station. Linda Blair had nothing on me (projectile vomiting in the Exorcist for those who don't get the reference). On Sunday evening the other end joined in the festivities.

Yesterday, I went to urgent care-what an oxymoron staffed by morons. Got so disgusted and upset, threw up in the waiting room. Sort of an accident, but hubby thinks more of a statement. Came home, got into RV-a rolling bathroom-and drove 40 minutes to regular doc, who sees me straightaway and tells me no reliable test for most poisoning, recommends gatorade and --as if I don't already feel bad enough -- gives me medicine for nausea, which says on the label may cause headaches, which it did, putting the cherry on the cake of my day, and says rest and fluids.

So today, day five, I've reached a sort of status quo. Have actually kept down-from both ends-half a banana a small amount of roast chicken. By the way, while in the midst of food poisoning, forbid anyone in the house from actually cooking, as usually intoxicating aromas can have serious consequences. Never, ever allow the hubby to make a buffalo chuck roast in the crock pot -- trust me on that!

In the meantime, Canada Dry has just sent me a letter for single handedly raising their stock prices, and Popsicle is naming a new flavor in my honor. Don't know the name, but the color will most probably be green!

O.K., now a serious note. Should you suspect food poisoning, call your health department immediately. Call the establishment you suspect after the health department, give the health dept time to investigate, which they are bidden by law to do, if a place has multiple complaints. Try to isolate yourself as some forms of poisoning are contagious, salmonella comes to mind.

In most cases, even though we think we are dying, we're not. But who hasn't heard of deaths by e-coli and the havoc Norwalk virus can bring to the party?

Those who ignore food safety rules need to be held accountable, and mass outbreaks are becoming more prevalent. It's up to all of us to keep our food safe and our bodies healthy!


OK here are some tips that actually work.

Any time you think you ate something bad and start to feel sick do the following right away!

Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of room temp water. The acetic acid stops many strains of bacteria from reproducing and kills them. Always keep a bottle of it in the house. You can get it at any grocery store it's saved me many times. Once I took it and a friend didn't (we ate the same thing) She was sick for three days. I felt better by morning and ended up going to her place and taking care of her.

Next, if you don't feel better in 30 minutes, take two to four capsules or tablets of activated charcoal made for ingestion. It soaks up the toxins and traps them and then you pass it from your system.

Keep a bottle in your house at all times. You can get it at the health food store or drug store maybe even walmart.

Do not take the charcoal you grill with! That's poison!

If you can't get to the store to get charcoal, burn some toast black and eat it.


My experience is not as severe as some of these cases but I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Anything I eat I throw up, and not to mention the dry heaving.


I am in the midst of food poisoning right now from eating a prime rib sandwich at Red Robin yesterday. It hit about 18 hours later with horrible bouts of diarrhea but no vomiting.

This started at 7 a.m. and it is 2 p.m. and I think things are settling down. I also have a headache, dizziness and cold and hot flashes, as well as very low blood sugar which I almost passed out from.

Ate some applesauce for that and then a piece of toast. Trying to drink water to replace the liquids. Am thinking about calling Red Robin to complain as the sandwich was the only thing I ate yesterday so I know for sure the sandwich was the cause. What a terrible experience!


Just getting over a nasty bit of food poisoning after sleeping for 24 hours straight. Was those damn 7/11 taquitos they they serve you off the grill Ate three jalapeño and one taco one Thursday night. Friday I get to work and next thing I know I'm projectile puking in the bathroom. Tell my boss I've got to take off and puked twice more when I got home.

Passed out for 24 hours and feeling much better today.

Had the typical food poisoning symptoms - excruciating stomach cramps, insane diarrhea and cold spells and shaking. Thank God this is almost over!


Homeopathic activated charcoal works to kill off the bacteria of food poisoning. Just make sure to take it asap and depending on how bad your case is. Try four capsules, wait a couple hours and try four more. It kills the bad bacteria.

You make take it for a few days but make certain to replenish the good bacteria with acidophilus from a supplement or natural yogurt as the charcoal kills some of that as well. This can lead to an intestinal imbalance of the flora. It could lead to more diarrhea if not balanced correctly if you take too much too long.

If you can't get out to the health food store or pharmacy, burn toast black and eat it. Not very tasty but it really does work.


I got food poisoning just two nights ago, still getting over it. Ate bad pizza I think. I could not stop throwing up that first night, even when there was nothing in my stomach to come up. Yesterday was the worst. Diarrhea and vomiting all day, bad chills and headache/lightheaded. I was running a fever, but I am not sure how high.

I could hardly keep even water down and felt like I was going to die, probably the worst I've ever felt. I ended up sleeping last night from 7 p.m. until 9 a.m. today. I was able to eat today (chicken noodle soup and bananas). My stomach pain, vomiting and chills are gone, but I still have a headache, feel really lightheaded and weak, and still have the diarrhea.

Been trying to drink a lot of Gatorade and hopefully by tomorrow I feel better. I thought I'd come on here and share so others know that they are not the only ones that have been through hell with food poisoning.


I drank a lukewarm Slim Fast, followed by an egg and cheese sandwich not long after. Felt really full at first, and didn't think anything of it. I had been to my grandparents' house and they had had a stomach virus, but this didn't set in til over 24 hours after I left their house. N

ext thing I know, I'm getting sick from both ends. After that, I felt pretty good. I drank quite a bit of water afterward, and went to bed. My stomach was still cramping, but I let it go. Three hours later, I rolled over it bed and projectile-vomited so hard and so far it hit the bedroom door across the room. It was pure water, and of course, it came out both ends.

I was shaking, sweating, and cold and hot at the same time. I took a hot shower and made sure that I didn't have a fever. I got out of the tub and was in my robe, when another wave hit me. I made it to my knees in the bathroom because I was shaking so badly I couldn't stand up, and once again, out of both ends it came.

I drifted in and out of consciousness with my head on the edge of the toilet seat. I haven't been sick today, except for a couple of small bouts of diarrhea. I feel okay. I ate some chicken noodle soup and crackers with peanut butter and drank some Gatorade, and so far it's stayed put.

I feel better but my head is about to split open, and I'm assuming that'll go away as my body gets more hydrated. But I'm aching all over and I wish I could take something, but I'll suffer rather than go through another bout of whatever the heck I went through last night.


Worst feeling ever! McDonald's nasty cheese burger gave me 37 hours of hell -- so far.

The severe vomiting stopped after about 18 hours but the stomach cramps and black diarrhea is still here. The body aches are insane too but the stomach cramps were borderline making me suicidal. Damn!

Pretty sad that a multi billion dollar company can't make sure their food is safe.

Anyway, if you have a hot tub, use it! It helped me along with jacuzzi baths but even if you don't have that, try a normal bath. I fell asleep in mine. Other than that, stay hydrated with lots of water even if it makes you puke. Puking is good for this even though it stinks.


I had salmonella from an old christmas chicken in ireland last year. It was the worst feeling ever. it took about eight hours to hit. i was shocked that to see bright green gurgling vomit exploding out of my mouth. practically neon in color.

this was followed by non-stop interchangeable light green vomit and liquid diarrhea. I also had incredible body cramps.

I felt like i was dying with swollen joints, vise-like intestinal spasms and finally, it led to a lung infection. here's how i got over it: first day: sprite and loads of water. trying to flush it out and stay hydrated. i disagree with gatorade until the third day, because it has artificial coloring and flavoring, plus lots of sugar. if you crave electrolytes, go for coconut water. sprite settles the tummy like coke, but without the coloring and caffeine. avoid caffeine. Then use the BRAT diet: banana, rice, apple(sauce), toast. this is what pediatricians prescribe to babies. saltine crackers are fine. avoid dairy.

Get plenty of rest and if you can get your hands on a painkiller or two, that certainly helps with the unbearable cramping, spasms and headaches.

Now i have food poisoning again -- from steak. Again, it began with vibrantly colored vomit (this time it was red). Has been three days, but not nearly as bad as the last time. at least i know how to manage it this time. good luck!


This info was priceless, food poisoning is an unbelievable experience on your body. Thanks to all who shared. To the person who said, get off the dang computer, sorry. The computer helped me greatly.


Here's a food poisoning tip: Do not read all these stories about people vomiting, and all the nasty foods they ate while you have food poisoning. It just makes you feel even more sick.


Funny thing, I'm the only one who got sick!

My family and I ate at a Chinese restaurant. We all had about the same foods, only I went to eat the banana pudding with the so called Chinese donut (fried biscuit from the can). This was 24 hours ago when I ate this food.

Lo and behold, 12 hours ago I was in the bathroom, with pure diarrhea. My stomach felt as though someone tied it in knots. This has continued throughout the day, with the cramping stomach (intestines). I try to lie down to get some rest, then the throwing up occurs, and I'm barely making it into the bathroom on time.

Not only do I have it coming out of my mouth, have to hurry drop my pants, and grab the waste basket, so I can also relieve myself. I still have the cramping intestines, am not able to drink a single drop or smell certain foods, or I go back into the same routine I was in before.

I do know I threw my sides out a few times, so needless to say, at this point my body is not welcoming any types of food or drinks, along with certain smells.

I will never eat at this Chinese place again. The itty bitty banana pudding I scooped into my bowl, must have been tainted, or sat out way too long. I wouldn't wish this on anybody.

Not only do I have this food poisoning, but I've also been battling the flu,(stuffy nose, sore throat, and a horrendous cough) for a few days now.

Wish everybody a full recovery during this difficult time. --Wallace


I thought I was going to die; the dry-heaves and simultaneous diarrhea were relentless. The only break I had was 5-10 minutes after vomiting.

I had the shakes, and couldn't stop moaning. This lasted for six hours straight. The five-minute break after vomiting was so valuable, that I found myself chugging water when my stomach started knotting up again so that I would have something to vomit.

But the really thorough vomiting only came after there was nothing left. I would like to kill the person responsible for this. Now, 16 hours later, I am trying to get some electrolytes back, but I don't have any. This stinks.


I have food poisoning with the customary vomiting and stomach pains but strangely no diarrhea. I contracted it either from an oriental buffet 30 hours earlier or a simple meal of cheese, cabbage, potatoes rice and sardines (tinned) 8 hours earlier. Needless to say, I slept for 24 hours, after which the vomiting subsided but weakness and stomach pain still present. After 5 hours I slept for another 10 hours which now I Feel much better. I was told not to eat for 24 hours which was really easy, drink water, no sugars for the bacteria to feed on and take 1/4 bottle of whiskey (to kill off remainder of bacteria. Since I am tea total I drank a bottle of Diet Coke. I am a lot better but not sure if the Coke contributed. IS there a difference between Diet Coke and normal Coke as a remedy? OH also I drank ginger in hot water.


I am just recovering from a bout of food poisoning caused from bad pork. I have had the flu and many other illnesses and nothing has even come close to the pain I endured; it absolutely floored me. I drank powerade like a mad man throughout the trips to the bathroom and lots of sleep. Two days and I'm just starting to feel semi-normal. good luck! -Adam K


i am still in the process of food poisoning.

i have terrible gas and my stomach feels like it's expanding. i puked about a gallon out and had bad diarrhea at the same time (yeah completely disgusting).

I either had old pizza, or had some bad KFC chicken.

so hang in there and have Gatorade powder. (not gatorade). you can just eat the powder instead of making the drink; it replaces all good minerals back into your body without making you throw up again.

Get better and don't sit bending over, unless you want to puke.


I got food poisoning after eating breakfast at my hotel. I threw up and I never throw up for any reason. I felt nauseous and felt like throwing up. I drank fluids and tried and anti-emetic and threw that up. I just drank water and that worked with sleep.


Don't eat anything that your eight year old daughter prepared at school - not unless you're totally sure about what was put in it, how it was stored, and the cleanliness of her hands when making it. I have just spent two days in bed as a result - no vomiting as such, but very bad nausea, headache, cold sweats and bouts of diarrhea that I thought would never end!


Well I'm not exactly sure if I have food poisoning, but after reading everyone's comments, I think I do.

On Friday I had some chicken, a few hours later I began to fill nauseous. That entire night, I had trouble sleeping because of stomach pains. At 4:38 am, I ran to the bathroom and puked my heart out. Sunday the stomach pains continued. I thought it could be a virus.

Monday, I had to miss school. More stomach pains and nausea. I feel like I still have to puke, but it won't come up. In my sleep I had puked/ burped.

I had diarrhea about three times and my stomach is bloated. Do I have food poisoning?


I drank a mango milkshake last night. Almost five hours later I woke in the middle of the night with heartburn, chills, and nausea. I wasn't sure what was happening to me till my wife said it was probably food poisoning. Turned out she was right.

I puked and have been in and out of the toilet constantly. My joints and muscles were aching. The first 10 hours were horrible. Eating and drinking liquids made me more nauseated but I knew I had to fight through it. Need to get something in your stomach. Here is a neat little trick to calm nausea: find some vicks or tiger balm and mix it in with some water. Inhale it slowly every so often. This actually helps a lot. I've never been in bed so long in my entire life.

Rest up and good luck everyone! Edward C.


Currently getting over a bout of poisoning right now. I'm pretty sure the lettuce in a sandwich I ate yesterday was bad.

The first 10 hours of symptoms were utter hell. I have never felt so sick and vile in my life. Like others here, I considered setting up a pillow/blanket in my bathroom because I was spending more time there than bed.

The symptoms (vomiting/diarrhea) have largely subsided by now (17 hours later) but I'm aching all over and I feel incredibly fatigued.

It is crucial that you drink Gatorade/Powerade because you'll be much worse off if you don't replace your lost electrolytes. I also second the idea found below:

Showers/bathtubs are your best friend. I felt my best when I laid down in my bathtub and let the hot water take its course.


Wow, what a trip I've just had! Ever since eating a concoction I made at home --including canned diced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese that somehow kept clumping (first sign something wasn't right), I spent a day just feeling heavy in my stomach.

At 8 p.m. last night, had terrible bouts of "explosive" diarrhea, probably every 15 minutes or so. Had some dry heaves but nothing else. Fever, sweating, muscle pains and bad cramping. I knew right away what it was.

At midnight, I had severe projectile vomiting, after which the symptoms started to abate.

Didn't call my hubby home from work (he's a nurse) because this was really mild-moderate and nothing he could really do.

However, the symptoms are worse than the poison in this case and I wanted to die!

It eventually stopped and today I am resting. But next time, if something doesn't look or taste right, it probably isn't. Trust your instincts!


My boyfriend ate in a restaurant in late February, along with his aunt and cousin. All three ate different sandwiches and had a severe food poisoning reaction 48 hours later. High fever of 104, cold chills, diarrhea and vomiting. He was unable to care for our four month old and I had to take off work because of it.

I lost $400 in wages and he was unable to go to the hospital because of no insurance. I think someone should sue for negligence due on the restaurant's part that affected many others in the same sense. Any lawyers willing to prosecute?


I had Korean barbecue and I am suffering big time since I dined there last night.

I am pretty sure it was the chicken. My wife didn't have any and she's doing OK. I was vomiting all night, had the chills, heart aches, joint pain, fever, sweating, could not get any sleep.

This morning I have the runs, mild fever, and most of the symptoms from last night except for vomiting. I don't have health insurance and feel that I need to go to the ER but can't afford it. Any advice?


Had food poisoning from Crab Cakes...the nausea started about 20 minutes after followed by cramping. I had to lie down I was feeling so bad - then the vomiting began and then the loose stools - it was so horrible.

Ginger Ale was the best thing - but only small sips. I tried Ginger tea and kind of gulped it and ended up running to the toilet within milla-seconds.

I couldn't sleep and considered making a bed in the bathroom because I was running there so frequently.

The second day was nausea and loose stools. I still cannot eat anything and have only been able to have liquids - which I cannot even manage to keep in properly. I slept a lot on the second day - had a fever and the sweats!

Food poisoning is really horrible - I hope that you're feeling better!!!


I'm thankful for this site for helping me recognize its not a stomach flu. Bad chicken quesadilla at OK Dokeys. I feel like ultimate crapola.

Woke up with heartburn then violent vomiting, then diarrhea, then body aches, now a fever and all the while an evil stabbing in my stomach. Can't keep water down too well but going back to bed now. This is miserable. Thank you for all your advice. -cindy


Have food poisoning right now. I got it from Mel's Diner in Hollywood, CA, and I figure they either used undercooked hamburger in their chili, or they left the ladle in the cooking chili, or a combo of both. No vomiting for me (never been a vomiter) but massive diarrhea.

For the first day I was incredibly weak, on the pot every five minutes and drank water and ginger ale only. Second day, on the pot every 15 minutes, ate soup with saltines for lunch, and had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.

Today is my third day, and I'm thinking it's food poisoning with a little bit of E. Coli. You really just have to wait it out. Get plenty of bed rest, and keep lots of liquids in you. My friend says to go to health food store and buy this stuff called Acidophilus Probiotic. It is supposed to help with ost stomach problems. I'm going to try it.

If you've got what I've got, feel better. You have my condolences.


I can't believe that the fish I ate would kill me. This is my second time suffering the food poisoning in my life history. the reactions are random: body weakness, mass vertigo in the head, stomach ache, and feeling like the gates of hell. The food poisoning reactions are severe, so

I was willing to call 911 this last time. i resisted and went to bed. shut down the cell phone and went to sleep for six hours then i wake up resurrected. thank God for the cross. so control your food fellow citizens. don't take nothing for granted.


all of you that claim you have food poisoning in your posts are crazy! Who would be up on their computer with food poisoning? I was in bed a solid 24 hours except for trips to the toilet. It took 12 hours before it hit me. If you're sick stay off the dang computer please!


Don't eat anything if you can. Drink ginger ale or water. I like ginger ale, Gatorade is OK too. If you have to eat, jello works. Also, say a prayer. it worked for me. Good luck because food poisoning really stinks, but it will be over soon.


Sick since Monday at McDonalds. Need to feel better soon. Finally ate a popsicle and two crackers. So far so good. Just terribly weak and tired of bed rest. Food doesn't even sound good to me.


Apple cider vinegar (undistilled) helped me prevent two cases of poisoning so far. The Ph level of the vinegar kills bacteria.

Just mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into about 8 oz of water (or more water for drinkability). Drink it all asap.

The symptoms of food poisoning were unmistakable (lightheaded, nauseated, weak, and exactly 20 minutes after eating), so i knew what was about to happen.

I don't know how it would work with the full onset of poisoning, but i imagine it would do nothing if it didn't help.


I have food poisoning right now, but I'm looking forward to feeling thinner once this is over with. Maybe ill fit into those old pair of jeans again. Day!


After my first visit to Red Lobster, I was surprisingly impressed. Now after my second visit, I have realized that I was completely wrong. I have been experiencing symptoms of food poisoning for about seven hours straight now, which include a lot of vomiting, extreme nausea, bad diarrhea, body aches, sweating and possibly a fever.

This is actually the first time I have ever had it and I quite honesty feel like dying. This is the worst. I wonder how long it'll take to pass.


My husband and I have been struggling with food poisoning for the last day and a half.

The only thing we ate in common was steak burritos at Chipotle, and our symptoms started within about eight hours after eating. Never, ever again.

I am feeling better now, but not well. This is the sickest I've ever been, constant trips to the toilet, vomiting, some dehydration. Have been drinking a lot of water and some gatorade, and have eaten some toast. Yesterday was a nightmare.


I'm at metro and in pain as i speak. i bought some food from this other shop in town and about an hour later i was feeling queasy. Didn't sleep at all last night because i was constantly rushing to the john. I've taken pain killers and an antibiotic but the pain won't go away. To make matters worse the half banana that i ate this morning has also bade farewell. help. i'm dying!


I believe I had food poisoning about two days ago, I was throwing up and was on the toilet a little, not as much of that, more vomiting. Anyway, I'm still hurting from my stomach. Every time I eat something, my stomach starts hurting. Should I see my doctor about this?


i ate leftover christmas dinner and no one else got sick that ate it except me. i was asleep and then i woke up and vomited all over the place and have felt like crap since then. i have felt like this for the past day. all i can say is drink plenty of water or drink or you have to go to the emergency room to get an iv put in your arm.


Currently dealing with food poisoning from pf chang's. mom got it, too.

Symptoms are: lots of gas, diarrhea, cramping, and small waves of nausea.

So far I've been sick for a couple of days but each day it gets better.

I have found that Gas X works pretty good as well as benadryl (yes, benadryl) for nausea. i also think chamomile tea helps, too. Don't get it mixed with anything, just pure chamomile.


I have just gotten over food poisoning. It took 24 hours to hit my body from the time of digesting the contaminated food and 24 hours to leave my body.

I started to get stomach cramps and feel nauseous. After throwing up every 10 minutes, the diarrhea started. I became so weak that I fainted every time I stood upright. I could not hold water down. I found the most soothing thing was to sit under the water in the shower, or if you have a bath *bonus*.

I slept most of the night, even though my body was waking every 30 minutes to throw up. My stool became loose and by early morning my body was only being subject to really painful diarrhea. The vomiting had stopped, although the nausea didn’t.

By the third day I had taken a sachet of Questran and sucked on two cups of ice cubes.

By lunch the third day I kept down a dry piece of toast and by dinner I had vegemite on toast as my legs were cramping from lack of salt. I found green tea and lemonade diluted, helped with the nausea. Hope this helps.


Situation is all bad! I had mussels at a bar on Thursday and still experiencing it today. From that day on, I've been crapping my brains out! Haven't really experienced the cramps or any pain. But one thing I know: do *not* drink beer or any liquor while you're going through this phase. Keep hydrated. Tonic water helped too.


so my mom left chili out overnight and today i ate some after school but i heated for a minute before i ate it. my mom says i could have food poisoning but i'm not sure. can someone tell me if i have it? i don't feel bad but i'm freaked out!


my husband ate a fast food hamburger this evening. He barely ate 1/2 before he began to have cramps and nausea.

He has now been vomiting with some diarrhea. The advice I've read sounds like it might work, therefore, I will try to get some flat coke down him along with some gatorade. thanks


I got food poisoning from Red Robin, a burger restaurant. I slept the night before yesterday in a lot of discomfort. I thought it was the heat so I got up and the moment I stood up, I knew I was going to puke.

From that moment I kept puking uncontrollably for an hour. Since my stomach was pretty empty, this was particularly the worst feeling in my life, constantly trying to vomit and nothing coming out. I almost passed out! Within an hour, an ambulance came and in the hospital they managed with liquid gravol to stop the nausea.

I also got gravol pills to take. The nausea is gone but I still have really bad diarrhea and stomach pain. So I suggest gravol for vomiting as the first remedy. Buy the one that is taken though the anus since you'll be puking everything anyway.

As for diarrhea and stomach pain, I will try the coca cola trick!


i have food poisoning, but i'm not vomiting. i have had a severe headache and serious diarrhea for the past 24 hours. it's almost twice every hour and i am feeling fatigue and gastric distress.

i've taken pain killers for the pain, however it doesn't help as much. The fever and body aches come back when the meds wear off.

so, i started taking antibiotics: one pill, four time a day. it really helped ease my stomach pain and going to the bathroom.

luckily, i have enough to make it through the thanksgiving holiday. i plan to go get more from my doctor. hope this info can help.


i feel so horrible, I've been vomiting since four p.m. yesterday and haven't stopped. i cannot keep anything down even water is making me nauseous.

i don't know if it's serious enough to go to the doctor. i feel better after vomiting but I'm sweating and feel terribly weak after vomiting, which is making me dread it.

i don't have any ingredients for home remedies that i have been reading except water and cinnamon tea. Ugh. i never want to eat fast food ever ever again. freakin taco bell.


i have very bad symptoms associated with my poisoning. Every time i make a trip to the toilet, my vision becomes blurred. I hate this. half gatorade and half water works well. If you are vomiting everything you touch, try tea; it worked well for my upset and achy stomach.


im also experienceing food poisoning right now. i ate a chicken wrap from KFC and within hours i had horrible stomach cramps. could not sleep all night. i still had to go to work yesterday morning, but my usual 20 minute drive took almost an hour to get there, because i had to pull over several times to throw up. it was the worst feeling ever. worse than morning sickness and child birth. anyway, by the time i got to work, the worst of it kicked in. i could barely stand up, talking was painful, and the toilet was now my best friend. it was so bad, i could not even go home, because i kept going to the bathroom. finally i started to feel a little better. i went home and my roommate went out and got me some ginger ale and a few gatorades, since eating was the last thing on my mind. today i'm feeling much better, the nausea is mostly gone, and the diarrhea has slowed down. but what ever you do, do not take anything such as Immodium AD. you want whatever is in you to pass, and by taking something like that, it'll clog you up, and slow it down, which will then take it longer for you to feel better. i've never been a fan of fast food, but now i know better. so many of these places have young kids working there, and hygiene is not a top priority to them, especially on a friday or saturday night when they already don't want to be there. i will just stick to cooking at home like i always do, and hopefully i will never feel like this again.


I believe I have food poisoning, and this is terrible timing because I'm playing soccer and every time I stand I get a horrible wave of nausea. Luckily the puking is over though, but running a mile won't help that much.


food poisoning is so painful. i am having it right now. like the other person said, i slept for two days most of the time. i felt so crappy, sick, nauseated. I spent many hours on the toilet in pain. I've never given birth, but this felt like giving birth. eventually I vomited, still i had stomach pains the next two days. i hope to never get food poisoning ever again.


Avoid the cookies that your kid made for you or find the best way not to eat them without them knowing if you did not watch the whole process of them making them (especially the washing the hands bit). Then unlike me you will not suffer afterwards :(


Down but not out!!!

im experiencing the symptoms of food poisining as i type this. Its been three days so far and im feeling a bit better. all I've done is rest, drink fluids, rotate soups with a few crackers. On the first day i had no clue what was going on... i had my breakfast like usual then just seconds after I completed my meal it shot out like a projectile. I still went to work not knowing that it was food poisoning. I eat like a hog so while at work i kind of figured something was wrong. i had no appitite. after one more spell i headed home and just slept for hours. when i got up my clothes were all wet and my body temp was high. After speaking with my trusted girlfriend she told me to drink gatorade and rest, then later she mentioned to drink pickle juice or eat a pickle and so i did... needless to say everyone will react to food poisoning differently. now im just sitting on the pot every 5 min (if you know what i mean) lol... but im feeling much better. no more body sweats, fever, neasua but i have slept more in the past two days than the sun was up. If there any doubts you have about your own body make sure you go and visit your physician..... may you recover quickly...


Just drink water when you feel like it.

Rest in bed and just stay calm.

Resist through the nausea feeling.

Be strong, try not to think weak.

I am experiencing it right now.

I feel like crap.

Can't wait till time passes...


I got food poisoning and have it right now. A trick I learned from a UK army sergeant they use on the troops is flat coca cola.

Got to be the original coke-cola not the diet. Pour it back and forth between 2 glasses until it's totally flat, drink about 2 big glasses every hour and then have water and repeat. Within 2-3 hours you will feel a little better.

For some reason the coke kills all the bacteria in your stomach. I can think back to the science class when you put beef or pork in a glass cover with coke and when you come in the next day it's gone. I think the coke dissolves all the meats in your stomach. I can feel it working. Already feel much better.

Do the flat coke as soon as you feel it. Don't add any fuel to the bacteria, coke first then some light foods later.


rjohnson: I agree. Someone once convinced me to take Pepto Bismol when I was experiencing the effects of food poisoning. Shortly thereafter, i felt even more nauseous than I was before I took the thick pink stuff. Eventually, I vomited out the medicine and whatever else I had in my digestive system.

This was my particular experience, so of course, other people's experience might be different. In the end, its probably best just to give up, and wait it out until your body's immune system takes care of the nasties.

If it's really bad, you should probably go to the doctor. I believe that some food poisoning can be quite serious.


In my experience, getting over a bout of food poisoning has been been all about the rest. Ya just gotta rest it out. And, I've found that eating little and drinking things that aren't too sweet is also important. Eating too much food or before you've really recovered can induce even more vomiting. And, drinking too sweet of drinks can do the same.

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    • Crackers help settle the stomach.
      By: Lucian Milasan
      Crackers help settle the stomach.
    • Antacids may slow recovery from food poisoning.
      By: Blue Lemon Photo
      Antacids may slow recovery from food poisoning.
    • Powder for a sports drink, which can be used to replace electrolytes.
      By: Serenethos
      Powder for a sports drink, which can be used to replace electrolytes.
    • Bottled water can be used to rehydrate.
      By: spaxiax
      Bottled water can be used to rehydrate.
    • A slice of fresh bread can help calm nausea.
      By: Maurice Metzger
      A slice of fresh bread can help calm nausea.
    • Feelings of nausea from food poisoning can be treated by limiting the individual's diet to clear liquids and soups.
      By: jedi-master
      Feelings of nausea from food poisoning can be treated by limiting the individual's diet to clear liquids and soups.
    • Frozen juice bars can help people stay hydrated if they are overcoming food poisoning.
      By: lecic
      Frozen juice bars can help people stay hydrated if they are overcoming food poisoning.
    • The elderly may experience severe headaches as well as other serious complications of food poisoning that should be attended to by a physician.
      By: Mikael Damkier
      The elderly may experience severe headaches as well as other serious complications of food poisoning that should be attended to by a physician.