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What are the Benefits of Pomegranate Juice?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Pomegranate juice is often touted for its health benefits because, in some clinical studies, it has been shown to be of significant benefit, especially in the prevention of heart disease. An 8-ounce (236.5 ml) glass can contain about 40% of the US Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C, although many brands available in stores contain little or none because it is destroyed during pasteurization. The juice may also include vitamins A, E, and folic acid, although again this depends on its source.

Further, pomegranate juice has excellent antioxidant properties. It has about three times more antioxidants ounce-for-ounce than does red wine or green tea. Many people also enjoy its rich taste, making it a welcome beverage.

Glass of pomegranate juice.
Glass of pomegranate juice.

Some research has shown that this juice may work as a blood thinner, and it may be an excellent agent for promoting blood flow to the heart. It also has been shown to reduce plaque in the arteries, and to raise “good” levels of cholesterol while helping lower “bad” cholesterol. This preliminary research suggests that the juice may be helpful in preventing heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. Most medical professionals are quick to point out that consuming pomegranate products should be just one aspect of a healthy diet and exercise program. Alone, it would not cure or completely prevent heart disease.

Pomegranate juice has about 3 times more antioxidants ounce-for-ounce than red wine.
Pomegranate juice has about 3 times more antioxidants ounce-for-ounce than red wine.

Some research has also evaluated the antioxidant nature of pomegranate juice and its usefulness in fighting certain forms of cancer. The juice has been tentatively shown to reduce incidence of breast and skin cancer. It has also been tested and shown to slow the growth of prostate cancer in mice.

Another interesting study has evaluated pomegranate juice and osteoarthritis. The juice tends to act as an inhibitor on enzymes responsible for damaging cartilage. These studies applied extract of pomegranate directly onto damaged cartilage, however, and more research would have to examine a cause and effect relationship between oral ingestion and reduction in cartilage deterioration.

Research suggests that pomegranate juice can help treat osteoarthritis.
Research suggests that pomegranate juice can help treat osteoarthritis.

Early studies on pomegranate juice do suggest that it is healthy to drink. The fruit can be quite fun to eat as well. There are many pomegranate juice products available, many quite highly priced because of the health craze surrounding them. It is likely, if continued studies show promising health benefits, that more manufacturers will emerge and help ease prices through competition.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent TheHealthBoard contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent TheHealthBoard contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Discussion Comments


Ate fresh squeezed pomegranates plus the seeds three days in a row. On the fourth and fifth day, everything I ate went right through me. Never again.


The POM company that makes their own pomegranate juice tests on animals. Forget them. Also, their juice is pasteurized. Buy fresh squeezed juice in the refrigerated section, any brand.


I have been suffering with an oral infection and do have a habit of pan chewing with zarda. I am a 43 year old male and I have been diabetic since I was two. Kindly suggest better remedies.


My problem is I like beer too much, so Monday mornings can be a little hung over. I started Pom extract caps 10 days ago and this Monday no hangover and everything feels and is working better!


I drink the Lakewood brand.


As you should do with any herbal or dietary supplement, talk to your doctor about pomegranate juice before you start drinking it regularly as a supplement. Pomegranate juice may cause dangerous side effects when it interacts with certain prescription medications, such as the blood thinner warfarin (Coumadin) and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, including captopril (Capoten), enalapril (Vasotec) and lisinopril (Prinivil, Zestril), and others.


Does this juice have Vitamin A?


I drink the juice of a freshly-squeezed pomegranate every day and every glass is followed by a rush of energy and fitness! Freshly-squeezed (with a large pump-handled squeezer) beats shop-bought every time.


What type and name of machine is good for processing pomegranate juice?


The best way to benefit from pomegranate is to juice them using manual juicers. I have one and have been juicing pomegranate and oranges on a daily basis for six months now.


I just started drinking this myself and feel so much better already. I found a great brand called Ceres - a 100 percent juice blend of pomegranate and lime. It's fantastic and less than half the price of the Pom Juice garbage. Try it!


Any juice you buy in the store is going to be of greatly diminished nutritional value. I highly recommend getting a juicer and making your own. We did that and the difference is amazing and wonderful!

We thought it would be too hard and difficult, but it's not at all; juicing is very easy and even fun to do! Best of all, our health has skyrocketed! Don't buy bottles. Make your own juice and you will be so glad you did.


Look for Langer's brand pomegranate juice - it is a small bottle but it is relatively inexpensive, about $4 a bottle.


Which is the best pom juice to buy an from which store?


I drank one 16 ounce bottle of POM Wonderful, mango flavor. About 90 minutes later, everything rotten within me evacuated in the form of spicy, hot, dark red liquid poo. I barely made it to the toilet in time. The sickness left my body with such speed and pressure, it was like shooting a garden hose into the toilet bowl. The smell was awful.

This occurred again another 90 minutes later and again and again in later and later intervals over the course of four days. I lost five pounds and I feel great! My spot is bleeding and tender however.


Sounds great, and I would like to try it. I am hypertensive and if this can help I will buy it.


Since I have been eating pomegranates, yes the seeds are a bit messy, my hot flashes have diminished and I feel better. Nothing and I mean nothing has helped before. Then I found out that the seeds do indeed contain an estrogen-like substance in them. I like all the other benefits that have been mentioned too.


My name is Zul, and I 'm interested in the pomegranate fruit. We simply know that this fruit is high in antioxidants and found it has been discovered since 8000 years ago by ancient Iranians. Beside all this information, can you tell the therapeutic benefits of pomegranate fruit?


I want to hear more about people having better sex because of POM juice - just that alone makes me want to keep drinking it. I'm only seven days into it, but I will keep it up for at least 30 days and see what happens.


I just started taking four ounces of the 100 percent pure pomegranate juice not from concentrate in the mornings on an empty stomach. Within one hour I had diarrhea, which is an excellent cleanse for me. I know the health benefits and I will continue to take it every morning. The juice is not from concentrate and very bitter to taste but I will continue to take it every morning on an empty stomach.


Is pomegranate juice beneficial for stomach cancer? How much should drink and how often?


I have enjoyed the posts and i figure that that people wouldn't put false testimonies on there, giving other people false hope. So thanks for sharing comments. I'm going to try pom juice for my stomach and skin, and see the outcome and will report back.


Was feeling bad today, that is until I tried pom juice for the first time.


"I am a leading research scientist in the field of free radicals and oxidative stress/damage...."

Full disclosure, please. Do you in any way have financial ties to the pomegranate industry?

"This stuff should be an additive to the drinking water in every city!"

Not if it causes diarrhea for some users. Nor should people be forced to consume it against their will.


i believe that Pomegranate Juice is a very high in Antioxidants, but for this article to say it is very high in vitamin A & C is wrong. I am reading the nutrition facts of my 100 percent Pomegranate juice (Bolthouse Farms) and it states 0 percent for both vitamin A & C for the percent values based on 2,000 calorie diet.


I bought some expensive pom juice and no vitamins were listed, not even c! and with water and pastuerized so not much in it but sugar. Stick to fresh fruit or juice your own. bottled juice is not healthy.


A major university research center (Johns-Hopkins) has just released a study (phase II trial) showing that pomegranate juice can indeed slow down the rise in PSA of advanced prostate cancer patients..The PSA doubling time which measures how fast the cancer is progressing was reduced by two thirds or more.

Some men (13 percent) showed a reduction in their PSA number. Whether the cancer was being reduced or just the PSA number had not been determined. Regardless, this finding is a significant breakthrough in the fight against prostate cancer. It should be noted that a major pomegranate producer, Pom Wonderful, funded the study.


for comment 105. pomegranate juice is a natural blood thinner so if you take it with an aspirin (also a blood thinner) it's no wonder you had a horrible nose bleed! Always be careful when starting any medication or even new foods when you are on medications. Foods can interact with medications and cause adverse side effects!


I like to take one pomegranate,everything but the outer rind, one cup of cranberries, put it into a Vitamix with a little honey, or stevia, and blend it up. I doubt there is a drink much better for you.


Pomegranates are talked about an awful lot in the Holy Bible. No doubt Jesus drank this wonder juice and if it's good enough for Jesus, it's sure good enough for me. i love this stuff. it's said that you only need 8 oz. a day. i drink mine as soon as i get out of bed. no diarrhea. eat your last meal around 7 p.m., no later than 8:00, stay up a couple of hours before turning in, then on awakening in the morning, hit the pom juice. God bless all.


Pomegranate is good to increase sexual arousal and increase in sperm count.


I just started drinking my first cup today!


I am 46 and have had high blood pressure for the last seven years. my doctor told me if i didn't take the meds she prescribed i would have a stroke or kidney failure. well today my blood pressure was 150/101 so I bought this pom juice and drank 4 oz. i feel good so hopefully in a few days it will drop. I'll keep you posted.


it's good and i feel good but i got the runs, but that could be from anything.


Pomegranate is in season now, and I drink half a pint every day of freshly prepared pure pomegranate juice. could it be too much?


I just know the juice tastes great!


I drunk and ate pomegranate and i felt very good.


I used to ache all over. i started drinking a 6-8ounce glass of this juice and all the pains are gone. i buy the whole fruit and press the juice out of them. i always drink fresh natural juice and feel great. it really works for me.


I drank POM juice and I turned into Superman! Stuff is amazing!


I started drinking a cup of pomegranate juice a day, along with my long term daily aspirin about four weeks ago.

This last weekend I was admitted to hospital for 48 hours to sort out an unstoppable, serious nose bleed. The barbaric methods I had to endure are not for the faint hearted. Please nobody drink this evil stuff!


This juice really works. i had really high bp for six months. On taking this for a week when i went for my monthly check up, I was told my bp was normal. Yes it makes you go to the loo but well worth it. Will have my juice forever. Can't believe the results. brilliant.


Some one told me that pomegranate juice, a glass a day, will help reduce the waistline - any truth to that? Also, if you take a blood thinner medication can you still drink pomegranate juice?


I have had the worst diarrhea I have ever experienced after drinking some of that Pom juice! I never suffer with stomach upsets but have not been able to control it! Surely this can't be good for me.


i have been suffering from Osteo and Rhumatoid arthritis for the last 14 years, and recently i started taking pomegranate juice 250-300 ml/day. Now i am feeling very fresh and less pain, no stiff muscles and no inflammation.


is pomegranate juice good for period pains?


I am from Little Mountain in Qld and have been taking the Pom Juice for about two weeks, 250ml in the morning on an empty stomach. I feel fantastic and have not had the runs, and now my husband is taking it. But so expensive, and hard to get. does anybody know where to get it on the Sunshine Coast? Lou Lou


I have used this pomegranate juice and i have increased the resistance power of my body. --anurag s.


Good comments. Useful. My mom many years ago told me about the benefits of this juice, but at my young age, didn't pay much attention to the health benefits, just liked the taste. Now, 50 years later, I like the health side more then the taste, kind of weird. Right on! # 52.


My husband has been diagnosed with prostate cancer he has diabetes as well. I told him to take pomegranate juice, his sugar level has come down, and he told his cancer doctor and she said pomegranate juice is very good indeed for you.

Pomegranate juice is very good for your heart and tests show it can keep cancer cells down.

I think it has many qualities that maybe have not been recognized as yet! I am taking it every day and I was feeling so very ill with stomach problems. I tried everything and nothing worked but when I took pomegranate juice after a few days I could not believe the results. I feel back to normal.

I feel scared inside because I still cannot believe that drinking pomegranate juice could have this effect so quickly. I cannot promise you it will work for you, but all I can say is try it because it certainly has done me a power of good and my husband.

I told my friend who suffers from stomach and chest pains and he said his chest pains have gone and his stomach bloating has gone down and he is so happy with the results. he said he cannot believe the difference it has made to him. Honestly, please try it for yourself. It's fantastic with no side effects!


I had a bad pain in my chest and bloated stomach because of a hiatal hernia. I have taken 100 percent pomegranate juice and it has taken the pain away and the bloated stomach away.

I am all for natural cures because pills may help in one way but they can give you some nasty side effects which can do more harm than good. Erythromycin made me so ill, I would never, ever take that again. I shall drink pomegranate juice every day now and I highly recommend it!


I tried my first glass of pom juice (concentrate) tonight around 7:30 p.m., simply because I love the taste of the fruit (which I've only ever tried twice just recently). I had no idea about the benefits until I did a search on the stuff after a bout of the runs I've just experienced! I was worried I was getting sick or something, then remembered my glass of pom juice and got curious! It honestly felt like I had taken a laxative or something! It was over and done with pretty quickly but my tummy is still feeling a bit off -- nice and flat, though!

After reading all the comments I'm excited to keep drinking it for the other health benefits! I'll try pushing through the tummy pains! Hopefully this is something that eases in time.


oxi-7 also uses pomegranate in their product.


If you didn't know that pom juice is a good laxative then you shouldn't complain about getting the runs. don't try to drop pounds by drinking it because that is just stupid and unhealthy. slim down the right way and get some exercise. A simple pom juice gave me a bad bathroom effect will do.


the reason it gave you the runs so bad probably has to do with a previously horrendous diet if i had to venture a guess. that's good. it means that it was working so why wouldn't you drink it again?


Oh goodness, my poor toilet can't take all this diarrhea anymore. It's been 12 hours since I had it and I am just losing weight like crazy by fully cleansing my intestines. I won't drink it again.


I am a leading research scientist in the field of free radicals and oxidative stress/damage. The scientific evidence that pomegranate juice significantly reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease (and other diseases) is rock solid!

Moreover, in human studies with coronary artery and carotid artery disease, one 8 ounce of pomegranate juice just didn't prevent the advancement of the disease, it reversed plaque thickness. Nothing else, not even statins, does that! I faithfully drink one ounce of concentrated pomegranate juice (Naturally Pomegranate) every day, which is the equivalent of eating 16 pomegranates.

This stuff should be an additive to the drinking water in every city!


is it helpful for kidney stones?


Is pomegranate juice good four blood thinning?


I went in to my local co-op (supermarket) after a good game of football with some friends. ThoughtiIt would be a good idea to get some of this Pomegreat Ruby Pomegranate Juice Drink.

Let me say first that I like to chug my drinks, especially after I've been running around all day in the sun. Ate some dinner and literally thought to myself, 'oh i need to go', so I did. I literally pissed out my arse for 20 minutes, and it was the most disgusting thing ever.

That stuff should have a warning label on it. Further advice: drink water, don't go all fancy. I made that mistake and I paid. God knows why I'm posting this on the internet, but it just really caught me by surprise, and I thought I'd share my experience. Hope you're not about to eat. happy days.


There is too much hype about POM juice. I recently discovered a Pomegranate Juice not from concentrate and it also includes Vitamin A and C (read your labels people). It is called Georgia's Natural and it comes in a glass bottle. I'm definitely buying it again.


Reading all these comments it is like getting absolutely no answer. I think the juice affects different people differently. What I recommend is doing whatever you do in moderation. Vary whatever you eat and drink.


I am from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, and I have been taking 200ml of pomegranate juice daily, for about three months.

My cholesterol levels have been lowered and I no longer have to apply my eczema cream which I have done daily for 32 years. All I can do is highly recommend the use of pomegranate juice. I will have it every day for the rest of my life! No ill effects for me!


What a great post.


I take 8oz of POM with my morning meds. I buy mine at Costco. $10 for a 80 fl oz bottle of concentrate. I am a heart patient and a trainer friend of mine suggested it. I feel great, but I can really tell the difference when I run out. Next month is my check up looking for lower triglycerides and would like to get off the meds altogether. Try it you will like it.


There is a juice that has 9 supper fruits- includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin and glucosamine. This product is wonderful. Helps skin and joint problems.


i'm a visitor to auckland NZ at the moment and found that Mecca Souq is having a clearance of 100 percent pom juice for $0.99 a bottle (1.5litre) because they are almost out of date. i bought keeps and i'm sure will drink them before time is up -- delicious!

i don't know if the shop name is spelled correctly. It's about a suburb from New Lynn and it expires in april 2010 next month.


i have brought this canned pom juice. can anyone tell me if it's good enough for health? Please help.


It is elixir. It works wonders on skin and makes one look pinker than before.


Excellent "detox" product! Perhaps, the most powerful one.


ironically as I'm reading this, i just got done with my pom juice (flavored pomegranate mango... amazing flavor!). why does it say on the back "vitamin A- 0 percent and vitamin C- 0 percent". anyway, nevertheless i plan on drinking these things every day, and pooping more so i can lose some weight! woohoo


I ate one seeds and all, but didn't like the texture. This evening, I skinned one, separated the seeds from the pulp, and put them in a blender for about 45 seconds. Then I filtered the puree in with an (unbleached - to reduce chlorine waste to the environment) coffee filter in a drip funnel.

Got about half a glass of juice, and had to carefully squeeze what was left while holding the pulp in. It was delicious on ice. It even tastes healthy (has a bit of a dry wine taste, no doubt the same class of compounds). We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Next project is resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed.


Been taking pom juice now for five days. Results seen - my blood pressure is dropping. I take one glass +/-8oz every morning before breakfast.


Does anyone know if pomegranate juice has a goodly amount of Vit. K that would interfere with taking a blood thinner?


Eating plant foods will drastically reduce your cholesterol. Want to know why? Because there is zero cholesterol in plant foods! So naturally, if you are someone who eats animal-based saturated fats, your cholesterol is going to be high.

All you have to do is incorporate more and more plant foods into your diet and viola! no more high cholesterol!


maybe the immense diarrhea was a cleansing effect for me. =/ but i wouldn't use it to cure IBS or diarrhea, seeing that it has this effect on me and others.


I ate half of a ripe pomegranate last night for the 1st time. It was delicious, but a little hard to figure out how to eat it at first.

My friend with me does not like to eat the seeds but I find it easier to chomp em down (they're good). But hours later I suffered from gas, and then at 7 a.m. I had diarrhea, a little stomach pain and nausea.


i have crohns disease. can i drink pom juice?


Pom juice is a powerful laxative for me. For that reason, I have to avoid it. But, if you need that effect, go for it!


I drink about three parts pom juice with one part OJ and the OJ takes the bitterness completely out of the pom juice. It ends up tasting like a smoothie. Enjoy.


Pomegranate Juice gave me extremely painful IBS. drink it if you dare. It doesn't taste nice anyway. I would rather drink kiwi fruit juice, which has amazing health benefits.


I drank apple & eve "pomegranate w/cranberry." true on the cleansing effect, skin and bowels.


Had E.D at age 53, been drinking 4-8 ounces a day of 100 percent pomegranate juice for over a year now and I'm having great sex several times a week and no need for ED drugs.

Stopped taking meds for my cholesterol and numbers are normal now, from a high of 280, they dropped to 170. If you are a guy looking to improve your sex life, drink pomegranate juice daily. You will see for yourself and your wife or significant other will notice -- really.


Hi I'm 27 and I have pain and pressure on my knees. does pomegranate juice have any effects on this problem?


Had some black currant and pomegranate juice and had quite the episode of diarrhea.


Pomegranate juice *is* the cat's meow. I have had trouble for years with shoulder pain while sleeping, irritability and sleeplessness. This is greatly aggravated when I eat sugary and hot/spicy foods, don't get enough sleep, and eat too much. All these things add to inflammation. I started drinking much better (more raw) and much more pomegranate juice than usual, and it was like a gene got turned on (or off). I had a very large dinner of curry and two pieces of chocolate cake and stayed up too late, and I had no problems whatsoever, and no one got screamed at. Wow! It was like almost overnight, like a gene got expressed or turned on or turned off. The Life Extension Magazine has a good article about pomegranate juice and gene expression. I am very excited about pomegranate juice. And a really good thing about it is that the FDA can't screw with it and make it illegal or anything like that.


This is a fantastic juice. I buy concentrate form from Health Food Store. Whenever I felt the need to drink juice I made a glass of it and drink with enjoyment. I mainly drink to avoid heart problems. Folks make a habit of it. You will gain all other benefits. Sanj.


Pomegranate juice is very useful in curing problems like swelling in intestines or stomach.Besides,it is also very useful in IBS(irritable bowel Syndrome). It should be taken on an empty stomach or three hours after meal. On the whole this juice is a great medicine for the people suffering from any stomach disorder (like acidity, flatulence, pain in stomach due to any reason). So, just go ahead and savour this great gift of nature. Regards, Dr. Jones


i drank my first glass of pomegranate today and the taste was OK. all i have noticed so far is it was wet and a little sour, but good. will keep you posted as i drink it. i have high blood pressure, slightly high. so will let you know each week. good stuff people say. joe first time


I forgot to say this in my last post. If you shake the pomegranate juice up in the bottle you purchased it in, it takes some of the bitterness out.


I started drinking pomegranate juice 30 days ago. At first my little acne became a lot of acne but I didn't think it was the juice so I kept drinking. But I noticed my skin everywhere else was looking better and my stomach plus thighs were shrinking. I did go to the bathroom a lot but I have not felt this good since I was a kid.


Drink pomegranate juice everyday for one month. No need for Viagra! I have exprience. And good for colon and prostate.


To #33, with the weird mix of juice, milk, and sugar, I believe that the sugar is the cause of you problems. I'd just drink the juice itself rather than mix it with other things.


My skin is definitely much more glamorous and free from marks and acne since I started drinking pomegranate juice daily.. I usually take 2 poms for my half glass of juice. --Henna Singal


Ive been drinking pom juice for the last month and i've never felt better. My skin is glowing and people have noticed the difference. great stuff.


I'm a heart patient? Will this pomegranate juice help me or not?


can pomegranate juice be safe with medication? are there any side effects or precautions?


I have been drinking pomegranate juice for about a year now and my cholesterol is much higher than it was last year but my blood pressure is lower. So much for cholesterol lowering qualities.


I have been drinking 20 oz of Pomogranate juice everyday for months. Being a 3 time cancer survivor and having had high cholesterol, I felt like drugs were a way of life for me. Not my cholesterol is down and my doctor has taken me off all meds. I feel better and look better. That stuff is awesome.


i usually drink 8 oz of Pomwonderful. tonight i drank 16-20 oz and experienced diarrhea with no other apparent reason for it. i try not to drink it close to bed as it does make me feel like being active.


I live in Queensland Australia. I have arthritis in my hand and knee. I am trying to avoid as many pills, etc as possible. I found the taste terrible for a week or so. Now I have no problem. I feel much more active. the pain is still around but, reduced so much I take medication, maybe twice a week. I had dry, itchy patches on my legs and this is almost gone. I am a born sceptic but I can see results inj ust a couple of weeks. I drink 200mi. per day.rnvm


Pomegranate juice is an excellent blood purifier..i have been drinking this for the past one month..and my skin is glowing like anything..this juice is damn awesome...


hey...from past two weeks i've been taking promogranate juice. I'm doin it myself. I prepare it wit milk and sugar. now my finger tips and my lips are red. But I feel i'm a little costipated and also i'm developing acne.. Can anyone please analyze what's this???


I noticed after three weeks of drinking the pom juice my psorasis has cleared up considerably, my elbows are smooth again! Also I seem to have more energy and my joints aren't as achy as before!


Everyone should drink 8oz of pomegranate juice a day. I take mine in the morning. I think that pomegranate juice and serrapeptase are the two most important non-prescription substances a person can take. Pomegranate juice does everything it is advertised to do. It is backed by solid research and not merely wishful thinking. Read the studies folks.


I just tried pomegranate juice today and was very surprised. It's very tart. The 100% pomegranate juice does cost a bit more. If this juice is as good as the reports say It's well worth the money.

More people need to give it a try!


Is pomegranate juice high or low in purines? I am asking because I have had gout and foods that are high in purines such as cranberry juice should be avoided by me. thank you, ronald bevers


How much pomegranate juice should I drink? Morning, lunch or both? One carotid is fine, but one is 60% blocked. I heard this is good for this. I am 77 years old and in otherwise good health thank you, Dom


The juice does have a laxative quality. I purchased the pomegranate juice with blueberry mixture my Tropicana. It had an after taste. I'm not sure if it will keep me from sleeping, but I will find out tonight.


One should eat one pomegranate after every meal this will do wonders for your body, skin and face. You will start seeing difference in a week. Always drink water before eating. Please try not to drink any liquid(water, fizzy drinks or juice) during or after eating meal at least for half an hour. It is cancerous for you.


I found the pomegranate juice is a great pick-me-up when tired, but I know now that I should not drink it before bedtime.


I tried drinking a glass of Pomegranate juice twice. Both times I had the most horrific diarrhea ever. Could I be allergic to it?


hi, im iranian, and growing up in iran pomegranate juice was a really popular juice equivalent to apple or orange. if you can find yourself an iranian store you will get the juice pops for a really cheap price and usually they are 100% juice.


I have been drinking a pomegranate/blueberry mix and feel great. My sex life even feels better. Does that have to do with thinning of the blood?


If you are in need of a laxative I would recommend that you try psyllium husks. Pomegranate juice is not known as a laxative. But it certainly has a lot of other great benefits.


Pomegranate actually helps cure diarrhea and eating too much of it causes constipation.


i have been drinking pomegranate juice for the past 3 days and honestly i haven't felt this good in ages my boyfriend and i just liked the taste then we noticed we had more energy,we were more happy and felt really good in general, its now a ritual to drink a 473ml bottle a day!

and I've also noticed my skin has been amazing ever since i started using it, my skin is clear and glowing I've had tons of compliments!


When how much should you drink (pomegranate)?


Is it good for menstrual cramps???


I have had IBS for 15 years and Acai juice helped with the abdominal pain, but is very expensive. I thought I'd like to try pomegranate juice, but am concerned about how it will effect my digestion. I have chronic diarrhea and don't want to make things worse. Any suggestions or similar experience? Thanks.


is this a good way to keep you from being constipated?


I started drinking pomegranate juice and it has lowered my blood pressure. My pressure was 140/90 and now it is 115/70. Yes ! If you take a glassful it does seem to constipate you


For the first time in my life I began consistently (for at least 3 months) having high blood pressure problems. After taking just 1.5 oz. daily of pomegranate juice for only a week my stats dropped from 143/93 to 122/79. Today they were even lower: 111/72. I am impressed!


Are you sure it's great as a laxative? I may have experienced the this possible or should I give it another try?


this juice is excellent as a laxative!


15-16 pomegranates = 1 oz.

I had 20% blockage of carotoid artery on one side and 60% on the other. I religiously took 1 oz of pomegranate juice concentrate (bought at Sam's Wholesale Club) for one year. My checkup one year later with my doctor showed I am 100% clear on both sides. That made a believer of me and I will always take my 1 oz. of Pomegranate juice every morning.


i'd like to know how they get so much juice out of such tiny little seeds! anyone know how many pomegranates and or pomegranate seeds it takes to make an ounce of pomegranate juice?


are the pomegranate pills (500 mg) as good as the juice?


I have been using the concentrated form of pomegranate juice for about a month now, before I started drinking it I was experiencing swelling of my right ankle and foot an a daily basis. I no longer have that problem. I am using the concentrated liquid form.


I understand that many of the nutrients you mention are destroyed in the processes that concentrate the juice and make the pills. Is this true?


When should we take this Juice -- Morning or Afternoon Or when we sleep at night and how much quantity we should drink daily to be healthy?


Any good as laxative?

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    • Glass of pomegranate juice.
      Glass of pomegranate juice.
    • Pomegranate juice has about 3 times more antioxidants ounce-for-ounce than red wine.
      By: daviles
      Pomegranate juice has about 3 times more antioxidants ounce-for-ounce than red wine.
    • Research suggests that pomegranate juice can help treat osteoarthritis.
      By: Lisa F. Young
      Research suggests that pomegranate juice can help treat osteoarthritis.
    • The growth of prostate cancer may be slowed down by pomegranate juice.
      By: peterjunaidy
      The growth of prostate cancer may be slowed down by pomegranate juice.