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What Are the Benefits of Urine Therapy for Acne?

Urine therapy for acne is touted by some as a natural remedy, rich in nutrients and antibodies that may help clear the skin. Advocates claim it balances pH and heals blemishes. However, scientific backing is limited, and it's crucial to approach such treatments with caution. Wondering about the science behind this unconventional method? Let's explore the potential and the precautions together.
Karize Uy
Karize Uy

One of the most notable benefits of urine therapy for acne is that it is all-natural, as it is completely produced by the body. Urine is also said to contain vitamins and minerals, as well as antibacterial and anti-fungal compounds that can effectively treat mild to severe forms of acne. Urine therapy or “urotherapy” also does not cost much and is readily accessible for anyone and everyone.

Urine therapy for acne is probably one of the most natural forms of treatment available, though not necessarily the most agreeable. Laboratory analyses show that more than 90% of urine is primarily water, and the other 10% consists of urea, ammonia, salt, and other minerals, all of which are said to have healing properties and acne-fighting ability. Urea especially is a very potent antibacterial and anti-fungal agent and is, in fact, used for treating skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It is also said to hydrate the skin, along with the urine salt that also helps the skin retain moisture, preventing the skin from drying out, as many chemical acne treatments do.

A urine sample.
A urine sample.

Urine is often assumed to be “dirty” and to contain micro-organisms and bacteria, but the contrary is true; it has been proven to be “sterile” and germ-free, and is even said to be cleaner than distilled water. Aside from being sterile, it also contains a lot of other vitamins and minerals in small doses. Urine is actually fluid filtered from the blood and contains elements absorbed in the bloodstream that are not needed. For example, if a person ingested too much vitamin C, the kidney flushes out the excess by excreting urine. Aside from vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, C, iron, and zinc, the urine also contains amino acids like tryptophan, lysine, and methionine, making urine therapy for acne possibly effective.

Urine is one of the most natural forms of acne treatment.
Urine is one of the most natural forms of acne treatment.

Urine therapy for acne is also very cost-effective, as the person under the treatment does not really have to buy anything, and urine is very easy to obtain. One might, however, have to buy certain foods and beverages to produce more “nutritious” urine. Some of these foods would include fruits and vegetables, cranberry juice, and apple cider vinegar. Alternative medicine experts also advise using “morning urine,” or the first amount of fluid excreted after waking up, as this has the most concentration of vitamins and urea. Two methods of urine therapy for acne are oral intake and topical application, though the latter is often preferred and may produce faster and better results due to direct absorption of the skin.

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Discussion Comments


@ddljohn-- I don't know if it works because I've only done it for a few days. But it's not that bad! I drink a lot of water so my urine is very diluted and doesn't smell much. So I definitely don't feel like there is urine on my face. You should try it!

By the way, someone who takes a lot of toxins in the form of medications or cigarette smoking shouldn't do urine therapy.


@ddljohn-- My sister is doing urine therapy right now. She uses a cotton ball to apply urine to her face. She leaves it on for about half an hour and then washes it off.

I couldn't believe she was doing this either but then her skin started looking better and better. Her face was covered in acne and a lot of it is gone now. Her face seems to be healing.

I also heard that some people drink their urine for this therapy. I think that's disgusting.


I can't believe this! Has anyone actually tried this for acne? Did you just take your urine and apply it to your face?!

I don't think I could do this, just the thought of it makes me queasy.

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    • A urine sample.
      By: Restyler
      A urine sample.
    • Urine is one of the most natural forms of acne treatment.
      By: Ocskay Bence
      Urine is one of the most natural forms of acne treatment.