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What Causes Hiccups?

Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen

Hiccups are caused by uncontrollable muscle spasms in the diaphragm. The phrenic nerve controls the diaphragm, and is directly responsible for these spasms, which force a quick intake of breath, resulting in a hiccuping sound. While generally not dangerous, long-lasting episodes can be related to some serious health conditions, and should be checked out by a medical professional.

What Happens in the Body

Drinking alcohol may cause hiccups.
Drinking alcohol may cause hiccups.

The diaphragm is a muscle that stretches across the abdomen under the lungs. When a person breathes, the diaphragm contracts, creating suction that pulls air into the lungs. The phrenic nerve is what controls movement in this muscle, and when the nerve becomes irritated, the diaphragm may contract abruptly. As air is suddenly pulled into the lungs, it passes the vocal chords where it may cause an involuntary sound, often heard as a "hic." This process repeats until the diaphragm and the nerve relax. Most episodes end in a few minutes, but some rare cases can last days or weeks.

Common Causes

Eating quickly may cause hiccups.
Eating quickly may cause hiccups.

Food can be a major cause of spasms in the diaphragm. Some people experience hiccuping fits when they eat too much, as the food presses down on the digestive muscles. Spicy, hot, or cold foods may also irritate the phrenic nerve and cause problems for some people.

Swallowing air seems to cause hiccups in some cases. Eating or drinking too quickly can cause spasms, because swallowed air can exert sudden pressure in the abdomen. Certain foods with large pockets of air, such as sourdough bread, can also cause the diaphragm to contract. Drinking alcoholic, carbonated, or cold beverages is sometimes linked to a greater chance of hiccuping episodes.

Laughing may cause hiccups.
Laughing may cause hiccups.

Occasionally, a scratchy or constricted throat can cause the phrenic nerve to spasm. Common irritants include cigarette smoke, seasonal allergies, a hair caught in the throat, or a sore throat resulting from a cold. While having hiccups with a sore throat is not usually dangerous, if the person's throat begins to feel tight or breathing becomes difficult, he or she should seek medical attention quickly.

Eating something hard to swallow, such as peanut butter, can help hiccups go away.
Eating something hard to swallow, such as peanut butter, can help hiccups go away.

Certain prescription or over-the-counter drugs can also cause hiccups. Some common medications linked to hiccups are those designed to treat digestive problems, including medications for acid reflux and nausea. The relaxing effect of sleeping pills can also disturb the diaphragm, causing long-term spasms.

Rare Causes

In some cases, hiccups can be the result of a serious health condition. Nerve disorders, such as multiple sclerosis or meningitis, can affect how the phrenic nerve works, and may cause bouts of hiccuping that last for days. Traumatic injuries or severe illnesses may also cause nerve damage. Although doctors are not sure of the reason for the connection, some metabolic disorders are also related to extended episodes of hiccuping. Alcoholism, diabetes, and steroid use are all linked to severe episodes of muscle spasms in the diaphragm as well.

Medical Complications

Cigarette smoke is an irritant that could cause hiccups.
Cigarette smoke is an irritant that could cause hiccups.

When hiccuping fits last for a long time, they can cause health and lifestyle complications. People with continuous spasms may find it difficult to eat, drink, sleep, and function normally during day-to-day tasks. In addition, the constant spasms can exhaust the muscles, leading to muscle aches and weakness. Anyone who experiences hiccups that don't go away within a day or so should speak to a heath care professional.


Hiccups can be caused by medications used to treat nausea.
Hiccups can be caused by medications used to treat nausea.

Drinking water is often cited as a way of ending an episode, though the method may vary. Some people suggest drinking a glass of water in small sips, or tilting the head upside down and drinking from the opposite side of the glass. Eating something, often something hard to swallow, is another possible cure. Some people get relief by chewing on a mouthful of sugar, while others swallow a spoon of honey instead. Peanut butter, jam, wasabi and hot sauce are all foods that some people claim will stop the hiccups as well.

Eating sourdough bread might lead to hiccups because the bread has large pockets of air.
Eating sourdough bread might lead to hiccups because the bread has large pockets of air.

Stretching the diaphragm by holding a breath and raising the arms is another popular cure. Some people recommend taking short, fast breaths, or breathing into a paper bag. Holding a breath for up to 30 seconds is sometimes recommended, as the increased levels of carbon dioxide may help calm the diaphragm and prevent further spasms. If using any breath-holding or fast-breathing methods, the person should remember that dizziness is a concern. It may help to try these cures while sitting down.

Some people use wasabi to stop hiccups.
Some people use wasabi to stop hiccups.

Scaring or startling someone is a possible method for hiccup relief, but is not always a good idea. In some cases, frightening a person can make the condition worse, or make the person quite annoyed at the attempted assistance. Instead, to help the body relax, some people recommend concentrating on a complicated mental or physical task, such as saying the alphabet backward or tying a difficult sailor's knot. In theory, this can take the mind away from the physical symptoms, stopping the spasms.

Some people swear that drinking a glass of water cures a bout of hiccups.
Some people swear that drinking a glass of water cures a bout of hiccups.

If a patient has hiccups which will not stop by normal means, health care professionals can administer muscle relaxants, sedatives, or anti-convulsive drugs. The goal is to interrupt the cycle of spasms so that the diaphragm begins functioning normally again. If all other methods fail, a surgeon may operate to disable the phrenic nerve, but this is quite unusual.

Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen

Jeff is a freelance writer, short story author, and novelist who earned his B.A. in English/Creative Writing from Creighton University. Based in Berkeley, California, Jeff loves putting his esoteric knowledge to good use as a TheHealthBoard contributor.

Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen

Jeff is a freelance writer, short story author, and novelist who earned his B.A. in English/Creative Writing from Creighton University. Based in Berkeley, California, Jeff loves putting his esoteric knowledge to good use as a TheHealthBoard contributor.

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Discussion Comments


Thank You #75! What a relief!


Try pressing your pulse really hard, and swallow 10 times. It sometimes works for me.


OK so #75 really did work! Awesome!


Hey #37 - I get them every time I eat PopTarts, too! That's actually how I found this site. I wonder if it could be a food allergy? Either way, #75 remedy has always worked for me, since I was a child.


yeah, 75 really works. had them during class and got into trouble so you saved me. 75 really works.


Skip all the others and try #75! I've had hiccups three times today on/off and now they're finally gone. Thank you 75!


Just did 75's while laying down. They're gone, but I still have that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I need to hiccup. Ugh.


The best answer above all: hold your breath and look at the stop clock. Time holding your breath about 30 seconds. It works for me. Thanks.


#75 seriously works! amazing! Thank you #75!


Taking a drink of vinegar always stops mine. I like apple cider best. I keep a separate small bottle on hand just for that.


Number 75 is a life saver! Thank you 75!

I had hiccups for three days and I just had a wisdom tooth surgically removed so my stitches were getting sore from days of hiccups and I had started to lose sanity! and sleep!

Tried it ll then got on here and seen a few #75 recommendations, went and found it- tried it thinking no way and, Bam! no hiccups! so simple, no food and drinking and gone!

Thank you number 75. I hope you win the lottery or something! Cheers!


How would you tilt your head upside down and drink from the other side of the glass, because you can't tilt your head for one and when your upside down how do you drink it would spill all over you?


Thanks #75, i knew about that but never took it seriously. It works! I had struggled with hiccups for two days and was losing it all. Thanks again.


This site is clueless as to the real cause of hiccups. I guess the medical community wants it that way. More money for them in the long run if no one identifies the root cause.


I do believe oxygen has a great deal to do with hiccups. I get them at night time, after I've taken my medication for sleep when I am smoking. It happens every night. The pill I take slows respiration (- some O2 there) and the smoke changes regular hemoglobin to carboxyhemoglobin, which can't delivery oxygen nearly as efficiently as hemoglobin! I'm all about the interrupted oxygen cause!


I can't believe it, but #75 worked, and immediately!


Amazing. I tried #75 and it really works. Thanks to the contributor


I've always felt that hiccups was the result of my body's way of saying: stop! In my case, it's always been triggered by overly spicy food. My body says: "Stop eating this now! Oh, so you won't stop? Okay. Actually, I'll *make* you stop. There. Hiccups. Can't eat now, can ya???" Then, I can't eat a thing, and I realize that what I was eating was intolerably spicy, and after a few minutes, life goes back to normal after I've stopped eating what my body told me to stop eating.

Same thing with cluster headaches, which I used to get. Yet another of the body's ways of saying: "Dude, waaay too much on my plate. Get it?" And eventually, I did! The insufferable migraines left me forever!


Drink an entire glass of chocolate milk.


I stood up and drank some water in a bottle, and believe it or not, the hiccup went away. I hope it will never return. Good luck!


#75 - I'm impressed. Had hiccups for a couple hours last night, went to sleep and the next morning they came back. Found this site and tried #75, it worked immediately.


For the last 15 years I've done #75! It works every time! I keep taking gulps of air in even though I think I can't take anymore. Then hold it in for as long as I can, (I'm usually sitting down so I won't hit my head if I fall from being to dizzy) and as soon as I exhale, voila! Hiccups gone!


number 75 worked!


Number 75 has cured my hiccups! I have tried so many other things to get rid of them but they didn't work. Thank you!


Hold your breath right when you have the very first hiccup. Hold until you can't hold anymore. Works for me every time, but you have to do it on the first hiccup or it won't help.


Take two fingers and place them on the top of each eyebrow and add pressure. Works every time!


#75 worked immediately. Tried sugar, drinking small and large gulps of water, etc., but #75 did the trick. Worst hiccups I've had in months, and gone immediately. Thank you!


half a minute ago i was looking at #75 and now I'm all good. thanks a lot.


For me, when I had hiccups in my band class, my band teacher told me to jump up and down on the spot and do jumping jacks for two minutes or more and surprisingly, it works!


I actually ran into the same thing with persistent hiccups as a result of oral surgery. I find it interesting that a couple of people even mentioned this in the comments.

In my case I couldn’t get them to easily go away and after about three or four days of constant hiccups, I started gagging and vomiting because my body felt like there was a catch in my throat.

At the height of this I could barely breathe and ended up having to go the Emergency Room for chest pains, and dehydration after getting sick for four hours straight.

It doesn't seem like it's an isolated occurrence in the case of oral surgery.


Plug your ears and drink water through a straw with your ears plugged! Works every time!


I've hiccuped every day for over four years. They are usually very painful and annoying. They are random and not "normal" hiccups because I only have one to five at a time. Most of the time they are very loud and my chest/ torso convulses. I've tried four different anti-seizure medications, acupuncture, and seen a chinese-medicine-based doctor. Nothing has helped. have a good day.


#75 works! i couldn't figure a way to get rid of it and I tried that once and it was gone, thank you so much.


#75 worked for me too! I had them for like five hours! Thanks!


I hold my breath for 18 seconds (around the time where I feel like I can't hold it any longer. It may vary from person to person depending on their lung capacity) and then cough three times. Always works for me.


These sites are good ways of getting knowledge at home. I think that more sites like it should be open because these helps us. I have a question: Are hiccups important or not and why do I have hiccups all time?


the one way I know to stop hiccups is related to meditation. You just focus on the breath, breathe with your belly, slow even breaths through your nose. Just relax.


75, thanks! I had painful, obnoxious hiccups, and 75's technique cured them right away. Wow. That's a trick I will remember, for sure.


Wow. #75 worked for me too! So simple. Thanks so much!


Is it normal for a person to hiccup at least twice an hour everyday?


My brother had hiccups all day. We tried most of these suggestions to get rid of them, but they didn't work. Then we tried the approach in #232 and it worked like a charm!


A simple way to cure hiccups: take in as deep a breath as physically possible. Once your lungs are full, try and 'gulp' some more air into your lungs so they feel at their max. then hold your breath for about 20 seconds. this should work.


This is the absolute cure for all hiccups.

I've had multiple people try this and it always works.

Fill a glass with water.

Put a napkin or paper towel (dishtowels work too) over the cup. Drink the glass of water through it.

Works every time.

Steven Berry

I am back and I went and tried some other things like drinking cold water, gurgling water, eating sugar, and none worked, so I tried eating peanut butter and now they gone. About time! my peanut putter is Kroger roasted peanuts and honey (store brand) and tasted pretty good as well, so i got another spoonful. have a good night. sleep time for me finally,

Steven Berry

This is my third day with the hiccups. #75 did not work. I tried. Anyway. they are getting very painful and I want them gone. any more ideas to try?


I just had surgery yesterday. After coming home I got the hiccups. This has lasted for 12 hours now. I just tried method 75. It worked! Thanks!


I always get hiccups when eating crumpets. Every time!


My massage therapist taught me a pressure point approach that works wonders:

Using your right hand, reach across your chest and over your shoulder, so your right hand is touching your left shoulder blade. At what feels like the 'highest' point of the shoulder blade (the part you can feel most prominently), about two inches down from the top of your shoulder, pinch or firmly press together a tiny fold of skin. Hold for a count of 30. This should hurt.

My hiccups go away within the count of 30 every time!


i did every remedy there was and nothing worked. Finally i was about to go to the doctor but decided to research one more time. had hiccups for over a day until i came here and tried #75. thank you so much!


Just holding your breath doesn't work for everyone, me being one and according to all the comments, many more!


yes holding in your breath for a few seconds does work. I've been doing that since primary school days.


#75 I love you! I have had the hiccups three times today and they were really getting annoying. They are so painful. Thank you for a cure that actually works!


Wow #75. My hiccups were hurting so bad and I couldn't fall asleep. I was so annoyed I grabbed the laptop and looked it up. I saw everyone talking about #75. Scrolled down, did it as I read and *gone*. The internet has never been this reliable!

Thank you!


Hey Andre from Idaho (#62), please explain to me what a degree in anthropology has anything to do with hiccups.

Stephanie, Texas


well, I have been getting them off and on for the last two weeks. i got on here to see if anything could help and all i've got to say is by the time i got number 75 to read it, i didn't have them anymore anyway. lol. i guess reading posted comments about hiccups is my remedy. funny thing though, i am typing this and just hiccuped. only once. hiccups sure do have a sense of humor.


#75! it works!


Post 75 rocks


I had bad hiccups, whatever may be the reason.

I tried a few things, including breathing into a bag and swallowing a teaspoon of sugar. It didn't work. then turned on my computer and fortunately came across this blog. Well, based on majority recommendation I tried number 75, and it worked! no hiccups now! awesome! 75's method rocks!


Thank you #75! I know of a similar method that involves taking the deepest breath you possibly can, then swallowing, then taking another tiny breath (while still holding in the first big breath), swallowing again, and repeating until you can do neither step anymore. I like your way better, and it worked perfectly! Thanks!


Wow, thanks no. 75. i had tried most of the other methods, but they didn't work. Yours did the trick.


breathe in and hold until your lungs are at full capacity, until you think the hiccup may come. It works for me every time. The reason i think this works is because your lung muscles are responding to a timer and when you expand your lungs as far as they go then they forget this reflex. Anyway, it works for me every time.


Hooray #75!


Nana wrongly thought hiccups were nothing more than trapped gas so she made us drink carbonation then burp. She was wrong about it being trapped gas, but burping works every time for us and it amuses the kids in the process.


A big relief. I had hiccups from past 24 hours, coming and going every now and then. Lately they started giving chest pain. No. 75 worked. The first

time didn't work, but the second time it worked and I am happy.


i tried holding my breath and raised my arms and it worked. thank you.


Thanks #75. So much better now!


Oh my gosh! 75 worked for me too!


Yep. #75's method works. It did for me just now. It's been two days since I've had these blasted hiccups.

I think the trick for this to work is to hold your breath in for as long as possible or, if you are the sort that can hold their breath better than others like I am, hold your breath until your bored.

Better yet, time the intervals of your hiccups and then hold your breath longer than the intervals. I find that my hiccups have an even tempo.


Curing hiccups: I keep sucking in my breath very slowly and deeply through the hiccups until they stop. If I've sucked in as much as possible, I just hold it for as long as I can. It usually hurts big time, but always works.


#75 worked on second try. First time I didn't hold my breath long enough. Pretty good cure.


#75 you are great! It worked for me. Even with my co-worker sitting next to me laughing saying, "what the heck are you doing"? LOL Many thanks to # 75.


holding my breath doesn't help. i get the hiccups very often and the thing that helps is if i get startled or i get slap in the back of my head without knowing it's going to happen and it will stop right away.


I found that finding the top of your ribcage and shoving your finger into your neck cavity stops them for me.


"#75: take a breath in. hold for like three seconds then breathe in again. hold your nose and hold as long as you can till you feel like you're going to explode then let out. works every time and you can do it anywhere without needing any food products.

- anon44526"

This works but you have to really fill your lungs to stretch out your diaphragm. Really deep breath! Putting your arms up might help you stretch out more. Sometimes it hurts and might make you a little dizzy but it works every time for me.

Also breathe carefully for the next few breaths. Make them nice, slow, and even. I've noticed doing #75's technique they sometimes come back if I'm not careful about my breathing right after.


eat wheat bread with ham, cheese, cucumber, mayonnaise and you will be relieved


#75 worked for me! I had to do it three times though. Maybe I did it wrong the first time?


75 worked for me!


#17 works too.


hold your breath and try to gulp five times. it's kind of hard but I know that works.


tried both 75 and 157, both don't work.


#75's method does work. I held my breath for less than 15 seconds and the hiccups went away afterwards, thank you so much!


# 75 is a miracle!


i can tell you all this is crap. People have been bored with their lives or they thought they were doctors trying to find new cures, so they came up with all that crap.

If it doesn't go away after more than two days or you feel pain, then go to the doctor -- it's that simple. Everyone has their own way of getting better because all those things react a different way depending on the person.


Oh my gosh. #75 totally worked! I held my breath for 2 minutes 10 seconds and it hurt but they're gone! When you fill your stomach and chest with air and expand your chest you can feel your diaphragm expanded.

When you hold your nose put the other arm up while holding your breath. Focus on counting the time you're holding your breath and don't think about the actual hiccups.

You might have a couple while you're doing it but keep going. That was the coolest thing ever! Thank you 75!


My cure: do the moonwalk.

A common theme that I've noticed among hiccup cures is that many of them seem to focus your attention on something other than the hiccups.

So I tested this theory by telling people that the cure is to (try to) do the moonwalk. Most people are not able to do it without concentrating intently on what they're doing. And it has worked 90 percent of the times that I've tried it or asked someone else to try it!


Hold your nose and swallow three times- just be aware your ears might pop!

Drink lemon/lime juice. Don't dilute it! As far as I know the acid shocks your nerves and gets it working again. (It works. I have done it before.)

I always get really loud, weird hiccups, but by far the worst was 12 different sets in a day- stop, start etc.


I use #75's trick but have found letting the breath out slowly helps and when that doesn't work i drink pickle juice works every time and instantly.


Wow #75 you are amazing. I've had the hiccups for two days and it has been so annoying and I've tried everything to get rid of it but the only remedy that worked was yours.

I thought to myself before trying that it was just like all the other remedies that didn't work but thankfully it did! Everyone take #75 advice! Thank you so very much!


what's the deal with #75? it didn't work for me.


I had hiccups for two hours straight - quite painful! Then when i started eating ice cream it went away! It seemed the ice cream soothed my chest as well.


Goodness gracious!

#75 you are amazing, it stopped, my wife was hiccupping for a day almost, and she stopped instantaneously. it worked. Many thanks. Have a good time. Cheers, VnK


Just had hiccups for two days, except for about 10 minutes early in the morning. Three a.m. is when I had to go to the toilet, but as soon as I laid back down, they started up again. I decided enough was enough, and drove to the after hours clinic about 6.30 a.m., but as soon as I got there, and got out of the car, they stopped.

I felt a real goose, going into reception, and told the nurse there, and she just said go home and come back if they start up again. Been three days now, and no sign of them starting up again.


Those who said #75 worked, thank you! Those posts are not fake. I just tried it to see what the fuss what about and now I can breathe again. The upside down water method used to work for me but it stopped so I needed a new remedy. Pretty amazing.


hiccups are fake. i have never had hiccups in my life! when my kids are faking it i tell them i will smack them and they stop right away!


# 75 didn't work. guessing all those posts were fake?


wow! have had the hiccups for a day now, tried absolutely everything, but no. 75 is the only one that worked! thanks!


75 worked for me. after having them all day they got annoying, especially during class!


OK weird. #75 worked for me in 10 seconds. I had a really bad case of them. I saw all these posts that said #75 worked and I tried it.


Drink a glass of water through a kleenex. This works 90 percent of the time.


my boyfriend has had the hiccups for three days now. 157 worked for him! for now. He also tried the paper bag method and that helped for about 10 minutes, but so far 157 is working!


I know everybody is saying this in their comments but #75 was right! I had the hiccups when I stumbled onto this site and after reading a few comments I scrolled down to 75 and tried it. Worked like a charm! This is the second day in a row where I get them every two hours! So annoying.


# 75 works like a charm, but I did not hold my nose.


#75 worked for me as well: "take a breath in. hold for like three seconds then breathe in again. hold your nose and hold as long as you can till you feel like you're going to explode then let out. works every time and you can do it anywhere without needing any food products.

- anon44526 " Thanks.


#75 worked for me.


get a cup of water, and put a butter knife in the cup. Drink the water having the knife (not blade in) touch your forehead. I get the hiccups normally several times a day. My fiance makes me do this after a few hiccups. it works like a charm!


My cure for the hiccups is by eating a spoonful of sugar. Don't ask me why. I just know it works.


So far the spoonful of sugar worked for me. I've tried to water chugging and sipping and deep breathing -- all no good. but my fingers are crossed. I ate the spoonful of sugar and so far no hiccups for the last two minutes after non-stop for the last two days!


I have had many bad cases of hiccups over the years since I was a young girl (I'm 44 now). Some last three to four hours and are loud, violent and painful to the point of making me sick. Don't know why.

I've tried every remedy in the book but have found that if I bite into a lemon wedge, they go away. lemon juice does not work - it must be a real lemon wedge. Up to this point, it works every time.

Only problem is, I don't keep lemons on hand because I don't use them except when I have hiccups. I can go months and months without an episode and then I had three tonight alone. Stinks! Have not found anything that consistently brings them on - it's totally random.


i thought people were paying to say number 75 worked, but it just worked for me! thank you. i hate hiccups


When bartending, I had patrons who swore if you light a book of matches on fire and put them out in a shot glass of water and drink the water you would be done with the hiccups instantly.

I always thought it was gross, but one day had them so horribly i had to do something so i tried it and it worked. It's been my way now for years when they are bad enough!


Holy cow. # 75 totally worked! i've had the hiccups for nine days now and #75 fixed me!


like #193 plug your ears and drink water through a straw!


Hold your breath for 10 seconds and then chug some water really fast while holding your breath.


#75 worked for me.


i get hiccups really badly when i drink pop, alcohol, and also when not doing anything, eek, it is annoying as ever. i will try #75. there is one cure, but don't know if it's really a cure. i started to get hiccups, and then did some sexual activity and they went really quickly, it was like i forgot to hiccup. lol.


I am at work and somehow had the hiccups. I read #75 saw that other people practically swear by it. And the first time worked like a charm! Very smart! Very easy! Thank you very much to whoever wrote #75! Very much appreciated!


Thank you. My boyfriend gets the hiccups to the point he feels like he is going to die and #75 worked. he now says 75 is his new lucky number. thank you so very much.


#75 worked for us! Yay!


I have constant issues with hiccups and they hurt! I needed something that would work and work fast!

You've got to try this the next time you are having trouble with hiccups. It never fails me! Get a cup and fill it about halfway or so with water. Then get a spoon and hold it horizontal in front of your mouth. Then put that part of the spoon under your tongue (it's just the spoon handle really). Hold it there, lean over the sink and try to take at least 7-10 gulps of water while the spoon is under your tongue. It's a little messy and should be, but it's just water so lean over the sink well and you won't get wet! They're gone! Just like that!

It's the only thing that works for me. Make sure you keep the spoon under your tongue so it's a little hard to swallow the water; I think that's wherein lies the trick! Let me know if works for you.


#75 works for me too. yay!


Eating a big spoonful of peanut butter always works for me. But I didn't have any, so I tried 130 and it worked! Next time I will try my success with 75.


The ultimate and easy cure for hiccups: Just lower your chin as close to your neck/chest as you comfortably can, hold for a few seconds and hiccups are gone!

This is why the upside down water trick works; you don't need the water!


I’ve spent my entire life searching for the elusive cure for the hiccups. Everyone seems to have a cure, but I always end up disappointed, that is until today. Thanks number 75!


Are hiccups part of a withdrawal symptoms of smoking? Please answer me because when my father stops smoking then he experiences hiccups for almost two hours, even when he is sleeping. it is very disturbing for him. please somebody answer me.


i have found out that drinking marmite (a whole jar) upside down will most definitely work every time for anybody and i am a truly real doctor and i researched this for 35 years.


What is Number 75? I can't find it.


#75!!! Works like a charm!


#75 just worked for me too!


I rarely get hiccups, but when I do, they are usually severe and become painful rather quickly. I have no idea what really causes them, but I have noticed that I usually get them after eating meat.

I often eat meals which are completely meat, such as a steak with nothing else, or a hamburger patty without a bun or other toppings. I just happen to like meat. But strangely, after two or three bites, I will often get a hiccup attack that lasts five minutes or so. Weird.


Drink a glass of water while someone covers your ears.


#75 holla!


I have to say I too tried #75 since it got so many positive comments and it worked! I don't get hiccups often but after drinking a lot of beer last night it has been intermittent all day. Thanks #75!

However, it feels like they want to come back.


Bitters and lime/lemon has always been an almost instant cure.


There are a few things I do to get rid of my hiccups.

Sometimes, I hold my breath, drink 10 sips of water, then anxiously breathe out.

Distracting myself like reading this article helps me too.

Or strangely, i push my eyeballs gently and they go away.

And sometimes if they last for a while, I eat a few lemons.

It's weird how this helps your diaphragm -- err whatever really causes hiccups (hiccoughs).


Thank you 75! I always seem to get hiccups when I'm excited, nervous, etc. Thank you so much!


tried the water, tried the sugar, holding in the breath. my hubby had it all day long. did #75 and it worked. Thanks! Got a sweet kiss for it for looking it up.


Yes. #75 works! Thanks a bunch.


#75 is awesome but sometimes doesn't work for me and I get the hiccups several times a week, but the best method I have had is a family cure of drinking pickle juice. I swear it works!


Similar to #97 I hold my breath, plug my nose and swallow three times, works every time for me.


75 worked for me also! Thanks!


75 thank you so much i had the hiccups all day! Even at work and that stopped it!


oh my god yes number 75. you are a winner.

but i also have the burping hiccup problem. at least i know it's not unheard of lol. i started getting the hiccups a lot after i got alcohol poisoning, and they are annoying as a little kid asking you if you have arrived at your destination.


Does anyone else have to burp after hiccuping? What is that about?


#75 works! Wow i can't believe after trying for hours that i finally got rid of this annoying thing.


#75 didn't work for me. :(


No. 75 is really useful. It really worked. In one day i got hiccups four times. What could be the cause? can it be food? i are something spicy today.


My girlfriend had hiccups (note: 'had') so i told her to do what #75 said...she agrees it works perfectly, haven't heard one for about an hour now. =D


Wow #75 really does work! i just did it to get rid of my hiccups. I'm going to remember this from now on ^_^.


#75 You are genius!I was reading these comments while having constant hiccups and I noticed everyone was talking about post #75. When I read it I thought it was ridiculous (while doing the steps) when suddenly, Woot! It seriously stopped! ._.


I'm a smoker, and when i get the hiccups, I have to put my smoke out. The cigarette smoke triggers a hiccup and makes me sick to my stomach. I should probably quit smoking anyway, but hey. Coughing triggers them as well.


Hiccups are awful. fred


No. 75 did work for me also. Thank you.


thanks anon#75; it really worked! XD


No. 75 is the man (or the woman)! It worked. Thanks.


I get the hiccups every-single-day, basically ever since school started again. I swear I haven't missed a day of getting the hiccups, even if it's only for a minute.

I don't understand why I get them every day, and I think it might be from the way I breathe? But I have no idea. My English teacher actually has asked me if I've sought out medical attention for it. I don't know if it's worth it?


75 worked! Seriously, if you need to get rid of hiccups do exactly what he says.


I've had hiccups for four days straight and still going. I went to the hospital and the doc's verdict was this: where I've been suffering from a bad cold virus, I've been sick and coughing hard and i have damaged nerves in my diaphragm.

He gave me gaviscon and irritable bowel pills which did nothing.

i have tried every tip and trick and my only cure to offer is to cut your head off, because if you're like me and nothing works then what is left? I feel for you all and hope you can beat 'the cups.'


I get the hiccups every time I eat bread. they are extremely painful and hard to get rid of. Is there a reason why this would happen??


Thank you no. 75. It cured my hiccups also. I've had hiccups five times today and holding my breath and then drinking water without breathing out worked the last four times but it makes me feel sick. I'm so glad my hiccups are gone now. I definitely think I want to try the peanut butter next time.


#75 thank you so, so much! had them all day and it cured them!


I usually just hold my breath until I can't anymore, let it out and then quickly take another breath and keep repeating and usually they go away pretty quickly.

My sister recently told me about another method though and I didn't believer her at first until I tried it, and I was kind of creeped out at how well it worked. All you do is close your eyes and imagine stirring thick peanut butter. Just keep focusing on it and imagine eating a big spoonful slowly and just keep imagining things like this for a while, focusing on the texture and thickness of it.

This last time I tried it as soon as I started I didn't have a single hiccup. After reading this article I guess it falls under the distraction category.

Next time I'm going to try focusing on other random things and see if it works as well.


Hiccups are often caused by a magnesium deficiency. Which itself can be made worse my Candidiasis. It occurs because the connection between the brain and the diaphragm 'jumps out'. You need to reconnect- strongly focus your mind onto the diaphragm for as long as possible and breathe. That will cure your hiccups.


I haven't had hiccups in years.


After seeing everyone say that #75 worked for them I went directly to that one and it worked right away! Yes! I've had them all day and now they're gone! Thank you #75!


i had the hiccups heaps of times today. and they went away by themselves but they are annoying. drinking water upside down works. and i think i might try the peanut butter trick next time, so many people seem to think it works. also being scared. and sometimes holding your breath. it depends on the day.


Can too much alcohol cause hiccups? If so, how much is too much?


Wow! I've always done the "hold your breath with a big gulp of water", but it's not always easy to get the technique down properly. I just tried #75 and it worked like a charm! And it's easy for anyone to do.


The for sure way to get rid of hiccups? Hold your breath while drinking water. When you feel what seems like a large bubble go down your throat, you're hiccups are gone! It works for me every time and I've told many others with hiccups to do this and it always works. Good luck!


no. 75 (holding your breath) works. don't waste you time with any of the others. i have had the hiccups non stop all day and it hurt my chest bad enough i even thought about calling the doctor but as soon as i tried 75 it was gone. appreciate the advice.


Number 75 just worked for me.


This is the thirrd time I had hiccups today! Number 89 worked! I was skeptical but it worked! Yay! Thank you!!


My hiccups went away just by reading this article. =)


wow. no 75 is a lifesaver. currently at work worked like a charm.


Woot! No. 75 worked!


What I do is just press the eyeballs gently for 10 seconds. It works like a charm, and I don't know why.


Wow 75 worked! I hate hiccups!


wow. Number 75 really did work.Thanks!


I am so happy to be over my hiccups I had to leave a vote of confidence for No. 75 -- it really worked! Two breaths to fill your lungs -- never heard of that before. Thank you so much! Hiccups are one of my biggest pet peaves.


It must be a kiwi thing as I swear by malt vinegar as well. The only guaranteed way to cure hiccups. I gulp it straight from the bottle, but then again I like the taste.


Number 75 works! :)


I have the cure for hiccups. It works for 99 percent of people and I guess the other 1 percent don't really matter. 1 full teaspoon of malt vinegar taken in 3-4 little sips. It tastes a little gross but try it, i guarantee that it works. I did think about buying cheap malt vinegar, changing the label and bottle and selling it for 10 times the price as a miracle cure but I really can't be bothered. Someone may have already mentioned this (I couldn't be bothered reading 82 posts). I sound lazy but I'm not, just practical.


I get hiccups for seven to eight days straight, then they stop for about three to four weeks and starts right back up. it lasts all day, and gets worse as the days go by. it gets so bad that i can't breathe right. i have seen stomach specialists, neurologists and many other specialists but have not gotten any answers on what can be done to stop them. What in the world is wrong?


i get the hiccups every day, 3-7 times a day and sometimes they last a minute or they last a half hour. It's been happening to me for the last five months now. Any advise?


I get the hiccups from cold soda. As soon as I swallow. Sometimes it's just one, but sometimes it lasts for hours!


I had the hiccups for seven days straight. Hardly slept, ate, or drank. Tried several things, including meds, and finally ate a lemon. Gone! Also, just found out that if you take a deep breath, reach for the sky and take in a little more air and hold it -- worked as well. Who knew?


i get the hiccups every day for some reason and randomly on a saturday at around about 12:30 and it gets really annoying. now what shall i do?


i get rid of hiccups by clearing my mind and concentrating on breathing regularly. in-2-3-4 out-2-3-4. repeat =]


Can smoking cause hiccups?


take a breath in. hold for like three seconds then breathe in again. hold your nose and hold as long as you can till you feel like you're going to explode then let out. works every time and you can do it anywhere without needing any food products.


I get rid of mine by eating a big gulp of peanut butter, works every time!


i used to get the hiccups every thursday right before music class when i was in elementary school. no idea why, now i get them randomly but more often then anyone else i know and stil have no idea why. I have really bad allergies and have read about things that say they might be related. It always works for me to just get my mind off of them but i know that you can't always do that. drinking water upside down usually works for me but peanut butter always works for me.


well a mix of a spoon of honey and holding my breath for 3 times for 10 seconds worked! but that's only if you don't have peanut butter. a spoon of peanut butter (not the no name brand though) will cure your hiccups instantly! works every time!


Mix 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp. sugar and 1 cup water ice water in a glass. Make sure the water is very cold. You can add ice to the ice water if you want to. Drink right away.


I get in a bad mood when I get the hiccups. but what I do to make them go away is hold my breath three times for ten seconds and then they're gone.


i get so many random hiccups like just one at a time, sometimes more than one and then other time lots of them they last for ages and get them even when i haven't eating anything. does anyone know the cause?


I've had hiccups three times today over the course of three hours. They were so annoying and made eating and engaging in conversation pretty difficult. I tried all of the conventional remedies (holding my breath, breathing deeply, breathing quickly) and none of them worked. After reading through the posts on this site I decided to follow the advice of one particular gem of an individual who suggested eting a banana and hey presto. i'm hiccup free! I just hope I don't get any more for the remaninder of the evening!


Logic would dictate that if it is in fact an issue with the diaphragm the goal would be to "reset" the diaphragm. The diaphragm sets itself into a routine (inhale - exhale) for a general amount of pressure in your chest and abdomin. After you eat too fast you increase the pressure or reduce the space and the diaphragm has to readjust, thereby causing the hiccup. Once the food is digested from the stomach it should cease.

Most of the bitter or spice induced methods and even the scare methods are aimed at causing a jolting flex of the abdomen. The only marginally science-based methods would be the breathing methods.

I usually just massage the upper abdomen and stomach area while taking deep controlled breaths and it clears it up. I'm not so sure if this either relaxes the abdomen or helps the food settle, but it seems to work.


I get the hiccups every time I smoke a cigarette?! Goes away right after I'm done!!!


I get hiccups every time I eat apples of any form (applesauce, plain apple slices, apple pie, etc). I have discovered the best method (and it works every single time) is to just close my eyes, concentrate on relaxing my diaphragm, and take deep breaths in and out for 5 minutes or so - at least until I feel totally relaxed. And they're gone. Every single time. Hope that helps!


I am not a doctor but a have a degree in Economics and Anthropology. I have studied hiccups for 23 years. I have documented that breathing in a burp can cause an episode. This is usually associated with the consumption of beer or soda. I assume that the inhalation of CO2 is causing this. I have inhaled CO2 while using dry ice and water and have caused my own hiccup event. I strongly agree that more than one stimulus can cause an attack but...... don't breath in your burps!!! --Andre, Boise ID


What causes the spasms with the diaphragm?


Since hiccups are caused by spasms of the diaphram, it makes sense, and works for me to breath in and out as hard and fast as possible. So take a huge deep breath in as fast as you can and then immediately exhale as forcefully and fast as you can. It usually works for me after one time, but I have done it twice. Hope this works for someone.


Hi I get hiccups every time I cough so when I am sick I can not even clear my lungs. Is this weird?


No where do I see mention of this I hesitate to give it. But, I've had bad, hurting hiccups since I was a child. Somewhere in jr high, I was told to take a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a small glass of water. It works! For my entire school years (went to small town k-12 school), if left untreated, my loud hiccups would disrupt classes for hours. So whenever a teacher would hear me hiccup first time, I was sent immediately to the cafeteria to get my "cure" from the cafeteria ladies, who would see me coming and get it ready. LOL

As a working adult, I don't have baking soda and water available to me at all time. But I've discovered that Tums (or the equivalent) works great. Sometimes a couple of regular strength will work, but usually I need the equivalent of 5 regular strength or three extra strength to cure them. But it works every time. Takes about 2-3 minutes for them to stop, but then they are gone, usually for the whole day. I keep Tums in the car, in my purse, in my desk drawer, as well as at home. Hiccups are no laughing matter for some of us.


I've been plagued by severe hiccups - lasting for weeks at a time. I've tried every cure known to mankind and nothing ever worked. One day, a woman told me to try eating a banana or a Three Muskateers candy bar. I've had great success with the banana. You can't just take a bite, you have to eat the whole thing. So sit down, enjoy it and follow up with a Three Muskateer if yours are severe!


I cannot remember the last time I had the hiccups every one I know has them. Could the reason I do not have them any more be due to having Parkinson disease? It seems I haven't had them after they told me I had this disease.


Whenever I have hiccups, I usually plug my nose, hold my breath and drink something carbonated. Then I hold my breath about 10 mississippi's after I drink.


I use the teaspoon of sugar method and it worked for me every time until recently. Now I'm at a loss for a cure but have noticed a trigger. I always get hiccups when I eat bread and only bread. But not toast, moist breads like fresh pretzels or pieces of baguette seems to bring them on. I'm so annoyed.


My boyfriend has had hiccups for 7 days, he landed in the hospital because he could not keep anything down. Has anyone tried acupuncture treatment to get rid of hiccups?


When I get the hiccups I drink water while holding my breath, it works wonders.


This really works, at least it does for me. Take a glass of water and put a paper towel over the top of the glass, kind of acting as a filter, then drink the water through the towel as slow as you possibly can, your breathing in more air than you are drinking water btw. In 10 years of doing it this way, its only not worked 1 time.


Hey, I've had the hiccups like 5 times today, they all lasted about 5 mins each, thanks for the information, the best method for me is the drink a glass of water real quick, standing up with a straight neck.


I also just got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and have gotten the hiccups bad twice since then! Holding my breath took quite a few tries to get rid of them! All I know is they suck and I hope I don't continue getting them every day while I am on these meds!


I'm getting over a cold right now and I've had them at least 9 times today. I read this article and started concentrating on the tv instead of my hiccups and they went away!


I've had the hiccups for 10 days!! Can't sleep, can't eat it's murder. Got new contact lens solution 3 weeks ago and decided to wear glasses today and haven't hiccuped all morning which is a record. Hope I've cracked it.


Just like a sneeze that starts by a tickle in the nose, or the retching response from a certain sensation in the throat, it appears that hiccups may be caused by a sensation (pain or tickling) at the bottom of the esophagus near the stomach. Trapped gas, certain foods, food allergies, a hiatal hernia, acid reflux, fullness, stuck food, alcohol, etc. could be potential causes for hiccups since they can be the source of stimulation of the lower esophagus.

Distractive techniques may help if the sensation is mild enough (like stopping a sneeze), but more severe conditions may warrant a stronger approach. Peanut butter may coat the lower esophageal lining enough to quell an agitant, whereas a drink of water or milk may clear an obstruction or persistent acid. For acid, milkfat can cause the body to produce more acid to break up the fats, but skim milk can generally provide longer-lasting relief.

Since people have a variety of reactions to various foods, it is certain that what may work for one person may not necessarily work for another, but at least knowing the cause of a condition can help provide a focus for an individualized approach. I hope this information may be helpful to you.


I get them whenever I eat a fresh hot pepper. Some people sweat, some people cry, some people's sinuses clear but the only symptom I'm guaranteed to get is the hiccups. I should clarify that "not hot" peppers such as Serrano, Jalapeno, etc. do not bring me hiccups, just hotter varieties like Habanero or hotter.

I don't do anything about them as they tend to go away in a few minutes as the heat fades, but the strange thing is I'll get them before I even taste the heat as if my body knows immediately I'm eating a "very hot" pepper.


Hello. I get hiccups quite frequently..sometimes several times a day and they can last up to 30 min each time and sometimes I can go days without them. I have tried all types of remedies and the one that I found that works the best for me most of the time is taking a really really deep breath, sitting up very tall and holding my breath for 20 seconds. Works almost every time if I do it as soon as I start hiccuping.


Drink a cup of water upside down.


I just recently had my wisdom teeth taken out and I've been on hydrocodon for about a week now. But about 4 days ago I started getting hiccups throughout the day. They come back after a few hours and last for about 30 mins. Does anyone know if its because of the medication i'm on?

Its not painful or anything like that and I can usually hold my breath and they go away, but its extremly annoying. I can't get out one sentence without hiccuping about 3 times.

Also, whenever I hiccup I do this weird thing and it's almost like i swallow them and it makes me burp right after the hiccup. So not only are the hiccups annoying, but the burps are as well. Does this happen to anyone else?


The teaspoon of sugar worked like magic. Like Mary Poppins says a teaspoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down, also think it implies that it helps the hiccups go away also.:P


I have been getting the hiccups for the last 6 months or so. I usually used to get them whenever I got constipated and that's how it all started. Now it is so bad that I burp 4 to 8 times every 5 to ten minutes and that's when it starts.

I get rid of them by drinking water or putting 2 fingers down my throat when its really bad. Keeping still keeps them away, but as soon as I move the burping starts and then the hiccups. The doctors are useless and don't really care to investigate why all this is happening. SIBO is a disease that I thought I have after researching the net. I have been taking antibiotics to cure it, but too soon to tell yet.


hey, i tried the peanut butter and something sweet. my hiccups stopped, but now i'm not sure if it was the peanut butter (which a lot of people have sworn by) or the chocolate that I had right after it.


My husband gets hiccups rarely except that he gets them almost every time he eats Pop Tarts. Weird or what??


I get the hiccups all the time. I drink a lot of Diet soda, so I always assumed it was from carbonation or something, but can consuming something cold can cause them? That makes sense, since the soda is cold. Funny how I have always gotten the hiccups, but never really knew why, or anything about them.


i had the hiccups and came to this site a couple minutes ago. i read this article and near the end of the article my hiccups suddenly disappeared... i think it's some kind of concentration thing. if you try not to think about it and just relax the hiccups will go away, hopefully.


I get the hiccups all the time and holding my breath just doesn't work any more. I gargle cold water it works like a charm.


does anybody else's hiccups ever hurt? because every time i get them they hurt my chest like crazy!!

... i wonder if that's weird...


After having a few beers last night i had them for about 2 hours. I tried concentrating on by breathing but it didn't work, i just waited it out. There was one beer left over that i drank this morning, after the very first gulp it started again, so i found this article and after reading it they stopped. I was once told that they are caused by a lack of oxygen to your brain and your body tries to overcompensate. Anyway now when i get hiccups i will just read the funny replies people post, that seems to help.


My dad had the hiccups for about an hour. I read where someone recommended peanut butter and it worked instantly. Try it what can it hurt. We now swear by it.


hahaha....i had the hiccups...and they went away reading this. totally just the distraction thing for me i think. when they don't hurt, i think hiccups are a pretty hilarious phenomenon. imagine, some arrogant, pompous, business man getting them and feeling a little more humble after, or some loud over-talkative woman being interrupted by her hiccups, or a little kid laughing at themselves. i think hiccups are a little joke played on us by God.


i get hiccups like every single day I've tried everything to get rid of them but nothing works, it gives me a really bad headache as well, it also makes me sort of breath, they are such a pain ! anyone got any idea's for me thanks.


i fill a glass with cold water and put a butter knife in it..handle up of course..drink the whole glass of water if i can, without taking a break..with the knife handle resting in the center of my forehead..cures them every time..

a friend's aunt told me this about 18 years ago and i thought she was crazy until she convinced me to try may fall back on the whole concentration issue..


Funny thing. I just had hiccups all day on and off really bad, and as soon as I started reading about them they just went away. So I'm pretty sure that if you just don't think about it and watch your breathing, it will help tremendously.


The peanut butter worked!


OK, So reading about hiccups does nothing to help!


That's fascinating anon22825. I'm so glad we have an expert on here to tell us that it's all in our heads! Tell me this... If you already know it all then why would you come to a site like this in the first place???


Its all Mental if your getting rid of them its good buts really in your head controlling that part of your body


I get hiccups rarely, but when I do...they hurt really bad and go last for hours. I have them right now's not fun.


I don't know about anyone else, but the only reason I ever get hiccups is, I think, due to food/air trapped in my esophagus, which happens frequently.

My cure is: first a deep breath, keep back straight, take a gulp of water, contract midsection muscles to squeeze stomach and burp one's self while one feels the water trickle down, repeat until comfortable feeling that no air is trapped and all food is in the stomach. If I ate too much for this to work I just wait it out.


I had the hiccups read this and tried the peanut butter trick, It worked!


I get the hiccups several times a week and I always eat a spoonful of peanut butter and they usually stop as soon as it hits my mouth. I've been doing this for 23 years now and it has yet to fail in curing my hiccups although if they are being very stubborn I might have to eat 2 or 3 spoonfuls but one almost always works,


i have hiccups right now!


Hello, i get the hiccups almost every day, and sometimes even up to 4 times a day. they mostly happen out of the blue, and yes are very annoying, and most times very painful on my whole torso. most the home remedies don't work with me. i have found one that works most times. hold your breath and think of something delightful while pressing on your diaphragm best you can for about 10 to 15 secs {or to the count of 20 to 30}. let breathe out easy and slow when release. it don't always work on the real bad ones first shot. but eventually does work with me.


OK so when I get the hiccups there is nothing out of the ordinary happening to my diaphragm. I have been getting them for two days now and I can't get them to quit! I read all the posts about allergy causes but I don't have allergies. I read the ones saying a sudden change in the diaphragm but there hasn't been one! LOL I feel so lost! Oh yea and more happy news is that the home remedies don't work on me. UGH!


I just want to say that I get hiccups all of the time and I would pay $100,000 to never get them again if I could.


Hi Sisilla here, My husband has the hiccups for more than 10 days today. He gets it every couple of years. He can't even go to work or talk too long. NO home remedies have worked. The doctors said nothing they can do. The tranquilizers make him vomit, and very weak. I am getting scared because i am afraid if with all the hiccups his heart is going to stop.


Hey. This is very neat. In my life time I always thought i got the hiccups whenever i was hungry. Perhaps, that is true but at least now i know what hiccups are. Its strange how we can know so little about are own at least we know that hiccups are not really useful. Im not sure good or bad anyway I am using this for phs. Science tomorrow Thanks:)


hi, i was in the car today and got hiccoughs (there not called hiccups btw!!!) um yeah and i was thinking y don't guys get them as much us girls?


I also heard some bit of info about hiccups being caused by a lack of oxygen to the body...probably isn't true though. I just got hiccups 5 minutes ago, wondering what causes them. For some reason, when I read this: One thing doctors agree on is that hiccups do not seem to serve any useful purpose.: I laughed for some reason. I'm not the type that laughs at random junk or anything, but my laughing made my hiccups go away. Usually I hold my breath or drink some water, but this is kind of strange. -Laughing Cure


i only get them when I eat. But they start at the very first bite now matter what meal I eat. Can anyone help.


i get hiccups a lot, i recently discovered that chocolate stops them and that, even though just a glass of water doesn't help, water from a drinking fountain helps.


what do i do when its so bad it makes my stomach hurt when sitting upright to hiccup? i know its says its my diaphragm spazzing out but it hurts.


YES this is true. i tilt my head upside down and drink from the opposite side of the glass like about 3-4 gulps of water and the hiccups go away. i never knew someone else knows this strategy because i just figured this out myself when i was like 16. the normal drinking of water never worked. it's amazing how the human body works.


Okay, I hiccup about 4 05 five times a day everyday. literally. no joke. I have been for a bout a year or two now. I think it's time to see a doctor.


To those of you having pain associated with your hiccups or having them very frequently, if I were you I'd see a doctor. It may not be anything serious, but whenever medical issues are a concern, it's best to get professional medical advice.


I Get Hiccups Something BAD!! Between 7 Times A Day Every couple Of Weeks I'm Not Kidding!! They Annoy The Hell Out Of Me!! People At Work Tell Me To Go See A Doctor But I Don't Want To! Do You Know Whats Causing This?

Is It Serious?


"Can allergies cause hiccups?"

I am greatly interested in the human body and throughout all of my research of it I have not come to a conclusion on why allergies can cause hiccups. When I read this question I immediately went online to further my investigation on whether or not this is true.

We all know that hiccups are caused because of a sudden change in the diaphragm, and that excessive sneezing and coughing may cause it. Seasonal allergies can tend to cause them because of the overdone work when you are having trouble breathing and your diaphragm is strained.


Hey, thanks for the information about hiccups. Whenever I get them my chest starts hurting really bad, and sometimes I even get a slight headache. I don't know why mine always hurt like crazy and my friends and family say that whenever they get them it doesn't hurt at all. If you have any answers to why my hiccups are painful please let me know.


Can allergies cause hiccups?


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  • Drinking alcohol may cause hiccups.
    By: omicron
    Drinking alcohol may cause hiccups.
  • Eating quickly may cause hiccups.
    By: martinlee
    Eating quickly may cause hiccups.
  • Laughing may cause hiccups.
    By: Yuri Arcurs
    Laughing may cause hiccups.
  • Eating something hard to swallow, such as peanut butter, can help hiccups go away.
    By: uckyo
    Eating something hard to swallow, such as peanut butter, can help hiccups go away.
  • Cigarette smoke is an irritant that could cause hiccups.
    By: nito
    Cigarette smoke is an irritant that could cause hiccups.
  • Hiccups can be caused by medications used to treat nausea.
    By: ftlaudgirl
    Hiccups can be caused by medications used to treat nausea.
  • Eating sourdough bread might lead to hiccups because the bread has large pockets of air.
    By: Kristin Oh
    Eating sourdough bread might lead to hiccups because the bread has large pockets of air.
  • Some people use wasabi to stop hiccups.
    By: matin
    Some people use wasabi to stop hiccups.
  • Some people swear that drinking a glass of water cures a bout of hiccups.
    By: anyaivanova
    Some people swear that drinking a glass of water cures a bout of hiccups.
  • Hiccups are the result of diaphragm spasms.
    By: snapgalleria
    Hiccups are the result of diaphragm spasms.
  • Breathing into a paper bag may help relieve hiccups.
    By: lukasvideo
    Breathing into a paper bag may help relieve hiccups.