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What is a CPR Mask?

A CPR mask is a device used to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac emergency. It forms a barrier between the rescuer and the patient, preventing direct contact and transmission of pathogens. Featuring a one-way valve, it ensures breaths are delivered effectively. Curious about how this life-saving tool works? Discover the intricacies of a CPR mask with our illustrative guide.
Desi C.
Desi C.

A CPR mask is used during cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures, which are used in emergency situations to supply oxygen and produce blood flow in the heart and lungs. The mask is used to ensure that infectious diseases, germs, blood, and other bodily fluids are not transferred from the resuscitator to the patient, or vice versa. There are many different types of masks on the market today which give rescue workers and those trained and certified to perform CPR a variety of safe and effective options when CPR has to be used.

The CPR pocket mask is also known as a pocket face mask. They are used to safely get rescue breaths to a person who is in respiratory distress or cardiac arrest. The unused mask is stored in a pouch or envelope. These are kept in first aid kits and many people carry them in their wallet or handbag. The CPR mask ensures safety by having a one-way filter valve in place. When the person giving breaths breathes in to the mouth of the patient the one way filter valve prevents any mucus, blood, vomit, etc from going back in to the resuscitators mouth.

A CPR mask is commonly included in a first aid kit.
A CPR mask is commonly included in a first aid kit.

Some masks come with a built-in oxygen intake tube. This tube allows for oxygen to be taken from the atmosphere and delivered to the patient. The use of a built-in oxygen intake tube can be very helpful because it can alleviate some of the strain and stress on the person who gives rescue breaths during CPR. CPR procedures require a great deal of physical work during a stressful situation, which can compromise the effectiveness of the rescue.

Yet another type of CPR mask is the bag valve mask. This CPR mask requires the use of two hands to operate. One hand is used to seal the mask over the mouth while the other hand squeezes air from the bag in to the mouth of the patient.

A bag valve mask requires two hands to operate.
A bag valve mask requires two hands to operate.

CPR shields are a type of mask usually used during CPR training classes. These are very low-cost, effective barriers for those practicing CPR techniques. It is necessary to use some type of shield during training because multiple students will share and practice resuscitation on one mannequin, increasing the risk for transmission of germs and infectious diseases.

CPR masks can be purchased online or in person from health supply retailers. One thing to consider when purchasing a CPR mask is that the material that it is made up is latex-free. This is important not just for the resuscitator but for patients because so many people are now known to have latex allergies, and a rescuer would not want to induce an allergic reaction while performing CPR.

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    • A CPR mask is commonly included in a first aid kit.
      By: lucato
      A CPR mask is commonly included in a first aid kit.
    • A bag valve mask requires two hands to operate.
      By: william87
      A bag valve mask requires two hands to operate.