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What is Grape Seed Powder?

Synthia L. Rose
Synthia L. Rose

Grape seed powder is a crushed and ground substance made from the seeds of the vitis vinitera plant, a grape-bearing plant that has been in existence for roughly 9,000 years. Grape skin, fiber, and fructose are minimal in this powder. The light pulverizing of the bitter seeds makes them more digestible. Most sold grape seed powders retain large, noticeable flecks of the seeds.

Laden with antioxidants like those found in wine, this powder purportedly has cancer-fighting effects. The most active antioxidants in grape seed powder are the oligomeric proanthocyanides (OPC), which are present in highly concentrated amounts. The supply of OPCs in the powder offers more cancer -fighting benefits than wine, according to some research. They also render the powder an antibiotic which protects against inflammation and generation infection.


Studies also suggest the powder offers 30 to 50 times more disease-fighting ability than vitamins E and C, which are widely lauded for their antioxidant levels. Powdered grape seed can annihilate free radicals, the culprits behind premature aging and cell decay. Once ingested, the natural chemicals in the powder can be active in the body for two to three days.

Grape seed powder can improve blood flow and reduce varicose veins.
Grape seed powder can improve blood flow and reduce varicose veins.

Other benefits of grape seed powder are that it is good for tempering heart disease, growing hair, and improving blood circulation. The better blood flow gained from this supplement can reportedly eradicate varicose veins, tone blood vessels and promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Procyanidins in the powder smooth the skin and invigorate hair follicles, promoting length.

Some reports suggest the powder form of grape seed can boost brain, vision, and skin health. Some physicians have recommended the powder to patients suffering from macular degeneration and poor night vision. The ability of chemicals in this fruit powder to seep into the brain and nerve cells also offers benefits to those suffering from senility; many elderly patients claim to be more alert when taking grape seed powder.

While many grape seed benefits can be acquired at lower levels by eating grapes or drinking wine, grapes and wine have high concentrations of sugar; grape seed powder is low in sugar. Excess sugar can skew insulin levels and spike high blood glucose. People who eat grapes also generally spit out the seeds that are ground into the powder; resveratrol, an important antioxidant, is mostly abundant in the seed.

Most users of this powder take 50 mg to 200 mg a day. Nutritionists advise that increased amounts can be taken with no reported side effects. Users often say the supplement helps relieve stress.

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I have been using pure grape seed powder call Purple Marvel. It's a Hungarian product. It's pure, with no fillers. I have over 100 patients with cancer on these products and they are all in remission.

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    • Grapes.
      By: Lsantilli
    • Grape seed powder can improve blood flow and reduce varicose veins.
      By: roblan
      Grape seed powder can improve blood flow and reduce varicose veins.