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What Is Histaminum Hydrochloricum?

M. Haskins
M. Haskins

Histamine is an organic nitrogen compound produced by the body's immune system when a person is exposed to an allergen, meaning a substance causing an allergic reaction. Histaminum hydrochloricum is a kind of histamine used as a homeopathic remedy. It is primarily used to treat various allergies, including those caused by food, insect bites and pollen, and allergy symptoms such as skin irritations, nasal congestion and breathing difficulties. Histaminum hydrochloricum is also sometimes used as a remedy for non-allergic conditions like bronchitis, gastric pain, muscular pain and joint pain. Scientific studies have been done on this homeopathic remedy, but there is no firm evidence supporting its effectiveness.

Histaminum hydrochloricum is commonly sold in the form of tablets, pellets, oral sprays and nasal sprays, and homeopathic practitioners often recommend it as a treatment for problems like asthma, eczema, hay fever, runny nose, hives and itchy eyes. It is used both to alleviate immediate allergy symptoms and to reduce future allergic reactions. In homeopathic medicine it is believed that an illness can be cured by the same substance that causes it, and that ingesting minute amounts of that substance gradually strengthens the body's resistance to it. In this way, histaminum hydrochloricum is thought to work by decreasing the amount of histamine released during an allergic response and thereby reducing the effects of that histamine.

Histaminum hydrochloricum is often recommended for treatment of hives.
Histaminum hydrochloricum is often recommended for treatment of hives.

Histaminum hydrochloricum is identical to a substance known as histamine dihydrochloride that is known to have several effects on the body, including stimulating gastric secretion, relaxing blood vessels and narrowing the bronchial airways. It is used in mainstream medicine to treat certain forms of cancer as well as other conditions. As a homeopathic remedy, the substance is used in much smaller doses and is also prepared differently than in regular medicine.

Histaminum hydrochloricum is often recommended to treat asthma.
Histaminum hydrochloricum is often recommended to treat asthma.

Homeopathic remedies like Histaminum hydrochloricum are produced by diluting the active ingredient with water until the remedy contains a very small, even infinitesimal, amount of the active substance. This is done because homeopathic medicine teaches that the lower the dose, the more effective the remedy. Homeopathic remedies are also shaken during manufacturing, a process called dynamization that is thought to enhance their potency and healing properties.

Histaminum hydrochloricum is often available as a nasal spray.
Histaminum hydrochloricum is often available as a nasal spray.

Histaminum hydrochloricum can be bought in natural food stores, on the Internet and from homeopathic practitioners. Pregnant and nursing women should not take this remedy. If one is suffering from allergies or other medical conditions, it is advisable to consult a physician before using homeopathic remedies.

Understanding Histaminum Hydrochloricum Side Effects and the Food and Drug Administration

Histaminum hydrochloricum can be used to treat bronchitis.
Histaminum hydrochloricum can be used to treat bronchitis.

While histaminum hydrochloricum might provide some of the relief you seek from common allergic reactions and asthmatic episodes, there is still a possible side effect that you should be aware of before using it as a treatment. Unsubstantiated research shows a link to wheezing when histaminum hydrochloricum is used with belladonna, another homeopathic supplement.

Histaminum hydrochloricum is sometimes used to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.
Histaminum hydrochloricum is sometimes used to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.

The United States Food and Drug Administration does not test the effectiveness or safety of any product labeled as a homeopathic remedy. Medicines like histaminum hydrochloricum that are marketed as homeopathic typically contain highly diluted amounts of the active ingredients. However, without FDA regulations and oversight, some companies manufacture their products with more measurable amounts. When this occurs, it can trigger unexpected, and sometimes life-threatening, reactions.

Understanding the Use of Histaminum Hydrochloricum for Hives and Other Allergies

Hives, medically known as urticaria, appear on the skin as red bumps or welts. They commonly surface from exposures to:

  • Medications
  • Foods
  • Insect bites
  • Infections
  • Animal dander

A doctor may prescribe an antihistamine to help alleviate hive symptoms. Antihistamines are drugs that are used to treat your body after it produces too much histamine, which is a natural chemical released into your bloodstream to combat exposure to allergens. Common responses to the release of histamines are congestion, headaches, hives and fatigue.

Depending on your physiology and medical history, there are many possible reactions that you could experience if you take an antihistamine. These include:

Additionally, antihistamines confuse the body, making it believe that it needs to pump out even more histamine. This ultimately results in the continuation of the allergy cycle once the effectiveness of the medication in your system recedes.

Using histaminum hydrochloricum for hives and other allergies offers a natural, homeopathic approach without these side effects. However, in addition to histaminum hydrochloricum, there are a few other methods you might consider using to manage an outbreak of hives.

  • Wear clothing that fits loosely around the affected area.
  • Adjust to a cooler room temperature when accessible.
  • Place a wet cloth or cool compress directly on the hives.

If any other concerns accompany the appearance of the hives, such as difficulty breathing or dizziness, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Understanding When and How To Take Histaminum Hydrochloricum

One of the most important things to remember before starting histaminum hydrochloricum as an allergy relief medication is to first speak to a trusted medical professional. You also want to make sure that you purchase from a reputable retailer so you receive a product with accurate dosage and ingredient information.

As general guidance for when allergen levels are at their highest, it is best practice to be proactive and not reactive.

  • Dissolve five 30C pellets of histaminum hydrochloricum under your tongue every fifteen minutes for the first hour that you experience the symptoms.
  • Continue dosing five 30C pellets under your tongue up to three times per day. 
  • Follow this process until the intensity of your allergies has subsided.

Discussion Comments


Allergena Allergy Relief Zone 9 - CA, NV 2oz

This does exactly what you're saying. Small amounts of allergens. Make sure and check your area.


Some homeopathic remedies work great for me, but I had a severe reaction to this one. I am very sensitive to histamine - proven through skin testing, etc., and suspect that I reacted to the homeopathic treatment, even though I was taking one-fifth the recommended dose. I am glad that it works for many people though!


My 12 year old son has been suffering from allergies which have lead to lots of hospital visits due to asthma. I just started with a homeopathic doctor. He just started on this histaminum hydrochloricum 30c. I'm crossing my fingers it works along with other supplements. Please share any success stories.


Look up Sublingual Therapy SLIT for allergies. Similar to allergy shots. Helps the body tolerate the allergen. I'm not sure about Homeopathy because there does not appear to be much science behind it. So could it be the placebo effect? I'm in favor of good foods and herbs before use of western medicine and Homeopathy. If it works for you, who am I to argue? I just wished it helped me and my family. Allergy shots work best for me.


I am sensitive to histamines, something that my allergy doctor couldn't successfully test for. I used to take over the counter 24-hour non drowsy antihistamines when I had a bad day and didn't read a label or ate something I knew I shouldn't have. My histamine sensitivity level is scattered and broken up so irregularly I can never predict when my body will just crack - sometimes something as simple as smelling tomatoes cooking will do it. My symptoms start with congestion and on a bad day end with a blinding migraine.

This homeopathic remedy changed my tolerance and I have half the number of bad days. Sometimes I have entire months where I am reaction free. I track my migraines (a requirement of the neurologist I see) and have been for about eight and a half years. When I suggested this homeo remedy worked to my neurologist he rolled his eyes and then made me feel two feet tall. I responded on my way out by saying in eight years I have done nothing but track and report. After two 60 pellet bottles of homeo my life has improved to a degree I thought impossible. I am still taking the homeo remedy and seeing a neurologist. However, I found a new one who supports alternative medicine and believes in finding what works.


I have used antihistamine drugs (Loratadine, Cetirizine etc) since I was a teenager. Their effectiveness varies depending on the manufacturer and also as you might imagine, the pollen count on a particular day.

More recently, I have found these drugs less effective for me.

Three days ago, my hay fever was so bad, the Loratadine tablets were having only a mild effect: I was still suffering with a runny nose and itchy eyes.

I tried some homeopathy: histaminum 7ch. After the first day, I was feeling much better than with the Loratadine. I have been taking the homeopathic medicine now for three days and my head feels clearer and my nose has stopped running almost completely. I don't sneeze and my eyes are not itchy. Pollen counts are still the same as they were three days ago.

For me at least, this works very well. I have suffered with the same allergy for so many years and I'm glad I can avoid drugs such as Cetirizine and Loratadine as they are quite a load on the body's organs to process according to my doctor. (Who incidentally, did not recommend I try homeopathy!)


I use homeopathy for a number of symptoms and the histamine remedy is great for allergies. It works by giving your body a tiny tiny amount of the problem you are trying to solve, thus making the body react and heal itself of the problem.


I no longer use Zicam, however homeopathy has worked very well for me for years, and histaminum hydrochloricum does relieve my allergic reaction to certain foods.


I looked up this substance because it's an ingredient in Zicam. I tried this to relieve my runny nose, but it made it a lot worse. Now my nose is runny and congested and I feel miserable, and now I understand why. Zicam is a piece of crap product.

Additionally, I read the FDA warns not to use this because it may permanently damage your sense of smell. Homeopathy can be a nice concept, but this is snake oil to me.


@fify-- I just read an article about this. Histamine treatments are said to work because they inhibit something called basophil. They are a kind of white blood cells that our body releases when we are allergic to something and it actually makes the allergic reaction worse.

They did a study where they looked at how these homeopathic medicines work and found that there are less basophils released when someone is given homeopathic histamine.

I think this is great. My sister has allergies and asthma and she has been hospitalized several times because of it. People can die from allergic reactions. Histamine can help control allergic reactions and make them milder.


Homeopathy also uses histaminum hydrochloricum for treatment of high or low histamine in the body.

I read that histamine production is determined by genetic factors and some people naturally produce way too much histamine and others don't produce enough. I have never heard about these conditions from my doctor, but apparently they can have serious symptoms.

I think both conditions affect copper levels in our body and it can lead to psychological problems. In fact, most of the symptoms are psychological. Interestingly, histamine is a pretty important element that can trigger or not trigger serotonin hormones. I have severe allergies, along with mood swings and periodically, I feel depressed. So all of these psychological symptoms might actually be due to histamine!

I'm glad to know that there are some alternative treatments like homeopathy for these problems. I have contacted a homeopathic doctor and he has recommended a histamine treatment along with some other natural supplements to get histamine levels back to normal. I can't wait to see if it will help my symptoms.


That's interesting! I never knew why I took antihistamine medicines when I have allergies until now. If I've understood correctly, the body releases histamine as a consequence to an allergen, no matter what the allergen is.

Them, how does taking something that my body can already produce, help relieve allergies? Wouldn't homeopathy prefer for us to take small doses of the allergen instead?

Because it is not the histamine that is causing the allergic reaction, that is simply the consequence. Wouldn't it be better to take tiny amounts of pollen for example? Like we do when we eat local honey?

Can someone expand on how histamine works in homeopathy a little bit more?

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    • Histaminum hydrochloricum is often recommended for treatment of hives.
      By: Jürgen Fälchle
      Histaminum hydrochloricum is often recommended for treatment of hives.
    • Histaminum hydrochloricum is often recommended to treat asthma.
      By: auremar
      Histaminum hydrochloricum is often recommended to treat asthma.
    • Histaminum hydrochloricum is often available as a nasal spray.
      By: Ken Hurst
      Histaminum hydrochloricum is often available as a nasal spray.
    • Histaminum hydrochloricum can be used to treat bronchitis.
      By: rob3000
      Histaminum hydrochloricum can be used to treat bronchitis.
    • Histaminum hydrochloricum is sometimes used to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.
      By: FedeCandoniPhoto
      Histaminum hydrochloricum is sometimes used to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.