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What is Internal Scar Tissue?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Internal scar tissue is scar tissue which forms inside the body. You may also hear internal scar tissue referred to as internal adhesions or just adhesions. Depending on where a scar forms, it may present no medical problems, or it may lead to serious health issues. For severe adhesions, patients may require surgery.

Scars are the body's response to injury. When the body is injured, it attempts to repair the injured site as quickly as possible. With a mild injury, the body may be able to restore the tissue to its previous state. More commonly, the tissue is replaced with an inferior barrier of scar tissue which cannot fully replace the missing tissue. Scars are often poorly supplied with blood, which is why they appear more pale than the surrounding tissue.

Internal scar tissue may be caused from sporting accidents.
Internal scar tissue may be caused from sporting accidents.

Inside the body, internal scar tissue forms as a result of trauma. Surgery is a common cause of adhesions, and they can also be the result of heart attacks, which cause scarring of the heart muscle, along with severe injuries like torn muscles and ligaments. Inflammatory disease can also cause internal scar tissue. In some instances, internal scar tissue goes unnoticed by its owner, illustrating the body's ability to repair itself fairly neatly when it is in good health.

A doctor may order an ultrasound to check for adhesions.
A doctor may order an ultrasound to check for adhesions.

In other cases, however, internal scar tissue forms an adhesion. An adhesion is a bond between two things which were not previously joined. For example, an adhesion could cause an organ to attach to the wall of the abdominal cavity, or it could lead to an obstruction of the bowel. Adhesions are often quite painful, because they restrict the freedom of movement of the organ or organs involved. Adhesions caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, for instance, can cause twisting of the reproductive organs, resulting in severe pain and fertility issues.

Scar tissue forms inside because of surgery or injury to the body.
Scar tissue forms inside because of surgery or injury to the body.

Surgical techniques have advanced to the point where adhesions are relatively rare, thanks to tools like adhesion barriers. Internal scar tissue can still be caused by things like sporting accidents and diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, however. Chronic conditions are more likely to cause internal scar tissue and adhesions, and it is a good idea to talk to a doctor about getting these conditions under control and to talk about possible treatments for the resulting internal scars, ranging from steroid shots to surgery.

Internal scar tissue can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome.
Internal scar tissue can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

Doctors can check for adhesions with tools like ultrasound machines. Depending on the thickness of an adhesion, it may show up readily on an ultrasound, or it may present as a cloudy shape. Once a doctor has confirmed that adhesions exist and gauged their severity, treatment options can be considered.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a TheHealthBoard researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a TheHealthBoard researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Discussion Comments


Well, I finally found so answers that I've been looking for for years. I read the post from number 67, and that is exactly what my problem is. For a while, I thought I was losing my mind. I also went for different medical tests and was told they couldn't find anything it's pretty frustrating to say the least. So thank you to all of you.


For those of you who are having pain similar to gallbladder pain but you have had your gallbladder removed, goggle "dysfunction of the Sphincter of Odd". The doctors who perform gallbladder surgery on us should inform us that there is this possibility in our future, even if we have had our gallbladder removed.


@anon39966: I had the same issue as you do for 19 years (thoracic spine instead). When all else failed, I started doing yoga every day for five months and now all my scar tissue has "melted" away.

It's as if the warm heat that you generate from breathing through your nose instead of your mouth during yoga, just somehow cuts through the thick walls of internal scar tissue and makes them "melt away" I'm now 100 percent pain free and 100 percent scar tissue free. I hope you can get some healing through yoga. It truly saved my life. It's no fun to live in pain.


I had a hip replacement with problems so I needed a revision just nine weeks later. I am still in chronic pain constantly and now my doctor has said I need surgery to remove scar tissue from the incision area. Can anyone tell me if they have had this done and was it worth getting done? Cheers -- Tina


I have had surgery to remove scar tissue. It had grown and attached itself from my uterus, to my ovaries, to my abdominal wall. They went into my belly button with a camera and made an incision just above my pubic bone. They used a laser to burn it all off.

The surgery was an exploratory surgery because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. That's when they found all the scar tissue. I kept having pain in my abdomen and back. I went to the doc lots of times complaining about it. It was the result of a previous surgery.

I actually think I am having problems with scar tissue now in my back. I had surgery on it five years ago and am having some complications in my back. That's what brought me here, now. Good luck to all of you who feel this may be your problem. It is very fixable.


I know of a natural product that may help with internal adhesions. It's a supplement made from avocados and is called Avogen. It has properties that helps the scar tissue renormalize by correcting the extracellular matrix abnormalities which causes scarring. There's a lot of information about it online.


I am 53 years old. I was in a serious accident 24 years ago and had major surgery. I was crushed between a semi tractor and trailer. I had broken five ribs, had a lacerated liver, ruptured pancreas and spleen removal.

I am now having problems with nausea, cramping and hard bowel movements. I have just had two back surgeries, a colonoscopy, a scope down my throat to check for ulcer, larynx, and stomach and small intestine. I just went through gallbladder surgery. During surgery that should have taken 45 minutes took three hours. The doctor said it was very difficult to remove gallbladder, due to all the heavy scar tissue due to the old surgery. My intestines were actually attached to my gallbladder with scar tissue.

Are there any options to rid myself of the scar tissue and to help improve my way of life? I have not been able to do much more than sit on the couch, or make it through the house. I have also lost 42 pounds in eight months. Any and all helpful answers are greatly appreciated.


How do I treat an internal scar tissue after a cyst surgery?


I had those lumps along scar lines on my stomach for years after exploratory surgery for a stab wound, and sometimes the lumps used to hurt.

I started using serrapetase, without knowing the effects. It has none. I can tell you after years of having the bumps with the occasional flare up of pain, I cannot see or feel the bumps any more, ever since taking serrapetase. There's no other explanation for it.


Can scar tissue cause staph? It keeps on coming back. I am in hospice dying from peritoneal cancer. They say there is no cure. Any answers?


I had a feeding tube placed five years ago. The moment they removed it I felt a tightness from the hole and move around to the side.

I also had a hysterectomy and spine surgery in this area, and I think the feeding tube did the most damage. Will massage break this tissue up?


I highly recommend looking into myofascial release for the breakdown of scar tissue. So many people have had success with this healing modality, which is usually performed by specially trained massage therapists or physical therapists.

The procedures taught by John Barnes are the most effective, so I would recommend going to therapists trained by him or his instructors.


@73343: I went through the exact same thing as you: radiation twice and chemo once. All the throwing up left scar tissue in my esophagus where I could not swallow at all. I ended up getting a feeding tube so I can stay alive. I have some good news for you. I can now eat to my heart's desire. I still have the tube but never use it with the exception of taking meds I don't like swallowing. Please, I can share what brought the much needed help.


I have been suffering from a pain underneath my right rib -- pain not bigger than the tip of my finger after my laparoscopic surgery in 2001. I had this surgery because at that time I couldn't swallow my food. I continued having this pain so my doctor (was from the VA Medical center) performed another laparoscopic surgery to find out the reason for having that pain and still they couldn't find anything. They also tied up my sphincter, thinking I was having an acid reflux problem.

Another laparoscopic procedure was performed again at the VA. This time, my doctor even said that he also removed my hiatal hernia. I was OK for less than a year, but after that I started having the same pain.

I have seen almost all the gastroenterologists in my hometown (Bakersfield, Ca.). I have had all kind of tests like endoscopy, X-ray, CT scan and an MRI. one doctor referred me to the best gastroenterologist at the USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. He did all kind of tests and the Hamburger test and found out that I never had an acid reflux problem. He retired so I had my follow up to his son who is also known as the big gun of gastroenterologists. He also did all kind of tests and he told me that he believed that my pain is from internal scar tissue and he suggested that I have another surgery to removed some of my scar tissue.

I was OK three weeks after the surgery but now I'm back to having the same pain over and over again. I'm losing hope of finding relief for my pain. I need some help. Does anyone know of any cure for my problem or is really an internal scar tissue problem?


If you have been left with a scar from an injury for which you were not entirely to blame, you should be entitled to have compensation because of the scar injuries.


I was told by my doctor that scar tissue causes cancer. I have been telling others of this but as I researched scar tissue I found that it's not true. I think this doctor just wanted to cut me open again because I had great insurance. Just terrible!


I had gallbladder surgery 1980 and had a really long incision. Since then I have had six surgeries on my abdomen, to get rid of scar issue. I had one in November 2011 and it's back again.

I exercise and am otherwise healthy. Does anyone know a doctor who knows anything about this or anything that helps? I am desperate.


I have had 11 surgeries on my stomach. I exercise and try to stay fit, but it is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. I feel like I always have a heaviness around my heart, although all of my surgeries have been on the abdomen. My heart is fluttering and I am having times when I feel like I will pass out.


My husband had a vasectomy reversal performed two years ago with a 60 percent sperm count. No babies yet. In January he had another semen analysis and the count was 0 percent. His other bloodwork was normal. Most likely the scar tissue is obstructing the flow of semen. Can this be corrected?


Abdominal adhesions almost darn near killed me. I started a blogger site about adhesions for patients with adhesion related disorders. It's a searchable database and place to comment on all aspects of internal scar tissue Find out about ARD before you have any surgery! Good luck all and beware: if it sounds too good to be true, it is.


Thirty years ago, I was in a fight that ended up with my right bicep cut almost in half.

I kept direct pressure on the wound and got to the medics who did a wonderful job sewing me up. It took a few months to heal. But it took a couple of years before the skin separated from the muscle.

I got into weight lifting years later. I could bench over 200 pounds. I'm 51 now and in good health.

The reason I wrote this is to say some wounds take time to heal. Give it time and don't overdo yourself. You know your body better than anyone else. But your body knows its limits. I'm no doctor! So, if after a year, everything is not right, get another opinion from a doctor! I hope this helps someone.


I had a total hysterectomy in 1999. Since that time I have had trouble with hurting on my left side. It feels like a muscle strain. I do not do any strenuous work. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a Registered Nurse and she said that the symptoms sound like I have some scar tissue. I know that it is not a muscle strain because it is always on the left side.


Six months ago I slipped on ice at the top of the concrete stairs outside my house and fell. I landed hard on my left glute. There is now a visible golf ball sized lump on (in?) my upper butt cheek. It is large enough that it can be seen through clothing and makes the one side look misshapen as compared to the other. I assume that it's scar tissue build up? How do I get rid of it? Is it dangerous? To this day, when I rub it it is slightly tender to the touch -- six months later! Any thoughts?


I had A c-section last year with my first child, and 2-3 months later I had surgery to get the scar tissue removed. They did four small cuts: one on my left side, one on the right, one in my belly button, and one on my lower abdomen. I guess my question would be could the scar tissue from my c-section come back, and bother me again? Or would it be from my previous surgery?


i had a c section 16 years ago and have symptoms that mimic ibs, but i think it is adhesions. i am using castor oil packs and massaging it myself and if i do this for about five days straight it really feels better, but i have to keep doing it. When i forget or get lazy i can feel the pain come back. hope this helps someone.


To post#30: I read some information about a type of Enzyme named Serrapeptase that can dissolve internal scar tissue. I hope this information will help you. Good luck!


I have had seven abdominal surgeries due to diverticulitis. I also had a colostomy for a brief time. The reversal caused me to get a staph infection which now has my stomach looking a hot mess! I try to exercise but it is too painful; there is so much scar tissue. Any suggestions?


I had TKR seven weeks ago and manipulation last week to break up scar tissue impeding my getting knee bend degree Dr. wanted.

Problem is that the damage to my quad muscles caused by the manipulation causes so much pain that the PT guy can't take advantage of the manipulation to get desired bend degrees. My questions is: how long before the scar tissue will come back. Do I have time to let quads heal so I can then get to the 120 degrees the manipulation supposedly got me or will scar tissue have already set in.


I have fistula from colon to bladder and vagina and frequent impacted colon and multiple diverticuli in sigmoid colon (MRI). It took so long to get diagnosed that I spent all my savings and was too sick to work full time so lost my health insurance. I've had continuous infection in urinary tract, sometimes kidney.

I can't qualify for any social service programs either, and can't get better so soon will be evicted and nowhere to go. How come if I were an illegal I could get free health care, but I paid my taxes and took care of myself for 30 years since my divorce, but now am left to die with no help?


I have been diagnosed with cancer three times in the abdomen (Lymphoma). I have had three chemo regimens and one whole month of radiation. In October I had to have my gallbladder removed.

Since then, I have had intense abdominal pain that is controlled pretty well with pain meds. I know there is scar tissue in there. What is the best remedy for removing the scar tissue?


@Post# 30: I am a cancer survivor of cancer to the head and neck. Unfortunately I did have cancer in my esophagus and tongue which I received radiation daily for three months straight and chemo twice. The second round of chemo is what got me and I went through what you went through. Like you, I thought there was nothing that I could do.

Eventually, it actually got better where I could eat most regular foods and stuff but never without something to wash it down with at the same time I'm swallowing.

I had treatment in 2002, and it was about a year afterward that I started to be able to eat stuff like meat, bread, whole foods, etc. And I had totally thought it would be like that forever. It has gradually gotten better (very slowly) and I don't get choked as often any more. What's important that my doctors never told me is that I didn't have to go through all that.

I had been told by doctors that my esophagus was twisted from convulsions and the radiation (or something like that) and there was nothing that I could do. But I found out my recent girlfriend's dad (who'd never had cancer) had the same problems swallowing and was able to have simple outpatient surgery to fix it. He had a hernia in his esophagus.

So I went to a gastroenterologist last year, who sent me to the hospital to get a barium swallow (x-ray which shows your internal organs in the swallowing process) and was told a few days later that the years I spent gagging and throwing up from choking and not being able to enjoy regular meals wasn't because of any condition -- I just had a hernia in my esophagus. I'm going to the doctor this morning to schedule surgery to fix it. You should check it out.


My sister is 41 and she has had six surgeries on her abdominal area, two due to endometriosis. The last time they opened her up they said her abdomen is so full of scar tissue they can no longer see most of her organs just part of her bladder, stomach and small pieces of her intestines. Does anyone know of a doctor who can help with severe scar tissue?


Three months ago I had a bunionectomy and the screw will remain in my foot. I thought I was doing pretty good with my exercises until I saw my doctor just the other day and he told me my toe is too stiff. I should have a lot more flexibility.

He told me to force the flexibility and do it more frequently to work through the scar tissue. Has anyone had a similar procedure? Did you regain your flexibility? It's so depressing not to be able to bend your toe downward or upward at 100 percent.

I think I’m about at 40/50 percent flexing upward, but downward not so good. Any suggestions out there?


I am 22 years old and I have had two c-sections and my gallbladder removed within a year or two. I ended up with severe nausea and vomiting and pain.

I was rushed to the hospital to find that I had excess scar tissue from the bottom of my uterus going up. It entwined itself around and through my intestines. My intestines were blocked off and bound together and the scar tissue had caused a hernia to form in my intestines. I had to have emergency surgery of course to remove it. But all of this simply because I had a c-section.


I'm 18, i had a biopsy surgery performed on my left thigh, they concluded it was a haemangioma but later said it was an internal scar tissue and that there was nothing i could do about it. Three years later i am now suffering severe pains if i sit for anything more than an hour and struggle walking. is there any idea you can give on how to reduce the pains and the scar tissue?


I'm a 35 year old diabetic who gives injections in my stomach. I swap from stomach to legs to arms, but over the last three years, I've gained two lumps in my stomach. And, while I'm a slender person, I have these two protruding sections on my stomach. Could this be scar tissue and is there any procedure to reduce these sections?


to anon106334: I recently suffered a bullet wound to the bicep and I think I know what you are talking about. The actual muscle itself is broken and has become scar tissue. Unfortunately, I do not know the solution to the problem either.


i had a c-section three years ago and i have noticed a lump right where i was cut at. sometimes it hurts and at times i feels as if someone is stabbing me with a knife. is this a form of scar tissue that needs to be removed? i am afraid of bad news and i don't like doctors but i can't take the pain any more so what should i do


I have had open heart surgery six months ago with six bypasses. i have been told four grafts have blocked up with scar tissue. can anyone explain why?


how do i get rid of scar tissue that was caused by impact? because a while ago i was hit in the right bicep and now there is a visible cut when i flex it and i feel as though my right arm is weaker than my left.


To anon58698: Talk to your doctor about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It does wonders for wounds that will not heal. Good luck.


I am 55 and had a hip replacement six years ago. Can anyone tell me if the scar tissue from this surgery (internal scar tissue) can cause problems with my intestines.


Please, someone answer me. Last week I had my gallbladder removed the doctor said there was a lot of build up of scar tissue on it.

My question is this. I have had more than my share of abdominal surgeries -- eight to be exact -- maybe nine. I have had problems with constipation. I am wondering if there is more scar tissue in my intestines, and if there is a non-invasive teat to figure this out! Please answer!


To the folks who have had TKRs and have scar tissue issues, I'm 54, and have had both knees replaced.

I am a scar-former of the highest order, unfortunately. I managed to work through the pain and scar tissue with the first knee, but the second one was another story. I went to physio and massage therapy several times a week, in addition to doing physio at home a lot. I ended up having a manipulation to tear the scar tissue on the second knee.

Two weeks after the manipulation, I knew it wasn't working. Several months later I had a revision. The doc said he took out a half pound of scar tissue from my knee. I've been working like a mad fool for the past three weeks since the revision, and can feel the scar tissue reforming. I'm taking whatever I need to for pain management without being over-medicated, and pushing through the pain.

The scar tissue makes it a challenge to get the leg completely extended, so the doc said for the next several weeks I need to really push it hard to beat the scar tissue, or otherwise I'll have to have it re-opened, the scar tissue carved out yet again and a new prosthesis put in. Not exactly something high on my hit parade, so I'm doing everything I can to avoid it.

So, there is something that can be done about scar tissue, as in cutting it out, but know that it will re-grow, so you have to work like crazy to keep the joint moving. In the long run, it's worth it, but it sure isn't a walk in the park. Best of luck!


to - anon60896, 24: Long-term exposure to toxins and pollutants such as silica dust and asbestos, dust, animal droppings, molds can also damage the lungs.

Also, it's radiation therapy that increases the possibility of scar tissue formation. Medications can (and chemotherapy, heart drugs, psychiatric medications and even some antibiotics), but they are unlikely to cause permanent damage unless you have underlying lung disorders.


I broke my left fibula in December of last year and am having trouble getting it to heal. They say now that surgery is way more risky for me than no surgery, and that there is scar tissue now where the break is, and that's what's holding it back from healing.

Someone recommended some enzymes for me to help break down the scar tissue, and I was wondering if anyone else had used something like that, and if there was any success? The enzymes are Vitalzym or Protocol. Anyone hear of this?


I have found a real solution for scar tissue Three years ago I had back fusion and had scar tissue restricting most movement.

I found a physiotherapist in Brampton, Mississauga, at Lifemark who practices Deep Muscle Tissue Stimulation. It involves thin long needles that penetrate into the deepest muscles, into the scar tissue, and train the scar tissue to heal in a manner that structurally mimics your normal muscles.

After surgery, one side of my back was atrophic, and after six months of treatment, once a week. The treatment is so effective, I rarely require over-the-counter medicine, and have passed Canadian Forces medical exams. Before surgery, I never dreamed of being able to run again, now I'm running and working out five times a week. Please take my example into deep consideration, it's the only way to remodel your scar tissue. Laurie


in response to 75884, I also had a total knee plus had to have a manipulation, plus more physical therapy. My doctor wants to go in and try to remove the scar tissue. I went to get a second opinion. I was told to wait a year (which is Aug) because infection is possible nine out of 10 times. He suggested if I can put up with it the way it is, not to have the surgery. So I am in limbo.


I had a total knee replacement in February and my knee had severe pain and i had a manipulation done in March. The surgery went well but the scar tissue had formed so my knee only bends 80 degrees. so after the manipulation i had 120 for a week. now it's the same thing so my doctor said i would have to live with the limp.

i will start an intense pt program to get more motion. hope it will work. anyone else please let me know is there hope? thank you.


I'm a 43 year old female who had bypass surgery in 2007 and also I have nine stents in my heart. After my last stent that was placed in my heart, my heart surgeon was telling me I have two more blockages in my older stents and due to scar tissue, the doctor said that he cannot unblock the older stents that are in my heart. Please, what would you suggest?


I have had cancer twice, but not throat or esophagus cancer. I have had radiation twice and chemo once.

As a result of the radiation and chemo (the chemo made me throw up so much the acid burnt my esophagus) which has left so much scar tissue in my esophagus that I cannot swallow solids any more. I have been on liquid for some time. The doctors say there is nothing they can do for me.

And now I live in wonderment of how the rest of my life will play out. Is there any hope for me because if not I have no idea how I will live the rest of my life.


i had a knee replacement in November, and since then i have had two manipulations, due to scar tissue. Now there appears to be difficulty straightening the knee area. So now a third manipulation is in progress.

Afterward, I am to remain in a leg brace for one week. My concern is during this one week period the scar tissue will return, since i harbor the stuff rapidly. It appears that I am going right back to the drawing board, starting all over again with therapy.

Has anybody gone through similar situations?


I recently had knee surgery - 1.5 months ago - and am currently going through physical therapy. Scar tissue has built up in the knee so badly that I am unable to bend the knee more than 85 degrees without pain.

I am being told that the best treatment for this is to have the PTs physically bend the knee - which is extremely painful. I have been through nine PT sessions where they bend my knee each time and I have yet to see any progress in decreasing the size of the lumps in the knee or an increase in the range of motion.

Can anyone provide any suggestions as this condition, I am told, is very rare?


i had surgery in 2005 for a ruptured appendix and now have very hard scar tissue around the wound and it has made almost my whole abdomen hard as a rock. has anyone have anything like this?


My wife must have daily lovenox injections in the abdomen. Small knots have formed under the skin. Can these be removed?


My son had his spleen removed and now has serious scar tissue in abdominal area. can he have laparoscopic surgery to remove it?


My doctor told me that I have scar tissue in my lungs. What would cause this? I stopped smoking seven years ago because I wanted to improve my health. I was also told that I have COPD.


I had bilateral mastectomy four months ago. The left side became infected with staff a week later. They re-operated to clean out the infection, I had a wound-vac for 10 days to speed up the healing. I am beginning to think it will never heal!

There is a lot of hard areas. I cannot begin my re-construction until it heals. If there is anything i can do to help it heal would someone please enlighten me!


I had an operation for a uterine prolapse. While repairing this, my doctor found quite a lot of scar tissue! The surgery lasted six hours! He said that it was caused from the partial hysterectomy that I had in 1983. I suffered all those years with pain from this scar tissue. Thank God I found such a wonderful doctor.


I'm 16 and i frequently work out in the gym. i had a stupid accident benching where my friend made me laugh and my shoulder subluxated and my bicep tendon was torn out of the groove in my shoulder. (no skin was broken) I had a nasty bruise for a while and attended several doctors to only be told nothing can be done but physical therapy.

i went for three months and that was a year ago. about six months after the injury i built up a lump of what i assume is scar tissue in between my pectoralis minor and bicep brachii. it prevents me from a lot -- one stretch being bringing my arm across my chest to stress tricep. (i just can't do it. that lump there like doesn't let my arm close) and it is very painful. i went all the way through swim season already and didn't really hurt. but now in wrestling it is killing me. i read so many articles on how to dissolve scar tissue. one thing i found worked for people was castor oil deep tissue massages. i've been doing that and i'ts just hurting more. please if anyone has any advice i'd gladly try anything.


Bluezs (#9): I also had a fusion and scar tissue was laid down so thick it is pressing on my spinal cord causing pain down my legs. I tried four times to have a stimulator implant but the doctor said they could not get through he scar tissue. Each talked they took 3-6 hours trying (usually a 1-2 hour max procedure!)

They would just try to get it in a place that might help. But, each time they tried to turn it on pain went to another part of the body than it was supposed to and was very painful!

It is thought the cord was twisted slightly after the fusion when the scar tissue "glued it there" so stimulation went to a different place. We gave up when it was felt the trials were causing even more scarring and pain.

I have been questioning doctors for years about scarring problems. It seems everywhere in my body they find scar tissue -- in places I don't remember an injury or surgery also! None seem to even care!

A naturopathic college and one other doctor spoke of "autoimmune disease," where the body goes into overdrive repairing (laying down scar tissue) where there is and is not injury. It becomes hyper, thus gluing down organs, squeezing on nerves etc. But they stop there.

I spoke to the Laser institute (on the web) and they know of scarring very well. They said with some people (without autoimmune problems) they can remove the tissue with very limited injury that would cause more scarring.

All might want to contact them. You send them your MRI's & med charts by mail and they will determine if you are a candidate for the surgery before you fly to Florida and waste your money (where they are).

For those with autoimmune, I am waiting for a good doctor who cares also!


I have had multiple abdominal surgeries -- too many to count -- double digits and this last one I'm hoping is my last has left one of my scars with a thickness and that in turn has pulled my upper abdominal area like a severe pulled muscle. It is quite painful, but I am hopeful that with time and normal stretching it will work itself out. if not I think I am looking at laparoscopic surgery to free up the scar from the abdominal wall. I finally found the best doctor. I had been to the best of New York City yet found this foctor who was beyond words and although I still have problems gave me my life back Dr. McCain in Hackensack Med Ctr NJ. thank you for listening.


Hi i had a gall bladder surgery in 05 and they tried a lap first that did not work. prior to that i had an ileostomy surgery over 25 years ago. And i don't know what what they did because i have been to lots of doctors but have not found the right one yet. i need a doctor like doctor house. if any one knows a great compassionate doctor willing to take a chance on me. i have no quality of life. i haven't for the past three years. i sit on a couch and can hardly stand up because it's all in my abdomen and lower back pain. And it's severe. In 01 I had a partial hysterectomy and have lots of scar tissue. I'm living every day of my life and not knowing how much more i can take. This is a tough one. is any one in my boat who can help me please? I need help right away. we don't know where to turn to anymore. thanks so much. hope i hear from someone. oh --i also had 200 hundred stones in my gall bladder and one in the bile duct so at that time my amylase and lipase levels would be really high and i would have to be admitted to hospital back then but even though i have ended up also from the 01 surgery hysterectomy surgery with a fistula on my belly because the wound wouldn't close on it's own. now i live with nausea and swelling and pain every day. i can hardly stand up. i also was told i have crohn's disease and the small bowel was inflamed somewhat. I'm really needing a good doctor who's going to be willing to sort all this out. Please i'm ready to go on tv with this story. i ca'nt even live. it's awful. i don't leave my house at all. Thanks again. i hope there's help in this world. Deneen


I had a ruptured appendix not discovered immediately which led to scar tissue and abscesses. The scar tissue is where the small intestine meets the large, where the appendix was, and causes constipation from hell. I've used castor oil topically and hope this will help.


I had a hysterectomy done with laparoscopic surgery. The main scar is starting to hurt and feels like it goes all the way to my back side. I'm wondering if the scar has grown onto another organ, or what. I can only guess. Exercise seems to make it worse, but I need to exercise.


I had four surgeries almost back to back. on different parts of the body, all intestinal. I have had pain since. There's knots feeling like rocks as big as a golf balls. You can exactly feel them they are so painful. I have no insurance and can't get not one person to help me. Life is not worth living with pain every day of your life. I hope and pray that one day someone or somebody will help me.


I had my gallbladder removed 15 months ago. I am experiencing pain on and around my scar. I am a fairly healthy person. I made it a priority to stay healthy prior to my operation and after. The scars on my abdomen healed quite fast. It feels like there's a ball in/on my upper abdomen. It hasn't gotten any smaller. Is there anything I can do beside taking meds. to lessen the pain.


I had emergency lower back surgery 8 years ago and have lived in constant pain ever since. I have had several MRI's and been told I have a lot of scar tissue and arthritis around the area. I was told there was nothing can be done about the scar tissue or the arthritis. Is there a way to dissolve the scar tissue or get rid of it?


I had a c-section eight years ago. I have excruciating pain at least three times a month. i've been to three different hospitals. no one can tell me what it is. i went to uch hospital and they admitted to making my situation worse by putting me on birth control pills. is this supposed to be normal? There is a tight knot in the mid section of my stomach. no one can tell me what it is. is surgery possible?


I had my gallbladder removed and am now experincing pain in the upper right side of my abdomian. I'm also having problems breathing especially when laying on my right side. I also stay conspiated a lot. Could this be caused by scar tissue build up? My gallbladder was removed nine years ago.


I recently had a hysterectomy. After the surgery the doctor wanted to know what type of surgery I had on my left lower abdomen. I assured him there had been no surgeries in that area and asked why he was so insistant on it. I was informed there was a lot of internal scar tissue and he thought is was from an unreported surgery. He dropped the issue and so did I until I found this site. Should I follow up on it to see if I need to do anything about it?


I have had 3 surgeries to my lower back: ie laminectomy and two fusions. The last was Jan. 08. I have been pain free until two weeks ago. After a recent MRI I was told my severe pain must be due to scar tissue and I have been recommended to have a spinal stimulator implanted. Are there other options like having the scar tissue removed or anything else?


i have bad discomfort due to scar tissue on my abdomen due to two major operations where the scar was twice cut.

i continuously visit my gp but nobody has an answer for me


Years after being shot by a sawed off shotgun. I live with the constant pain to my stomach. 2 to 4 tylenol or advils or aleve or asprin a day. never realized until now what caused the pain. i notice after feeling around my old wounds where the pain's coming from. now i'm headed to the doctor. I just happened to stumble upon this website.


I had a lump on my thumb bout the size of a pea once and it was a build up of something on my tendon, from overuse. My doc just told me to squeeze it real hard and it worked. It popped and then was gone. Can't think of the name of it for the life of me. Only try this if it is on your tendon if it's not there then not sure what it is.

Person with the knee problems, sounds like your replacement joint is grinding to me. Had my hip replaced and it didn't make any noise at first, but it's been 4 years now and it's starting to grind. With these replacement parts they give there are certain guidelines you must follow for them to last and if you do anything your not suppose to it will cause problems. Not saying you did this but also the doc could have used a cheap one and that may be the cause. I had a good doc and he gave me the best they had. I also saw where there was a lawsuit going on for a certain brand of the replacement knees and hips. Look up class action lawsuits for knee joints replacement on google and you should be able to find it. Hope this helped some one.


i have a painful lump, the size of a pea in my thumb. Is this normal after surgery to remove what at first was a cyst? How long will it hang around?


I had a total knee replacement six months ago. The only problem I have is my knee crunches and pops when I stand up and is painful. Could that be from scar tissue?


I had a knee replacement 6 years ago, after 6 months of recovery I had extreme pain and my doctor said I had to have a knee replacement revision. Well I had that done and another year went by and my doctors said I would have to have another revision. During my second and third surgeries on my knee the doctor removed a lot of scar tissue also. Today, approx. 2 years later, my knee has no strength in standing up or sitting myself down. It makes a loud scratching sound when it's bending. Is this a result from scar tissue?


i have a question regarding scar tissue. i am twenty five and had 7 surgeries on my abdominal are i have a lot of scar tissue. is there a surgery that can remove it?

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    • Internal scar tissue may be caused from sporting accidents.
      By: Maxisport
      Internal scar tissue may be caused from sporting accidents.
    • A doctor may order an ultrasound to check for adhesions.
      By: poco_bw
      A doctor may order an ultrasound to check for adhesions.
    • Scar tissue forms inside because of surgery or injury to the body.
      By: praisaeng
      Scar tissue forms inside because of surgery or injury to the body.
    • Internal scar tissue can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome.
      By: joshya
      Internal scar tissue can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome.
    • Adhesions caused by pelvic inflammatory disease can result in severe pain and fertility issues.
      By: joshya
      Adhesions caused by pelvic inflammatory disease can result in severe pain and fertility issues.