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What is the Ideal Weight for my Height?

Finding your ideal weight for your height involves considering BMI, body composition, and personal health goals. It's not a one-size-fits-all number. Visual guides and charts can help, but individual factors are key. Curious about what's right for you? Let's dive deeper into understanding your body's unique needs and how to achieve a healthy balance. Ready to explore your ideal weight journey?
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Calculating ideal weight for height is one way of determining whether one is over or underweight. This method also takes into account the frame size of a person. So for example, frame might be calculated by measuring the distance between the sides of the right elbow when the arm is extended in front of the chest, and the elbow bends so the forearm is parallel to the body.

A medium frame measurement of this type would be 2.75 to 3 inches (6.98-7.62 cm) in a man that is 68 to 71 inches (1.72 -1.8m) tall. In a woman that is 64-67 inches (1.62-1.7m) tall, medium frame measurement of the elbow would be between 2.25 to 2.5 inches (5.71-6.35cm).

A doctor can determine the ideal weight for a patient.
A doctor can determine the ideal weight for a patient.

The ideal weight of a medium frame woman measuring 64-67 inches is between 124-147 pounds. This leads to a lot of variance in what would be considered an ideal weight. Some people simply state that for women, 5 pounds (2.26 kg) over 100 pounds (45.39kg) should be accorded for every inch over 5 feet (1.52 m). So a woman who is 5’2”(1.57m) has an ideal weight of 110 pounds (49.89 kg).

In this model, men are allowed one to two pounds more (.45-.90kg) per inch than women, given that their frames are generally larger. This is a fairly good way to get a quick estimate of ideal weight for height.

A person's weight can fluctuate day by day.
A person's weight can fluctuate day by day.

People who exercise and are physically fit tend to have more lean muscle mass and lower levels of fat tissue than people who are not physically fit. Muscle tissue weighs more, and this does not necessarily affect the actual frame of the person. In order to get an ideal weight for height, one may need to do a body fat composition test to more accurately measure the good tissue “muscle” versus the “bad” fat tissue.

Muscle mass has more weight than an equal volume of fat tissue.
Muscle mass has more weight than an equal volume of fat tissue.

Fit people tend to weigh more than the simple height/weight comparison allows, particularly if they are muscle-bound. So it would not be unusual for our woman above who is 5’2” to weigh more than 110 pounds and still be at an ideal weight. Individual variations are going to affect ideal weight figures for each person.

A good personal trainer, nutritionist, or doctor can help one analyze ideal weight from several complex tables, rather than from simple weight to height ratio. The results may suggest weight loss is in order, or provide the person wishing to lose weight with a pleasant surprise about their current weight.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent TheHealthBoard contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent TheHealthBoard contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Discussion Comments


I'm 12 and I'm 60 kilos. i want to lose weight, but people say I'm not fat-- they're just trying not to make me feel bad. I want some foods or something to help me get to 42. i don't care. i don't want to be called fat in high school. I need help.


For all those who think that 5ft 3 and 110lbs is too little, well, it's not because i have close to 10 percent body fat and i eat more than literally everyone in my family except my dad and uncle. and By the way, i want to lose about 10-15 pounds. Will you help me?


Formula for ideal weight= height - 100

For example: your height is 165cms

= 165 - 100 = 65 kgs should be your weight. This formula can be used by people over 16 years old because our height genes stop after 16.


I am 16, 5'7, and 234 lbs. i am very ashamed of my weight, and i wish i could get it off. i don't believe i eat any more than skinny people do, and i play volleyball and softball, and i am still fat!


I am 14 years old and i am 6'3" i weigh about 290. I am working out because im part of a football team and i was just wondering what i should get my weight to?


i am 16 and about 5'9"-6'0. i weigh 87 kilos (191.4 pounds), but the only fat is sort of around my legs and some on buttocks, but my whole upper body is toned and muscular. i play NFL here in Australia and i do have a lot of muscle in my legs but some fat too/ i guess this is normal for me because im a huge person, am i right?


I am 13 years old i am 5 feet and 3 inches. i weigh 112 lbs and i lost eight lbs in one year. I would like to lose 9 more lbs this year. I play tennis, run a mile every day, and i ice skate. My friends weigh less than me. How can i get thinner?


am 15 and am 7 stone. i would like to lose weight for me to feel good about myself.


I'm 14 and weigh roughly about 230 pounds. I'm 5"8 and visiting my doctor on friday. i feel like everyone takes one look at me and thinks, "Eeww. she's big and fat." I've never had a boyfriend and the person i have a crush on is embarrassed by me. what should i do? i feel depressed.


I am 12 years old and i am 11 stone. i am an average height of a 12 year old 5 foot i think? but do i need to lose weight?


i am only 9 years old. I'm a boy and my height is 150. how much should i weigh?


I'm only 14 years old and 5'3 I weigh 41kg but am I too fat? Because my thighs are sort of fat-ish so do I need to lose weight?


I'm 13 yrs old 5"3 and 114 pounds. I'm overweight but don't know how to lose it.


I'm a girl i am 5'2' and i weigh about 160. how do you lose it. i know I'm overweight and it's hard to feel pretty. Am i healthy at this weight?


Now before i ask this i know I'm not supposed to be worrying about my weight, but it's more than that. i want to be healthy and feel beautiful on the inside. I'm 11 years old, 5 feet and 6 inches and weigh 130 pounds. I'm very athletic. I play softball all through the year, about five hours a week in the summer/spring and three hours a week in the winter. I also eat healthy.

Is this a healthy weight for my height and exercise habits? People tell me that I'm too skinny. Am I?


I'm 13 and I am 5'3 and weigh 109. i feel like i should not really lose weight but just turn it into muscle. do you agree?


I'm a 15 year old girl. I'm 5'7 and i weigh 82kg.

It's hard for me to lose weight. and it's not as if i sit at home stuffing my face. I eat a normal, healthy diet and exercise five times a week. I go on my exercise bike daily, but I'm not getting any thinner.


If somebody wants to know if some weight is good for your height, we'll only know for sure, according to written text, if you're over 18.


I'm 14, weigh 128 pounds and I'm 5'4. Is that normal?


I'm here to encourage all you girls and guys (if there are any)!! I say you should love your body no matter how it looks, because everyone is different!

Look at me, as an example! I'm 5'7", and I weigh 120 lbs. I say my tummy is a bit big, but I still don't care and just go on eating my healthy foods! And then my friends, Sarah and Emma (twins) are around 4'11" ish and they are around 80-90 lbs or so (or at least that's what it looks like) and they don't care if they might look underweight, because they know for a fact that they are healthy, and they go on eating their healthy foods and playing soccer, with the occasional candy bar of course.

So c'mon girls! Love your body the way it is!


I'm 5"5" and weigh 110 pounds. is it ideal for me in high school. I'm the shortest in my class.


I have problems with my body. Sometimes I wish I could change my body with someone beautiful. On November 4th, I checked and I was 109 pounds and I'm only 5 feet. Is this bad? I don’t know.

I know from that time and today I lost pounds due to the fact I starved myself to stay “skinny.” I know this is wrongdoing and it is a sin but I do not like to get hurt.

It’s bad enough I have acne, scars, etc; I don’t want to be overweight too. I happen to be lazy. Very, but it’s not easy to get off your lazy butt and start burning calories. These weight issues are increasing. Okay I might have over exaggerated it but I do just a little. Maybe a small portion of the day. Eight hours in school gives me enough time to focus on my work and not food.

Two or three minutes of trying to get to class is quite an exercise since there's hallway jams. My friends know about this and they are against it. I do love them but this isn't about them, it's about me. How can I accept others if I can't accept my own body? Real classic. As much as I hate seeing myself in the mirror, I see no difference. Maybe it's me who can’t see the “beauty” everyone tells me. Or I never could make an accomplishment.


Why do people comment on how awesome they look? It's a bit strange. Hot or Not is another website.


I am a 16 years old girl and I'm am 6ft and 1 inch tall. What should be my ideal body weight?


I'm 14 and I'm 5'1 and 146 pounds. i know I'm overweight. any comments?


I'm a fourteen year old girl soon will turn fifteen. I'm 86 pounds and have a height of 5'4. I really do feel my body is ideal. I mean, many people look at me as if I'm too thin but the truth is that I'm just fine.

My doctor says everybody is different and my metabolism works really fast and that's why I'm so thin. The reason why many girl diss me with my thinness is only because how jealous they are.

I love my body I have a great figure, my waist also very tiny (57cm). I don't mean to sound arrogant but have you seen victoria secret models? I mean, except for my height, my body looks just like one of those girls. What I would like to have bigger is my breast. I'm not flat but I would like a b cup. Well, my mom says not to worry because they grow with the age.

I'm just 14 so I guess they'll grow in a few years. for the rest of the girls, let me tell you you are all beautiful no matter what body you have, and probably many of you might think that I'm anorexic because of my weight but I'm not. I actually eat a lot!

Everyone at school is amazed at how much I eat and do not have a single ounce of fat in my body. Girls, do not get all worried because of your bodies. people love us because of what we have in the inside and god made us all beautiful no matter if we are skinny or fat, tall or short.


I'm 15 years old. My height is 1.58m. My weight is 44kg.

what is the ideal height and weight for my age?


I'm 6'5 1/2 feet tall and I weight about 200 lbs. I see myself a bit chubby. do you think I'm OK? I'm also 16 years old.


I'm 14 and my weight is 53 kgs and my height is 164cm. what is my desirable weight?


i am a 17 year old girl. my height is 5 feet 7 inches. What is the appropriate weight for my height?


I am 24. My height is 5 feet 5 inches and weight is 71.8 kgs. I go for walks daily and exercise daily in the gym for one hour. still my weight is not reducing. I am not in the least bit fat. I used to weigh 60 kgs and once 54 too, but look as if i weigh 60. My exercise regime has continued for the last five years. I don't understand the weight mystery. Is it abnormal?

According to my BMI also i am overweight but where is the weight stored? please help.


I am 5'7" and weigh 70kg. I am a male, and a vegetarian I feel rather healthy, but some people say I'm a bit fat?


I am 12 years old. I weigh 30 kgs and I'm 145cm tall. Am I underweight?


The sad truth here is not about weight, but about how thought has been conditioned to see what is normal. Our media teaches us how we should look. We're taught to base our needs on the outside verses what is inside of us.

Girls, your questions represent a part of you on the inside that needs healing. Your weight has nothing to do with the issue that you are really struggling with. Look inside. Loving the Self for who you are brings forth self acceptance and frees you of your own suffering.

So, go ahead and free yourself by changing the thought. How you choose to see what is beautiful and what isn't. We're all beautiful and so are you. You can't see that until you move out of your own way. So do that. Empower yourself, not the media that lies to you.


i am 24 years old. My height is 5'3. I want to know what is the ideal weight for my height and age?


I am 12 years old and i am 147 cm tall. I weigh 4 and a half stone and really worried i am underweight.


i am 10 and i weigh 105 pounds and my height is 5'1. is this normal?


You are 12-15 years old and worrying about your weight. just relax. most of you are super thin anyway. I don't understand why people obsess over weight unless you are obese. you are fine as long as you are healthy.

I'm 19, 5'6 and I weigh 135-140 pounds and I love my body. I'm not overweight but I'm still curvy and I love it. Some of you complain you have no breasts. Well it's because you're stick thin, I didn't get my breasts until I started gaining some weight in high school.

Anyway, it makes me sad when young girls obsess over weight so much, especially considering the fact my little sister is anorexic. You're perfect just the way you are. there's no ideal weight.


i am 13 years old. i weigh 119 pounds and I'm 5'4." i feel fat. every one says I'm skinny and healthy. But i feel fat. I do track, soccer, and softball. I'm always outside playing. I eat healthy and my doctor says my weight is perfect. i just don't believe her. please help!


i am 5'3" i think, and 115 pounds. I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm not sure if i need to lose weight or not. what is the right weight to be at my age?


I am 13 and 5'1" and i weigh about 92 pounds. I feel like I look very fat but everyone tells me i'm too skinny because you can see a lot of my bones (hips, ribs, etc.)


My age is 26, and my height is 5'4 and my weight is 65 kgs. can you please tell me how much I should weigh?


So i am 14 i weigh 115 pounds and I'm 5'4. i know that's not overweight but i feel really fat. What can i do?


I'm 14 and weigh 86 pounds and a height of 5'2. is this really underweight or just slightly underweight?


am 17years old and am 5 feet and weigh 7 stone and wanted to know if am fat because i think i am. i can't stand being a bit meaty. I want to be a size zero. is that normal?


i weigh 141 and I'm 14. i think I'm chunky but I'm not really sure.


I am 12 years old, and 170cm tall. I weigh 51kg. I know its too little, but what is the correct weight for me? How can I gain weight?


I am 16 and I am 176 pounds (12 stone and 9 pounds.) I have just been on a website which told me what my ideal weight should be and I am supposed to be 137 pounds(9 stone 11 pounds).

I know I am overweight but I have a bloody long way to go to go to lose that amount of weight!


i am a nearly 15 year old girl, and 5'3.

I now weigh 110 lbs and i am so much happier now than seven months ago when i weighed about 95 lbs. I am still recovering from an eating disorder, but please, please, i beg you don't go down the route i did. it controls everything you do and makes your life a living hell, and yes i still have bad days but i am a lot happier now I'm a normal weight.


I personally think I am very fat. I weigh 55 kgs and I am 12 years old. My bum is pretty fat but my waist seems O.K.

I don't look 55kgs but I sure do weigh it.


I'm 12 years old and i want to get thin. I am thin but my friends are thinner than me so they also was tease me that i have big butts but they do also and try to hide it. And whenever i walk they stand behind me to check me out and i really hate it!

It's really annoying me and it's really not fair, so what i want to do now is that i want your help that i should get slim thighs and hips and i shall give them a big hit and then i will tease them!

I hate them. Please help me, please i want to get very skinny as my cousin. I was the thinnest but she felt jealous and she made me eat so much that she should get thin and i didn't realize that's what she wants to do. please help me out!


i am a 12 year old girl. i weigh 67 kg and i want to lose my weight. please how can i lose my weight to 47 kgs in a week?


i am 12 and going to be 13 in a week. i am 5'7" and i weigh 118 pounds. i feel so overweight. am i?


I'm 13 years old and in four months I'll be 14 years old. I'm 5'7 and weigh 108 but a couple months ago i was 5'6 and weighed 128. I'm trying to lose weight to 105 but my family is worried that I'll faint or get seriously hurt. I'm seeing a therapist and going to the doctors because i have anorexia which started during the summer of this year. help me, what should i do?


What ever happened to measuring body frame using wrist circumference? If you can take your thumb and middle finger and wrap them around your wrist, if the two fingers overlap you have a small frame, etc. This bent-elbow-parallel-to-the-body thing is just too complicated.

How can someone even have their arm extended in front of them, bent at the elbow, and parallel to the body? A visual aid would have really helped.


I am 14 years old, 111.8 lbs, 5' 8". Am I considered underweight, even though I look and feel rather healthy? Plus, I can never seem to eat enough food. Whenever I eat, I seem to just burn through it. Any tips?

p.s. I'm not starving myself, in fact, I'm trying to put on some weight.


my age is 19 years and i'm 5 feet tall. what should be my ideal weight at this time?


so I'm 14 and I'm 5 foot 7 and i weigh 155. I'm kind of in the middle of a c to d bra size and i think i have a large butt but short legs and a long waist. i looked up my ideal weight and it says I'm overweight. can anyone tell me by my body description if they think I'm overweight?


I'm 12 and am 5'6 i weigh about 108 - 110 pounds. is that a normal weight?


You're all so concerned about your weight! If you feel healthy healthy and energized, you're probably fine! You should be more positive when you look at yourself!


I am 11 years old but I'm already 5 foot 5. i weigh 105-110 and i used to think i was totally fat because my brother always called me so fat and my best friend forever is 5 feet and like 70 pounds (i know its anorexic) but i didn't know that then.

Now just in time for the school year, I don't know why, but i started seeing myself as fit! i wear a 32A bra but that's average for my age and i love my butt. it's round but still tight, and i have great tight abs! i do not have bones sticking out anywhere, just a perfect tight body that i love!

I'm now realizing that my friend's bony body with literally no boobs (she wears a double a) and no butt is almost as bad as being fat. this has given me confidence and now, I'm noticing that guys totally love me and stay away from bony figures like her, but this doesn't mean I'm chunky! and this doesn't mean that its OK to be fat. I'm not the least bit fat. i have a tight body, not bony and i don't think its vain to say my body's perfect.


I am 6 feet 5 and 245 pounds or 20 stone. i have always been a very active person i have had many positive health checks at my doctors so all is well and i do eat a lot of proteins within my diet and i work out a lot at the gym.

also my comments on B.M.I is what a load of crap. everyone knows muscle weighs more than fat so what's the point in having a B.M.I ?? so stupid.


i am 12 and i am. 5 foot 1 inch. and i weigh 96lbs. i am a cheerleader so that is very heavy!


i am 20 yrs old and I'm 5'3 tall. i have lost about 15 pounds all by cardio every day and lots of water. now I'm 98 pounds on an empty stomach. i know it sounds anorexic but i swear it's not. i still have inner thigh fat and lower belly fat i need to lose.

i work out all parts of my body as i am trying to achieve ripped abs and flawless thighs and i am almost there, but i am shocked by the chart there saying my ideal weight should be around 130 pounds! that's like 15 on top of what i weighed when i was heavier. i was chunky. the funny thing is I'm not at my goal yet, so i meant to be even lighter than 98 pounds because i eat healthy -- lots of water, protein and exercise to build muscle. the chart clearly doesn't apply to everyone.


I am 5'4" presently 210 and getting down to 145 which is ideal for me.

When I was 22, I went from a healthy 135 pounds down to my "ideal" weight minus 5lbs = 115.

I stopped menstruating, my hair thinned and I acquired a lot of skin problems. There is no way I ever want to see 120 lbs.


i am 5'4" and i weigh 202 lbs. i just had a baby 10 months ago.


i am a 5'3 girl and i am 13 years old. i weigh 98 pounds but am trying to get it down to my target weight of 86. I've tried starvation and purging to no use. any ideas?


I am a 5'10 and weigh 140 pounds. i feel that I'm very fat.


I am 13 years old. I and 5'3 and I weight around 170. I feel really insecure about it. I've always been fat. I remember being teased in school, and well it hurt.

I never really cared about getting skinny until now. There's this boy, my neighbor and I like him and I want him to like me but I'm not as skinny as him, also my uncle always has made fun of me. And finally I call this quits. I want to stop being fat.

I am currently in vacations. I go back to school in October, so there are four weeks. I am size 13 mt pants and I want to at least lose three or four pounds before I start school again. I want to be skinnier. what could I do?


i am 19 years old. I weigh 65 kg and I'm 5'3. am i fat?


I am 16, I am 5 foot 8 inches tall, and I weigh 107.2 pounds, and my body fat percentage is 15.5. Is this underweight?


I am so willing to lose my weight. i am 15 years old and i am 54 kg (116 pounds). i have tried any diets to lose my weight within a month for an occasion but the diet seems to be opposite for me. When i started the diet i was 54 but after two days, i was 56!

my weight has given me a lot of problems. i am now 54 but it changes in one day! i know this is really shocking but whenever i eat something, even a glass of water, my weight seems to be going up by 1 kg. i find it really weird. please help. what should i do? should i stop eating or something because this diet thing is not working for me at all.


I'm 13 years old and I'm turning 14 in December. I weigh 71kg (150 pounds). i do realize I'm overweight for my age and i have been trying to lose weight for about three weeks now. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I've only lost 0.5kg within 3 weeks.

i am very active and i do eat healthy and not very large portions. i do dancing three times a week and sport two days a week, and i sometimes go for runs or walks with my dogs, but i just don't understand why i am unable to lose weight.

I am trying to lose weight for a special event and just so i can feel good about myself and not always put my self down because i think i can't do anything because I'm fat.

Could you please suggest some ways that would help me lose weight before November and quickly, but not extremely quick but also a healthy way to do it.

Thank you.


i am 13 years old, i am 65 kilos and i am 160 cm tall.

All my friends are so mean to me, and my mother today was also. She's known my wight for a few weeks. i didn't want to tell her, but she saw me. It's private!

And she always makes a fool of me like she always tells me when i tell her I want to diet, she tells me I will gain the weight again, and everyone is mean. I am better on the inside.

And also my cousin and I thought we were fat. she is older than me by five years, but she lost a lot of weight and she is so thin. i am so happy for her. But one day my aunt hurt me by saying to her like she was joking, "You're the thinnest here." And she never tells me. I mean she said it in a bad way. Maybe she didn't mean anything, but i was hurt.

One day, this cousin wanted to tell them that she is this and she told me to let her try to wear my t shirt to convince them that she is as me now and I really got hurt. I was just trying not to let the tears fall, but they fell and right now I am crying from my heart. I need someone to encourage me. Thanks everyone.


i m 18 years old and my height is 5 feet 5 inches my body frame is medium.


I am 12 yrs old. My height is 5'0 and i weight 118 pounds and i think i am fat. i checked on the internet the weight chart thing and i was overweight by 14 pounds. Am i fat and should I lose weight?


i am 5'1" and weigh 131 pounds. i checked my bmi and it's around 24.6, which is like on the border of healthy weight range.

but again some websites say that it also depends on body type.

so i am confused. Can anyone please tell what should be the healthy weight range for my height?


I'm a 14 year old girl and I'm 5'0". i weigh about 105 pounds. is this a healthy weight or not?


I'm 14, I'm about 5'9 and i weigh about 171. is this a healthy weight for my age?


I'm 13 years old and i weigh 110-108 pounds, and my height is 4'9. is this fat?


I'm 14 years old i weigh 125 lbs and i am 5'5" tall. My friends and family say I'm skinny but yet i feel fat. my approx. body fat percentage is 22 percent. is this bad?


So I'm 14. I'm 5 feet 7 inches and my weight is 189 pounds. i used to be 140 lbs but all of a sudden i gained so much weight. I feel really sad and depressed all the time. My friends don't say that I'm fat but my family and cousins make fun of me. Please help me!


@Anon102644: Size is no issue if you want to be a lawyer. I worked with a woman who wasn't even five feet tall and weighed maybe 90 pounds, who went to law school and practiced law. So size is no issue there.

At 13, if you're 5'9, unless something drastic happens, my bet is you won't grow more than a couple more inches, if that. If you were 6'1 already, then 6'4 might be possible, but I doubt it now.

Sure you can be an actress if you're tall. Nicole Kidman comes to mind. She's a tall woman. So's Julia Roberts. Both are in the 5'9-5'10 range.

Models are traditionally tall, and a 34B cup isn't a drawback. Many models are nearly flat-chested, so that shouldn't be a worry, either.

At 125 pounds, you're a healthy weight. You probably weigh more than most models, but that profession looks much more attractive in magazines than it actually is.

One thing about being a lawyer: you'll nearly always have a job.


Hello, I am thirteen years of age and I am 5 feet and 9 inches. I know I'm tall, but I have an issue with my body image. I know. the usual. However I only weigh 125.6 pounds (weird right?). Anyway, I, well I feel like I have small breasts. Since this is anonymous, my size is a B-34. Is that small? I also have this little pudge around my belly button that I am trying to turn into muscle.

My dream is to be a model/actress/lawyer but with my body am i ever going to be a model/actress/Lawyer (those are only the options I want, not all three at once)?

P.S Is 125.6 skinny? (I don't think I am underweight as I don't see my bones creeping out). By the way, what am I to do? As I am told i am to be 6 feet 4 inches?


I am 13 years old and i am 163cm with the weight of 63 kg. am i fat? according to bmi calculator I'm not fat but people go around calling me fat. What do i do?


@anon102222: Your BMI is 19.6, which is solidly in the range of a normal, healthy weight. No, you are not a "fatty." You can look it up online for yourself. So you're a 34C--that's genetics, sweetheart. A C cup is hardly uncommon, and your band size (34) is downright average.

No, you're not a fatty. You're a normal, healthy, average weight. This is a *good* thing.


I am 5 feet like maybe 5in. sometimes 117 or 120 pounds. is this bad? oh and i wear a 34C bra. am i a fatty or not? tell me honestly.


I'm 5ft 8 inches and weigh 8.5 stone (119lbs) What does that mean? Am I overweight or normal?


I am a 13 year old girl. I'm about 5'0" and weighs about 85-90 pounds. I know I am skinny, and people always complain to me that I need to eat and that I am way too skinny, so do you have any ideas how I can gain weight?


I'm 5'5 and 13 years old and i weigh between 115 and 125. Is this a good weight for my height and age? people tell me I'm skinny but i feel fat a lot, so i don't know what to think and stuff.


I'm 22. i weigh 89kg and I'm 5'6 inches in height. am i obese?


I'm 14 and my birthday is the day after tomorrow I'll be 15. I weigh about 126 and I'm 5'2. is that a normal weight? And i feel fat. i have a big gut and don't know how to get rid of it. i know it's okay to have some body fat but i really want a flat tummy.


i'm 13, and i'll be 14 in two weeks, i weigh around 112 lbs. is this weight normal for my age or should i be a lower weight?

i feel fat, and everybody tells me I'm thin but i know i'm not.


I'm a 14 year old boy. My height is 5'2" and i weigh 120 lbs. Is this weight correct ?


I'm 13 years old and I'm 5ft 3. I'm 9 and a half stone. is that ideal for my age?


I'm a 15, almost 16 year old female and I'm 5'6". I weigh 130 pounds and I'm not comfortable at this weight. everyone tells me I'm fine and I'm not fat but i think they just tell me that because i used to be anorexic and there scared i might go back. i had this problem from age 11 to 13 and i have a lot of problems because of it.

for me it never really went away. ever since then i always think I'm fat. So i wish everyone would just be happy with themselves and not obsess over their weight because i don't want anyone to go through this disease anorexia because it's not fun and you can destroy your life.

so don't worry about your weight if you're young -- just enjoy your life.


OK so I'm 14 and will be 15 in a week. I'm about 5ft 1/2 and weight 100-103 pounds. is this weight OK because I'm a varsity cheerleader. I'm a flyer.


@Anon92887: Your Body Mass Index is 20.9, which is absolutely, spot-on normal. You are at a normal, healthy weight. You are *not* fat by anyone's standards. A healthy weight is the weight to strive for.


I'm 16 years old and i weigh 109 pounds and about 5 foot 1. Do you think i should lose some weight? Do you think I'm fat?


I'm 5'5 and my weight is 64 kilograms. tell me something about my weight and am I fat or not or which weight for me is suitable.


i am 4'5 and i am 82 pounds. is that good?


I am 15 almost 16 with a very skinny build if I don't work out. I used to weigh 105 lbs at 5' 7" eight months ago, but now I weigh 130-135 lbs and can do the wrestling pegboard.

My stats are: arm size - 14 inches (keep in mind I only have 5.2 percent body fat, but I eat a lot – 3500 plus calories a day); thighs - 21 inches, forearms - 12.5 inches, calves - 13.5 inches, chest - 38 inches and I have a 6/8 pack (harder to tell last two). Should I work on getting a little bigger? Max squat is 305 and bench is 192.5, max deadlift is 250. Max curl - good form - is 40 lbs; max shoulder press is 65 lbs (each arm). Please tell me if these stats are good ( goal weight is 140).


i am 14. I'm a male and i weigh around 235. I'm 6 feet tall so is this a good weight or should i continue trying to get back to 155?


I'm 5'8'' and my weight is 108 pounds. Can i model?


I'm 5"4 and 110. what is my ideal weight for my height?


Anon88305: I think 130 would be an excellent, healthy weight for your goal. That's well within reach for an active young person, and it's reasonable, as well as achievable. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and continue playing on your sports teams and I predict you'll be at that healthy weight in no time!

One tip: only weigh yourself once a week, on the same day, first thing in the morning, after you go to the bathroom, but before breakfast and before you get dressed. This will give you the most accurate weight, and since a woman's weight can change so much during the course of a month, once a week will give you an accurate record of your progress, without you getting scale-obsessive.

Good luck!


i am a 13 year old girl going on to 14. well i am 5"4 and weigh 175 pounds. i play basketball and softball and I'm going to volleyball. What is the right weight for me since i am really active? the weight i was told seems too skinny, which was 115. What i want to weigh is 130. Is that a good weight for me? Tell me if you have good answers, please. It would help.


i'm 14, almost 15 and I'm 5'5 1/2. I'm wondering what my weight should be???


I'm a 12 year old girl who weighs 134 lbs and I'm 5 ft 3. Am i fat. all my friends say I'm not but please tell me if you think I'm OK and any tips to lose weight. Thanks.


I am a 14 year old girl who is 5'6 and I weigh about 105 pounds. I feel fat, but I know I am one of the thinnest girls in my grade? Am I overweight and what should I do?


I think that it all depends on how your body is shaped and where the weight is balanced. I'm 5'4 and a half and I weight at 115-117 lbs. I think that is ideal weight for my body type and height, as well as all the curves are.

So it shouldn't be based on what height you are to determine what your weight should be. It all depends on your body type. If you're looking to gain weight, eat healthier and a bigger meal throughout the day, if you want to lose weight, exercise and eat healthier and stick to it (no greasy foods).


I too worry about my weight, but one day woke up and even though my doctor keeps telling me to gain weight, I am happy the way I am.

I am 5'5" and I weight between 106 and 110 pounds, depending.

I am going to be 54 years old. All of you worry too much about weight. Wake up before you make the mistakes I did and get yourselves sick. If you are happy, who cares if you weigh 110 or 115 or 120? Love yourself as you are and learn to be happy as you are. That should be enough for anyone.


I'm 6'8" at the age of 18 and I'm 240 pounds. am i overweight?


I'm female, and I'm fifteen sixteen in several months. I'm about 5'4 and i weight 125-130. i feel uncomfortable about my weight. i wan to lose about 10 pounds off my legs and hips. I'm too curvy for a short person.


I am Reena and i am 164.5 cms tall and my weight is 73 kgs. What the ideal weight for my height? I keep trying different diets but nothing ever works for me. Please help!


I'm 16 years old. I'm 5'5. I have a pear body shape. I work out every day for at least 30 minutes. and I currently weigh 160.


I'm 5'2 and weigh 198. how can i lose all that extra weight and how much should i weigh?


The most important gift you will ever be given is your health. For some time, I had disordered eating which developed into a full-blown anorexia athletica. Thankfully, I sought treatment and was helped by a very wise registered dietitian. I also did my emotional work by seeking some counseling.

At age 32, I took a year's leave of absence from my teaching career to study at a local technical college to be a personal trainer. And, I can tell each of you there are four components to physical fitness: cardiorespiratory, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Since muscle weighs more than fat, it's not the number on the bathroom scale that matters. It's your percentage of fat-free mass (bone, ligaments, tendons, muscles, myofascial, water) that indicates how healthy you are.

This can be determined by a qualified fitness professional using the skin calipers technique. Most local YMCA's will do it for about ten dollars. Just remember, it's about total wellness - physical, mental, and spiritual. Each one of us is different.

Be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be, and I promise your life will be better. Stop obsessing about all the other females in the world; live your life and just be healthy.


I'm 5,5 and I weigh 92 pounds, but maybe because I'm younger than most of you. I'm 15 but is that underweight?


@danielle: According to an online BMI calculator, which you can look at yourself, your Body Mass Index is 17.4. This is considered underweight. In fact, you could weigh 8st 3 (115 pounds) and still be considered a normal weight for your height--and well within the normal range.

You do not need to go on a diet. In fact, you probably need to gain about 10 pounds or so just to get to a normal measurement for your BMI. Concentrate on being healthy, not "thin."


my name is Jason. i am about 5 ft 9 inches tall and my weight varies from 57 to 59 kg. i am 17 years of age. What should be my correct weight with respect to my height?


My name is danielle and I'm 12 -- 13 in about two months. Everyone says that I'm really skinny but i don't think i am. i am 7 stone and I'm 5 ft 2 around 5 ft 3. Is this normal and if it isn't any diet ideas? thanks.


OK. I'm 14, 15 in about two months, and I weigh in at about 125-130. I don't feel healthy about my weight. If anyone has an idea for me to lose at least 15-20 pounds, please tell me, I'm starting exercises but I'm afraid they won't help because of my body type, thighs, butt etc. My stomach is fine. Please help! Thank you!


i'm a 14 year old girl and 4 foot 10 and only 85 pounds. i think that's the correct weight for my height.


im 12 5ft 4in and weigh about 143 pounds! I've been exercising for about a month now and still nothing! i feel really bad reading all these comments. i mean to all you chicks that are 15-18 years old and weigh 110-130, you are not fat, so get over yourselves! gosh!

i read one of these with this 17 year old who is 117 pounds and saying she's fat?

i need some tips!


OK. I'm 14, 15 in about two months, and I weigh in at about 125-130. I don't feel healthy about my weight. If anyone has an idea for me to lose at least 15-20 pounds, please tell me, I'm starting exercises but I'm afraid they won't help because of my body type, thighs, butt etc. My stomach is fine. Please help! Thank you!


I am 25 years old and 5'3 I weigh 142 and it's all solid. I have minimal fat on me. I want to know how to drop more weight my ideal would be 135. I am very curvy for being so short. Should I be worried about being overweight? On certain charts I carry my weight as if I were 125. Most of my weight is in my butt and legs. I need some advice on having more slim looking legs other than cardio and pilates.


I have no idea if i am at the right weight. I have recently lost 47 pounds so i now weigh around 113. I am 13 years old and I'm about 5 feet and 5 inch tall. Whenever i look at weight to height charts they say I'm supposed to weigh around 105.

I used to be extremely happy with my weight of 113, but just now i tried to skip dinner. I do not want to be anorexic! I just need reassurance from a teen my age. Parents don't understand the self consciousness of a middle schooler.


I'm 11 (12 soon) and I'm 5'2 and 90 pounds. I swim three times a week for 1 hour and a half so a lot of it is muscle.


I'm 18 years i am 5'0'' and weigh 119 lbs. i feel overweight for my height and weight. i have a nice big round butt. jeans size 5, shirts small. my family and friends think i look perfect but i don't feel comfortable.


i am 21 year old and height 5'7" and my weight is 187lbs, so anyone tell me what is the ideal weight of my height and age?


I'm a 14 year old girl. I have always been called skinny growing up. I am 5'8" and weigh 122-125 pounds. I am starting to get a little uncomfortable about my looks.

I have long arms and legs, but a lot of the other girls in my grade are small and dainty. I play soccer, lacrosse, and basketball, so I'm in o.k. shape but I still want to get in better shape and tone up more. I know it's bad but I kind of want to get down to 115, though it probably won't happen. Anyone post your thoughts on what i should do or if you have any tips.


okay so i weigh 145 and I'm 5'7". i think I'm fat. if you have any suggestions for me to lose at least 15 pounds, please tell me.


I weigh 92 pounds and I am around 5 feet tall- I am 11 years old. It is not that I think I am fat. it is just I see girls so much skinnier than me who weigh more (or at least they say).


I'm 5'3" and i weigh 103. Is that normal?


I'm 22 years old and stands 5'5" and I'm 100 pounds. Most of friends told me that i am thin. I want to know if what is the ideal weight for my height. And can you give me some tips on how to gain weight. It was been very difficult for me to gain weight up to these year. I really need your advice so please respond. Thank you.


I'm 16 male and i am 5 foot 8 and weigh 235.4 lbs and to myself i look fat. what are the most healthy ways to change my weight because i believe that a part of me being fat is in my genes. It doesn't mean I'm not fit because I'm very fit, but my parents are fat. Is there any way to change myself with my genes against me?


i am 14, and i'm 5'3" and weigh 113 lbs. is that good or bad? I have always been self conscious about my weight so please respond. thanks.


I am a 47 year old female, 4'10 in height. My current weight is 180 lbs. Can someone please tell me what the "Real" ideal weight is for me? I have seen some sites that say : 91 to 115 or 88.5 to 119.5 or 108 to 128. Help! I really want to know. I am tired of being the weight I am.


well, I know I sound fat but, I'm a 5'2" 12 year old, who weighs 155. But I don't think I'm horribly fat. If it weren't for my huge boobs, I'd be a medium in tops, as I am a medium in pants. I know my weight is not good for me, and I'm working out, but I wanted to know if my weight is really bad for me.


Okay. Well, I am 14 years old. I am 5'8 and weigh 123-127 pounds. I barely fit into an A Cup. On the other hand, I have a big butt. Girls tell me they wish they had it (yeah, haha. I don't know) but i think it is almost all fat and kind of gets a pear shape around my lower butt and back of my thighs, where my body stores its fat.

Guys in school call me twiggy, which I really don't consider myself at all anymore (I used to be). I guess I'm content with my body minus the fact that I have a pretty flat chest and awkwardly big butt and thighs. I do squats, but they help the front of my thighs which really don't have a problem.

I try to exercise and I eat a lot (mainly healthy foods) but I'm afraid my metabolism is starting to catch up to me. Any suggestions please?


Hello. I am 18 years old, I weigh 145 pounds and my height in Cms in 160 cm. is that normal? Am i overweight?


OK so i am 16 and i am 5 foot 7 inches. I weigh about 145 pounds. I work out about 4-5 hours a day for about 3-4 days a week. am i at a healthy weight or should i lose some weight?


I am 13 and I weigh 135 pounds. Is that normal? Sometimes my friends call me fat. My height is 5'4". I am also considered short compared to my friends so thanks for listening to me!


I am 5'3, 20 years old and I weigh 113 pounds. I really think that all of you people who weigh like 110-115 pounds and think you're fat really should just start working out because it will tone all of your muscles and you'll hopefully even gain a couple of pounds in muscles which makes you look so hot and is completely acceptable! Nothing is more attractive than a confident, toned woman!


I am 13 almost fourteen, and I'm about 5'6''. I weigh around 110 pounds, maybe a little less. Is that overweight?


i am 24 years old and my weight is 55 kilograms and height is 6 ft 2 inch. what is my ideal weight?


I'm a 14 year old girl. I am about 150 pounds and 5'4". I wear a 36'C bra. I have a lot of muscle from being a figure skater.

My boyfriend constantly tells me I'm beautiful and am perfect just the way I am. But I'm getting more and more self conscious all the time. My boyfriend is great and I think he deserves to have someone with a nice body.

I can still see my toes and I am a bit on the chesty side. I always seem to have guys' eyes on me and I am really curvy.

I'm just wondering if this is a healthy weight for me? My boyfriend always tells me I don't have to change because I'm perfect, but I think he's just saying that to spare my feelings. What should I do? Should I try to lose some weight?


I'm 18, female, 5"5 and 115 lbs. my BMI is 19 and I'm happy about it. I don't exercise at all and I eat as much as I want, the difference is what I eat is always healthy. I don't eat very much chocolate and although I do have a weakness for crisps, I don't touch fast food.


Wow. I'm exactly 127, and I'm 5ft 5.5 inches, and according to this I'm at my ideal weight. i will say I'm happy with my body. my jean/shorts size ranges from 3-5 but it just depends. I'm barely a b cup and have no butt, but even when i was 60 pounds heavier last year, i didn't have boobs or a butt, but i have legs lol. All in all, i do feel the need to lose about five pounds or at least tone up.


i'm 17 years old and i'm 5'5 and weigh 103. i eat like crazy. i love food but i do not gain an ounce of weight. i do fluctuate from 101 to 104 but i have never been over 104. i'm in an A cup but i do have a very nice butt. i look healthy and i feel great about my body.


I'm a 17 year old who 5'7. I want to know what my ideal weight is so I can hit it. And I also want to get there by May 29.


Okay I know what half of you are doing. half of you are too skinny and hearing you all say stuff like that makes me feel bad. I’m 5’3 or 5’4 and I’m around 138 to 143 pounds. I’m mixed black and white so I’m thick.

I’m a girl 13 and I wear a 36 c sizes 2 to 7 in pants. my stomach doesn’t go over my toes but people call me fat.

I’ve played sports my whole life. I’m playing softball now and played basketball for four years and softball for three years.

I’m in the healthy range for bmi, 24.0, but people pick on me but hey I get the boys’ attention I’ve had many people say they like my figure and my face but some also say I’m chubby. I just feel insecure. Can you tell me if I’m fat because it’s really stressful and I will tell you this: in gym I can run half a mile, two laps around the track (what we’re supposed to do, by the way) and finish in the top three with short, tiny, tiny girls who also play sports.

I have no idea how to deal with this. I’m curvy too, so does that count? please respond.


I am 46 years old and about 5 feet maybe a little under. I'm trying to lose weight and i have lost a little bit. i'm about 186 pounds right now. What is my ideal weight supposed to be?


Posts no. 94 an 95: According to the National Institutes of Health's online BMI calculator, both of you have a BMI under 18, anything under 18.5 is underweight. Please be careful with your health.


Hello. In reference to anon66126, I am also 5'4, and weigh about 109-110; although, I'm 15 years old. I spoke to my doctor and was able to find out that the ideal weight for a woman who is 5'4 is about 119 pounds. I am underweight. Hope this helped :)


i'm 12 years old. i do modeling so i have to be really skinny. i'm 173 cm and i'm 52 kgs. i'm female and i'm a kiwi (from New zealand). everyone's skinny there so i'm like, kind of fat.


I'm a 15 year old female, about 5'8.5" or 5'9. I weigh about 120 on a bad day, 117 ish normally. My body fat percentage is 15.5 percent. Is this considered average? I want to know if I should consider exercising more and trying to lose some weight.


I'm a bit concerned about my weight. I've always been pretty skinny though. I'm 20 years old and am 5'7, I weigh 93 lbs. How much weight would you say I should gain? Eating more hasn't been helping me, so I've decided to start building some muscle instead.


My name is Adella. I'm 17 years old, 5'11, and 120 pounds. Am i overweight?


I'm a female, height 5-1 and weight 130 and i look great. i look smaller than i really am. People tell me i look more like i weigh 110. i wear a size 3 and 5 in jeans.

Everybody's body is different must of my weight is in my boobs. i wear a 38c and i have a cute butt. i do have a son and before i had him i was 115 and my jeans size were 1 to 3.

so don't beat yourself up over this mess. if you are 5-1 and weigh over 130 that's kind of fat but it might look good on you.


My height is 5.4 and i weigh 171 pounds, but i don't feel good with that. I'm 17 years old and i want to now what my ideal weight is.


How about asking your doctor whether your weight is appropriate for your height and age instead of asking random people via internet. Duh!


male / 21/ height 5"6/ weight 106 -110 is that a problem? am i underweight?


I was doing a body image report for college and think that these comments are ridiculous.

First of all, all of you people commenting on here have unhealthy body images, that is why you found this site anyway. Most of you sound rather goofy, asking questions like "is 115 lbs too much?"

The "sexiest" celebs are always the curvy ones (Beyonce, Shakira, etc.). Now I am not saying being overweight is OK, but we are not supermodels (and a lot of models look physically sick) and depending on body frames there can be huge fluxuation on "healthy".

If you weigh 110 (at any height over 5') and look/feel "fat" then lift some weights, you are probably not toned. be realistic and enjoy life. For the record, I am 24, 5'5, and since I was 17, I have weighed between 125-135, usually about 130. I have a pretty small frame with b to c breasts and nice butt. I look hot in a bathing suit and have always gotten lots of male attention.

I don't look fat at all. I would guess most of you would think I looked great but I would also guess that most of you would think you were *fat* if you had my body. so the verdict is that almost all of you have unhealthy, unrealistic body images, and probably do look too thin, but who cares?

Get off of these websites and enjoy your life and let loose every once in a while. Be proactive, be a part of the solution rather than the problem.


I am 32, am 5 ft 4 in and weigh 150 pounds. However, I wear size four pants - and i've been told that a lot of people forget to take in that great genetic factor, bone density.

It does run in the family, and for my weight I sure can outrun eighteen year olds in the military! ( I used to be in the Navy!)


I'm 16 and i weigh 212 pounds. i am 6'2 and i am kind of fat, but three months ago i weighed 235 pounds and i am now dieting and losing weight. my goal is 185.


i'm a 19 year old girl about 5'7.5" and i weigh somewhere around 125.4 pounds. isn't that great?


I am 13, 5'5'' and weigh around 116 pounds. About two weeks ago I weighed 120 pounds, but I've been trying to lose weight because I feel fat. :( Do you think it would be OK to be 5'5'' and weigh 113 or so pounds?


I'm 5'5, 23 year old female and i weigh 104. is that healthy or underweight?!


Thank goodness for that one comment by Anon50628 about not obsessing over your weight and being careful. I'm 5' 2" and weigh 111.5 but I don't think I should be obsessing over this as much as I have been. I think as long as you eat healthy and get out and exercise as much as you can, you'll be okay.

Just from reading through these comments, I felt extremely fat and overweight and I have no way I can exercise because I have a health condition that prevents it and I barely eat much as it is these days.

Sometimes people need to have a lot more understanding for others as you don't know what someone's situation is. You really don't. Everyone's bodies are different. And no matter what you weigh, God will always love you and so will your friends and family.

I'll still feel fat for a while, but after seeing that comment warning people to be careful, my attitude has greatly changed. People say I'm really skinny, and even though I completely disagree, I'm just going to make sure I eat right and as soon as I can and get the okay from the doctor, to exercise. That's honestly all you should do. You shouldn't get obsessed with it like I was starting to do.

That comment was a wake up call to me. So thank you, whoever you are that posted that.

And to all of you out there, whatever your situation, I pray that everything will be better for you and just know that it will all work out somehow and you are not alone. God is always with you no matter what.

Take care and may God bless you all!


I'm 13 and I'm 5'3. I'm 110 pounds and i have lots of muscle in my legs though, because i play lots of sports but i hate my thighs. does anyone know how i could just lose fat on my thighs?


I am 18, 5" 2' and I weigh 110. A lot of people here around my height have said if they weigh that much they would look emaciated, but that is not true. I am actually quite curvy, with a c cup breast, 26 inch waist and a 36 inch hip. I am very happy with my weight and have been told by my doctor that I have the perfect weight for my body, the range for my height being 96 - 120 pounds.

Perhaps some of you need to take a better look at yourself and really determine if you are overweight or not.


im 12 years old and i weigh 130 pounds and i'm 5 feet 6 inches and i feel really overweight. everybody says that i'm as skinny as a rail or something along those lines.


I'm 22 year old girl and i'm 5'3,'' i weigh 115. is that too much? i feel fat.


i'm 12 years of age and I'm 9 stone. i think i'm overweight what weight should i be? my conformation is coming soon and i want to lose weight before then.


I'm a 17 year old female and I weigh 115 pounds and I'm 5'4. Am I too skinny?


i'm 16 years old. my height is 5'6 and my weight is 38kg.


am a girl 22 years old i weight 53 and my height is 5'3. i do exercising. is my weight suitable healthy with my height or must i increase it? how? Thanks?


I am female. 19 years old. my height 5.3" and weight 52kg. is it OK for me?


i'm 23 years old and about 5'4. i weigh 107. Is that underweight?


i am 14 years old. i either run two miles a night or work out 2-3 times a week with a trainer. and when i don't run or work out it's because i have competition cheerleading.

i am 5'4, 5'5 at the most. i weigh 108. is this an okay weight for someone my age and height? or is it getting unhealthy?


hi i am 13 and weigh 108 and i am 5 8" my bmi is 16.93 and i really feel like i need to have a body mass of 16.45. should i lose some weight?


i'm 16, female and i weigh 7 stone, and my height is 5'5. is this bad?


i'm 13. i'm 5'9'' and i weigh like, 135,

but i have this huge pudge. how do i lose?


i am a 5 foot 7 boy, i am 15 and weigh 158 pounds. am i fat?


I'm a 17 year old female, 5'1 and i weigh 96 pounds. Am I too skinny? help me.


Hi, I'm 5'4" and weigh 151 lbs and go to the gym almost every other day and burn about 500-600 cal. but keep getting muscle instead of losing weight. A lot of my friends tell me i'm not fat, I look normal and I have a curvy body. But whenever I look at those celebrities on t.v. and compare them to me, I'm not even close.

It makes me conscious of myself because i'm not skin and bones. And I know starving yourself doesn't work, It just makes you suffer and crave junk food more. I tried eating healthier but my weight is always the same. I don't know what to do.


please seek help if you feel you are developing any sort of obsession with losing weight or self consciousness. approach the situation with extreme caution. i have suffered with bulimia for three years now. i regret every second of the first time i let it take hold of me. i wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy. i struggle every day of my life just to stay alive and live with looking myself in the mirror. I'm only trying to get the word out and prevent this terrible disorder from getting a grasp on anyone else.


hello. i'm 16 year old female, 5'5 and i weigh 96 lbs. am i too skinny?


Im 5'3.5 and currently weigh 117 pounds. I have an athletic build and was wondering if i can drop down to possibly 111 without having to lose muscle mass. I currently think i look great. :]


im 5'9 female 18 years old and 194 pounds. how much am i overweight? what is the ideal weight at my age and for my height with no exercise?


im a 13 year old girl and im 125" lbs and im 57 inches! people say that's okay but i look a bit fatty! what should i do?


I'm a male weighing 130 pounds at 5'7. Online calculators say I'm in the 'healthy weight zone' (BMI = 20) but I look to be on the skinny side. I think these calculators are broken. I envy those that are overweight- I lose five pounds easily in less than a week but it takes me months just to gain five pounds. -AH


im 13 years old and im about 216 pounds. i am a girl and i don't really look fatty but i know i am. how do i lose weight quickly? i'm really self conscious so please please please help me.


i am 16 weighing 141 and height 5'7 or 5'8. is this good? i recently lost 30 pounds and i still have a lot of body fat. how much more weight should i lose to get a flat stomach? Note: i do workout every other day but it just seems to not be working too well.


i'm 6'4 and i weigh 165-170. i can gain or lose 5 pounds in one day, but i have been told that i am too skinny, but i cannot gain weight. i eat more than anybody i know.

my friends never see me without food.


Im 18 5'5 and weigh 130 pounds is that good or not?


My height is 5'4" and my weight is 164 pounds. I look fatty. How much weight do i have to lose to become a proper body shape.


anon31226 - you stated you are 5'7" and 110- and not underweight- honey your BMI is 17 percent, which is classified as *underweight*- stop fooling yourself. You need to put a few pounds on for your height. Check any BMI Calculator- I just did. Anything under 18 percent is underweight and not healthy.


I'm 13 and i'm 5'2. I was 100 pounds at the beginning of summer and i loved that weight, but I went on vacation and now I'm 110. Everyone says that's the right weight for me and I do feel like I have more of a chest now, but all i can see is my huge thighs and arms. Am I becoming vain?


Thanks for all the insight. I am 5'2" and 103 pounds. I have small bones, which make my weight lower. If I weigh 110 I'm already fat. Everyone is so different and there is no set number. Sure is fun to read all the comments!


I am 26. my height is 5'4 and I weigh 97 pounds and I think I am not thin.


i'm 12 years old about 4'9" and i weight somewhere around 130 pounds. i'm very worried if that's the right amount of weight.

please answer my question.


I'm 177cm. what is ideal weight for my height?


i am male 18 years old and weight 165-170 my height is 6'2." i am athletic i play soccer but since i don't practice all days like before i don't have a six pack anymore and my parents make fun of me but i think i'm kind of skinny

how can i get more muscles fast?


I am fourteen years old, I'm 5 ft 9 in. and I weigh somewhere around 120-125lbs. I am athletic - I run (track and field and cross country). I am happy with my weight.


You know. You are all right in a way. As long as you feel good with your weight its fine. You may not necessarily be in good shape, but if it feels right for you, then go with it. It never hurts to excersize and loose some unwanted pounds. It is natural for a girl (or boy) to feel fat. Everybody does sometimes. But it doesn't mean you are.

I am 5'9 and somewhere near 120 - 125 pounds. I don't care if someone thinks I'm too skinny or if anyone thought of me as overweight. And no one else should care either! It only matters what you think about it!


I am 5'7'' and 108 pounds is that too skinny?


i weigh 158 pounds/71 kilograms am 6'0 feet and a half inch, 184 cm. 14 year old male. but i still have man boobs and big stomach. i am really fit. getting 9.2 to 13 on the beep test. regularly do exercise for like an hour. weight training. soccer training. but still can't lose the belly and chest fat. i also eat correctly. 1500 calories to 2000 calories. i'm confused help. how to get a lean body?


can i know if i'm fat or what?

i'm 17 my weight is 50kg or 110 pounds,

sometimes 45 if i don't eat much on the other days, sometimes if i don't eat at breakfast and lunch but start eating at snacktime sometimes i easily gain.

one time i only ate cabbage and small amount of carrots with dressing my weight turn into 48kg.

am i that kind of person who easily gains even eating just little food.


It sounds like there is too much obsession about weight here. And most people that i read their comments sounded anorexic?


I'm 15, 5'7", and weigh 110 pounds. I'm not by any means underweight - my BMI is in the healthy range. Anyone who is concerned about their weight should use a bmi calculator or talk to a nutritionist.


I am 20, 5'3.5" and weigh 133lbs. I have an hourglass shape. I feel that I look great. I have a big chest and big hips. However, I believe it's not how much you weigh it's how you look on the outside and Yes I feel that I could shed a few pounds, but I believe I work my figure well. I work out every other day, but not to lose weight, it's so I can eat all I want, and not have it go to my hips.


I'm 51 years old, 5'3" tall, and weigh 155lbs and look fantastic. Pant size 10, top size 12-14. I'm currently single and have no problem with getting boyfriends and the guys at work are constantly oogling me. I look healthy and slender. I think most of my weight is in my chest and hips. If I get any skinnier I don't feel healthy and I get sick a lot more. So this is a healthy and comfortable weight for me.


I'm 5'2", I weigh 125 pounds. I am 17% body fat according to an online calculator. I have a smaller frame. I am thin. If I were 110 pounds I'd be extremely unhealthy.


i'm 5'9'' and weigh friends call me skinny and they always tell me i need to eat more, blah blah blah. i have a really high metabolism and i'm tall. of course i'm going to be skinny. i'm enjoying it while i can though.


Hello. I'm eighteen years old, am 5'1" and 135 pounds. I used to obsess over being thin, to the point of never breaking the double digits. I looked skinny. I have a very curvy frame and carry my weight well -- but should I lose a few pounds?


After reading all these comments, what I have to say would sound kind of self-conscious, but here it goes:

I am 32, 5"2, and currently weigh 112lbs, 68% body fat, and a BMI of 120.5.

I used to have a body issue problem because of someone I dated who used to call me fat all the time, and at this time I weighed 114.

Then I went down to 104, and was told I looked great, and then was told I looked to skinny!!!

I struggled with it for awhile always obsessed about my weight, but I don't think 112 is fat *at all*, and I work out regularly, and look pretty fit.

*So it's all about how it looks and how you hold it*!!

"Fit" *curves are sexy*....*skinny minnie is not*! (for those who want to be "underweight" that is!)


I'm 25 years old, height 5'2 weight approx 44kgs 96.8 lbs). Everyone keeps telling me i'm too skinny but i feel i'm just fit for my tiny height. Although i'd like to gain some weight, at the moment i wear size 0 but sometimes my jeans are loose from my hips, would like to gain some weight there.


are you kidding??? i am 5 ft. at 100 pds I will look emaciated. I think the rule is way off.


I'm 5'9" and I weight 135 and I'm in shape and I do not by any means look too thin. Unless your body fat percentage is very low then the vast majority of what you weight comes from fat, this means that if your not super athletic and you have a bmi that says your overweight *you are*! And for all those people who will say that I must not have good proportioning and that my bones must stick out, actually I have a good body.

America has this twisted view that being plump is OK, it isn't! Being curvy and womanly is much different than being feminine. And for all those people who claim to be "big boned" there is actually a chemical that your body produces that builds up and breaks down the size of your bones according to your weight and how much your bones have to support at the time.

So take a good look in the mirror and realize that you may not look good and you may not be healthy and get on a treadmill.


I am 5'2" in height and I am weighing now 120 pounds...Most of my friends tell me that I look fat as before but some say that my weight is just good for me...But as I can see myself, I am not that fat, what should want to do now is to lessen a little fats from my tummy and arms, and that is enough for me...


Oh my. The recommended weight charts are so unreal. My husband is 6' 3". He has a wrist measurement of 8 7/8" and an elbow measure of 6". He has a HUGE bone structure. If he were to weight their recommended weight of 207 lbs he'd be emaciated! Good Grief! Someone needs to put together a realistic chart of healthy guidelines.


I am 5'4 or 5'5 and I weigh 120. When i was a gymnast i weighed 105 and i looked great. I did not look as an unhealthy anorexic freak and i had a lot of guys after me. I still get guys to notice me but i feel a little more uncomfortable with the way my body looks. I've been hitting up the gym everyday and I wake up feeling great the next morning :)


Hello to all, I am 25, 5'2 and weigh somewhere within the range of 112-114LBS, depending on what part of the day I weigh myself. My frame is curvy, but small, however I am only 62 inches. As a kid and teen I was always very close to 105lbs. I would like to be under 110lbs, as my goal weight, even 110 is good. I am and have always been a size 0 to 3 so the size is not the concern, really it is because I am short and leaner does look better. All and all I am happy where I am at. I work out 5 days each week as well as try to eat somewhat healthy. In my opinion a female who is 5'2, & 110lbs or less is ideal and that is not considered to be boney. To be boney at 5'2 and underweight you would have to be 80-95lbs. Also, I am not saying anything over 110lbs does not look good as these days a LITTLE meat is hotter, but for me at 5'2, 110lbs is very stunning for my height, and especially when you live a Fla. and are always in a swim suit.


I am actually 5'4 and i weigh 141 pounds and i am perfectly fine and i have a medium frame and i always get comments on how good i look and i don't feel fat, nor look fat so i think i am healthy and if you are 5'4 and weight less than 120 pounds i don't think that's healthy at all.


I am 5'3" I weight 150 lbs but I'm not FAT. I actually have a butt and boobs but everything online says I'm overweight. Should I lose a few pounds??


I am 31 and 5'6" and 143 lbs. I would like to lose no more than 6 lbs. If I lose anymore than that, my cheekbones look sunken in, my arms are very bony and I get sick more often. I don't know why this is. So, basically anything from 138-144 is a healthy weight range for me, and I prefer to be healthy, because I care for myself, unlike all those anorexic women in hollywood.


I'm 5'7". When I was in High School I went on a zero fat diet and weighed 125 lbs. Even though that's a standard weight, my bones stuck out and people thought I was anorexic. I now weigh 146 lbs and people still sometimes say i look too thin. i think skeletal frame is important to consider, and simple weight and BMI calculations are always accurate.


HI - i think the important point this article raises in the weight debate is that frame size which is the actual size of your skeleton as we are not all the same

often this is overlooked... thus a medium frame 5 foot 2 person will carry more weight in order to look healthy then a petite frame... same height, different frame, different weight range

so if you all are medium frame then you are all within the right weight range.. thus should be feeling and looking great

they give the elbow measurements to help determine frame size but if you google you will find out the wrist measurement ranges that determine frame size.


I am 25 y/o and I'm 5'2" and I weigh 134lbs. now. And most people told me that I look kind of fat and I think I am too. When I was just 20, i used to weigh 110lbs., but I wasn't skinny at all. I have sized 36, cup C for my boobs and i have round butt. Ideal weight is not really a big deal, it's basically on how you look and feel about yourself.


at 5'3" in college i weighed 115. I had no boobs and little butt. I could pass for a young high schooler. now at 135 i love my boobs and round butt. I wear a size 6 and get more male attention. I don't think they like bony females. forget the BMI. go for what looks good on you!!


I am laughing at the people here who think that 5'2", 110 lbs is skinny but think 125-130 is okay. Steffi Graff, when she was the number one tennis player in the world, was extremely athletic looking with great muscles in her legs, and was 5'10", 130 lbs. If you were to get her down to 5'2" she would have been like 105 and that is with an athletic build.


I'm 5 ft even. 100lbs was ideal for me in high school, but I've been out of high school for 10 years and now my idea weight is about 120lbs. With 0% body fat I'd weigh 92 lbs, so 100lbs would put my body fat percentage WAY too low to be healthy.


i think everyone is right on this topic. the article is a good place to start on figuring out the ideal weight for your height, but people have such different body types it is difficult to give a pat answer to that. i have a friend who is the same height, who can weight 15 pounds more than me and be a smaller size. it all comes down to the weight YOU feel healthiest and happiest at!


im 5'3" and 134 lbs. in europe i'd be considered a bit overweight... here in america people would compliment on my appearance ... from the cultural point of view i would disregard the "ideal" weight-height chart. the ideal weight is when you start feeling comfortable in your own skin and realize that there are more important things in life than just weight... so when your focus is not on your weight... your body will take a natural direction towards trimming down and just enjoy life -going to the gym because you love the rush you get from exercising and not because you need to lose weight, going hiking to contemplate and admire nature not for the purpose of losing weight, taking a walk with your friend/family member just to catch up etc...


I agree with the first comment -- I am 5'2'', athletic, and somewhere between 125-130 lbs. If I were to weigh 110 lbs I would look way too thin. I would have to lose much of my muscle mass. I think the "ideal" to go for is a strong, healthy body.


I think these weights, like the BMI charts, are just averages or estimates. They're not dispositive, especially since there are so many factors to consider. Only your doctor, who can make a case-by-case determination, can really give you good advice on whether you are at your ideal weight for your height.


I am 5'4" and weigh 124 lbs. I feel fat. I used to weigh 115 lbs & looked and felt great.


I was appalled to see the "Ideal" for a woman my height, 5'2", listed as 110lbs. I don't have a dainty, pixie type skeleton, but I am not "stocky" either, being average boned. When I weighed 110 in college, I had NO BREASTS, very little body fat except for a little on my buttocks, my head looked too large, and my upper arms were just bone...making my elbows look enormous. For fertility purposes ALONE, not to mention maintaining a healthy immune system, a woman should have SOME body fat. Muscle is also important. 120-130 is a much better weight.

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  • A doctor can determine the ideal weight for a patient.
    By: Syda Productions
    A doctor can determine the ideal weight for a patient.
  • A person's weight can fluctuate day by day.
    By: Rostislav Sedlacek
    A person's weight can fluctuate day by day.
  • Muscle mass has more weight than an equal volume of fat tissue.
    By: Christopher Howey
    Muscle mass has more weight than an equal volume of fat tissue.
  • Lean muscle has a lower rate of impedance than body fat does.
    By: ruigsantos
    Lean muscle has a lower rate of impedance than body fat does.
  • A person who doesn't weigh enough for their height is classified as underweight.
    By: Sylvie Bouchard
    A person who doesn't weigh enough for their height is classified as underweight.