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What is the Kind Diet?

Allison Boelcke
Allison Boelcke

The Kind Diet is an eating plan that promotes the complete elimination of all processed and animal-based products as a means to aid in weight loss and improve the environment. The diet plan was introduced by American actress Alicia Silverstone in 2009 in her book, The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet. It is based on the notion that avoiding processed and animal-based products not only helps dieters lose weight and improve their health, but that it is also more ethical to not kill animals for food. Silverstone also promotes the diet as a means to improve the environment and reduce pollution in the air by limiting processed food produced in factories and reducing the use of synthetic packaging materials.

The introductory phase of the Kind Diet is known as the flirt phase. During the flirt phase, participants are guided into gradually substituting the meat and other animal products out of their diets. By slowly reducing the amounts of animal-based products, participants can ease into a stricter diet or they can choose to remain at the flirt phase. Silverstone claims in her book that those at this level will generally see quick changes in their weight, appearance, and feeling of well-being and may be more motivated to maintain the diet.

The Kind Diet allow for fruits low in natural sugars, such as pears.
The Kind Diet allow for fruits low in natural sugars, such as pears.

If people want to participate in a more regimented and stricter version of the Kind Diet, they can choose to move on to the vegan phase. The vegan phase completely eradicates all animal-based products, particularly meat and dairy, as well as any products that contain gelatin or other animal derivatives. It allows for fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and meat substitutes, which are typically made from soybeans to mimic the texture of meat.

Plums are allowed on the superhero phase.
Plums are allowed on the superhero phase.

The most drastic phase of the Kind Diet is the final phase known as the superhero phase. The superhero phase is based primarily on whole grains and sea vegetables, such as seaweed. It calls for the total elimination of foods made from white flour and sugar. It allows for fruits and vegetables that are low in carbohydrates and natural sugars, such as pears, sweet potatoes, plums, and broccoli. Alcohol, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners are forbidden during the superhero phase.

Since the Kind Diet is so restrictive regarding the types of food it allows participants to consume, it can possibly be difficult for some people to stay with for the long-term. Another possible disadvantage to this eating plan is the risk of not consuming enough nutrients, such as protein, iron, and vitamin D, which generally come from meat and dairy sources. Some critics of the diet also state that the foods suggested for the superhero phase, particularly the sea vegetables, can be expensive or difficult to find for certain people, particularly those who live in Western or rural regions.

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You get more than enough protein and iron in any healthy vegan diet (healthy equals fruits and vegetables). The only way you can be low on nutrients is if you mostly eat vegan junk food, sweets, processed foods, etc. The number of people actually diagnosed with protein deficiency is miniscule.

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    • The Kind Diet allow for fruits low in natural sugars, such as pears.
      By: Lana Langlois
      The Kind Diet allow for fruits low in natural sugars, such as pears.
    • Plums are allowed on the superhero phase.
      By: radomir54
      Plums are allowed on the superhero phase.