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Why do Some People Have Innie Belly Buttons While Others Have Outies?

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

Innie bellybuttons are said to comprise 90% of the belly button population, with outies making up the remaining 10%. The exact reason for this innie/outie belly button discrepancy remains a medical mystery, although there are some interesting theories floating around the Internet.

The belly button, also called the navel, is actually the body's first scar. The umbilical cord, which supplied nutrients to the unborn baby, is routinely clamped off shortly after the placenta has been expelled. Two clamps are placed a few inches away from the baby's body, and the cord is severed between them. The remaining vestiges of the umbilical cord eventually wither and fall off, leaving a small scar we know as the belly button. For many people, the scar is concave, meaning it recedes into the body. For others, the remaining scar tissue protrudes slightly from the body.

An umbilical cord is a thick, blood-rich cord that connects a baby to its mother during the gestation process.
An umbilical cord is a thick, blood-rich cord that connects a baby to its mother during the gestation process.

One theory holds that the innie belly button is the norm, while an outie is the result of a genetic aberration. Needless to say, this theory of natural selection does not enjoy widespread popularity among the outie belly button set. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that an outie is genetically preordained, or that an innie is the default setting once the umbilical cord falls off.

The reason why there are innies and outies with regard to belly buttons remains a medical mystery, although roughly 90 percent of belly buttons are innies.
The reason why there are innies and outies with regard to belly buttons remains a medical mystery, although roughly 90 percent of belly buttons are innies.

Another theory is that the doctor's handling of the umbilical cord can somehow influence the development of an innie or outie belly button. In reality, the umbilical cord is almost always clamped off several inches from the body, and the remaining cord cannot be manipulated surgically. Once it falls off, the belly button scar is set for life. A surgical outie to innie conversion is theoretically possible, but rarely performed.

Some people believe that the outie belly button is the result of an abdominal hernia, which may be more visible when the baby is crying.
Some people believe that the outie belly button is the result of an abdominal hernia, which may be more visible when the baby is crying.

Some believe that the outie belly button is the result of an abdominal hernia. If the muscles of the baby's abdominal walls collapse through weakness, a condition known as a hernia, then the baby's belly button may protrude instead of remaining concave. While the herniated condition is indeed possible, the chance of it permanently influencing the direction of a belly button is minimal. The belly button's innie or outie status is determined primarily by the formation of subcutaneous scar tissue, not damaged muscle tissue.

While we're on the subject, there are a few factoids concerning the formation of belly button lint that I feel compelled to share. The most common color of belly button lint is blue, primarily due to the prevalence of blue fibers in modern clothing. Belly buttons also attract more lint from below than from above. It's likely that more personal belly button lint came from your underwear and pants than from your shirt. I don't know what to do with this information personally, but you never know what might show up on a game show some day.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular TheHealthBoard contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular TheHealthBoard contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Discussion Comments


I used to have an outie as a kid, but my outie turned into an innie by the time I became an adult. How common is that? In other words, what percentage of people had an outie that turned into an innie belly button?


I used to have an outie as a kid, but my outie turned into an innie by the time I became an adult. How common is that? In other words, what percentage of people had an outie that turned into an innie belly button?


I used to have an outie as a kid, but my outie turned into an innie by the time I became an adult....How common is that? In other words, what percentage of people had an outie that turned into an innie belly button?


I will tell about my daughter (six years old) and her belly button and her pleasure to play with it with her fingers. During the summer she used to wear clothes that allowed to go with the navel and belly bare. And most always, she goes around with the belly naked and almost always a finger in the navel, playing with it. By the way, she has a big outie, protruding almost 2 cm.

One day she sat in my lap, and I was reading a book. Then suddenly she grabbed my hand and put it on her belly and stuck my forefinger into her outie navel. I thought it was her way to ask me to play with her navel. Oh, I said, "Why should I play with your belly button?" She answered with a smile: "Because it feels very good." I understood what she meant. She inherited the outie and the erotic feelings from me. Then I will tell it when she is grown up.


My 8 year old daughter has a sort of in between outie/innie. She hated it for a while because her sister and her friends all have regular innies. It makes me sad that there is so much body shaming going on that my 8 year old would notice such a difference and be worried about it. It took a lot of reassurance from myself and the rest of the family that she had a very cute bellybutton and there was nothing wrong with it. Now I cant get the kid to stop showing it off, lol!


I'm an almost fourteen very sporty girl, and I have never really thought about belly buttons much. In all my pictures of when I was little, me and my twin are so cute with our outies (I don't know about her, but I'm definitely cute).

My neighbor tried to take a screwdriver and twist it. I don’t know if she was trying to pull it out or push it in, but all I know is that I have always had an outie. I wouldn’t feel the same without it. It would feel weird to have a hole in your stomach, because where is your belly button?

When I started middle school, I was an easy person to get along with and instantly became close with a lot of girls. I was introduced to lockers, but we don’t take showers. We all change with each other and it’s no big deal, and all my girlfriends (girl-friends) say it’s really cute, and I always have my shirt halfway up because everyone loves to look at it.

I have not really seen any one with an outie except me and my twin. The top of my belly button sticks out, but the bottom curves inward, while my twin's sticks out like a sore thumb. Embrace your inner beauty and never, ever get surgery. Of course, if you want to get a piercing, it’s your choice. I just hope it’s not to hide your outie. I have my ears pierced and I'm hoping to get my nose and belly pierced. I want to enhance, not hide.


I am 15 year old girl and I have an outie. I used to be self-conscious about it, but I love it now and I'm not afraid to wear a bikini. Be proud of your outies; they make you unique!


My boyfriend has an outie and I think it's cute.


Outies are definitely king in the bellybutton kingdom. My boyfriend has an outie which is so awesome it has taken on its own persona. It's a much lighter shade than the rest of his body so it instantly pops out at you. And when he eats it sticks out so much you'd be rude not to say hello back. Greatest bellybutton ever.


I am a 14 year old girl and I got my innie belly button pierced when I was 12. I love having three dangly hearts hang from my belly button! It's just so cute, especially whenever I wear crop tops or my bikini! I was born with an outie like most other people but I'm not sure how it turned into an innie! Can anyone please explain to me on how outies turn to innies? Thanks!


I am a Black African woman aged 23. I have lived with my outie belly button all my life. I want to become a model; it is the one thing I am am passionate about. I would love being a model, but my outie does not give me the confidence to show it to the world.

I have walked on the runway once, and you know what I did? I put a big ring on it, shaped like flower and had a white knob on top. Every girl that night was asking where I got that ring that I put on my belly button and I told them I invented it myself.

But now it is different. A friend of mine found me a modeling company overseas. She said that I should send my portfolio and she doesn't know I have an outie and I want to be a model so badly. I don't know what to do.


I have an innie belly button. But I find that guys with outies and hot bodies are so damn hot.


I love my son's inbetweenie! It is so adorable! He had an umbilical hernia when he was a baby and it was an outie for the first couple years. It is now an inbetweenie and when he is stuffed, it pops out like a turkey! That is how we know he is full. He is now almost 10.


I have an outie! Until today I really didn't care. I was interested how many people are Outies and I found this!

It is crazy I want everyone to know that outies and innies are all human! We were infants when it happened so we can't change it. Who cares? I love a lot of people and they all don't care about my belly button. True friends wouldn't make you so uncomfortable that you need surgery!

People are so stubborn. You are beautiful. Be unique and love yourself! Don't let hatred get you. They have no business with you. If you are really mad with an outie, do a fake piercing. It's better than doing something you might regret.


I think that it is kind of odd to have an outie. I already have this thing where I am self-conscious and don't like folks staring at me. But if you guys think the belly button is a problem, try being big boned and not being able to lose weight like you want to. Also, try being a girl and having to shave tons of hair of your butt, back, legs and stomach!

People paid no attention to my belly button; all they did was talk about my legs and how hairy they were in the sixth grade.


@anon200656: Wow. someone needs to get a life.


Outies are the sexiest type of belly button. My wife has a huge swirly outie with lots of folds and curves. It's wonderful to explore and it will never be spoiled with a bellybutton ring. To anon37159, your cinnamon bun bellybutton sounds like a real treat. Outies rule the world!


I find belly buttons highly erotic. I prefer an innie, but have no problem looking at all shapes. To all the women, wear a shirt that exposes your belly button and watch how many stares from men you get. A lot of people find belly buttons erotic but, for fear of being ostracized, they never share their desires. Show them all with pride ladies!


I'm a hispanic woman with an innie. My whole family have innies, including my husband, cousins, and other extended family members. Growing up with younger siblings, I witnessed my mother taping a quarter or dime to the younger kids after the umbilical cord turned black and fell off. I asked why she did that, and she said so the belly button can go in. It's very popular with hispanic families to do this.

The first time I saw an innie was when I saw my friend with a bikini, and I thought it was weird looking. I taped a coin to my children when they were babies and they all have innies. I thought the reason for innies and outies was determined by the parent taping a coin or not to the belly button.


I am 22 year old woman, and I have had a outie all my life. I hated it all my life as well, never changed in the locker room with the other girls. I always changed in the bathroom, never ever wore a bikini, never showed it to my closest friends. I'm thinking about getting it fixed. But I'm scared that the result would be even worse. Help!


@anon200656: You must be a miserable person.


outie belly buttons are for freaks.

everybody knows that innies look regular and much better than some weirdo belly button foreskin. gross.

and to post #88: "i'm 12 with a nice body"? give yourself another 10 years and some maturity before you start proclaiming the body of a woman.

you're a girl not a woman. unless you want to attract adult men. the world has gone mad.

outies are outcasts of the world. you all need surgery to fix yourselves.


wish I could meet a girl who has an outie.


I have a big belly and an unusually large belly button. I can open beer bottles with mine.


I'm 13 and have an outie, and i have had it all my life, and like many, i hated with a passion. but just recently, i find it a good thing. it makes me different from everybody else.


I am a slim 12 year old girl with an outie belly button. I used to be afraid to wear two piece swimsuits but then I realized: Who's really going to care? I have a great body and what kind of belly button I have will not change that! I wear my bellybutton proudly now! eVaZ


I'm 23 male, and when I was younger I had an outie, but now I have an innie. I don't remember when it changed and why. I think the stomach muscles changed.

Anyway, each kind of belly button is special. If you like it, do not pay attention about what people would say. I have an innie, but if I had an outie I would like it the same way. Maybe I would be cooler. Outies equal personality. Haha. Life is short, accept things, make jokes, live and enjoy your perfect body. God bless you.


i have an outie. well, it is flat but when i breathe in it is an outie, but i heard if you tape a penny to an outie it should go into an innie.


I'm 16 and i have an outie, but believe it or not I as the rest of my family, were born with an innie. However, when I was about 3 or 4 years old after months of playing with it i pulled it all the way out. According to my mother, I would say I found it 'uncomfortable' LOL.

Anyway, after much regret and anger with myself I've come to appreciate my new belly button, no matter the circumstances. It isn't weird at all. I'm looking forward to going on holiday and actually wearing a two piece bikini rather than the tankini i've been wearing all my life. it really doesn't matter; i have a body and i'll show it off no matter!


I'm 17 years old and have an outie. It looks like a cheerio and i have been self conscious about it since i was little and still am today. some of my friends have made comments that it's disgusting. Only one friend of mine thinks it is cute. i realized i shouldn't listen to the ones who criticize it because your true friends will accept you the way you are. Having an outie won't ruin your life, and anyone who makes fun of it should be ignored and shouldn't say anything about it. We're all humans and we all have our flaws, and it's nothing to be ashamed of.


I'm 17, I have an innie, and I'm self conscious about it. Though I'm a very finicky person, and I don't really like belly buttons in general (no offense to anyone, really. They're just something I can't handle. They weird me out -- all kinds of belly buttons.)

I don't think anyone should really be self conscious about their belly buttons, though, which is why I find my self-consciousness silly. Outies, innies, in-betweens -- they're all normal. Belly buttons are proof that you're human. You should be proud of that.


you can have surgery! just contact plastic surgeons office's if they do it/the price. I got my outie turned innie for about $500 and i couldn't be happier.


I love belly buttons! There's something cool and intriguing about them, and it's also our first scar. It's the way the umbilical cord was attached, and then falls off, that causes an innie or outie I think, but it's random and doesn't 'really' matter. Just remember that your belly button is unique in itself, no other one looks exactly like it and that's something to be proud of. They're cute, whether in or out, and should be shown.

Visits to the swimming pool are as much about seeing belly buttons as the swimming, to me (I'd swear two piece swimwear was designed to display girls' navels!). When I pass someone at the pool, I'll always glance down at their bare belly, just to glimpse what their belly button looks like.

I've seen a fair few, a good variety, if it's a pleasant surprise, my glimpse will last a little longer, none more so than if there's a swirly knot in the middle of smooth skin (so show your outies!).

I've had an interest in belly buttons since I was young, that most might find strange, and I've found over the years that I particularly like ones that are sticky out or unusual. The more unique the better.

And I hate jewelry covering up their natural beauty. Whatever the reason for what they look like, belly buttons are a decorative part of the human body, pure and simple.


isn't there something more important in life to think about?


I'm 19 years old, and I have had an outie belly button since I was born. Yes, I hated it sooo much! and wished I was like everyone else and had a "normal" belly button, but I discovered at the age of 18 instead of getting surgery or going through any pain I decided to get it pierced just like the other girl. I feel so much more confident with my belly button and finally feel comfortable with what I was given. Everyone's different, though.


Okay, innies, outies whatever, don't be looking on this blog, you should be trying on that bikini that is waiting for you.


I'm 12 years old and i have an outie and I'm really nervous to show it to even my own family members, but recently I've talked with my mum and family and discovered it's no problem, nothing to be embarrassed about. All my families have innies, but now reading all these comments I'm feeling much more confident and hope to get a bikini soon, especially reading a comforting comment from another 12 year old with an outie.

The people who laugh or tease a bellybutton are just plain stupid and not worth worrying about.


I'm 20. I've got an outie and i can't wear any tops that reveal that part of my body so i have to always cover up. I've always hated my belly button. i thought i was the only one with it. Thank goodness i found this site.

My current boyfriend loves it, saying it's so cute and I've never been more happier. Just be confident, if they don't like it, screw them.

You may have an innie and say outies and ugly, hello? Everyone's not perfect, duh. Humans are always good at criticizing the others. All your words in my head are turning into clutter.


If you have an outie and want to 'cover' it, read this!

I'm a slim 14 year old girl with an outie that I hate. It isn't huge or protruding, but it's definitely an outie.

I was getting really sick of trying to push it in all the time or hide it while I was wearing a swimsuit. So guess what? I got it pierced! It's worth it and painless! Now, I'm proud to show my bellybutton. My bellybutton is finally 'sexy'.


I had an outie and then noticed that almost everyone has an innie so I was like what? (this was when I was younger) so I was checking it out then I pushed pretty hard on it and then it "popped" inwards and has been like that ever since.


I've always been especially attracted to outie bellybuttons. True, when I was a kid I thought having an innie was the "normal" thing but I soon got over that. I find a girl with an outie is sometimes sexy just because of that fact. My own bellybutton has changed from a very shallow or flat-like innie to a real outie over the years and I must say that I display it proudly!


I have an outie and i get teased but I'm surprised that you get teased just because of a few centimeters that are different to some other people and also I hate people who tease other about outies. And hey innies aren't even buttons.


I'm a 28 year old male. i have a really deep innie bellybutton. i frankly don't see the problem with any type of bellybutton, and i wouldn't make fun of and don't think it's abnormal to have an outie bellybutton. For instance, my boyfriend has a navel fetish which i don't understand, but his entire finger goes inside mine. Just something he enjoys. And he also has a deep bellybutton. But boo to the negativity on people with outie bellybuttons. Some of my closest friends have them.


I am the only female person I know with an outie, and I love, it, but the attention puts me off. Whenever I meet up with my friends, they always want to play and tickle my outie, and they try and turn there belly buttons from innies to outies. People shouldn't be ashamed.


Some innies are cool, especially the flat-bottomed ones with an eyebrow and a central hub. Outies and in-betweenies are cool - nothing gross about a belly-button at all. People who are phobic about body parts are abnormal.


Hey my name is kevin i have had a outie all of my life. i am 18 now and i realized it's nothing to be ashamed of. if anything, it makes me feel better because i am different in a good way.

Don't get me wrong -- an innie would be nice, but the outie made me who i am today. i have just been endorsed by billabong for surfing, so to all the people out there with outies, you're not alone and don't get surgery.


My name is Kayla, and I'm 16. I have an in between and I don't think there's anything wrong with it, although i constantly hear people say how gross outies are.

I think that everyone that has to say that outies are gross are just not confident, and i feel sorry for you because you are so non-confident that you need to insult other people to make you feel and supposedly, look good.

Just think about this: that person you like might have an outie and might have heard you say that they were gross. Your best friend might have an outie and you could make them self-conscious for their entire life with your one comment, even if you didn't know they had one. Some friend huh?

thanks for reading this.

Oh and by the way, if you have an outie, ignore the comments and feel sorry for the non-confident, rude people. They aren't worth changing the way you feel about yourself. Lastly, don't get surgery unless you need to for a medical reason. It's obvious and makes it look weird.

Someone i know got it (and no i didn't tell her it looked weird, it's just a belly button, i love her just the same).


i have an outie and when i was little i use to hate taking my shirt off. i would try to hide my belly button. I'm 18 years old now and i still want to get rid of it but my mom said i should love it and leave it alone, but I'm the only one in my family with an outie and I'm thinking if i should have surgery on it, but then i don't want to have a huge hole in my stomach.


No offense but I think outies are gross and abnormal looking. If I had an outie I would run to get surgery to make it an innie.


Am a 22 year old male with an outie that expands in size anytime i sneeze or put pressure on it. Even though it's great to accept and admire what we are born with, i must really admit i hate my outie and would jump at the least opportunity to convert it into an innie. Outies are really cute and handy.


I have an outie and I wouldn't trade it for the world! It makes me different from other people, and I enjoy not conforming to the norm in bellybutton society. Outies, don't wish you were different. Be proud that God made you different.

And if you are self-conscious about your outie, look up "elephant man." Yeah. You have a lot to be thankful for.


OK so i don't know if my belly button is an outie or an innie. it sticks out, but not all the way like a normal outie. so I don't know if its a outie or innie. i hate it so much though and I'm very self conscious about it. It's very small too, i just want to know if it's ugly to people.


I have always had an outie and used to wonder why. Apparently it occurred because my umbilical cord didn't fall off fully and so continued to grow on my stomach. I've been told mine is technically known as a 'cheerio' because it resembles a piece of the breakfast cereal sitting on my belly.

It doesn't bother me at all now but as a kid I did used to feel embarrassed about taking my shirt off. It's also ticklish round the edge so I always invite girls to give it a little tickle.


i think outies are adorable! it's like a little button. i have an innie. i love my innie too, though. i think both are cute.


I used to have an outie then i got the scar tissue removed at my plastic surgeon.


I have an outie bellybutton too. When I was born my umbilical cord was short and fell off early. So I had a bulb of scar tissue that never went away. Most outies grow in as you get older because the abs deepen it.

In my case, my bellybutton remains about the size of a quarter and pokes out nearly an inch. It also has a little "X" like indention at the tip of it. I hate it a lot. I am 23 years-old and at the beach on vacation here in florida. Just yesterday, the first thing i did was put on my bikini and cross the steps down to the ocean and three other girls looked at my bellybutton and laughed. Later, one little girl asked her mother what was wrong with my bellybutton and she had an outie herself!

My sister tells me to be proud of it but it's kind of hard with all the comments. It seems like every time i pass a group of people i can hear the word "outie" or "belly button" as we pass. I know it's ugly and all but both of my sisters have outies too and we think innies are weird.

It's not a big deal unless you are trying to have fun and people are being superficial. Please, don't laugh at others.


I have an outie and I'm a 12year old girl. I hated it because when I went swimming everyone has innies but when I notice that there's other people who have outies and love it, it made me think that innies were weird and outies were cute and awesome.

From my point of view, outies are cute and and innies are weird big holes, but all my family have innies and that's okay with me. I still think my outie is cute like all the outies in the world so if you have an outie it's fine. You can wear a bikini and show your belly and tell everyone that you love you outie and show that you care.

Bellies don't really matter; it's better than having something better than that. Every belly button is cute so outie haters please keep it to yourselves. please don't make people who have outies feel sad by making your innie cool. it makes it stupid.


i have a in-betweenie and i think it's cute. i also like it because it's rare and i like having something that isn't seen on a lot of people.


My wife is really slender and has a completely inside-out belly button the size of an entire golf ball. I didn't know until we went to a water park and she took off the cover-up shirt she was wearing over her bikini. It freaked me out because we had already been on several dates and I never noticed anything like that. She told me she used adhesive tape when she wanted to keep it from showing through her clothes, and decided to when we first met because she didn't want to scare me away.

Well, that made me feel pretty bad, so I didn't say anything else and tried not to stare the rest of the day even though plenty of people at the water park did, especially the kids.

Later that week she said using adhesive tape every day hurt her skin, so like it or not, everyone I knew was going to start seeing her the way she really was, too. Some guy friends of mine teased me a lot when she wasn't around after they saw, and even made some jokes with her when she wore stuff that showed her stomach, but after a while I got used to both how it looked and how people reacted. The world never seems to, though.

Outies up to a certain size are no big deal, in other words, but truly huge ones definitely get noticed and make life harder for girls who like to dress sexy.


I love outie bellybuttons. Everyone with an outie should be really pleased they have one. I have wanted an outie all my life but I'm stuck with a really boring innie. I can pull my innie out and make it an outie but it won't stay that way. There is surgery to turn an outie into an innie but not an innie into an outie. If there was I would have it done.

I always look if I see someone with their shirt off or in a bikini to see if they have an innie or outie bellybutton.


@Christi: I am not trying to be mean or unsympathetic. I remember being 14 and what it was like to feel ugly and insecure. But let me help you put having a prominent navel in perspective. You're healthy. You could wear anything you want. There are many 14-year-old girls who would give anything to have a big outie as their only problems, as they take their umpteenth round of chemotherapy to fight recurring cancer. And they can't even go swimming because of a permanent catheter line for their chemo.

Or they're hooked up to a dialysis machine three days a week, while they hope and pray for a new kidney. Or they're in and out of the hospital for heart or liver failure, while they hope they get sick enough to move their status up on the transplant list, but don't die before they get a new heart or liver. These are real problems that young people your age are facing every day. St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis is full of 14-year-olds who would trade problems with you in a heartbeat.

Please don't let a big belly button consume your life. I guarantee, by the time you're 20, it won't matter, so please don't waste that precious time in between by allowing this to dictate what you wear and what you do with your friends.

Take it from a formerly chubby teen who would have cut off her right arm to have been slim with a big outie. Life is too short and too precious to spend it worrying about this.


My name's Christi. Please take this time to read my life story about my outie. I was born with an outie. i hate it so much. it basically ruins my life even though i shouldn't let it.

I can't wear a two-piece. I can't do anything my friends do because of it. They always ask why I wear an undershirt. too. I have to wear one because it's so big the shape will show through my shirt.

I'm a real slim 14 year old and if i had that fixed, i would love my life. It looks like I have a hole in my stomach because the whole thing is out. I want to be normal. I don't know how to love it so will surgery help it?


I wish I was not so disturbed by it, but as a girl, I do find outward belly buttons pretty gross--but maybe something we should all try to get over! (Although we all have physical traits that turn us off).


I have a thing about an outie on a girl; they creep me out. I like those innies that sort of close together, that you don't see the bottom of it.


I have an in-betweenie. Different angles. I mean it is an innie in the sense it has a hole, but, well, i don't even know. I'm not self conscious because I am a male. The six pack makes it look better too. Working on the eight pack.


I have an outie and I'm extremely self-conscious about it. I used to hide it in the change rooms at school and I still try to cover it up. It's probably because now when I see commercials with half naked people you never at all in your lifetime see someone with an outie.

It's silly but I don't feel right showing my body to others with this thing. I should learn to love it but I don't know.


I have an innie and i love it. At the same time i like to see what other people's look like too, whether or not they have an innie or outie. That's just me and what i like.


My mother told me and my two sisters that since we were really young she put a penny over our belly button and put a belt like thing around it so we wouldn't grow outies.


Innies are the best! they're normal and can be pierced! i love my innie. it's super deep, and looks great. No matter what, innie is the way to be!


i have an innie, i think. i don't really know because i had surgery on my belly button when i was 5. but i think its an innie because it doesn't stick out. but i don't think it really matters if you have an inner or an outie. thanks for listening.


I'm an innie. Innies rule! But anyway my little sister used to have an outie and i remember it a lot but then when she got older she got an innie. i don't know how? Could be a chance that this could happen to anyone with an outie.


Me and my sister are 12 years old and we're twins. We both hate our belly buttons -- they're outies.

We're always upset and miserable because every summer we have to wear a one piece bathing suit because we don't like showing it in public. We want to be able to show our belly buttons but perfect innies.

I've read websites that if you have an outie and the years pass by your outie will become an innie. Is that true or false? How could we solve this problem without any pain or surgery? Please write back. Thank you.


outies are great and very clean. i believe that outies go to men, while innies to girls. i am an outie!


I have an innie, and I was born with a hernia that was operated on when I was about 18 months old. Didn't affect my belly button at all.


I have an outie and when i was younger i was so self conscious about it, and was looking for a surgical solution to make me "normal". And I'm so glad that i didn't go through with it, because I've grown to love it. plus my boyfriend thinks it's very sexy. It's a small percentage of your body. Be thankful that it's there. You could be born with something far worse than an outie.


I love women's bellybuttons, be they innies or outies! Navels are very sexy and unique, and you should love the one you've got.


outies rule!


Our navels are beyond our control. Kind of like our natural skin, hair and eye color. Sure we can easily change those things, temporarily anyway, but not our belly buttons. Love what ya got! Innies are common, outies are intriguing. I've never heard of someone's belly button being the deal breaker!


I have an outie. I had a benign hernia behind it and my mum also said that my umbilical cord was short. I had an operation to remove the hernia when I was about six and it stayed out and another operation to make it an innie when I was around eight and it still sticks out now and I'm twenty. I love my belly button and am proud to stand out. (literally).


Yeah, i have a outie, more like an inbetweenie? I hate it though. I was wondering if you can remove it? Everyone i know has an innie, and i'm very self-conscious. know i spelled it wrong.:( :)


i have an outie belly button, and used to be really self-conscious of it.

I've had it pierced since i was 14 and it looks amazing. Having a flat stomach doesn't hurt, lol! i only recently started loving it even without the piercing in.

both innies and outies can be really sexy.


Innies look best on women and outies are more appealing on men. Whichever you have, make the most of it by keeping yourself in shape. Neither one is attractive surrounded by flab!


I've always been really self conscious about my outie. I'm just beginning to realize that having an outie or an innie totally doesn't even matter. I've always tried hiding it when I'm changing in my school locker room or when i go to pool parties I'd always have my arms covering it. if you have an outie learn to love your body. you're amazing as are people with innies. criticism makes people shy.


I am very self conscious of my outie because it is herniated. I think some innies are cool especially the very cute ones, but I must admit that some really suck. -ELREY


Innies suck. They make people feel bad for having an outie. To me innies look like they would hurt if you accidentally got poked in the navel. I have an outie but everyone I know says it's cute. I guess because it doesn't stick out as much as most outies but it's not an inbetweenie and it's kind of small. Outies only want respect. I mean, who the hell decided innies were so great?


I have a big outie and l luv it! l admire innies though but l think outies are the 'cutest'


innies shouldn't be called 'belly buttons' because they don't actually resemble a 'button' like outies do!


I have an outie bellybutton and i hate it. My mom says as i get fatter (because i am really skinny) that it should go away and become and innie. Is that true? can it do that?


It is most likely you'll have an innie, since the cord is cut as soon as the baby is born. sometimes outies can come if the cord is too small. 1/5 people have outies -My daily news 2006.


I have a innie button but my three year old son has an outie and i have told him he is special and should be proud so those with outies, feel proud. You still have a heart and those who are nasty, things will go wrong with your body one day and we will laugh at you.


i have an outie too and i think outies are better because, from my perspective, they are much cleaner than innies.

my friends who are innies use cotton swabs to clean their navels.

i, on the other hand, never had to do so because regular bathing already keeps it clean. innies store lint, outies don't. Outies rock!


i don't care what anyone says; outies are cool! i don't see how anyone could think that they're gross. so what if they stick out? at least you don't look like you have a hole in your stomach. outies are unique. it's just a belly button, relax. There are more important things to complain about in this world. :)


I am the fourth of five kids. I was once told that most children born at home have outie navels. I don't know if this is true. I was born at a hospital. Yet I have had an outie as far as I can remember. as a three year old, mom used to tape a quarter to or over it.

Yet now I wonder if this could be a sign of weak muscle tissue, leading to having ventral hernias? I have been searching the web for answers. Thanks


I'm SO glad my belly button is an innie. The idea of an outie just sticking out of me makes me shudder, and I'm sure other people would too. I mean, come on. You have to prefer a crater to a mound. Even in the 12 years I've been alive, I have come to realize how fortunate I am. However your belly button does sound cool, anon46767. Can you do that with outies?


To anon46767. The reason you can push you're belly button back in is because it is herniated.


I have an outie belly button. It's unique because i can push it back in and make it an innie. i love my cool outie belly button.


In with innies, Out with outies.


Outie belly buttons are the most disgusting thing.


i love my outie belly button. i find it to be unique.


i have always have an outie belly button. i used to really hate it. it was like a curse to me, but when i found that a lot of people have i came to like it a bit more because i knew that i was not the only one with it. the more i knew about it the secure i felt about it.


i have an outie belly button. I've always wondered why i do. some people say its genetic and some say its the doctor's fault. i hate my belly button. some people are really creeped out by it and some are like AWWHh its so cute. it looks like a cinnamon roll. ew.


My daughter is the only one in my family with an outie. Her umbilical cord was shorter than normal. I believe that this is what caused the outward scarring. I'm a silly ADD dork and notice stupid stuff at inappropriate times, thus my remembrance of this "short cord" comment from the doctor as she attempted to collect cord blood for storage. This may be a factor that is overlooked as insignificant during delivery.

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    • An umbilical cord is a thick, blood-rich cord that connects a baby to its mother during the gestation process.
      By: massimo maghenzani
      An umbilical cord is a thick, blood-rich cord that connects a baby to its mother during the gestation process.
    • The reason why there are innies and outies with regard to belly buttons remains a medical mystery, although roughly 90 percent of belly buttons are innies.
      By: krivinis
      The reason why there are innies and outies with regard to belly buttons remains a medical mystery, although roughly 90 percent of belly buttons are innies.
    • Some people believe that the outie belly button is the result of an abdominal hernia, which may be more visible when the baby is crying.
      By: ksi
      Some people believe that the outie belly button is the result of an abdominal hernia, which may be more visible when the baby is crying.