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Are There Any Herbs Which Really Burn Fat?

Diana Bocco
Diana Bocco

According to experts, the weight loss industry is a multi-million dollar business. Despite what companies would like you to believe, there are no shortcuts to weight loss. Exercise is still the best fat burner known to man, and a good diet can do miracles when it comes to weight loss. Over the last decade, however, scientists have discovered that some herbs can push the body to burn fat faster. None of these herbs alone will burn fat, but adding them to the diet can help speed up your metabolism and reach your goal faster.

Green tea has long been considered a powerful fat burner. Studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that people drinking five cups of green tea a day burned an average of five percent more fat than people who did not drink any green tea at all.

Exercise is the best fat burner.
Exercise is the best fat burner.

Another much-studied herb that can be used to burn fat is bitter orange or Citrus aurantium, which is sold in natural food stores as a food supplement and a way to speed up your metabolism. Bitter orange has shown no side effects, which makes it a great choice for people with high blood pressure, who could not normally take many fat reducing herbs in the market, as many of them cause a heart rate increase.

Dandelion is a fat burner.
Dandelion is a fat burner.

A fat burner you may not have considered is dandelion. This herb, often considered a weed by gardeners, can help the body break down carbohydrates faster and help regulate blood sugar, which in turns controls appetite and cravings. Herbs that make your body hot also can act as a fat burner. This includes cayenne, which stimulates the metabolism and accelerates digestion.

Citrus aurantium may be used to burn fat.
Citrus aurantium may be used to burn fat.

Some herbs that are touted as an effective fat burner do little more than increase your heart rate. Many of them may be dangerous, including ephedra and herbal laxatives such as senna and buckthorn. No matter why you are considering taking an herbal supplement, always research your choices well. If you have questions or are not sure that something is safe, ask your doctor.

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I have been on diet for a month and every day first thing in the morning, I have a cup of green tea and also before I go to bed and so far I have lost 8 kilos.


Yes there is. I have been drinking green tea for a long time and feel great, so if you want to lose some weight then I prefer the chaoji green tea.


green tea helped me burn fat. of course drinking green tea alone won't make you a tooth pick. make sure you do lots of cardio to help burn fat!


Green tea is good for you and less calories than normal tea as you don't put milk in it. Any fat burning properties are negligible. I'm afraid the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.


I burn a lot of fat. I use a medication called phentermine.


All you people saying that you've been drinking green tea, are most likely not drinking the real thing. I see the jokers of Lipton and other tea companies selling "green tea" along with some stupid flavoring. That's not how people in asia drink it.

I live in Japan and I feel really relaxed when I drink the proper stuff, and it did help me lose fat. I wouldn't even touch that fake rubbish that tea companies are selling you. These companies are selling you "an idea", not a real product.

The way to drink tea is by putting the tea leaves into a teapot that has a mesh, to stop all the leaves from all spreading out inside the teapot. Heat the water to 45 degrees celsius (use a thermometer to be accurate), when the water is heated to 45 degrees pour into your pot and let it stay in there for 1 minute, then pour into your cup.

Get green tea leaves from some kind of asian market, but for goodness sakes don't buy any green tea from tea companies. It's not the same thing.


I had been drinking green tea each and everyday since the nineties when my sister recommended it for me to help me with stress and nope, it has not helped me to lose weight at all.

I am currently overweight and was overweight then. The calming effect has worn off as well. The body gets used to the same treatments after a while. I don't know how Green Tea got to be so hyped up.


Has anyone had any experience taking hoodia fat burner supplements?


MuffinMaker- I have been drinking green tea for a number of years. I find that drinking green tea helps me to relax and also helps to calm my nerves. However, I do not believe that it has helped me to lose weight.

Doing any one thing will likely not help you to lose weight. Usually only a combination of different techniques including diet, exercise and adequate rest will really help you lose weight.


Has anyone had experience drinking green tea? Has it helped you to burn fat?

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    • Exercise is the best fat burner.
      By: WavebreakMediaMicro
      Exercise is the best fat burner.
    • Dandelion is a fat burner.
      By: altocumulus
      Dandelion is a fat burner.
    • Citrus aurantium may be used to burn fat.
      By: Malgorzata Kistryn
      Citrus aurantium may be used to burn fat.
    • Herbal supplements.
      By: compuinfoto
      Herbal supplements.
    • Studies have confirmed the fat-burning benefits of green tea.
      By: NataliTerr
      Studies have confirmed the fat-burning benefits of green tea.
    • Cayenne may act as a fat burner.
      By: miiko
      Cayenne may act as a fat burner.