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Beyond Greens Vs. Athletic Greens - Which Greens Powder Is Best?

Rachel Gargano
Rachel Gargano
Rachel Gargano
Rachel Gargano
Beyond Greens Vs. Athletic Greens

Thanks to their incredible health benefits, plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular. But you don’t necessarily have to adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet to benefit from the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. Your goal should be to eat a well-rounded diet rich in lean protein and whole grains, in addition to a significant amount of plant-based foods. 

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

However, although many people are becoming increasingly health conscious, the majority of us don't consume enough fruits and veggies. In fact, only one in ten Americans meet the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. And even if you have a produce-rich diet, you’re probably missing out on some of nature’s most nutritionally-dense superfoods. These fruits and vegetables provide significant amounts of micronutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) without excessive calories. Superfoods include leafy greens like kale and broccoli, as well as lesser-known plant-based foods like barley grass, burdock root, dandelion leaf, chlorella, spirulina, nopal cactus, and many others. 

It would be incredibly challenging to source, prepare, and consume each of these superfoods individually, which is why superfood powders (often called green powders or greens powders due to their high content of leafy greens) are so useful. These blends have a long shelf life and contain a wide range of superfoods, giving you a big dose of nutrients in a single spoonful that you can mix with water, smoothies, or other food and beverages. 

Numerous green superfood powders are available to purchase in supermarkets, health food stores, and online, each with a unique formulation, ingredients list, and nutritional contest. With so many options, it can be difficult to pick a greens powder to add to your diet. 

This article will closely examine two well-known greens powders (Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens) to determine which is the best superfood supplement – and whether there are any others worth considering. 

Quick Facts 

Check out this table for a brief overview of each brand before diving into our detailed comparison.

Beyond Greens

Athletic Greens

Health Claims

Health claims include: helps with detoxification, reduces inflammation, lowers stress levels, strengthens immune system, provides antioxidants, promotes mental clarity, avoids fatigue.

Health claims include: helps with high cholesterol, reduces the risk of chronic illnesses, improves energy, promotes healthier hair, skin, and nails, aids gut health and digestion, supports the nervous system and hormone function.


Four-mushroom blend, probiotics, prebiotics, chlorella, echinacea, milk thistle, rhodiola, matcha.

75 whole food-sourced ingredients (including antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes).


A 30-day supply is $39.99 on Amazon (cheaper with subscription).

A 30-day supply is $139.99 on Amazon (cheaper on Athletic Greens website).


Matcha flavor, includes stevia as a sweetener.

Flavored with ​​papaya, broccoli, cherry, carrot, pineapple, vanilla, stevia.

Third-Party Testing

Good Manufacturing Practice-certified. Website says product is 3rd-party tested without giving details.


Made in an FDA- and TGA-registered, Good Manufacturing Practice-certified facility. 

Serving Size & Directions

Mix one 3.8-g scoop with 8-12 ounces of water or other beverage.

Mix one 12-g scoop with 5-10 ounces of cold water. Best consumed on an empty stomach.

Safety & Side Effects

Could cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Contains a small amount of caffeine.

Could cause nausea, bloating, and diarrhea. Certain ingredients could interact with other drugs (though unlikely).

USDA Organic

No. Contains organic mushrooms but the other ingredients are not certified organic.

No. Contains some organic and some non-organic ingredients.

Money-Back Guarantee

One-year money-back guarantee if the product is unopened.

90-day money-back guarantee.

Made in the USA? 


No, made in New Zealand.

What Is Beyond Greens?

Beyond Greens

Made by Live Conscious, Beyond Greens is a green superfood powder designed to boost the immune system and help with detoxification. Additionally, the nutrients in this green supplement are meant to assist with gut health and enhance your energy levels.

The ingredients in Beyond Greens include an organic four-mushroom blend, prebiotics and probiotics to support the microbiome, and herbal superfoods such as milk thistle, rhodiola, matcha, chlorella, and echinacea. 

Beyond Greens is also designed to promote healthy weight loss and weight management. Furthermore, adding a daily glass of Beyond Greens to your diet could help fight inflammation, reduces stress, and improve mental clarity. 



Designed to strengthen the immune and digestive systems

Few details on third-party testing

Prebiotics and probiotics promote gut health

Relatively short ingredients list

Includes an organic four-mushroom blend

Includes some non-organic ingredients

High in antioxidants

May help reduce fatigue and fight inflammation

Less expensive than Athletic Greens

The Bottom Line: Though not entirely organic, Beyond Greens promises a wide variety of health benefits based on the inclusion of superfood ingredients like lion’s mane mushrooms, chlorella, and echinacea, for a relatively affordable price. 

What Is Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens

Containing a whopping 75 ingredients, Athletic Greens is loaded with leafy greens and other superfoods, enzymes, probiotics, and more. As the name indicates, this superfood blend is heavily marketed toward athletes and individuals hoping to improve their fitness levels. Athletic Greens (also known as AG1) is supposed to reduce the risk of chronic illness, increase daily energy levels, and assist with digestion and gut health. It is also supposed to support the nervous system and hormone function. Some users report that they have noticed an improvement in their hair, skin, and nails since adding Athletic Greens to their diet. 

Manufactured in New Zealand with non-GMO ingredients, Athletic Greens boasts several third-party certifications. It features a variety of fruit flavorings for a pleasant taste.



High vitamin and mineral content

More expensive than Beyond Greens

Contains over 70 ingredients (superfoods, probiotics, enzymes)

Not entirely organic

Pleasant, fruity taste

Side effects are more likely due to the long ingredients list

Has several third-party certifications

Beyond Greens vs. Athletic Greens Benefits

Like all green powders, Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens are designed to offer maximum health benefits with minimal side effects. However, due to their significantly different ingredient lists, the benefits that each powder promises are somewhat different. As with all supplements, these green powders should be used as part of a well-rounded, healthy diet. They are unlikely to produce noticeable results unless combined with a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Beyond Greens Benefits

For those who regularly consume this superfood blend in conjunction with regular exercise and healthy dietary choices, Beyond Greens boasts a wide range of health benefits, though some of these claims are difficult to prove. One of the key claims made by Beyond Greens is that it helps with detoxification and promotes good digestion and a healthy gut. Beyond Greens is intended to boost your natural energy levels and maintain your body’s powerful defenses. For instance, Beyond Greens has catechins that could boost your immune system. Beyond Greens is also designed to fuel workouts and improve your overall focus throughout the day. 

Although some consumers may object to the inclusion of the sweetener stevia and caffeine-containing matcha, Beyond Greens has a “clean” ingredients list that’s easy on the stomach and promotes gut health, thanks to the inclusion of prebiotics and a small amount of probiotics. Even though it contains some caffeine, it’s a far healthier option than sugary, caffeinated drinks like soda. 

Athletic Greens Benefits

Thanks to its incredibly long list of superfood ingredients, a drink made with Athletic Greens powder contains the equivalent of the antioxidant content of twelve servings of fruits and vegetables. With so many superfoods in one easy dose, Athletic Greens is intended to help with detoxification, maintaining energy levels, keeping your gut healthy, and moderating blood sugar. Other intended benefits include strengthening your immune system and supporting your neural functions.

Although it’s not entirely organic, Athletic Greens is free from pesticides and herbicides, added sugar, and other artificial ingredients. Athletic Greens is high in amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids. This powder is suitable for all dietary preferences (e.g., vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and keto), so you can enjoy this product regardless of your health needs and goals.

Beyond Greens vs. Athletic Greens Ingredients

Although Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens are both green powders, they have vastly different ingredients, with a few similarities. You’ll find prebiotics and probiotics in both powders, as well as superfoods like chlorella and reishi mushrooms. If you’re looking for a green powder packed with dozens of superfood ingredients, you’ll want to choose Athletic Greens. For a simpler ingredient list focused on healthy, organic mushrooms and a few herbal extracts, go with Beyond Greens.

Beyond Greens Ingredients

Beyond Greens Ingredients

Some people, especially those concerned about allergic reactions or dietary intolerances, may prefer a green powder with a brief, manageable list of ingredients. In that situation, Beyond Greens is likely to be a better choice than Athletic Greens, since it has a surprisingly concise recipe. On the other hand, many nutrient-dense superfoods are missing from Beyond Greens, so it's not the best choice for getting the most nutritional benefits out of your daily green drink. And somewhat frustratingly, the Beyond Greens packaging does not provide any information about its vitamin or mineral content.

The most notable ingredients in Beyond Greens are the organic four-mushroom complex, featuring reishi, turkey tail, lion’s mane, and cordyceps, which is intended to provide immune support. Chlorella is the main green superfood in this supplement, and the key source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and some protein. You’ll also find cinnamon bark, milk thistle, and acacia gum, as well as mood-bosting rhodiola, immune-supporting echinacea, and matcha leaf (full of antioxidants and helpful for focus and calm). If you’re looking for digestive support, Beyond Greens provides both prebiotics in the form of fructo- and xylo-oligosaccharides, as well as probiotics, though in a much smaller amount than in Athletic Greens

Perhaps less appealing is the inclusion of stevia, xylitol, and salt (though no added sugar). Although this product is not fully organic, it is still free from gluten, GMO ingredients, dairy, and soy. It is vegan, keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly.

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Athletic Greens Ingredients

A glance at the packaging reveals that Athletic Greens has significantly more ingredients than Beyond Greens. It has 75 ingredients, to be precise. That said, Athletic Greens is still free from major allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and peanuts. It is also free from animal byproducts and does not contain sucrose, lactose, or dextrose. Like Beyond Greens, it’s suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and individuals following paleo, keto, and other low-carb diets.

Helpfully, the Nutrition Facts reveal the % DV of a wide range of vitamins and minerals, indicating that a serving of Athletics Greens meets or exceeds the recommended daily value for micronutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, biotin, and Vitamin B12 (among many others), though some essential vitamins and mineral and are missing, such as vitamin D, vitamin K, and iron. 

If you’re looking for a green powder packed with superfoods, Athletic Greens is made with reishi mushrooms, spirulina, wheat grass, broccoli powder, beetroot powder, pea protein, and numerous dehydrated whole fruits and plant extracts such as grape seed, pineapple, papaya, kelp, and barley leaf. You can boost your gut health thanks to the generous servings of prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Beyond Greens vs. Athletic Greens Taste

As you will have undoubtedly discovered if you’ve sampled various green powders, each has a unique taste. Some are unfortunately quite “grassy,” while others taste artificial. Striking the right balance of flavors can be a challenge for manufacturers. Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens have very different flavors, and your preference is likely to be a matter of personal taste.

Beyond Greens Taste

Beyond Greens contains natural flavorings with added salt and stevia, a sugar substitute. The matcha extract isn’t hugely overpowering like some other products on the market. The flavors in Beyond Greens are suitable for mixing with smoothies or other beverages, or in recipes for baked goods or pancakes. As there is no fruit included in this formulation, those who prefer a fruity taste are likely to be disappointed. 

If you’re a matcha fan, you won’t have any complaints as it’s the most prominent flavor, with a lightly sweetened taste. And despite the prominent inclusion of four types of organic mushrooms, Beyond Greens manages to avoid having an earthy aftertaste. 

Athletic Greens Taste

Considering its wide range of “health food” ingredients, Athletic Greens smells and tastes surprisingly good. The numerous ingredients contribute to a unique flavor experience, but the most notable are papaya, cherry, pineapple, and vanilla, with subtle broccoli and carrot flavors. Like Beyond Greens, this powder contains the sugar substitute stevia.  

If you’re hesitant about purchasing a green powder due to concerns about the taste, Athletic Greens proves that healthy mixtures can taste pleasant (though calling it “delicious” might be a stretch). It mixes well with smoothies, though it’s also perfectly palatable mixed with a cool glass of water. 

Beyond Greens vs. Athletic Greens Cost

As with taste, greens powders can vary substantially in terms of price. When deciding which product is best, the cost will certainly be a consideration, though you’ll also want to consider factors such as quality, manufacturing practices, and ingredients when comparing products with different price points. Servings per container and subscription programs should also factor into your consideration of cost for Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens.

Beyond Greens Cost

Beyond Greens is packaged in a four-ounce jar containing 30 servings. Whether you order from Amazon or the Live Conscious website, the price for one jar is $39.99, which equates to $1.33 per serving. However, you can save money by purchasing multiple jars at once or setting up a Subscribe and Save order, either through Amazon or Live Conscious. This could reduce the price to $24.99 per jar if you set up a delivery of four jars every four months, meaning that each serving is just $0.83. Subscribers get free shipping through the Live Conscious website, while Amazon Prime members also enjoy free shipping on their Beyond Greens orders. 

Even when paying full price for a single jar of Beyond Greens, this product is less expensive than Athletic Greens. However, the ingredients list is significantly shorter and the micronutrient levels in each serving aren’t specified, so you may want to consider other factors besides price alone. 

Athletic Greens Cost

On Amazon, a 30-day supply of Athletic Greens will cost you $139.99, which is more than three times as expensive as a single jar of Beyond Greens. However, you’ll have more favorable pricing if you purchase the product through the Athletic Greens website, where it's known as AG1. A single pouch of AG1 is $99 ($3.30 per serving), or you can set up a monthly subscription for $79 per month ($2.63 per serving). As some people, especially athletes, take two servings of Athletic Greens per day, a double subscription option is available for $149 per month. With each of the subscriptions, a 90-day money-back guarantee applies. 

Whichever purchase option you choose, Athletic Greens will always be more expensive than Beyond Greens. Consumers will have to decide whether the dozens of additional ingredients are worth the extra cost.  

Beyond Greens vs. Athletic Greens: Which Is Better?

Your preference for Beyond Greens vs. Athletic Greens depends on what you are looking for in a greens powder. There are pros and cons to each of these products, but the biggest differences are in their prices and ingredient lists. If you are looking for the less expensive option, Beyond Greens is the obvious choice, especially if you set up a subscription through the Live Conscious website. If you aren’t concerned about price and want a green powder that contains as many superfoods as possible, Athletic Greens has the upper hand. It also specifies which vitamins and minerals it contains and in what amounts, which the Beyond Greens packaging lacks. Athletic Greens meets or exceeds the %DV for numerous important vitamins and minerals, as well as providing a much larger amount of probiotics. 

Bear in mind that neither of these products is organic, and both contain sweeteners such as stevia. On the plus side, both Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens are vegan and are free from common allergens such as gluten, soy, nuts, and dairy. However, you should read the ingredients list carefully before purchasing either product. Though unlikely to cause any unpleasant side effects, the sheer number of ingredients in Athletic Greens is potentially more problematic than the handful of ingredients in Beyond Greens

Although adding a green powder to your diet can help round out your micronutrient intake, green powders (even those that appear to be full of superfoods) aren’t a replacement for whole fruits and vegetables. And although green powders may help you to feel better and improve your energy levels, they are not a “quick fix” for your health and wellness needs. Whichever supplement you choose, you’ll want to combine it with healthy eating habits like limiting processed foods and getting enough fruits, proteins, healthy fats, and veggies. You should always consult with your healthcare provider or nutritionist before adding a new supplement to your diet.

Why We Recommend Ensō Supergreens Instead

Ensõ Supergreens

Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens both have many happy, loyal customers. However, as mentioned above, neither of these products is without its flaws. In fact, other green powders offer many of the same health benefits, without the drawbacks. 

Made by Ensō Superfoods, a California-based company specializing in antioxidant-rich superfood supplements,  Ensō Supergreens is our top recommendation for a green superfood blend that supports the immune system, maintains gut health, and promotes healthy energy levels. Although at first glance this product looks quite similar to Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens, some key differences set it apart. One of the biggest differences is that Ensō Supergreens contains only USDA-certified organic superfoods, whereas the other blends contain non-organic ingredients. This certification ensures that you only consume superfoods grown without any exposure to pesticides or artificial additives.

Besides being organic, the carefully selected superfood ingredients in Ensō Supergreens set it apart from Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens – and most other green powders, for that matter. Ensō Supergreens contains over 20 green superfoods, each with known health benefits and a hearty dose of micronutrients. Some of the standout ingredients include spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, barley grass, peppermint leaf, moringa leaf, broccoli powder, burdock root, kale, dulse, dandelion leaf, and many more. Each of these ingredients is well-known as a superfood but would be challenging to source and prepare individually, making Ensō Supergreens an incredibly convenient way to consume vitamins and minerals. It’s a particularly good way to meet your recommended daily value of Vitamin A, folate, and Vitamin B12.

Rounding out the ingredient list is a digestive enzyme complex derived from papaya and pineapple, along with five billion colony-forming units (CFU) of dairy-free probiotics to keep your digestive system on track. 

Unlike other green powders that include stevia or xylitol, there is no added sugar or sweeteners in Ensō Supergreens – just organic monk fruit extract (another superfood). Despite being so heavy on the greens, customers regularly describe Ensō Supergreens as one of the best-tasting green powders they’ve tried. Rather than adding overpoweringly sweet fruit flavors, Ensō Supergreens lets the natural green flavor of its ingredients come through, with just a hint of sweetness. It is often described as minty and refreshing, thanks to ginger and peppermint leaf (also superfoods!). Ensō Supergreens is certainly tasty enough to consume mixed with water, though some prefer it with milk or a smoothie, and its flavor complements many recipes. 

Like the other two products, Ensō Supergreens is vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. It’s made in the USA in a Good Manufacturing Practice-certified facility and has been third-party tested to ensure safety and purity. It’s caffeine-free and makes an excellent alternative to coffee, sugary sodas, and fruit juices.

Ensõ Supergreens ingredients

Considering that all of its superfood ingredients are organic and that it’s manufactured to such a high standard of quality, Ensō Supergreens is priced very reasonably. A one-time purchase of a 30-serving container is $59.99, though most customers set up a Subscribe and Save order to benefit from the reduced price of $39.99 ($1.33 per serving). This is comparable to the price of Beyond Greens and much less expensive than Athletic Greens

If you’re still wondering which superfood blend is best, check out this review of Ensō Supergreens to find out whether it’s the right green powder for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens?

Beyond Greens is a plant-based green superfood powder created with a blend of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs designed to help with detoxification, digestion, and energy. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Athletic Greens is a green superfood powder comprising 75 whole-food-sourced ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens, and antioxidants. Herbs and mushrooms are also included to help with gut health and digestion. 

Both of these products make it easy to eat more vegetables, but they concentrate on different things. Although Athletic Greens concentrates on supplying vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Beyond Greens is more focused on detoxifying and digestive assistance.

What are the advantages of taking a greens powder?

Adding more of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants our bodies need to be healthy is easy with greens powders. They are also an easy method to increase the amount of greens in your meals, which can help you maintain a balanced diet.

Greens supplements may promote digestion, detoxification, and energy levels. A, C, and K vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and potassium are just a few of the critical vitamins and minerals that they contain. Moreover, greens powders may strengthen the immune system and lessen inflammation.

What components are found in Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens?

Organic fruits, veggies, and herbs are combined in Beyond Greens to support energy, digestion, and detoxification. Moreover, it includes probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, and adaptogens. Kale, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, maca root, wheatgrass, turmeric, ginger, and garlic are among the components of Beyond Greens.

The 75 components in Athletic Greens come from whole foods and include vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens, and antioxidants. Wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, spinach, kale, broccoli, celery, carrots, beetroot, alfalfa, ginger, turmeric, maca root, ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and mushrooms are all components of Athletic Greens.

How can I utilize a greens powder?

Greens powders are easy to use and may be added to a variety of foods and drinks. The most typical use for a greens powder is mixing it into a drink or smoothie. It may also be included in your morning yogurt, oatmeal, or other breakfast foods. For an added nutritional boost, you may also include it in sauces and soups. You may also add it to your favorite juice or water for a quick and easy method to get more greens in your diet.

Is there a variation in the flavor between Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens?

Due to the components and the preparation method, the flavors of the two items vary. Beyond Greens tastes a little sweet with a tinge of earthiness. A moderate, somewhat grassy taste with undertones of sweetness may be found in Athletic Greens. 

Beyond Greens would be your first choice if you like a milder flavor. Athletic Greens would be better for you if you like stronger flavors. The choice of which is best for you ultimately rests with you.

Rachel Gargano
Rachel Gargano
Rachel is a seasoned registered dietitian with over 15 years of experience in Martinez, California. She holds a master's degree in nutrition communications from Tuft University and specializes in holistic nutrition, with a focus on super foods and greens. Her areas of expertise also includes prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric nutrition. In her free time, Rachel is an accomplished athlete, competing in triathlons and marathons.
Rachel Gargano
Rachel Gargano
Rachel is a seasoned registered dietitian with over 15 years of experience in Martinez, California. She holds a master's degree in nutrition communications from Tuft University and specializes in holistic nutrition, with a focus on super foods and greens. Her areas of expertise also includes prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric nutrition. In her free time, Rachel is an accomplished athlete, competing in triathlons and marathons.

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