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What are Some Different Types of High Fiber Cereals?

Tom Glasgow
Tom Glasgow

Once upon a time, the laxative effects of a high fiber cereals were their only known benefit. Then came the news that high fiber cereals and other high fiber foods act to reduce blood cholesterol. Nowadays, with documented health benefits like slowing blood sugar absorption, promoting appetite control and providing fewer calories for the same size portion than most other foods, it seems like there's no end to the value of incorporating more fiber into your diet.

High fiber cereals are everywhere, but few understand what makes them high fiber foods or where that fiber comes from. Bran is the indigestible outer shell of a whole grain, which means that bran cereals do away with the starch and germ of a whole grain. As a result, they usually contain more fiber by weight than any of the other types of high fiber cereals. Whole grains, or cereals made from whole grain flour which has been baked and broken up into bite size pieces, come in next highest in terms of fiber. Whole grains include the bran as well as the rest of the grain. Granola is one popular version of whole grain cereal, with its European cousins kasha, made from buckwheat, and muesli, uncooked rolled oats, gaining in popularity among health conscious consumers.

A bowl of oatmeal.
A bowl of oatmeal.

The grocery store is full of options, but how can you tell the good from the bad? Look for the ones made from whole wheat bran or whole grains like oats and barley. The specific whole grain should be the first ingredient listed. People tend to think of high fiber cereals as being served in a bowl with cold milk. Another popular use is to add the high fiber cereal to yogurt. Don't forget the non-dairy options like granola and muesli, or hot cereals like oatmeal. Extra sugars aren't usually beneficial to anyone, so try to steer clear of over-sweetened options, whether you are looking at hot or cold high fiber cereals. Nuts and berries tend to add extra fiber and flavor to the best high fiber cereals; no need to fear these additives.

Barley is high in fiber.
Barley is high in fiber.

Industrious and inventive folks are constantly finding ways to repackage high fiber cereals. The general idea of using whole grains as the basis of a healthy breakfast does not change to any significant degree. Unlike the health benefits, which seem to be improving with every new research finding. If you neglect to include high fiber cereals in your diet, you should know that you are missing out on more than just great taste--you could be shortchanging your own healthy future.

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I make my own granola cereal, and this has a lot of fiber and protein. Oats is the main ingredient in granola, but I also like to add almonds, walnuts, raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

For some natural sweetness I also add cranberries and carob chips. This never turns out exactly the same because I usually just add whatever I have on hand.

One of our favorite ways to eat this granola is with fresh fruit. We have some raspberry bushes in our garden, and I love the few weeks out of the year when we can add fresh raspberries to our cereal.

This is not only a healthy start to our day, but also makes a great snack any time of the day.


Our chiropractor recommended my husband go on a gluten free diet to see if that would help some of his health problems.

It can be really hard to find foods that don't contain gluten. Almost all grains have this ingredient, so this has been kind of tough.

Thankfully many stores now have a gluten free section in them. This has made finding a gluten free cereal much easier.

Some of them are more expensive than what he was eating in the past, but it is worth it if he has good results.

After eating gluten free for a couple months, he lost 17 pounds and many of his indigestion problems did go away.

The gluten free cereals have just as much fiber as the other types of cereal, they just use a grain that doesn't contain gluten.


I love eating healthy cereals, but sometimes find that I get bored with the taste. It seems like many of them all have a similar taste to them.

I don't want to give up eating cereals that are high in fiber, so have found some ways to be creative.

If I am eating a bowl of cold cereal, I like to use almond milk or rice milk. They have vanilla flavored almond milk and chocolate soy milk - both of which can change the taste.

If I am fixing myself some hot cereal, I have used apple juice as the liquid ingredient. This adds a natural sweetness to the cereal that my kids love too.

High fiber breakfast cereals are easy to find, but it is nice to add ingredients that make them a little tastier. Sometimes this is especially important for kids.

I usually always add some fruit when my kids are eating Cheerios cereal. There is some fiber in this cereal, but by adding fruit, they get a lot more of it.


There are so many options for healthy cereals today, that sometimes it can hard to decide which one to try.

I have become a label reader and now look for cereals that are high in protein and fiber.

The ingredients are listed by the highest amount. So if oats is the number one ingredient, that cereal contains more oats than any other ingredient.

For myself, I have found that eating cereals that are high in fiber have helped me from becoming constipated. I will also add some ground flax to my cereal which adds even more fiber.

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    • A bowl of oatmeal.
      A bowl of oatmeal.
    • Barley is high in fiber.
      Barley is high in fiber.
    • Wheat bran is included in many high fiber cereals.
      By: Vidady
      Wheat bran is included in many high fiber cereals.
    • Adding flax seeds to oatmeal or cold cereal provides a boost of extra fiber.
      By: Vidady
      Adding flax seeds to oatmeal or cold cereal provides a boost of extra fiber.
    • Muesli is a popular high fiber cereal.
      By: fabiomax
      Muesli is a popular high fiber cereal.
    • Granola cereal can make for a simple and hearty breakfast.
      By: nito
      Granola cereal can make for a simple and hearty breakfast.