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What Causes Blood Blisters?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

Blood blisters are a type of blister filled with blood rather than the clear fluid commonly associated with blisters. They are caused by a rupture of the blood vessels underneath the skin’s surface, usually cause by some form of trauma, such as pinching.

Like all forms of blisters, blood blisters form on the upper layer of the skin. They are the body’s natural response to pressure or injury. What differentiates them from other blisters is the fact that the trauma caused the blood vessels under the skin to rupture.

Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause blood blisters.
Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause blood blisters.

The most common area for these blisters to appear is on the feet, which are particularly prone to blistering. They are often caused by shoes that do not fit properly and pinch or put pressure on the feet. wearing properly sized shoes reduces the chance of developing any type of blisters as well as other foot problems.

A person may also develop blood blisters after being scalded or burned, including from sunburn. They can also develop in response to allergic irritants, viral skin infections, and fungal skin infections. Excessive friction, such as that caused by shoveling or raking for a period of time without wearing gloves, can also lead to their development.

Viral skin infections may cause blood blisters.
Viral skin infections may cause blood blisters.

For the most part, blood blisters do not require special medical attention. Those that are severe or that reappear, however, may require treatment. Similarly, those that are caused by conditions that threaten a person’s health in other ways, such as burns and infections, should be checked by a medical professional.

When caring for blood blisters at home, people should try to avoid popping them. This can lead to infection and can slow down the body’s natural healing process. Blisters should be covered with a soft dressing so that they are not disturbed as they heal. If the blister does pop, the resulting pocket of skin should not be peeled away. Instead, the body should be allowed to heal the area on its own schedule.

Blood blisters are caused by ruptured blood vessels.
Blood blisters are caused by ruptured blood vessels.

Blood blisters should also be washed frequently in order to keep them clear of irritants. Applying zinc cream to the area can also help dry up the blister and speed the healing process. When the blisters break, however, they should be treated with antiseptic in order to prevent infection.

Discussion Comments


I recently lost my wallet and had to get a new one. After about a week, maybe two, I got a blood blister right where the new wallet was rubbing. Thankfully on the outer, fleshy part of my butt, rather than the crack. I am just a tad confused on how to treat it. Do I shower daily and let it bleed as it wants, or do I avoid taking a shower until its gone?


So yesterday, I was packing a box in my family room, and all of a sudden, I felt a rush of warmth to my lower lip, and then could actually feel my lip growing. I looked in the mirror and saw a blood blister about the size a large pea. I iced it. There was nothing near my face when it appeared and the bump has reduced. However, it remains numb. Any ideas? No insects, bees, spiders, etc were anywhere near my face.


I have a recurrent blood blister on the right part of my upper butt. It is always in the same place. I get it maybe once a year. It is not painful and there was no damage or friction in the area. I have looked on websites for help but they all say pressure or something like pinching causes them. I have neither where it's located. I am just wondering if anyone knows why I would get a recurring one always in the same spot and if I should be concerned.


@anon234279: You need to see a doctor. Period. I doubt it's an STD, but if it is, it can probably be treated. And if it is an STD, your girlfriend may need to be treated as well. Do you want *her* to have an STD because *you* won't see a doctor?

If you care about your girlfriend, you need to get this checked out so both of you can have some peace of mind, and also, if it happens to be something serious besides an STD (which I also doubt), then the earlier you catch it, the easier it will be to treat. You can have conditions involving the sex organs that are *not* STDs, you know. So you need to find out what this is.


I was recently doing a self examination of my genitals and noticed that I have a small reddish blood blister on the bottom of my scrotum. My girlfriend says it was there the last time we had intercourse, but she was embarrassed to say anything should it hurt my feelings and didn't think much of it at the time.

Anyway, it doesn't hurt, but my girlfriend did try to pop it with a sterilized needle. It bled a little bit, and seemed to recede, but then recently it reappeared after about a week or so. Now my girlfriend is afraid to have sex with me, because she thinks it might be an STD.

I am so distraught now, because I really love her, but I'm afraid she will leave me now for another man. It's been three days now and she still won't have sex with me. Will this go away on its own or should I go see a doctor to look at it? I kind of want to see the doctor about it just to prove it's not an STD, but then again, what if it is? Do you see my dilemma? I'm damned if I do, or damned if I don't.

I just want my life to be normal again - especially my sex life, which has been non-existent now for three whole days. However, I guess it won't kill me to wait a few more days.


To post 70: If it is on the labia, then it is a Bartholins gland cyst and your doctors should know this. Dirt gets in the gland opening and then the gland can't drain. This is a painful area for a cyst that yes looks like a huge blood blister and it will swell until it pops open. The normal treatment is antibiotics to get the swelling down and for it to go away on its own. If it is truly bad the doctor will lance it. This is from my own experience with the cyst.


my 4 year old has a huge blood blister on the bottom of her foot. we took her to the doctor and that’s what he told us, i am worried though, because it has red lines coming out of it. i wanted to know if this is normal. i also wanted to know if there is anything i can do to ease her pain while we wait for it to pop.


I suffered head trauma during a car crash (into a tree) and all my scans are OK, but I had a huge knot on my head just over my temple filled with blood for three weeks. Today, it popped and a bunch of blood came out, leaving a smaller knot, but a dull ache over my eye. Should I just clean it, or do I need to go see a doctor?


What a lot of people are posting about sounds like angiomas, which are harmless clusters of blood vessels forming at the surface of the skin, usually in the form of a small red bump. They are usually rather small, but can become the size of a pea or larger if broken open multiple times.

They are more common with age, and a dermatologist will generally not even bother removing it unless it has become large or infected. Removal of a typical angioma is considered to be for purely aesthetic purposes.

Blood blisters are different in that they are formed from a minor trauma to the skin which causes a blood vessel to rupture under the skin, usually from a pinch of some sort. If you are concerned about a spot or group of spots, see your general doctor, and if necessary a dermatologist.


I don't know if this is a blood blister, but I play sports and I'm guessing this is caused by a bunch of pressure/rubbing from my cleats. Today I noticed that the once white blister on the back of my big toe had a more dark brownish color, and then later today it popped and brown fluid came out-yuck! I don't know what this is but I'm not really sure if this is serious or not.


I Think i have a blood blister in between my boobs. it popped on accident after i took a shower and a lot of blood came out and now it's a hole. i don't know what to do about it. Any ideas?


I had little red pin sized blood blisters all over my arms and legs. After lots of research I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia and the red spots were called "petichiae." After lots of chemo and a BMT I recovered.


Come on people. We are talking about blood blisters here. Maybe 2 percent of you might have cause for concern. Does this site have an age limitation with respects to posting a question? It sounds like most of you should be asking your moms these questions. I know this comes off as possibly mean or rude and I don't mean to offend anyone, but God help you should you ever get something really serious. Let's get some perspective here.

You might want to consider going to one of the medical sites on the internet and perhaps, do a little reading. It's amazing how much information the internet can provide. It just takes a small amount of time and effort.

If at that time, you cannot find an answer, then come and ask your questions. I apologize if I have offended anybody, but I have to say, I was offended by just reading most of the questions.


i found four or five reddish brown spots on my private part down there and also what looks like a short red line flat to the skin on the other side of my privates. what could it be? I'm very worried about what it is and keep messing with it and the one spot busted and black blood kept coming out. help please.


In my vaginal area, i get what looks like a blood blister. could this be from cycling? It hurts sometimes, maybe when it breaks? I saw it after i was sore in my vaginal area. I am a cyclist.


I have this 'thing' on my bottom lip that always was there after I suffered an accident many years ago. That area was cut almost nearly all the way through, and had to be stitched with 20 or more stitches.

Many years later (about 25) I get this 'bluish' small spot on my lower lip. Hmm. Not noticeable unless I became cold or stressed; then it would appear. It is now bigger and noticeable almost all the time. And recently (three days ago) it has a small bump on it, that was not ever there before.

It is perplexing to me and I do not have insurance to see a doctor It is not very attractive, but that is my least concern. It seems to have changed rapidly in the last few months, and now I have this bump on it (or inside of it, as the case may be).

Is there a correlation between this accident years ago, and this spot that has gotten bigger with time and is now noticeable more than ever? --SL


I just got a blood blister on the side of one of my toes from stubbing it really hard against my vent next to my bed. It wasn't constant friction, so I'm confused. Normal?


I have been getting blood blisters in my vagina for about two years, I have seen a Dermatologist who said it was ingrowing hair follicle (I do not think so), then another GP said it was infected boil, but when they burst the relief is lovely but I end up with blood everywhere on my underwear.

I have had antibiotics twice, and they seem to relieve the blisters for a month or so but then they start up again. it is interesting to see that other people get them


My girlfriend got blood blisters on her stomach after scratching. what does that mean? Is this serious? we are both scared and we need advice.


i recently found and removed a tick from the back of my leg. as per my usual routine, i inspected the area to find that the bite zone has become what appears to be a blood blister. It is a little tender but does not appear to be making any move toward worsening or healing. I'm keeping a close eye on the situation as a general precaution but should I be concerned?


I have the exact same thing as #60 - recurring blood blister at the base of my spine, in the top of my butt crack. I am going to the derm in a week.


Oh, I feel so bad for all these people. They're so scared.

There are two kinds of blisters: 1) blisters caused by physical tearing between the upper layers and lower layers of the the epidermis, and 2) blisters caused by damaged or abnormal lower layers of the epidermis where skin cells are born (basal layer). The first kind is nothing to worry about. The second kind can be problematic.

If you have good reason to believe it is of the first kind (almost always the case on palms or bottoms of feet) then don't worry. If blisters keep returning, then the basal layer was probably damaged and may take a long time to heal without intervention and you might need to see a dermatologist.

If it is of the second kind and larger than a BB and sensitive, then you should see a doctor. If it is smaller than a BB, or not sensitive, then it is probably not dangerous, so don't panic. Give it time to go away.

In most cases you should not pop a blister as its existence is part of the healing process. However, there are exceptions:

If it's filled with pus and somewhere where clothes rub (waistline) or skin takes a beating (elbows, knees) it's possibly staph, or perhaps even MRSA, so get help immediately. It should be drained and if staph or MRSA, you may need special antibiotics, but if viral then no antibiotics.

It could also be a spider bite and the proteins injected by the spider have damaged the skin so fluid is injected along with blood to suspend the proteins while keratin is injected just above the basal layer to project the basal layer from damage. In this case, it should be drained, preferably by a doctor.

If it's painful, say from an ingrown toenail, it may need to be drained. Painful blisters that feel like they're going to pop inwardly should be drained. These, however, should be done by a doctor. If no doctor is available, make sure whatever instrument you use is above all, germ-free. Remember germs are invisible - a match will kill them though. Don't wash it off as tap water has bacteria.

Second, thoroughly soak the drained area with hydrogen-peroxide (3 percent H2O2). I recommend making a drippy hydrogen-peroxide bandage and leave it on overnight. Hydrogen-peroxide (3 percent - don't use 30 percent!) is the safest and most beneficial antibacterial for your skin. It will oxidize any foreign organic protein (poisons, bacteria, viral infections) causing the blister and is harmless to living human tissue.

If it keeps coming back in the same place, even if only twice, see a doctor. Although it's probably only damage within the epidermis, it could still be an indication of skin cancer though you should only anticipate it if the location is where you've received the majority of sun damage (shoulders, nose, etc). Be aware of this if you had lots of sunburns as a youth.

Sometimes blisters will form due to stress and bundles of blood-vessels just over-reacting. Sometimes vaginal blisters and around folds of skin and fatty issues are related to that. Get some Vitamin B.

If you get frequent, inexplicable blisters, also make sure you get enough Vitamin C and E to generate the collagen and keratin your skin needs to keep those epidermic layers glued together. Fish oil and lecithin granules might also be helpful to put your body's oils back into balance.

You might also want to consider a microneedle roller (order online) along with a paste of pure ascorbic acid and your favorite lotion (also order online) twice/week which you can do at home. This will build up the collagen in your skin.


Seriously, from what most of you people above describe, it sounds like you need Valtrex not an answer to a blood blister. Anyway, I got my palm caught while rowing and was wondering if there is anything I can do to heal the blood blister on my hand any quicker?


I recently just discovered what looks like a blood blister (*tmi) above my vagina and below my urethra and it burns when i pee and hurts when touched. I would like to know if it's possible to even get one there in the first place, and if not then I don't know what it is then and should I just pop it? Would that be OK? Or is that a bad thing to do?


I have this blister in my armpit that won't go away. And it hasn't been messed with a lot but being in my armpit its hard to not have it bothered so my question is if it's serious and needs to get checked.


A lot of these comments are just ridiculous. You don't get blood blisters from 'bumps', and they generally don't keep recurring for no reason unless you have some kind of genetic disposition of weak arterial walls (one such symptom is hemorrhoids but its not the only cause of it).

Bruising is different from a blood blister, as is a 'cut lip' that swells up from inflammation, followed by fibrous tissue, which is the normal process of tissue repair.

Also if its a 'pin prick' size, it's clearly not a blister. In fact, it would make more sense to make the misdiagnosis of varicella or some kind of fungal infection or rash.

As the article stated, blisters are generally caused by rubbing (constant), and blood blisters when there is pressure involved causing the blood vessel rupture.

If you have something else, you are better off going to your General Practitioner who is your primary point of contact for health care. There is no reason to go to the ER unless there are other symptoms presenting as well.


I am 14 years old and I recently discovered a blood blister on the side of my big toe. It's about the size of a tick, but it's not one. It was painful at first but isn't anymore. It just won't go away. Does anyone know what might have caused it, or what I should do about it?


I get a blood blister at bottom of my spine, just in the top position of the butt crack (in between). it comes and goes always in same spot. Last time a huge blood clot came out when it busted. Could it be a weak vein and when a blood clot comes in contact with this, or it gets stuck and it swells and builds up blood then bursts? Will check back for any replies.


I got a blood blister about six or seven weeks ago by catching my finger in a machine. And i still have it. Would i be best consulting a doctor about it?


blood blisters are very common. don't freak when you get one.


i have blood blisters on both legs. there are at least 15 20 on each leg. i am a diabetic at 73.


any help? i get, i guess, blood blisters under my left on the right of my chest, I'm male. It pops up on its own and doesn't hurt much but it keeps coming back on the same spot, i get it like once every month or every other month, i never hurt my self or been burned. it just appears. Any help?


I just got a blood blister from playing drums. how do i make it go away?


My Granddaughter was sent home from school last week because she had a bump on her head. My daughter took her to the er and they didn't know what it was. Told her to go to a dermatologist.

I looked at it and it is a blood blister. She fell a couple of weeks ago and hurt her head in the same place the blister is. Is there anything to be worried about? It breaks open then come right back. I want to know if there is a treatment we can do at home?


Excuse me, but can blood blisters appear in your mouth? *worried look* Cause I have a dark purple/red looking line on the bottom of my teeth. Please answer!


About an hour ago while looking for prickles in my foot, I found a strange spot that at first I thought must be a blood blister so I got a needle and popped it, but when I did this i found no blood. The skin looked like the color of dried blood, and it's now sore, but it is a little itchy. could it have been a mole? or skin cancer?


I got a blood blister when I got my finger caught in between the edge of the key and the key hole. It appeared almost instantly. How long will it last? I got it yesterday.


i just bumped my lip hard and i got a blood blister. I bit my lip and it popped. What should i do?


I keep getting blood blisters on the roof of my mouth when I have been eating. It happens even if the food is not hot and on a few occasions they have kept filling up with blood until the pressure of my closing my mouth has burst it. Can you please let me know if there is anything I need to worry about?


i am thirteen and i just found a blood blister on my toe. i think it's because i stubbed my toe on a chair last night. it is a purplish black color. what should i do?


Sometimes when I forget to wear deodorant, my skin rubs together and forms what seems to be blood filled pockets around my moles. They itch really bad and it makes it difficult to shave. Any ideas?


I got blood blisters for the first time the other day. My cousin gets them and so does my father. Could blood blisters be hereditary?


I got a blood blister from playing hockey and my skates fit fine and they are broken in. Why would this happen?


i was playing volleyball earlier today and all of a sudden i felt this awful feeling on my foot and at break i looked at my foot and there was a bloodblister on it and now its swollen and black and blue and now i can't walk on it. what should i do to make it heal because i still have volleyball tryouts for the next week? is there anyway to make it heal within the next 2 days?


What causes blood blisters on your private parts? I am female and I haven't had any sexual contact or trauma to that area.


while at my friends house, i got the "brilliant" idea to pierce my cartilage with a sewing needle. no big deal. just took out the needle and popped an earring in. about three-four weeks later i get a blood blister right on the spot the place was pierced. it did this another time when my mom used a piercing gun on my ear as well. - why?


i rashes over to all my skin,as a result,i got blood blisters. its been occurring from last 3 years.


I got a blood blister today at school from dancing in socks. its massive and on the sole of my foot and is causing me a lot of pain as i can't walk on it. should i pop it? i need to know, i have to dance in a show at school next week and it is worrying me :S


can you get blood blisters on your bum?


Earlier in the week I had gotten a blood blister. I got it from closing a window right on my thumb. Almost instantly the blood blister had appeared. *Yuck!*


I got a blood blister about 2 weeks ago from a fishing line snapping on my finger, but for some reason, a finger on the other hand that wasn't even near the line got a blister too, it didn't even get hit! Why did this happen?


i jammed my finger on the corner of a railing post in my house and got a blood blister. it looks really cool and didn't hurt after popping it, but a lot of blood did come out.


I just recently was eating and bit my cheek by accident. A blood blister formed in my mouth and i just barely pinched it again and then blood just came out.. no big deal. Its now just a sore that looks identical to the sores that appear when i bite my cheeks.


I'm only 12 years old, And my dog bit the tip on my finger, only trying to defend herself. I think i have 2 blood blisters on my finger. They still hurt, but it happened earlier this morning.


I get blood blisters on the fatty parts of my body, the inside of my thighs, under my arms, on my butt, even on my breasts. What is causing it and what can i do to prevent it?


i got a blood blister on my toe and im only 12 and i don't know what to do should i leave it alone or pop it. its not that big, its about the size of a lady bug. but i need help 2 decide what to do.


I cut my pinky about 3 wks ago at Applebees with a steak knife and it was pretty deep. Managed to stop bleeding. Still tender. Now the finger next to my pinky hurts badly and knuckle is slightly swollen. No red streaks but out of nowhere a pinpoint blood blister appeared on my index finder. Ignored it but now I have another pinpoint blood blister between my ring and middle finger. Hand is hurting. Waking me up at night but no insurance. I bruise very easily and unusually. Somebody, anybody, help!


Petechia or Pupura* (pin prick hemorrhages that can be caused by scratching and are usually flat to the skin)

“blood blister”* (caused by burns, friction, pressure)

skin tags* (idiopathic[unexplained] and mole-like, grandma probably has a lot on her neck)

shingles (Painful blistery rash patch usually occur in bands on one side of the body) notice progression of the rash and pictures, may cause residual nerve pain.

Hives or urticaria* (caused by allergic reaction or stress) Flat, wide, and pink.

Genital herpes (viral std predominant in the genital region, nose, lips, mouth, throat)

primary syphilis (more ulcer like)

friction blister* (can be caused by things like tight clothes, uncomfortable shoes. Raised thin layer of skin filled with clear fluid and/or blood, relatively painless unless ruptured.)

I've gone through and read some of the posts on this page and these are a few things I think you guys you google and google image search. Although the internet is a dangerous tool for hypochondriacs it's also might save you a trip to the doctor. The majority of the things I've seen described seem like simple friction blister that I'm sure have cleared up by now unless of course the friction and pressure haven't been relieved.

*Should pass without medical attention unless accompanied by another worrisome symptom such as anaphylaxis or severe pain.

Although I am a medical professional I am in no way a doctor. My statements have not been reviewed by a physician and I can not be held accountable for the way this information is used it's simply for educational purposes only.


i just came back from a trip to the mountains. (it's loaded with tics) i always come away with at least 1. i got back last night and looked and saw nothing. then this morning i woke with a huge blood blister. is it possible that i carried a tick home with me and that it crawled onto my hand while i slept and caused the blood blister? if so what do i do about it. (i have never had a blood blister before, my platelet count is fine it was checked a couple weeks prior to the trip)


I get blood blisters from friction I think, but I've also had them in my female area. I know that its not an STD. I'm a virgin. But I now have one on my upper leg and on my stomach. I've just been told it can be caused by the friction of clothes or if your legs might slightly rub together the friction causes it. I've had my doctor drain one before and it was such a relief. If you have them and they hurt just go have your doctor drain them.


I am 22 and I've been noticing that just like others in several occasions I've had blood blisters appearing and going in my genital area. This always appears at the same place.... It comes and goes. I have to say it has left me extremely uncomfortable because i have no clue as to why it appears given that i haven't been sexually active for many years.

Can someone please enlighten me on the cause of this. I will schedule an appointment with my doctor because its really strange.


When taking a shower I notice on my stomach I had a

raised blood filled sac, it was very small but noticeable, I popped it and then it went away and then came back not as large, but it still came back. So now I am going to the doctor to find out what it really is, I am in a way worried about it, but I am going through menopause and weird things are happening to me anyway, so I will keep in touch and let you all know what I have


OMG!! I am going to the dermatologist in a few days, I have what looks like an irregular blood blister on my left breast and I have been looking online re skin cancer/breast comes and goes over the past few months. Stupidly, the first time I saw it I popped it and it went away for awhile. Anyone ever find out what these breast ones are? I don't get my period anymore but I take hormones....


For those of you who are finding that you have small pin prick sized blood blisters randomly over your body, and doctors don't have an answer for it... ask them to do a platelet count.

Last year, i thought i had a rash on my legs because i had little red spots all over both.. from my ankles to my thighs. i didn't think too much of it, until i started getting blood blisters in my mouth for no reason. then they started appearing in my throat, and on my tongue.. which is when the red flag went up.

i went to the ER (it was 2am) after i noticed more red spots all over my feet... and i was diagnosed with ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura). My platelet count was below 10,000... where normal levels are between 150,000 and 450,000.

i was kept in hospital for 2 weeks and underwent immunoglobulin infusions, and was put on steroids to bring my count back up.

my ITP was misdiagnosed 3 years prior, when i had these same symptoms occur, along with multiple unexplained bruising all over my body.

When i went into the hospital, my platelets were so dangerously low that i was at risk of bleeding out internally had i had some sort of trauma occur.


my armpit was itchy and i itches the spot and now there's a lump like thing but it popped tonight and it was only blood so im assuming it was a blood blister but its the second time its happened, the first time it was in my other armpit and when it popped it smelled like possibly my sweat gland was infected, can that happen??


i hit my foot really hard on a rock, and i got a blood blister. i have a track meet on saturday, and if i take 1-3 i go to states. whats the best way to heal it fast?


OK, I just turned 14 two days ago and yesterday when I was taking a shower I found a blood blister down there...and I've had pimples there before. I'm kind of scared....Is something wrong with me?


i have one and i just popped it and the blood that came out was brown and it is march 28 and i have had it since february 22. it is weird.


Your son's boots probably rub his feet. He may need to find a different style or size of boots.


my son is getting blood blisters on the bottom of his feet. All he wears are his boots. Does not go bare footed in the house or outside. Normally when he wakes up in the a.m. they are there.


I don't understand this. You guys are talking about how you just woke up with them. The other night I hit my toe very hard against a drawer. In the first few seconds it was purple, so I figured it was a bruise. Within a few more seconds it became round and a dark red. That was when I realized it was probably a blood blister. It isn't a bright red like it has been described. Its a dark red, almost brown. Is it definitely a blood blister?


Um... I have the tiny red "blood spots" all over my arms (that i have noticed so far). They are about the size of a pin head. What are they? and Why are they there?


Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. They can't cure viral infections. I'm not sure why your doctor gave you antibiotics unless it's actually bacterial. I hope it works for you.


I am the second anonymous.

I finally decided to see the doctor about the blood blisters -- after one showed up in a worrisome area. She said that they have nothing to do with cleanliness, but didn't know what to do but treat them as they appear. She said they are caused by a viral infection in the skin and gave me antibiotics to treat this particular episode.

Obviously I don't have any new answers but I want to recommend everyone see a doctor if they haven't because it would have been nice if I hadn't had to wait until my monthly was over with to get the antibiotics -- she had to inspect the blisters.


I am only 17 years old and this morning I awakened to find about 5 or 6 little 'blood pockets' or so I've been calling them. Each of them had a tiny 'ball of blood' in the middle which falls off. now they are flat to my skin and I haven't a clue why a 17 year old get's something of this sort. my dad claimed they were so called 'tags' yet no cells or tissue remain attached to these flat surfaces... could it be blood blisters?


I was born in September 1933 and had little blood blister on cheek. I scratched it and it bled profusely. The doctor told my mom to tie my hands to the sides of the crib to keep from scratching. It healed up. But later on more appeared on my body, from under arms to upper thighs. They do not itch though. They are blood red (really) and about the size of a pin head to twice that size.

They do not go away either. I thought they might be classified as petechiae, but not from the definition.


I was scratching my arm because it was itching, and blood blisters formed. I also have tiny blood spots in numerous places, including my breasts. they are, for the most part, very tiny. The few on my breasts are larger, and I have no idea how they got there.

I am at a loss as to what the reason is.

Can anyone tell me?


I have that same thing! I just saw it last night while doing my weekly "self breast check" in the shower... its weird... its not painful.. I just don;t know what it is...


I also have been getting blood blisters monthly - usually right before my monthly. I was beginning to think it was my deodorant because they were under my arms but this month it appeared on my upper leg. I would love to know why they come and how they are connected to my monthly. I was going to go to the doctor but if yours can't figure it out why waste my money?


Unfortunately, I experience the same thing; usually there are only one or two, always on the breasts, and for the past four years neither doctors nor dermatologists have been able to find out what they are or why they're there.

I am working on my own to figure out what triggers them and am starting by eliminating caffeine. I am also trying castor oil packs to see if they alleviate the pain and discomfort.

I'll let you know if I have any success. Good luck!


I continually get what looks like a blood blister. I got it the first time 3 months ago. It eventually went away (after 2 weeks). It came back last month and again went away after about 2 weeks. Last night I went to bed and woke up with another one this morning. I have had this a total of three times now and it seems to come once a month just after my menstral flow. It has formed in the same location each time (on my right breast). Is there any corelation?

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    • Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause blood blisters.
      By: Nikolai Sorokin
      Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause blood blisters.
    • Viral skin infections may cause blood blisters.
      By: roblan
      Viral skin infections may cause blood blisters.
    • Blood blisters are caused by ruptured blood vessels.
      By: stockshoppe
      Blood blisters are caused by ruptured blood vessels.
    • Blood blisters may occur following a severe sunburn.
      By: Amy Walters
      Blood blisters may occur following a severe sunburn.
    • Treatment for blisters may include wrapping the blisters to keep them from bursting.
      By: Y. L. Photographies
      Treatment for blisters may include wrapping the blisters to keep them from bursting.