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What Causes Nose Tingling?

Nose tingling can be a peculiar sensation, often stemming from nerve irritation or allergies. Factors like sinus infections, migraines, or even exposure to cold weather can trigger this feeling. Intriguingly, it might also signal underlying health conditions. To uncover the myriad reasons behind this sensory quirk, let's explore the intricate connections within our nasal pathways. What might your nose be telling you?
Anna T.
Anna T.

Most of the time, nose tingling is the result of allergies or the common cold. Sometimes the tingling sensation directly precedes a sneeze, and other times the tingling comes and goes off and on throughout the day. People who experience migraine headaches occasionally complain of nose tingling as well. In more serious cases, nose tingling is a side effect of multiple sclerosis or other health problems relating to nerve damage. If a person experiencing a tingling nose sensation does not have any other symptoms relating to a cold, allergies, or migraine headache, she should probably see her doctor to find out if anything more serious is causing the tingling.

Nose tingling related to a cold or allergies may be annoying to people who experience it, but it is usually only temporary. As soon as allergy problems die down and cold symptoms disappear, the tingling nose sensation typically disappears as well. A tingling nose is often a sign of an impending sneeze, and the tingling usually goes away after the sneeze. Medicines designed to ease symptoms of colds or allergies might be helpful for reducing the frequency of nose tingling.

Migraine sufferers occasionally complain of nose tingling.
Migraine sufferers occasionally complain of nose tingling.

People who experience migraine headaches might occasionally complain of tingling on the outside of their noses. This sensation is usually accompanied by tingling across the entire face. Not everyone who experiences migraines reports the nose and facial tingling sensation, but it is not an uncommon side effect. When the tingling is related to a migraine, it typically disappears as soon as the migraine headache goes away. Pain-relieving medicines might help a great deal for getting rid of migraines and the symptoms related to them.

Nose tingling is normally due to allergies or the common cold.
Nose tingling is normally due to allergies or the common cold.

Chronic nose tingling, also occasionally referred to as paresthesia, could be a sign of nerve damage or multiple sclerosis. When nose tingling is related to problems such as these, the sensation might be described as feeling like pins and needles poking into the skin. People who have multiple sclerosis or nerve damage might experience this sensation, not just inside the nose, but also in other areas throughout the body. Even though paresthesia isn't always related to serious illnesses, it is still a good idea for a person who has it to get checked out promptly by a doctor just to be sure nothing major is wrong. There is no cure for multiple sclerosis, and nerve damage is not always repairable, but both problems can typically be managed well enough to allow the majority of people who suffer from them to continue going about their day-to-day activities.

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Discussion Comments


I have been suffering for over two years, It started as minor, with the feeling of my skin crawling over my hands. Now it's in my face above the eyebrow, in my nose and on my cheeks. Sometimes, it's on my legs, the back of my neck. It's a crazy, crawling feeling. I don't have itching, and there are no marks. I have been to every type of doctor under the sun, but they can't find anything but stress, and anxiety, but even when I am feeling great it still happens. It is driving me nuts to the point of suicide.


I hate the nose tingling I get right before a sneeze. I usually have violent sneezes, and the tingling fills me with dread of what is about to happen.

I keep a box of tissues on my desk, in my car, and a small pack of them in my purse at all times. I have to grab one as soon as I feel the tingling, because otherwise the mucus will fly everywhere.

I guess I should be grateful for the tingling. It serves as a warning signal and gives me time to ward off a potentially embarrassing situation.


I have a friend who experiences severe migraines, and he says he always knows when one is coming on by the tingling of his nose. Within moments, the sensation will spread to his forehead, cheeks, and chin. After that, the pain arrives.

His migraines occur so often that he has enrolled in an experimental study to find a cure for them. He recently had botullism injected into his forehead as part of the treatment. A series of shots is supposed to eventually rid him of the pain.

My friend’s nose tingling is exclusive to his migraines. He never gets the tingling with a cold or allergies, which he frequently suffers.


When I get severe sinus congestion from a cold, I feel a tingling across my nose. It’s a weird feeling that seems to arise from the pressure deep within my sinuses.

After I have blown my nose so much that it has completely stopped working, I have to breathe through my mouth. During this time, my nose feels kind of numb, and it tingles all the way through and across my cheeks.

When I sniff to see if it might be clear enough to breathe through again, the tingle becomes more intense and burns a little. I can actually feel the swelling on top of the skin all around my nose, and when I touch it, I feel a tingle on the surface.


I had extreme nose tingling for hours while suffering an allergy attack. I had just mowed the yard, and I had run over several ant hills along the way. The dirt and possibly even the ants dispersed into the air, and the wind blew them back into my nose.

I kept sneezing while mowing, but I really started to feel the effects of it afterward. In addition to a constantly runny nose and wheezing in my chest, my nose was locked in a continuous tingle. It felt just like it does right before I sneeze, only I didn’t need to sneeze.

This sensation lasted for about six hours. I took several antihistamine pills to stop it, but they didn’t kick in right away. That was the most severe allergy attack I have ever experienced.


Allergies making your nose tingle is actually pretty useful I find.

I almost never remember to use it though. See, I'm allergic to dust, and if I hang out in a dust environment (like my mother's house!) too long, I will eventually start snuffling. I usually don't even notice it happening, but all of a sudden I'll feel like I have the worst cold.

I have noticed, though, that my nose often tingles before the other symptoms show up. If I actually pay attention next time, I should be able to take a preventative anti-allergen medication so I don't have to suffer from the sniffles.


I often get a tingling nose when I have a bad cold. I don't think it's from the cold itself, but rather from the number of times I have to reach for the tissues.

Even though tissues seem soft, if you have to use them over and over it can rub your nose raw. I really hate that feeling, particularly as there doesn't seem to be any way to stop it.

I've tried tissues with aloe vera in them, and that helps a bit, but mostly, I think I just have to suffer through it.

Thankfully, as I get older, I don't seem to get sick nearly as much as I used to.

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    • Migraine sufferers occasionally complain of nose tingling.
      By: Rynio Productions
      Migraine sufferers occasionally complain of nose tingling.
    • Nose tingling is normally due to allergies or the common cold.
      By: Marcin Sadlowski
      Nose tingling is normally due to allergies or the common cold.
    • A nose tingle often means a sneeze is coming.
      By: coldwaterman
      A nose tingle often means a sneeze is coming.
    • Chronic nose tingling may be an indication of multiple sclerosis.
      By: designua
      Chronic nose tingling may be an indication of multiple sclerosis.
    • Seasonal allergies may cause nose tingling in some people, and commonly leads to sneezing.
      By: FedeCandoniPhoto
      Seasonal allergies may cause nose tingling in some people, and commonly leads to sneezing.