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What is a Tipped Uterus?

O. Wallace
O. Wallace

A tipped uterus, also known as a tilted uterus or womb, occurs when a woman’s uterus is angled back towards the pelvis. The condition may also be referred to as a retroflexed, backward, or retroverted uterus or a uterine retroversion. Normally, the uterus, which is the organ in which a baby grows and develops, is vertically positioned in the pelvis.

This condition may occur if the uterus never moves into the correct position during childhood or adolescence. It may also result from endometriosis or uterine fibroids, both of which may cause scarring that can contribute to the positioning of the organ. In other cases, giving birth can affect the position. During pregnancy, sometimes the ligaments that support the uterus in the proper position can be permanently stretched, although they typically regain their elasticity, and the uterus moves back into a more vertical or forward position after pregnancy.

An adult woman's reproductive system, including the uterus, ovaries, and vaginal canal.
An adult woman's reproductive system, including the uterus, ovaries, and vaginal canal.

Many women will never know that they have a tipped uterus unless it causes a problem. Symptoms include pain with menstruation or intercourse, mild incontinence, urinary tract infections (UTI), problems using tampons, and fertility issues. Most cases are discovered during a regular pelvic exam by a gynecologist.

If the position causes a problem, treatment may include surgical correction. There are two main techniques for correction: a uterine suspension and the UPLIFT procedure. An exercise called the “knee-chest” may help as well; however, it is only a temporary fix and will not work if the problem is related to endometriosis or fibroids. Another option is the use of a pessary, a silicone object that is inserted into the vagina to hold the uterus in place.

A gynecologist helps women lead healthy lives through regular check-ups and preventative care.
A gynecologist helps women lead healthy lives through regular check-ups and preventative care.

In rare cases, a tipped uterus may contribute to difficulty with conception or cause problems with pregnancy. During pregnancy, the uterus typically moves forward into the correct position by the end of the first trimester. In rare cases, however, the positioning can cause miscarriage. The majority of pregnancies that involve a tilted uterus typically reach full term with no related complications.

Discussion Comments


I am now 44 years old, and I noticed that I could not even put in a tampon since in my teens. From age 15, for about two or three days, I had very heavy periods with a lot of big clots. This was accompanied by cramps, vomiting and diarrhea at same time. I had fainted from the pain a couple times, but did not want to continue filling myself full of chemicals, so I stopped taking the eight pain relievers a day. Just so happens that I eventually found something to alleviate the symptoms of my period by accident (I was about 21 years old by this time), I ate hot chilli pepper on food the day or two before my period came and realized it had come and I didn't even know when exactly. I tried it for several months as a test and same result: no pain, no nausea, watery feeling before, not even big clots and not as heavy. Even now the further away from beginning of period that I eat peppery stuff (and how intensely peppery it is), is how much or little symptoms I get. Well, don’t know if it will work for anyone else, but it is all natural and worth a try.

I have one child and have had several miscarriages. Once I asked a doctor at a hospital after a scan if everything was all right with my uterus, but he dismissed me with a laugh and said don't worry about it. I also have slight scoliosis (curved spine). I think these things are causing and have in the past caused some issues with my fertility, but going to even the local doctors is a waste of time, they have been mostly unhelpful and dismissive.

Intercourse has become painful for me for the past few years, but wasn't in my early twenties. I find lying on my back with legs a bit together (while he’s struggling to get in ha ha ha, it's a trade off), that I get almost no pain but actually a little pleasure.

I think according to what I have read in these comments, I do have a tilted uterus and that mostly is the cause of my problems.


I have had similar problems to those posted above, particularly very heavy periods every month with huge blood clots.

About five months ago, under the threat of surgery or an IUD from my doctor, which I didn't want, I googled for solutions. I found a site talking about the benefits of Mayan abdominal massage and luckily found a practitioner locally. All I can say is wow. I was hugely sceptical, but was desperate.

The first period after the massage was still heavy, but the past three have been amazing! In fact, I keep waiting for the bleeding to increase, but it is really light again. My lower back pain has reduced significantly and I feel human again. I would highly recommend giving Mayan abdominal massage a go. Hopefully, it can help women get their lives back!


The key thing that spurred me to google diagnose myself with a tilted uterus -- the one lady who mentioned that her tampons were like a folded Canadian flag, red and white. I have noticed that myself and pondered it briefly maybe having to do with my own slanted posture, but when I searched all of this morning to get an idea of why my menstrual cramps (not too bad, mean for the first five hours of bleeding, but easily kicked with two regular liquid gel advils), and my accompaniment of lower back ache were 95 percent on my left side, I made a connection here: I haven't had a UTI in a few years, but I remember with one particular ex-partner, they were frequent! And he was the same partner who commented on my inkling to lean to the left during intercourse.

I'm not ruling out, but not suspecting endometriosis at this time, because again, my flow is extremely average and within the average guidelines. I have easy to kill, brief cramps, a 27 day cycle and bleeding no longer than five days, never spotted midway, and never passed large clots. Now I have something reasonable and apparently easy to test for, when I visit my GP next. Thanks all who comment. Even though we are all different as women, we can learn so much just by sharing what we experience.


For all ladies who do get UTI (urinary tract infections) all the time, please try and buy some activated charcoal pills (or capsules). Just one removed my infection right away, since the item draws out any/all toxins, poison and viruses from the body, (something which doctors do not want us to know, so they can push meds on us!)

Charcoal caps are actually used in all hospital/emergency rooms when a person has been poisoned!

I also have a tilted uterus, although not sure why that would cause any problems for any of us.


I had three miscarriages, and still no one told me if I have a tilted uterus, because they can't find the cause of my problem. I have a 13 year old. Thank you all. This opened my eyes to a new direction for answers.


Taking 800mgs for cramps is a joke. Get Dicolfenac which is used for women with heavy, painful periods. Add a muscle relaxant to that, Cyclobenzaprine. I'm 44 and for the very first time I had a month with no pain.

If tilted uterus is no big deal, why are women who have them more likely to end up with prolapsed uterus? Yes, it's hereditary. So are a lot of birth defects.

A tipped uterus can cause back pain. My periods cause me pain along the lower back. I am utterly useless on my period. I have fever, asthma, joint pain, scoliosis (causes heavy periods), diabetes (also causes heavy periods). Fight for good health!


I've had periods since I was nine years old, and they've always been really heavy, really painful. I've tried all sorts of contraception to try and calm it. Anyway, when I was 17, I got pregnant with my little boy, was constantly in and out of hospital bleeding and in agony. Twice I went in and had started contractions, and had to have a steroid injection to stop them. Anyway, my last three weeks of pregnancy were horrendous because of the pain. By the time I was eight days from my due date, I thought my water broke, but on the heartbeat monitor, I found my son's heartbeat had dropped seriously low, so I ended up being knocked out and having a C-section.

Ever since the three weeks before, I've had constant back problems and pelvis problems. Now I'm nine weeks pregnant again and at my scan, my doctor told me I had a tilted uterus. I was wondering could I have had this all along in my life and throughout my pregnancy before? I read up about it and people have said it corrects itself at the end of the first trimester. Has this happened to anyone?


I'm 41 and have had my second pelvic ultrasound after having extremely painful periods with pain in my lower back that cannot be relieved by 800mg ibuprofen or heating pads or anything else. I didn't get my second ultrasound until a new symptom popped up: stabbing sharp pains in my lower left abdomen. That was when my doctor thought for sure I must have fibroids or endometriosis.

Three years ago I had a transvaginal ultrasound that seemed to come out O.K. No one ever told me that my uterus was tilted back. After this last ultrasound was done, I asked for a copy of the findings. All was clear except for a "within normal limits" cyst on my cervix, and my uterus being "tansverse". Now that word doesn't seem to be used a lot. If you look it up, tipped, tilted and retroverted comes up. Still, when I saw my doctor, he never really acted concerned.

Yes, I do realize I can live with this, but I have had two children (both c section) and first one was all back labor. Never did any doctor tell me about this. Is not a baby about pain, and with two c-sections, tubes tied, gall bladder surgery, scar revision surgery for the c section area, breast augmentation, and a mini face lift, I have never been down for more than a couple of days.

I never knew why it was hard to wear tampons, why always feel uncomfortable and like they won't stay in. I used to think my periods were really heavy because I seem to bleed right through them, but now I'm thinking that its because I can't get them to fit correctly. I also clot a lot during periods, but apparently my health is fine. The sharp stabbing pains in the low left abdominal went away last month at exactly the same time I stood up at work and thought, "Uh-oh, did I just pee myself.” No, I didn't, but I had passed a larger amount of mucus that what would be considered normal that had a blood clot in it (this was after my period not during).

So my assumption and the doctor's was that the cervical cyst "popped" (for lack of a better word). I'm just tired of my periods completely knocking me out of commission the first couple days of it. You can't call into work sick a couple of days every month because of your period. That is unacceptable. Today, I had my fiance actually beat me in the lower back with his fists (like hard fast karate chops). Most people would think he was hurting me, but it helped.

I do have problems with incontinence at times, (when I have to go pee, I have to go right away, and I'm going quite often. Sometimes I feel like it's a weaker stream than it should be as well). Should I really be expected to live like this? I know I'm not in the best of moods during all of this, which isn't normal. PMS and pain can actually make you physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. This all seemed to get to this level when I met my fiance four years ago. That is actually when sex stopped for me. He has type 2 diabetes and suffers from erectile dysfunction. We are working on that since the oral meds, viagra etc. don't really seem to work for us.

So out of all this: does anyone know if the tilted uterus can be in anyway related to the absence of sex? The only reason I ask is I've seen the pessary? (not sure of spelling) device used to hold the uterus in the correct position. Or can it be related to scar tissue from having two c-sections, tubal ligation etc.


Vaseline, yes petroleum jelly. Just a little down there on you and a little on him; that helps me. My uterus is crooked/tilted as well ladies, and believe me they like it. It tickles their penis. Yes, it stinks for us, but the vaseline helps, but not too much; you do not want it too wet. Yes I too get UTIs, but I have three kidneys and the tilted uterus does not help, either.

I do everything correct: pee before sex and after, wipe front to back, and I even wash off after I do no. 2. I wear cotton panties, I use white wash clothes, I use a cloth just for my outer genitalia. I use only gold dial soap (it is antibacterial) plus no perfume or dye. I take showers instead or baths. I wash every day, plus I wash off when I do no. 2. I drink nothing but H20, I take Vitamin C pills (that really helps) but sometimes I forget, and here comes the pain of the bladder infection.

So I do all that.

I advise whom ever is reading this to try this if you have issues with having UTI (bladder infections) Vitamin C 1000 mg a day. It helps a lot, and to be as clean as possible and always wipe off your toilet seat at home before you use it (yes every time) even if you think your kids are clean, and you just cleaned the toilet. Good luck and God bless. --Girl from WV


I am 21 years old and have always had horrible periods since I was nine years old. Today I found out that my uterus is tilted backward and to the left. The last pap I had they said my uterus was absolutely normal. My ob/gyn didn't tell me why this has happened or how.

I've been told I can't have children like this, but I have gotten pregnant before but unfortunately I had a miscarriage. But I noticed after I had my miscarriage, me and my fiance cannot get pregnant even though we use no kind of birth control whatsoever. If someone knows more than what I've been told, please tell me. I've been freaking out since they told me.


I am 17 years old about to be 18. My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now and for the past year we have been trying to have a baby(no luck at all). Just recently we were in the middle of sexual intercourse and I got this really sharp stabbing pain in my vaginal area. The pain was so bad that I had to stop him so I could grab something and cry! He told me I looked like I was in labor but I'm not pregnant. My doctor told me my uterus was perfect at my last pap exam. I'm not sure what caused it but I would like to know what you all think.


I am twenty years old. I have been on multiple birth controls and tried all pain killers and none of them help my horrid cramps. I even get cramps whenever I'm not on my period. My back is always achy and nothing helps. About a month ago, I went to have an ultrasound done for pelvic pain and the ultrasound tech told me I had a tilted uterus.

Embarrassingly enough, I feel like I pee more than my eight month pregnant sister. I have been suffering with this for the past six years and I think it is ridiculous that so many women suffer without knowing what is going on. I remember having to stay home from high school because my cramps were so bad. Sometimes, they would even hurt so bad that I would throw up!


I have recently become sexually active and the first time I had intercourse I was diagnosed with cystitis. ever since there have been two occasions which i have had pain after intercourse but the most recent case I have had backache and it's almost been a week. It feels like something is pressing against the bottom of my spine. could these be symptoms of a tilted uterus?


I am 45, and have known since my first exam that my uterus is tipped, it's hereditary for me. My mom had it, and my daughter has it. I don't have any issues, never get infections, no pain during intercourse, and have had three successful births. For me its a non-issue, just the way I am and it's normal.


I am turning 36 in a few days and found out I had a tilted uterus when i was 19. I have had one successful pregnancy 13 years ago although it was a very difficult birth. she is a wonderful daughter.

We have tried to have other children but i have had three miscarriages, one blighted ovum which was d&c'd and then a straight miscarriage then ultrasound confirmed no fetal heartbeat at 16 weeks which was another d&c.

I do have frequent urination and painful intercourse usually around menstruation. I think more awareness to this disorder needs to be out there it seems there are quite a lot of us out there with this problem.


i am almost 50 i had never heard about a tilted uterus. after reading these posts it explains a lot. having problems conceiving, painful intercourse ... it's amazing that no doctor has ever mentioned this to me before. just amazing!


I'm 19, one week short of turning 20. Yesterday I had found out after just doing my annual exam that I have a tilted uterus.

I am on birth control and have changed to six different types to try and help my cramps. But come to find out after two years of taking the pills and already having just two exams, they just now noticed my tilted uterus. I think it's starting to freak me out. I'm not even 20, what if I can't have kids? That scares me so much. Any advice?


Well, I am 26 and my obgyn informed me yesterday that my uterus was backward. I am glad I went to her because my normal ob gyn asked me one day while doing a pap if I ever had surgery on my uterus. And the nurse looked shocked while she was looking up my vagina. I told her no, why and she said it was nothing.

I have had pain during sex for the past year and heavy periods since my first period. just recently I've noticed the tampon will only be full on one side. half red half white. the obgyn I went to yesterday told me there is nothing wrong with having a backward uterus. she said it was like being left handed (whatever that's supposed to mean).

I am now very nervous about the possibility of having children one day.


i am 21 years old and i need to know the best positions to adapt during lovemaking for satisfaction.


I'm 43 and just found out today that I've a tilted uterus. I've had two kids and sex is great. I have plenty of orgasms. my problem is every other month when it's time for my cycle I get very bad cramps on the right side -- so bad I've gone to the ER to get a shot.


I am 24 and often sex just hurts. So i talked to my OB/GYN and she told me i was broken. lol. (she's the craziest Dr. ever - I love her). Anywho I can have children. I have a son. but i had never heard of this until like a few days ago. I asked her if my vagina was short or something because it hurt.


I am a (never pregnant) 53 year old who just found out during an ultrasound for pelvic pain that I have a tipped uterus. This explains a lot of the uncomfortable sexual and gynecological experiences I have had during my life.

If I had understood the cause of my discomfort, I wouldn't have blamed myself. It is a shame I was not comfortable talking about these issues with my doctor, but it is also a shame my doctor did not ask me if I was experiencing symptoms.


I'm 18 and I've had my period since I was nine. The really bad cramps began when I was around 12. The normal pain killers such as tylenol or advil don't work so I have prescription drugs.

I had lower back problems along with really bad cramps a few months. It was so bad I had to go to emergency and there, they couldn't tell me what was wrong. I skipped my last period so when this one came around, the cramps were unbearable and I did not want to move around.

But I noticed that the blood would not flow if I was sitting down or lying and as soon as I stand up, the blood would gush out. I don't really have much pain having sex but I feel the most comfortable in the 'doggy style' position. I went to my doctor because I was so sure that there was just something off about me and it turns out I have a tilted uterus.


I was told about my tilted uterus when I was 15. When I was 18 I explained to my doctor about the uncomfortable feeling during sex and it was beginning to get the point where I no longer wanted it. My doctor told me the best position would be "doggy"! Having your bottom as high up as possible. Obviously not so high where you look stupid but supposedly gravity is going to help the situation. It actually helped for me so much.


I am 18 about to be 19. I found out i was pregnant about two weeks ago today. I went to the hospital for an ultrasound to find out my due date and to see if the baby was okay because of spotting, and the doctor told me that i have a tipped uterus and that i lost my baby (miscarriage). It was the worst day of my life!


Is there a certain position for sex, if you have tilted uterus?


I am 32 years young and have known about my inherited tilt since i was about 18 or 19. I have extremely painful cramps that usually only last the second twelve hours of bleeding, but lately they've been lasting longer and longer.

Today I'm into the second day of it, having been in so much pain yesterday that it caused me to vomit. What the heck is going on? anyone else have symptoms that are getting worse?


I am almost 20 years old. I was told I had a tilted uterus when i was 17 after the doctor saw it during my pap. I have a lot of pain during intercourse. any suggestions on positions to make it more comfortable?


Yes I am 50. I just was told by my doctor that I had a tilted uterus. I was having pain in my lower back.


I am 49 years old, have two older teenage children and was told I have a tilted uterus years ago. I had heavy bleeding and fibroids leading to an endometrial ablation (best thing so far.

For the past seven years I have had lower back pain that connects to a severely sharp pain in my lower left groin area and follows a nerve down my left leg.

I was told it was degenerative disc disease after many many tests. I recently was diagnosed by a CT scan as having large fibroids again and just waiting to see what action the latest ultrasound will decide!


Since I had my fourth child I have had excruciating back pain to the point where I can barely stand on my legs.

I began to notice a pattern that it would start before my period. I recently had my annual physical and pelvic exam where my doctor struggled to find my uterus. He then asked me if I was having back trouble, so now I know why!

My uterus is tilted so far back towards my back he says and that during my period when it enlarges it is causing such bad pain in my back! I sure hope this doesn't worsen. My next appointment we will get to discuss some options but at least there are some!


i am 22 and found out i had a tilted uterus after my second child when having the coil fitted. This causes pain during sex and also i often have smelly odors coming from vagina and discharge. Is this the cause?


I'm turning 18 soon and recently went to the doctor because my entire pelvic area was covered in infection. The doctor said the main cause of it was a tilted uterus. It always burns when i use the bathroom and for some time afterwards. I'm still on antibiotics but its not getting much better. any help would be amazing.

i don't usually have pain during intercourse unless we do it multiple times over a span of two days or something. please pray the burning gets better. please.


I am 31 and am ready to have my seventh child. I always figured I had a tipped uterus but never had trouble with it. Could not use tampons and intercourse hurt at first but we got past that just had to find the right angle.

But I have had interesting things happen during pregnancy and wanted to find out if it had any thing to do with my uterus being tipped.

I have a lot of pre labor pain for weeks before having the child and I have trouble with the baby's head applying correctly.

Or the baby will be past my cervix and applying to the uterus wall and my cervix is way up in the back where the doc can't reach it.

I know there must be something I can do to help this. just can't think of what. Please help me.


I was told by one doctor that I had a tilted uterus. I had a problem with bacteria. The discharge that normally happens stays in the hook of the vagina. (I don't know if I'm saying it correctly) but the doctor was trying to explain it to me. one thing I do know that this bacteria brings a bad odor because it's doesn't discharge. It's embarrassing, uncomfortable and I can't stand it. I've tried lots and lots of things but it's temporary. The doctor said this is unusual. I want to be like other women who bathe and wash up and doesn't always have to worry of this terrible body odor coming out of the vagina. I don't know if you can help, suggest, recommend or advise me.


I am 26 and have a tilted uterus also. My doctor told me when I was 19. Many doctors do not even mention it because it is so common. It can make sex uncomfortable, but can be corrected with surgery. The best thing I can suggest without surgery is to try different positions until you find one that is comfortable.

I am also 16 weeks pregnant with my first child and had no problems getting pregnant. My doctor said the uterus will adjust itself during the pregnancy and should not cause any problems. I hope this was helpful!


i'm 17. i don't know if i have a tilted uterus, but i haven't gotten my period in eight months. i have pain during sex and random pain in my lower abdominal area. please help me. i need to know.


I am 28 and I have a tilted uterus. I experience pain when having sex and I have very painful periods. I wish that there was something that I could do about it. sex is not supposed to be painful. I did some research and I am a little bit worried about getting pregnant because some people have serious complications.


I'm 18, turning 19 in a few days and I have a retroverted uterus. I recently got pregnant and my husband and I were so happy, however, nearing the end of my second month I lost the baby. Also, I get really bad menstrual cramps and sex is usually very painful for me and hardly ever pleasurable as it should be. Any advice/suggestions?


I'm 23, pregnant with my second child. I've had an extremely tilted uterus since at least my first pelvic exam and I have had no problems conceiving or maintaining my pregnancy. I occasionally feel a little pain during intercourse or when I have my period, and my back hurts a bit more than is common when I'm pregnant, but other than that I have no problems.


I am 13 and i just found out i had a tilted uterus. i did some research and it said that i have a low chance of becoming able to have children, and most of the people on here are in their 50s and now i feel like a weirdo and i found out this is trait you can get from your mom and mine is worse than hers. now i am having my period and now i look as if i am pregnant if i am at all bloated and people call me fat so what can i do now?


I am 44 years of age and i have a tilted uterus. My doctor said it was from having my last child nineteen years ago. It is uncomfortable to have intercourse. But i have tried to do it in a different ways to make it move comfortable.


I am 42 and I have a tilted uterus. I have been dealing with this for years and all I want is comfort. I have two children and enough is enough, I can not take the pain anymore. Help.


im only 19, turning 20 in less than a month and i have a tilted uterus. i'm a little confused. i read everyone's comments and everybody seems to be older, in like their 40s and 50s. how didn't you guys ever find it out before?


when i menstruate i get very severe pain down into my groin and down my leg to just above my knee on the left hand side. could this be due to a tilted uterus.


what is a closed uterus?


I am 50, have not had a period since March and have been experiencing much back pain, could this be caused by a tipped uterus?


I am in menopause and have been told I have a tipped uterus, never had any children.

Lately I have noticed excruciating pain with sexual intercourse. What can my husband and I do to make intercourse more comfortable?


I am 43 years of age and have discomfort during intercourse. Could this be due to a tilted uterus that I have and can it be corrected without any surgical procedures? Please advise as I have a great sex life and don't want this to cause any complications in my relationship.


I too am going through menopause and have recently started having discomfort during sex due to a tilted uterus. Does anyone have suggestions?


I am 56 years old and my primary doctor said that my womb is completely closed. What does that really mean and how will it affect my sex life?


I am 55 years of age and almost completed menopause.

I have a lot of pain during intercourse due to a tilted uterus. It has been only this past year that this has begun to occur. Never had a problem before. I have two children. What is the best option or treatment for me.

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    • An adult woman's reproductive system, including the uterus, ovaries, and vaginal canal.
      By: OOZ
      An adult woman's reproductive system, including the uterus, ovaries, and vaginal canal.
    • A gynecologist helps women lead healthy lives through regular check-ups and preventative care.
      By: goodluz
      A gynecologist helps women lead healthy lives through regular check-ups and preventative care.
    • Pain or discomfort when using tampons can be a symptom of a tipped uterus.
      By: matka_Wariatka
      Pain or discomfort when using tampons can be a symptom of a tipped uterus.
    • Most women with a tipped uterus can successfully carry a baby to term with no related issues.
      By: Dmitriy Melnikov
      Most women with a tipped uterus can successfully carry a baby to term with no related issues.
    • Most cases of a tipped uterus are discovered during a routine pelvic exam.
      By: Zsolnai Gergely
      Most cases of a tipped uterus are discovered during a routine pelvic exam.
    • A woman with a tipped uterus may experience pain during intercourse.
      By: inarik
      A woman with a tipped uterus may experience pain during intercourse.