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What is a Compression Fracture?

Brendan McGuigan
Brendan McGuigan

A compression fracture is usually understood to mean a compression fracture of the spine, or vertebral compression fracture. A compression fracture occurs when a number of vertebrae in the spine are broken.

The spine consists of 33 bones, known as vertebrae, separated into four regions. The uppermost seven vertebrae are known as the cervical vertebrae and extend down to the upper chest. The next twelve bones are known as the thoracic vertebrae and extend to the lower back. The next five are the sturdiest and largest, and are known as the lumbar vertebrae, making up the lower back between the hips and chest. The final nine bones are fused into two segments, the coccyx and the sacrum.

Vertebrae in the human spine. In a compression fracture, several vertebrae are broken or cracked.
Vertebrae in the human spine. In a compression fracture, several vertebrae are broken or cracked.

A compression fracture can occur throughout the spine, but most commonly affects two or more vertebrae within the lower thoracic and upper lumbar region, sometimes referred to as the thoracolumbar section of the back. A compression fracture is nearly always a serious injury, because the spinal cord is near each of the vertebrae and is at risk whenever they shift. A compression fracture is most likely to be caused by serious trauma to the spine, particularly in the case of falling from an extreme height. Because of the force necessary to cause compression fractures, they often occur in tandem with other injuries, including damage to the spinal cord and severe ligament damage. Nearly one-in-a-thousand people experience a compression fracture at some point in their life, though the level of damage varies greatly.

An X-ray of the neck, including vertebrae.
An X-ray of the neck, including vertebrae.

The symptoms of a compression fracture may include severe limitation of motion, a reduction in sensation to the extremities, minor swelling, sharp pain in the lower back and a reduction in height. In addition to these direct consequences, pinching of the spinal cord itself may cause odd tingling or numbness throughout the body. Aside from those experiencing severe spinal trauma, those most at risk for a compression fracture are individuals with osteoporosis. Those with osteoporosis lose bone density, making it easier for the tissue of the vertebrae to collapse in on itself and cause a compression fracture. The worse the osteoporosis, the less trauma will be needed for a compression fracture to occur.

People with osteoporosis lose bone density, making it easier for the tissue of the vertebrae to collapse in on itself and cause a compression fracture.
People with osteoporosis lose bone density, making it easier for the tissue of the vertebrae to collapse in on itself and cause a compression fracture.

As soon as it becomes apparent that someone has a compression fracture, they should be immobilized to prevent damage to the spinal cord. A rigid, padded surface is ideal, and of course emergency personnel should be immediately notified. In most cases, an operation is unnecessary to heal a compression fracture. Wearing a brace or cast and engaging in minimal activity while taking anti-inflammatories will allow the body to repair damage within six to ten weeks in many cases of stable fractures. If an operation is deemed necessary, steel rods are often used to realign the vertebrae to their correct position and brace them in place. As in the case of all major bone trauma, a program of rehabilitation is recommended.

Discussion Comments


Wow. I had severe lower back pain for several years. I did not have any X-rays so didn't ever get any kind of diagnosis. I found the Egoscue method of pain relief. The world leader in non-medical pain relief. It is essentially structural realignment doing a series of specific stretches based on your pain and your posture. It is simply amazing and it works. Google it for a teacher in your area. It is a miracle. I have no more pain.


I fell off my horse 17 days ago. I got up after falling and walked to the edge of the arena. It was not a fast fall; we were just trotting and she shied.

I called my husband and he took me to the local hospital. They said I had C2 and L3 and L2 compression fractures and was put on a board and in a neck brace and taken to a major hospital where they said my C2 fracture was an old one! (What?) but my L2 was compressed and lost 30 percent of height. I am not in a great deal of pain now as long as I am in my brace. I will be in a brace for four months.

I went off pain killers for the last two days and am taking magnesium and Tumeric tablets for the pain. Endone and Oxy made me feel like crap. I am so wanting to get back on my horse and looking at buying one of the airbag vests to wear to protect my back for the first few months back riding. I will not give up what makes me, me. I am 48.


About 10 years ago I was jumping a horse, and he refused the fence. He then swung around to the left, and I flew off and crashed into another fence, which was made of solid wood. I was lying on the ground, and was forced to get up because the people refused to call an ambulance. I drove myself to the nearest hospital, and x-ray showed nothing. A couple of weeks later, I was still in pain, so I went to an ortho doctor. That was when I found out I had a t7 t8 compression fracture and slipped disc. I went to physical therapy for a long time, but I am still in pain every day.

I am traumatized, even after all this time. I tried to go for pain management, and the doctor refused to help me. I have to endure pain. Thank god I did not get crippled. That man who did not call an ambulance for me should burn in hell.

My advice to anyone riding a horse is to wear a protective vest. It protects the spine. I wish I had worn one that day. Also, carry a cell phone with you. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on other people to help you. Sad, but true. That day, my phone was in my car, and I could not get it. Because of this, I do not trust people to do the right thing.

The last doctor I saw told me I could not have surgery because the injury is by my lung. It is a permanent injury that I have to live with for rest of my life. I am 48 years old.


I was injured in a tornado two years ago. In addition to several other injuries, I suffered a "nondisplaced compression fracture" of my t7 vertebra. I was told that it would heal on its own with time.

I was in daily pain, but the chief of neurosurgery at the best hospital in my region sent me to physical therapy for "thoracic strain." Eventually, I started getting what can only be described as an electrical impulse through my torso whenever I looked down. It turns out that the fracture did not heal at all; it got worse, and my spine was collapsing and pressing on my spinal cord. I am lucky that I didn't end up paralyzed.

Massachusetts General Hopsital in Boston saved me. I had major spine surgery - my t7 vertebra was removed and replaced with a titanium cage, and my spine was fused with rods and screws from t4 - t10. I am now pain free and my spine is stable and strong. I highly recommend surgery - if it is done right, by a gifted surgeon in a world-class hospital, that is. I cannot imagine living in daily pain and surviving on pain meds.

Recovery from surgery wasn't fun, but it only took months as opposed to living in pain and fear for years.


Wow, annon 290296. You just described me too, but I did l-1 as a passenger in a fire truck 4x4 with no seat belt on. I hit the roof doing 80 klm's through a freshly graded crossroad.

It's my right side mainly, the back of my head from my neck curving up and around my skull and ear and front eyebrow and right leg, mainly. It started off being my knee though, and that was eight years ago.

Keep up the healthy eating, regular exercise, say no to any heavy drugs. Pretend there is a piece of string going through you centrally and you are dangling like them old puppet things. My physio taught me that. Bit sissy, eh?


I am 71 and had an L1 compression fracture after trying to lift a heavy chesterfield. I went immediately for physio and after three very painful treatments, went to my doctor. He thought it was muscular so after two extremely painful months taking ibuprofen, I asked him for an X ray which showed the compression fracture. I had a lot of pain over my hip area and into my abdomen.

It is now six months since i did it and I still have pain if I lift or bend too much. I went for a bone density test and found out I have osteopenia in my spine. I am told however, that I am at a high risk for another fracture. My doctor tells me I am in a grey area and it is up to me if I wish to take fosomex. Any suggestions? I am also more bent over than I should be.


I started with a fall from work while preventing a resident from falling. I worked for three weeks until the pain was too much.

They found I had a compressed fracture of the ninth vertebra, and had another on T10. They are saying it is osteoarthritis, which I had no idea was the case. Now they are refusing to help me in any way, as I have broken two more L1-L2 and these two have me pretty much bedridden. Can anyone help me? I don't know where to go anymore.


I suffered a severe slip and fall from the top of a grain trailer, as I was going down, I grabbed the side to stop my fall; this forced my face into my jaw, hairline fracture and knocked me out cold.

I fell onto the steel frame in the sitting position, and injured my tailbone. (coccyx) I awoke face down on the ground, moaning heavily. Upon getting to my feet, my lumbar - sacrum - tailbone felt extremely traumatized; +10 on a 1-10 pain scale. My mid-back hurt about +6 and within a few minutes the broken jaw pain became unbearable.

I drove to the emergency room, leaning on my right butt cheek as pressure on my lumbar - sacrum - tailbone was unbearable. The emergency room, did not investigate my specific complaints and sent me packing.

One week later, a different doctor ordered x-ray of my sacrum - coccyx and the x-ray results say there is a possibility the sacrum is fractured at the joint of the tailbone and tip of the tailbone, however this is debatable. It's been over eight years and workers compensation is still debating it, too.

My complaints of severe mid-back pain were denied any investigation even though the x-ray states;

Thoracic fracture; no compression fracture identified.

Almost two years later, I was diagnosed with a chronic t9 compression fracture and multiple bulging discs at t8-t9 / t11=t12 / t12-L1. I went from ortho specialists to ortho specialists -- six in all -- and three neurosurgeons with specific complaints of tailbone pain.

When I sit, it feels like my tailbone pushes up my spine and dislocates at the T9 fracture. I cannot sit for five minutes without extreme pain at T9 area.

Early on, I found a condition call coccydynia can result from tailbone injuries, and even though I requested help checking if I had developed this condition, nobody will investigate.

Over five years after the slip/fall, I was finally diagnosed with coccydynia of the tailbone. This can only be diagnosed with a rectal examination, since the tip of the tailbone is extremely hypersensitive. No MRI, CT scan, bone scan or anything else can diagnosis this problem.

Due to sitting to get to doctor appointments, (I live a 100 miles from anywhere) I think I have damaged the ligaments that hold my t9 vertebrae in place and it has caused further trauma.

I now have stabbing, knife like pain at the t9 fracture, or bulging discs at t8-t9.

Here is what I can tell you: if you have a compression fracture, beware. No more heavy lifting. Find a new career which won't worsen the injury. Remember, no pain is all gain.

Over the last five years, I have deteriorated horribly,

to the point I cannot sit or stand, and my friends are oxycontin and more oxycontin.

Workers compensation has made my life a living hell. They have purposely denied me requested medical care.

Do not trust any insurance company and get second and third opinions for everything.

My case will be going to court hopefully this year, as it took 28 doctors to diagnose my broken back, and many doctors have purposely filed falsified reports to cause me extreme distress. Some doctors are liars and I now have proof.

How the hell in this day and age can six ortho surgeons and three neurosurgeons not order a MRI or CT scan and not conduct a physical examination?

My advice is to be very careful about the medications they try to put you on. Gabapentin literally caused me severe pain. Carbamezapine and tegretol caused severe side effects. Limit cortisone shots to three a year.

Get a FONAR sit stand MRI as recumbent MRI machines have a 40 percent miss rate in the diagnosis of spinal injury to the lumbar area (UCLA study). -- Downed worker


I'm 22 years old and was injured in Afghanistan. I was hit by a 250 pound IED while I was in my vehicle and had a compression fracture L1 L2 L3 L4 L5. I have pain just about every day, but I stay away from pain killers and drugs.

The best way to deal with the pain is seeing what makes your body tick what hurts and what doesn't how to sit and how to do things. I actually lift weights and keep my body very healthy. It's only a matter of time till my life starts decreasing in pleasure and fun times but I'm trying to get the most out of it that I can before this time comes. Just live your life to the fullest.


I was just told this past week that I have a compression fracture of L1. I am only 19 years old. It took five doctors to x-ray my back. I am a full time student. What am I to do. I am taking pain medication and a muscle relaxant. What can I do to relieve the pressure on my back?


I fell 40 feet and landed feet first (obviously collapsing as soon as I hit the ground). I suffered compression fractures at L1, L2 and T12. As a result, I have scoliosis in my lumbar spine. The fall also did damage to my knees, hip and neck. My boss (my uncle) picked me up and helped me walk to his car where he drove 15 minutes to his girlfriend's house and leaned me against a shower wall. He didn't want the hospital to know it was a workplace accident. He told them I fell off a six-foot shed.

I was 18 when it happened and am 29 now. I don't have any memory of what it feels like to not be in constant pain. I get slight relief from my wife stepping on my back, cracking it, and more relief from marijuana than any and all drugs prescribed. Every day feels like a hard day's work, regardless of what I do.

I think the hardest part is that no one even comes close to understanding what it's like. I gain great comfort in knowing that other sufferers can help build each other up. I don't want sympathy just understanding. it's really hard.

I've had my stint with bad thoughts, but for the most part I'm a highly optimistic person (this helps a ton). Just know that when you seek understanding, compassion, love, a shoulder to lean on or cry on, help or a place to cast your worries, Jesus Christ awaits you. He is the rock that has kept me grounded and happy in these trying times. Life happens, good or bad, but things will work out for the better if you trust him.


I would just like to put some hope out there for those of you who ride horses. I had a severe compression fracture of my L1 after falling 15 ft from a tree (long story).

I was originally told I would never ride again, but a year after my injury I was given the green light to start riding again. Unfortunately, I had already given my horse away, thinking it was best because I would never ride again. Now I have my new horse and I am back racing barrels and playing around almost like nothing happened. I do get some pain after a long day riding, and falling always makes me nervous but I have been assured that I have no more risk of breaking my back than someone who has never had a break.

So keep your chin up, get lots of calcium to help keep those bones strong and don't lose hope. With patience and hard work with the physical therapist, you can get back on the horse.


Three years ago, I broke my back (L2) falling from a horse when show jumping (the horse was 16.2 but I flew much higher as he bucked and curled up so I rolled on landing). I wore a back brace for almost five months and then had physio sessions (very limited as the hospital/doctors didn't seem too bothered).

I have continued to swim, walk and have tried pilates, but used to do a lot of running which causes pain now as does any riding other than a general hack occasionally with the possibility of a little trot.

I have also suffered with very bad headaches since the accident (including a sharp pain above my left eye frequently) and earlier this year had pains in my left knee which a physio said was linked to my back as when he stuck a pin in the area of the break (on my back) my knee pain eased instantly but only until the pin was removed.

Recently, my back pain has gotten much worse. It can vary from an ache to a stabbing pain which shoots around to my ribs. It gets worse at night. I also have the pain in my left knee get worse, leading to pins and needles in my lower leg if I sit down for too long. Also my neck/shoulders ache and my left arm goes dead resulting in pins and needles in my little finger.

Can anyone suggest why I would still be getting pain and mostly on the left side? I am waiting for a physio appointment and in the meantime taking pain meds but I just want to get back to normal and be my energetic bubbly self.


I’m 38 and I wrecked my four-wheeler about seven years ago. I went to the ER. My back was hurting bad. They did tests, but never saw anything.

I’ve been living with pain. I can only be on my feet for 10 minutes and then I have to sit because the pain is so bad. I barely can enjoy my life. I can’t do much. I’ve been going to doctors, but they seem not to find anything wrong.

I recently went to a different one and he saw I had a broken back at one time but doesn’t understand why I’m in pain now. So I had a nerve test done, and an MRI done. I had shots in my back, but they did not work, and had therapy done that didn’t work, either.

The pain started in my back, but has gone to my feet, my hips and down my legs. Sometimes my sciatic nerve gives me trouble when the pain gets bad. I freeze when I wake up in morning. It feels like my lower back and my hips are locked. Sometime I need someone to pull me off the bed. Can anyone please help? I want my life back.


I thought it was just muscle pain around my shoulder blade. I am a healthy, active 47 year old woman. Now that I'm more active and fit I couldn't understand why that particular area would not respond to yoga or osteopathic treatments. An X-ray was taken and turned out to be four compression fractures t7 to t10. The next test is a bone scan to check for osteoporosis.

The doctor said it must have been massive trauma for this to happen but I don't recall anything like that. I now have an s curved spine. I hope that it can be corrected.


I am 23 years old and suffered from severe back pain for four months before being diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer, and then collapsing my L2 vertebrae as well as L1, L3, L4 and L5 being compromised. I have been in a brace for seven months and on bed rest as well. I was allowed to walk again two weeks ago.

Trying to heal without surgery (because of the cancer), the neurosurgeon is discussing taking my brace off. Now I have pending X rays done this week.


A year or so ago, I had a compression fracture in my back. It was in my spine and I was just put on pain meds and nothing else. The pain never got better and it's been so long and it's healed now, but it still hurts like it's still fractured.

I don't understand why it still is hurting so bad. I can't even touch it lightly without it making me cry or scream cause of how painful it is. My doctor didn't have any idea what was going on. Do you have any idea?

I really would love to know whats going on with me. Oh -- my doctor e also sent me to a specialist but the specialist never gave me an answer as to why I'm still hurting so bad. All he said was that only surgery or some kind of odd x ray injections would or could help. I don't want to do either because it could make it worse or just not work. Do you think I should do the injections? They're called bridge block injections or something like that.


I suffered a L1 compression fracture while in the military. A vehicular accident in 2010 caused L3 and L4 torque injuries to an already compromised spine. I was initial injured in 1967 it wasn't until 2011 that I was awarded a 40 percent service connected disability, nearly two years after the vehicular accident.

The VA through MRI imaging and X-rays determined my spine damage as an old L1 compression fracture; L3 and L4 torque injuries, and a herniated disc at L5 and S1 with a pinched leg nerve, Levo Scoliosis, and anterior tilting of the pelvis. A good day for me would be a pain level of 3 on a 1 to 10.

My question is this as I have read pros and cons on it: can scoliosis be caused by an untreated compression fracture to the L1 vertebrae, especially after a duration of forty five years? I keep being told that it is genetic, although there is no family history of scoliosis?

I believe it occurred when my body tried to compensate for the L1 compression fracture to remove the load off of that damaged area and in doing so compromise the structural integrity left of my spine, weakening it even more.


My father is 56 and is currently on a bed rest after a spinal chord injury. There is a fracture in D12. He has been advised a six week rest post during which he can use a brace to move around. What precautions should be taken now and in future?


I came off my horse at speed last week, landing on my back. I have a burst 50 percent compression fracture of L1 and some broken ribs.

After five days in the hospital, I have been discharged with a back brace and pain meds. will need to be re X-rayed every two weeks to confirm stability. My back brace is to be worn all day for at least six weeks, then maybe I'll have physio.

The CT scan showed little bits of vertebra had been shattered off and shot forward about 1 cm. But at least I can walk and there has been no damage to my spinal cord, so really I have been very lucky. I'm not sure what this will mean for riding in the future and whether I'll keep this horse or not. I had only had him about a month and it wasn't his fault, but I'm not sure if I will ever have nerve to ride again; that is worse than any physical injury for me.

This is my first ever serious accident riding and I am 53. Good luck everyone.


@post 65: I have fallen from a horse too -- from a 15.5hh horse and have had my L1 compressed.

I have suffered from numbness in my top right leg and extreme pain, too. Since the accident I have had a few more problems with it all.

I am now getting like a stabbing pain in my back over and over again throughout the day, and all the docs I have seen have just told me to take pain killers but they don't work. I must be able to ride again so it is a must I get well soon and for my kids' sake, too. I'm only 29 years of age.


I have a shifted vertebra. I want to run again and do some different types of exercises. I miss sports.


Has anyone suffered stomach problems after sustaining a back fracture? I have a compression fracture at L1 and since that have stomach pain after eating and also at night, and I think it is worse when lying down. It can be quite severe and has stopped me eating to try and avoid the pain. I've lost 5kgs in the two weeks since the accident. I am not taking pain relief, so it's not caused through drugs. My doc is baffled.


I compressed my L3 vertebrae in a car accident three years ago, and after a brace for four months and rest, I was better! Still had some residual muscle pain/soreness, but yoga saved my life with that. I would highly recommend it.

I just compressed my L1 and T12 vertebrae (again!) cliff jumping. However, this time I am opting out of the brace so that my muscles remain strong. Remember: compression fractures aren't expected to "heal". When a vertebrae is compressed, it never regains its strength again, thus changing the composition of your spine. Don't freak out if it's not "repaired" - that's normal. You just don't want further compression or injury to the spinal cord. Good luck healing!


@Post 48 anon170549: If you are feeling numb in your genital area, there is probably a disc pressing on your spinal cord. You need urgent medical attention, and an MRI scan to make a correct diagnosis. Do not let your doctor dismiss you; go straight to your local A&E department and do not leave until you have been scanned.

This could lead to a condition called cauda equina syndrome. I'm not a doctor, but this needs checking out.


I have compression fractures from osteoporosis. The ER doctor told me to always sleep on my back with my thighs vertical and lower legs horizontal. I haven't found a way to stay in this position. Any suggestions?


I read some posts randomly and I truly feel your pain. My boyfriend was in a car accident 16 years ago and he became paralyzed. If I may make a suggestion, when spinal cord injury occurs it is very important to get physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and massages on regular bases. Please also look online to learn about the methods some use to help paralyzed people walk again. One place is geared only for spinal cord injury people and they are located in Carlsbad, California. They also have other facilities around the world. I have visited this place and they are very helpful and awesome. I hope this information helps some of you guys out. Hang in there and keep trying for complete healing. Wish you a a great 2012.


Horse fall? As a freak accident would occur. I lost my balance at a canter and slid across the dirt after falling a good 16 hands to the ground. I let it go for a few days assuming it was just a muscle sprain and I would feel better soon, after all i was able to walk. Three days later i woke up to agonizing pain, this being a lot for me since pain isn't a big thing for me. I spent seven hours in the ER to find out I have a compression fracture to the L1. I've been in a brace since it happened in october and currently I'm sitting just fine without it.

I saw my doctor this week who said it is healing but to give it two more weeks in the brace. i need to ride again, and he seems hopeful I will. I'm 22 years old so again he threw the whole youth is on your side thing at me but in all honesty, I hurt sometimes and other times I'm pain free. It's kind of give and take at this time.


Everyone, especially post 63, you scared me the most! I'm also 22 years old and I had an horrible car accident just two weeks ago and broke my back at the T4 and T5! The doctors told me that during the operation there was more than a 70 percent chance of me being paralyzed during the operation. I got out still feeling everything and being able to move my legs.

I can't walk yet, but they tell me I will be able to do so in six weeks. I am scared after reading your posts. I was so optimistic and happy that I wasn't paralyzed but the fact that you guys have pain all day and all night long makes me really scared. I played sports every day for at least one hour and I can't imagine a life without it! Please tell me something positive!


I was in a car accident about a year ago and had vertebral body fractures to t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 and t9 as well as compression fractures to t5 and t8, t8 being the most severe. I was in a back brace for five months and on bed rest for two.

I still suffer daily from a deep sharp pain in the t6-68 region and it gets worse after being on my feet too long. I wake up every morning in pain as well. I understand how most of you feel when you try to explain to the doctor how you're feeling and they kind of just blow you off, it's rather aggravating.

I should also mention I'm only 23 (22 when it happened), and I am a student and have a job. This whole accident has really taken its toll on me and what used to be my normal life. I am meeting with a pain management physician soon hoping they can offer some sort of remedy whether it be the cement injections or medication.

I need something, because the day to day activities seem to be getting harder as time goes on. I had hoped they would get easier but that's not the case. Any replies welcome, and I've read all of yours, trust me, you're not alone.


Two months back, I had an accident and got my humerus fractured. Now my doctor says the broken bone has rejoined clinically but I can't lift my arm up without the help of my other hand. Moreover, I feel a constant pain in my hand. How much more time it will take to completely heal up?


I need help. I am suffering with a compressed vertebrae and have been for around 12 months. It seems to be getting progressively worse. I had a bit of a fall at work a couple of months before the pain started so am presuming this is what caused it but not sure, I found out through MRI scan the physio sent me to.

I have been having physio now for four months and am trying strengthening exercises. It's not working and both my physio and doctor seem a little dismissive when I ask if there are any procedures that could help. I am getting sharp stabbing central pains and pain across the shoulder blades. Is this something I now have for life or will it get better?


I fell about six weeks ago. Went to the ER they took x-rays but didn't see anything. Sent me home with a few pain meds. Went to my doctor to get pain meds for it and he just looked at me and gave me ibuprofen. I am very upset about that. Decided to go to a chiropractor to see if he could help. He sent me to get an mri and it turned out to be a compression fracture of my T5.

I am in constant pain and have an appointment with a neurosurgeon and am very scared. I'm afraid of surgery. Can you tell me exactly what they might do?


Hi I am 26 year old. I met an accident before 7 sevens and doctor told me that i got spinal injury i.e. COMPRESSION FRACTURE D12. Doc advice me 2 months bed rest and thereafter hyperbrace extension for 6 months. I am about to complete the 8th month after injury but not feeling as I will be fine. Please someone suggest me what to do in this stage? Regards


I'm 29 years old. One and a half years back I got a compressed L1 fracture as a result of a car accident. The doctor suggested bracing for three months along with the bed rest. Now my fracture has healed, but the compression of the vertebra is still there as I have not gone for a surgery. I want to know that with this position of the vertebra. is it possible for me to go for a normal delivery of a baby, or could only a cesarean be considered for me? please tell me.


I'm 25, currently in hospital with a compression fracture to my T9. It's quite abut one about 2-3 cm. I did it cliff jumping into water from about 10m.

My surgeon said I can choose to have a brace or surgery and I don't know which to go for. I'm thinking about long term benefits.

Please can anyone advise if they have or haven't had surgery.


Post 42: I had 4 compressed vertabrea and broken ribs from a car accident. I found sleeping on my side with a low pillow under my head and a pillow between my knees was the most comfortable way to sleep. It's been three years and that is still the most comfortable way for me to sleep!


I am 19 and almost two months ago, I was in a serious car accident. I broke one to four metatarsals, as well as fractured my knee cap and my L2 and a lacerated spleen. the foot and knee pain was obvious when i arrived in trauma room, but the fractured spine was unexpected ( especially the bulging disk i had that was pre-existing anyway. I wear a big white brace. anytime i stand and i was told healing would take 8-12 weeks. oddly enough, i don't even feel the broken back which is a blessing in itself. the other day i stood up without the brace for the first time and still no pain.

I mean, it is possible to have no pain from one because I don’t, and i saw the xrays and the fracture looks serious, but i am going to continue using my brace and since i have the broken spine i have to use a walker to get around with my broken foot because they don't want to mess with the healing.

The hospital gave me a wedge to sleep with, so if any of you are having trouble sleeping on your back all the time, try a wedge. It lifts you slightly so you can sort of lie on your sides. I hope it helps! and i hope everyone feels better soon!


I am 71 and suffer from severe osteoporosis. Due to that I have several compression fractures and am in constant pain. I walk with a walker and are on pain medication.

To you all who suffer from this I have just one piece of advice: Think about the things you still are able to do. I am a Christian and thank God every morning for the walker that I have and that I am still able to walk and help myself. I am not blind, I am not deaf. I was cured from cancer. I try to find pleasure in the small things.

If one does not concentrate the whole time on the pain and fill your mind with positive things, then that helps a lot. Since I had the fractures I have studied and can help myself with the computer. What a wonderful world! When I am in front of my computer it takes away my mind from my fragile body and I thank God that I have many friends with whom I talk daily.

Don't despair. Sometimes an operation can help. Take your pain medication and try to live every day instead of living in the past or tomorrow. Treat yourself to some positive thinking and think that somewhere there is somebody worse off than you! God bless you all!


I fell from eight metres upside down onto my neck during a snowboard accident nine weeks ago. I compound fractured my T1, T2,T3 and T4. I'm still in a bit of pain but I'm worried it's going to be like this for the rest of my life. I'm only 22.


I was in a car accident three months ago. I had five fractures in my spine, T12 obliterated, broken leg, pelvis and shoulder. After surgery I have lost feeling in most of my left torso from armpit to thigh, and the back of my left leg. This is nerve damage and muscle damage from surgery. This part of me now feels like dead weight, something I may never get used to.

My surgeon said the numbness is never going away, but I have felt it recede slightly. The pain may feel unbearable, the surgery violating, and the after effects never-ending. I've never been one to find inspiration in survival stories, but I do find strength in myself, and I admire myself and others now just for being.


No 48: Your accident was only seven weeks ago so you still need to give it some time to heal. We don't know how long nerve damage takes to heal completely but two years is approximately when you can say that you may not improve much more.

If you are having bad thoughts, you really should talk to someone, soon. It is not worth putting yourself or your family through the heartache of suicide.


I am 23 year old female. I went hiking a year ago and fell 40 feet off a waterfall. I broke a total of 8 bones in my body, six of which were in my back. I know for sure I broke T7-10 and the other two I am not sure of. I constantly have pain in my body every day with no relief. I hope it's not a compression fracture. What do you all think?


I'm 17, and seven weeks ago i was in a dirt bike accident. i landed 60 feet past the jump i was doing, straight on my backside. This caused me to have L1 and L3 fractures, also (the main part) i compressed my L2 by 70 percent.

now i can walk normally and do everything i can but i have numbness in all my bum and some in my genital area. its extremely frustrating and uncomfortable. also i have to go to the toilet every 30 minutess and whether it's a fart or something else, i can't tell. now from any of your experience will i get feeling back in these areas? i am really scared that i won't and I'm having bad thoughts. any help will be appreciated.


Those of you having problems sleeping get a Sleep Number bed. I got the second cheapest one with a slight foam top. Very important: Call Sleep Number customer service and tell them your weight, injury, etc and ask what "number" they suggest. This has made such a huge difference in my life I bought a Sleep Number travel bed off of a friend as they are no longer made.

This past week I slept on a tempurpedic (sp) foam mattress topper with good results.

During the day, I wear Earth Shoes all the time. Some are softer than others so again call the company for a recommendation for a soft shoe. I put a Dr Scholl's insert in that is marketed for people with back pain. I also lean on a cane a lot when standing to take weight off my spine. And I lost 32 lbs in the last few months for the same reason.

Stick with the name brands and buy used if you have to.

Also I use a TENS unit which shoots electricity through my lower back, numbing it.

I am no Doctor or health care professional, but I have found these remedies by talking to others and wanted to share. Good luck and God bless.


I just got diagnosed with a compression fracture and a bulging disc after complaining of pain for four or five months. Nine months ago I had a tumor removed from inside my spinal cord. Before that I could only walk with a walker. I was numb from the waist down & my balance was very bad and I fell at least 20 times. I guess that's when the fracture happened.

I have been on several kinds of pain pills, the latest being hydrocodone and none seem to help. My pain is the worse at night in bed. Sitting is very painful too. I hope I get something done soon to repair the fracture. I'm in tears a lot of the time. Can I get some suggestions from anywhere?


I had a 30 percent compression fracture of L1 in a bad skiing accident two months ago. I've been in a Jewett brace since then but am hoping to take this off in another month or two as long as x rays show no further compression. The main thing I have learned from this forum is not to risk horseback riding ever again!

It's obvious really: if you fall from a horse at the age of 54, you are going to break something. On the other hand, I'm still going to go skiing because snow in general is softer than hard ground. Though I'm going to avoid icy near-vertical blacks in future!


I wish all of you a reasonably pain free day.

I am 66, but do not have osteoporosis. I fell on the lip of a shower stall, hitting my back just above the waist. The pain was excruciating. Since I was in the hospital after major surgery, they did an x-ray within half an hour. I was told that I did not break anything. A week later I was transferred to a rehab hospital for another three weeks.

I complained about this new pain every day(old pain is in the lumbar area, all disks are herniated). No one paid any attention. After I was finally home, I made an appointment with my pain management doctor. He ordered a CT scan. The results were scary: "you have a compression fracture at T12 and probably cancer".

Last week, four months after the fall, I had a Vertebroplasty as well as a biopsy. Biopsy came back normal. Thank God. I don't know what the doctor that read the CT saw, or thought he saw!

Here is the good news for some of you. This procedure works most of the time. The pain on my side went away instantly. Unfortunately, the pain at the spine is just as bad as ever. No, I can't stand more than a couple of minutes. Walking is too painful after maybe 100 feet.

I started PT last week. Working on the core muscles, hoping this helps. Tomorrow I'll see the Orthopaedic surgeon that knows my back well. He is in the same practice as my pain management doctor.

Speaking of pain management, please people, take your meds. Someone else said it too, no sense in being a martyr. I wish my doctor was more generous with pain meds, he really does not like to give them.

For those of you who worry about getting addicted, that does not happen too often when you try to relieve pain. I took morphine daily for three years. When I had my neurostimulator implant in place, I weaned myself off in one month.


i was in a car accident about a week ago, and suffered a fractured femur, a fractured pelvis, and my L3, L4 both compression fractures. Does anybody know a comfortable position to sleep in without much movement? you would help so, so much if you can answer this question.


I went for a routine physical and was given a chest x-ray. The results showed I had old minor compression fractures in my t9 and t10 vertebrae.

the most bizarre thing is a) i can't think of any accident or incident where this could have happened, and b)i don't experience any back pain (which I'm very thankful for). how is it possible to get a fracture and have no pain or no obvious cause? I'm 37 years old and active and in decent shape. Should i be concerned for future problems? my Doctor told me it's stable and healed and shouldn't cause me any concern.


I got bucked off a horse on landing over a jump five months ago and sustained an L2 burst fracture with a retropulsed bone that went 25 percent into the spinal cord area, as well as rupturing a ligament in my thumb, killing a nerve in my forearm and fracturing my sternum. Fortunately I am not paralyzed.

I spent three months in a turtle shell body cast and have done six weeks rehab work both in the pool and gym to strengthen my core muscles. Although I have come a long way, I am suffering from a dull aching pain during the day and in the evening when I lay down my back now gets sorer. The surgeon has put me on amitriptyline to help me sleep and reduce pain, but not it is not fully managed yet.

I went backward with my rehab work after walking on flat but uneven ground which flared up my back pain and reduced my flexibility. I thought I'd be 'all good to go' by now, but it seems its still a bit more work to do to get back to 'normal', that is if I can ever get back to normal.

Being in a state of sleep deprivation and constant pain at varying levels has affected my tolerance levels and moods and I am much grumpier with my young children.

I'd like to know of anyone else out there who can give me some light at the end of the tunnel to say that it should settle down soon. The surgeon tells me that my L2 vertebrae has rotated upwards about 15º and that over the next 9 months the L1 vertebrae will naturally fuse with the L2 vertebrae. Perhaps this is the root cause of my current pain?


I fell and landed on my side. the first two days it was hurting a little. I went to the doctor and he sent me to get an mri done. it was a compression fracture in the middle of my back. At same time I get muscle spasms.

It's been seven weeks now and I'm still in pain. The doctor sent it in to the insurance to get kyphoplasty done. He thinks that will help. But my insurance turned it down. now I'm waiting to see what he has up his sleeve.


I have been in severe lower back pain that started on the left side and now has moved to the right side. I have been in pain for about four weeks now and still cannot walk without excruciating pain. I had a CT scan without contrast and it didn't say anything regarding the spine. I think I need an MRI now. Does anyone know if an MRI would show more than the CT scan did?

I am on pain meds, but they only dull the pain and then wear off rather quickly and then I'm back to being in agony. Also have tried ice and heat and wearing a back brace. I just want to be able to walk again without pain. I am always in bed and feeling depressed which I have never been before because I have always been so active.

I didn't fall or have an accident; I just started feeling pain one day that just escalated. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I have a L1 fracture and was on pain meds three days. I went on taking ibuprofen. I am 75 and also had a horse accident. Thought I had a broken foot as is was an open wound and bleeding and swollen.

OK, they finally found a back fracture then I was in a back brace for six weeks but I started swimming to keep active then I decided after another X-ray that I could go back to my chiropractor and massage therapy. This is helping and I do try to work out three days a week.

They don't want me to ride yet. I take citracal and I teach school full time on the second floor!

Keep trying. I am eight months out and have pretty good mobility and strength. Lifting does hurt. I do work with weights at the gym, take hot epsom salt baths, ibuprofen and keep going to the bone doctor.

I thought i would be much more bent over. I will not give in to this. Keep fighting, eat well and move. I get stiff if I sit. I have never had any chronic pain until this happened, so it is difficult to deal with emotionally.


I suffered a compression fracture on my T9 about seven month ago in a rather unfortunate cliff diving accident — basically hit the water in a sitting position from 40 feet. I know, dumb, dumb, dumb. I'm a skier and an active person and would like to get back on the slopes again, but I'm still taking it easy and letting my body tell me what I can and cannot do.

At first the pain was excruciating and kept me seated in a back brace and drugged up for 10 weeks, but over time it started to get better. Like many of you have mentioned, strengthening my core has helped the most to alleviate the pain, but it's still there and sometimes worsens (especially if I lift anything heavy). I too have that knife-in-your-back sensation when I'm sitting or standing in one spot for too long or reach behind me at an odd angle. The numbness has largely disappeared, but sometimes returns.

I'm thankful that I have not experienced any chronic dull ache, just pain when I turn from side to side. Stretching seems to help, and so does walking and hot showers. Really, doing low-impact exercise is very helpful. I hope one day this will be behind me, but I'm starting to accept that this is a burden I will carry for the rest of my life. I wish all of you the best of luck.


I had accident last month,and had a L1 compression fracture more than 50 percent. it's very painful. now I can't ride my bike, play table tennis and badminton. how long it will take to get back on my everyday sport? any idea? thanks.


I had a compression fracture of the L1 and T12 a little over two years ago. I was knocked from my horse by a fallen tree in the woods. I re-mounted and rode the horse 20 minutes to the nearest house for help. At the age of 42, I spent five months in a shell brace, then three more months in a soft corset brace and lots of water therapy. 1 more month later. I was back in the saddle hitting the trails.


I am 28 year old female and had a horseback injury five years ago.

I was diagnosed with "very mild slight anterior wedge compression fractures of the T7 and T8 vertebrae" (from MRI)". Immediately after the injury, I went backpacking and did not rest my back (I didn't get an MRI until two years later). I have dull pain in my back most of the time now that is somewhat relieved by popping it.

I cannot wear a bra. I cannot sit down (especially for extended periods of time) and have to stand all the time. It seems to be getting worse recently to where I have to sleep on the floor most nights and cannot lie on the bed or couch or anything soft. I don't have any nerve pain, just dull, achy kinds of pain like from arthritis or my spine not being aligned properly? (although my MRI results said spinal alignment looked OK).


26 years old. Fractured L1, L2 and L3 in a motorcycle accident about two years ago now. Doctors never seemed like they really give a crap. I quit taking medication because I didn't like what it was doing to me mentally.

I still have pain every day about half way through and the occasional back locking up. Can't sit in one spot to long. The funny thing is, the doctor has yet to tell me if this is going to be long term or not.


I can't believe the number of people on this sight with fractures from falls from horses! I don't feel so alone now.

I also came off my horse at full gallop into a steel gate and ended up with a broken spinous process in c7, compression fractures in T1to T3 and a burst fracture in T4. That was six months ago and after wearing a brace for four months, I am slowly recovering.

This has by far been the hardest thing I have ever done as I was (and will be again hopefully) an aerobics instructor, so the sudden stop has been hard to deal with. How long did it take you (other fracture friends) to feel normal again and did you get back to 100 percent or thereabouts?


I have also just fallen from my horse while jumping. I did this on Oct 10th and have had so many delays in treatment. I recently had an X-ray which showed compression fractures of L1 and L3. I am still in a lot of pain, despite people saying it should get better after 8-12 weeks.

I am waiting for an appointment with orthopedic consultant (I had to pay £200 to be seen privately in Nov) but despair at the time it's taking. I used to ride, run and climb mountains - can't do anything now. I'm desperate - practically suicidal - any advice?


I have a 30 percent compression fracture of my L3. I fell off my horse quite spectacularly! Anyway, I've been on bed rest pretty much for five weeks and the pain is not so bad. I can't get anyone to tell me how long it will take to heal completely and if I can do more activities! I am a very active 39 year old who before this was very fit and strong but now am more like a marshmallow! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


I've had multiple spine surgeries as a result of a high-impact car accident. I was originally misdiagnosed with soft-tissue damage by a highly regarded local orthopedic surgeon and eventually was successfully treated by a renowned orthopedic surgeon at a top medical center.

My advice is to see a board certified ortho or neurosurgeon and get second and third opinions. Take the time to understand your condition and treatment options from a doctor you trust.

Do not be afraid of pain medication or try to be a martyr - find a board certified pain management specialist to treat you. Prescription pain meds are less harmful than NASIDS. While you may become dependent on pain meds, if you didn't have a substance abuse problem before your injury, it's highly unlikely you will following treatment. You don't get any medals for toughing it out, just unnecessary suffering.

While surgery may be necessary, there's no guarantee of a perfect outcome and sometimes the pain can be worse after until your body heals and sometimes there will be permanent residual pain.

It usually takes an extreme amount of trauma to cause compression spine fractures and your entire body has been subjected to the trauma, not just your spine or bones. Allow a full two years to recover from the trauma and related surgeries. Extreme fatigue is common, as well as depression.

Entrust a close friend or family member to help you through the process.


I am so glad I read this and it's comforting to know I'm not the only one dealing with this.

Due to a severe car accident five years ago, I have a compression fracture in my vertebrae. I also have arthritis, and scoliosis. I am 26 years old and it feels like I have the body of a old person. I am in agony more than I am not. Does anyone else feel like no one believes/comprehends the constant pain that this causes?


my husband suddenly suffered excruciating back pain and was sent to the emergency room, admitted to he hospital for observation and sent home after three days for medicare doesn't cover just pain.

Home health does bathing, nursing and physical therapy which helps. he takes muscle relaxants and

pain meds and is flat on his back.

This is the fourth week and the therapist just put an electronic tens unit on him and it has helped tremendously. he can now get on to the walker and sit on the toilet, but cannot sit up in bed yet.

Every day i see an improvement. It is his t 12 and a very old fracture and unrepairable. hopefully, he shall recover with continue bed rest and care.


God bless everyone. I'm 21 years old and a year ago I was in a automobile accident, a very bad one. I had overall 40 fractures in my body and most of them were of my spine.

I had a compression fracture in every one besides the L2 (Which is fortunate because that causes paralysis). I was on a back brace for about four months and every day I'm still in pain. It never goes away. Pain medicine is highly addictive and works for a short time but that's it. I'm currently enrolled in a university and with all the walking it gets hard every day.

I have a doctors appointment in a week for check up and praying they can do something to make the pain tolerable. I wish you all of the best and keep me posted if anyone has any recommendations. Thank you.


Perhaps I am just a lucky (ironic word under the circumstances) duck. I fell from the roof of my porch onto my cement patio about 2.5 years ago.

I had time to tuck during the fall and protect my head from the impact, but wound up with compression fractures in my L1, L2, and T12 vertebrae. I managed to right myself with considerable pain and effort, and get into the house where, after two days of the most excruciating pain, I went to the hospital with some assistance.

It took a lot of pain killers and and physical therapy, but after about four months I was doing pretty well. Now I am fortunate enough to essentially be at 100 percent, but I do get stiff to a much greater extent when forced to stand for a protracted length of time.

I think my case may have been helped in contrast to others, through the gradual redevelopment of my core muscle groups during therapy. the process is tedious, but given my continued active lifestyle, if slightly less comfortable, I feel the benefits are substantial.


I have had terrible terrible lower back pain for weeks and was finally sent to a back specialist. Due to years of steroid use for asthma, I have a compression fracture. I also have osteoarthritis in another vertebrae. Do any of you have tingling in your limbs at times?

My pcp would not give me pain meds, but the back doc did. They don't help much, but it's something. The only thing that enables me to move is ibuprofen. This week I will be put into a brace I was fitted for. How has that worked out for any of you? And I'm making myself take a short walk each day. is that a good idea or should I wait until I have the brace? thanks.


I was bucked off my son's horse in September and was told by ER Doc I had a compression fracture of my L2 [CT Scan].

In October, my regular doctor took more X-rays and found it was my L3 not L2 [X-rays]. I was told it would take six weeks to heal; but recently, a back specialist who reviewed the X-rays said it was a stable fracture and will take three months to heal.

I started walking a few weeks ago, and slowly built up my speed. The back specialist said I can also swim and do e-bike [not regular bike]. As a runner of over 21 years, I was told I can start running December 20, but I may experience pain and will depend what I can tolerate.

I avoid pain meds and only take them if really necessary. I was told that IBPro is not good to take while injuries are healing. The inflammation actually protects the injured part.


i have a compression fracture of my t9 vertebrae that i

suffered 13 years ago in a motorcycle accident. It always still hurts. the only thing that gives relief

is chiropractor visits, cracking my back, releasing the frozen disc. Any other suggestions for pain relief?


I got in a end over end car accident four months ago. While in the hospital they found a aneurysm which I had coiled. I also have a lot of neck and back pain from the accident. When I sit for longer then 20 minutes, I have a hard time standing up because the pain is so bad. The pain shoots down my hips to my knees. could I have a compound fracture?


God bless all of you. I know what you're going through and it is hard. Being 27 and having this compression fracture at T9 and arthritis in my lower back is controlling my life for the most part. Medication is sometimes the only way for little relief.

I had a CT scan the other day and I hope and pray that there is some thing on it that could benefit me some. This pain radiates to my chest and my neck has been stiff as a board with pain. My right arm also is going to sleep. They said that was a pinched nerve in the neck but I'm convinced it's caused by my back.

I feel as if some one is grabbing my spine and pulling it to my left side, and then stabbing me in the back with a knife at the same time. I hope you all find relief from your pain. Good luck to all of you.


I have seen this acupuncturist for unbearable sciatica pain which I had experienced for over two years and he made me pain-free.

A little over five weeks ago I was told I had a lumbar compression fracture after an accident and am awaiting an MRI. Once again I was in excruciating pain so I decided to see the acupuncturist again and find that it's the best pain management for me.

It can be expensive but worth every penny when you find yourself living everyday in pain.

Good luck to you all!


I fractured my t4 and t5 five weeks ago and am very aware of what everyone is going through. what i do find is i have a lot of pain in my neck region due to muscle spasms. i also try and walk as much as possible with the support of the brace which is supporting my neck.


I have an old compression fracture of the t11, i was told, and it also feels like i have a softball in my back that irritates me constantly. no matter how i lie down, i can't get it to stop hurting.

i won't take any meds -- don't need to get addicted to them. The only trauma i had was back in 2000 when i fell 60 feet off a ladder and broke an ankle they had to do immediate surgery to repair the ankle but never checked the back. I was wondering how to fix the issue. If there are any suggestions, please do tell!


I have an old compression fracture. The original injury occurred over 25 years ago. At the time, I had no idea it was a compression fracture, but over time it did heal on its own.

Then, about seven years ago, I began experiencing increasing pain and numbness. I struggled to find a doctor who could tell me what was wrong, but finally one of them ordered an MRI and discovered the old fracture. There is nothing that can be done to alleviate my pain except for drugs, which I refuse to take.

But my chiropractor suggested several exercises that began to help it. From there, I experimented with several things. I can't do anything high-impact, including running. Now, I exercise at least three times every week, working on a stair stepper for 45 minutes - 1 hour, and doing at least 150 crunches each time. The actual workouts can sometimes be excruciating, but my pain levels have decreased dramatically.

This probably wouldn't work for everyone, but my chiropractor tells me that having a strong core is key in managing back pain, and so far he seems to be right.


I suffered a compression fracture of my t4, t5. i did it at work and i was told i pulled a muscle. after four days of dealing with the pain i begged them to let me go to the hospital. They sent me and did an x-ray and still said it was a pulled muscle.

After dealing with this for several weeks they finally did an mri and it showed up in it. I was then sent to pain management was put on several med and a brace was ordered and i was sent back to work on light duty about a week later the brace was approved. And it helped some but after different meds brace and just recently therapy i am still in pain.

Took the fvc test and they say I'm not in pain, i am lying. But i know how i fell and my back feels like it's got a baseball under my shoulder blade and an icepick in the middle of my back. Nothing seems to help.

They finally sent me to a bone doctor who gave me two useless shots. i spend all of my free time with a tinge unit ice pack and heating pads -- the only thing that gives me relief. the pain meds help some but they don't last long.

Shouldn't i have seen the bone doctor first? I am at my wits' end and still hurting.

What can you suggest? I'm always uncomfortable. have any suggestions?


I just found out about my fracture. I went to the hospital three months ago and the doctor found nothing but it was there the whole time. Now I'm unable to get the cement treatment because it has been too long. I am in constant pain. I'm 39 and have to live this way for the rest of my life.


Yes. The toe can be repaired. I would have to take an x-ray and look at the fracture. I would then administer a local anesthetic, and re break your toe. Then I could realign your toe properly with tape and a wooden splint. I am an orthopedic surgeon and I work in San Jose.


Vic B57: I suffered a compression fracture six weeks ago, when I stepped on the dog's toy, which rolled under my foot and sent me falling backward very hard on my back. An X-ray and an MRI confirmed that it was a compression fracture.

At first the pain was unbearable, because I kept having muscle spasms, and couldn't stand up or sit down without help.

I found that Bayer Extra Strength for the Back took care of the muscle spasms. Now it's just a dull pain, which is stiffer in the morning. Heat helps, especially hot showers.

The Pain Center is suggesting that I get an injection of cement, and I'm thinking about it. They also say that it sometimes improves by itself. Like you, I can function, but I'm always aware of the pain.


I was told I had a compression fracture, however when I had the mri they found lung cancer.

Anyway my hands are keeping me up every night with excruciating pain. It's a horrible intense burning and aching throbbing sensation. Does anyway else have these symptoms? I'm waiting to see a specialist since I had to deal with the cancer first. Thanks for listening. chefangelz


I recently fell from my horse also and am told by the doctor that I have a possible compression fracture but it will take up to six weeks to be able to tell.

All I know is that the pain is sometimes unbearable and it has been two weeks. I am able to go about my day in a semi-usual manner but am beginning to wonder if I will ever be the same.

I am curious at this point what my next step will be as the pain killers are not helping and I have to sleep on a heating pad to alleviate the pain.


I had four compression fractures in my spine a 6 months ago. In my T5, T3, T4 and my C7 from fainting from the heat. I landed on dirt. The doctors can't believe I did that much damage from just fainting. Could there be something wrong with my bones?

Maybe your husband should try Pilates. That's what I have been doing to help with my pain. It doesn’t help the same day, but I feel the difference if I miss a class. I think it helps because it gives you a good stretch and strengthens the muscles.

It might not work but it’s worth a try :)


I recently fell off my horse while we were jumping fences. I am told I have a L3 compression fracture. It is unclear if I can ride right now even at a walk or how long I will need before returning to just walk, trot or canter. Advice?


Steel rods are almost never used in compression fractures any more. Vertebralplasty was the procedure most used. However a new study has indicated that such procedures make little or no difference in healing or pain management. The recommended course of action is a program of exercise and preventative measures so future fractures do not occur.


I have an old toe fracture. Can this fracture be repaired?


my husband has a old compression fracture of about 6 years old that never healed properly, which he is in pain 24/7. any suggestions of what can be done. the doctor put him on morphine, but hasn't suggested anything.

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    • Vertebrae in the human spine. In a compression fracture, several vertebrae are broken or cracked.
      By: Alexandr Mitiuc
      Vertebrae in the human spine. In a compression fracture, several vertebrae are broken or cracked.
    • An X-ray of the neck, including vertebrae.
      An X-ray of the neck, including vertebrae.
    • People with osteoporosis lose bone density, making it easier for the tissue of the vertebrae to collapse in on itself and cause a compression fracture.
      By: peterjunaidy
      People with osteoporosis lose bone density, making it easier for the tissue of the vertebrae to collapse in on itself and cause a compression fracture.
    • An individual suffering from a compression fracture should be immobilized to prevent damage to the spinal cord.
      By: ArTo
      An individual suffering from a compression fracture should be immobilized to prevent damage to the spinal cord.
    • In some cases of spinal cord compression, the patient may become paralyzed and need intensive physical therapy to recover.
      By: manaemedia
      In some cases of spinal cord compression, the patient may become paralyzed and need intensive physical therapy to recover.